Bad request 400

This is a fairly common error and basically means that the requested document could not be sent because of syntax error in the URL (example:Upper case letter should be lowercase letter,wrong punctuation marks) . In this case server is looking for encryption key from the client and is not getting it. Also,wrong password might be entered. The document you are requesting is "forbidden" meaning that you do not have proper permissions or previlages set up on the server or the sites administrator doesn't want you to be able to access the particular file. This is the most common and is similar to the 400 error. Basically this means that the document you have requested no longer exists or that the URL(site address) it is incorrect . This error indicates wrong usage of request method. Depending on the kind of data requested, the appropriate request method must be chosen. When the data provided by a web server does not match the specifications made in 'Accept' header of the client HTTP request, this error is the result

Unauthorized 401

Forbidden/Access denied 403

Not found 404

Method not Allowed 405

Not Acceptable 406

Proxy Authentication Required 407

This error clearly indicates that an authentication from the proxy server is required to gain access to requested resources. This type of error indicates that the client was delayed in making a request, within the specified time allocated to it, by the server. This error code is displayed when the server perceives a conflict between two requests made simultaneously by different clients, for the same resource.

Request Timeout 408

Conflict 409

413 Request Entity Too Large

When a client makes a request which is too overwhelming

. due to which the current request cannot be processed. it indicates that the format of file being uploaded through a client request. does not match the requisite format. while its processing the associated request.then this error occurs. When error 415 is displayed. Unsupported Media 415 Locked 423 Failed Dependency 424 No Response 444 Client Closed Request 499 Internal Error 500 Not Implemented 501 Service temporarily overloaded 502 Gateway Time-out/Service Unavailable The connection between the Web server and the browser 503 has timed out due to server problems Internet problems or browser problems. This error is displayed when a requested piece of data or resource has been locked. because of limited resources and long string length. A server may process a succession of requests from a client with the fulfillment of each. This error signifies that the server has simply rejected the client request and terminated connection When client terminates a connection made with the server. making it inaccessible for a server. File Contains no Data Requested page is available but it does not contain any data due to bad table formatting or stripped header information. but typically occurs when new features are implemented. dependent on the one made before. Requested URL 414 This error occurs when when the server is unable to process the URL. This error is displayed when a request made before is not fulfilled. The server was unable to send the html document to you due to an internal (server software) error web sever does not support a requested future . A server may be designed to allow only certain formats for media files.This is not a real common error.for the server's resources to handle. this error code is displayed. The server cannot process the request due to a high load The solution is to try later at a time when net load or server traffic is lower.

Not Extended 510 Further extensions to the request are required for the server to fulfill it. .

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