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1.16 Etheric matter and cosmo-noosphere trends In contemporary literature the question of evolution or the future fate of humanity on the Earth is leading deeper and deeper into issues of ecological dynamics, gene dynamics and cyclical processes. Cyclical, macrocosmic wave diversity is shown to represent a part of the dynamic of the Universe, planetary, living matter and ultimately, the dynamic of human development. The dynamic inherent in civilisation is also wavelike with periods in which development either slows or accelerates. New contemporary research is discovering new qualities to the entirety of inert and living matter in the Universe. V.I. Vernadskii's ideas on autotrophy have been mentioned earlier, however, it should be emphasized that in twentieth century natural science, the most significant idea on the future evolution of the planet as a cosmo-physical phenomenon lies in the notion of the biosphere's transition with all its geological evolutionary processes into an autotrophic Cosmicstructure.Itisconjecturedthatatthepresenttimeworld, human population andreason will become a new cosmo-physical force transforming survival capacity; makingman aco- participant in living cosmic space and continuing the exploration of inner and outer space. Today we stand at the very initial stages of this process. However, if we are to concentrate our attention purely on the development of the bipolar, geopolitical world however much we place our hopes in the dynamic of cyclical genetic processes the allocation of resources and associated pressures will one way or another lead to the destruction of the planet and the downfall of mankind. The biosphere will return to the primitive forms of a new evolutionary phase of which the Mayan, Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures provide sufficient evidence. If contemporary civilisation continues to exist according to the laws of economics and ownership then power will more and more take the form of various types of organisation which will entrap the globe in a web in which nations and ethnic groups will become small parts of a super ethnic and super state planetary network. This new governing power would be capable of slowing the course of world evolution to the extent of social and historical apocalypse which could take the form of conflict with living matter, gradual extinction of the vital conditions essential to the biosphere or social-religious war and revolution. Without doubt, human intellect and reason represents a cosmo-physical phenomenon in which human society originally took a primitive form becoming more complex. This process of evolution led to the formation of various kinds of civilisation. We consider V.I. Vernadskii's ideas on autotrophy from the point of view of technospheric aggression which is becoming more and more prevalent and increasingly contradictory to planetary, social, political and geopolitical government. In the light of the demographic crisis being experienced in Russia it should be emphasized that population density, the preservation and growth of reproductive function and the profound biological and epigenetic-genetic qualities of the intellect are considered paramount. The demographic catastrophe appears to be symptomatic of something that is occurring in Russia with its Slavic and diverse ethnic groups, specific cultures and spiritual beliefs. The phenomenon in question is considered cosmoplanetary in nature with the most important signs to be found in reproductive potential, physical and psychological health. These areas reflect problems which uncover the positive and negative features of Vernadskii's conception of autrophy. Human reason is formed in such a way that first clan and then inter-clan alliance is provided with new sources of energy for the purposes of movement, warmth and technical


construction. On discovering these sources in inert matter the intellect begins to elicit energy and material resources in order to increase the survival rate of the human community. This means that a certain negentropic process of concentrating energy and information takes place and given the growth of information sustainability levels also increase. This increase however, can only be temporary since the concentration of towns and transport systems in inhabitable zones, recreation zones etc, occurs on account of the gradual extraction of essential material from inert matter. Today this extraction is taking place in large quantities of the resources inherent in the planet's layer of deposits. Today, by increasing a certain order of negentropic survival, human reason has essentially become a parasite on the body of the Earth consuming more and more material and energetic sources accumulated in the past. It is widely accepted that the quantity of carbonic hydrogen and a whole range of other vital factors such as air, water and biological sources will be decreased and possibly become exhausted. Both autotrophy and heterogeneity are qualities inherent in living matter. Autotrophs synthesize essential vital organic matter from inorganic matter by means of light (solar energy). As a result the organic mass of the biosphere's vegetation and certain autotrophic bacteria increase due to the sun and the use of energy accumulated in natural mineral compounds. Autotrophy creates the conditions for the emergence of a category of living organism referred to as heterotroph. Heterotrophs are mammals and more primitive animals which are unable to assimilate solar energy but find their nourishment in ready, organic matter. Heterotrophs include herbivores, predators and hybrids and the pyramid includes numerous types of living matter from bacteria, protosoids and fungi to the human being. Man represents a classical heterotroph using vegetative and animal material for its survival. Gradually however, human reason is enabling man to begin using inert matter more and more deeply. The use of inert matter outside the context of the plant world for example, in nuclear sources makes man a specific participator in autotrophic processes taking place in cosmic space. Extensive literature shows that in protein-nuclein cellular organisms a second type of autotrophy exists in which the cell can use accumulated energy stores of carbon, protein and vitamins etc in green and organic living organisms and deposits in the biosphere. The protein-cellular organisms can also assimilate certain kinds of cosmo-physical radiation; it is likely that these are components of the heterogenic vacuum and that the cellular mechanism can only be formed with the participation of vacuum currents and oxidative processes (also known as heterotrophic processes). Hence at the same time the cover of the biosphere contains heterotrophic purely oxidative processes, autotrophic processes facilitated by solar radiation and autotrophy of the second type facilitated by the little known assimilation of energetic currents which in contemporary physics are referred to as spin-torsion currents. The development of human reason represents a new stage of autotrophy consisting in the fact that due to the human intellectual understanding of natural qualities and properties man has begun using resources linked with energetic sources of a different kind. Rather than an inter- cellular autotroph of the second kind (mentioned above) in which autotrophy is characteristic of eveiy cell man is becoming a social organism evolving on account of all known biogenetic processes, social organisations, culture, spirituality and state mechanisms eto When Vernadskii made reference to autotrophy (as early as at the beginning of the previous century) and the necessity of synthesising nourishing matter he was no doub referring to the existence of the second kind of autotrophy which exists in eve ^ cell whereby the planet's energy and mineral sources are exploited by human reason. These are


sources which do not exist in the green cover, are essentially absent in other animal stages of the biosphere in biotopes, all complex life forms and the biosphere cover as a whole. One may draw the conclusion that an organism has appeared on the Earth which has begun extracting the planet's reserves in the form of energy, producing metals and synthetic organic polymers etc all of which are used in engines, mechanisms and electrical sources. This is indeed an autotrophic phenomenon. However, human behaviour goes beyond new forms of autotrophy. Man is exploiting the vegetative, animal and water kingdoms as instruments for meeting selfish needs. In reality man has begun reconstructing the biosphere and creating artificial biosphere complexes in the form of crops, gardens, farms etc which are also used as pure instruments. The transformation of biosphere complexes into instruments of human exploitation represents a subsequent of perhaps parallel stage to human autotrophy. Today, human civilisation represents a new cosmophysical organism which in exploiting all possible resources is regulating the negentropic component but, at the same time, totally depleting the Earth's resources. Moreover, pollution from worked materials, domestic, industrial, transport and military waste is degrading the surface of the biosphere particularly in regions where waste is discharged into water sources or soil basins.

On account of a certain temporary autotrophy whole biosphere complexes are disappearing and at the same time knowledge is also being acquired with the aim of further exploiting the biosphere, controlling climatic and hydraulic conditions linked with the presence of mineral resources. Pollution, deformation, the emergence of infections and social conflict are all developing at such a pace that knowledge which was once considered fundamental fails to meet the demands of contemporary issues. Returning to the beginning of this section it is repeated that human survival, evolution and health represent cosmic processes. Within these cosmophysical processes, contradictions are arising both in biosphere complexes (where man displays a third kind of autotrophy exploiting biosphere, energy and material complexes), and in the form of highly complex bacterial and viral processes linked with the possible'involution and destruction of the Noosphere-genesis. Finally, we are witnessing the development of contradiction between human activity and cosmophysical space, the heterogenic or organised vacuum. This means that the more man becomes dependent on cosmic and cosmophysical processes the greater the state of conflict with an unknown ecological and cosmophysical space. Therefore, the problem arises as to how second type cellular autotrophy and human intellect as a kind of large hologram field fractal will respond in the given conditions; whether our sensitivity will become displaced and whether the Kandinsky-Clerambo syndrome is an expression of this contradiction. The 21 st century offers new potential to solve the problem of human autotrophy and represents a new phase in planetary evolution. 'Cosmo-noosphere' issues are issues related to this new evolutionary stage. Humanity will either experience technocratic, necrospheric coevolution and encounter catastrophe or it will follow the laws of autotrophy formulated in Russian cosmogony. Unfortunately however, under the influence of dominating dogmatic physics theories and purely socioeconomic arrangements, the laws of autotrophy are being brushed to one side consequently provoking predictions of the necrospheric outcome of planetary evolution. With the appearance of reason, when a field rather than a contact or conduction computer emerged in the neurons, human beings in their cosmic origin possessed the ability of unified intellect. They felt and saw each other via the field fractals which exist in every individual brain but the fractals functioned in the common vacuum etheric space.


The division of clan structure, signs of adaptation to a different type of ecology and individual survival instinct began to distance people from one another. The components of exchange, wealth and ownership hinder the formation of telepathic connection and gradually in the process of evolution this progressive, cosmophysical phenomenon is becoming more and more inhibited. Subsequently, the semantic field, language, different types of image and many other information carrying engrams appear (a whole range of elements has been preserved from the past which can be inculcated in the subconscious). Time will tell whether or not man will continue to hinder this etheric space in which our intellect can be joined with relatives, with close ones and with other forms of intimate interaction; even on a social level (for example group behaviour at a stadium or during times of war).

Published individual recollections of clinical death would appear to represent some kind of isotopic phenomenon; an attempt to return to a more positive stage of evolution; to develop information field, intellectual and energetic links with others. It is possible that these experiences encompass a little known mechanism for which leaving the body is simply an allegory. In corresponding human conditions the brain structure can attune to ether-torsion fields and in them find targets and connections with a different partner or partners situated at a distance. Therefore, studies into remote vision and the authors' studies into transpersonal psychology and telepathic effects show that the shift of every individual with their own unique characteristics into etheric-torsion space is accelerating (the physical carriers of this information field process are still not evident). Studies into television show that the 'world web' hinders information field and energetic connections. It has also been shown either to stimulate positive interaction between cells, psychosomatic processes and homeostasis within the organism and a positive attitude to external living and inert objects or to infect with a new dangerous type of pathology. Continuing on the theme of autotrophy it is possible that the Slavic groups and wider ethnic population of contemporary Russia are witnessing a time in which increasingly effective information-field structures enabling remote forms of interaction are being formed. The acknowledgment of this process requires the creation of corresponding paradigms and a new approach to scientific and technical progress. In certain areas of Russia it is also possible that the demographic crisis which reflects a particular stage in planetary evolution actually indicates a new page in the cosmic life of the human intellect with the potential to solve the problems of autotrophy not only in planetary but in universal space. This represents anew stagein the development ofRussian cosmogony and an extremely important motivator in the cosmic and intellectual life of present and future generations. The task of contemporary cosmogony lies in continuing research into the evolutionary transformation of living matter in the Cosmos, its inert elements, corresponding processes and dynamic. It would appear that the principle of interaction is hidden in manifestations of the universe's parallel worlds located on the Earth's surface. It is possible that these parallel worlds exist inside us and in living matter which reflects the connection and dialectical unity of the physical and parallel worlds. Today continuing the tradition of Russian cosmism, K.E. Tsiolkovski's ideas on panpsychism and V.I. Vernadski's ideas on bio-geochemistry play an important role. It is important to distinguish the natural phenomena of living and inert matter and their mutual interaction; to further extend the knowledge of parallel worlds as a cosmophysical phenomenon where a new language and new dimensions are emerging and where the constants of time and space can either be present or disappear.


Diverse kinds of research into the interaction of living and inert matter at the level of spin-torsion processes, transpersonal ties and imprinting provide factual material which will subsequently be moulded into a new concept; a concept of cosmogonic parallel worlds whose movement and interaction makes up a new scientific picture of the world and corresponding paradigm. Man is a subject who in studying objects in the external world becomes an object. When man studies himself supplementing the process with special measurements and technologies the subject of human reason merges with the object of study. This is the stage at which the development Russian cosmogony currently stands. This represents strategy. The decisive principle of 21 st century cosmogony is human autotrophy; autotrophy as a principle of planetary evolution in the cosmophysical world; the preservation and development of living matter, humanity and the intellect in the third millennium. Experiments carried out at IRICAR and many other foreign centres show that the intellectual assimilation of the laws of the cosmophysical world can serve as a resource for new adaptive programmes aimed at self-organisation in the flow of ascending evolution. This stage of evolution will have to take place in a complex environment filled with bacterial-viral, prion contrasts and contrasts in nuclear material itself due to apoptosa mechanisms etc. In answer to the question of how the next stage of evolution should take place, it is the authors' view that it is only interaction with the cosmophysical, with 'parallel worlds' that can serve as the demiurge to extend and change our molecular, atomic construction in order for man to be able to exist in such an environment. The movement towards autotrophy represents the gradual interaction of protein- nuclein life on Earth with the living cosmophysical world which in interaction with molecular structures will bring about ascending evolution of mankind and the biosphere. The purpose of conducting research into human autotrophy is to confirm the current inadequacy of macro-molecular information-genetic programs and to study their interaction with spin-torsion etheric currents and little known cosmophysical energies. In reality, the intellect of generations has so quickly changed the face of the Earth that the nuclein-protein program in newborns is already found to be lacking in its capacity to fully correspond. The phenomenon which are being discovered today in imprinting are tiny manifestations of a more complex and constant principle of interaction between the field forms of the living Cosmos with protein-nuclein structures. This type of interaction takes place to enrich the adaptive-information pool and in effect, to stimulate change in the human intellect. The intellect and human living matter evolve and develop on account of thi s type of i nteracti on. It would also appear that it is worth taking more careful account of the experience of cosmonauts who have journeyed into inner orbits and may have made interesting observations. It would also be expedient to take a closer look at the empirical experience of out of body experiences (Monro) and acknowledge the main ideas they contain. If the brain represents a kind of instrument capable of attuning to the wave composition of the organised ether, then by entering into etheric processes, one can fly, see the past, present and future which is all then concentrated back in individual thought processes i.e. the brain is a huge device which can enter the world of etheric-torsi on where there is no Minkowski time. It can work, exist in and interact with this world and return to the field of evolving etheric-torsion holograms. This means that leaving the body and 'life after life' are simply names given to fundamental qualities of the brain which capable of entering living, cosmic etheric-torsion structures and remaining there.


Therefore, death, leaving and entering the world etc, have acquired quite different interpretations in the 21 st century. Preventative and medicinal hypotheses will have to change accordingly and we are certain that in creating a new 'aurovile' we are discovering the path of future evolution. The future of Russia is human capital; Noosphere democracy. One might ask how this future can be created and whether our own efforts will be suffice. In analysing the condition of the globe and the reproductive, biological, medicinal, sanitary and hygienic condition of the population inhabiting the Earth the authors are forced to consider the possibility of a descending phase in evolution in contrast to former interpretations of ascending evolutionary trends. Ifmodificationoccursinthecosmicinteraction between theetherandmacromolecular programs which exist in the genetic core of cells and if as a result the nature of interaction with etheric-torsion fields is changed then the application of pre-prepared chemical programs appears impossible. Features of the mechanism of apoptosis require re-evaluation as it would seem that apoptosis is simply a link, wherein the cellular field construction matures and the given cell by freeing up space, creates the stimulus for regeneration, multiplication and the growth of new or L-cells. Given the potential of tissue for regeneration and using spin-torsion generator devices set to specific frequencies, it would be possible to choose corresponding areas on the Earth where etheric-torsion processes are carried out differently and where the negative or positive properties of hormesis could be strengthened or hindered. These regeneration processes and certain places on the planet which are characterised by longevity, human regenerative-plastic sustainability, neuronal functions for realising talent etc., are linked with the main law of time of which Kozyrev and Arguelles speak. The problems of hormesis and evolution which are resolved in apoptotic processes are a priority subject for the 21 st century. Areas on the Earth's surface can be established where the qualities of hormesis, aptosis and their positive and negative impact could be researched. Finally, this would provide the opportunity of applying spin-torsion generators

in corresponding areas with the goal of directing these processes. Researchers at IRICAR

have proposed the architecture and equipment for a special pavilion of human health reserves widely acknowledged at the International exhibition in Seville (Spain, 1992).

intellect which will


should also focus on the exact testing of human

undoubtedly change reflecting various features and qualities. One can expect new discoveries in this area. Jose Arguelles emphasizes that the shift to the 13-moon phase calendar may be an essential principle in avoiding catastrophe and reviving telepathic forms of interaction either individually or in groups. The planet faces a new objective now for the laws of physics cannot explain the cosmophysical, planetary, evolutionary trend or the construct of time and space. It is the task of the 21" century to resolve these

1SSU6S The cosmos is living space and the cosmophysical properties of the planet and

the biosphere represent just one aspect of the cosmophysical properties of matter. The theme of cosmogony can no longer be excluded from the study of matter

L d today is actively developing. The results of research carried out by the International

Instit l for cos mic y and anthropological ecology into transpersonal ties

he fields of living matter should be taken to be a primaiy property of cosmophysical scale

represents a form resulting from cosmic

wLreas^the molecular protein-nuclei n essence

demonstrate t a


Tn the light of the above, the planet Earth represents a 'product' of cosmophysical,

planetary, evolutionary processes in the living Cosmos.


Here we touch on certain contemporary natural science principles. One of the postulates based on the research of F. Redi (XVII century) confirms the principle of 'life from life'. Today, the principle takes the form of'egg from egg' or 'cell from cell' in which the appearance of any cell or any egg is linked with pre-existing, parent structures. Only living organisms or cells can generate the next organism, cell or egg. However, given that the 'field program' significantly differs from the protein-nuclein, genetic program Redi's principle requires new research and definition. It is possible, that a current of field forms exists between 'egg and egg', 'cell and cell' 'life and life', i.e. 'generation and generation'. It would appear that Redi's principle corresponding only to the morpho- structural evolution of the protein-nuclein form of living matter must be significantly supplemented which means significantly changing the evaluation of our practise and especially the practise of future life. The contemporary development of animal and human evolutionary concepts and concepts pertaining to the penetration, origin and emergence of life on Earth considerably limit practise in the area of human preservation, ecology, ageing, illness, preventative medicine and healing. Clearly, existing concepts of the protein-nuclein nature of living matter, cell relations and homeostasis with all its subtle biochemical and biophysical mechanisms are developing with more success. Despite this fact, more and more members of contemporary generations are affected by chronic, pathological processes which are developing into an epidemic of chronic fatigue and a depopulation threat. Clearly, there is a search for a new vision of the nature of living matter, its evolution and governing principles which could be considerably widened. This search has stimulated new experimental, practical clinical-therapeutic, preventative and sanitary-ecological systems and conduct. The increase in chronic processes linked with bacterial-viral, protozoal and fungal conflicts (endo-ecological epidemics), threshold and non-threshold ecology, endoecology, changes in the life motivation dominant, reproductive potential and psychic stress in their entirety change the evolutionary course of generational succession. Whilst we know that the pace of evolution is increasing, one cannot yet say with certainty in which direction evolution is headed. It could be moving in the direction of the progressive, improved succession of generations and biosphere complexes. On the other hand, as evolution moves according to non-uniform processes irrespective of human will (scientific, cultural, political or economic) we could face the destruction of nature and man, changes in intellectual capacity, reproductive potential, and human psychic, biological, physiological and physical health. The 21 st century definitely faces the problem of survival.

Based on research carried out through the International Institute of Cosmic, Anthropological Ecology and material accumulated over the past few decades by the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine SB RAMS (MICA journals), one may surmise that unknown processes of succession and regulation and the reform of flow and waves exist in the realm of genetic evolution which are not as closely tied to known chemical constructs of macromolecular DNA packaging and its geometry as might have been supposed. Genetic constructs are simply first echelon 'computers' and conductors of other negentropic cosmic energy currents. Neither are they tied to their biophysical components which try to bind genetic material (research into the field genome, so-called bio-photons, bioplasm etc.). The authors' conjecture that the perception of cosmophysical agents, and multitudinous (not only electromagnetic) currents is realised through etheric- torsion, spin and possibly even other undefined currents. Their perception is linked with other substances and processes more characteristic of Kozyrev's principles of space in which energy and time go beyond Minkowski's notions of space.


And so, an unknown program of nomogenetic generational succession exists which according to present suppositions is bound not to the nature of protein-nuclein but to spin-torsion fields. It would appear that all macromolecular geometry, cell, tissue and brain neuron construction, and protein-nuclein forms of living matter are simply a dynamic 'construction' for realising etheric-torsion currents from Kozyrev's space. It may be that science has not yet revealed the physical essence of the living and intelligent space of the Cosmos and is just verging on some understanding of it. We refer to these programs as №1 programs, nomogenetic programs and evolutionary- philogenic sowing programs. The notion of 'sowing' distinguishes the super-genetic etheric-torsion currents of living matter in the biochemical geometry of organisms and their evolution. Hence, in contrast to normal genetic programs sowing programs in philo-ontogenesi s materialise human condition and behaviour through genetic structures which can be referred to as № 2 programs. These are second level programs which realise tactical reactions and behaviour (stress, fatigue, pathological processes etc.). Sowing programs have a deeper evolutionary horizon encompassing evolutionary and survival strategy. These are linked with evolutionary field currents of living matter and correspond to protein-nuclein matter. However, it is not only genetic macromolecular constructions which serve as 'receivers' of cosmophysical living space but the integral, holistic condition of the organism and the whole biota which we are only just beginning to understand. In its historical aspect, the health of a nation, ethnos (identity) is a very particular process.

In the light of the sowing program, one may suppose that Redy's principle concerns a particular phenomena and the 'cell from cell' or 'egg from egg' principle only expresses a specific particular phenomena in the onto-philogenesis of living space and its evolution. Along with humoral transporters (blood, lymph and synapsis), an apoptotic perineural information network functions in the human organism. In these processes the cell (neuron) experiences a particular apoptotic mechanism of a permanent wave character: the cell brings a part of its structure into the perineural space and provides an information current (potential). Apoptosis, hormesis are information arrangement mechanisms and real qualities

of the evolutionary process which would appear not only to manifest specific stages or

phases of ontogenesis (the nervous system's information-trophic function), but also to accumulate and realize in ontogenesis the level of sowing program № 1, which defines and governs the information field current of ascending evolution (negentropy). The more quickly evolution takes place the greater the change in the ecological environment New forms of fatigue (syndromes) appear and the current population changes more quickly and the condition of human health moves into a new phase. Whereas previously, it was characterised by the prevalence of № 2 programs (the genet,с protein-nuclein ontogenesis mechanism), with the sowing program (№ 1) remaining firmly shielded guaranteeing ethnogenetic waves, then today, the upper layer of he sowing information program is destroyed and we observe murmurs and destruction of the

UPP ^SS»e s the increase in mental illness deviant behaviour

and many chronic processes linked with the change in epigenetic mechanisms (processes)

of cosmophysical imprinting. Redy's principle would be appropriately supplemented with

a secon^principle concerning nomogenetic programs, nomogenesis, and sowing programs

L Xc h

neurons tissues).^The birth and function of new cell populations are considerably hm.ted

cosmophysical currents are made manifest in the organism's inner sphere (ce Is

by the sowing program.


Evidently, today the evaluation of short-term and permanent memory, intellect, consciousness, the sub-consciousness of acute and chronic pathological processes,

disturbances in reproductive potential and the impeded vital, maternal instinct (demographic impedance) require new types of research into the interactions between the two types of evolutionary program mentioned above. One of their currents is the nomogenetic sowing program, a field program which interacts with the protein-nuclein gene apparatus of the cell nucleus which determines cell reproduction. Over the period of a life span the human

cells with a mass of approximately 12 t. All these cells

are produced by apoptotic mechanism. Their information current fertilizes the subsequent generation with only a small quantity of cells being eliminated or disappearing in the form of pathological necroses. Cell interaction is dislocated by viruses (virogene) and the endo- biosphere conflict is being exacerbated. Whereas the co-evolution process between man and the world of the biosphere has been clearly described (Moiseev), another process of microevolution is becoming more and more evident in the human organism. Bacterial-viral, protozoal-fungal symbiosis is forming in the integral, inseparable realm of the endobiosphere (in essence, 'an endobiosphere organism'). For such an 'organism' the human body represents the 'cosmos'. This type of organism does not represent a separate version of micro flora as was thought previously. It co-evolves with the human organism and its vital cycle from the embryonic stage to death. Exacerbation of the conflict associated with co-evolution generates a new phenomenon referred to as endobiosphere epidemics in the human body. Their prevention and healing represents a new problem (disymbiosis). Evidently, to a large extent, the growth of chronic (at times fatal) illness results from a lack of understanding of the novelty and complexity of the mechanism involved in endo-ecological conflict. Unfortunately, in therapeutics concerning nosological chronic illnesses the principle of actualism prevails, and the worldview of evolutionism is being more and more squeezed out of medicinal science and conduct. The issue concerns endo-biospheric epidemics (viruses, bacteria, nano-bacteria, elemental, fungi) and their severe consequences such as generational intellectual disturbances. If in the future, the use of computer and other technologies linked with genetic engineering and surgery increases, then mankind will gradually be removed from the sowing program slowly turning into robots, substituting feelings, decisions and programs with computer and mechanical systems which take no account of the sowing program. In turn, evolution will become more and more embedded in the virtual world. The more we move into the virtual world in the hope of abundance and happiness the more we lose the sowing program given to us by nature and deprive ourselves of the potential of cosmoplanetary programs. In the future, humanity can expect to see a hyper-technical, robot-technical structure in which the mutual connection with the Cosmos and living cosmic space will be lost, leaving man in a kind of cosmic isolation. The discovery of the sowing program offers a path to Noosphere democracy and autotrophy. These programs could be considered the most significant of the century. They offer new opportunities for understanding and for the prevention of irreversible loss to the civilisation of Russia and the world. We return on a new level to the ideas of V.I. Vernadski and K.E. Tsiolkovski in Russian cosmism. It is no coincidence that Russia launched its pioneer into space. It is here that one should search for 21 st century integrated studies of human nature and new opportunities for natural science in the study of living matter and the planet. Here the view is expressed that the spin-torsion holographic fields which are combined in every marker and every neuron with protein-nuclein structures, have for unknown reasons taken a sudden new evolutionary step. Soliton-holographic formations of millions of brain neurons in the pre-human have become enclosed in a single 'hologram'

organism produces 10 25 , even 10 26


of field intellect, a field form. Whereas the brain of an animal can be compared largely to a conductor type computer the human brain is a field computer, a cosmoplanetary phenomenon of planetary evolution. Human intellect appeared infield form and previously known genetic survival and adaptation programs still preserve the memory of the biological species and biological species evolution. The authors agree with the ideas of J. Bernar, V.F. Kuprevich, N.F. Fedorova, P.G. Kuznetsov and others in which the intellect is thought by its very nature to be unconfined by the limits of life or mortality. A growing 'anti-herd' conflict has arisen in human evolution. On the one hand, these are programs of established genetic adaptive and reproductive behaviour and adaptation in various climatic and geographical conditions. For the sake of maintaining the species (differentia specifica) former generations are filtered out of life, grow old and die. The philogenesis program of species preservation not only dominates but its influence is accelerating. The intellect has emerged as a new form of matter and a new arrangement of the field form of living matter symbolising the historical epoch of living matter on the planet, the epoch of the future construction of the Noosphere and human autotrophy. Human autotrophy equates as planetary autotrophy and represents a cosmic phenomenon. It may be that there is potential for the sowing program in the arrangement of human survival as a cosmoplanetary evolutionary process. The human life span will increase possibly to even more than the 120 years cited in contemporary literature. It is essential that man return to the human life span of 200 - 300 years indicated in mythology and biblical legend. Unless this happens humanity may not survive. The current authors agree with the idea that the intellect (emotionality) represents a certain type of space and propose that this is Kozyrev's energy-time. Therefore, it is the authors' view that research into sowing mechanisms in relationship to technical capacity must be developed. With the aim of species survival, by heightening sowing mechanisms it is already possible to prolong the intellectual, creative and emotional process of individual life and to postpone or impede genetic so-called 'onboard' adaptation systems, established over millions of years and individual ageing. In a range of centres and the laboratories of the International institute for cosmic anthropological ecology (IICA) the program 'HELIOS', Kozyrev's mirrors, hyper- magnetic chambers, spin-torsion generators etc are equipped and effectively applied in preventative medicine, healing and gerontological practise. Sowing programs reflect a new evolutionary leap forward in the manifestation of the intellect. They strongly contradict known genetic programs for the contemporaiy human life span in which the species is preserved based on reproductive activity of offspring and their offspring. Survival and

adaptation strengthens the differential specific - the average human life span. We are witnessing a new period of evolution in which the interaction between generations and ecological, social and spiritual principles are placing their weight on the central (axiological) sowing program, whereas 'onboard' system genetic programs a e becoming no more than carriers (performers) of new ph.logenetic mechamsms. This represents a new level in Russian cosmism in which the cosmic program for the evolution


livinа тайей s being determined and made manifest in field structures of the intellect,


c! "l a on of individuals. Professor N.I. Kobozev claimed that processes exist


l h Tri k ngly preserve the negentropic component such as memory, over many

decades Hencef the significance of the genome as the main mformation substrata of

human evolution should not ^^°pot<sntial ^^"^human suwival It would appear that the poteni

, (spiritual) a g ei n g can

and human autotrophy


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be excluded whereas biological ageing according to 'onboard' genetic systems can be corrected with the help of sowing technologies. Hence, Russian cosmism reflects leading thinking on the evolution of cosmic living matter and one can expect new achievements and discoveries in this field given the support of Russian culture and scientific research. However, in conclusion we emphasize that the hypothesis (or paradigm) of the Universal world in the Cosmos and of the planet Earth as worlds of inert matter with their own specific physical and astrophysical laws would only seem to be convincingly supported by the measurements and calculations of contemporary natural science and the science of inert matter and the so-called material world. This however represents a 20 th century hypothesis in which the problem of survival, 'the mystery of the sphinx' (of how man, the intellect, civilization and the Earth's population should behave in the 21 st century) remains as before, far from being solved. A different hypothesis rests in the idea that the Cosmos, the Universe and the planet is in its essence all living space and living processes; a living, natural world phenomena. Just as no proof or scientific substantiation exists to support the first hypothesis neither should the second hypothesis of living matter as a natural, universal phenomenon be understood to be totally proven. These two hypotheses run constantly through publications and naturalist discussion. Hence, the problems of cosmo-noosphere preventative measures are not exclusively anthropogenic, relating only to the fate of humanity. In essence it is a particular phenomena of cosmic proportions. The future of humanity looks increasingly to be marked by defect and historical inertia which is why the human gene code is so actively researched and such a relevant contemporary issue. Nonetheless, it represents a passing phenomenon. The idea has been expressed earlier that a different 'genetic code' exists in the field structure of living matter which is not arranged in or tightly bound to molecular-protein and nuclein genetic code structures which are contained in the nuclear structures of cells. , Sowing represents a cosmic evolution program. It moves in a wave-like fashion apparently absorbing the waves of between 15-20 generations. Similar waves have been demonstrated in the work of L.N. Gumilev in the motion of ethnogenesis, passionarity and the balance and withering of the pessimal phase. Sowing waves interact with genetic processes but genetic processes with pessimal or optimal vectors are secondary. The entire world with its geopolitical division, and Russia with its diverse ethnicity (with its centre in the Slavic ethnos) is governed by sowing waves. To all appearances, the waves of the age of renewal, enlightenment, religious unity and faith which are interlaced with culture, lifestyle, family styles and continuation of the species all genuinely reflect the sowing waves which exist in the world. Sowing waves can have a negative charge. In this case, life span begins to shorten; there is an increase in antagonism, intolerance, conflict, nationalism, religious fundamentalism and finally, economic, market fundamentalism. The solution to the riddle of life and pursuit of the near, yet hedonic future is sought in the immediate spheres of politics, economics, culture, society medicine, popular movements and discoveries, extravagance, distortion (deviation) of cultures, religious sects and various fashion trends. Unless sowing programs can be directed in a positive sense we will fail to understand that their positive development could represent human intellectual, spiritual and physical immortality contradicting the cellular-material death of the body. If the ideas of sowing are accepted throughout the generations then genetic foundations and protein-nuclein processes will be marginalised and the perception of self, the world and associated motivations will


all change being subjugated to this current. This would represent the threshold of the new unification and integration of science, culture, spirituality and humanism. This process is what is understood by the cosmic evolution of mankind and the planet. I V. Davydovski claimed that large accumulations of waste and bacteria can give rise to sudden processes of mutation and that those epidemics which are today interpreted as contamination in which the infection is transmitted from the external environment can actually originate in the endo-biosphere. K.A. Chernoshekov (Tomsk) and a range of studies conducted in Moscow and Novosibirsk indicate that change in geophysical circumstances induced by solar flashes and magnetic storms is enough to cause saprophytic, non-pathogenic bacteria to transform into pathogenic cultures within 20-30 minutes. The above confirms the fact that in the 21 sl century we find ourselves at a new stage of human evolution in which human interaction with the endobiosphere and the exobiosphere, (i.e. the biosphere environment mentioned by Vernadski and others and of which Chikevski warned) is developing extensively. In Russia and Siberia, the beginning of the 21st century is marked by the growing problem of the interaction of information fields between man (as a specific environment) and the biospheric or inert, technospheric and socially related processes taking place in the world around us. Furthermore, we are unintentionally moving into an age of new social eugenics, the destruction of bio-social selection and the emergence of biologically, psychologically, and genetically (epigenic and cosmophysical) weakened individuals. America and the countries of Europe have been able to improve matters due to the fact that up to 25-27 thousand dollars is allocated per person per year and the real average family income is between ten times and a hundred times greater than that of the average Russian family. In summarising the experience of world history L. Gumilev revealed a typology of ethnic dynamic often repeated with the same predetermination as an embryo developping

in the mother's organism reproduces the ontogenetic program in its earthly life. For those

who see every phase close up it can be extremely difficult to see the picture as a whole and objectively determining one's place on the time axis and in the cycle of population

flow. However, a nation's potential to meet the objectives determined by its leaders and

a range of other problems including social health largely depends on this type of self- identification. During the passionarity stage (stage of rise and acmatic phase), which lasts tor approximately 5-8 generations,'micro-mutations'accumulate which stimulateacompelling,

intrinsic drive for the knowledge of new lands, new forms of life, culture, technique etc. The ascent of passionarity is accompanied by the rapid creation of civilizations, growth in culture and prosperity in the arts and science etc. This phase of development is succeeded by a period of stability in which elements of culture, spirituality and religion are preserved but the striving towards the new becomes gradually weaker. Most importantly changes take place in state, social and political structure. Various forms of dictatorship (religious, military) ensue and at this stage, civilization experiences a stable, slowing phase which is followed by the disintegration phase. On average, an ethnos may continue its development

for up to 1000—1200 years.

- Based on the material available however, the authors disagree w,th the theory of disappearance from the population flow and so-called passionarity micro-mutat,on. In Stbena

2 on the contrary an ever greater number of gifted, dnven indiv,duals is bemg bom

demons»^gXTof.b e mosfvarious lands indicating that -micromutation' detenoration is not acSl y taking place. Rather, the demand and application of these talents is beginning to dechneCh nge is being dictated by the creation of a market space and the younger generation fsTevdling out its needs. The necessity of mata g a living means that energy is expended on





survival. Contemporary civilization is gradually transforming human labour into a product no longer demanding the diverse talents available. As a result, although the treasure of the human soul continues to exist the activities of the ethnos become averaged out. In the present authors' opinion a super-genetic program has emerged as a new level of ascending evolution in which new mechanisms of interaction exists between field and protein-nuclein forms of living matter. It is these programs (information-thermodynamic mechanism) which are referred to as 'sowing'. On account of alterations in exo-, and endoecology, interactions with the biosphere, the planet's inert matter and cosmic space (co-evolution processes) organisms in the generation flow are found to be contradicting the two programs of vital (and ethnic) cycle mentioned above. Sowing mechanisms not only extend the limits of active life (flow of cellular regeneration) but also occur in a kind of virtual space. Distorted information is assimilated in sowing mechanisms, for example, the sowing program reflects an individual having lived a real life span in modified form. Information currents do not assimilate the duration in real form, perceiving it to be a considerably greater duration. The above is focused on three fundamental and applied areas. 1. Preservation of the planet and its population as a cosmic structure in the course of evolution which began with the advent of living matter on the planet approx. 5 million years ago. Once again it is emphasized that Vernadski's most fundamental concept lies in the possibility of human autotrophy. Therefore, one should expect autotrophy to attract maximum interest on behalf of scientists and fundamentalists as a new scientific field. It should be taken into account that the decisive role in autotrophy could be played by as yet unknown currents of inhomogeneous etheric and serious work linked with the transmutation of elements. Paracelsus and the alchemists wrote of transmutation which would also seem to be linked in many ways with homeopathic preparations. The theme encompasses many unexplained phenomena such as hormesis, where there would appear to be no particles in space making the application of quantum mechanics unrealistic. Nonetheless this impact changes the essence of the development and vital quality of living matter. Therefore, the problem of preserving the planet's living matter leads to the study of space, Kozyrev's space, the study of transmutation and possible unknown imprinting mechanisms etc. One can expect to see many new discoveries in this area. It is possible, that the human psycho-emotional sphere develops within these mechanisms. Currently, however, we explain this sphere within the context of known neuro-physiological processes taking the brain to be a type of conduction computer. Essentially, we ignore the arrangements of field form computers in which the holographic world, the world of fields in contrast to laser holograms comprises the evolutionary- developing holographic space. This represents the first priority objective of world fundamental science. If a centre for this type of research were created ISICAR members would be willing to offer their co-operation. 2. As far as strategy is concerned, the issue of the geopolitical poles is also a priority. In actual fact the word 'pole' is not fully appropriate here. What is actually meant is geographical areas - solar - basin units in which every continent on the Earth's surface is represented by one part of a layer which interacts separately with solar and cosmic radiation in the same way as specific areas of water. Therefore, the study of Russia's subjects and the territory of Europe with their diverse climatology is a serious issue not least because it concerns migration overflow. The next age for the anthropological sphere will be characterised by an increase in migration flow, urbanisation and all its associated problems. How can the level of social health be determined? How can the estimate the value of man hours of healthy life which are spent not in meeting one's personal needs (domestic, transport etc) but used


as a force (of which Vernadski spoke) on the level of the cosmos in which the planet moves is subjected to astrophysical influence? Human consciousness which is capable of following and measuring the astrophysical qualities of the planet and its layers including living matter also represents a scientific problem. As yet little progress has been made in this area. This represents the second strategic objective. 3. The nature of living matter. It has been mentioned several times already that the protein-nuclein form of life and macromolecular cell construction alone is insufficient to explain the functional activity of living matter and ascending evolution. The ideas of L.S. Berg on ascending evolution and nomogenesis are again applicable. If science ignores nomogenesis negating the idea of ascending evolution and living matter in general then the biosphere will no doubt be destroyed considering that it has already lost up to 30% of the potency accumulated over 5 million years.

Here the understanding and application of etheric-torsion processes is essential. It is essential to understand that living matter is to be found in Minkowsky's space (where laws are applied) and simultaneously in the inhomogeneous space of the ether and that its 'physical qualities' can alter for better or for worse (from the point of view of the authors' appraisal). It is particularly important to understand living matter because for the viral and bacterial essence L-form, fungal and parasitic forms which exist in the biosphere, the biosphere's macro bodies represent a certain kind of cosmos in which they 'burn', 'eat away' and change their environment. In the natural process of ascending evolution this factor could take on huge significance equal to emotional, economic, spiritual and mental contradictions. Although these would seem physically different they are in fact linked and difficult to study in isolation. As far as the warming bells of AIDS, bird flue, infertility, loss of reproductive potential, Alzheimer's, nano-bacteria, polution of inner space and ecological degradation are concerned it is evident just how numerous these problems are. Fundamental problems no doubt exist but these tend to be resolved in the short-term with

strategic solutions being constantly postponed. Kozyrev managed to foresee and instrumentally discover an interesting phenomenon using a telescope attached to a thermistor which reacted to weak energy currents. The position of the heavenly bodies was established, their previous position, their position at the time of experiment and probable future position (see fig. 21).


Fie 21 Side view of the influence of Andromeda nebulaM31 with the centre of its visible representation in different positions. Axis ordinate - changes marked by the galva- nometer, axis abscissa - corresponding micrometer marks (Kozyrev, 1980).

The striking phenomenon illustrated below (fig.22) represents the fact of the synchro-

nous existence of matter at different temporal points, confirmed by researchers (Kaznach- ev VP T ofimovTv , 1997). Here the effect of remote interaction between two observers


W Kozyrev's mirro s' is reflected - arrangement for focusing human energy flow (Nov-


bfrsk - О

Dickson, Novosibirsk - France), in which one observer sends a mental image


received by the second observer. Figure 22 shows that approx. 30% of transmitted images are 'acknowledged' by the receiving operator twenty four hours previous to their trans.

Fig.22. The number of cases of remote information perception (n=T05) with elements of excel (A), delay (B) and simultaneous perception (C) (in hours relative to the moment of transmission)

Research in this area has been published previously by R. Targ and co-authors (Puthoff Y, Targ R.A., 1976), who first discovered the effect of remote future perception (2-3 hours). In approximately 30% of cases the image is received simultaneously to its transmission (astronomical time) and in approx. 30% of cases the operator registers a signal transmitted twenty four hours previously. According to these findings, an unknown mechanism functions in so-called Kozyrev's space which unites processes observed in Minkowski space but also includes information pertaining to the past, present and future. One may conclude by introducing a new concept which in the authors' opinion is highly significant. We quote Kozyrev who alleged that the asymmetry of the laws of mechanics could only mean that time is possessed of a certain asymmetrical quality linked with the non-equilibrium of the real world and its mirror reflection. In this regard the works of Herstein, Logunov and Mestvirishvilli (2005) are interesting in that they emphasise the physical quality of time (Herstein etc., p.36):

'Hence, field notions have led to the discovery of a fundamental quality of the gravitational field due to deceleration of the course of time during physical processes and effective repelling forces. In the General theory of Relativity these forces are absent.' This temporal quality can be referred to as direction or course. One can now state that the existence of the direction of time follows from astrophysical data. By virtue of direction, time can function and produce energy. Therefore, a star only seems to be 'pcrpetuum mobile' as a star draws energy from the course of time. Here we introduce the notion of 'Kozyrev's Hologram' (fig.23).

N.A. Kozyrev's Hologram

Reflection in an inhomogeneous etheric current

It would appear that Minkowski's cosmic space interacts with Kozyrev's space. According to the hypothesis, all living matter including the planet simultaneously exists


in two parallel worlds. In Minkowski's space the constant velocity of light determines all laws relating to the tangible world. In Kozyrev's space the velocity of signal transmission is infinite. In Kozyrev's time the past, present and future exist synchronously. It is probable that the mechanisms contained within this' hologram' contain the secret of scientific awareness, scientific thinking and the form of intelligence that V.I. Vernadski was referring to. The question arises as to whether the 'combination' of past, present and future indicated represents the foundation mechanism of the phenomenon referred to as 'consciousness'. Figure 24 demonstrates that contemporary consciousness unites two fundamental paradigms. On one side the figure reflects the understanding of the cosmos as an inert structure in which only protein-nuclein life forms analogous to earthly forms are present. At an independent point (the planet Earth) in the inert Universe this form of life exists. The right hand side of figure 24 depicts the understanding of the Cosmos as living matter. The Cosmos presupposes both numerous forms of living matter and numerous forms of inert matter. Living matter is subject to the laws formulated by VI.Vernadski i.e, it strives towards the growth of stable non-equilibrium and the negentropic course of evolution. Clearly our human foundation is subject to protein-nuclein arrangements but the question arises as to what reflects our consciousness and on what fundamental principles it is based. Our thinking and our consciousness only reflect those laws which were formulated in Minkowski's space. One could cite many experiments in which with the help of man-made instruments human senses have been 'extended' to equal measure be it in the macro- or microcosm. At the same time the evaluation of our qualities as a natural comic phenomenon from the point of view of Kozyrev's space remains a 'grey area' and a mystery to physics which must be solved in order to understand our human essence and further evolution. Traditional Approach

Fig.24. Interaction between the energy currents of living matter (acc. Kaznacheev).

Experiments have been conducted which illustrate the 'dialogue' that takes place between consciousness and inert matter in which there exists a source of cosmic information which is transmitted to living matter. The current authors tha the mdecides of many chemical preparations, particularly those originating from na ural sources carry 'Kozyrev's hologram'. Evidently, every chemical molecule, part.cularly


cairies Kozyrev's holographic memory' which is realised on entenng a living Howeve r ^hisTJordinarily taken to represent the results of purely chemical processes.

omp e i molecules of natural and inert matter, in addition to its purely chemical

Twouf d no be expedient to cite the large number of contractions mherent in contemporary interpretations offered by chemical scientists and other academics who


explain the activity of the cell genome as the function of energy-information field processes. In the authors' opinion there is no doubt that the genome represents a carrier of 'Kozyrev's hologram' in its continuous interaction with the surrounding environment. This represents a complex information-field process. During a person's life span between 10 25 — 10 26 cells pass through the body. The number of micro-organisms, elemental and


taking place throughout the duration of a person's life can hardly be determined by the genetic memory whose volume is evaluated from the point of view of chemical information domains. Vernadski's idea should be emphasised that the potential of human autotrophy in Minkowski's space depends on whether man can learn to synthesise organic and food stuffs and their components. It is no less important however, to stress that at the same time, every human and animal cell is 'nourished' by 'consuming' the etheric-torsion fields existing in Kozyrev's energy-time. The assimilation of currents in turn, supports their stable, information-energetic uneven distribution both in the cellular and human intellectual realm. This represents a fundamental approach requiring research into second type autotrophy. The existence of all living matter on the Earth is supported firstly, by oxidisation (owing to autotrophs of the first kind) and secondly, by etheric-biochemical processes taking place in the cell fields i.e second type autotrophy. The biosphere and the Noosphere can be likened to the cosmic dynamic of'Kozyrev's hologram' on a planetary level. For example, experiments have shown that bacteria (colon bacillus) placed in a sterile environment can transform into pathogenic bacteria within 20-30 minutes during solar flashes. Research confirms that epidemic outbursts (colon etc) result not only from bacteria transmission but also from the effect of its transformation or mutation within the organism. It is possible that in this case we touch on a new problem in which 'Kozyrev's field holograms' as in the neuron example, represent complex synthesising holographic domains or currents. The question is whether they behave independently and whether this phenomenon can lead to a deepei*understanding of human health and consciousness.

One should add that the issues associated with the study of gravitational fields have significant potential. Dedov and co-authors support the interesting Lomonosov-Lesajha concept in which gravitational currents are considered carriers of presently little known physical and possibly biological properties of living cosmic matter. V.S.Grebenikov's discovery of'The effect of cavernous structures' has remained in little demand. The authors' make the bold prediction that in the near future special laboratories and institutes will be created for research into 'etheric pharmacology'. Such centres will no doubt carry out experiments into existing and innovative preparations made from organic materials such as medicines use in homoeopathy i.e. healing by small dosage, hormesis and new bio-information technologies. These also have significant potential to shake off the existing 'pharmacological financial armour'. It is evident that a new and wider field of the general pathology of vitality lack is being discovered; vitality sufficiency represents the realisation of a biosocial individual program; the realisation of the individual's ideal vital cycle. Widely known cases of nosology are simply one related syndrome. To conclude, we return to the fundamental issues of the nature of the planet's living matter. The essence of the concepts proposed lies in the idea that any organic, cellular structure (probably including inter-cellular structures) i.e. everything referred to as living matter in its protein-nuclein and field manifestation, should be perceived in two ways; firstly from the position of widely acknowledged processes: heterotrophic thermodynamics and the oxidisation process - autotrophic thermodynamics in plants in which Solar and cosmic radiation is assimilated. However, all autotrophic processes in

viral passing through a person's body measures 10 3 The massive flow of living


plants, and heterotrophic processes in heterotrophic forms evidently combine with second type autotrophy to which we relate the assimilation and absorption of cosmic currents which we have called 'kozyrev's holigrams', cosmic ether currents and etheric domains. Information-energetic currents comprise the most profound, fundamental quality of the Earth's living matter. Here, once again we turn to Vernaski:

"It is possible, that (aside from life) no dissymmetrical phenomena exist in the biosphere. However, in passing through areas of the Cosmos disposed of these phenomena, at various stages of its history the planet can enter an area of right dissymmetry i.e. it can be located within conditions of the right-dissymmetrical field in which life can be conceived. Of course, the existence of this field does not evoke the conception of life but the process excludes its absence." How should chirality be understood from the point of view of etheric inhomogeneous bio-thermodynamics? One could suppose that chirality is molecular stereo-spatiality determined not only by chemical and biophysical properties but also reflected inhomogeneous etheric currents in its chirality. It would appear that when spin-torsion currents are created in technology a profound, fundamental influence spreads throughout the spatial-etheric-inhomogeneous current in which a whole range of macro and micro- molecular structures are present. This leads to their secondary (chemical, biophysical and organic) change. Evidently, it is on this level that absorption of the currents indicated above takes place. This process changes the etheric-thermodynamic and energetic mechanism contained within primary fundamental autotrophy in the field form of living

matter (possibly due to the transmutation of heavier atomic isotopes into lighter isotopes,

019 into 0 ] 7 , C 13 into C 12 etc.) Everything else is constructed on the basis of

this physical field (in Kozyrev's energy-time). One may conjecture that the transition from bacteria to the dipolar form of multiplication when the male and female persona appears or when one bacterial structure 'fertilises' another occurs due to the fact that chirality alone (amino acid, polysaccharide and other more complex forms linked with nuclein genome structures) is insufficient. When there is insufficiency in the thermodynamic etheric field the unification of two individuals becomes essential for chirality to occur Chirality governs primary, fundamental autotrophy which characterises the fundamental

for example

properties of any given cell. In 'Kozyrev's mirrors' and in laser-torsion processes the human organism situated on the Earth's surface in various inhomogeneous etheric conditions constantly functions in stable thermodynamic non-equilibrium. As autotrophy ceases secondary bodily ageing occurs Autotrophy can be prolonged on account of technology or liquid crystal water structures, its memory, vitamin supplements and torsion processes which can be perfected and applied not only to the body and brain but to cambial structures. Changes in helio-cosmic recurrence, evidently represents that which we ordinanly refer to as heliocosmic imprinting which is the fertilisation of the ovule by the spermatozoon linked with the addition of chirality X-, Y- chromosomes^ is possible that XY or XX chromosome types which differ in their genetic properties (changing places in female organisms) carry certain technological processes. Likewise it is poss.ble ha transmutational mechanisms defining the dynamics of any given cell and ^ ^ interaction are commenced at this stage. If this profound imprinting environment changes Ihen imprinting should be understood as a chirality process taking place at the stage of

fertilization. helio _ cosml c spac e of

organism dunng the embiyo;s development in the womb. From £ momen of Ы*Ь £

human being exists in the helio-cosmic plasma thermodynamic space, satiated with electromagnetic and other fields. These are simply

the environment and the mother's


the companions whose assistance enables chirality to occur. The entirety of human life exists in the specific conditions described here. Presently, the discovery of imprinting should be understood as the discovery of an unknown process, an individual's vitality cycle or generation cycle i.e. that which L.S.Berg included in the notion of "nomogenesis" and which Vernadski included in his tables (demonstrating the differences between inert and living matter). In his research into Z-radiation Chikevski touched on the same issue, P.I. Umov wrote on the theme and E.S. Bauer and A.G. Gurvich approached it. Tsiolkovski also spoke of the same phenomena in general terms in his cosmogonical research. Today, studies carried out by EA. Popp on biophotons and other Leningrad based researchers developing this scientific 'stratum' all touch on the fundamental problem in question. Of the authors' studies into remote connection, imprinting, spin-torison regulation of cellular structures, information transfer, the liquid crystalline structure of water, diagnostics, colour reflection in skin cover and red shift, only fragments are given here which have relevance to the foundation of spin-torsion inhomogeneity in chiral etheric currents. The same approach can be applied to understanding geometric and physical space. If one imagines a cell in the form of a ball then we have specified a geometrical idea. If the ball's surface area is proportional to the square of its linear dimension then the volume is proportional to a cube of the same size. This is the critical trait of which цитологии wrote and which I. A. Arshavski emphasised. Assimilation of spin-torsion currents remains limited although many autotrophic processes indicated here appear to be based on this component. In this case, when chirality is disturbed (Kozyrev's discovery of the 74-th parallel is an example of this effect) the cell's relationship to virus can change. Information programs can also change which are linked with the activation of genome cluster. The apoptopic phase and dystrophic processes are stimulated and a pause takes place in the cell's vital activity. Many infection, dystrophic, viral and deficit processes and likewise viscidity in cytoplasmic processes in liquid blood and intercellular liquid are all connected in primary physical space, the foundation of which represents a highly complex etheric-torsion fractal arrangement. On the whole, as far as the work carried out at the International scientific Institute of Cosmic anthropological-ecological research and other Russian and foreign organisations is concerned, the problem discussed here can be synthesised into the problem of chirality; a particular negentropic area in the arrangement of the physical space of active biological structures. These studies are not limited to the nature of consciousness and human intellect but touch on the basis of every cell, intercellular interaction, the fundamental basis of homeostatic processes: barrier, immune, xenobiotic, hormonal, releasing and the symmetry of the cerebral hemispheres. It would appear that 'illness' or inadequacies in cellular, intercellular and metabolic processes result from the primary destruction of the etheric-dynamic basis of chirality. Interaction on a cosmo-planetary scale, processes in the liquid crystalline structures of water and chemicals substantially change their meaning and should be understood as secondary. Contemporary medicine is heavily immersed in secondary processes. In the attempt to correct the living structure and replace certain elements (chemical, genetic) the focus rests on molecular, chemical and biological technologies, whilst issues linked with etheric dynamics are largely ignored. By deepening our understanding of the problem and developing innovative technologies it will become possible to increase the efficacy of healing and preventative medicines, to improve the search for new forms of communication, to develop protector screens from cosmic dangers and finally, to direct the flow of vital cycles, prolong life spans and increase the abilities and talents of future generations.


In recent publications issues are being raised which had not yet been given exact formulation in scientific (classical and popular) and theosophical literature. Four known physical forces exists, however, in accordance with studies into the inhomogeneous ether in the etheric vacuum Dyatlov V.L., Dmitriev A.N., Shilov G.I., Akimov A.E., and others, the opportunity arises of conceding the transformation of electromagnetic forces into gravitational forces and the latter into weak or strong atomic fields. The authors link these transitions with the possible vacuum (ether). The notion of etheric matter requires fuller interpretation. On the one hand, the fact that etheric-material structures, the ethersphere and ether-codons exist and that technical activity in the cosmoc is united with etheric-cadon space, psychology and objects in the Earth's living biosphere is beyond doubt. The scientific aspect of this issue can be extended into the vast sophist horizon as is written in 'The Mahatma letters' (1933) and the works of E.P. Blavatski to which A.N. Dmitriev makes reference supplementing references with contemporary evidence. There would seem to be another side to the issue also. If living matter indeed reflects the heterogeneity of etheric structures in the cosmic and planetary ethersphere and if it is the dissymmetry of living matter in etheric currents which is demonstrated in our experiments with left- and right-rotating torsion fields then an objective reality exists i.e. it exists both in and external to our consciousness and so the mutual connection with the ethersphere is difficult to separate. In essence, the current authors include consciousness in the notion of planetary and cosmic living matter. Within this space negentropic process can be realised in the specific ecological and cosmophysical conditions in which life was created as a particular phenomenon of the living Cosmos on the planet Earth. Vernadksi also spoke of the origins of life and living matter and proposed that the biosphere appeared on the planet in a single stage with particular forms of organic, protein compound and then prokaryotes and eukaryotes, multi-cellulars etc being formed later. The mystery of increasing evolution has been solved neither by C. Darwin's theories nor by contemporary concepts of synthetic evolution. It would seem that J.Cuve in his catastrophe concept and C. Laiel in his ideas on conditionalism were correct in thinking that a different process, an integral phenomenon is taking place. Here we concentrate on this phenomenon in more detail. If etheric currents are inhomogeneous and if they are possessed of entropic or negentropic qualities then the potential of our position is confirmed. One may write the formula that in the strong, material world which objectively exists and can be measured the higher the value of N (energy), the smaller the information flow. This refers to the strong (dense) world. Returning to ether dynamics in the ethersphere then it is clear that the smaller the energy quantity in the physical world, the higher its information content in the ether-sphere. This understanding can be reduced to the following: the lower the energy level, its infinity, the higher and more infinite the information. If this formula is taken to its logical conclusion then, in essence, we face the notion not of etheric matter in its ether codon and etheric-structural processes which can be photographed, filmed or registered by the senses but also the notion of the materialisation of the ether. The materialisation of the ether is understood to mean a process in which ethersphere energetic information currents located in living ether codon space, i.e. the field form of the life of the ether, experience a previously unkown process of materialisation, i.e. information from the etheric environment, given infinitely small quantities of energy, transforms into possible currents of gravitational, quantum, weak and strong atomic connections. Therefore, etheric matter confirms the materiality of etheric constructions and etheric currents and the significance of their information content. Materialisation of the ether on the


other hand is an evolutionary understanding in which a world, cosmic structure, the planet's cosmosphere, begins to materialise when occurring in field structures and currents on account of unknown mechanisms, i.e. particles (phenomena) begin to form from etheric structures and currents, from the energy and information which is signified by the shift of infinite energy into the minus infinity of energy and the plus infinity of information which move into the large, physical, material, atomic world with its inter-atomic bonds and molecules. The materialisation of the ether is one of the most important processes involved in the evolution of cosmophysical space in which inert matter is formed on account of information concentrations of etheric current. Their negentropy is formed as particles (phenomena) of various kinds of current of all four known forces taking shape in the kind of living matter, studied in contemporary physics and astrophysics. This is extremely important because if one removes the understanding of the ether from notions of the powerful, physical world then a large quantity of nanotechnologjes may be produced in which microscopic, energetic processes linked with high forms of information can alter the information, electromagnetic, polar currents in the crystals, micro-crystals, and macromolecules used in calculative, cybernetic and other contemporary equipment. This represents immense progress, but it is a materialisation process which takes place within powerful components of inert matter. The materialisation of the ether presupposes the possible use of etheric currents in the cosmic and planetary world which realise living matter in an additional form of energy, in the intellect. We refer to this as second type autotrophy while first type autotrophy takes the form of chlorophyll which absorbs solar and cosmic radiation. Evidently, living matter significantly draws on vacuum energy using etheric currents. It is possible that the energy shifts into a further series of change in heavy isotopic elements and atoms transforming them into lighter carbon, sulphur and oxygen isotopes etc. It may be that elements of transmutation of which the ancient alchemists spoke and which were then summarised by Kirvran are also involved. Hence, a flow ofgrowing energy exists in the cell in which ether is transformed into energy. This energy is materialised in powerful electromagnetic, gravitational, inner atom and inter-atomic bonds i.e. the ether is materialised within the cell space. The cell does not represent a source of 'cold bio- nuclear fusion". This is simply a symbol. The cell is a higher structure in cosmic space. Within the cell it is not the transformation of strong atomic bonds that takes place as in the case of accelerators, hydrogen, plutonian and other reactors but rather the transformation of etheric, unevenly distributed flows within the materialised constructions of one or another measurable physical component which create the reality of energy, the reality of macrostructures, microstructures, the living micro and macrocosm in our cellular, multi- cellular organisms. It is not without reason that the question of the field genome and field geometry arises. The authors accept these notions although not from the point of view of F. Popp (biophoton) and P.Goryaeva (physical radiation of nuclear, protein or DNA structures) but rather from the point of view of the transformation of the ether, etheric, heterogenic currents into living matter.

The question of time arises and what quality of time, positive or negative, from the point of view of the world in which the real organism exists (cellular, multi-cellular) moulds humanity in the real condition of Minkowski's space. Man undoubtedly experiences duration and life moves forward in time. When we speak of etheric space and the shift of the etheric body into other life paths the question of reincarnation arises and whether reincarnation is the return of past etheric-torsion or etheric information processes or whether this is our movement not in 'minus-time' in a past life, but on the contrary, in 'plus-time'. Indeed, what is meant by 'plus-time' and 'minus-time', for is it not so, that these are measured relative to the hours and calendar which exist in reality and that we


experience this world in the space of Minkowski? Kozyrev poses these problems very differently although he was not unfortunately able to complete his work. Bartini, who at one time worked in Novosibirsk also left a small legacy in this field (1965, 1966). If we are to work with cells in left and right rotating fields then it is not excluded that cell cultures and cells could 'return' and transform into other typical genetic variations. It is possible, that cell transformation into dystrophic structures, apoptopic, pre-tumour and tumour cells is a reflection of ether materialisation processes which in the field genome are not realised in accordance with the macro-body, the tissues and the brain. The same issues arise in the discussion of the intellect and memory. When we return in memory to the past through our consciousness, pre-consciousness (V.V.Nalimov), sub-consciousness or higher consciousness we usually think of this as the past we see on the desk calendar which governs our movement. It is possible, that this movement takes place not in the past but in the future. As is often the case, movement into the past via recollections or reproductions of mythical, historical, geographic, astrophysical and geological events evoke new ideas. According to our calendar this new idea carries us into the future. It has been explained on more than one occasion that the sowing phenomenon i.e. human movement in an endless flow of time hinders the middle species component of life in its protein-nuclein corporeal form. The stronger the subconscious or conscious awareness of sowing the longer our earthly physical life will last. This is highly significant because for the time being we live focused primarily on our bodies and all our experiences of 'leaving the body' remain in essence an association; there is in fact very little that is real in human existence. The idea of etheric materialisation is highly reminiscent of that which is being accomplished today and has been accomplished by our consciousness and intellect in the past. Whereas the cell perceives etheric current and materialises it into one or another energetic, molecular, atomic or electromagnetic gradient, dividing and growing etc our consciousness as a single etheric-torsion, large holographic fractal also assimilates etheric currents materialising them in the form of thought. Then, we construct technologies with the help of which we receive life-sustaining energy. This is referred to as materialised construction in that transforming thought is a form of etheric materialisation on the level of the human intellect, consciousness and its social and spiritual rather than on the cellular level. According to specialists' calculations the planet's percession will take place within the next hundred years whereas processes involved in the Universal and Solar dynamic have already been described above. 1) There is a need to develop research into the psycho-physiological and psychosomatic function within the context of the soliton-holographic fractal which at ISICAR has been devised in the form of a spiral, light laser current called 'Inga's hat' (fig.26). Here the human brain is subjected to infinitesimally weak etheric inhomogeneity created using a current of light wherein there is a possibility that changes will occur not in the neurons but in the fractal as a whole. Questions for further research concern how cellular colloidal activity will function; the functions of the cells themselves given the materialisation of the ether in specific cellular and tissue space; how the rotation of erythrocytes in the capillaries will behave; the movement of macrophages, cells, apoptopic cell movement with informosomes; high fluidity of blood and tissue colloids; indications of this process in artery pressure, colloidal movement and precipitatory reactions which can conditionally be equated with sedimentary chemical reactions. All these areas require further research. 2) There is also a need to create new generators in the form of etheric-torsion disks (Fig.25). If a light transferring current is passed through a large, level spiral (Fig. 27)


turning clockwise from the centre to the periphery or (anti-clockwise) from the periphery to the centre then an inhomogenous rotating fractal of etheric vacuum is formed around the disk (disturbance in the etheric vacuum) taking the geometric shape of a cone. One peak would be raised while the other cone would have a certain tail vortex. If two such cones are used measuring 30 cm in diameter, requiring approx. 10 m of light carrying fibre and in accordance with the geometry of rotation are placed one above the other at a distance of 2— 3 см, then an extraordinarily complex etheric-thermodynamic process takes place between them which can be characterised as Red

Fig. 26 Inga's hat the materialisation of ether. It is also possible to carry out sterilisation of an organism's endobiosphere in the same device (Fig.28) (viral-bacterial environment associations). If crystalline structures are placed inside they are constantly fed with overcharge of electromagnetic energy thereby creating an energy source. This is the materialisation of the ether in energy currents.

Civilisation in conditions of the growing power of the Earth's natural processes.

Fig. 27 Closed etheric-torsion current



Fig.28. Etheric-torsion currents and etheric current lens

It is possible that gravitational indicators alter in this space creating a 'gravitational platform' from the point of view of levitation or weighting. It is likewise possible that a whole range of other factors would change, e.g. isotopic atomic forms could take on lighter structures being transformed from heavier ones. How radioactive decay or other radioactive processes might behave in these conditions remains unclear. Atmospheric structure is also likely to ex- perience change in these conditions. Materialisation may occur, producing elements of ozone and water. Water would be produced not only on account of hydrogen and oxygen present in the atmosphere but also on account of these atomic structures being recreated or the transmu- tation of other elements. Solid elements may also appear although their specific properties remain as yet unknown. It would however, be a structure of an unknown solid or liquid crystal, spatial lattice which may stimulate the production of materials as yet unknown to computer engineering. Such structures could be used as detectors for etheric-torsion information proc- ess which relay with satellite systems or with other continents or individuals (in the case of transpersonal ties) given corresponding tuning in the subject or station. The premise exists to create the necessary tuning systems which in effect represent a new communications system.

Furthermore, if the disk-shaped cell is placed within a bio-field, i.e. in the presence of an operator or group of operators, the field of inhomogeneous ether created in the mid-disk space, will construct etheric-torsion processes and their materialisation towards potential prebiotic or biological substrata. If aluminium silicates or other compounds were to be paced inside this space given the presence of a bio-field then the synthesis of prebiotic and biological structures or unknown organisms would likely take place unexpectedly according to a different scheme to the one we envision today. Bacteria, cells, seeds, micro- organisms, cell structures or animals placed inside the space could also reveal surprising properties. If the disks were increased in size to 3 m in diameter and the distance between them increased to 1 m, then large animals or a human being could be placed inside the system. In this case the devise would represent a new construction for researching the human psyche, etheric matter, preventative medicine and therapy.

It is possible that the appearance of new connections and change in serious genetic and pathological tissue defect (associated with ageing, wasting and sclerosis) would be quite radical. Hence it is not so much a problem of etheric matter but rather the materialisation of the ether in the ways described above. The potential to solve this problem rests on the findings of strategic research carried out in the laboratories of IRICAR and NC YM. Hence, in drawing conclusions to the scientific research carried out at IRICAR and NC КЕМ and acknowledging the work of researchers linked with the study of so-called informal physics it should be clear that the notions formulated offer new opportunities. It is the authors' genuine hope that the reader will give these ideas their consideration and not automatically return to previous notions of the protein-nuclein nature of living matter. It is hoped that these ideas will be developed and cause the results of experiments conducted in the past to be reconsidered. This in essence is the problem of Noosphere cosmology.


Materials on imprinting, transpersonal ties, hyper-geomagnetic space etc can be applied again today. These all assist in increasingly confirming new ideas linked with the hypothesis of the materialisation of the ether and its transformation from the ether-sphere into the material strong form of Minkowski's space in which humanity in reality exists and will for the time being continue to exist. It is in this transitional phase of the 'ether - strong world' that our intellect will evolve if it can avoid falling into the trap of the virtual world or of hardening and ultimately destroying the planet and wiping out mankind. This is the testament the authors would make in the 21 st century and the third millennium for the civilisation of the planet. In continuing the discussion of the problem one observes that the deeper one reaches into its experimental cosmo-physical aspect the greater the need becomes to return to the past as scientific thinking, similarly to philosophy develops in specific stages. In Europe the end of XVII and beginning of the XVIII century is marked by an time in which primary notions of the world and the essence of the world accumulate and develop. It was at this time that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (great German philosopher) set forth a range of ideas stimulating the subsequent works of F. Bacon, J. Locke in England, R. Decartes in France and B. Spinoza in Holland. G. Leibniz was blessed with the immense talent of being able to perceive fundamental phenomena in nature and its essence. At that time, the notion of matter was debated and Leibniz in disagreeing with R.Descartes expounded that a special substance lay at the foundation of matter known as monads. The monad is an inseparable substance, the element of things. Leibniz maintained that monads emerge from a continuous radiation which represents the primary monad, the ultimate basis of all things. Being a substance the monad as the original essence of all that exists is marked by its absolute simplicity and indivisibility possessed of the abilities of action and independence. Leibniz propounded that the monad could not be extended or exist in space that is infinitely divisible. The monad could neither be a physical point for physical points are divisible, nor a geometrical point as geometrical points although indivisible are still located in space. Leibniz expounded the idea that the monad is a metaphysical point or centre of spiritual force or energy. The idea of the monad substance was attributed in philosophy to idealism although the materialists highly valued Leibniz' monad dialectic. G. Leibniz for example, considered mattertobe continuous and rejected the existence of empty space. For G. Leibniz space and time represented the order of existence. In a publication in 1906 he wrote: 'Everything in the Universe is linked in such a way that the present conceals the future at its core and every given condition can be explained in a natural way only by that which directly proceeds it, i.e. causality.' The essence of things, of matter and its motion led to the evolution of those concepts which today are being advanced by Pribram and Bom on the holographic-physical nature of human intellect in which the topographical system evolves. Moreover, Pribram and Bom stipulate this theory as a holographic system or paradigm in as far as it concerns not only light holograms of a purely physical quality but also more complex ones. Therefore, in the accumulated knowledge of the late XVI and early XVII centuries a unique process of intellectual ascension took place. In the future, this process gradually merged into the level of physics notions of matter. Although the metaphysical field of knowledge included a huge quantity of facts these were not always verifiable as in the case of R. Decartes' concepts. For this reason, metaphysics was divorced from science and only the observations, experiments and findings which could be totally verified and mathematically calculated were absorbed into the realm of physics.

Today new knowledge is being acquired. However, the canonised, physics and chemistry regulated, 'licensed' scientific paradigm is more and more coming into


contradiction with new factual information. These facts were known to the ancient alchemists but were negated at that time too being attributed to the world of the devil. Similar contradictions are becoming more pronounced. Nonetheless, the authors attribute the phenomenon of the materialisation of the ether to 21 st century knowledge and hypothesis on the essence of things. In accordance with currently, little known information processes, unevenly distributed currents of ether interact with particles and atomic structures in space re-attuning them to form molecular, macro-molecular constructions of what is basically the essence of cosmo-physical consciousness and the intellect. Intellect is the resulting expression or reflection of evolution and the cosmophysical intellect. Within this capacity the intellect is identifying new perceptions of the materialisation and dematerialisation of the ether. If one accepts this arguable concept (discussion is required) then one should consider that the cell and neural ties with their endless axon and synapse bonds are simply a physical canvass capable of absorbing etheric-torsion processes and becoming satiated with new potency of the motion of matter. We refer to this satiety as the delivery of the intellectual part of cosmic, unevenly distributed ether to cells, neurons and neuronal systems (consisting of millions of neurons i.e. neuronal holographic fractals). The physical basis is absorbed while the intellectual part carries the corresponding 'bill of exchange'. With every generation, the quantity of 'exchange bill' increases. If such a 'bill' is present in a cell then independently of the cell's genetic structure it is capable of locating etheric currents and materialising them into new structures of molecular-atomic or macro-molecular systems which relate to the physical world of the cell i .e. to its exchange and hereditary processes and its system of philo- and ontogenesis. Hence, one can say that this is an 'exchange system'. This system has always existed but has been negated by dominant notions of the physical world and the physical nature of matter in the same way that the very existence of the ether has been negated despite the fact that it represents an expression of the cosmophysical intellect filling cosmic space Even if the 'exchange' exists it does not necessarily follow that it can always be processed. For the exchange process to occur there must be a vacancy which can. be occupied by the etheric materialisation or dematerialisation process. At the present time at least, experiments into cell cultures and the influence of various field processes on them (our laser spin-torsion sources, a human being, human group in Kozyrev's mirrors etc) show that the exchange can only be realised by a vacancy. The exchange system transforms into a vacancy and the vacancy is filled with the physical appearance of feelings and the analysis of things. This represents one of the key issues related to contemporary perceptions of the nature of living matter (here meaning intellect). Therefore, in their research the authors have established a whole range of phenomena in which the 'bill of exchange' is transmitted. In the experiments conducted the exchange system is physically present. It is now important to work on elucidating how the vacancy is filled and realised. In the authors' opinion transformations of the exchange into vacancies and its subsequent realisation have been demonstrated in cell cultures which interact exclusively in the physical space of fields (L P. Mikhailova etc).

Changes in exchange vacancy interactions have been demonstrated during a solar eclipse, planet parade and the moment of Comet Shoemaker-Levy's impact with Jupiter. It is possible, that the transpersonal processes demonstrated by A.V. Trofimov in the series of experiments 'Novosibirsk-Dickson' and other regions correspond to the same phenomenon. Hence, the issue is not so much that we are located in a space in which information is exchanged or that there is more than a computer world to nourish us in the future. The


issue is one of re-programming our own 'computers' in the holographic brain fractal which is capable of locating cosmophysical intellect 'exchange bills', and turning them into vacancies which are realised in action. Similar experiments are planned at IRICAR which would no doubt also provide results if carried out in Kozyrev's mirrors and with the possible influence of laser spin-torsion generators of various models. The idea lies in the fact that if an individual is located in the field where a certain 'exchange value' has been introduced, transformation in the individual can only be carried out and verified if that value is transformed into a vacancy. The vacancy can then realised by the information content introduced into the given system. It is extremely important that such experiments be combined with encephalographic research linked with various kinds of field radiation. It is not so much a matter of studying the physical world so much as the sophisticated hierarchy of notions the given exchange value - vacancy interactions. Interactions between the exchange value and the vacancy can have severe negative consequences. It is possible that an entire range of ecological pathology is linked with the transfer of modified 'bills of exchange' which stimulate descending rather than ascending evolution. Moreover, a positive exchange value can be realised in a negative vacancy in which case the cell realises the given negative function which may result in the cells ageing, perishing or atrophy of the reproductive processes. The beginning of the 21 st century marks a new age in which the study of the interaction of matter and the essence of things finds common ground with the ideas of G. Leibniz and monad theory. Leibniz' ideas on the development of science and education were applied by Peter the Great and it may be that to a certain degree, research into Russian cosmogony beginning with the work of Lomonosov continued a line of knowledge from that period which slowly carried into Russian cosmogony. Therefore, the current era carries great historical responsibility because the pollution and degradation of the ecological environment may begin impacting on genetic processes. There is also a danger of cloning but that goes beyond the scope of this work on the study of living matter in physics. Exchange vacancy and the governing of consciousness and human world-view in all its diversity is becoming a policy issue. Therefore, today, changes in the ecology of the 'exchange bill' materialisation of the ether in which vacancies can be distorted or disappear may represent a cosmophysical process which hinders human ascending evolution and is capable of triggering descending evolution. Conflicts and lack of understanding on behalf of the world's organisations, the formation of geopolitical poles, increasing contradictions and flashes of terrorist activity all reflect the contemporary evolutionary impasse indicating the urgent need for experimental research. Therefore, where it is possible to measure the encephalographic, electrical and field potential of cultures of various kinds, the contents of melodies or aspects of relative signs, or to resurrect ancient memory as in our experiments, a step forward is being taken. It is time to let go of the notion of a noosphere-biosphere monolith on the planet Earth. It is possible that a program exists in the cosmic intellect which directs cosmophobic trends in generations with cosmophile intellectual tendencies. This is characteristic of the 1917 Revolution and the entire history of Russia to the present day in which the cosmophile intellect has been distanced or physically destroyed. In its place, cosmophobic paradigms have been accepted which unfortunately, continue to be have a place in education, training and research. Cosmophobia is reflected in growing, chronic suicide, nuclear resistance, biological and chemical weaponry etc. The information world is a physical space which offers no true potential for human preservation and evolution. It simply provides open channels for cosmophobe and cosmophile exchange. Humanity faces the problem of how to decide


which of these intellectual versions will dominate and how that process will become manifest in the world. Therefore, once again the authors point to the need for an Institute of mankind with a program designed to encompass these very issues. In any case, research work must be continued and the results integrated into human ecology, culture, ethics, economics and medicine thereby eliminatingthe historical burden ofcosmophobiaand rejuvenating ascending cosmophile evolutionary processes in contemporary generations at least in Russia. Periods described by A.L. Chijhevski (bursts of social disturbance linked with solar activity) are also characterised by dominating cosmophobic tendencies where society is imprisoned by enslaving laws and censorship. It will be several generations before the pressure is released and the light can be shed on cosmophile processes. This is also reflected in the flight and fall of literature, music, the arts, education and the creation and downfall of scientific schools. Independent scientists tend to perish as their potential students are lost to the cosmophobic economic world. All these are issues relating to the study of human nature. Today, these issues arise again in relation to ideas of the materialisation and dematerialisation of the ether in the system of holographic fractals, the appearance of vacancy and 'exchange bill' processes and the distortion evident in descending evolution. Once again the authors draw the readers' attention to this fact. If the world heats up like metal it will then melt down and chronic suicide will have its way provoked by human confrontation with cosmic intellect and cosmic space. These issues touch on the very meaning of our lives and so also concern culture, ethics and individual life purpose. In his research Kozyrev sets forth the idea that the world (the world of Minkowski) does not fully correspond to facts registered in his numerous experimental studies and observations. N.A. Kozyrev showed that an unknown current radiating from a star body can be registered by a resistor on the Earth's surface many times more quickly (instantaneously) than the speed of light. This phenomenon was verified many times and recorded in experiments concerning the position (rather than radiation) of star bodies in the past, present and future. In highly significant experiments using Beckman's thermometer temperature change was indicated at these points with the thermometer itself being isolated from the possible outflow or penetration of heat induction. Based on these experiments Kozyrev establishes the notion of the 'course of time'. According to Kozyrev's findings time can 'bring energy in' as well as 'carry it out'. Kozyrev emphasises that order in a system is reduced by time. This indicates that time carries information relating to events which can be transferred into a different system. This as least indirectly supports the conclusion drawn above that the density of time reduces entropy and withstands the usual course of events. The authors' research into cell cultures, transpersonal ties and research carried out using generators and radiators of laser-spin-torsion etheric current has shown that information from one area of living matter can be transferred and realised in another area of living matter. This has ramifications for the transfer of similar types of entropic or negative entropic information both in genetic structures, fermentation, exchange and membrane processes. Therefore, it would seem that in 'physical space of energy-time' (according to N.A. Kozyrev) living matter consists of inhomogeneous complex arrangements. This inhomogeneity is characterised by a particular 'potential' or level of vacuum etheric- torsion energy. If the energy level in an organism is higher in one area of living matter than in another then this energy becomes in demand. A specific difference in potentials has been established the nature of which is little known to physics.


The question arises as to the source of the difference in potential. If the properties of living matter are compared with known protein-nuclein thermodynamic processes then undoubtedly this potential lies in negentropy and the level of the information process. Wherein the energy component consists remains unclear. It has been noted in previous works that in the usual processes occurring in Minkowski space a correspondence is perceived between energy and information which is expressed in the formula: "the greater the energy, the less the information". In 'Kozyrev's space' the reverse relationship is observed: "the less the energy the greater the information'. Information and negentropy ("self-organization") therefore, somehow contradict the second law of thermodynamics and raise the issue of unknown arrangements of etheric matter in which the ether is inhomogeneous and flows according to its potential. In contrast to the usual physics interpretation of energy, here energy is interpreted as levels of information which should evidently be equated with the specific potential of energy in 'Kozyrev's space'. The semantic meaning of energy in 'Kozyrev's space' characterises the value of information structure rather than corresponding to the semantics of the word as taken in classical Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics in which energy quantities are measured in force and various magnitudes of physical instrument: steam power, electic motor power, mechanical power etc. Considering the realm of 'Kozyrev's space' requires changing the semantic meaning of the essence of terms, identifying information from the point of view of new perceptions of energy and formulating a new principle regarding potentials. One may ask why this is so important. If indeed field forms combine with protein- nuclien forms, then in the protein-nuclein form potential is taken to mean membrane charge. This is electrical potential which can be recorded and measured. It can also mean complementary potential in the case of the antigen and antibody, or receptor and neuron release, or specific mediator (adrenalin, cholesterol). Gene inductors can also be measured, which correspond to the chemical nature of the launch of gene processes. * The question arises as to whether this understanding of potential is identical to the potential of energy in 'Kozyrev's space'. In the authors' opinion it is not. This is an unknown natural phenomenon in which the complex arrangements of the etheric space 'energy-time' may, according to N.A.Kozyrev, close, overflow, move in specific directions and correspond to a different content in fulfilling a negentropic process. If'time-energy' can flow away then it can change information levels reducing them to the level of exhaustion and transfer energy, and consequently information. How do cells correlate to one another? How do nerve nodes, neurons, the left and right cerebral hemispheres and finally, living organisms correlate? How does one individual correlate to another given psychological contact and transpersonal connection? It cannot be excluded that the research carried out on Dickson by professor A.V.Trofimov's group, L.P. Mikhailova and other members of ISICAR supports the fact that if the information potential of'energy-time' exists in a given volume then it will search for a conductor which can be found in the form of radio-waves, light currents or currents linked with electrons which given electrical potential, flow through metal conductors. Other currents are present in all the currents which are realised in 'Minkowski space'. These are currents within currents ('Ecclesiastes'). In appears that these currents within currents represent a new form of energy-information overflow in the space — energy - time system. This means that we are nearing the possibility of measuring the potential of 'energy- time', according to N.A. Kozyrev, the course of time, in ecological, terrestrial and cosmic conditions, in various bio-objects not only in medicine but also in physiology, biology


and botany etc. The creation of a scale for the measurement of potentials will undoubtedly reflect the efficacy of preventative, therapeutic and training systems. It is possible that this potential will indirectly make it possible to measure the living matter which we mark and know as intellect. Hence, the opportunity arises not only of studying energy-time but also the currents of energy-time i.e. the course of time as Kozyrev called it. The resulting knowledge could then be applied to meet essential needs and carry out other essential research. This overview of possible hypotheses closes with the words of Kozyrev (1985, p.90):

'It has been experimentally shown that the organising essence which carries the active properties of time brings a very minor influence to bear on systems in comparison to the usual destructive course of their development. It is not surprising therefore, that this vital essence has been excluded from scientific knowledge. However, being small, it is always and everywhere present in nature and so requires only the opportunity for its accumulation in order to become like small droplets of water which, falling on vast areas support the continual flow of powerful river currents. This opportunity is created in organisms since all vital activity withstands the habitual course of the system's destruction. The ability of an organism to preserve and accumulate the effect of counteraction no doubt determines the great role of the biosphere in life on Earth.' These thoughts relate of course to the future. However ideas on the potentials of the course of time which can be realised in inhomogeneous etheric-torsion space provide completely new opportunities for diagnosing living matter of any arrangement, exploring inner space and evaluating the interaction of living matter with the pulsating, rhythmic qualities of the solar system. Essentially, it represents a new field of study for IRICAR and it is essential that this large-scale project be fulfilled in the near future. The above can be illustrated with a number of obvious examples. In the animal kingdom members of the same species can become competitors in a battle over a nest or food. As a rule the strongest animal wins. This is the law of the jungle. But this is not always the case. If one animal has knowledge, experience and more developed reflexes and the other weaker reflexes and inferior knowledge then given equal energy reserves the animal with stronger reflexes and memory overcomes their competitor. In this case, information potential is the deciding factor. Energy itself i.e. force, spent on mechanical or other energy turns out to be derivative of information. If two competing sides are equipped with knowledge and one side has at its disposal a classical collection of many libraries whereas the other has a limited library, then correct decisions and victory given equal energetic reserves and energy expenditure will lie with the side possessed of greater knowledge. It is clear that in living nature what is essential is not only force and energy (characteristic of human values) but the fact that natural selection, evolution, ascending evolution and the emergence of the intellect are all linked with the winner who accumulates and is possessed of greater information. The density of information has meaning even in habitual space but acquires paramount significance in the physical space of 'energy-time' in which the energetic and thermodynamic aspects become derivative, subsidiary and are included in the understanding of the density of information potential.

1.17 The limits of predictability Based on a wealth of information (Crisis Anatomy, 1999; Agni-Yoga, 1992:

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Naturally, expanding the limits of prediction is accompanied by breaking down habitual paradigms, creating new ones and acknowledging new conceptual and analytical potential. The developing consistency of phenomena and processes considered unusual for standard phenomenology calls for the urgent dismantling of deeply rooted systems of multi-functional anthropocentri sm.

The hidden scientific complexity of the Habitat available to human perception (domain of the heliospere) is gradually revealing signs of'conscious natural response' to anthropogenic activity. One is forced to acknowledge the increasing clarity of the MAN - NATURE dialogue. The following features of this dialogue have already been revealed:

1989, 1993; Letters

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1. Anthropogenic aggression which ignores the laws of the Natural world.

2. Increased activity of Nature which is free of the laws established by mankind.

3. Developing observational research into the parameters of the laws of Man and Nature.

4. Increasing activity of Man and Nature with alternating priorities.

It should be emphasised that global and total change occurring in the cosmophysical habitat of the heliosphere is taking place in conditions of extreme anthropocentrism. The extremity of the situation rests on the fact that man has made the process of life the property of Technical Progress, i.e. 'terrible judgement' has caught man in the act of the mass betrayal of Life. It is not difficult to imagine what Nature's next move will be Therefore, extending the limits of predictability undoubtedly places harsh demands on the accuracy, order and consistency of prediction because previously developed systems were based on the assumption of the Environment's long term stable characteristics. We already face the problem of making predictions concerning new categories of large scale process and their outcomes. Before introducing certain new predictions some background information is required. Relatively detailed information has already been given concerning contemporary natural and anthropogenic process on the Earth of various proportions. Some concern problems of 'Habitat' and the Solar system as a whole (appearance of the Heliosphere in the space of Local interstellar cloud). In many cases, one is forced to draw conclusions concerning the increasing power, diversity and novelty of the processes under study. At the present time any observant, thinking person will come to the same conclusion. Therefore, in organising the layout of information in the section on predictability the role of the growing power and diversity of natural processes was considered overriding. At the same time one cannot but notice the increasing drama associated with different types of knowledge. It is natural to suppose that the positive dynamic within the drama will end with the tragedy of reason. The hidden and obvious goals and programs of contemporary civilisation and the rapid development of the technological sphere with


opposes all the Earth's natural layers (above all the process of Life itself) are clear signs of the global betrayal of Life. Unfortunately, rather than being an overestimation this does in fact reflect the true state of affairs. The integrating capacity of 'global anthropogenic assimilation' deprives man of the opportunity of studying cosmophysical, planetary physical or biosphere natural programs and processes. The Earth's human and natural potential is harshly directed towards constructing an artificial environment based on an economic model with clearly singular goal parameters (profit). The growing intensity of natural processes and changes convinces one that towards the middle of the 21 st century mankind will exist in a unique habitat having no known historical analogy. Below we introduce information on predictions relating to the following areas: the Natural environment; anthropogenic aggression; interaction between natural and anthropogenic processes and the problem of survival. Environmental Prediction. The Natural Environment is taken to mean the entire quantity and quality of natural processes fulfilling the evolutionary development of the Earth. It is quite clear that the Earth's natural evolutionary programs are inherent in the Solar system as a cosmophysical object. Because the Earth is imbued in the organism of the Heliosphere it plays a huge systemic planetary physical role which manifests in solar- terestrial interactions and interplanetary influences. Given the increasingly profound changes taking place in the Solar system one might suppose the existence of a long term evolutionary program according to which every temporary stage is accompanied by specific processes of varying intensity and quality. As has been stated above, the Heliosphere's orbital conditions are highly heterogeneous in that the outer environment of the Solar system makes its demands by modifying evolutionary programs. Essentially, a new epoch of laws and processes concerning the entire volume of the Heliosphere began in the twentieth century. The next stage that awaits the planets including the Earth is a sharp increase in the power of interplanetary space and new roles being attributed to the planets in the wider association of the Solar system. In the Heliosphere non-systemic change in Habitat will, above all, be reflected in the mechanisms of cosmophysical processes and new adaptation methods. The role of Jupiter will rapidly increase in governing reaction to non-systemic influence. The planet's increasing power mentioned earlier will be directed towards balancing cosmophysical disturbances emerging within the system and at the borders of the star environment. It is natural to suppose the manifestation of new Solar-Jupiter interaction mechanisms of an etheric modified cosmophysical nature. This modification will no doubt become evident in the speed and power of interaction. One can expect new types of pulsating interaction in the expansion of frequency range (ultra high and ultra low frequencies). The entire Heliosphere will be forced to respond to initiated physical and chemical transformation in the space beyond Neptune. Of course, given its central position and solar condition it is the Sun which will have to exert stability and create the system's common response to external influence by developing a range of programs for the behaviour of every individual planet. Key processes in the heliosphere will be manifest in the interactions taking place between the Sun and the planet giants. Saturn's future condition in the composition of the Solar system is particularly significant given that huge concentrations of plasma are forming in a layer around the planet and its rings according to observational findings are degrading. In any event, powerful energetic and large scale cosmophysical processes of an inner systemic nature are already unfolding.

In this regard, growing anthropogenic interference in the cosmic climate (satellites, zonds and electromagnetic influence) may evoke a locally directed cosmophysical response. The unnatural (rather unlicensed) physical function being fulfilled by the


Earth is likely to evoke 'harsh criticism' on behalf of evolutionary programs in the Heliosphere. It is possible that recent news in the electronic media such as: 'Boiling cosmos discovered on the Earth' (The eye of the planet', nauka, 22.06.2006), or the unusual phenomenon of additional quantities of solar wind (magnetised particles) caused by magnetic compounds on the border of the magnetosphere signify measures aimed at decreasing the anthropogenic influence on the Heliosphere. Of course, the appearance of a new generation of inter-planetary interactions will in turn, generate responses to the unsanctioned behaviour of the Earth. In this sense it is difficult to express ideas because the artificially created backwardness of contemporary science's understanding of the true condition of the Heliosphere leaves a shameful lack of knowledge and accordingly, accepted terminology. In its position of directing the potential of human knowledge the leading Nobel Prize committee has left humanity exposed. Nonetheless, the natural, and obvious significance of the Earth in the Heliosphere will (according to Agni-Yoga) undoubtedly evoke not only 'criticism' but also assistance in the form of 'special measures'. In compliance with information concerning the future (Roerich E., 2000) one has a right to expect that it is also in the interests of the evolution of the Solar system that additional, powerful energetic measures be carried out aimed at supporting the geological-geophysical balance of forces pushed out of balance by the anthropogenic factor. Planetary physical capacities are being attributed to Mercury's functional role which supported by intra-mercurial planets stabilise the growing imbalance in the Earth's deep gaseous plasma layers. Moreover, due to the anthropogenic attack of accumulated negative emotions and thought on the Earth's electromagnetic carcass a unique 'buffer zone' will be created. Its protective function will be extended from the Earth to include the increased safety of other planets (in the event of ethnic nuclear interaction). The discovery of this buffer zone will naturally be explained by Nobel science from within its own intellectual realm.

The'bufferzone'will create new kinds ofgaseous plasmastructuresandluminescence and increase the diversity of natural luminous objects and their energetic power (vacuum domains). The Earth's core will also respond with unexpected and unpredictable processes particularly in plicate areas. Geo-dynamic activity will increase by several times extending to processes of interaction between geological bodies situated at huge distances from one another; these processes will include electromagnetic and gravitational interaction. Interaction between mineral deposits may involve distant etheric resonance even between continents. Supported by new energy sources and additional concentrations of ether, geo- active zones will evoke an active response from the biosphere e.g. plant selection will rise sharply, which may serve as an indicator.

From this it follows, that Japan will take on great significance as a geo-active territory with a dense population and huge technological factor. As far as the population's psychological condition is concerned mass emotional negativity should be avoided as

this could serve as a seismic trigger due to hurricane pressure reduction in

geomagnetic field. When emotional negativity is synchronised with the mass media (which has already been observed) a backlash can be evoked in the avalanche of the development

technological catastrophe. It follows that the urgent development of psychological- geophysics could create a prediction system and develop means of reducing the power of destructive processes (as Agni-Yoga informs us: 'many destructive earthquakes have been prevented by rays from our Towers').

For the Solar system, the significant growth of the spatial-energetic inhomogeneity of the environment represents a highly important factor in the modification of cosmophysical characteristics. As has been noted on more than one occasion, this modification is already bearing an influence on the physical features of the Heliosphere.

the regional


First and foremost this concerns the appearance of plasma inhomogeneity (varying in size and function) in inter-planetary caverns which causes increasingly significant change in the Earth's planetary physical processes. It is extremely difficult to determine their characteristics as it is these processes in particular which comprise the unfolding of the new generation of processes in the Earth's layers and the biosphere itself. This course of events in the 'Fiery Age' is not altogether a great surprise. Many religious predictions have foreseen this time. Recently (19 th -20 th centuries) this type of prediction has been replaced by comprehensive and sufficiently detailed descriptions of the characteristics of the time within a cosmophysical and planetary physical context. In essence, as a component of the Solar system, the planet finds itself in a transitional period proceeding the subsequent phase of its evolutionary development and renewal. The next part of this prediction concerns issues related to the role of individual consciousness in conditions of heightened concentrations of negative emotional energy and unstable mental processes i.e. in conditions of hostility, anxiety and fear. Taking into account the function and high energetic content of psychological centres, their role in an individual's life and the physical changes in the characteristics of the surrounding environment (increased concentrations of unevenly distributed ether) it is important to consider the vital significance of co-ordination between the sexual centre (Svadisthana) and the Solar plexus (Manipura). As has been noted previously, powerful energetic and qualitative activity in the 24-th Solar cycle awaits us to which the human organism will naturally have its own response. Furthermore, subsequent increasing psychological discord associated with anthropogenic opposition to practically all natural processes should be emphasised. The artificial environmental habitat of towns has in turn introduced the cybernetic transformation of biological content in natural processes of the human body. Within the general, intense dynamics of anthropogenic, geological, climatic and biospheric transformation the participation of large scale catastrophe is becoming greater. The Earth's psychological sphere created by six million people is naturally, becoming more unstable and drifting in negative conditions including that of global frustration. This is a highly significant factor in the context of Global Catastrophe because a sharp decrease in the potentials of the vital laws of the Planet's field of reason is already having an impact on the condition of local, regional and global geomagnetic field variations. It should be emphasised that the anthropogenic and human psychological impact (remembering the effect negative emotionality has on reducing the force of geomagnetic fields in 'areas of influence' and the decrease in field force in territories of towns existing for more than 200 years) on the Earth's electromagnetic carcass takes place during the natural process of geomagnetic pole reversal. Moreover, the characteristics of the environment described above directly and indirectly effect human endo-ecological environments. Interference in endoecology is increased by pharmaceutical remedies which all the more frequently rely on electronic methods. People 'live' for months deprived of the fundamental capacities required for an independent life i.e. experiments in which part of the human body is restrained are becoming more wide-spread with no account being taken of the capacity or condition of its psychic realisation (the subtle body). By persistently confirming anthropogenic priorities, taking no account of the rights of Nature or the diversity of other species, ignoring the issue of peace on the Earth mankind could well end up creating a world which totally negates all life-confirming principles. As H. Selye expresses it (From Dream to Discovery', M, 1987, p.273):

'Nature is not especially talkative. She simply confirms or negates'. (Authors' underlining). The global finale begins