You Can Sleep While I Drive She gasped at the human form she encountered upon sliding open

the door. As she moved closer she blinked. “Lorenzo,” she asked, shocked. “Are you all right,” she called out softly. Still he didn’t stir. “If you’re playing me,” she said, moving closer to him. “So help me God...” she said, as she loomed over him. A gasp escaped her mouth as her eyes drifted over him. He wasn’t fooling around. Lorenzo’s hair was dirty, matted. He had several days’ growth of beard and his skin was sallow. His breathing was shallow and he hadn’t moved since she’d shown up. “Damn you,” she said to herself as she cursed the situation. She wondered now if it were fate that led her to taking Elizabeth’s divorce case; to agreeing to come to the house and collect the rest of her things. Was it sheer morbid curiosity or a deep-seeded sense that he was in trouble? Why had she bothered to open this door? She shook her head. The why of the situation no longer mattered. What mattered was that the duty had now fallen upon her to extricate him from the situation. And she realized it needed to be done before whoever was imprisoning him happened to return. “Wake up,” she said. He stirred. “Lorenzo,” she hissed. She poked him in the ribs. “Unless you want to wind up like Luis, I suggest you stand up now,” she said. He opened his eyes but they weren’t focusing. Inasmuch as she claimed to hate this man, she viewed him much the same as she would a wounded dog in the street: as much as she tried to be indifferent, she just couldn't do it. Alexis knew he required help. "Lorenzo," she said. He stirred but did not rise. "OK," she said, talking to herself as much as to him. "We've got to get you up, get you out of here. But how? You're not exactly walking... you're clearly still blind... and Carly or whoever put you in here might return at any second. Help me out here." His lead lolled to the side and she rolled her eyes. "Great," she said, blowing the bangs out of her eyes. "Just great". "All right," she said, tugging on him. She decided they could leave the cane and the sunglasses. "Please," she said. "Please stand up and come with me". She dragged him to his feet and he staggered, half-awake. "Lean into me," she commanded, guiding him out of the room. She clicked the remote behind her and watched as the door sealed shut. "All right," she said. "We're almost there". She was nearly out of breath and Lorenzo wasn't doing much better. She got him to the SUV, dragged him inside, put the key in the ignition and took off. She wasn’t planning on leaving any trace that she’d been there, and that included time spent trying to decide where to go. They reached her place quickly. She parked in the underground garage, and, sure that no one had followed her, she let out a long breath. “I can do this,” she said, talking to herself. “How hard can it be?” Several Hours Later... Alexis could not begin to describe the torture that was the last several hours. Simply getting him up to her apartment was tough enough. Hiding him when Alice brought Kristina back? Another treat. Feeding Kristina while simultaneously ensuring he wouldn’t fall unconscious had also been fun. But she was sure that the most fun she’d had this evening came when she realized it was time to bathe him. She’s put Kristina down -- her daughter’s well-being was her primary concern. Alexis assumed that bathing Lorenzo wouldn’t be all that different from bathing her daughter. She’d set him in the tub; splash some water about and pull him out. However the difference between Lorenzo and Kristina was about a hundred and fifty pounds, five feet, and a whole lot of issues around modesty. She’d set about putting him in the tub in his under things; and getting him into said under things had been a task in and of itself. It was like a cross between undressing a petulant child or a drunken college roommate: it became increasingly problematic once she admitted the approval with which she regarded the body she was undressing. After several moments of Lorenzo’s disorientation, slipping further and further under the water, she realized the only way to fix this was to actually slip into the tub with him. She told herself this was nothing more than a means to an end; a practical solution to an impractical problem. Unfortunately telling herself that, and remembering it when she slipped into the tub with him were two entirely different things. She wished she kept a bathing suit in the bathroom, but she didn’t, and was hesitant to take the time she would need to go rifling through her bedroom drawers in order to dig one up. If he drowned because she was looking for a bikini she’d never forgive herself. She reasoned the situation out and decided to simply suck it up and do this. Alexis shed her clothes and slipped into the tub in her under things, rolling her eyes the whole time. “This is not even happening,” she thought to herself as she gingerly picked up the sponge and reached towards the shower gel. With an evil smile she bypassed the mint-smelling cleanser, and instead grabbed the pink bottle. “Lorenzo deserves to wake up from his stupor smelling like a girl,” she thought with a grin as she lathered up the sweet pea gel. For a moment she considered painting his nails too but decided that was probably the one thing that would push him from being grateful for the rescue to actually wanting to murder her again. As she soaped around his boy parts and watched as they shape-shifted, she noted that for all Carly had done to him, she hadn’t rendered him incapable of...proving his masculinity. As she realized she was going to have to shave him, she wondered the best way to accomplish it. He seemed to be slightly more in-tune with his surroundings than earlier, but still completely unable to hold a razor on his own. “I deserve hazard pay for this,” she thought to herself as she pushed him into the water and lowered his face to her lap. She smiled again as she lathered up her raspberry ripple “Just For Girls” shaving lotion and reached for her trusty razor that had last been used on her bikini line. “This is gonna be fun,” she realized as she raised the blade to his face. After she’d finished his shave she admired her handiwork for perhaps a moment too long, running her hand across the smooth plane of his face. He opened his eyes at her gentle touch and she felt her heart break a little as his eyes, beautiful as they were, weren’t focusing on her. “It’s OK,” she said, trying to soothe him. “We’re almost done,” she said, stepping out of the tub and reaching for a towel. She leaned him against the edge of the tub and wrapped herself in an oversized bath sheet. Alexis reached into the cupboard beneath the sink and extricated a toothbrush. She cracked open the plastic package and reached for the toothpaste. Again she stifled a laugh as she wondered what Lorenzo would think if she knew his teeth were being brushed with Kermit the Frog bubblegum-flavored toothpaste? She imagined he would not be nearly as amused as she was at this moment. When she was finished playing dental hygienist and his face was cleaned of any errant toothpaste remnants she realized it was time to get him out of the tub and into bed. She realized, with a frown, that he would be spending the night in her bed, for lack of a better place to put him. “At least he’s still out of it,” she thought to herself. She doubted he would be much trouble this way. She helped him out of the tub, encouraging him to lean his wet, naked, and highly appealing body into her own. She covered him reluctantly and wondered what he would prefer to sleep in. Alexis helped him to her room and deposited him onto the bed as best as she could. He still didn’t seem to have an awareness of where he was, and for that she was glad. She found a pair of drawstring gray jogging shorts in a drawer left over from her pregnancy. She slipped them onto him triumphantly and rolled him so that she could extricate the towel from beneath him. Once she had it she hung it on the back of the chair to dry. Alexis placed her hands on her hips and surveyed her bed sharer. She fought

the urge to giggle and realized he wasn’t gonna believe the situation when he woke up and she had to explain it to him. He wouldn’t believe it -- not in a million years. Several Hours Later... Alexis woke up around 2:30 to find his arms clenched around her waist. Somehow in the night she'd wound up above him. They were lying on their sides, his arms banded about her waist, his face buried in her stomach. It was obvious he was in the throes of some sort of a nightmare, from the way he was gripping her and thrashing about. "Wake up," she coaxed him, rubbing gentle circles into his back. "Please wake up," she said again, not wanting to have to deal with him if he woke up angry. His grip on her loosened but only slightly. "Carly," he asked tentatively, his voice muffled from being pressed into her body. Alexis sighed. "No," she said softly. "It's not Carly". Lorenzo became more awake then. "What's going on? Where am I? Who are you?" he asked. Alexis began to shift positions but he stopped her by securing his grip on her body. "I asked you some questions," he said quietly. "Lorenzo," she said softly. "It's Alexis. Alexis Davis. I found you in the panic room and I didn't know what to do," she said, her words speeding up as she grew increasingly nervous. "Carly, or someone, I'm not sure who, was keeping you in there for a considerable amount of time, I would imagine, without food or water. I found you there. I didn't know what to do. I didn't think you'd want me to involve the police but we can call them if you like." She paused. He hadn't said anything. "Go on," he said, still not freeing her from his grasp. "What happened next?" She looked puzzled. Absently, she began rubbing his back again as she spoke. "Not too much happened next," she said, unsure as to why he was asking her this. "I mean, I found you, I thought you'd prefer to recover not at a hospital where you were vulnerable, but someplace where the toxic twosome wouldn't think to look for you. Did I do the right thing?" she asked hesitantly. He thought about it a second and she gasped as he removed his hands from her waist and tugged her downwards so that they faced one another. He placed a hand on her throat and she hiccupped. She had no doubt, that, even in his weakened state, he could kill her with his bare hands. She'd hoped that saving his life might buy her some time but perhaps it had not. "Where are we," he asked. "We're in my apartment," she answered, not knowing why he was asking. "Are we alone," he said next. "My daughter is in the next room so you should know if you kill me, you'll have a small child to contend with," she said, with a bravado she didn't feel. "Does anyone know that I'm here," he asked. "No," she said, realizing at once that she should've told him otherwise. Now, if he wanted to murder her, in her own bed, there would be no one to link him to her. "All right," he said, releasing her neck. "Your pulse seems normal; you weren't lying; you were just scared," he said triumphantly. Before she was conscious of it, she'd socked him in the arm. "Don't scare me like that," she said. "It isn't very nice and it does not put me in the frame of mind to do you any favors," she replied. He laughed lightly. "What makes you think that you'll be the one granting the favors tonight, Ms. Davis," he asked, in the second before his lips found hers in the darkness. She could have pulled away; told him this was a mistake; fought him off if she'd wanted to. But it would have been a lie; an insult to them both. She'd saved his life for a reason. She'd felt it for weeks; when he'd flipped her hair; when he'd watched her in court; at those interminable meetings with Carly. He'd devoured her with his bionic, x-ray eyes. She felt he could see so much more beneath the surface than simply her naked body; she felt he knew her soul. His hand caught her shoulder, dragged the strap of her nightgown out of the way, and planted a wet, hungry kiss there. "If you think you're doing me a favor to repay me for saving your life, this needs to stop now," she said, moaning the moment the words left her mouth. Lorenzo smiled. "And if you feel that you're providing another facet of Florence Nightingale-like care for me... then you need to tell me now," he growled as she bit his ear none-too-gently. Neither said a word. She pulled away and peeled the nightgown from her ever-dampening flesh. She shivered as the cool air hit her body, trembling involuntarily. "It is decided," he said. She hesitated. "Yes. It is decided".

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