Second Chances Megan looked around Kelly's.

It was lunchtime; her nanny had been bringing her to Kelly's every day for the last week. The man who worked here reminded her of her Grandpapa. Each day Megan watched the pretty lady with her daughter. They ate lunch here each day, too. Megan's heart ached with longing, watching the mother and daughter. She missed her mom so much. Megan Lansing squeezed her eyes as tightly closed as she could; she squeezed them until her whole face hurt, and she thought she might squish her eyeballs. She clenched her teeth, raised her shoulders and held her breath until the burning went away. Then she relaxed. Okay, better. She wasn't going to cry. Not here. She wasn't sure why she thought she shouldn't give in to tears. It wasn't as if someone had told her not to cry. The message came from inside her: that scary dark place that got bigger when she thought about all the changes in her young life. Her dad had moved her to a new town. She missed her mom more than ever. Nothing had been right for a long, long time. Megan picked at her French fries and fruit, stealing another look at the woman as she talked and played with her daughter. She knew that her daddy didn't like the woman. She was kicking his butt in court. She was a defense attorney, and her name was Alexis Davis-Jacks. Megan had read about her in the paper. She was the best lawyer in town. And she needed the best. "Are you finished with lunch Megan?" asked her nanny. "Yes, Abby. Can we go to the park now?" Megan asked, as Mrs. Jacks and her daughter left Kelly's. "I thought you wanted to go shopping for school clothes," Abby said, surprised by the sudden change. "We can do that tomorrow. It's really pretty outside. I want to go the park and play… please!" Megan whined, knowing that she probably would not get another chance to speak to Mrs. Jacks. "Your father is expecting us to be shopping for school clothes. Not spending the day in the park," Abby explained, knowing how her boss liked to keep things on a schedule. "Please?" "I don't know," Abby tried. "Please!" Megan begged, tears forming in her eyes. It was so important that she speak to lady lawyer today. "Ok... just for a little while. Let me go pay the bill and we will be ready," Abby said. "Thank you!" Megan cried, smiling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ric Lansing returned to his office after a long day of court to find a stack of papers on his desk. He was the new DA of Port Charles. He had know idea when he took this job that the DA's office was in such a mess. It would take months for him to put this office into order. He had taken this job so that he would have more time with Megan, but it wasn't working out that way. He had been spending even less time with her since he took this job. He knew that Megan missed her mom and wasn't happy about moving away from her grandparents and friends. He had promised her that everything would be all right. He ran his hand through his dark hair as he reached for the first file that was stacked high on his desk. He knew that he would be working late again. He wouldn't be home for dinner or to tuck Megan in again. He looked at his daughter's picture that sat on the corner of his desk. Megan looked so much liked her mother that it hurt to be reminded of the love he had lost. Ric reached for the phone and dialed. "Hello, Mr. Lansing," "Hello, Abby. How is my angel?" Ric asked. "She's great," Abby said, her eyes were locked on Megan as she played on the swings. "That's great. Are you having any luck with school shopping?" "Well... Megan wanted to come to the park first," Abby said nervously. "I see," Ric paused. "Abby, you know that I really would appreciate if you keep her on a schedule."

"I'm sorry Mr. Lansing. It's just that Megan seem so sad this morning. And she mentioned the park... she wanted to come so badly. I didn't have the heart to disappoint her," Abby explained quickly. Ric inhaled a shame-filled breath before speaking. "It's okay Abby. If being at the park makes Megan happy..." He paused, remembering why he had called her in first place. "Oh I have to work late." "I see," she said, but she didn't see how a man with such a beautiful daughter had such little time for her. Didn't he realize how much Megan needed him right now? "I know I promised Megan I would take her to the movies tonight, but I can't. Why don't you take her?" he asked. "Mr. Lansing, Megan doesn't want to go to the movies with me. She wants to go with you," Abby said softly. "I know. I will make it up to her," Ric said, as one of the ADA's walked into his office. "Abby I have to go. Give Megan a kiss for me." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Megan had been swinging for several minutes, watching Mrs. Jacks and her daughter. Mrs. Jacks had been helping her daughter up and down the slide. The little girl threw up her arms as she slid down the slide, and Mrs. Jacks would catch her at the bottom of the slide. "Hi," Megan said. Alexis turned as the sound of the child's voice. The girl was very pretty; she had dark brown hair and big dark eyes. Alexis guessed that she couldn't be more that seven or eight. "Hi, sweetie. Are you lost?" Alexis asked. "No I'm not lost.," Megan whispered. "Hi, Mrs. Jacks," Viola called. "Hi, Viola," Alexis greeted her beloved daughter's nanny. "Mommy has to go back to work sweetie," Alexis said, kissing Kristina on the cheek. "Bye Mommy!" Kristina said, reaching for Viola's hand. Alexis watched as her daughter and Viola walked across the park. She had almost forgotten about the little girl. But Megan pulled on her on jacket. "Yes?" Alexis said, kneeling down before the little girl. "You're a lawyer, right?" Megan asked. Alexis smiled at the little girl question. "Yes, I'm a attorney." Alexis laughed. "Do you need one?" Megan nodded her head as she blinked back tears. Alexis grew concerned when she saw the little girl's tears. "Are you here alone?" "No, my nanny is over there." Megan pointed toward the bench. "Will you be my lawyer, please?" Megan asked in a shaky whisper. "I have money," she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out six dollars bills. The little girl touched her heart. Alexis didn't know why. "Why do you need a lawyer, sweetie?" Alexis asked, brushing away the girl's tears. "I want to divorce my daddy!" Megan cried.

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