1)vinculum-in mathematics the bar drawn over variable e.g.

-a+b whole bar 2)Gesundhiet-wish a person good health especially who sneezed. 3)Audacity-Recklessly shamefull,extremely bold that he does not care about anyt hing;shameless boldness. 4)Caret-when this symbol ^ is used to show that something to be inserted here. 5)Contemplate-to observe or study thoughtfully. e.g.- to contemplate a difficult problem. 6)Exaggerate-to magnify things beyond limt or to enlarge e.g.-exaggerated figure s 7)ire-anger 8)patronage-support 9)inculcate-to develop things because of contant exposure to it 10)resolute-firm/determined

11)sanctity-quality of being holiness 12)decorum-conduct 13)propriety-appropriate behaviour/properness 14)pastor-a person authorized to conduct religious worship 15)anticipation-an expectation/obey or answer before asking 16)wimp-weak,timid person 17)juvenile-youth,meant for young 18)candid-straight forward,outspoken,impartial,honest,open and sincere 19)renunciate-sanyyaasi 20)docile-easily managable,teachable 21)reconcile-to bring to agreement,to win over to friendliness,to settle/compose 21)gaffe-social blunder 22)limbo-an intermediate 23)sarcasm-caustic remark,harsh,satire 24)nag-continually complaining,faultfinding 25)revert-return,come back 26)taboo-prohibited,banned,

catch.may be because of pain or fear 44)crouch/stoop-bend one's back forward from waist on down 45)bow-bend one's head or upper part of body in gesture of respect 46) interlocutor--middleman(The performer in the middle of a minstrel line who e ngages the others in talk) 47)mammoth-gigantic 48)endurance-withstanding power 49)serotonin a neurotransmitter with calming effects.confine 36)obscure-not clearly visible or clear eg.scarcity.: women in Afganistan veil their faces 38)plebiscite=referendum( more in political sense) 39)nymph-young one of cockroach 40)caterpillar-young one of butterfly 41)council-group of ministers 42)spinster-an elderly unmarried woman 43)flinch-draw back.:The stars are obscured by the clouds 37)veil-to conceal/hide eg.nab 29)tyro-learner or beginner 30)maven-a self styled expert in given field 31)dearth-lack of something. 28)apprehend-take into custody. 50)endorphins--the feel-good chemicals 51)perennial-Lasting an indefinitely long time. suggesting self-renewal 52)renunciation-act of sacrificing something 53)eternal-everlasting/no end and beginning/ceaseless 54)lament-to feel or express sorrow/Vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resemb ling such expression 55)skirmish-a short term fight/lighter form of war .27)apprehension-fear of future trouble.in adequate supply 32)luddite-person or group opposed to new technology 33)xenophobia-an exxagerated or abnormal fear of strangers/foreigners 34)amputate=to cut off(Part or limb of body) esecially by surgery 35)incarcerate=to imprison.

56)mason-craftsman who works with stone or brick 57)misogyny-hatred for woman 58)drapery-family of ciurtains 59)byre-a barn for cows 60)misogamy-hatred of marriage 61)scalpel-a sharp knife used by surgeons 62)harbinger-Something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone 63)patter-Make light.e..too numerous to be counted/infinite/countless 72) repercussions=remote or indirect consequences of some actionssssss .unbeatable 70) awful--extermely bad/displeasing 71)myriad. rapid and repeated sounds /Rain gently 64)fret-getting angry or agitated/worrying unnecessarily 65)nasty-offensive or malicious/awful/foul/filthy 66)unfathomable-impossible to come under/not capable of being measured 67)reverberates-having long or continuing effect/echoing effect/ 68)quenche-satisfy(thirst)/suppress or crush completely 69)invincible-incapable of being overcome i.

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