Freshness of chicken

Replenishment Manner Order quantity

Inefficiency Subjective Decision Limited availability




Limited Availability (X)


Age (X)

Broken (C)

Power (N)


Replenishment Manner (X) Order Quantity (X)

Under the Material component. From this. under the Machine component.MATERIAL Freshness of Chicken (X) MANAGEMENT Subjective Decision (N) Solution to the problem: For us to visually see the factors that contribute to the inventory management problem of Mang Toto’s Bacolod Chicken Inasal. problems could be traced back to the freshness of the chicken. the factors that could have caused the problem could be rooted to the replenishment manner and the order quantity. From the diagram. Also. method used in determining the order quantity. A solution to this problem would be the purchase of a new freezer that could suffice the establishment’s need for an efficient freezer. Under the Management component. . noise factors. a fishbone diagram was constructed above. the age of the freezer. The noise factors are not to be held constant. Upon this. Under the controllable factors were the chances of having broken freezers and under the noise factors were the power inefficiencies of the freezer and the subjective decision of the management with regards to the purchasing of chicken. not only to fully utilize the equipment but to also preserve the freshness of the chicken. the replenishment manner and the freshness of chicken. thus we don’t have control over these variables. Lastly. it can be seen that under the Method component. under the experimental factors are the limited availability of the freezer. problems could be traced to the inefficiency and limited availability. and the experimental factors. another cause could be the management’s subjective decision on the daily purchasing of chicken. which in this study is the freezer itself. it can be seen that the only controllable factor in the situation is the chance of having broken freezers. these contributing factors were further grouped into three: controllable factors.

With regards to the age of the freezers. the management of Mang Toto’s could test different order quantities of chicken and see themselves if. In this case. In conclusion. for example. Also. under these circumstances. the solution to the problem depends on which factor the management would like to dwell. with regards to the management decisions regarding the replenishment manner and order quantity of chicken. . the management could differentiate which type of situation can still offer them with the same level of freshness for their chicken. The same also goes for all of the other factors. the management can test at what year their freezers should be replaced in order for them to fully utilize the said equipment. a trade-off would be on the cost of the order quantity and manner of replenishment.On the other hand. under the experimental factors. once a week or even once a month. they could lessen their costs if their manner of replenishment would not be daily but would be in every other day. If they prefer to maintain the freshness of the chicken. these variables can be further tested in different situations.

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