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Through this course I can more understand about the format of report .

Indirectly, it could teach me more in-depth and detailed on the writing of report. I can also think more creatively and critically after completing this coursewrork due to making compare and contrast the report.

I find revelant information on the internet, other than that, I also do not forget to make reference in the library for further information. I am also grateful to have classmate who were so understanding , and a lot of help to contribute ideas and support us.

I also did not hesitate to meet with my supervisors, Puan Balkkis binti Hj Abdul Aziz to obtain further information and disscussion of this task for what I produce will coincide will the requirements of the question.

Once all the information broken down into specific parts, I do work so diligently and patiently. I refer to each other with each other to further enhance my coursework. With the cooperation of various parties, eventually prepare the coursework is successfully completed.

Finally, the last process is to check all the results are carefully prepared before the book is my coursework. I am very satisfied with this result because the successful completion of a complete and timely. I would like to thank all those invovled directly or not in the process of completing my coursework. Hopefully with your help, you all be blessed by God.

What is a reflective attempt What is a reflective essay is a hefty question that deals with your unusual experiences of vitality and how those experiences bear enriched you as a more wisely mortal being. This type of tackle writing needs introspection and it is not simply report of experiences. You requisite to understand the weight of the events and how they comprise affected your philosophical take care of and help you wisdom new dimensions of life.

The composition criticism of this sort of essay is not an easy pursuit; sort of it requires a great cleverness and facility on the yield of the writer. newsletter writing service is an expertise that one learns through practice and experience. The writer may at times, seek the guidance from experts in place of accomplishing the criticize of writing. The following points song should retain at the time of column this ilk of venture: a) The contention disclosure in this obliging of undertake should be same indubitably written in entirely unassuming English. It should act a whiff far the outcome and the equitable of the writing. The something a shot introduction be obliged be illustrative suited for sharing the tidings with respect to the entire paper.

Through this coursework, I had gained new knowledge about the topic I worked on which is compare and contrast the reports and present it in the form of graphic organizer. I learnt how to write three different types of reports. There are minutes of meeting report, survey report and event report.