Host Name / I.

P Change for the AP node ( Apache / Form Node ) of ILTEST
By: Rahul Gupta L.G.Electronics, Greater Noida

1. ILTEST Architecture (EBS: 11.5.10 ; O.S : AIX 5.3 ) a) Before activity
iltestap ( Apache Node (Web Node) + Form Node iltest (
DB node + Report node + Admin Node +Concurrent Node


b) After activity

iltest (
DB node + Report node + Admin Node +Concurrent Node

Apache Node (Web Node) + Form Node


Activity is to change the change the hostname from iltestap ( to LGEILMESD02N ( Before the activity stop all the services on Form and Concurrent Node, by running on and Also stop the database and listener. UNIX Team Activity: Change the I.P / hostname of iltestap ( When the I.P./Hostname changed. Then up the database and listener only . Login the Form Node ( and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 : Add the new host entry in the /etc/hosts file
$ cd /etc $ vi hosts

Add the entry mentioned below LGEILMESD02N

Step 2: Now change the host name in the <CONTEXT_NAME>.xml file .
$ cd $APPL_TOP/admin $ cp ILTEST_iltestap.xml ILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.xml $ vi ILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.xml And here change the “iltestap” to “LGEILMESD02N” globally

Step 3: Run the autoconfig.
$ cd $AD_TOP/bin $ contextfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/ ILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.xml Enter the password of apps : apps ( OR apps password of your apps )

Step 4: After the autoconfig completed successfully. Then, make custom<CONTEXT_NAME>.env file
Note: Autoconfig never makes the custom<CONTEXT_FILE>.env file. This file Need to be created manually. $ cd $APPL_TOP $ ls –ltr customILTEST_iltestap.env -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 126369792 Jul 4 17:36 customILTEST_iltestap.env $ cp customILTEST_iltestap.env customILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.env

$ cd $APPL_TOP $ ls –ltr ILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.env Vi this file (ILTEST_LGEILMESD02N.env) and edit Find "FORMS60_PATH" and add lines FORMS60_PATH=$FORMS60_PATH:$CUSTOM_TOP/resource:$CUSTOM_TOP/forms/US:$EAU_TOP/form s/US export FORMS60_PATH Below the following line

FORMS60_PATH="/u02/app/ilprodappl/au/11.5.0/resource:/u01/app/ilprodappl/au/11.5.0/resource/stub" export FORMS60_PATH

Step 6: Now, up the services on Form Node and Concurrent Node
Run on both Form and Concurrent Node and up the services. After try to open the EBS through the new url i.e.; http:<hostname>.<domain name>:<port> . New Setting : Host File Entry lgeilmesd02n Proxy Settings *lgeilmesd02n*;** Url

Note: If this didn’t wok for you and you EBS shoes some error while opening the form launcher. Then stop all the services on AP and DB node by running (Don’t down the database & listener ) . After this change the iltestap to LGEILMESD02N in the <CONTEXT_FILE>.xml of Concurrent Node and then run the autoconfig firstly on Concurrent Node and after that on Form Node.

Troubleshooting Section :
EBS was working properly with url , But not with normal url . We checked the APACHE logs and we found the errors mentioned below ..
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/u01/app/ilprodora/iAS/Apache/Apache/logs> more error_log [Sun Jul 27 13:00:43 2008] [error] OPM: EW: Fail to start process with mod=JServ and grp=XmlSvcsGrp, it's possible that your configuration file is not correct. [Sun Jul 27 13:18:10 2008] [error] OPM:Can not find one alive process [Sun Jul 27 13:18:10 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /servlets/Hello [Sun Jul 27 13:18:14 2008] [error] OPM:Can not find one alive process [Sun Jul 27 13:18:14 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /servlets/Hello [Sun Jul 27 13:39:14 2008] [error] OPM:Can not find one alive process [Sun Jul 27 13:39:14 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /oa_servlets/AppsLogin

/u01/app/ilprodora/iAS/Apache/Apache/logs> more - - [27/Jul/2008:12:58:42 +0530] - - [27/Jul/2008:12:58:45 +0530] - - [27/Jul/2008:12:58:51 +0530] - - [27/Jul/2008:13:18:10 +0530] - - [27/Jul/2008:13:18:14 +0530] - - [27/Jul/2008:13:39:14 +0530]

access_log.1217116800 "GET /aplogon.html HTTP/1.1" 200 1956 "GET /oa_servlets/AppsLogin HTTP/1.1" 404 227 "GET /oa_servlets/AppsLogin HTTP/1.1" 404 227 "GET /servlets/Hello HTTP/1.1" 404 220 "GET /servlets/Hello HTTP/1.1" 404 220 "GET /oa_servlets/AppsLogin HTTP/1.1" 404 227

After troubleshooting we find that the /etc/host file entry of AP (Form) node was as mentioned below .. LGEILMESD02N

We changed the entry to LGEILMESD02N

And restarted the services of AP node. It worked for us and EBS started working properly For more information, kindly refer to the Metlink Note: 372096.1 - Servlet and JSP Pages return a "Page Not Found" Error After Install of Applications.

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