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SUNDAY APRIL 7 SCHB Poster Session J. Maclachlan, Presiding 8:30 - 9:30 Continental Breakfast and Networking. 4.

Member benefits and programming from the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses. S. Seelig, et al. 5. Expanding your professional network in your local section by partnering with the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses. S. Seelig, et al. 6. ACS Chemical Entrepreneurship Council (CEC): Working with you to translate research into innovations and jobs! J. L. Bryant, et al. 7. Support your startup with the Chemical Angel Network. M. Vreeke, S. White 8. How social media marketing influences sales at a small chemical business. J. Maclachlan, J. Driscoll SCHB Business Meeting 9:30 - 9:45

MONDAY APRIL 8 Alternative Fuels: Intellectual Property, Regulatory, and Capital Formation Issues Cosponsor ENFL J. Bergman, Presiding 8:15 Continental Breakfast, Osha Liang LLP (host) 8:45 Introductory Remarks. 8:50 9. Great race: Provisional patent applications and the first-to-file patent system. P. J. Roman, J. R. Miller 9:15 10. Starting a business: Legal dos and donts. T. Sabom 9:40 11. Intersection of intellectual property and energy: What effects does intellectual property have on energy development and research? C. Burton 10:05 Intermission. 10:20 12. Regulatory issues surrounding alternative energy. K. R. Rabago 10:45 13. Trademark issues: The rise of green trademarks. J. Montomgery 11:10 14. Investment trends in alternative energy. G. Hancock 11:35 Concluding Remarks. Algae, Biofuels, and CO 2 Cosponsor CEI, COMSCI, and ENFL K. Andrews, Presiding 1:15 Introductory Remarks. 1:20 15. Pre-treatment of bagasse: A chemist's approach to lignin depolymerization. M. S. Chorghade, A. M. Rahatgaonkar 1:50 16. Cool Planet Energy Systems and the production of carbon negative fuels. W. Hago 2:20 17. Catalytic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to conventional liquid fuels and chemicals. R. Cortright 2:50 Intermission. 3:05 18. Direct to ethanol technology: Algenol biofuels. S. Smith 3:35 19. Algal biofuel production: The Phycal system. R. Sayre 4:05 20. Withdrawn [replaced by discussion]. 4:35 Concluding Remarks.

MONDAY APRIL 8 - EVENING Sci-Mix Poster Session J. Maclachlan, Presiding 8:00 - 10:00 Convention Center, Hall D See abstracts 4-8, Sunday morning. TUESDAY APRIL 9 True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs Cosponsor PROF C. McElroy, Presiding 8:00 Continental Breakfast, PID Analyzers (host) 8:25 Introductory Remarks. 8:30 21. How to tell the truth and get paid for doing it: Being an expert chemical witness. D. M. Manuta 9:00 22. Small chemical business providing in-house laboratory analyses and consultation to carbohydrate based industries. S. Vercellotti 9:30 23. Founding and evolution of a startup pharmaceutical company. S. C. Bergmeier, et al. 10:00 Intermission. 10:15 24. When is a good time to start a business? R. Rajur 10:45 25. After thirty years the path ended in China. E. Meyer 11:15 26. Developing and marketing an environmental instrumentation company: A forty year perspective. J. N. Driscoll 11:45 Concluding Remarks. Best Practices from Chemical Entrepreneurs Cosponsor COMSCI and PROF J. Newsam, Presiding 1:00 - 2:45 Panelists: J. Driscoll, K. Schulz, and T. Jones. Somethings Brewing in the Bayou S. Vercellotti, Presiding 3:00 - 4:45 Panelists. B. Broussard, M. Wilson, and P. Caddoo. 5:00 - 8:00 SCHB Reception (see next panel)

S. Seelig, Chair

The Hydrogen Economy is Fueled by Small Businesses Cosponsor CEI, ENFL, and PROF W. Hago, Presiding 10:00 Introductory Remarks. 10:05 1. Creating a sustainable business in the hydrogen and fuel cell market. K. Ayers 10:35 2. Using ARB biotechnology to deliver fast, efficient, and modular wastewater treatment with simultaneous hydrogen byproduct generation. M. Sholin 11:05 3. Using for hydrogen production life cycle analysis. Q. Zhang, et al. 11:35 Concluding Remarks. Chemical Angel Network: Chemists Investing in Chemical Deals Cosponsor COMSCI S. White, Presiding 1:00 Introduction to Chemical Angel Network and Angel Investing. 1:30 Pitches from Companies. 2:30 Investment Discussion. Twitter @ACSSCHB

TUESDAY APRIL 9 - EVENING SOIREE SCHB Soiree-une la rception-fte, with CHAS and BMGT, Financial support Osha Liang LLP. 5:00 - 8:00 PM, Tomas Bistro - Gallery Room, 755 Tchoupitoulas Street (at Julia Street) EXPO BOOTH 1143 Visit SCHB Expo Booth 1143, Convention Center, Halls B2 & C. Sunday, April 7, 6:00 - 8:30 PM Monday, April 8, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday, April 9, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM FUTURE SCHB PROGRAMMING Central Regional Meeting CERM Mt. Pleasant MI May 15-17, 2013 Great Lakes Regional Meeting GLRM La Crosse WI, June 5-8, 2013 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics CLEO San Jose CA, June 9-14, 2013 ACS 246th National Meeting Indianapolis, September 8-12, 2013 Western Regional Meeting WRM Santa Clara CA, October 3-5, 2013 Northeast Regional Meeting NERM New Haven CT, October 23-26, 2013 ACS 247th National Meeting Dallas, March 16-20, 2014 Join SCHB group on ACS Network Follow SCHB on Twitter @ACSSCHB Join SCHB group on LinkedIn

SCHB 2013 Officers & Executive Committee Stan Seelig vacant Mukund Chorghade vacant David Deutsch Sharon Vercellotti Ron Versic Joe Sabol Michael Haukaas vacant Jennifer Maclachlan Anis Rahman (Planning) Carlyn Burton (CEC Rep.) Anis Rahman Sharon Vercellotti Want to become more involved in SCHB? Volunteer positions currently available: Newsletter, Assistant Editor Graphic Artist Membership, Development, Corporate Patrons Social Chair Symposium Programming Other?? What are your talents and interests?? Contact any SCHB officer and let us know what you can do for SCHB! Attend SCHBs Business Meeting, 9:30 AM, Sunday, April 7, Crescent Ballroom B Attend SCHBs Executive Committee Meeting, 1:00-5:00 PM, Sunday, April 7, Crescent A Visit SCHBs Expo Booth 1143. Attend SCHBs Reception, with CHAS and BMGT, 5:00-8:00 PM, Tuesday, April 9, Tomas Bistro, Gallery Room, 755 Tchoupitoulas Street.

AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 245th National Meeting April 7-11, 2013 Bienvenue la Nouvelle-Orlans!! DIVISION OF SMALL CHEMICAL BUSINESSES

POCKET GUIDE TO TECHNICAL PROGRAM & SPECIAL EVENTS DoubleTree Hotel, Crescent Ballroom B 300 Canal Street Resources for small businesses! Supporting small businesses! The future of the chemical enterprise! La bonne chimie avec des bons gens! Join SCHB group on ACS Network Follow SCHB on Twitter @ACSSCHB Join SCHB group on LinkedIn

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