WORKSHEET 1 - Literature

Task 1: Work alone and prepare your answers to the following questions.
1 What kind of texts do you usually read? Why do you read them? 2 Is reading your favourite way of spending free time? Why (not)? 3 Do you think that a traditional paper book is still worth reading in the times of modern technologies? Why (not)? 4 Are libraries still useful in your opinion? Explain. 5 Have you ever read an amazing or a terrible book? Which one?

Work in pairs and discuss your opinions on reading. Task 2: Work alone and match the genres with their definitions.
play, biography, science fiction (sci-fi), thriller, non-fiction, poetry book, fairy-tale, historical novel, autobiography, picture novel/comic book, short story

= a kind of writing in which imaginary future developments in science and their effect on life are described = an account of a person’s life written by someone else = the story of your life written by yourself = a short piece of writing usually containing only a few characters = a book that tells an exciting story, e.g. about spies = books about real facts and events = a long written story about a historical character or period = a long picture story = a piece of writing performed in a theatre / on television / radio = a children’s story in which magical things happen = a book that contains poems

Task 3: In pairs, compare your answers and prepare similar definitions of these literary genres.
fiction, cartoon, anthology, travelogue, romance, chronicle, poetry, pulp fiction, biography, fable, legend, journal, memoirs, novel

Get into groups. Take turns reading your definitions and guess the genres. Task 4: Complete the sentences with words from the box:
plot, cast, characters, score, script, set, stage, setting, on location, trailer 1 The story of a novel, play, or film is known as the _________________. 2 The ________________ of a play contains not only the dialogue, but also stage directions, and other information. 3 A ___________________ is the written instructions for playing music, but it can also mean the background music for a film. 4 The actors and actresses who play the _______________ in a film or play are known as the ___________________. 5 In the theatre, the actors perform on a ______________, but in a film they act on a __________________. 6 Films can be shot inside, in the studio, or outside ___________________. 7 The ______________is where a film, novel or play takes place. 8 A _______________is a short film made to advertise a main feature.

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