WORKSHEET 2 - Changes

Task 1: “Times have changed” Read and listen to Mrs. Davies, who is the oldest person in Elm Street. She’s seen a lot of changes in her life. Kelly: How long have you lived in Elm Street, Mrs. Davies? Mrs. Davies: I’ve lived here all my life. Kelly: Have you lived in this house all that time? Mrs. Davies: No, but I’ve been in this house for fifty years now. Kelly: Where did you live before? Mrs. Davies: I was born at number 63. Kelly: Sixty-three? That’s next door to me. Mrs. Davies: Is it really? That’s nice. Well, I lived there till I was 25. When I got married we moved int number 20 here. Kelly: And you’ve been here ever since? Mrs. Davies: Yes, except for a few months in the war. You see, a bomb fell on the house next door. So I lived at number 63 again for about three months, while they were repairing this one. Kelly: Has the street changed much? Mrs. Davies: Ooh yes! The people have become much richer. They’ve got cars and televisions. You never saw a car in this street, when I was a girl. Kelly: Do you think life is better now? Mrs. Davies: No, not really. It’s nice to have the telly, but people have become less friendly. They stay in their own houses all the time. When they go out, they go in their own cars. So you never see anyone. My husband and most of my friends died now. So it’s often very lonely. Tick the correct box: R stands for RIGHT, W means WRONG, D expresses DON’T KNOW (that it was not in the text) R W D a) Mrs. Davies lived in another street, before she got married. b) Mrs. Davies has lived at 20 Elm Street all her life. c) Mrs. Davies got married in 1925. d) Kelly lives at number 61. e) A bomb fell on Mrs. Davies’ house in the war. f) Mrs. Davies lived with her parents for three months in the war. g) Mrs. Davies has never seen a car. h) People in the street are friendlier now. i) Mrs. Davies is 75 years old. This is Kelly’s article about Mrs. Davies for the magazine. Complete it. Use: BE FALL BECOME MOVE GO SEE LIVE Mrs. Davies _____________the oldest person in Elm Street. She________________in Elm Street all her life. She ______________ born at number 63, and she _______________ there till she was twenty-five. When she got married, she and her husband __________________ into number 20. She ______________ there ever since, except for a few months in the war. A bomb ______________ on the house next door. So she _______________ to her parents’ house for about three months. She ___________ a lot of changes in the street. She thinks people ____________less friendly.

Task 2: Phil is interviewing the oldest man in the street – Arthur Bailey. Make a chart like this. Listen carefully and fill it in. Where? When? Is he there now? live work

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