sWORKSHEET 1 – Christmas

Task 1: Prepare and answer these questions in pairs.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Which has been your most wonderful Christmas so far? What is, in your opinion, the most significant image of Christmas? How do you celebrate Christmas in your family? What duties do you usually have? When did you learn that it was your parents who buy Christmas presents? Describe your feelings when you learnt the truth. Is there any tradition about spending Christmas you don’t like? What is the best Christmas present you have ever got/given? What Christmas present are you going to buy this year / have you bought this year? What gift would make you extremely happy?

Task 2: All of these words are somehow connected with the term CHRISTMAS… Try to use all of them, one by one, to speak about Christmas for 5 minutes without any break or pause. However, you should check their meaning in a dictionary first...
angel, baby Jesus, bakery, believe, bell, bible, bless, branch, bright, cake, candle, carol, celebrate, chain, charity, cheerful, childhood, chimney, church, chore, cinnamon, clergyman, comfort, comprehension, delicious, dinner, donate, donation, eve, excited, feast, fiddler, fireplace, fortune, generous, happiness, health, holly, hug, jump, kindness, kiss, merry, mistletoe, mood, orange, pie, pleasant, pleased, pleasure, promise, pudding, punch, ribbon, secretly, snowball, soft, star, surprise, symbolize, thank, turkey, warmth, wish, wonder, wreath, year, you

Task 3: There are two sets of words: English and Slovak one. Find a correct translation for each expression.
afraid – afterlife – alive – alone– angry – appear – disappear – ashamed – bad – bitter – black – blind – blindfolded – boil – bone – burial – bury – cellar – chain – clank – coldness – corpse – creature – cripple – crutch – dark – dead – demon – desperate – die – mourner – doomed – noise – drag – obsess – enter – owner – escape – painful – feel – phantom – fog – poor – fool – pretend – funeral – punish – ghost – remind – gloomy – rest – grab – rich – grave – rude – graveyard – sad – greedy – scrape – hateful – scream – haunt – scrooge – heartlessness – selfish – horror – shadow – humbug– shake– hurt – (shook, shaken) invisible – a sign – knock – to sign – knocker – silent – lonely – spirit – mad – strict – mean – suddenly – miserable – tremble – moan – weep – Slovesá: báť sa, zjaviť sa, zmiznúť, vrieť, pochovať, rinčať, umrieť, ťahať, vstúpiť, uniknúť, cítiť, schmatnúť, mátožiť, zraniť, klopať, nariekať, posadnúť, predstierať, potrestať, pripomínať, škriabať/škrípať, kričať, triasť, podpísať, triasť sa, plakať/vzlykať Prídavné mená: nahnevaný, zahanbený, zlý, trpký, čierny, slepý, so zaviazanými očami, temný/tmavý, mŕtvy, zúfalý, odsúdený, ponurý/pochmúrny, nenásytný, nenávistný, neviditeľný, opustený/osamotený, bláznivý, skúpy, žalostný/mizerný, bolestivý, chudobný, bohatý, drzý/nevychovaný, smutný, sebecký, tichý, prísny Podstatné mená: posmrtný život, kosť, pohreb, pivnica, reťaz, chlad, telo/mŕtvola, stvora, mrzák, barla, démon, hmla, blázon, pohreb, duch, hrob, pohrebisko/cintorín, bezcitnosť, hrôza/zdesenie, nezmysel, klopadlo, pozostalý, hluk, majiteľ, prízrak, odpočinok, lakomec, tieň, znak/nápis, duch, Príslovky: nažive, sám, zrazu

Task 4: Read the preface = the author’s words to his readers. What do you think the story is about? Guess and discuss in the class.

Preface I have tried in this ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea. I hope it will haunt my readers pleasantly. Their faithful friend and servant, C. D.

Do you know who is hidden behind the initial letters C. D.? Try to guess and ask the teacher to help you. Task 5 Find past simple forms:
be ______/_______, sign _______, do _______, have _______, freeze ________, make ________, grow _________, can __________, stop ___________, stay _________, sit ______, blow _________, try _________, say ________, come _________, boil _________, bury _________, send _________, go out ___________, die ______, ask ________, continue ____________, please ____________, become ____________, growl ___________, walk ___________, run _________, eat __________, raise ________, see _______, think ___________, look ________, watch _________, echo _______, lock ________, jump _________, hear _________, sound _________, scrape ________, feel ______, drag _________, cry ______, moan __________, fall _______, turn ________, shake ________, tremble _________, care ________, fade _______,

Write number of REGULAR verbs ____ and IRREGULAR verbs ____ . Check with your schoolmates. Task 6: Read and listen to the first chapter, then answer these questions:
1 Is Scrooge a nice man? 2 Who is Marley? 3 How does the weather show what kind of person Scrooge is? 4 What kind of person is Scrooge’s nephew? 5 What do the two fat gentlemen want from Scrooge? 6 Where does Scrooge think the poor should go? 7 Does Scrooge treat his clerk kindly? 8 What strange vision does Scrooge see before he enters his house? 9 What frightening sound does Scrooge hear coming from the basement?

10 The ghost of Marley wears chains. What do you think these chains represent?

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