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Crocodile kills girl




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Top-scorers share success tips

by Chin Lee Kam

While the two 14As scorers were both from science stream, Tee Ee Lyn, 18, proved that a top scorer can also come from the commerce class. “Revise, listen to the teachers, and research past years’ papers are the ways to score,” Ee Lyn, who obtained 12As, said. She is doing the A-levels in HELP University College and hopes to receive a JPA scholarship. Out of the sea of similar faces, Juliana Jee Jefri

Jee, 18, certainly stood out with her rare identity in the school. Scooping 12As in SPM, Juliana Jee shared her joy with her family who were also present at the school. “I believe one has to study smart; I think last- minute work will not be good, and it should be prepared stage by stage,” said the current scholarship holder in HELP Uni- versity College. “Juliana has been very hardworking, and I’m very proud of her,” said her mother Zainun Ab- dul Rahman, who

PETALING JAYA: The hall was filled with noises of students and their parents talking, laughing and snapping pictures until, finally, the teachers came in, carrying boxes of result slips. The long wait for SMK Katholik Petaling Jaya students ended in tears, laughter and hugs when they received their SPM results. Most passed with flying colours – 38.1% scored 9As or more, with two getting 14As and more than 100 getting more than 10As. Low Jun Jack, 18, one of the 14As scorers,

said he felt relieved. Currently an A-level student at Taylor’s College, he hopes his achievement will get him a scholarship. “Paying attention in class is essential,” said Jun Jack. The other 14As scorer, Wong Chee Keong, 18, said he was happy and grateful to his family, especially his father, for their sup- port. He believed being motivated is the key to passing exams with fly-

ing colours.

114As4As sscorerscorers JJunun JJackack ((left)left) aandnd CCheehee KKeong.eong. SHARIL AMIN/THESUN
114As4As sscorerscorers JJunun JJackack
aandnd CCheehee

sent all her children to SMK Katholik.

AMIN/THESUN sent all her children to SMK Katholik. 6,277 score straight As Among the special students,

6,277 score straight As

Among the special students, Mohd Shafiq Sahdon from Sekolah Menengah Sains Kluang, Johor who has impaired vision, scored 12As while hearing-impaired Aghilan Narayanan, from SMK Jalan Bukit, Kajang, scored 11As.

Alimuddin said results of subjects like mathematics, science, history, moral and Ba- hasa Melayu showed a marked improvement but English and pendidikan Islam reflected a slight drop in performance. He also said more students answered math- ematics and science questions in the English language and described it as a heartening development. “For example, in the additional mathemat- ics paper I, of the 178,751 students who sat for the paper 89.1% of them answered in English compared with 4.7% in Bahasa Malaysia,” he said. Alimuddin said high percentages were also recorded for the additional mathematics

II paper, biology II and III papers; chemistry II

and III papers and the mathematics II paper. He said no comparison was made with previous years, since at that time the ministry did not give students the choice of language, especially for the objective questions.

– Bernama

PUTRAJAYA: The 2008 Sijil Pelajaran Ma- laysia (SPM) results announced yesterday saw 6,277 students scoring straight As in all subjects compared with 5,060 in 2007. Education Ministry director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said from the total, 1,676 scored A1s in all subjects compared with 892 in 2007 while 181,416 or 46.7% passed all subjects compared with 175,452 in 2007. “There were four excellent result achievers who scored A1s in all 16 subjects, two who scored A1s in 15 subjects while six scored A1s in 14 subjects,” said Alimuddin while an- nouncing the SPM and STAM results here. He said of the four 16A1s achievers, two were from SMK Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan, Selan- gor while the others were from SMK Tung Hua, Sibu, and SMK Riam Road, Miri, Sarawak. Last year, 442,936 sat for SPM compared with 439,255 in 2007 while 435 special stu- dents also sat for the examination last year compared with 355 the previous year.

the 9m crocodile attacked the boat, the pro- vincial government said in a statement. The reptile damaged the boat and the girl fell into the water, the official statement said, while a companion managed to swim to safety. Her headless torso was recovered on Wednesday. – AFP

N. Korea plans rocket launch

SEOUL: North Korea has given global agencies notice of its plans to launch a satellite from April 4-8, an official said yesterday in a move Washington has called “provocative” and views as a disguised long-range missile test. Pyongyang gave notice it expects the first stage of the rocket to splash down in the East Sea, better known as the Sea of Japan, and the second stage to splash down in the Pacific Ocean, Yonhap news agency quoted sources familiar with the notice as saying. – Reuters

Thai PM faces censure motion

BANGKOK: Thailand’s opposition yesterday filed

a censure motion against Prime Minister Abhisit

Vejjajiva and five government ministers, accusing them of corruption. The move by the Puea Thai party, which is allied

to fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, is

the second step in their bid to topple the gov- ernment, following the launch of impeachment proceedings on Wednesday. – AFP

Copter with 18 aboard crashes

OTTAWA: A helicopter with 18 people aboard crashed yesterday into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Canada’s Newfoundland province while en route to an oil rig, an official told AFP. A search and rescue operation was under way, said Gerry Grychowski, a spokeswoman for the Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax. Two people and a raft were spotted in the wa- ter 87km southeast of Saint Johns, Newfoundland, soon after the crash at 9.18 am local time (8.18pm in Malaysia), she said. The helicopter was ferrying workers to the Hibernia offshore oil platform when it plunged into the frigid waters of the Atlantic, amid strong winds, she said. – AFP

ROSARIO (Philippines): A huge freshwater crocodile killed a schoolgirl after attacking a small boat in a southern Philippine marshland where the reptiles are protected, officials said yesterday. The girl, a member of the ethnic Manobo tribe who live in floating homes in the Agusan Marsh, was heading home on Tuesday when

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