You can use reiki symbols to protect yourself but not all reiki masters know to use the best modality. So if you really want to use the best method you must make your selfhealing in every day to improve your aura and increase the power of symbols. First draw with your both hands a big cho ku rei in front of your body and say 3 times cho ku rei(pronounce mantra of symbols 3 times ).Then draw a big cho ku rei in front of your body and take it and put this symbol in your back and say again his mantra.After that draw cho ku rei and sei he ki in your 7 chakras.You can use dai ko mio in your crown too.Draw a big sei he ki in front of you, then hon sha ze sho nen and dai ko mio in the same way.Now your chakras and your field are protected. You can make even a stronger protection if you are a : - shamballa mdh master: - first invoke the violet fire of saint germain. - second invoke the silver pillar of light of archangel michael . Now no negative enteties can harm you. If you have negative enteties in your room just burn them with violet fire. - kofu energy master - just create a sferic protection around your aura using kofu - lightarian rays master – invoke empowerment ray for your room and yourself. - Karuna master- draw a big rama inside your body and ask archangel michael to protect you. - Use your imagination to create your protection - Go inside the church(in the center) and ask god to give you 7 bowls to protect your 7 chakras. - Cut your strings with the power of archangel michael before you protect yourself. When you meet a person and you see or feel that he is an agresive one draw mentaly a big cho ku rei betwin you and him. If you really have big problems with a person which attack your aura then you must create a crystals grid for your room and yourself.Just clean your room first and your crystals with reiki usui sysmbols.You need 8 quartz crystals at list 5 centimeters and you must charge them.In this way that person cant attack you so easy.You can use etherial crystals if you are attuned in this system. If somebody allready attacked you cut your strings first and then make o complete healing sesion and you really must forgive the person who attacked you.Pray is good too. But if you have serios problems with a powerfull master of darkness contact many masters you can to protect you and if they will attune you I

Have you a wonderfull spiritual life.If you will not practice your reiki guides will leave you soon.But you must practice self healing and meditation almost every day. With love Victor .That’s why we must have master friends to protect eachother when we have problems.a powerfull system in the same time it will be great.If you receive and give many attunements in many systems you will receive many reiki guides which will protect you when you will have problems and you will can healing many persons in the same time too. How to increase your power and protection? Well very easy.

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