Assignment #2

Subject: militant attack on srilankan cricket team in a guest loving country

Submitted to: Prof. Siddiqi Submitted By: Amna Riaz MBA IV Batch 2007-2009


Militant attack on srilankan cricket team in a guest loving country On 3rd march Tuesday in Lahore, Pakistan, terrorists waged a brazen attack in broad daylight against members of the Sri Lankan cricket team. Five srilankan cricketers were wounded where as including 6 police officers eight people died. From resources it is revealed that in Gulberg near Liberty Chowk few unknown people attacked on Srilankan cricketers when they were near to stadium. After the incident there had been severe firing between militants and the police. According to security in charge of QADDAFI stadium before the firing there had been two blasts and after that militants started firing on Srilankan cricket team aggressively. The Sri Lankan tour was immediately called off after the attack followed by a fly back of the Sri Lankan cricket team. The injured Sri Lankan players included Ajantha Mendis, Tharanga Paranavitana, Thilan Samaraweera, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene. Sri Lankan team head coach Trevor Bayliss, match reserve umpire S M Raza and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Liaison Officer Abdul Sami Khan were also among the injured. All the 13 injured, including two Sri Lankan players, were taken to the Services Hospital for medical treatment. The Sri Lankan players were taken to the Qaddafi Stadium from where they were airlifted by a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) helicopter to Lahore airport and team flew back to Sri Lanka. City police Chief Haji Habibur Rehman told media that none of the terrorists was killed or arrested in the incident. He said a special team is constituted to investigate and report to the Prime Minister within 24 hours. The police officials killed in fire exchange with terrorists included Faisal Butt, Mudassar, Ali Raza, Sultan, Tanvir, Mehmood and Zahid. The terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricket team panicked the citizens at large. Majority of them was glued to the TV screens to get updates on the incident. The rocket fire on the Sri Lankan team bus thundered the areas adjacent to the Liberty market and many youngsters rushed to the scene. Many ambulances were actively transporting the injured ones to the hospitals. Meanwhile, the escape of the terrorists from the scene panicked many dwellers in the neighborhood and they had locked themselves in their homes. There were also reports that the terrorists tried to get in different residences. Many parents rushed to the schools and girls colleges to inquire about the safety of their children. Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer visited the scene and strongly condemned the incident. He termed it a targeted killing and said such an incident could take place anywhere in the world. The Governor vowed to be alive to the terrorist activities and said such elements could never fulfill their ulterior motives.

Attack on Srilankan cricket team has badly affected the future of cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan’s image is being spoiled in the international market. Foreign investors are not


willing to come and invest in Pakistan and to add fuel to the fire this serious incident happened. Pakistan is a guest loving country and always welcome guests. Why any Pakistani will attack and spoil the reputation of his own country. There must be some external forces controlling the incidents happening in Pakistan. This incident happened when there was political issues were happening and SHARIF brothers were declared ineligible. Government of Punjab was not efficient and stable those days. External forces took advantage of our political instability and ultimately Pakistan’s repute is on stake. They are trying to create low intensity conflicts like political instability, militant’s attacks, suicidal attacks, conflicts among provinces to weaken the roots of Pakistan. Now its time for all Pakistanis to wake up and start thinking how to save our country.


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