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Opportunity Description Sustainable Development Placement: Nudge Background

Nudge is consumer platform for sustainability in the form of an independent company connecting 'bottom up' initiatives with 'top down' sustainable commitments. Nudge is convinced that sustainability is the sum of many steps, small and big. Big changes will become reality in case all parties individually and together strive for a new balance between economical, ecological and social interests. Nudge was started 1.5 years ago and has already over 26K consumers contributing to the philosophy of Nudge.

Leonardo Transnational Mobility Placements for Graduates

This project is different from Change Agents UKs normal Graduate Resource projects since it is a funded work experience placement abroad rather than a work placement in the UK. The placement is considered as a period of vocational training and/or work experience and individual participants will receive their grants through Change Agents UK. Change Agents UK has obtained funding from the EU through the Leonardo Mobility Placement Project for 60 recent graduates from the UK each to be placed with various hosts across Europe between 2011-2014. This enables recent graduates who are registered with Change Agents UK to undergo a vocational training abroad which is fully funded. The graduate will gain valuable work experience, individual linguistic and cultural preparation, tutoring and mentoring support throughout the project alongside advice on travel and accommodation. Accommodation and living expenses are paid for, as is travel.

With the contribution of the Leonardo volunteer Nudge is expecting to bring the Nudge community, Nudge organisation and the Nudge Platform a step further. Nudges primary its community, which now consists of 25.000+ nudgers. We would like to understand how our community is build up and we like to understand how we can motivate our nudgers to join the nudge projects. We need to analyse the current community to understand their profiles. The purpose of this is to provide them with relevant information and to inspire them to participate in nudge projects. Another objective is to have a clear idea of what would motivate them to participate online and offline.
18 June 2012 1 Opportunity Description

Benefits of this opportunity for the graduate

The graduate will work in an inspiring environment. The members of the Nudge team are all professionals in their field and like to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Every volunteer will be linked with a professional from the Nudge team. This will mean that they will receive professional guidance during the period they work for Nudge. Nudge works with new concepts, like connecting bottom-up initiatives with top down commitment. To bring the ideas of the community in contact with the top of the business and governmental world with the intention to expand an idea and giving it the opportunity to reach many people in an positive and usually fun way.

Future employment potential and options

The Leonardo Project Worker will get an overview of working on environmental and sustainability projects in an international context, as well as provide international experience related to a wide range of stakeholders and UN initiatives. It will also provide them with good project management, professional communication and networking opportunities which will be useful for defining their own career plans and will improve their employability. Numbered Lists: Please note all numbered lists start with the most important through to least important Output or Key Task.

Output 1
Raise awareness about what you can do yourself, everyday, to get to a more sustainable world.

Output 2
Experience in project management for a professional and demanding organisation. Working in a challenging environment were we expect people to be creative and responsible.

Output 3
Learn about and explore new business concept. Out-of-the-box thinking for finding new sources or partners to make a project work.

Output 4
Delivering concept descriptions and work-out plans that will directly be used by the Nudge organisation. This will result in direct feedback on the delivered plans by the Leonardo volunteer

Output 5
A clear understanding how on- and offline communities work and should be managed.

Key Task 1

18 June 2012

Opportunity Description

Understand the Nudge Organisation and way of working in relation to the assignment based upon available documentation and by joining the team in meetings

Key Task 2
Become familiar with previous Leonardo participants work, which focused on how Nudge can better understand and communicate with their community of Nudgers. You will design and deliver the next steps of the project with support from your team.

Key Task 3
Define results in a project brief and in a presentation to be shared with the Nudge team Host organisation: Nudge offices in Overveen (20 minutes from Amsterdam), Netherlands. Salary (per annum pro rata): Participants will receive travel expenses from the UK to the host destination and receive subsistence payments to cover living expenses for 12 working weeks. Telephone and Skype Interview Dates: Mid-March 2013 Start Date: April 29th, 2013 Length of Funded Opportunity: 12 work weeks will be funded Hours/Week: 40 hours per week Base: Nudge bv Bloemendaalseweg 236b 2051 GM Overveen

Personal Specification
Self-starter Independent Creative thinker Good sense of humour No 9-5 mentality Open minded Positive attitude

Essential Selection Criteria 1 Essential Selection Criteria 2 Weighting: 3

Weighting: 4

University degree in social sciences, communications, business or Economics Familiarity and interest in European funding programmes, grants and applications.

18 June 2012

Opportunity Description

Essential Selection Criteria 3 Weighting: 3

Experience working on sustainability projects

Essential Selection Criteria 4 Weighting: 5

Well organised with good time management skills. Good work ethic.

Essential Selection Criteria 5 Weighting: 3

Knowledge and or experience in working and engaging with a community.

Essential Selection Criteria 6 Weighting: 5

Computer skills (Microsoft Office Suite, web-based research, social media, etc.)

Essential Selection Criteria 7 Weighting: 5

Self-motivated, and able to work independently and as part of a team

Essential Selection Criteria 8 Weighting: 4

Ability to think outside the box

Essential Selection Criteria 9 Weighting: 5

Not a national of the host country (e.g. we unable to fund a Dutch national to do a placement in the Netherlands)

Desirable Selection Criteria 1 Weighting: 3

Experience in identifying, researching and/or applying for European funding bids.

Desirable Selection Criteria 2 Weighting: 3

Language Skills: Ability to Speak French or German

Desirable Selection Criteria 3 Weighting: 3

Previous experience or involvement in a project with international scope

Benefits of working with CHANGE AGENTS UK

Change Agents UK is an environmental and educational charity, which enables students and recent graduates to work with businesses and community groups to learn about, promote sustainable development, and become more employable. With this service Change Agents UK will provide: A Change Agents UK Coordinator to act as a point of contact for any help and assistance you may need from Change Agents UK Educational resources, management support, and networking opportunities A number of learning notes and material available to you throughout the project A monthly Newsletter (Change Matters) informing you of current sustainability news topics, up and coming events and workshops and a network of other Project Workers

Training and Development Opportunities:

18 June 2012

Opportunity Description

This will mainly be done by online tutoring and mentoring, but also by face-to-face communication. Participants will earn:

A Europass Mobility Certificate ( .html) Some opportunities for E-learning such as Project Management, Communicating Sustainability and Assertive Communication Access to a Change Agents UK social and professional networking site with elearning resources, information, and guidance, and virtual networking with other Leonardo Project Workers City an Guilds accreditation through reflective learning using a weekly blog and a final reflective learning report of 2,000 words Informal intercultural learning and language learning

18 June 2012

Opportunity Description