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06 PRESS RELEASE: The New Age Goes into Retirement
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PO Box 7394]. but also to integrate feeling and expression into his designs. to anyone who complains about mood imbalances. Advanced Studies teacher class listings. You might be familiar with Marc’s work from the Awakening Zone website. elegant design and ease of use. The new layout was designed by Marc Ritter By Geoffrey Hoppe [creativeaspects. Awakening Zone news and show listings including Vicki Hazlett’s From the Zone. I’m tentatively calling it the Free Mind Project. We started publishing the Shaumbra News in 2004 as a way of informing Shaumbra around the world about upcoming events. It takes many.THE FREE MIND PROJECT REFRESHING! As you browse through the pages of this issue you’ll probably notice our fresh new graphic design. THE FREE MIND PROJECT Last month I wrote about creating a Shaumbra New Earth Center in the near future. gatherings and webcasts. and it’s gone through several design updates since then. We expanded it into a true online magazine in 2006. many hours each month to write and produce the Shaumbra Magazine. This month I’m writing about another project I consider core to the Crimson Circle work. and even to those with ambiguous physical issues. Inc. anti–depressants and mindaltering chemical cocktails – that are prescribed every day. upcoming event © Copyright 2013 Crimson Circle Energy Company. but it’s well worth the effort to connect with tens of thousands of Shaumbra from every corner of the planet. and of course the much talked-about cover art. translation tables. on an increasingly casual basis. We also changed the name from the Shaumbra Monthly to the Shaumbra Magazine. guest articles. acclaimed for it’s clean. Editor In Chief Geoffrey Hoppe Co-Founder Linda Benyo Editor Jean Tinder Art Director Marc Ritter Staff Alain Bolea Bonnie Capelle Vicki Hazlett John Kuderka Michelle MacHale Mary Alyce Owens Suzy Schemel Jean Tinder Lindsay Yogi Crimson Circle Energy Co. » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 3 . but the New Earth Center would be a home base for many activities and resources. Marc has the unique ability to create beautiful graphics. There is an epidemic of mind medications – psychotropic drugs. CO 80403 USA crimsoncircle. We would still travel around the world to be with beloved Shaumbra. each issue features Jean Tinder’s popular Shaumbra Heartbeat article. This would be a permanent physical location for our workshops. Now.

The mind is a delicate power center. AND NOT A SINGLE PERSON SAID THAT THEIR DOCTOR TOLD THEM HOW TO QUIT. their side effects. I’ve talked to many people who have taken mind-meds or are currently using them. with an array of consequences that are not yet understood. “ 4 I’VE TALKED TO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE TAKEN MIND-MEDS OR ARE CURRENTLY USING THEM. and not a single person said that their doctor told them how to quit.S. and the use of these drugs can alter the normal operation and balance of the mind’s unique workings.SOME WILL TOTALLY DROP OUT t OF THEIR SPIRITUAL PURSUIT AND PERHAPS EVEN OUT OF LIFE. they do offer a level of relief to people suffering with mental anguish and imbalance. I have a concern about anyone taking these medications. « SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX . and even more of a concern that they are prescribed by physicians and psychiatrists with little or no information given to the patient about how the drugs work. Admittedly. but very little research has been done into the long-term effects of these drugs. the alleged shooter was taking some form of these medications. Several scientific reports actually point to a higher incidence of suicide among patients taking these drugs.” These powerful drugs alter the brain’s chemistry and neurology in ways the medical and scientific community don’t fully understand. And in nearly every recent mass-murder in the U. and especially how to get off the drugs..

but for now I wanted to get it on the table so the energy starts moving. according to Shaumbra users I have talked to. $195 ($229 after April 1) MORE INFO Shaumbra Special: $95 (Sunday only) » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 5 . who generally has less than 30 minutes for consultation. consultants and advisors will take an in-depth look into this entire project. If you’re interested in participating we’ll ask you to fill out the form so we can start organizing and implementing the Free Mind Project. and the natural rhythms of awakening are disrupted.My vision is that the Free Mind Project would focus on helping Shaumbra who are currently on these mind-meds to reduce and eventually discontinue their use. Kicking the mind-med habit is extremely challenging. but the world still looks pretty much the same. Now W hat? So we’ve “Awakened. Many Shaumbra have gone on mind-meds because they weren’t aware that their anxiety or depression was likely a result of the awakening process. homeo pathic remedies. into action. Colorado. The project would include research on: 1. Who knows? With Adamus’ recent discussions about the Illuminated Free World Fund.” According to Adamus. Post-medication mood and depression management (such as breathing. perhaps the Shaumbra New Earth Center and the Free Mind Project can both become a reality in the very near future. Experiences of current and past Shaumbra users 3. By the time of the April 6 webcast we’ll have a form for those who are interested in working on the project or being part of the research program. When they sought help from their physician or psychiatrist. It’s time now for Crimson Circle and Shaumbra to go beyond the talk. How these drugs actually work on the mind 2. How do we navigate this new multi-dimensional experience? What can we expect this year? What do we need to know now? Join Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe. Methods for reduction and withdrawal 5. Tune into the April 6 webcast for more information. Effects on the spiritual awak ening process 4. Many report feeling numb or lifeless (although with less depression). Jim Self and Lee Harris for this very special event in Broomfield. “It is about Awake. Tobias and Adamus have been talking about this for years. and perhaps there is even a synergy between the two. Some users have been able to reduce the dosage to a fraction of the original prescription but simply can’t go that final step to freedom. ultimately making the awakening process even more of a calamity. it can take up to 18 months after quitting to restore the mind back to its normal balance. and other natural therapies) surviving one breath at a time. Adamus Saint-Germain. In the coming months the Crimson Circle staff. they were given the quick fix – mind meds.” what’s next? We know a shift has occurred. As one person said recently.

4.” “Aloha.” or “financial freedom.People all over the world are reacting with shock. Bragg’s Amino Acid and coconut water. “Did we not chant fervently enough? Were our prayer flags not plentiful enough? Were our affirmations too predictable and clichéd?” In fact. and drinking margaritas during Happy Hour.  If you spent the last years trying to manifest “prosperity.” “abundance. I deserve to live out the rest of my days in peace. New scientific studies reveal that even eating recycled cardboard can be good for your health. with a warm place to sleep.” the game plan has officially changed. Florida.” said New Age recently to a close confidante. seaweed. outside her tipi here in Nevada County. and. Ol’ New Age plans to live out the rest of its years hanging out in all-you-can-eat steak and shrimp bars. if you stop worrying. that’s all. So if you are a lucky dog. the word’s out. “Was it something we did?” sobbed Rainbowchild Dewdrop Flower into her organic coconut milk chai. disbelief and also relief at last week’s announcement that the New Age has decided to go into retirement. “I’ve been in this gig way too long. you can relax now. just like many other baby boomers.  2.” “How Do You Do?” and  “Namaste” are all considered to be equally reverential means of greeting anybody.  Moving forwards.  If you’ve been living on a diet of brown rice. and worn enough tie-dye for one life time. More than 2 billion people live on less than a dollar a day. 3. I’ve eaten enough tofu and sprouts.” So how does the announcement of New Age’s retirement affect 6 PRESS RELEASE: THE NEW AGE GOES INTO RETIREMENT the average recovering hippie. I tell ya.  I’m ready to be loud and gross. your next step is to think about how to help other people. or Elvis. “Howerya Doin. and eat what is in front of you with gratitude. is ready to collect Social Security and to retire to Key West. the New Age came of age in the late ’60s.  Nah.  If you’ve been channeling Archangel Michael. its time to cut it out. the Pleiades. “Heck. 1. like you or me? Here is a handy quick-tip guide to how last week’s announcement might affect your daily routine. From « SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX . The New Age has just gotten old. bro. forget peace. California. even my inner child is married with kids and a dog and shit now. food to eat and friends around you.” “ Wazzurp Dawg.

USA SOLD OUT April 14 – 19. If you’ve been collecting eagle feathers. Codeword: honesty. Known to lead to: intimacy. please stop. and get busy.  If you’ve been participating in drumming circles after 10 PM within a mile of anyone trying to sleep. For example. Splash some cold water on your face.” or have been avoiding people with “negative energy. 17% chose leaders of indigenous peoples. With the retirement of the New Age. Most important. If you’ve been collecting crystals or other sacred objects. 2013 New Energy Mystery School Bled. what is the next evolutionary step for humanity? Answer: Sanity.” this will no longer be necessary. Your mission on earth will be accomplished here by paying close attention to whoever happens to be right in front of you. call you mother. and live Adamus channels. 2013 Sedona Summer Experience Sedona.  5. Crimson Circle Monthly Meeting Golden. conducted by Pew Research. 2013 AWAKE – BellaSparks Production » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 7 MORE INFO CALENDAR UPCOMING EVENTS with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe. . you can expand your horizons. fuggedaboutit. for many of us the Lord’s prayer. We’ve got space just for a few of them here. please. 6. 8. USA July 6. It’s 2 o’clock in the f**king morning.  If you spent the last several decades immersed in the traditions and religion of a culture other than the one into which you were born. 2013 “Journey of the Angels” Book Tour Bern. Colorado. 2013 Crimson Circle Monthly Meeting Golden. Listen up. Austria Salzburg.8% selected people holding hands and humming. Question: So who is in fact the true Avataar come to save planet Earth? Answer: You are. 2013 Grand Canyon Tour (June 12) Crimson Circle Monthly Meeting Golden. Colorado. USA May 4. 10. people. Question: Now that the New Age is officially over. 9.  Question:  Does this mean I can get a refund on my aura-balancing organic Chi enhancer. I beg you please. its time to get back to our roots. Austria May 10 – May 18. CO United States Apr 6 – Apr 7. asked who they would be most likely to visit. 19% selected elected leaders of nations. 63% selected Nobel prize-winning scientists. Word on the street is that the eagles are getting chilly and pissed off. Germany Zell am See. 2013 Quantum Allowing™ Kauai. Colorado. USA April 6. June 14 – 16. Hawaii. owl feathers or rabbits feet. Slovenia May 27 – 30.  If you are Jewish. Of course everyone had a lot of unanswered questions about what comes forward your responsibility is simply to connect the words that come out of your mouth with the thoughts and feelings that are passing inside of you. if wanting more contact with human beings. Psalm 23. Arizona. dude. Switzerland Zurich. USA August 3.  If you’ve developed a fondness for spending time with people of a “high vibration. any object whatsoever will become immediately sacred when you look at it with fresh eyes. or Shakespeare may be worth a revisit. And 0. Switzerland Munich. 7. From the four multiple-choice options. 2013 “Journey of the Angels” Teacher Training Bled. 2013 Crimson Circle Monthly Meeting Golden. If you are entertaining hopes of getting chummy with visitors on a UFO. please return them immediately. Slovenia May 23 – 26. Colorado. attuned to dolphin mating sounds? Answer: No.   A recent survey of 1037 randomly selected aliens. stop. 2013 This article is reprinted with kind permission from ArjunaArdagh. Please.

20 1 3 Teacher Tr a i n i n g If you would like to become a certified Journey of the Angels Teacher. alchemy and energy transmutation. Munich. Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe will be offering the teacher training in Bled after the Mystery School. He will discuss the illusion of light and dark. Some of these events are one evening. 20 1 3 Introducing the new Journey of the Angels book – published by Ansata Verlag in the German language! We're doing a two-week tour in Bern. Zell am See. integrating the divine energies into the human condition. We will be using the Journey of Angels channel videos and course materials to conduct the Journey of the Angels Schools. Zurich. MORE INFO Bled Lake. and Salzburg. Join us! “Jour ney o f the Angels“ • May 2 7 – 30 . Slovenia • May 23 – 26 . 20 1 3 Once a year Shaumbra from around the world gather to celebrate life.the MORE INFO highest rating available. MORE INFO Sedona S ummer E xperience • J une 14 – 1 6 . and others are multi-day events. music from Yoham MORE INFO and much more! 8 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . allowing deep changes within the DNA. This year join us for the Sedona Summer Experience! Our three days together in beautiful Sedona will be filled with messages from Adamus (channelled by Geoffrey Hoppe). Over 80% of the students have given the Mystery School a “Life Changing” rating . Kryon (channelled by Lee Carroll).FEATURED EVENTS European Tour • M ay 1 1 – 1 8 . Please check out the Crimson Circle Events listings for complete details. 20 1 3 In this four day gathering Adamus will personally teach tools for selfhealing. the New Energy and the journey we share together. and how to turn chaos into beneficial energy.

the deep personal experiences and the shared development served to help create a new Keahak II online community. Many of the first Keahakers still communicate and get together. Keahak II began with 198 participants. and proved to be life-changing for nearly all of them. Geoff and Linda will formally launch the Keahak III during the April Shoud and explain more of the details. We expect that. facilitated by the House of Keahak website.ANNOUNCING KEAHAK III The Keahak program is a consciousness development program designed by Adamus Saint-Germain for the integration of source energy into your physical reality. The first Keahak experience began in spring 2011 with 99 participants. A Keahak community evolved into being. Then. We are happy to announce that Keahak III will begin in June 2013. Please watch the Crimson Circle Store for more information and the application link. It includes two private group channels with Adamus each month. Many more lives have been changed. we will receive more applications than openings that are available. Once again. plus participation in group experiences and regular homework assignments. so there will be a lottery to select the participants. the biweekly messages from Adamus. Keahak is a one-year program with Adamus Saint-Germain to bring in new levels of light and energy into your reality. There will be 198 participants at a cost of $1800 each. and the Keahak II participants also eagerly gather in person at events around the world. in mid 2012. as in the last two years. » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 9 . bonded by this shared experience.

She fretted about how upset her 10 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . The day did not start out well. I sat across from her at the breakfast table while she speculated about what went wrong.FROM THE ZONE By Vicki Hazlett – Awakening Zone Manager HIGH ON ENERGY – GROUNDED IN LIFE March 10th was a big day for 17-year-old Jack. His hockey team was playing in the regional finals. but Rick was devastated! It was the only school Jack had applied for and the only place he really wanted to go. Jack was staying at another hotel with his hockey team. Jack’s mother Betheny was equally despondent. Jack’s father Rick logged onto the college web site and discovered Jack had not been accepted. He wouldn’t find out until after the big game. and he was scheduled to find out if his college choice accepted his application.

and like any parent.” shared by Adamus during the March Shoud.” • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 11 . then started noticing that her daughter was truly taking more responsibility for herself. its facets and aspects. We have these transcendent. His team would not advance to Nationals. and what integration really is. and he got a determined look in his eye. On her listener call-in program. “Illuminated Dreams. Jack became very still. She started seeing her daughter as responsible. “ Guys. » INDEX In the March Shoud. but she could change herself.” You may also enjoy the “Merabh of Knowingness” and the “Merabh for Your Dreams. He trudged out of the rink and threw his equipment into the back of the van.” Rick and Betheny stopped talking. “If we change the energy it will change how Jack responds. She calmly told him he hadn’t been accepted to his favorite college. It’s not about getting high on energy.” I stole this line from Dee Wallace. Dee couldn’t change her daughter. we have to change the energy around this!” I said. And I share this story with you because it’s what we strive for on Awakening Zone Radio – practical application of spiritual principles. “Guys. Awakening Zone Radio is a place where everyone can do the same – learn and grow and become more effective citizens of Planet Earth. They seemed to be breathing more deeply. He breathed.” I thank Dee for her wise and practical advise. “You can’t get rid of energy. The energy of heartbreak dissipated from the car. Dee told the story of her teenage daughter. We climbed into the rented mini-van and headed to the rink. peak experiences that seem to crumble when faced with the gravity and inertia of 21st Century living. Adamus Saint-Germain talked about the Soul. Click images to watch videos. we have to change the energy around this!” I said. Dee says. “If we change the energy it will change how Jack responds. Pepper Lewis talked about this in her show from February 27th. Bright Light on Awakening Zone Radio. He looked at his mom. Dee was fretting about getting her daughter to be more responsible. He took another breath and said. it’s about getting grounded in life. Jack’s hockey team lost in the last 40 seconds of the final game. Dee felt that her daughter was behaving irresponsibly. “Let’s go skiing. Rick and Betheny continued to fret about Jack’s rejection and the energy of their heartbreak filled the car. He was glad a difficult season was finally over and was looking forward to going skiing. But I say no more! My spiritual practice needs to make my mundane life better. but you can sure change it. He set his jaw. Click to watch this opening segment from the channel. It’s about using spiritual principles to release old wounds so I am free to live all of my potential and make it manifest in the world.husband was and how despondent Jack would be when he found out.

My soul is vibrating from the power of love in the universe. 2013 12 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « .” ~ Adamus REGISTRATION REGISTRATION Deadline: May 2. you will find your access to not only your animals. Releasing those. Energies come to you in a whole different way. but also your spirit guides.” ~ MA From doubt to enlightenment! This class is packed with the distilled wisdom of many years. “Self-love. You go beyond mental activity. angels. I am going to do the DreamWalk again today. loving self. I spent much of my time talking and listening to the animals around me. You choose your own destiny. you will learn several different techniques to quiet and focus your mind. You’re at ease with yourself. Days later buried memories began to surface. and then you just radiate. and all of nature. 2013 Deadline: April 12. and as a result of that everything just starts flowing with ease and grace. In this course. 2013 Deadline: April 14. and much more.” ~A “I felt joyous and uplifted. Synchronicities occur.  Here is what some participants have said: “This was a great and lifechanging event. That is enlightenment. Registration opens April 3 REGISTRATION This profound Dreamwalk is so popular that we are leaving it open for registration until April 12th. Everything is there when you need it. In this peaceful state of opening. and bring peace and wellbeing to your life. This is the key to unlocking your intuitive awareness and building a connection to your animal companions.AWAKENING ZONE ACADEMY MEDITATION: YOUR PATHWAY TO CONNECTION WITH YOUR ANIMALS DREAMWALK FOR RELEASING WOUNDS With Adamus Saint-Germain LIVING IN GRACE With Adamus Saint-Germain With Asia Voight As a small child.

Douglas Davies in the discussion. Suzy and Dr. and health care accounts for 20% of the U. begin with their Winter Solstice show conversation from December 20th. and take listener questions.” Plus. Doug Davies discusses the issue with Linda Hoppe. » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 13 . but it was really the beginning of a New Era. The overview – “We’re moving into an era where we can release the past and embrace a world of freedom that’s both exhilarating and daunting. For information about what’s going on.” a source of abundance that is available to anyone who wants to tap into it. Dr. Who is the perpetrator? Who is the victim? And how can we take back our power?  Listen to Astrodoc to get a fresh perspective on this stale problem. Join Geoff & Linda Hoppe as they talk about this fascinating topic topic.  Health care premiums have doubled. THE ILLUMINATED FREE WORLD FUND Adamus recently talked about something he called the “Illuminated Free World Fund. economy. William Tiller were featured on Sandie Sedgbeer’s program titled “Proof of the Power of Intention – The Autism Intention Research Project. we all wonder. “where’s the money?” According to Adamus. and delve even deeper with their Spring Equinox episode that aired March 21st.  As a physician AND an astrologer.  What’s the difference between “then” and “now”? Sandie Sedgbeer and Jim Self have had some fascinating conversations on this topic. Astrodoc Dr. 60% of bankruptcies are medical-related. In her monthly program.” SUPPORT FOR AUTISM With Autism at an all-time high. Doug has a fascinating perspective on this issue. Michael Brandt and Dr.S.  So many said it was the end of the world. Of course. this Fund is underwritten by actual caverns deep within the Earth that are full of precious jewels. ONLY THE RICH CAN GET SICK The cost of health care is spiraling out of control.AWAKENING ZONE RADIO GET A GRIP ON THE SHIFT We spent all of 2012 hearing about the end of the Mayan calendar. “All About the Kids.” Suzy Miller uses the latest information coupled with channeling and meditation to bring parent and child closer together. Awakening Zone Radio has some excellent shows for parents who are raising these children. including Dr. Joe Rumbolo recently interviewed Natalia Erehnah on her new book “Swan Mothers: Discovering Our True Selves by Parenting Uniquely Magnificent Children!” An inspirational resource for parents coping with this challenge.

we have more clarity about what works for our listeners.AWAKENING ZONE RADIO AWAKENING ZONE RADIO GETS A FACELIFT! The original Awakening Zone Radio web site was launched in record time – only three months from concept to reality. So we’ve redesigned the home page to make it easier for you to 14 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . This redesign will be live in the next few days. To comment on our new look – or anything else about Awakening Zone Radio – go to our Awakening Zone Facebook page or e-mail us at info@awakeningzone. After millions of page views and thousands of shows.

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so you can listen to only one or all of them. Each session includes the MP3 audio file and PDF transcript. addresses the audience as Lords of their own creation. Then he speaks passionately about the greatest gift of all that was given to us by gracious Spirit – the gift of consciousness. Germain invites the audience to feel their own timeless nature as they sail along the timeless Nile. Germain then leads a beautiful experience of physically integrating the divine consciousness with the human. the focus of the journey. he states that. discussing the energies of the land.” The session ends with a merabh of freedom. The Gift of Consciousness (Beloved St.) Editor’s favorites are Sessions 2. Ah-Kir-Rah. Then he speaks directly to the soul of each listener.LORDS OF FREEDOM NEW! The fourth Shaumbra tour in Egypt was one of the most memorable and poignant of any sacred tour that the Crimson Circle has ever done. accompanied by the music of Gerhard Fankhauser. The Starboat (Geoffrey Hoppe) In the sacred temple at Edfu. (Translations available soon. Germain and the Voice of Egypt.” said to carry the soul on its journey between the realms. 4. St. The sessions are available to purchase individually. attendees also experienced the changing energies of the ancient temples and sacred sites. One could actually feel the effects of previous visits by Shaumbra and others. as so much of the old energies and beings have been released and reclaimed. Awareness. these 13 sessions are truly some of the best that have ever been shared. In this recording. Creators build reality. Invitation (Ah-Kir-Rah) In this stirring message. MORE INFO 2013 SHAUMBRA EGYPT TOUR 16 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . and asking “What does it take for your freedom?” After talking about the intensity that will accompany the group. Not only seeing and feeling the impact of the recent revolution and Egypt’s bumpy journey towards democracy. the Oversoul of Kuthumi. 2. Germain) With the greeting “Oh-Be-Ahn” St. What Does It Take? (Adamus) Adamus welcomes the attendees to Egypt. Balthazar and others. “Servants build tombs. This is one of the most precious messages of the entire journey. an inner room contains a “starboat. With amazing messages from Adamus. Beloved St. followed by toning with the group. 3. Geoffrey speaks briefly of the starboat and its significance. offering a beautiful invitation to come home. Ah-Kir-Rah. 3 and 7! 1. Thutmose.

Very literal. Adamus then talks about the desires of the soul. the leads a merabh of allowing. In a most beautiful and touching invitation. A profoundly moving and exquisite experience… 8. and the silence that permeates it. St. passion. simply act like a Master. allow the body to rebalance. 11. he talks about the gifts of beauty. You’re attracting energies all the time to support what you’re pretending to be. 7. and potential now to release all that is not truth. death. and then illustrates the relationship between the human and the soul. and how it changed because of the soul’s desire for freedom. the energies of Set. A deep and profound experience. he bids us Oh-Be-Ahn. Germain) (1st group in King’s Chamber) After calling each one to state who is here. that’s exactly what you’re going to get – an abundance of non-abundance. 13. This Great Land (Adamus Ra) Talking about potentials for Egypt. Adamus reminds that. he reminds us that it is absolutely possible. you’re absolutely going to bring that in. Then he invites the Masters who are present to share their wisdom in answer to his various questions. You see. enlightenment and love that the human has brought to the soul. To the Masters (Adamus) Adamus recounts the magic of the journey and reminds each one that the Master is already within. Very simple. Reminding us to simply allow. 10. if you’re acting and feeling that you’re not abundant. Though it can be a challenge to be a Master and a human at the same time. In this merabh the listener is invited to allow the divinity to join you. Germain speaks of the history of the King’s Chamber. After all have spoken their name. No matter how much you may try to be getting abundance. Act Like A Master (Adamus) Adamus talks about the inner voice that leads you into the next adventure. allowing the tears of the soul and trusting the human’s invitation. The Place of No Place (St. 6. you’re like a magnet. pain. Soul Desires (Adamus) Adamus invites audience members to address their soul and clearly state their human needs. After entertaining exchanges with several Shaumbra. and even magical. calling its people to hope and freedom. and it will be so. Tears of the Soul (Adamus) Adamus speaks of the beautiful society of Atlantis. The Ancient One (The Voice of Egypt) Shaumbra gathered in the paws of the Sphinx and listened to the passionate.“ 5. Shaumbra Wisdom (Adamus) Adamus speaks more about allowing. heartwrenching cry of the Voice of Egypt. Then. the visitors who have come. and more. accompanied by the music of Gerhard Fankhauser. the Wound of the Soul. The Holy of Holies (Adamus) (2nd group in King’s Chamber) Adamus speaks of the energies of this sacred room. how it has affected others in the past. 12. Adamus discusses freedom. simply waiting to be chosen. Assisted by the wisdom and music of Gerhard. If you are acting out a role of victim consciousness. both for the country itself and how that freedom is affected by the divine humans who have connected with the land. in a sense. the soul is invited to join the human now.” » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 17 . Adamus and the audience breath for “a smooth and graceful transition” into the new. addressing the soul directly. the audience is invited to allow their soul to sing its desires to the human. Human Needs. Topics include the temples of Egypt. 9. The universe is very literal. let go of the mind and allow the I Am to come in. He speaks of the memories that arise while in the room and how the Master handles it. when all else fails. All the time you’re bringing in energies.

Einat Gilboa and Amir Ya’akobi get together with Shaumbra. travel on a tour bus filled with Shaumbra. the Sedona Experience promises to be an energizing and transformational experience like no other. Arizona. the all-time favorite Shaumbra band. more focused experience in the magical surroundings of Sedona. in collaboration with Kryon channeler Lee Carroll and the musical wizadry of Yoham. Yoham. it is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Instead of putting together the usual Midsummer Conference this year. 2013! MORE INFO MORE INFO Summer Sedona Experience – $495 ($595 after May 14) Grand Canyon Tour with Adamus – $179 18 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . fun and celebration.ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN’S SUMMER SEDONA EXPERIENCE! JUNE 14 – 16. 2013 Join us for this Shaumbra extravaganza and celebration! With the clear guidance of Adamus Saint-Germain. can get energy moving like nobody else! When Gerhard Fankhauser. This is a Shaumbra party you won’t want to miss! Sign up soon. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES! Grand Canyon Tour with Adamus and Shaumbra (June 12) Sign up for this optional visit to one of the most astounding places on Earth. Sure to be an unforgettable experience! Friday Night Presentation with Peggy Phoenix Dubro (June 14) Creator of the EMF Balancing Technique® Peggy will offer a presentation of her work from 7:00 to 9:00 on Friday evening Saturday Night Dance with Yoham! (June 15) As many of you already know. early bird price ends May 14. it is pure magic. Without the usual array of outside presenters of a regular conference. Shaumbra are invited to gather for a smaller. and hear what Adamus has to say while overlooking the Grand Canyon.

Switzerland May 11 – 12 Fee: CHF 295 (USD $325) Early bird (CHF 330 after April 7) Your Spiritual Journey: The Next Step The next step in our spiritual evolution to self-empowerment and awakening Munich. Austria May 15 — 6PM – 9PM Fee: 60 € early bird (75 € after April 10) Walk Like a Master.) Join Geoff. Linda and Adamus at one or all of these events! (Includes German translation) Your Spiritual Journey: The Next Step The next step in our spiritual evolution to self-empowerment and awakening Bern. The book tour is to promote the brand new release of the book “Journey of the Angels” (German translation). 2013 — 6PM – 9PM Fee: CHF 75 Walk Like a Master. 2013. Austria May 17 – 18 Fee: 195 € ($272 usd) early bird (220 € after April 14) » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 19 . authored by Tobias just three weeks before his departure in July 2009. (The English version of this wonderful book will also be available May 1st. L I V E L I K E A N A N G E L “J O U R N E Y O F T H E A N G E L S ” BOOK TOUR AND WORKSHOPS WITH GEOFF & LINDA HOPPE AND ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN During the month of May you will have several opportunities to meet together with Shaumbra and experience Adamus’ messages throughout Europe. Live Like an Angel The next step in our spiritual evolution to self-empowerment and awakening Zurich.W A L K L I K E A M A S T E R. Live Like an Angel Salzburg. Germany May 14 — 6PM – 9PM Fee: 60 € ($84 usd) early bird (75 € after April 10) MORE INFO Your Spiritual Journey: The Next Step Zell am See. Switzerland May 10.

I end up as rejuvenated and blessed as if I were actually there – because of course I am! After the recent Shoud where Adamus talked about the Illuminated Free World Fund. peeking through the grass and stones. rather than rent from someone else with the constant threat of eviction (our landlord has been trying to sell this house for several years). or walk among the beautiful stones and trees. I’ve felt a huge shift in the energies around us. is my home. weary from the day’s commitments. or sit quietly on a moss covered log. every tall stalk of grass waving in the breeze was topped with a jewel. even more amazing. myself included. The energy is really moving. you’re just bored. A home. But what if the work is done? What if all that’s left is to allow and enjoy the life that unfolds beneath our feet? Last month I wrote about discovering my truest dream. It was now a pathway made of jewels that sparkled beneath my feet! And. And sometimes in that search we end up proving Kuthumi right when he said. my own everyday experiences have taken on a sense of ease and magic. what else is there for us to do? Many of us. Ever since this year began. I noticed that the pebbles had changed. “You don’t have problems. For each listener. why not put it to work? Several weeks ago Adamus did a DreamWalk. but it always seemed impossible. selfexamination. filled with the energy and possibility of anything. searching for God and – finally – self-love and integration.SHAUMBRA HEARTBEAT By Jean Tinder. learn or fix about ourselves. and inviting Soul to make itself at home in the body has a close correlation to making Self at home in a physical house. which had a profound effect on me. and it has been coming true – a rebalanced body gently becoming a gracious and welcoming home for my soul.’ But now we’re « 20 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX . waiting for ‘someday when everything works out. but how could I make this dream a reality?? Of course I’ve wanted my own home for years and years. Shaumbra Monthly editor. were more sparkles of color. the next journey to my Secret Garden held quite a surprise! Moving along the pebbled path toward the Garden gate. always finding it full of joy and life. after all. is an extension of the body. Adamus’ messages have gone to new levels. What’s next? MAGIC being challenged to allow ‘someday’ to be right now – or else forget about it. It became crystal clear to me that it was time to finally take ownership of my own home. after my self. it was a magical journey into their own Secret Garden of potentials. So that dream has been kept out there somewhere. What an amazing sight! Inside the Garden everything was still lush and verdant. I’ve returned to my Secret Garden many times since. Sometimes when I go to bed. It was time for my home to finally belong to me. have been committed to this journey of enlightenment for so long that we’re practically on autopilot. always looking for the next thing to discover. but here and there. Crimson Circle Teacher Do you ever wonder.” It’s almost as if we subconsciously manufacture “issues” and “challenges” so we have something to work on. I drift away to my Garden and rest in the crystal clear pond. and I can feel changes happening at the most fundamental levels of consciousness. It was as if the BRINGING IN THE After years (and lifetimes) of introspection. It also quickly became very clear that my next truest dream.

it did! One evening just three weeks ago I received some unexpected news that changed everything. Of course my human self would sometimes wonder if it was really real. it was time to finally say goodbye to my home. and today I can finally say what I’ve wanted to say for years: I am becoming the overjoyed owner of my beloved home! We are buying this wonderful house. that I am taking ownership of my little piece of heaven. the day came when someone found their dream home. “How” it happened isn’t really important.  » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 21 . What brought this dream into reality was my energy. They told us they were going to make an offer to buy. And if you don’t like what you find there. Nevertheless. Speaking from personal experience. with a bit of sadness but also with implicit trust that the perfect solution would unfold. answering the call. and a willingness to do the “grunt work” is definitely required. (Buying a house involves a LOT of paperwork!) In this divine partnership between human and soul. look what happens when you make YOU your priority. because it’s alive and growing and responding to you. because there are bazillions of potential hows. even the devas and gnomes and other interdimensional creatures that live here. and I began to feel the impending chaos of finding a new home. Of course I also have to actively participate in making it real. especially with our house. Any time a dream becomes real there are 3-D logistical issues that have to be dealt with. I felt the energies in the land begin to come alive. trust and allowing. A few days ago I went out to my little forest (here in my 3-D Garden). There are still days when it’s important to remember what we’ve learned. choice. plants and soil. all that’s left is to dance with the potentials and allow the magic to unfold. but it was hard to imagine living somewhere else. and wants only to be commanded forth into her full potential. and joyfully stirring at the prospect of finally being in service to true Masters. Suddenly all sorts of brand new potentials fell into place. sat on my favorite rock.) At some point I began to notice that things were really starting to move. More and more people were coming to look at it. (In fact. if anything “tangible” was going to come from my Garden of potentials. So. imagination. I felt how the Earth really is here to support humanity. I don’t really mind the adventure of moving house. trees. I felt deep into the earth. what’s next for you? How about magic! How about really living! How about imagining potentials instead of problems. I energetically let go. connecting with the hidden jewels that underwrite the Illuminated Free World Fund and the incredible crystal heart of the Earth. packing up and moving. and sure enough. it’s very easy to change. but the days of suffering and working on ourselves can be over.jewels that Adamus talked about were bursting into life right there in my Garden! I breathed it all in. I let them know that the limbo is finally over. but it was such an enjoyable experience that I was content. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of listening to this beautiful journey into your own Secret Garden. that “grunt work” is the responsibility of the human. And an occasional visit to your Secret Garden really helps. How about trusting that everything really is here to serve you. and that every part of it is now in service to this Master. if you haven’t already. breathed deeply and felt all the energies around me – the rocks. It contains the energy and potential for everything you could possibly want and. and every time I visited the Garden it was ever more beautiful and abundant. when YOU are your own dream come true  –  the magic finally shows up! When you have become the home of your Self. Everything was alive. And suddenly. it is truly filled with magic.

Germany April 12 – 14. 2013 Liliana Tough – wojciechowska Geneva. United States May 24 – 26. Germany May 3 – 5. 2013 Yvonne Bost Cologne/Leverkusen. Germany May 3 – 5. Germany April 12 – 14. 2013 Irene Berger DREAMWALKER™ASCENSION TRANSITIONS Krakow. Collins. 2013 Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen Mount Helena. Switzerland June 21 – 23. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Freising near München. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer and Lutz Nullmeyer Berlin. 2013 Petra Webstein Cagliari. Switzerland May 9 – 11. Australia May 8 – 10. Germany April 19 – 21. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar 22 Bogotá. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Krummhörn (near Emden). 2013 Anca Apostol Syke (near Bremen). Germany May 9 – 11. Germany July 12 – 14. Denmark April 19 – 21. Romania March 22 – 24. 2013 Jutta Bosch Braedstrup. 2013 Sandra Heuschmann Brasov. Switzerland June 7 – 9. Romania April 19 – 21. 2013 Kathleen Haws Lelystad. Poland April 12 – 14. Romania March 22 – 24. Germany April 5 – 7. Germany June 21 – 23. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar « SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX . 2013 Liliana Tough – wojciechowska Warszawa. 2013 Brise Baulitz and Gerd Heesen DISCOVERING YOUR PASSION Wolfsburg. Poland April 5 – 7.CRIMSON CIRCLE CERTIFIED TEACHERS Advanced Studies Classes taught by Certified Teachers MORE INFO ASPECTOLOGY® SCHOOL Munich. 2013 Brise Baulitz and Gerd Heesen Geneva. Australia June 8 – 10. Germany April 12 – 14. 2012 Maria Luisa Gaxiola and Raiza Preziuso Syke (near Bremen). 2013 Angelika Ruppert Bad Honnef (near Bonn). 2013 Liliana Tough – wojciechowska Munich. 2013 Ina Martina Klein Perth. Switzerland March 22 – 24. Germany August 23 – 25. Bavaria. Australia April 19 – 21. Germany March 26 – 27. 2013 Georgeta Blanaru and Costinel Floricel Brasov. Australia June 21 – 23. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Lake Chiemsee. Romania April 26 – 28. 2013 Silke Steininger Perth. Germany May 3 – 5. Middle Jutland. 2013 Maria Rebhahn DREAMWALKER™ BIRTH TRANSITIONS Zurich. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer and Lutz Nullmeyer Zurich. 2013 Georgeta Blanaru and Costinel Florice Adelaide. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar Bucharest. Germany May 10 – 12. Switzerland April 13 – 15. QLD. 2013 Hilda Diaz (Shaztia) Ft. Colombia March 23 – 25. 2013 Herbert Eichenberger Zurich. 2013 David McMaster Bucharest. 2013 Douglas Edgar Gold Coast. Australia June 3 – 5. Netherlands June 28 – 30. Italy March 21 – 23. 2013 Anca Apostol Munich. 2013 Petra Pitak and Meggi Erman Munich. 2013 Leanne Woodbury and Sharon Keith Bad Honnef near Bonn.

Poland March 22 – 24. 2013 Mihnea Tiberiu Bucharest. Germany May 24 – 26. 2013 Douglas Edgar Cold Spring Harbor. Germany September 19 – 22. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer Vasa. WA. Greece May 17 – 19. 2013 Brise Baulitz Mondsee. 2013 Brise Baulitz and Gerd Heesen SEXUAL ENERGIES SCHOOL Sacramento. 2013 Mirela Elena Ghenea and Florin Ilie Mandiuc Bad Honnef. Romania August 19 – 22. Austria April 5 – 7. Germany June 7 – 9. Eastern Jytland. Island of Crete. 2013 Marika Kontuniemi and Rosmarie Nagila NEW ENERGY SYNCHROTIZE Munich. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Arad. 2013 Susanne Nordström Basel. United States March 28 – 31. 2013 Anne Soevang Bad Honnef. 2013 Paul Cook Berlin. 2013 Sandra Heuschmann and Marianne Just–Meyer Munich. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar MORE INFO DREAMWALKER™ DEATH TRANSITIONS Denver. 2013 Sandra Heuschmann Bremen. Colombia June 7 – 10. Romania May 17 – 19. United States April 30 – May 3. 2013 Irma Rantala and Marika Kontuniemi • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 23 . 2013 Sandra Heuschmann and Silke Steininger Zurich. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Bogotá. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer Aarhus. 2013 Angelika Ruppert Adelaide. Germany April 26 – 28. Australia April 26 – 28. Switzerland June 21 – 23. Switzerland April 19 – 21. Australia May 22 – 24. 2013 David McMaster and Iwona Wirkus Helsinki. Germany August 23 – 25. 2013 Sofia Henriques » INDEX Geneva. Austria June 14 – 16. 2013 Joep Claessens Ft. Germany March 28 – 31. Germany July 3 – 5. 2013 Paul Cook Krakow. 2013 Yvonne Bost Pigi (near Rethymno). Switzerland March 29 – 31. Collins. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer and Lutz Nullmeyer Biot. Germany April 19 – 21. Denmark June 7 – 9. 2013 Liliana Tough – wojciechowska Mondsee. Romania April 12 – 14. Finland April 19 – 21. 2013 Sandra Heuschmann Campulung Moldovenesc. 2013 Herbert Eichenberger Denver. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer Bucharest. 2013 Hilda Diaz (Shaztia) Hilgermissen near Bremen. Germany July 26 – 29.CRIMSON CIRCLE CERTIFIED TEACHERS Advanced Studies Classes taught by Certified Teachers Syke (near Bremen). 2013 Herbert Eichenberger Mondsee. 2013 Georgeta Blanaru Essen – Frohnhausen. Romania April 12 – 14. Finland March 29 – 31. Germany June 14 – 16. France September 20 – 22. Australia May 6 – 8. United States July 7 – 9. United States April 26 – 28. Austria March 22 – 24. 2013 David McMaster and Paul Cook Perth. Switzerland September 13 – 15. 2013 Lucieta Gavril Perth. 2013 Sofia Henriques Geneva. 2013 Liliana Tough – wojciechowska Berlin. United States March 22 – 24.

near Bremen. Germany April 26 – 28. Germany May 31 – June 2. Switzerland July 12 – 14. United States April 19 – 21. Canada March 29 – April 1. Mexico June 7 – 9. Germany July 12 – 14. 2013 Jutta Bosch and Sylvie Chambaz Basel. Switzerland June 14 – 16. 2013 Elisabeth Gullberg Kaidi and Olga Sofia Diaz Rancho Cordova. 2013 Brise Baulitz and Gerd Heesen Braedstrup. 2013 Jutta Bosch and Jens Friedrich Mertens Denver. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer and Lutz Nullmeyer Wroclaw. United States April 5 – 7. 2013 Petra Pitak and Meggi Erman Kauai. 2013 Placidia Maria Sousa and Sofia Henriques Penticton. 2013 Sonja Müller and Andrea Briegel SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX . South Australia. Switzerland June 28 – 30. 2012 Tammie ORielly and Faye Stroo Normanville. 2013 Paul Cook and Susan B Loves « Wolfsburg. 2013 Crystal Rose Danard and Jamye Hanson Heidelberg. 2013 Maria Estella Durnecker and Maria Rebhahn Zurich. 2013 Sandra Heuschmann and Vie Palle Neuenstadt (near Heilbronn). United States May 25 – 27. 2013 Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen Kirkland (Seattle area). Romania June 7 – 9. Germany April 5 – 7. Switzerland August 23 – 25. Portugal April 5 – 7. Romania May 17 – 19. 2013 Maria Rebhahn and Maria Estella Durnecker Philadelphia. 2013 Sigrid Nullmeyer and Lutz Nullmeyer Philadelphia. Germany April 12 – 14. United States May 10 – 12. Australia May 13 – 16. Germany April 12 – 14. 2013 Mirela Elena Ghenea and Cristina Dobrescu Zug. Germany June 7 – 9. Germany May 9 – 11. 2013 Lucieta Gavril and Andrei Tarta–Arsene Querétaro. 2013 Jessie Jandt and Karin Hoyer Bad Honnef near Bonn. 2013 Jean Tinder and Joep Claessens Perth.CRIMSON CIRCLE CERTIFIED TEACHERS Advanced Studies Classes taught by Certified Teachers Peachland. Germany April 5 – 7. 2013 Martina Kaiser and Silke Steininger Bucharest. Poland May 3 – 5. United States July 19 – 21. 2013 Marisa Calvi and Jann Morgan Buochs. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar and Jutta Bosch Syke. Canada April 11 – 13. 2013 Ann Plantier and Clemens Federowicz Munich. Switzerland May 24 – 26. United States June 14 – 16. Colombia April 19 – 21. 2013 Ann Plantier and Clemens Federowicz Manly. 2013 Vie Palle and Danuta Szuwarowska Zurich. United States April 12 – 14. 2013 Maria Rebhahn and Karin Hoyer Munich. 2013 Iwona Wirkus and David Kim 24 MORE INFO Ibague. Australia April 5 – 7. 2013 Claudia Cuesta del Castillo and Alicia Arnold Philadelphia. Austria July 5 – 7. BC. Switzerland May 3 – 5. 2013 Douglas Edgar and Carol Clearwater 1635 La Tour–de–Trême. Sweden April 19 – 21. Middle Jutland. 2013 Rosmarie Lotmar and Jutta Bosch Warsaw. 2013 Martina Kaiser and Silke Steininger Stockholm. Denmark May 10 – 12. Australia August 16 – 18. 2013 José Vargas Flóres and Alvaro Trujillo Ayerbe Bremen. Nidwalden. 2013 Ann Plantier and Clemens Federowicz Lausanne. 2013 Patti Severance and Irene Berger Lisbon. 2013 Dagmar Wollenweber and Alex Gall Krummhörn (near Emden). Switzerland April 5 – 7. 2013 Viola Koehler and Marika Kontuniemi Ober – Grafendorf. Poland April 30 – May 2. Germany May 9 – 11. 2013 Jennifer Grace King and Yvonne Bost Cluj – Napoca. 2013 Jutta Bosch and Sylvie Chambaz Gröbenzell.

2013 Iwona Wirkus and David McMaster Teaching language: English Peachland.C. Note: To become a certified Crimson Circle teacher. California March 28 – 31. 2013 David McMaster and Paul Cook Language: English Berlin.May 3. USA April 30 . Colorado.CRIMSON CIRCLE TEACHER TRAINING Become a Crimson Circle Teacher . Germany May 9-11. 2013 Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen Teaching language: English DREAMWALKER™ BIRTH TRANSITIONS TEACHER TRAINING Lake Chiemsee.30. Germany July 26-29.24. 2013 Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe Teaching language: English DREAMWALKER™ DEATH TRANSITIONS TEACHER TRAINING Ft. Slovenia May 27 . 2013 Tammie O’Rielly & Faye Stroo Teaching language: English Perth (Swan Valley). ADVANCED STUDIES CLASS INTRO VIDEOS CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW INTRODUCTION VIDEOS FOR THESE CLASSES » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 25 . 2013 Sandra Heuschmann and Silke Steininger Teaching language: German MORE INFO Teacher Trainings are offered by our Mentor Teachers in various languages and around the world. Canada (near Kelowna) March 29 . 2013 Presented by Kathleen Haws Language: English JOURNEY OF THE ANGELS TEACHER TRAINING Bled. B. Western Australia May 13-16. 2013 Jennifer Grace King and Yvonne Bost Teaching language: English Horsens.Training offered by Certified Mentor Teachers SEXUAL ENERGIES SCHOOL TEACHER TRAINING Sacramento. Collins. applicant must have completed desired class as well as Sexual Energies School.April 1. Denmark June 21 .

I Am Enlightened • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 26 SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE • APRIL 2013 • INDEX « . Space & Measurement Systems What Lies Ahead What on Earth Yes.INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATIONS DE DK ES FI FR GR HU ID IT JP NL NO PL PT RO RU SL SR SV TR SPECIAL TOPICS 10-10-10 Adamus in Berlin (Germany) 2011: Intense and Personal 2012: Deliverance Adamus: Unleashed in Sedona Addictions Ancestral Karma Aspectology The Beauty of Life Biological Rejuvenation Body-Mind Integration (Germany) Body of Consciousness Chaos Conspiracies Dei Un Gnost Depression Dreams DreamWalker for Pets Energy In Motion (Turkey) The Energy of Food The Energy of Music The Evolution of Gaia Fields of Potentials (South Korea) The High Definition Life (Romania) Kuthumi & Adamus in Rome (Italy) Living Ascension (Germany) Mental Imbalance Mormons & Other Spiritual Families New Consciousness (Australia) The New Earth New Earth Update (Madrid) New Energy Business New Energy Education On Death & Dying Out of the Bo• Pets Probabilities & Potentials The Quantum Leap Relationships Re-Order Your Reality Reunion (Romania) Rising to Freedom (Israel) Sacred Geometry Soul Encounter Sovereign One (Switzerland) The 13th Strand Time.

SV-Swedish. Vol. RO=Romanian.Santa Fe Moving Stuck Energy (EU) Mysteries of Love (France) The Oslo Sessions Sounds of the Soul (Egypt) Time Travels (Egypt) Tobias Returns to Israel (Israel) PERSONAL STUDY COURSES Discovering Your Passion DreamWalker Birth Expanding Your Intuition (Greece) Interdimensional Living Journey of the Angels New Energy Synchrotize Standard Technology (Israel & USA) What's Missing? MUSIC Seven Seals Call To Awaken Opening Into Consciousness Studio K FREE Adamus on Japan – FREE Chemia – FREE Death & the Astral Realms – FREE Drama – FREE Do You Remember? – FREE It Doesn’t Matter – FREE Letter to Awakening Humans – FREE Sedona Tri-Channel – FREE SES Intro – FREE Silent Prayer – FREE The Darkness is Your Divinity – FREE To the Messengers – FREE Twelve Awakening Signs – FREE Tobias & Kryon in Madrid – FREE AWAKENING ZONE Tuning In Again. 1 Tuning In Again. NL=Dutch. PL=Polish. ID=Indonesian. 2 Halloween DreamWalk with Adamus Merabhs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • » INDEX • APRIL 2013 • SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE 27 . IT=Italian. JP=Japanese.DE=German. RU=Russian. ES=Spanish. NO=Norwegian. FR=French.Munich Midsummer Conference 2011 . Vol. SR=Serbian. PT=Portuguese. TR=Turkish DE DK ES FI FR GR HU ID IT JP NL NO PL PT RO RU SL SR SV TR INTENSIVES Alchemy of Consciousness (Egypt) The Alchemy of Light & Dark (France) Angels & Aliens (Poland) Atlantis & the Wound of Isis Midsummer Conference 2010 . DK=Danish. GR=Greek. HU=Hungarian. FI=Finnish. SL=Slovenian.