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HISTORY 2 (ASIA AND THE WORLD) Course Description: A study of Asian cultural heritage in relation to world civilization.

Credit: 3 units Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSP)

RGEP Cluster:

Offered By: Division of Social Sciences/College of Arts and Sciences U. P. in the Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo Course Objectives: 1. To appreciate Asian achievements in the context of world developments; 2. To develop a sense of internationalism and cooperation by underscoring interdependence among countries; 3. To situate the Filipino and the Philippines in the Asian and world contexts; and, 4. To develop a critical mind and the ability to communicate thought effectively through the practice of the historical method. Course Outline I. INTRODUCTION A. Definitions of history, culture, civilization, and Asia B. Geographical Overview (with current perspectives) C. Emergence of Early Civilizations TRADITIONAL ASIAN CIVILIZATIONS A. Religio-Philosophical Traditions 1. Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam in West Asia 2. Hinduism and Buddhism in South Asia 3. Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism in China; Buddhism in China and Japan; Shintoism in Japan B. Political Development and Institutions 1. Theocracy and empire in West Asia 2. Kingdoms, empires, and sultanates in South Asia 3. Imperial governments in China and Japan; the Shogunate in Japan


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Social Institutions (Stratification and Accompanying Customs and Belief Systems) 1. Religious and warrior elites in West Asia 2. Caste system in India 3. Chinese landed gentry and peasantry; samurai and merchant class in Japan Arts of Asia 1. Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture) 2. Literature and Drama 3. Music and Dance


III. AT THE CROSSROADS OF EXCHANGE and SOCIAL CHANGE A. Southeast Asia B. Central Asia IV. WESTERN COLONIALISM A. Western Expansion to Asia (factors that led to Western intrusion) B. Patterns of Western Colonialism 1. Trade, Diplomacy and Wars 2. Indirect and Direct Rule C. Cultural Repercussions V. ASIA'S INDEPENDENCE INITIATIVES A. Chronological Survey B. Patterns of Resistance 1. Asia under direct rule a. parliamentary reform b. revolution 2. Asia under indirect rule a. fundamentalism b. revolution POST-INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTIONAL RESTRUCTURING A. Modernization B. Decolonization


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