Rules for the 2013 Western Junior Jersey Show 1. Send entries to Phil Hansen, 12905 S.

Mulino Road Canby, OR 97013 by Friday April 19th, 2013. If you wish to email entries send them to: Late entries will be accepted. Note: to accept late entries a $5.00 per head fee will be charged and the original papers (not a copy or letter of ownership) will need to be seen at the show. Late entries may not receive a T-shirt, depending on availability. Late entries need to phone Phil Hansen (503)913-5559 to let him know they will be showing. Each junior entered and cataloged in the 2013 Western Junior Jersey Show will be given a $60.00 cash certificate during showmanship when they show their entered Jersey. The $60.00 certificate can only be used at the 2013 Western Junior Jersey Sale to purchase a Jersey heifer. ***You cannot use the certificate on donation animals. You can only use one coupon per Jersey heifer purchased. 2. The show is open to any junior with a Jersey to exhibit. Juniors must be less than 20 years old as of January 1 2013. The animals must be owned or leased (limit one maximum on leased animals) by the exhibitor. 3. All animals need to be in the barn by 8:00 am, Saturday, May 11th, 2013, the day of the show. We encourage early arrival. 4. Health papers and registration papers (except animals whose registration is pending) must be available for inspection. The entry committee will accept a vet’s statement as to herd’s health. Herds on ring test will be accepted with negative report. 5. All animals entered must remain at the show until it concludes; if not, all premium money (if any is available) will be forfeited for those animals. 6. ***All animals over six months of age need to be dehorned in order to be eligible to show. 7. No responsibility is assumed for errors in printing, for accidents, injury, loss, or damage incurred by exhibitors of visitors by the CCJCC Western Junior Jersey Show Committee. The Western Junior Jersey Show Committee of the CCJCC has approved for foregoing rules. 8. Bedding will be furnished free of charge. Exhibitors will need to bring grain, beet pulp, hay, a pitchfork, and any necessary tack. 9. There will be milking facilities available for exhibitor use. 10. Approval of the show committee of the CCJCC must be attained before any concession rights of special advertising are allowed. 11. All show people must be neat, clean, and be a credit to the Jersey breed. We encourage everyone to wear white in the show ring. 12. In order to show in showmanship class the person must: own or lease, fit and enter the animal in the show in their name except for the Pre-4-H Showmanship class. Pre-4-H may borrow a heifer entered by a junior in the show. 13. All animals must be shown in individual classes in order to be eligible for group classes. 14. Ribbons will be awarded for Best Udder to cows in classes 7 thru 10. 15. No trophy is awarded in any class showing less than two entries. 16. There is to be no loading or unloading on the south side of the livestock barn. Only load and unload on the back side of the barn nest to the show ring.

2013 Western Junior Jersey Show Class # Junior Females

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Intermediate Calf born on or after 12-01-12 and at least 2 months old Senior Calf born on or after 9-1-12 thru 11-30-12 Summer Junior Yearling born on or after 6-1-12 thru 8-31-12 Junior Yearling born on or after 3-1-12 thru 5-31-12 Winter Yearling born on or after 12-1-11 thru 2-28-12 Senior Yearling born on or after 9-1-11 thru 11-30-11 (if milking must show as a 2 yr. old) Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion 7. Junior Best Three Females at least TWO animals owned and all bred by exhibitor Senior Females 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 2 Year Old born on or after 9-1-10 thru 8-31-11 3 Year Old born on or after 9-1-09 thru 8-31-10 4 Year Old born on or after 9-1-08 thru 8-31-09 5 Year Old and Aged Cows born on or before 8-31-08 Dry Cows (3 Years old or older) born on or before 8-31-10 Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Best Udder of Show, Production Award 13. Best Three Females all must be owned and one bred by Exhibitor 14. Dam and Daughter both must be owned by the Exhibitor 15. Produce of Dam two offspring form one dam, both must be owned by the Exhibtor Production Award- Show halter donated by Valley Veue Dairy awarded to the highest producing cow exhibited at the show based on energy corrected milk. With your entry, please write the cow’s name and submit her test sheet with the entry. *The Spring Show Committee reserves the right to combine or separate any class depending on the number of animals being exhibited. Showmanship Classes Pre-4-H – grade 3 and younger Junior – grade 4 thru 6 Intermediate – grade 7 thru 9 Senior – grade 10 to age 20

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