The Meal Problem

'pHE average housewife prepares 1095 meals per year. Therefore this little book is published to assist you in preparing inexpensive dishes that will prove a welcome change for jaded appetites In this book you will also find a selection monials. reading. of unsolicited testiThey make interesting Show them to any of are sceptical

your friends that

regarding the benefit to be derived from Clements Tonic

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Take 1 quart stock, 2 onions, 1 bunch herbs, 1 oz flour, 1 oz. dripping, 2 ozs. macaroni, salt and pepper if necessary. - Pec! vegetables and cut up roughly, melt dripping, fry vegetables without burning, add flour, brown that, add stock and seasoning, soak macaroni for i an hour, put it in plenty of boiling salted water, and boil 20 minutes, strain it, cut into small pieces, strain sogp, skim fat off, return to saucepan, with macaroni, and cook J of an hour longer.

percorns, LI OES. sago or tapioca, 1 oi. dripping. Method.—Soak tapioca 1 hour

in water, wash and dry tomatoes, slice roughly, peel and chop. Make fat hot, fry tomatoes, bacon, onion, herbs, peppercorns, 10 minutes, add 1 pint water, and boil for 45 minutes, then rub through a sieve, pour into large saucepan, add stock, bring to a boil, add tapioca, boil till clear, season with salt and pepper if necessary.

To about 2 quarts liquor, in which a rabbit has been boiled, add 1 teacupful rice, 1 cup milk, 1 onion, salt and pepper to taste, 1 oz. butter. Peel and wash onions, chop finely, put them into the liquor with salt, pepper and butter, simmer till tender; then add rice, and cook for about 1 an hour longer, add milk, just allow it to come to the boil. Sprinkle in chopped parsley, and serve.


Two quarts stock, 2 apples, 1 oi. dripping, 2 ozs. rice, 2 onions, juice of i lemon, 2 tablespoonfuls curry powder, 1 tablespoon sugar. Peel and chop up onions and apples, make fat hot, fry onion till brown, add curry powder and flour, stir well over fire, add apple and stock, simmer 1 hour, SUFFOLK SOUP. rub through a sieve, return to saucepan, add lemon juice and Take l i lbs. neck mutton, 4 sugar; boil rice as for curry; medium-sized potatoes, 1 large serve in soup. carrot, 2 onions, 1 lb. rice, salt and pepper, 2J quarts water. PUREE OF TOMATOES. Cut mutton into small pieces, Take 3 pints stock, 1 doz. med- put it into a saucepan with salt ium-sized tomatoes, 1 oz. bacon, and water, bring slowly to a boll,
an onion, bunch ot herbs, 6 pepthon skim It, add finely chopped

Fletcher 's PiLU relieve Iadiges&oa

onions, also potatoes cut Into gmall dice ana grated carrot. Cook gently for about 11 hours, add rit-e, and simmer gently ialf an hour longer; skim well and season with pepper and sfilt.

flour, and 1 tabiespoonful ot butter. Serre with dry toast.


Prepare gravy with the course parts of a fowl, or rabbit, strain off clear two hours before dinner, dry the remainder ot the TOMATO SOUP. Boil 1 lb. of tomatoes and } fowl or rabbit, cut into piece*, lb. of onions in 1 quart of water add a finely sliced onion, one for 1 hour, press through wire and a-half dessertspoonfuls of sieve and add 1 pint ol milk, ac- vinegar, and a little ketchup. cording to quantity of soup re- Mix all smoothly together, and quired. Then thicken with corn- simmer till dinnei Mme. Serve with rice.

Fish Dishes
Take a mullet or bream, skin and fillet it, wash in salt and water, to which has been added BAKED SALMON. a little vinegar or lemon juice; wipe dry, cut into fillet shapes When unable to get fresh fish, or halrea, place in a greased pie- take a tin of salmon, remove dish, sprinkle salt, cayenne, and bones, mash four cold potatoes, lemon juice over, cover with mix in salmon, add half teaspoon well greased paper, stand in a anchovy sauce, salt, pepper and tin ot water, and steam 10 to 12 lemon juice to taste. Turn inminutes. Lift on to a hot dish; to a hot greased pie-dish, smooth have sauce ready; add to it the over top, and glaze with milk. salt, cayenne, and lemon juice. Bake in moderate oven 20 minPour carefully over the fish and utes. serve hot. round cakes on a floured board, dip into egg and bread—crumb batter and fry. Serve hot—with boiled potatoes, tf preferred.

Open a tin of salmon, 3traln liquor off, and break fish up with a fork, add four cold washed potatoes, parsley, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, moisten with salmon liquor If necessary, make Into


Open a tin of sardines and drain oft the oil. Toast thick slices of bread and spread with butter. Bone the sardines and put three or four on each slice of toast, cover with white sauc«
and serre hot.

0 a « rkilliag bays 5i»t*o*r'a Piila

I would like you to publish this for the benefit of others. Sydney. (Sgd. being a returned soldier. and the above letter proves it .West Brunswick Resident Expresses Satisfaction Perrett Street. AMELIA LOUBY. W«at Brunswiok. My little daughter has also taken Clements Tonic with good results. Yours truly. Vio. The hives have left ma and my nerves are much bettor. Clements Tonic Ltd.—I should like to tell you how pleased I am with Clements Tonic.) Mrs. My husband. he has takeH half a bottle and says he feels better. For over nine months I suff«red with [hives. and although medically treated I did not get relief and went to a skin specialist. I was real run-down in body and nerves so thought of giving your Tonic a try. 1 got him to try the Tonic. Messrs. and feel a different woman. suffers from his nerves very badly at times. Dear Sir. "A good woman rejoiceth in telling her neighbours of the good things she hath" so runt an old proverb. I have taken two bottles and am now on the third. but with no better results.

add 2 tablespoons tomato pulp. paste. once. little lemon juice. Fill each half Lay slices of cold meat on dish. RAMEKINS. Sprinkle with little chopped parsley. butter. then dip sliced meat in batter and try in hot fat. and scoop out yolk and mash yolks cook in a moderately hot oven about 10 minutes. to each. cover with tops. Toast bread. well with four or five sardines. cut into salt and pepper. TOMATO FARCIES. sprinkle with a finely chopped onion. mix meat with other ingredients. mix with i lb. and serve at bacon. press well. dessertspoon chopped parsley. cut in halves. anchovy which butter has been rubbed. make butter hold together. stand I an hour. piece butter. salt and pepper. top. of grated cheese mix 1 tablespoonful of flour. flour in bread. white of eggs with the mixture. With 2 ozs. ANCHOVY EGGS Mash I pound cold boiled poTake 2 eggs. Mix together 2 ozs. and bake in small buttered tins for 15 minutes. YORK POTATO CAKES. fill tomasprinkle breadcrumbs over EGGS A LA NORWAY. and scoop out centres. and while very hot moisten with sufficient milk to spread on anchovy. Cut tops nearly off tomatoes. 1 oz. and salt and COLD MEAT FRITTERS. Take J dozen tomatoes. stir quickly un. Serve til a soft frothy mass. 2 tablespoonfuls of cream. put small pieces butter inBoil 4 eggs hard. toes. drain and serve garnished with parsley. . 2 tablespoons finely chopped cold meat. heap with slice of grilled or fried quickly on toast. of melted butter.shapes and -fry in hot fat. 2 well-beaten eggs. S e i r e hot. dessertspoon finely chopped onion. add salt and pepper to taste. stand between two soup plates over saucepan of boiling water till thoroughly heated and serve. pepper to taste. break eggs into it. 2 slices toasted tatoes. 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs. salt and pepper to taste. Mix all together. chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste.chopped parsley. add out on floured board. roll quite hdt. Fletcher's Fills relief© iRiifestlea . and a little cayenne pepper.

Have it at home.for Clements Tonic with Soda Water. neurasthenia. people. T h a t alone is convincing proof that it fulfils its advertised claims. the. . ence prompt relief from insomnia.Have You Tried It With Soda Water? Many. and similar ailments. remember that Clements Tonic has maintained a steadily increasing sale over a period of thirty years. It is stimulating and refreshing after a tiring shopping tour or strenuous business engagement. Moreover. Its nourishing ingredients are excellent Try it! You'll experifor the nerves and blood. anaemia. There is no alcohol or narcotics in C L E M E N T S TONIC. at business or at the sodafountain. lassitude. taste . have. acquired.

l i ozs. strain stock and skim. add the stew in stock with onion and stock.v Simple Luncheon or Dinner Dishes CASSEROLE OF BEEF. dry it. Take a young fowl. Required: Two cupfuls of boiled rice. WALNUTS. cut Into joints. tie firmly. pepper and parsley. keep hot. Method: Wash and dry an oxstirring well. roll up. Return to sauce. pour over the fowl. add • joints. flour. and simmer gently 1 hour. cover with greased paper.tail. some chopped parsley. add spfces and fried rabbit. FRICASSE O F RABBIT. pour sauce gradually on them. and when brown add 2 cups stock. 1 small onion. and brown well. Beat egg and cream together. and Juice 1 lemon. Waah a rabbit well in warm water. add strained stock. add flour. OX TAIL AND stir until it boils and thickens. cook without boiling. put necessary. melt butter. Lift out. same quantity of thinly sliced beef. and bake in moderate oven 45 to 50 minutes. add remainder of flour. butter. having rice for top layer. stir until it boils and seasoning until tender. Tfee lead efeeasist sells Fietehw's Fills . Lift out rabbit on to a hot dish. add a little sauce. salt and pepper. Bone 3 or 4 lbs. lemon juice and any seasoning peel and slice an onion. thickens. 1 cupful of gravy. stir till it boils. of mutton. make dripping hot. flour. and cook well. add stock to barely cover. remove unnecessary fat. put in a layer of rice. or mutton. few peppercorns. and fry them. put into a saucepan. l i ozs. strain gravy over it. dip them in 1 ox. clove. continue till all is used. cover with veal seasoning. yolks of eggs. and simmer gently for l i hours. then some thin slices of meat and onion in thin rings. of Divide chicken Into Joints. Peel and chop 2 onions finely. stock. Melt the butter. brush It over with beaten egg. butter. have ready some thin slices of lemon. them into naucepan with the SUPREME OF CHICKEN. strain strain over tho mutton. and pile on hot dish. Serve from casserole or pie-dish. l i pints white stock. add gravy. season with salt. ROLLED BREAST OF MUTTON. salt and pepper. fry them brown in the aame fat. cut it into pieces at the pan. flour. 1 tablespoon cream. 2 onions. cook 1 oz. Lift out. Grease a casserole or pie-dish.

Gentlemen. CLEMENTS TONIC ^wsm LTD. •U^. I was induced to try it.MMfcm.W.1 KMHf . Walter Bentley is well-known throughout the Commonwealth. N. and I shall be quite willing that you use this testimonial in any way that you so desire. As a teacher of elocution and dramatic art. and having heard very good accounts of Clements Tonic. the effect of Clements Tonic upon my nerves was excellent and restored me to complete norma! health. Mr.) W A L T E R B E N T L E Y .A Prominent Sydney Citizen Says We May Publish This: Messrs. Clements Tonie Ltd.— The strenuous life I lead as a professional teacher induced an attack of neurasthenia and nervous debility.S. Young Street. Sydney. and it is only right that I should toll you that the tonic has been very beneficial. It is an excellent medicine. After a course I have pleasure in saying that the stimulating properties of the medicine have substantiated all the statements made in its favour. Suffering as I did from sleeplessness. Sydney. Yours faithfully. (Sgd. consequently we feel privileged in being permitted to print this testimonial.

and bacou in alternate layers. mustard and sugar. Take 11 lbs. Make it yourself this way: Set a pint of milk in a warm place and when quite thick and sour turn it into a piece of muslin. Sprinkle a little chopped parsley on top. A small eream cheese of delicious flavour is the result. cover with greased paper. and bake for twenty minutes in a fast oven. and enough white sauce to make it moist. Sprinkle freely with cayenne. Arrange lettuce leaves as a border round some small plates. CHEESE SALAD. work them together with a wooden spoon. cut six pickled walnuts into small pieces. scatter the parsley over. Mince about 8 oss. Cut 2 carrots. and when tho patty cases are ready fill with mince. simmer gently for 2 to 2i hours. blend 1 oz. CREAM CHEESE. one teaspoonful of made mustard. wash and blanch it while hot. 1 turnip i and 2 onions into small dice. Half a pound of stale cheese. arrange slices of tripe. one lettuce. and bake iu the oven. and cut into pieces about 2 inches square. rub all over with garlic. one tablespoonful of vinegar. Cut each kidney in halves lengthways and roll in a slice of fat bacon. ad simple luncheon dishes cooked rabbit. Line patty-pans with pastry.cloves' salt. add and simmer for 1 an hour longer. Heat a large pie-dish. cayenne and very little salt. of oold Fletcher'c Pilla relieve acidity . lastly add the vinegar gradually. When drained of the whey tighten the muslin round the curd as much as possible and press between two plats for an hour. salt and pepper to taste. Grate the cheese finely. of tripe. salt. add the salt. bacon finely. 2 teaspoonfuls of chopped parsl8y. one teaspoonful of sugar. add a small partboiled finely chopped onion. pack tightly together in a small pie-dish. Heat the mince carefully in a double saucepan. and. pepper. Place two pieces on each piece of toast and serve. tie up loosely and hang it up to drain for several hours. add salt and pepper. yolk of a hard-boiled egg. pepper. cayenne. one tablespoonful of salad oil. rub all over with the garlic. 12 slices of bacon. skim well. add it. a teaspoon of chopped parsley. bring slowly to a boil. of flour. seasoning. add 1 pint stock. and put a little heap of the cheese mixture in the centre. stir it iu and cook well for about 5 minutes. chop J lb. Take six sheep's kidneys. and 6 slices of toast. and sugar. SAVOURY TRIPE. and bake in a very moderate oven for 2i hours. RABBIT PATTIES. Just cover with water (about 11 pints). KIDNEYS La DIABLE. and serve hot. Put the oil in a basin with the yolk of egg. vegetables.

" (Case dismissed) . with taking six bottles of Clements Tonic " THE MAGISTRATE: "Tut-tut! I've often taken a bottle or more myself.T H E S E R G E A N T : " T h e defendant is charged. your worship.

a certain even temperature of heat is guaranteed. Roasting Mutton. The oven must have a clear and even heat. Any joint will be spoiled if the water is allowed to boil fiercely from the start.—The same system that applies to roast beef applies to the cooking of a leg. A clear steady heat is necessary. Roa«t Rabbit. Poultry should be placed in boiling water. the meat is thus cooked well and thoroughly to the bone. A s to t h e time allowed. If it is an old bird steam it about 45 minutes before roasting. Pickled Pork. Six pounds of pork After meals teke Fletcher's Pill* .Roasting and Boiling ^ The average housewife can generally roast or boil an ordinary joint. The time allowed for a pair of ordinary rabbits is about an hour to an hour and a-half. Ducks. Always be careful when roasting poultry to baste well otherwise the tender skin will burn. Allow 15 minutes to every pound when boiling fresh meat. a s the meat is close grained. or a little more if the joint is extra fat. Fowls. Boiling a Joint requires care. when stufTed with ordinary seasoning and properly cooked will be a s tender as chicken. thus keeping the heat in. shut up the ventilating side of your oven at starting if there is one. yet tenderly. Like in cooking fish. loin or shoulder of lamb or mutton. Fierce.—Take a little longer to roast. about fifteen minutes to each pound is usual. sudden boiling heat only toughens the meat. At the same time the following hints may be useful. let it boil for a few minutes then simmer gently J hour to 11 hours. and be careful they do not burn. Do not let the water boil fiercely. and baste the joint about four times peir hour and do this quickly. To Roast Beef satisfactorily have the oven thoroughly hot at starting. Baste well with butter or dripping when roasting. and occasionally turn the joint over to prevent one side being b a k e d more than the other. the water should be brought to the boil and then allowed to simmer at almost boiling point. Have a stand in the dish to keep the roast off the bottom ot the tin (to allow the dripping flow freely beneath). according to size of bird.—Wash it well and always boil it with the skin side on top. Geese—A goodsized bird should not (if the seasoning is warmed before placing it in) take more than 1J hours to roast well. Pork or Veal.

" Cr.-— As a sufferer from a nervous breakdowr 'or tho last two years. Yours respectfully. I have at last f o u n d relief by the aid of your tonic. (Sgd. R. Ltd. a Brisbane lady writes. Blackall Terrace and Cairns St. Sydney. You may see the original letter in our Sydney office at any time you wish to call. After the first bottle I could feel the difference. "Victoria. but now enjoy my meals. i had unsuccessfully tried many medicines and was advised to give Clements Tonic a trial.. and will recommend it to anyone in poor health. W. Messrs. Dear Sir. Clements Tonic. S M I T H . Most people have acquired the habit of taking Clements Tonic with soda water between meals.A Brisbane Lacly Could Not Eat for Two Years After spending a considerable amount of money endeavouring to get relief. I will never be without a bottle in the house in future.) Mrs. Brisbane. Have you tried it? It's a refreshing pick-me-up! .. I could not eat.

1 pint custard. Drain thoroughly and where cream la obtainable it is foil in powdered sugar. with J dozen onions. then beaten eggs and essence. Put it in a steamer over boiling water. This ia a far superior way to boiling. per box—Ftetcfcar's Pills . sugar to taste. Remove the latter and serve separately. Boil for eight minutes (stirring in all the time) and then add 1 egg well beaten. DOUGH NUTS.the boiled custard. pour into a buttered cup. sugar. Serve hot. 3 ozs. oz.will take about two and a-half hours. P c u r ever them small rings and fry these in boil. much nicer than custard. and lastly flour and baking powder (sifted). Mix thoroughly. 1 teaspoon baking powder. Boil it from 2J to 3 hours. 1 oz. butter. Allow about 40 minutes to each pound. OiUj y . 1 lemon. and three pounds about a little less than an hour. Mix i oz. 4 ozs. pour mixture into a well-greased mould and steam 11 to 2 hours. Work butter to a cream. Mix all to a dough. Before serving the tripe strain off the liquor and pour over it a cup and a-half of milk with an ounce of melted butter. Shape Into a little sugar. Pies and Pastry PRINCESS PUDDING. add sugar gradually. 3 ozs. and again boil for about 10 minutes. tie up iu a cloth. Always keep the water well skimmed.. small cup milk. CHILDREN'S PUDDING. Tripe should be well clcaned and washed. ing fat. place in a glass dish. Puddings. Required. Take 1 lb. 1 egg. a little salt. X teaspoon vanilla. sugar. When cooked peel otf the skin and sprinkle thickly with browned breadcrumbs. Boil for about 1® minutes and serve hot. to this. butter. Serve with sweet sauce. Turn squeeze the lemon over it and out and roll lightly. flour. Of course.—Wash well and scrape. cornflour with i pint milk. 1 Take 6 bananas. Steamed Bacon. BANANA CREAM. Mode: Skin the f r u i t and cut Beat the egg and add the milk in slices. pepper and lemon sliced. selfraising flour. a lump of sugar. Rub the butter into the flour and add the sugar. place on the lire and cook till the bacon is done. 2 eggs. and a pinch of salt.

Just as this book was going to praaa we reoeived the following letter—quits unsolicited:— Pekin Ball Room.. and am once again restored to perfect health. The Manager. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yours very sincerely. but thanks to Clements Tonic I am enabled to follow my calling as Dancing Teacher. Dear Sir. Clements Tonic Ltd. Miss Merritt's letter is typical of hundreds that are available for your inspection at any time ycu wish to see them in our Sydney office.— I feel I would be doing less than my duty if J did not write to you and tell you of the wonderful result your Tonic has effected in my health. (Sgd. .) Miss M O L L I E M E R R I T T . Sydney. Messrs. Sydney. 250 Pitt Street.A Teacher of Dancing Relates Her Experience. Reoommend Clements Tonlo to your friends.

of butter.6 with 11 breakfast cups of flour. Put the flour into a basin. and treacle. two eggs. spread a little jam on one half. 1 cz. of butter into 1 lb. whijn shou'd be just luke-warm. Take 11 caps of flonr. SHORT CRUST FOR TARTS. the milk. 4 ots. Beat »bc mixture well. castor sugar. Serve with custard. and one dessertspoon of powdered cinnamon. cinnamon and clovc. Add alternately flour and a cup of cold strong coffee in which a teaspoon of carbonate of soda has been dissolved. 1 egg. spread on the cakes. Bake rhem in a quick oven until set and pale brown. Rub the dripping into it with the tips of the fingers. When the cakes are nearly cold. lastly. Add half a cup of treacle. add this icing. MOCHA CAKE. one dessertspoon butter. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream. Take 1 oz. and serve immediately on a hot dish. Work it until smooth with the hand. Mix well with little milk. Take 11 cups flour. then cover and leave for one hour. Half cup sifted icing sugar. pour it into some wellbuttered saucers (they should be three-parts full). a teaspoon of baking powder and pinch of salt. Mix with half a beaten egg. HOT OVEN. a little . and. a pinch of salt and spice. PARISIAN PANCAKE. Put butter and sugar in a basin and beat to a soft cream add the beaten egg and beat it well in. Beat well. 1 teaspoon baking powder.CANTON PUDDING. flour. otherwise heavy pastry will result. Sift a teaspoon each of salt. turn on to a piece of sugared paper. steam in a buttered mould for 21 hours. then the other ingredients. 1 pint of milk. 1 teaspoonful ginger. Take J lb. of clarified dripping. CEYLON CAKE. one cup sugar. butter. Rub 5 ozs. then add the flour lightly. add the eggs well beaten. ft? DRIPPING CRUST. 6 oz. then add by degrees tufflcient cold fit? C ^ l l M B t f ^ f l ^ e ^ g . 1 teaspoonful carbonate of soda. 3 tablespoonfuls each of sugar. Cream a cup of sugar with half -i cup of butter. Always have a brisk fire and a hot oven ready for pastry. and leave in a cool oven to dry. and a little essence of lemon. fold over the other half. Mix the salt and baking powder thoroughly with the flour and dripping. Bake in a quick OTen. 1 oz. of flour. Beat all thoroughly before turnIns into a paper-lined tin. bake in two small sandwich tins. add one egg yolk and just enough water to make it into a rather firm paste. of flour.

and recreation than th8 women-folk. and accordingly need the stimulus of a good tonic. toiling from sunrise to bed-time. the Men Have the Best of it! They work 48 hours of the W6ek —or is it 44? Anyway they do have more hours of ease. There is no 44 hour week for the average women. Beware of "just as good" substitutes. "nerves. enriches the blood. If you are feeling miserable through insomnia. It infuses energy. C L E M E N T S T O N I C is particularly dependable because it does not contain alcohol or narcotics." impaired vitality or similar ailments seek relief AND GET IT with C L E M E N T S TONIC. Any chemist or storekeeper can supply CLEME N T S TONIC.Yes. and calms the nerves through nourishing medicinal ingredients. rest. they keep going. . anaemia.

flour. Sprinkle over four tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of lemon-juice. and place them in a dish lined with pie-crust. 5 ozs. Mix lightly 6 ozs. dry ingredients together. If the prunes are hard. sugar. 1 cup of sugar. and 4 tablespoonfuls boiling water. and put it into a saucepan. 6 ozs. 1 teacupful fine sugar. cores. and bake in a moderately quick ovsn for 30 minutes. butter. and for each pint allow a pound of COCOANUT COOKIES. Slice as many quinces as are required. press edges together with a spoon. and stew gently and strain when tender. 1 teaspoonful butter. 1 os. To a pint of mashed boiled pumpkin allow J cup of sugar. The moisture of the prunes should blend with the sugar and form a syrup. QUINCE JAM. Mli Sletcker'fl Pill* reli&vt Heari-buro . and a few quinces cut up in a saucepan on the Are. Cover a quantity of dried prunes with water and soak over night. 1 tablespoonful of brandy or sherry. 1 oz. Cut the f r u i t again into half-inch squares. Take 2 teaspoonfuls of desiccated cocoanut. but not broken. and salt (sifted together). roll about a i-in. butter. add last of all. Beat the eggs and sugar together. Pour mixt u r e ' i n t o greased patty pans and bake in moderately quick oven. and pinch of salt. 3 eggs. 1 teaspoonful baking powder. cut into shapes and bake for 10 minutes in fairly quick oven. Serve hot. always leaving a hole in the paste through which the steam from the meat or fruit may escapo while it is cooking. Plkce in buttered tins and bake in hot oven for 15 minutes. 1 egg and pinch o£ salt. Line a large plate with flaky pastry dough. juice of lemon and some grated nutmeg. butter. Roll out thin. In the morning > drain. Cover with an upper c m s t . baking powder. rub In butter and egg well beaten. mix well. SYLVIA SPONGE CAKES Take 1 cup of flour.water to make a gtiff paste. Measure tho juice. Put on the lid and let the f r u i t simmer very gently till tender. Spread with plenty of pumpkin and cover with paste rolled thin. SHORT CAKES. Remove the rinds and cores. about half au inch thick. 1 egg. In the meantime put the skins. aud m l i with spoon to a still dough. barely covering it with cold water. Turn out on a floured board. PRUNE PIE. Throw the sliced fruit into coid water with a little lemon juice. brush over with milk or egg. they may require a little cooking before they are put in the pie. 1 teacupful pelfraising flour. PUMPKIN PIE. Bake I an hour. pinch salt. thick lor pies. add flour. Melt butter in water and>.

mine t'lnk Tonic I" you wantem Clements ft 'afJWMWi^rBlft'WfiWIB^. Mary." By crlpes. you lookem white as a sheet.Ma»'i MffliBSsI .

Cook all together till it hangs to the spoon. 1 oz. inside and out. ORANGE FROSTING. bring them slowly to the boil. Take six pounds dark plums. To Keep a Bathing Cap In white straw or panama hats. } lb. allow an equal weight of sugar. and small handful ot whole ginger. vinegar. before putting it away. 1 lb. This makes a nice filling for sponge sandwiches or tartlets. and add It to the jelly. allspice. Place all ingredients into a stewpan. Clements Tonic |h»ekery Book Put on the store and let the sugar dissolve. Put all the ingredients into a preserving pan. Beat until smooth. To Clean of Hats. PLUM SAUCE. half-tablespoonful salt. and dry with a clean cloth. light brown sugar. Apply with a cloth. cream. be Ironing Baby 'e sure to have Flanthem peroxide diluted with an equal quantity For t i e Kidney*—try Fletcher's Pills . if t h e y are hung on a wooden coat-hanger to dry they w i l l keep t h e i r shape better. Take I lb. butter. loaf sugar. LEMON CHEESE. sprinkle talcum powder over it. first carefully straining the Juico of lemon and grating rind.—Hydrogen water will clean well to use the cotton seam binding with folded edges. rind of 8 lemons and Juice of three. i t Is Good Condition. then strain through a colander. 6 eggs. 3 lbs. If properly made It will keep for w e e k s in a jar. This will prevent it from sticking together or cracking where it is folded. T o the cream add the sugar slowly. well bruised. 1 oz. cloves. which can be bought reasonably in twelve-yard pieces. boil until the stones are quite free. 1 cup of Icing sugar. Keep atirring mixture over the Are until it thickens to the consistency of honey. half a teaspoonful of orange extract. For M a r k i n g Underwear.1$ Bugar. 1 tablespoon melted butter. rind extract. one teaspoonful c a y e n n e pepper. Weigh the quince. wetting only a small space at a time. and it can be applied more neatly. and spread on top ot cake. Before nels. and melted butter. bottle w h e n coid and seal airtight. Required: 1 teaspoonful of 0 Household Hints © After Laundering Wsih Dreaeea. This material takes tho indelible ink better than tape. Add orange pulp. pulp and finely grated rind of one orange.

which has for thirty years past been a positive boon to sufferers who sought relief from anaemia. although across the sea. But more important still. I could not wish for a more effective nerve and blood medicine. and gives me sound recuperative sieep. debilitated nerves and similar ailments." Thus. insomnia. She believes that psychic the feline species are possessed with powers.Do You Believe in the Psychic Power of Cats? Miss Sylvia Bremer does. or the ability to see into the future. she believes in maintaining her physical welfare with the aid of C L E M E N T S TONIC. the charming Australian actress says:— "After a hard day's work in the film studios I find that C L E M E N T S T O N I C soothes the irritated nerves. Miss Bremer avails herself of that popular Australian medicine C L E M E N T S TONIC. . impaired vitality. Writing from her present home.

and the ironing may be started soonor. A package of dye of the kind used for cotton materials will make a gallon. can be made to look almost like new. When Sprinkling Clothes that have become too dry for ironing. it will be found to be absorbent. non-liuty. Then. Than wet one yard of coarse cheesecloth. It also has the advantage over ordinary material of not wetting so easily. Cutting Thin Silk i s a nerve- shattering task if it attempted on the ordinary polished table top. Quick Laundry Work. but instead of hanging it out to dry. Let the material or dresses soak in this for twenty minutes before washing. the use of a warm iron will do away with the necessity of pina and weights on tissue paper patterns. For Female Complaints—Fletcher 's Fills . The colours are not only set by this method.—When you need a garment for immediate wear. first rub them with a little olive oil to take away the blurred look.Scrub it and let It dry. beginning at one end. To Set Colour* in new one of white cotton crepe. and of being extremely easy to wash.—Fibre or cocoanut matting that is faded and worn off. It penetrates more quickly than cold. After it is washed. materials before washing. To Restore Pearl Buttons to To Renovate Matting. In this way the flannels may be kept looking like new. grate two medium sized potatoes as fine as possible. put it over the flannel and iron until the garmei-t is dry. and of a sufficiently rough surface to give a very brilliant polish to glasswars. use warm water instead ot cold. roll the towel and garment with it as tightly as you can. wash and starch as usual. When Cutting Out Clothing. To the grated potato add one half-cup of vinegar and one-fourth cup of salt. but still too good to throw away. to remove the stiffness. but they are sun-proof against fading. An Excellent Glass Towel is green dyes. lay it flat on a bath towel. well with a chamoise akin. using a paint brush. Lay the pattern on the material and press it lightly with the warm iron. Shrink Linen Lace before making it up in a w a s h dress to avoid its puckering when the dress is laundered. then add one gallon of rain water. Allow this mixture to stand for ten minutes. The silk will not draw or slip if the table is covered with felt or heavy rough material.thoroughly dry. The pattern will cling to the cloth. Then sprinkle with nail powder and rub. In a short time the towel will absorb enough of the moisure so that the garment will be just right for ironing. enough for one mat. then go Perspiration 8 t a l n « on white over the entira surface with dresses may be removed by their original brightness.

when a gentleman said to me: " T r y a bottle of Clements Tonic.K. You can rely on me always doing my best to aid the future of Clements Tonic. I made up my mind to go to the East to see if I could be cured.) E D W A R D COLLS. Several peopl® know how I got cured.' |I N I - ——— Mr. I tell them to get Clements Tonic and take it according to the directions. The manager at Bradshaw's told me there was a lot of customers taking Clements Tonic on since they saw what it had done for me. it may benefit someone who suffered like me. West Australia..— I have no hesitation in praising the wonderful benefit I have derived from the use of Clements Tonic.bottle. I had a stitch from the side of my left leg it used to affect my knee. Dear Sir. Yours faithfully. and they will soon be cured. and make use of this letter. I recommend it to anyone with weak nerves. Edward Colls Writes from Fremantle: Messrs.. . Colls & Co. I have had seven bottles and I am now O. (Sgd. Fremantl*. I would do anything to get relief. Baggage Agents. Sydney.. Clements Tonio Ltd. so sent to Bradshaw's drapery firm and got a 5 / . I was a complete cripple. I drank half the bottle when the stitch left the knee.". 36 Arundel Street. and I would fall to the ground.

—Soak overnight in clear. Wring from that water and put in a boiler of cold water. and there will be no rust spots on clothes or towels hung on them. in which has been shaved one whole bar of pure laundry soap. shake lightly. After this. Iron Rust May Be Removed from white dresses by rubbing the spot with a ripe tomato.first' dampening tho stain with a little lemon Juice and then rubbing slightly between the fingers. Then wash it in the usual way. cold water. The hooks may be dipped in white enamel paint and allowed to dry thoroughly before they are put up if one has no brush with which to do the painting. it will entirely disappear when the article is laundered. When New Shoes Burn on the Bottom. To Remove Scorched Spots which have been made on white goods while Ironing. have a tall stool on which to sit. Let the water heat gradually. launder with soap and water. Rinse in a quart of water in which has been dissolved one teaspoonful of gum arabic. covering it with salt.and they often are difficult to remove. Ink or Shoe Pollah 8taln® and Feet When Ironing. Add one tablespoon of borax. a size larger than the size usually worn should be chosen. To Whiten Unbleached Muslin. and finally washing the garment in clear warm water.. then allow it to boil for ten or fifteen minutes.—Slip a piece of thin paper in the bottom of the shoes and you will be much more comfortable. and then press between heavy blankets or canton flannel. F r u i t Stains are b o u n d o t g e t on table linen. T o Relieve the Strain on Back Paint All Iron Hooka in tho pantry. If the spot is wet with a little camphor before the stain has been wet with water. If bought especially for this purpose. and allow it to remain outdoors for two or three days and nights. A Face V e i l Need Not Be Dis- carded when it becomes limp and unsightly. easily may be removed from cotton goods by immediately placing the stained material in fresh sweet milk and allowing it to remain there for an hour or two. and letting it dry in the sunlight. kitchen. Cotton Gloves Worn In Doing Housework are cooler and better in every way than old kid gloves. and it will be m good a i n e w . or bathroom. Hang the material out to dry without rinsing. rub over the spot a cloth dipped in diluted teroxlde. f l e e r ' s PiUe reSiste . You will be astonished at the amount of work that you can accomplish without feeling in the least tired.

11 a. " I T PUTS T H E 'VITAL' I N T O V I T A L I T Y .m. and 3 p. impaired vitality and similar ailments. neuritis. " . There is no alcohol or narcotics in C L E M E N T S TONIC. Keep a bottle in your office or at home. Just about mid-way between meals you have probably experienced that "sinking" feeling. and rely on a cup of tea or other stimulants to buck you up. Why not follow the example of many business men and take C L E M E N T S T O N I C W I T H SO DAW A T E R? It infuses energising nutriment to the blood and drives out the fatiguing impurities that cause that slowing-up about eleven o'clock or three.m. Taken with water or soda-water—either way—you'll find it pleasantly beneficial and invigorating. insomnia. It affords relief from anaemia.

If a pinch of salt is added to the oil the light will be brighter. Rinse in water prepared the same way.—A fact as chiffons or dimities or any goods that do not require starah. To Wash White ing as tightly as possible. and to each quart add two teaspoons pure ammonia. Hints for the Care of Lamps worth knowing is that matches can be made waterproof without injury by dropping them in very hot melted wax. Dip the lace into the liquor. Allow them to cool and they are ready for use. Leave the chalk on for a few minutes. . soft cream without the rusty yellow tinge so often seen. A mustard plaster made with white of egg will not blister the skin. To T i n t Lace a Soft Cream. such Waterproof Matches. and leave it rolled up until it is perfectly dry.To Stiffen Sheer Fabric*. It is easier to scale fish if they are first plunged Into very hot (not boiling) water for a few seconds. stir till dissolved. blue. It is well to remember this when camping trips are planned. The wax does not interfere with their striking. It will come out purple but it will dry a pale. roll up. To Remove Machine Spots. and if a drop of oil gets on the fabric rub it at once with the chalk. To Sew Lace on a Round Centrepiece.— Put half a dozeji Condy's crystals (permanganate of potash) into a cupful of water. Use a good white soap. When peeling chokos fill a dish with cold water and hold the vegetable in the water. and tie the roll with a string to keep it from unrolling. and if the wick is soaked in vinegar and then thoroughly dried before lighting. iron on the wrong side with an iron not too hot. even when it is turned low. A few tomato loaves placed in the meat-safe will keep flies away. v * lukewarm water.—Take make It rather Oae shilling bejs Fletcher's Fills . keep a piece of chalk at hand. and the garment will look like new and never grow yellow. —Roll t h e l a c e edg- in week-end homes and in farmhouses. You will then find the edge shrunk so that it will fit the edge of the centrepiece. and tfrey are absolutely protected from dampness. Then wet thoroughly just the edge of the lace which is to be sewn to the d'oily. Silk. then brush it out. and strain through muslin. the lamp will burn clearly without smoking. and it can be sewn on easily without any gathering.— When sewing white Oil garments. Stir the porridge with a flat egg whisk instead of with a spoon and the porridge will not go lumpy. add three tablespoonfuls of sugar to the rinsing water and the material will regain its original crispness. Your hands will not be stained and the choko skin peels easier.

Murphy The well-known journalist and press-agent. then Before I had finished one bottle. East Melbourne. .— " During tedious convalescence following a recent very serious Illness. T r y It I If y o u ' r e feeling " r u n . which 1 consider one of Australian's greatest productions. " Faithfully yours. irritable. Gentlemen. M U R P H Y . Melbourne. the excellent remedy w h i c h for over t h i r t y years has been generally regarded as A U S T R A L I A ' S F A M I L Y M E D I C I N E . call at the nearest chemist or store and p u r c h a s t a battle of C L E M E N T S T O N I C . " n e r v y . The above unsolicited letter emphasises the popularity of C L E M E N T S T O N I C . capacity to enjoy It.) .' progress became very marked. " I never fa!1 to recommend the Tonic. writes:— Laurlston Hall. my my recovery Great medical ? kill had m e the full saved my life. "(Sig. and CLEMENTS TONIC gave A G N E S G. and founder of the Austral Salon. and hurried along by leaps and bounds.d o w n . 1 one dqy remembered 'CLEMENTS TONIC. my old fr end.Miss Agnes G.

This excellent Australian remedy has von the of thousands. If you cannot get away for a change and rest." Such are the unsolicited tributes to CLEMENTS TONIC which (while not claiming to be a cure-all). the. Buy a bottle of C L E M E N T S TONIC n o v and take it for your Health's sake. Insomnia. anasmla and similar ailments. . One city business voman appreciation recently wrote:— " I really believe that Clements Tonic has been more beneficial to me than a month's holiday I recently spent at the seaside. will undoubtedly prove a positive tonic to sufferers of veak nerves' lassitude. next best thing to do Is to take a reliable t o n i c — C L E M E N T S TONIC.We Can't All Take a Holiday! Just when we feel the need of a holiday many of us find that business or home duties demand attentton.

" Whoa! You bery iibely to-day (bump) Mine Tinkit (bump) you bin takem Clements Tonic!" .

A. accentuated by the taking of oxygen_ effecting They became very However..500 feet. I feel it Is due to your excellent aviation medicine that I am now able to continue my "(Signed) A N D R E W LANG. Capt.Captain Andrew Lang. Andrew Lang. R.F. A friend recommended C L E M E N T S TONIC. I continued flying for a few months Upon my 1 felt I would and then decided to c o m e back to Australia. totally different. and after a month's trial I felt In fact. 30. arrival here a bad re-action set In never be well enough to fly again. Relates What Happened When He Lost His Nerve. In England. writes:— "After seriously 'monkey.' my World's my Altitude nerves. holder of the World's Altitude Record. R.. career.F.R. Record flight.A. Capt. the drain. you will too I Friends recommend it—maybe ." In every walk of life people are enjoying the benefits of C L E M E N T S TONIC.R.

C. LOCK. Yours cordially.) CHAS. Clements'Tonic Ltd. My business as an Advertising Salesman is very fatiguing and a big strain on the nerves and body.—In appreciation of the wonderful benefit derived from a course of Clements Tonic I write that others may learn of the merits of your invigorating medicine. Dear Sirs. .State Library oif Victoria 3 0 Well-known Sydney Traveller Writes: Hurlstone Park. Maybe you also could recommend Clements Tonic to friends whom you know are seeking relief from their ailments. Sydney. but Clements Tonic seems to restore the spent energy and keeps one fit for greater efforts. (Sgd. You may use this testimonial as you think fit.YER. Messrs.

are commended to take C L E M E N T S T O N I C . for the past thirty years. subject to anaemia. proved its efficacy in relieving the blood and nerve ailments that. overwork or worry. if neglected. It builds up the devitalised blood and nerve centres. Buy C L E M E N T S T O N I C from your local chemist or storekeeper and take it with water or soda-water—either way it is palatable and invigorating. . There is no alcohol or opiates in C L E M E N T S T O N I C . will derive benefit from the medicinal ingredients of C L E M E N T S T O N I C . The business man recovering from illness. Growing girls. in C L E M E N T S TONIC.Convalescence! After Baby's arrival the happy mother will find nourishing stimulus. and whilst it is not a panacea for all ills it has. for the nerves and blood. invariably lead to a serious break-down. It intuses strength and richness into the blood and ensures robust health.

No other injury w&a suffered except plaintiff's ability to smile. strength. That jury put the value of a emile into terms of £ £ £ ' » .£4000 for a Smile! A Kansas City jury recently awarded an accident victim £ 4 0 0 0 because the face muscles that make a emile were paralysed permanently. Yet here in the Commonwealth ere many people nerve-wracked and over-wrought with worry. . Smile from the sheer enjoyment of good health. and energy that C L E M E N T S T O N I C imparts. Why suffer another miserable hour with insomnia and similar ailments when C L E M E N T S T O N I C will assist y#u to regain normal health. overwork or illness who have almost forgotten how to smile. Are you a sufferer? Don't let it get too far— Take Clements Tonic and Smile.

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