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This text is for question 1 to 5 Television has certainly changed our lives. Today, most people watching TV to going to the cinema. Without it, nobody would have paid much attention to national or international-historical, political, sports, sport, etc.-events. Even, television proved that pictures of suffering can move a nation to pity. Besides, many things can be learnt from TV. Are there any disadvantages of TV? Many parents admitted that they found difficulties to stop their childrens bad habit, for example, they spend their leisure time for watching TV more than reading. Children become very lazy and irresponsible for their main tasks. This is of course denied by TV producers of people whose work is related to TV. They are very sure that there are a lot of benefits of TV for viewers, especially children or students. On the other hand, they honestly admit that some TV programs can endanger childrens mental. They regret because parents sometimes dont have much time to watch TV together with their children. They suggest parents to have more discussion with their children on any programs they have seen

1. What is the text mainly discuss about? a. Most people prefer watching TV than going to cinema d. Parents are suggested to have discussion with their children b. Television show information about international, political, social, etc e. Advantage and disadvantage of watching TV c. Children spent much their time in watching TV 2. The disadvantage of watching TV is .... a. Without television, nobody would have attention to information in the word. d. Many things can be learnt from TV b. Television proved that picture of suffering to nation pity e. Some TV programs can endanger childrens mental c. There are a lot benefits of TV viewers especially for students 3. Which the following statements is TRUE according to the text .... a. Most people prefer to cinema than watching TV d. Parents should not watching TV with their children b. There are nothing can be learn from TV e. All TV programs can endanger childrens mental c. Television make children lazy and irresponsible for their task 4. .... beside, many things can be learnt from TV. (paragraph 1). Close meaning (synonym) of learn is .... a. Read b. Watch c. Look d. Study d. Adapt 5. .... they spent their leisure time for watching TV. (Paragraph 2) . The word they in this sentences refers to ... a. Children b. Many parents c. TV programs d. TV producers e. TV viewers 6. Generic structure of discussion text is .... a. Statement of issue, supporting point, contrastive point, recommendation d. Thesis, supporting point, contrastive point, reiteration b. Statement of issue, contrastive point, supporting point, recommendation e. Statement of issue, contrastive point, supporting point, resolution c. Thesis, arguments, reiteration 7. Text discussion has communicative purpose to ... a. Persuade the reader that the idea is important matter. d. Inform how to do or to make something b. Entertaining readers e. Discuss problematic discourse such as philosophical, historic, and social text c. Tell the past event or experiences
This text is for question 8 to Two ducks who lived in a big lake had a friend who was a turtle. One year there was a very little rain and the lake began to dry up. One of the ducks said to the other, Soon therell be no water in this lake .Lets go and look for another lake. Yes, answered the second duck, but first lets say goodbye to our friend, the turtle. When they told the turtle they were going to leave, he said, Ill die here without any water and without any friends. Take me with you. The ducks answered ,We cant. We are going to fly, and you have no wings. The turtle thought for a minute and then said, Please wait here. T hen he went away and found a strong, straight stick. He brought it back to his friends, put the middle of it in his mouth and said, Now if each of you takes me one end of the stick in his mouth, you can lift me up and carry me with you. There is one danger, said the ducks, If you try to talk while were carrying you through the air, you wont be able to hold the stick, so youll fall down along way and break your shell. All right, answered the turtle, I promise not to talk while were in the air. So the ducks took the stick and f lew away, with the turtle between them. All went well until they were flying over a town. Then some people saw them and shouted, Look, those ducks are carrying a cat! The turtle got very angry, A cat? Im not .he said, but he did not get any further, because when he opened his mouth, the stick came out of his mouth and the poor turtle fell to the ground.

8. The problem faced by ducks is .... a. They dont have any wings c. They cannot fly e. The lake began to dry up b. There are a lot of rain d. They did not find place for stay 9. According to the text, how turtle solve the problem? a. By follow ducks find place for stay d. He found strong and straight stick and pit it in his mouth b. The turtle make two imitate wings e. He keep stay in the lake until it getting really dry c. The turtle walk while ducks f fly above him 10. The following statements is true, EXCEPT .... a. The ducks and turtle finally live find new place to stay d. Ducks carry their friends flying over the town b. The lake began dry up so ducks must looking for another home e. Turtle did not keep his promise so he fall down c. Turtle do not have any wings so he find strong straight stick 11. ..... He brought it back to his friends, .... The underline word refers to ..... a. Duck b. Turtle c. Mouth d. Stick e. Wings 12. ..... you can lift me up and carry me with you.... . The synonym of carry in this sentence is ..... a. Invite b. Bring c. Ask d. Go d. Fly 13. Which kind of story in NOT include in narrative text? a. Myth b. Experience c. Fable d. Fairy tale e. Fiction 14. The communicative purpose of narrative text is .... a. To inform the reader about events and experiences d. To entertain readers with fiction story b. To explain how something works e. To describe particular person, place and thing c. To discuss an issue according to some arguments


This text is for question 1 to 4 Last weekend, my friends and I went camping. We reached the camping ground after we walked for about one and a half hour from the parking lot. We built the camp next to a small river. It was getting darker and colder, so we built a fire camp. The next day, we spent our time observing plantation and insects while the girls were preparing meals. In the afternoon we went to the river and caught some fish for supper. At night, we held a fire camp night. We sang, danced, read poetry, played magic tricks, and even some of us performed a standing comedy. On Monday, we packed our bags and got ready to go home. We are really enjoy our weekend and plan to go camping next holiday 1. a. b. c. 2. a. b. c. 3. a. b. c. d. e. 4. a. The text is mainly talking about ..... A vacation on beach Camping on weekend Holiday with family How can we reach the location? About one hour from parking lot Walking about one and half hour By driving car from parking lot What are they doing in the afternoon? They built a fire camp Prepare go home Doing fun activities such as sing and dance together Observing plantation and insect Preparing food for supper ..... and even some of us performed a standing c omedy. The word comedy has synonym ... Humour b. Acting c. Dancing d. Theatre e. Playing magic

d. School camping competition e. Weekend in small village

d. About three hours walking e. Two hours from the parking lot

This text is for question 5to 8 Lucy Sandra Lucy Sandra Lucy Sandra Lucy 5. a. b. c. 6. a. b. c. 7. : Hi, Sandra! Do you have any plan for Saturday night? : Hmm I dont think so. Why? : would you come to my house around 7? : Sure, but whats the occasion? : I will have a birthday party. Our classmate will be there too. Will you come on time? : of course, Lucy. You can count me. : Thanks a lot, Sandra. See you. d. Lucy will held her wedding party e. they will do homework together

Why does Lucy invite Sandra to her house? Lucy will make a surprise for Sandra They will discuss about their vacation Saturday is Lucys birthday

.... our classmate will be there too..... The underline word Classmate has same meaning with.... Roommate Headmaster Friends at class d. Lucys family e. Teacher and headmaster

Robi : Hi, Jane. There will be a great film tonight. It's about Nasreddin. Would you like to go to the movie with me? Jane : ___________. I'd love to. When will you pick me up? Robi : I will pick you up at 7.30. Be ready The suitable expression to complete this dialogue is . I guess not d. Sorry, I cant go Maybe later e. Of course I dont think so

a. b. c.

8. What is the meaning of sentence: would you like to go .... a. Making appointment d. Expression of happiness b. Inviting someone e. Greeting someone c. Accepting appointment