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Conference Proceedings

From the Conference to Xplore

Kevin Dresely Sr. Manager, Conference Content Management Pat Thompson Acquisition Administrator, Conference Publication Operations

Timeline Technical Program Conference Publication Program IEEE Conference Publication Form Letter of Acquisition Whats required for submission Xplore CD Formatting Example Preparing Conference Content for the Xplore Digital Library PDF eXpress IEEE Copyright forms Posting to Xplore Indexing and Abstracting Partners and why are they important Beware of Common Submission Mistakes Submission Problems Lead to IEEE Xplore Content/Platforms/Products Contact Information

15-12 months before conference start date Develop technical program Establish paper submission process and deadlines 12-9 months before conference start date Submit IEEE Publication form Register for PDF eXpress Register to use the IEEE Electronic Copyright form 4-3 months before conference start date Organize and prepare for production of conference publication Just prior to conference start date Complete production of conference publication 1 week to 30 days after conference end date Submit Xplore compliant files to IEEE

Technical Program
The Technical Program is the heart of an IEEE Conference. It is a series of presentations delivered at the conference covering a range of scientific areas directly related to the technical scope of the conference. These presentations are based upon academic papers selected through the Paper Submission and Review Process conducted by the Technical Program Committee. For more information see, Developing the Final Program at /pubs/final_program.html

Conference Publication Program

Acquire conference content for post-conferences distribution (including Xplore) as well as promote and provide optimal dissemination of IEEE conference content.


Meeting must be sponsored or co-sponsored (financially or technically) by IEEE to be eligible for inclusion. Submission of the IEEE Information Schedule and Conference Publication Form is required.

IEEE Conference Publication Form

Required for post-conference distribution, to obtain Letter of Acquisition (LOA) which includes the IEEE Catalog Number, ISBN and ISSN numbers if applicable
To begin the process, please fill out the form found at:

Letter of Acquisition
Upon the receipt of the IEEE Conference Publication Form, the IEEE Conference Publication Operations staff will issue a Letter of Acquisition (LoA) with information required for producing your conference content. The LoA is a formal agreement between your conference and IEEE.

Make sure to read, sign and return the LoA to

Letter of Acquisition-continued
The following information will be provided to you in the LoA. Titling information Submissions Required Catalog Numbers Copyright Information Shipping Instructions Additional Resources

Please adhere to all requirements outlined in your Letter of Acquisition. Non adherence will delay the availability of your conference proceedings in Xplore and the indexing of your papers.

Whats Required for Submission

You must provide three (3) identical sets of IEEE Xplorecompliant PDF files plus a packing list for all of your conference material, no later than 30 days after conference end date. This material must include all PDF files associated with the publication (covers, front matter, table of contents, technical papers, etc). If the files do not appear on the packing list, they will not be uploaded to IEEE Xplore. We may also request additional copies of the materials you provided to your attendees/delegates, for administrative purposes.

Xplore CD Formatting Example

Preparing Conference Content for the Xplore Digital Library

Three Ways To Prepare Your Submission: 1. Preparation by IEEE IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing and Conference Publishing Services (CPS), a division of IEEE Computer Society both offer fee-based publishing services including preparation of PDFs for the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Links to the IEEE publishing groups.

Express Publishing: html

Conference Publishing Services

Preparing Conference Content for the Xplore Digital Library

2. Preparation by a qualified third-party vendor Xplore-compliant PDFs may be prepared by a third-party vendor. The vendor should review the IEEE Xplore requirements and confirm its capability to deliver compliant files. 3. Preparation by an IEEE Conference Organizer If your authors are preparing their own PDFs, you should register your conference for IEEE PDF eXpress -- a free, online tool for authors that will allow them to either convert their documents into compatible PDFs or to submit their own PDFs for compatibility testing.

PDF eXpress
Complimentary tool to

Help your authors convert a wide range of application formats to IEEE Xplore-compliant PDFs Check author created PDFs and report whether or not they are IEEE Xplore-compliant Provide assistance to correct problems with PDFs Ensure timely posting of your conference content to IEEE Xplore See the Timeline for when to register for a PDF eXpress site express.html

IEEE Copyright Forms

Everyone can now use the Electronic IEEE Copyright Form: For conferences using a manuscript submission system the conference pub chair needs to register to use the eCF via: For conferences without a manuscript submission system, the chair should sign up to use the tool via: IEEE Intellectual Property Rights E-mail:

Posting to Xplore
The 2009 average for receipt of conference content to Xplore posting is 15 days. Timeliness of your content delivery affects
Number of times your authors are cited How often your content is downloaded from Xplore How quickly printed proceedings are delivered to waiting libraries How quickly information gets to 90+ Abstract & Indexing organizations

Indexing and Abstracting Partners

Comprehensive partners Elsevier- IEEEs partnering arrangement with Elsevier includes integrating abstracts and index entries from articles in all IEEE Conferences provided that the articles are available as full-text PDFs with corresponding abstracts. At the present time, Elsevier is unable to integrate multimedia. Thomson- IEEEs partnering arrangement with Thomson is similar to Elsevier's. however, Thomson reviews each conference PDF sent, for accuracy (ISBNs, page numbering, TOC). We have recently implemented an efeed, however thus far it has proven to be a challenge.

Indexing and Abstracting Partners (continued)

IETs Inspec-IEEEs partnering arrangement with IET includes abstract records for all IEEE Conferences , including the title, author(s), publication identity, page numbers, and Document Object Identifier (DOI). They provide IEEE with indexing and IET keywords that we use in our Xplore Record. OCLCs Worldcat-Network of library content and services that uses the Web to allow institutions be more connected. Information seekers link to our content more immediately. IEEE conference content may also be indexed with specialized partners based on their conference scope. (ACM, NLM, APA)

Indexing and Abstracting Partners (continued)

Why are Partners important: Research is widely accessible Drives users to IEEE Xplore Improved Impact factor
Conference papers as they currently appear in Xplore are indexed through many service agencies, and it is the practice of these agencies to index only entire publications, therefore at this time, there is no way to re-index an individual paper.

Beware of Common Submission Mistakes

Xplore compliant files not submitted Packing list not included or incorrect # of files on Xplore CD do not match Packing List Some unique identifiers assigned incorrectly Authors name cited incorrectly or misspelled All media should be submitted together

Submission Problems Lead to

Posting delays, both to Xplore and A&I partners Difficulty in discovering your content in Xplore

Complete information gets articles found

If you cant find it, you cant cite it!

IEEE Xplore
IEEE Xplore contains the final versions of the Proceedings from IEEE conferences. Final versions may exclude papers not presented at the conference or papers for which IEEE lacks copyright

It is important to "Get it right the first time Eliminates follow up and reworks Ensures authors accurate presence in Xplore

Content Platform Products

(Foundational Intellectual Property Unit)

(Vehicle designed for making content available to users)

(Content that is sold to a user)

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Conference Content

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Coordinator, Conf. Pubs. Operations Allison Mohn

Vacant, Dept. Assistant, Conf. Pubs. Operations

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