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Which one of the following is most appropriate in op-amp. a) Low input & High output resistance. c) High input & High output resistance.

b )

b)High input & Low output resistance. d) None of the above. ( a ) d) None of the above. ( d )

2. The voltage gain of OP-AMP is a. High. b) Low. c) Unity.

3.Which of the following is the specification of ideal OP AMP a)Voltage gain b) CMRR c) Slew rate d)All the above ( c )

4.An operational amplifier amplifies a) Only one input signal. above

b)Two input signals. c)Difference of two input signals.

d)None of the

5)How many input terminals does Op-amp have. a)One b) Two c)Three

( b )

d)None of the above ( c) UNITY a ) d).Any value. ( b )

6. The CMRR of an OP - AMP should be a)High. b) Low

7. If A1and A2 are having CMRR 10 and 100,which is better. a) A1 b)A2 c) A1 & A2

d) None of the above. ( c ) d)none

8. The number of blocks in an OP Amp is a) 9. 2 b)3 c)4

The common point of two supplies must be ( b ) A) Power supply. b) Grounded. c) opened d)None of the above. ( a )

10. Most linear ICs requires ______number of power supplies a)2 b) 3 c) 4 d) none 11. The Input bias current (IB) of OP-AMP is a) High. b) Low. c) Unity. ( a )

d) 500 nA max.

12. The amount of input voltage that should be applied between two input terminal in order to force the output voltage to zero is called ( d ) a)Output offset voltage b)Input offset voltage c)Output offset current (c ) d)Output bias current d)Output offset voltage

13. The algebraic difference between two input bias currents is called a) Input offset current b)Output offset current

c)Input bias current ( c ) c)Input bias current

14.The average of the two input bias currents is called a)Input offset current b)Output offset curren t

d)Output bias current

15.The supply current of an op-amp is a) 2.8mA b) 5mv 16.The Slew rate of OP-AMP is (741 c) a)0.5V/s. b) Low.

) c)3mA d) 3mv dc

( a

) d)0.8 V/s ) d)None a )

c)Unity. ( b c)10c to 100c ( c) 100

17.Operating temperature range of A 741C. a)-55c to 125c b) 0c to 70c

18. Supply voltage for A741E is a) 22 b) 18

d)None ( b )

19.In the linear circuits the output signal varies with the input signal in a a) Nonlinear matter. B) linear matter c)Both a and b ( a )

d) none

20.Negative feedback is used in op-amp to construct a) 21. Amplifier b) Oscillator

c) Transducer ( c )


In negative feedback amplifier which parameter increases a) Gain b)Noise c)Bandwidth

d) Output impedance a )

22. Phase difference between input and output of non inverting amplifier is( a) 00





None of the above ( b )

23 .The input resistance of non inverting amplifier with feedback Rif is a) Ri b)Ri(1+AB) c)Ri(1+AB)

d) None ( c )

24.Phase difference between input and output terminals of inverting amplifier is a)90 b)120 c)180 d)200 )

25.The input resistance of inverting amplifier with feedback Rif is( b a) Ri (1+AB) b) Ri c) Ri (1+AB) ( b ) d)Regulator ( b ) d) None

26. Voltage follower is used as a. Amplifier b)Buffer


27. The basic differential amplifier can be used as a. Adder b)Subtraction c) Multiplier

d)Divider ( d )

28. For an integrator if the input is a sine wave then the output will be a. Triangular wave b) Square wave c)Saw tooth wave

d)Cosine wave

29.Current to voltage converter converts input current into a) Resistance b)Inductance c)Voltage ( d)

c )

d)None of the above

30. Current voltage converter is used in

a)Low Voltage dc and ac voltmeters b) Light emitting diodes c) Zener diode testers d)All of the above 31. Differential instrumentation amplifier consists of ____ number of Op-amps b)Two c)Three d)None ( d ) c)Hall effect devices d)All the above ( c )


32. The isolation can be achieved by the use of a)Trans formers b)Photo transistors

33.The isolation amplifier is needed in industrial and medical instrumentation because it has ( a) d ) b)High isolation resistance d)All the above ( a) c)Both d)None

High common mode voltage capability

b) High common mode rejection 34) Comparator can be also called as a) Voltage level detector

b)Analog to digital converter ( d ) d)Filter ( c )

35. What do we call a frequency selective network? a) Amplifier b)Diode c)Rectifier

36.Low frequency application filters are called as? a) Analog filters b)Digital filters c)RC filters ( c

d)LC filters )

37. Which element is avoided in active filters? a) resistor b) capacitor c) inductor

d) op-amp ( b d) low L )

36.High power dissipation in inductor is due to ? a) high Q b) low Q c) high L

37. The active element used in filters is? a)Diode b)Resistor c)Op-amp

( c

) d)Rectifier ( b )

38. The bandwidth of band pass filter is ? a)fH + fL b)fH fL c)fH . fL

d)fH / fL ( d ) d)All pass

39.Name the filter which passes all frequencies well? a)Band pass b)Low pass c)High pass

40.What is the stop band attenuation for second order low pass Butterworth filter ( b )

a) 20Db


c) 15dB


41. Formula for cutoff frequency fH? ( c ) a) 1/ 2R2R3C2C3 b) 1/ 2R2R3C3 c) 1/ 2R2R3C2 d) 1/ 2R2R3C2

41. Mention the range of stop band frequencies in high pass filter? a) fL- 100kHz b) fL- 100kH 42.Formula for cutoff frequency fL? a) 1/2fC b) 1/2LC c) 0 fL ( c

d) None ) d) 1/2C ( B

c) 1/2RC

43. When frequency increases in first order HPF, gain increases by? ) a) 30 dB B) 20 dB C) 10 dB D)05 dB ( d) fX c )

44. Low cutoff frequency is denoted by? a) fH b) fC c) fL

45. What is the stop band gain for second order high pass Butterworth filter ( b ) a) 20dB b) 40dB c) 15dB d) 32dB ( a d. all ( c ) )

46. What's the value of Q for wide band pass filter? a. Q<10 b. Q=10 c. Q>10

47.. Pass band lies between which frequency? a. fC,fL b. fC,fH c. fH,fL d. none

48. In narrow band pass, which frequency can be changed without changing gain or bandwidth? ( d ) a. fL b. fH

c. fC d. both a &b

50.Square wave outputs are generated when the op-amp is forced to operate in ) a) active region above b) cutoff region c) saturation region

d) none of the

51. What is the output wave form of the integrator if the input is a square wave

a) triangular wave wave

b) rectangular wave

c) sine wave

d) saw-tooth

52.The saw tooth wave form has ________ rise time and fall time ( b ) a) equal b) unequal c) abnormal d) none of the above
53.How many number of terminals, the 555 timers has ( c )




d)10 ( a )

54. All voltages in 555 I.C. are measured with respect to a) ground a)25% a) D/A converter b) source b)10% c) reset
( c )

d) trigger d)90%
( b )

55. Square wave generator duty cycle must be

c) 50%

56. Comparator is also known as

b)A/D converter

c)voltage converter ( a )

d)None of the above

57. A monostable multivibrator is also called as a)One shot multi vibrator multivibrator d)Four-shot multivibrator
57. Bi-stable multivibrator is also called as (

b) Two-shot multi vibrator

c) Three-shot

a) flap-show

b) flip-flop


d) triode

58. The comparator is in non-inverting mode when the reference voltage is applied to the ( a) a)Non-inverting terminal b)Inverting terminal c)None of the above 59. A Schmitt Trigger circuit is also known as ( c )

a)Comparator above

b) Op-amplifier c)Comparator with positive feedback d)None of the

60.The Schmitt Trigger converts an irregular waveform to a a)Square waveform above b)Triangular waveform

a ) d)All the

c)Saw-tooth waveform