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Brand: Nissan
Sreenesh L Bhat (u112113)

Nissan. According to the latest ranking of car manufacturer brands in BrandZ.Established in 1911 as The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works[1] and later rechristened as Nissan Motor Company in 1933. has been successful in building up a brand name of its own in the Automobile Industry. world's largest brand equity database. BrandZ contains data on brands gathered from interviews with over 150. Merecedes-Benz. The leader is BMW followed by Toyota. Nissan has been ranked the fifth[3] strongest brand in the automobile industry. as it is commonly known. The brand pyramid is shown in the next page. Nissan has been able to do so by strategically and competitively pricing its products. which was created in 1998[2]. and Honda respectively. .000 people every year in up to 400 studies around the world. by keeping track of the technological advances in the auto industry and reacting positively towards it over a span of 80 years of its operations. The brand dynamic pyramid consists of five levels. Marketing research consultants Millward Brown and WPP have developed BrandZ. providing a wide variety of products for its customers to choose from. A person interviewed is assigned to one level of the pyramid depending on his responses to a set of questions. Building a brand is a process which follows a sequential series of steps followed one after the other. The BrandZ model evaluates the brands based on the Brand dynamic pyramid which will be discussed in the following pages.

The fact that it has been able to reduce the prices without compromising the quality and value of its products has resulted in high number of consumers in the lower band of products. Nissan has a long and rich history which has made it a popular name in Japan. The wide variety of products Nissan has also offers something for everyone and that too in all the price ranges. Presence: Active familiarity based on past trial. Nissan has been able to deliver the performance it promises to its customers. Moreover it also provides its customers with futuristic designs at affordable prices. saliency or knowledge of brand promise. Nissan makes use of the best possible technological processes for manufacturing which ensures quality and performance both internally and externally. Every customer wants a good product at an affordable price and expects it to deliver good performance for a long time. By delivering good performance vehicles Nissan has been able to earn the loyalty of some of its existing customers. Performance: Delivering acceptable and promised product performance. Moreover the technological joint venture with Renault has helped Nissan to operate in the European markets giving it an edge over other Asian automobile manufacturing companies who have lesser presence in the Europe. It currently manufactures automobiles in 20 countries and areas worldwide. its country of origin. in the right price range. Such a huge global presence has helped it to make its presence felt in most parts of the globe. including Japan and its products and services are offered in more than 160 countries and areas worldwide[4].Let us evaluate Nissan as a brand and assess it performance in these five levels of the pyramid. . Relevance: Relevance to consumer's needs. One of the strengths of Nissan has been that it has been able to price its products strategically and on the lower side of the price band in today’s highly competitive automobile industry.

low priced and variety of products.000 units sold worldwide[5]. But Nissan like other brands is working hard for many years now to understand the customer needs.000 vehicles is the next in terms of number of units sold.Advantage: Having an emotional or rational advantage over other brands in the category. This number decreases as it ascends the pyramid and Nissan is working towards moving higher number of customers towards the top of the pyramid. is the world's top-selling highway-capable all-electric car with more than 30. The Nissan Leaf is one such model which. There are not many automobile brands in the world which have a huge base of loyal customers. as of June 2012. Nissan as a brand has been not been able to successfully convert their existing customers to loyal ones. A customer is likely to be attracted to a product if it offers either an emotional or rational edge over its competitive products. Nissan’s products standout among the majority of other car manufacturer’s products in a way that if offers good quality. with global deliveries of 20. Bonding: Rational and emotional attachments to the brand to the exclusion of most other brands. . More consumers will be found at the bottom of the pyramid and the goal is to build as large a group as possible of truly loyal consumers. Nissan as an automobile brand has a large base of consumers at the bottom level of the pyramid. It is only through such relationship building activities that a company or a brand can expect to improve their performance in this highly competitive world. Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are such brands. The brand dynamic pyramid suggests that purchasing loyalty increases at higher levels of the Pyramid. Nissan has also catered to the needs of the environmentalists by venturing into the electric car segment. deliver the products that meet them. BMW. Mitsubishi i-MiEV. by sustaining a suitable relationship and increasing their loyalty to the brand. acknowledge their grievances and address them effectively. Thus there is an increase in the proportion of consumer expenditure on a brand as one ascends the Pyramid. Bonded consumers have stronger relationships with the brand and end up spending more on that brand. Nissan does not have many loyal customers. It is also developing activities and programs that connect with the customers and help to understand their needs better. [2] [1] [3] [5] [4] http://www.

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