Innovations in Education Book Series

The Innovations in Education book series is published by the Office of Innovation and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. The books detail how school systems around the country have put the No Child Left Behind Act to work.

Titles Available in hard copy and online:
Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online highlights six providers of academic coursework by delivering advanced on line courses to students through technology. The primary audience is for district and schools decision-makers who are looking for ways to give their students greater access to advanced course work and see online courses as an enticing option. (Order #ED003948P) To view the December 12, 2007 webcast (registration required). Supporting Charter School Excellence Through Quality Authorizing features eight charter authorizers that share a commitment to quality and remain focused on improving and expanding the education options in their area. The guide is designed to help policymakers at the state and national levels and to help current and potential authorizers replicate these successful models and practices. (Order #ED003636P) K-8 Charter Schools Guide Closing the Achievement Gap looks at seven K-8 charter schools that are dispelling the myth that some students cannot achieve to high standards. These schools are closing the achievement gap through challenging curriculum, high expectations, and the proper support that all students need to succeed. (Order #ED003767P) Video (27.6 MB) Charter High Schools: Closing The Achievement Gap offers real-life “lessons learned” in implementing No Child Left Behind’s school choice provisions. (Order #ED002720P) Video (27.6 MB) Engaging Parents in Education: Lessons From Five Parental Information And Resource Centers explains "how to" strategies that the Parent Information Resource Centers (PIRCs) use to improve or expand their parental involvement programs in public schools. (Order #ED003668P) Video (13.5 MB)

Creating Successful Magnet Schools Programs serves as a guide for starting a magnet program and suggests how to improve a program and evaluate progress. (Order #ED002262P) Video (24.5 MB)

Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification looks at six programs that prepare people who already have content knowledge, such as mid-career professionals, liberal arts graduates, retired military personnel, and other college graduates, to teach. (Order #ED002263P)

Titles Available online only:
Creating Strong District School Choice Programs offers real-life “lessons learned” in implementing No Child Left Behind’s school choice provisions. (29.6MB) Creating Strong Supplemental Educational Services Programs shows how five school districts provided low-income children in schools in need of improvement with free tutoring and academic assistance. Video (29.6MB) Innovative Pathways to School Leadership provides examples of successful strategies to prepare candidates for school leadership. Successful Charter Schools profiles the successes of eight charter schools around the country.

Using the Books
The information in these books is in the public domain, which means that readers are free to use the content without copyright restriction. The books can be resources for educators, parents, policy makers, and community leaders.  MAIL THEM! Send copies to educators, parents, or community leaders.  LEARN ABOUT THEM! Invite expert speakers with firsthand experience to meetings, conferences, and seminars.  LINK TO THEM! Link to sections or full text on the Web.  PUBLISH THEM! Reprint then, post them on a Web site, or excerpt sections.  EMAIL THEM! Send the books or information about how to order them to your listservs.  QUOTE THEM! Share the success stories and advice in newspapers, magazines, or interviews with the press.  ORDER THEM! Request copies in bulk for colleagues or conference distribution. Online at Toll-Free at 1/877/4-EDPUBS By Mail at ED Pubs, P.O. Box 1398 Jessup, MD 20794-1398

For additional information, please contact: Office of Innovation and Improvement U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, D.C. 20202 Telephone: 202/205-4500 Email: