Value Creation through Innovation

Eric Zhuang, Asia Marketing Director Color and Additive, PolyOne Asia

services and end-to-end business solutions    2010 annual revenues of approximately $2.About Us: PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL)  A leading. and Asia PolyOne serves more than 10. South America. USA Operations in North America. global provider of specialized polymer materials.6 billion Headquartered in northeast Ohio.000 customers globally and offers more than 35.000 polymer solutions PolyOne has more than 4. Europe.000 employees worldwide in: — — —   More than 60 manufacturing and distribution facilities Over a dozen labs and technical centers Sales and service locations on four continents Page 2 .

additives. beads. including pellets. reduce manufacturing downtime and enable smooth product transitions – available in a variety of physical forms for different manufacturing processes. design centers. powders and liquids. color and additive systems. color technology. improve manufacturing efficiency. and support services  Expertise in wide variety of industrial and consumer markets  Color & Additives has synergies with other PolyOne product families  Over 30 manufacturing locations in North America. flakes. and sales offices located around the world  Page 3 .PolyOne Color and Additives PolyOne’s Color and Additive solutions enhance the performance of thermoplastic parts. Europe and Asia  Color labs. One-stop source of colorants.

OnCap™ Oxygen Scavenger . color and additive systems.OnCap™ Bio Impact T . and virtual color matching technology. Product Families:     Colorants & Additive Masterbatches Bio-Colorants & Bio-Additives Liquid Color Solutions Specialties: .OnCap™ Flame Retardant .Withstand™ Anti-Microbial .OnCap™ UV Absorber / Stabilizer .OnColor™ HC .Smartbatch™ Fiber “Fabric Soft Feel” Page 4 .OnCap™ Complete . single-component and multifunctional performance additives.PolyOne “Un-biased Solution” on Color & Additive Description: Standard and customized color masterbatches.

Customer Driven Innovation Guided by the voice of the customer. we develop and market differentiated. value-creating solutions. services and technologies. We help customers:      Enter new markets faster Expand their product offerings Enhance end-use product performance Build their reputation Attain safety and environmental benefits Meet regulatory objectives Differentiate themselves   Page 5 .

Industries we serve Appliance Transportation Building & Construction Electrical & Electronic Consumer Healthcare Industrial Packaging Wire & Cable Textiles Page 6 .

Drive innovation alignment with Mega Trends Improving Health and Wellness Protecting the Environment Globalizing and Localizing Decreasing Dependence on Fossil Fuels • • • • Aging population Longer life expectancy Healthy living Medical equipment • • • • Environmental focus Alternative energy Resource efficiency Biotechnology • Global leader/local expert with customized solutions Global OEM’s seeking one standard of service everywhere • • • • • Efficiency focus Reduced size/weight Mass transit Alternative materials Electric vehicles • • • • • • ISO 13485 USP VI colorants Antimicrobial additives Light Proof Radiation shielding • Bio-colorants. Bioadditives Additives for recyclability Photovoltaic back sheet laminates • • Innovation centers in Asia Globalization of Specialty Business and key account management Expanding geographic presence • Approx. 200 kgs of plastic in a car.forecasted to double or triple by 2015 Metal to plastics conversion reduces weight up to 50% Paint to plastic conversion improve both on VOA and process • • • • • Page 7 .

Market driven innovation pipeline Packaging Automotive Building & Construction Healthcare     Aesthetic Weight reduction Longer shelf life Clear packaging    Weight reduction Weatherability Metal and Paint replacement Anti Static Fabric soft feel Recyclability Scratch resistance     Process aid Weatherability Heat management Light management  USP Class VI colorant Anti-Microbial Anti Static Anti Fog Authentication        Recyclability Laser marking Light management       Wood grain effect Longer shelf life Ongoing flow of innovation pipeline Page 8 .

dosing technology and refill service into an all-in-one solution. Maximizing aesthetic effect .   Innovative “Closed Loop System” Environmental responsible Benefits to Customer:       Page 9 Lower let down ratio Simplify Extrusion & Injection Molding Process Excellent compatibility Color Consistency Faster Color Changeover Excellent Clarity.OnColor Complete™ Liquid Color Innovation Market drivers: Aesthetic Easy to process Cost down Easy to switch How are we different? PolyOne’s patented liquid colorant system combines liquid color.

PolyOne Innovation on Healthcare Market drivers: Government policy & regulatory Emerging Importance of Branding Globalization & localization Product performance & liability How are we different? PolyOne delivers color and additive for critical healthcare applications     OnColor™ HC Custom Colorants OnColor™ HC Plus Pre-certified biocompatible Colorants OnCap™ HC Performance Additives WithStand™ Antimicrobial Benefits to Customer:     Page 10 Regulatory compliance Color consistency Hygiene and protection Aesthetic .

or halogens Resource Efficient: Solutions that help conserve the earth’s resources such as those that enable more efficient production. bisphenol-A (BPA). compostable or bio-degradable resources Reusable: Packaging and other logistics-related systems which are easily returned or reused Recyclable: Solutions which incorporate post-consumer or post-industrial recycle content or which lend themselves to recycling such as PlanetPakTM packaging system Eco-conscious Composition: Solutions that respond to ever-changing market needs by offering alternatives to traditional chemistries such as lead. phthalates. or support the use of.PolyOne Sustainable Solutions PolyOne has established the “PolyOne Sustainable Solutions” certification to denote those products or services that meet defined standards for sustainability in areas such as renew-ability. reusability. reduce part weight or material consumption. eco-conscious composition. recycle-ability. enable faster cycle times or lower energy consumption     PolyOne Sustainable Solutions Page 11 . or resource efficiency  Renewable: Solutions that are based on. renewable.

economic value through customer-focused collaboration and innovative polymer solutions Page 12 .PolyOne’s Focus is on Helping Customers Win We are committed to creating measurable.

J Hi-Tech Park. Luxembourg L-9749 +32 (0) 83 660 211 Page 13 . 201203. Ohio 44012 United States +1 440 930 1000 1 866 POLYONE PolyOne Asia Guoshoujing Road No. China +86 (0) 21 5080 1188 PolyOne Europe 6 Giällewee Fischbach.Global Headquarters PolyOne Americas 33587 Walker Road Avon Lake. 88 Z. Pudong Shanghai.

Thank You! Value Creation through Innovation! Page 14 .

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