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denkstatt Romania

Human Resource Management

toward Sustainable Development TOPICS

Who is denkstatt Romania? Why Sustainable Development? Challenges Opportunities Why trainings and Capacity Buildings?

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denkstatt Romania Who is denkstatt Romania?

Business consulting company providing services in the areas of sustainable development and environmental management Consulting company part of the denkstatt group

Consulting company member of INOGEN professional network

National VET center providing trainings in the field of
Environmental Management System, Environmental Auditing, Entrepreneurial competences, Waste management, Cleaner Production, CSR, etc.
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Our philosophy

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denkstatt Romania
Service areas:

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denkstatt Romania
Service areas:

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denkstatt member of INOGEN network

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denkstatt Romania
Why Sustainable Development?

Because until now we were too greedy and we destroyed a lot from our resources

HOW ???

Overlap the phase of We car , but We don't act

Proceed to Action and Prevention Preserve the environment by taking care about natural resources (preserve, reduce, recycle, re-use, rebuy) Economical growth without jeopardizing health and people wellbeing Overall - Greening Industry
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denkstatt Romania
Why Sustainable Development?

HOW ???

Understanding the actual social and environmental impact of our activity Management decision towards sustainable development strategies Resource allocation Implementing Sustainable Development concepts within your companies Awareness raising and capacity building within the company

Continuous improvement in activity by implementation of environmental management system

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denkstatt Romania
Why Sustainable Development?
Two main concepts governs sustainable development RECP Resource efficiency and cleaner production - CSR corporate social responsabilities

Benefits out of RECP implementation

Extensive package of services with high economic benefits Low environmental impact of the activities An expanded market for products (Eco-friendly products, Eco labeled product) Integration projects in production (Eco product design, the layout of a production section, the utility infrastructure) Facilitation of partnerships

Implementation of RECP drives to environmental management system implementation in the company

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denkstatt Romania
Why Sustainable Development?
Benefits out of CSR implementation

Reduce costs through more efficient management of resources (raw materials and materials at production)

Reducing risks for employees

Improvements in productivity and quality, higher efficiency and better management, employee involvement in the continous improvement program Increased access to markets and global supply chains Access to credit Increased sales An effective human resource base and personal loyalty

Improve brand image

Partnership Opportunities

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denkstatt Romania Challenges

Lack of knowledges and skills

Lack of Budget for training in the period of crisis Obtaining a certificate of graduation (requested by the company representatives) Lack of certified trainings due to national lines for some occupational standards International certification for those training programs which cannot be certified within national law frame Identifying the needs for training Convincing the companies regarding the need toward sustainable development training programs, and development of employees competencies in this field

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denkstatt Romania Opportunities

ECQA certifications (or other), for those training programs which can not be certified within the national law frame Funded projects with one main objective professional certified training programs Involvement companies management in some projects with the main objective - employees competences development

Development of VET centers

Universities involvement in the process of educational quality improvement by internal development of trainers

Creating bridges between VET centers and companies for better understanding and development of professional training programs in close relation with production challenges
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denkstatt Romania
Why trainings and capacity building?

Continuous development of employees Increasing employees performance Employees motivation

Increasing production efficiency

Resource efficiency & Economical benefits Product sustainability and low market risk

Better resource management

Low risk for employees migration A better management system

Adaptability of employees to market changes, production changes

A better production strategy development Step toward sustainable development with qualified employees
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denkstatt Romania


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