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VM1 - Statically Indeterminate Reaction Force Analysis VM2 - Beam Stresses and Deflections VM3 - Thermally Loaded Support

Structure VM4 - Deflection of a Hinged Support VM5 - Laterally Loaded Tapered Support Structure VM6 - Pinched Cylinder VM7 - Plastic Compression of a Pipe Assembly VM8 - Parametric Calculation of Point-to-Point Distances VM9 - Large Lateral Deflection of Unequal Stiffness Springs VM10 - Bending of a Tee-Shaped Beam VM11 - Residual Stress Problem VM12 - Combined Bending and Torsion VM13 - Cylindrical Shell under Pressure VM14 - Large Deflection Eccentric Compression of a Column VM15 - Bending of a Circular Plate Using Axisymmetric Elements VM16 - Bending of a Solid Beam (Plane Elements) VM17 - Snap-Through Buckling of a Hinged Shell VM18 - Out-of-Plane Bending of a Curved Bar VM19 - Random Vibration Analysis of a Deep Simply-Supported Beam VM20 - Cylindrical Membrane under Pressure VM21 - Tie Rod with Lateral Loading VM22 - Small Deflection of a Belleville Spring VM23 - Thermal-structural Contact of Two Bodies VM24 - Plastic Hinge in a Rectangular Beam VM25 - Stresses in a Long Cylinder VM26 - Large Deflection of a Cantilever VM27 - Thermal Expansion to Close a Gap VM28 - Transient Heat Transfer in an Infinite Slab VM29 - Friction on a Support Block VM30 - Solid Model of Surface Fillet VM31 - Cable Supporting Hanging Loads VM32 - Thermal Stresses in a Long Cylinder VM33 - Transient Thermal Stress in a Cylinder VM34 - Bending of a Tapered Plate (Beam) VM35 - Bimetallic Layered Cantilever Plate with Thermal Loading VM36 - Limit Moment Analysis VM37 - Elongation of a Solid Bar VM38 - Plastic Loading of a Thick-Walled Cylinder VM39 - Bending of a Circular Plate with a Center Hole VM40 - Large Deflection and Rotation of a Beam Pinned at One End VM41 - Small Deflection of a Rigid Beam VM42 - Barrel Vault Roof under Self Weight VM43 - Bending of an Axisymmetric Thick Pipe

VM44 - Bending of an Axisymmetric Thin Pipe VM45 - Natural Frequency of a Spring-Mass System VM46 - Flow between Rotating Concentric Cylinders VM47 - Torsional Frequency of a Suspended Disk VM48 - Natural Frequency of a Motor-Generator VM49 - Electrostatic Field Analysis of Quadpole Wires VM50 - Fundamental Frequency of a Simply Supported Beam VM51 - Electrostatic Forces between Charged Spheres VM52 - Automobile Suspension System Vibration VM53 - Vibration of a String under Tension VM54 - Vibration of a Rotating Cantilever Blade VM55 - Vibration of a Stretched Circular Membrane VM56 - Hyperelastic Thick Cylinder under Internal Pressure VM57 - Torsional Frequencies of a Drill Pipe VM58 - Centerline Temperature of a Heat Generating Wire VM59 - Lateral Vibration of an Axially-loaded Bar VM60 - Natural Frequency of a Cross-ply Laminated Shell VM61 - Longitudinal Vibration of a Free-free Rod VM62 - Vibration of a Wedge VM63 - Static Hertz Contact Problem VM64 - Thermal Expansion to Close a Gap at a Rigid Surface VM65 - Transient Response of a Ball Impacting a Flexible Surface VM66 - Vibration of a Flat Plate VM67 - Radial Vibrations of a Circular Ring VM68 - PSD Response of a Two DOF Spring-mass System VM69 - Seismic Response VM70 - Seismic Response of a Beam Structure VM71 - Transient Response of a Spring-Mass-Damper System VM72 - Logarithmic Decrement VM73 - Free Vibration with Coulomb Damping VM74 - Transient Response to an Impulsive Excitation VM75 - Transient Response to a Step Excitation VM76 - Harmonic Response of a Guitar String VM77 - Transient Response to a Constant Force VM78 - Transverse Shear Stresses in a Cantilever Beam VM79 - Transient Response of a Bilinear Spring Assembly VM80 - Plastic Response to a Suddenly Applied Constant Force VM81 - Transient Response of a Drop Container VM82 - Simply Supported Laminated Plate under Pressure VM83 - Impact of a Block on a Spring Scale VM84 - Displacement Propagation along a Bar with Free Ends VM85 - Transient Displacements in a Suddenly Stopped Moving Bar VM86 - Harmonic Response of a Dynamic System

VM87 - Equivalent Structural Damping VM88 - Response of an Eccentric Weight Exciter VM89 - Natural Frequencies of a Two-mass-spring System VM90 - Harmonic Response of a Two-Mass-Spring System VM91 - Large Rotation of a Swinging Pendulum VM92 - Insulated Wall Temperature VM93 - Temperature Dependent Conductivity VM94 - Heat-generating Plate VM95 - Heat Transfer from a Cooling Spine VM96 - Temperature Distribution in a Short, Solid Cylinder VM97 - Temperature Distribution along a Straight Fin VM98 - Temperature Distribution along a Tapered Fin VM99 - Temperature Distribution in a Trapezoidal Fin VM100 - Heat Conduction across a Chimney Section VM101 - Temperature Distribution in a Short Solid Cylinder VM102 - Cylinder with Temperature Dependent Conductivity VM103 - Thin Plate with Central Heat Source VM104 - Liquid-Solid Phase Change VM105 - Heat Generating Coil with Temperature Conductivity VM106 - Radiant Energy Emission VM107 - Thermocouple Radiation VM108 - Temperature Gradient across a Solid Cylinder VM109 - Temperature Response of a Suddenly Cooled Wire VM110 - Transient Temperature Distribution in a Slab VM111 - Cooling of a Spherical Body VM112 - Cooling of a Spherical Body VM113 - Transient Temperature Distribution in an Orthotropic Metal Bar VM114 - Temperature Response to Increasing Temperature VM115 - Thermal Response of a Heat-generating Slab VM116 - Heat Conducting Plate with Sudden Cooling VM117 - Electric Current Flowing in a Network VM118 - Centerline Temperature of a Heat-generating Wire VM119 - Centerline Temperature of an Electrical Wire VM120 - Microstrip Transmission Line Capacitance VM121 - Laminar Flow through a Pipe with Uniform Heat Flux VM122 - Pressure Drop in a Turbulent Flowing Fluid VM123 - Laminar Flow in a Piping System VM124 - Discharge of Water from a Reservoir VM125 - Radiation Heat Transfer between Concentric Cylinders VM126 - Heat Transferred to a Flowing Fluid VM127 - Buckling of a Bar with Hinged Ends (Line Elements) VM128 - Buckling of a Bar with Hinged Ends (Area Elements) VM129 - Numerical Differentiation and Integration

VM130 - Fourier series Generation for a Saw Tooth Wave VM131 - Acceleration of a Rotating Crane Boom VM132 - Stress Relaxation of a Tightened Bolt Due to Creep VM133 - Motion of a Rod Due to Irradiation Induced Creep VM134 - Plastic Bending of a Clamped I-Beam VM135 - Bending of a Beam on an Elastic Foundation VM136 - Large Deflection of a Buckled Bar (the Elastica) VM137 - Large Deflection of a Circular Membrane VM138 - Large Deflection Bending of a Circular Plate VM139 - Bending of a Long Uniformly Loaded Rectangular Plate VM140 - Stretching, Twisting and Bending of a Long Shaft VM141 - Diametral Compression of a Disk VM142 - Stress Concentration at a Hole in a Plate VM143 - Fracture Mechanics Stress for a Crack in a Plate VM144 - Bending of a Composite Beam VM145 - Stretching of an Orthotropic Solid VM146 - Bending of a Reinforced Concrete Beam VM147 - Gray-Body Radiation within a Frustum of a Cone VM148 - Bending of a Parabolic Beam VM149 - Rotation of a Tank of Fluid VM150 - Acceleration of a Tank of Fluid VM151 - Nonaxisymmetric Vibration of a Circular Plate VM152 - 2-D Nonaxisymmetric Vibration of a Stretched Membrane VM153 - 3-D Nonaxisymmetric Vibration of a Stretched Membrane VM154 - Vibration of a Fluid Coupling VM155 - Shape Optimization of a Cantilever Beam VM156 - Natural Frequency of a Nonlinear Spring-Mass System VM157 - Optimization of a Frame Structure VM158 - Motion of a Bobbing Buoy VM159 - Temperature-controlled Heater VM160 - Solid Cylinder with Harmonic Temperature Load VM161 - Heat Flow from an Insulated Pipe VM162 - Cooling of a Circular Fin of Rectangular Profile VM163 - Groundwater Seepage (Permeability Analogy) VM164 - Drying of a Thick Wooden Slab (Diffusion Analogy) VM165 - Current-Carrying Ferromagnetic Conductor VM166 - Long Cylinder in a Sinusoidal Magnetic Field VM167 - Transient Eddy Currents in a Semi-Infinite Solid VM168 - Magnetic Field in a Nonferrous Solenoid VM169 - Permanent Magnet Circuit with an Air Gap VM170 - Magnetic Field from a Square Current Loop VM171 - Permanent Magnet Circuit with an Elastic Keeper VM172 - Stress Analysis of a Long, Thick, Isotropic Solenoid

VM173 - Centerline Temperature of an Electrical Wire VM174 - Bimetallic Beam under Thermal Load VM175 - Natural Frequency of a Piezoelectric Transducer VM176 - Frequency Response of Electrical Input Admittance VM177 - Natural Frequency of a Submerged Ring VM178 - Plane Poiseuille Flow VM179 - Dynamic Double Rotation of a Jointed Beam VM180 - Bending of a Curved Beam VM181 - Natural Frequency of a Flat Circular Plate VM182 - Transient Response of a Spring-mass System VM183 - Harmonic Response of a Spring-mass System VM184 - Straight Cantilever Beam VM185 - AC Analysis of a Slot Embedded Conductor VM186 - Transient Analysis of a Slot Embedded Conductor VM187 - Bending of a Curved Beam VM188 - Force Calculation on a Current Carrying Conductor VM189 - Hollow Sphere in a Uniform Magnetic Field VM190 - Ferromagnetic Inductor VM191 - Hertz Contact between Two Cylinders VM192 - Cooling of a Billet by Radiation VM193 - Adaptive Analysis of 2-D Heat Transfer with Convection VM194 - Element Birth/Death in a Fixed Bar VM195 - Toggle Mechanism VM196 - Counter-Balanced Loads on a Block VM197 - IGES Write/Read for Thick-Walled Cylinder VM198 - Large Strain In-plane Torsion Test VM199 - Viscoplastic Analysis of a Body (Shear Deformation) VM200 - Viscoelastic Sandwich Seal Analysis VM201 - Rubber Cylinder Pressed Between Two Plates VM202 - Transverse Vibrations of a Shear Beam VM203 - Dynamic Load Effect on Supported Thick Plate VM204 - Solid Model of an Axial Bearing VM205 - Adaptive Analysis of an Elliptic Membrane VM206 - Stranded Coil with Voltage Excitation VM207 - Stranded Coil Excited by External Circuit VM208 - RL Circuit with Controlled Source VM209 - Multiple Species Flow Entering a Circular Pipe VM210 - Pyramid Validation of Tetrahedron to Hexahedron VM211 - Rubber Cylinder Pressed Between Two Plates VM212 - Modal Analysis of a Rectangular Cavity VM213 - Harmonic Response Analysis of a Coaxial Cable VM214 - Harmonic Response of a Rectangular Waveguide VM215 - Thermal-Electric Hemispherical Shell with Hole

VM216 - Lateral Buckling of a Right Angle Frame VM217 - Portal Frame under Symmetric Loading VM218 - Hyperelastic Circular Plate VM219 - Non-Newtonian Pressure Driven Sector Flow VM220 - Eddy Current Loss in Thick Steel Plate VM221 - Inductance Calculation of a Transformer VM222 - Warping Torsion Bar VM223 - Electro-Thermal Microactuator Analysis VM224 - Implicit Creep under Biaxial Load VM225 - Rectangular Cross-Section Bar with Preload VM226 - Fourier series Analysis of a Diode Rectified Circuit VM227 - Radiation between Finite Coaxial Cylinders VM228 - Radiation between Infinite Coaxial Cylinders VM229 - Friction Heating of Sliding Block VM230 - Analytical Verification of PDS Results VM231 - Piezoelectric Rectangular Strip under Pure Bending Load VM232 - PDS Response Surface Study VM233 - Static Force Computation of a 3-D Solenoid Actuator VM234 - Cyclic Loading of a Rubber Block VM235 - Frequency Response of a Prestressed Beam VM236 - Hysteresis Calculation of a Beam under Electrostatic Load VM237 - RLC Circuit with Piezoelectric Transducer VM238 - Wheatstone bridge Connection of Piezoresistors VM239 - Mechanics of the Revolute and Universal Joints VM240 - Thermal Expansion of Rigid Beams in a Composite Bar VM241 - Static Force Computation of a 3-D Solenoid Actuator VM242 - Series Expansion Study of an Annular Plate VM243 - Cantilever Beam with Triangular Loading Defined by Function VM244 - Modal Analysis of a Cyclic Symmetric Annular Plate VM245 - Squeeze Film Damping: Rectangular Plate VM246 - Cyclic Analysis of an End-Loaded Hollow Cylindrical Cantilever Beam VM247 - Campbell Diagrams and Critical Speeds Using Symmetric Bearings VM248 - Delamination Analysis of Double Cantilever Beam VM249 - Gasket Material under Uniaxial Compression Loading - 2-D Analysis VM250 - Gasket Material under Uniaxial Compression Loading - 3-D Analysis VM251 - Shape Memory Alloy under Uniaxial Tension Load VM252 - Gurson Bar-Necking Benchmark with Applied Displacement - 2-D Analysis VM253 - Gurson Hydrostatic Tension Benchmark - 3-D Analysis VM254 - Campbell Diagrams and Critical Speeds Using Symmetric Orthotropic Bearings VM255 - Delamination Analysis of Double Cantilever Beam Using Contact Based Debonding Capability VM256 - Fracture mechanics stress for a crack in a plate using CINT command VM257 - Transient dynamic analysis of a swing comprising of two rigid links and a beam with midspan mass. VM258 - Spin-up maneuver of a flexible beam.