The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation

From Exegesis, by Philip K. Dick
The Gnostic Christians of the second century believed that only a special revelation of knowledge rather than faith could save a person. The contents of this revelation could not be received empirically or derived a priori. They considered this special gnosis so valuable that it must be kept secret. Here are the ten major principles of the gnostic revelation: 1. The creator of this world is demented. 2. The world is not as it appears, in order to hide the evil in it, a delusive veil obscuring it and the deranged deity. 3. There is another, better realm of God, and all our efforts are to be directed toward a. returning there b. bringing it here 4. Our actual lives stretch thousands of years back, and we can be made to remember our origin in the stars. 5. Each of us has a divine counterpart unfallen who can reach a hand down to us to awaken us. This other personality is the authentic waking self; the one we have now is asleep and minor. We are in fact asleep, and in the hands of a dangerous magician disguised as a good god, the deranged creator deity. The bleakness, the evil and pain in this world, the fact that it is a deterministic prison controlled by the demented creator causes us willingly to split with the reality principle early in life, and so to speak willingly fall asleep in delusion. 6. You can pass from the delusional prison world into the peaceful kingdom if the True Good God places you under His grace and allows you to see reality through His eyes. 7. Christ gave, rather than received, revelation; he taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the "other time" in "the other realm," not here. He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos). 8. Probably the real, secret Christian church still exists, long underground, with the living Corpus Christi as its head or ruler, the members absorbed into it. Through participation in it they probably have vast, seemingly magical powers.

"the Great Satanic Blasphemy.outline . voluntarily losing our memory. the immutable prison world. We cannot know the date. light. and toss us down." is true. permeating it and thus reuniting the cosmos into one totality. was inflicted on us. Dick The belief that we are pluriforms of God voluntarily descended to this prison world. the mystical conjunction). To know these ten principles of Gnostic Christianity is to court disaster. To do this. is one of the most radical religious views known in the West. our being taken from our home the gardenland and put into the prison. as illustrated here). . heaven (upper realm) and earth (lower realm) were separating. This points to a primordial crisis in creation in the total macrocosm (hexagram 12. as the presently invisible kingdom separates and becomes visible. into its yang and yin two halves. and fell under the dominion of the delusion that the dark kingdom is real (which when severed from 2 . During this time period we are on the sifting bridge being judged according to which power we give allegiance to. faculties. 1978 Exegesis by Philip K. Yet I have reason to believe that this. The yin form two ( The solution was for the divine (yang. sometimes. It is regarded as the Great Blasphemy: replication of the original sin mentioned in the First Book of Adam and Eve and in Genesis. upon doing so they shed (and knew they would shed) their bright nature." the Elohim say.9. "They wish to be equal to . The division into "two times" (good and evil) and "two realms" (good and evil) will abruptly end with victory for the good time here. we are here voluntarily. We did not sin and we were not punished. whom we know through Christ. sparks) of light advanced (descended) into the dark kingdom. and powers.the sinking of its lower realm. First. form one) to follow the lower realm down. carrying the lives within the lower away from their form one (upper) counterparts (this can be viewed as the Godhead itself falling apart. memory. with the lower form universe as God expressed physically in time and space). (now he tells us?) pluriforms . the deranged creator demiurge of this world or the One Good God and his kingdom. But it is known. we elected to descend. identity and supernatural powers (faculties). Why? To infuse the divine into the lowest strata of creation in order to halt its decomposing .principles . For this pride and aspiration (we are told by orthodoxy) our original fall and exile and punishment. elements (in ancient terms. In conventional terms. deterministic) part was splitting away from the yang or form one. all of which can be regained through anamnesis (or.

The integrity of the Godhead is restored. the macro-microcosmos of Hermes Trismegistus and other mystery religions. the model of the winnowing fan and the concept of the vortex. It is in a sense acosmic. Yang must assimilate yin to keep the totality intact.healed. and find no fault in it." which I can understand). i. the yang or light god. i. regain their powers and faculties. its two halves function in harmony. In fact. the true creator. bad"). the descending (invading) sparks. Upon encountering these cryptic clues the forgetful sparks of the upper realm. I am amazed. have cunningly distributed clues in the dark realm to recall to the drugged and intoxicated sparks of light their true nature and mission (and true source of home). It cannot expect yin to rise. lord of the dark realm who poses as the creator (and who may not know of the light god. his other half). Brahmanism. This is a view compounded of Zoroastrianism. and once more there is one macrocosm ruled by the yang or active (creative) light god assisted by the now receptive yin (dark) side. only). Thus renewed and complete microcosms mirroring the renewed and complete macrocosm are achieved. These now whole creatures. they are the light god in pluriform. the master magician is stripped of his autonomy and assimilated to the yang part of the Godhead as its passive counterpart. composed equally of yin and yang. The lower realm sinks not because it is corrupt or evil or somehow has rebelled but because. There they have lived as prisoners of the master magician. and the vast. it is only noos 3 . as it is the nature of yang to rise. The light god (the divine) has now crucially occupied critical stations in the sinking lower realm. Christianity can be added if the pluriform microsparks of light are considered plural saviors or Christs comprising a single mystical corpus that is distributed widely in time and space in the dark realm but possessing only one psyche that is somehow also God. remember.e. but the Taoist overlay is novel and pleasing. yang must renounce its natural tendency to rise and must descend. and not very much of orthodox Christianity.the upper realm it is not. Reality is imparted to the otherwise irreal lower realm. are what I term homoplasmates: The yin part is home (as we know ourselves to be now. irreal. it stresses epistemological ("real vs. and certainly Gnostic. Instead of stressing moral aspects ("good vs. Taoism. and the upper realm now extends physically into the realm of matter. Gnosticism. But the light god and his pluriforms. and begins the reannexing of it back into the totality composed of both realms.e. the world we presently live in doesn't exist). the Taoist overlay redeems it from the flaws of conventional dualist religions and the problems therein. and link back up with the upper realm and the light god. The preSocratics (and Plato in "Timaeus") were aware of this. The divine has triumphed at all levels. because yin is not wise. The sinking ceases. now prisoners in and of the lower realm. it is the nature of yin to sink. and the primordial split (or crisis) is resolved . his way of invading the lower realm in disguise. the physical). v. I have read the above cosmology over. and the light or yang part is the plasmate or energy part (vs. as shown in hexagram 12. the prison is burst. light-filled garden kingdom restored as the home of all creatures.

in descending. literally disguised in the yin realm as if it were actually yin. abilities. On the contrary. we in our distress do not understand the reason either. we have renounced joy now. violating our own natures for a salvific purpose . it feels like punishment. which through its bright or wise nature it realizes it must make. and see for himself the similarities. thick. Peace: The upper trigram. and until anamnesis sets in for us. not noos [mind] but soma [body]. heaven and earth are not pulling apart. This is the agony we face here in this irreal and dense yin realm. Disorder no longer reigns. and faculties: It becomes pseudoyin. Moral: It is the ethical requirement placed on the yang traces by their own bright nature to abandon their natural tendency to rise. 4 . so to speak. alienated and alone. We are voluntary exiles here. to ensure the ultimate stability of krasis (as Empedocles termed it): the unity of love. Yin is. let him now read the Fourth Gospel in connection with this. meanwhile we ache with longing for our proper home. Descending into the yin realm is a sacrifice on yang's part. There is harmony. let him now see that hexagram 12 has turned to hexagram 11. unthinking. Thus we suppose we are being punished. even to the point of forgetting (until reminded).a necessary purpose. noos and soma (or psyche and soma) are the total universe organism. and we make the error of assuming we have sinned. to produce greater joy later. Lest any Christian reject this. for the good of all creation. Lest any Taoist reject this.that can understand that it must compensate against its own natural tendencies. we yang traces: This is not our home. dimly remembered but deeply felt for. we are the Godhead itself suffering the need to be what it is not. has forced the lower trigram to rise. to escape what is heavy and dark and sinking. and do what is unnatural to it. Yin would not understand this. they must go in pursuit of the falling part of the cosmos. Eventually it will be revealed to us. but it pays a great cost in terms of suffering: loss of memory and identity. that it is not.

there is a malfunction—a failure—of memory to fulfill. pluriforms . And then we go home for all eternity. And the most difficult . Could we do that? The tragedy is that by the very nature of the sacrifice we make we are occluded from knowing why. The adventitious information of gnosis. which gestalts the constituents of the messages into meaningful entities). one that hurts. just for a little while. Who else can do it? There is no one else. including immortality—it has further and more truly ultimate importance for the system (structure) as a whole. But consider who we really are.principles .and painful . My cosmology simply presents it as a fact. world—and self-experience. understanding. Because of this need there is distress in the cosmos. and to its overall its place. in Particular Those of Gnosticism and Christianity From Exegesis. then. This is the highest law: to violate one's own nature for another's good. cognition. distress for the innocent especially. There is only yin. Dick We appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system that. To escape it we would have to allow the cosmos to decompose. The part of the organism that knows must help the part that doesn't know. Or once were and will be again. gnosis).outline . which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit (world) via linear and orthogonal time changes (sequences of events). we sacrifice the knowledge of why we sacrifice. This is part of our sacrifices: our yang understanding. "Salvation" through gnosis—more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia)—although it has individual significance for each of us—a quantum leap in perception. a dreadful irony. with the core (main) content actually intrinsic to us— 5 . by Philip K.for the benefit of those and that which otherwise would be lost. We must take on the dullness of yin to save the cosmos. although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experimental information (knowledge. as well as continual signaling to us both en masse and individually (to us received subliminally by the right brain hemisphere. inasmuch as these memories (data) are needed or valuable to it. and assume guilt . to stimulate blocked neural (memory) banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there. but this means abandoning its own knowing.spurious guilt . identity. It becomes what it helps. consists of disinhibiting messages (instructions). and each of us possesses a somewhat different deposit from all the other life forms. There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit. which does not know. Therefore it is in the process of self-repair. This is asking a lot. But it is only Outline in Abstract Form of a New Model of Reality Updating Historic Models.

is occupied with thoughts of how to keep intact what belongs to them. D." The descendants of the animals understand perfectly that life is a raw deal and that sentiment has no place in it. in which case he did not speak for it but was it. and how to acquire the belongings of their fellow-men. the Gnostics. including early Christianity." in this case.e. and do a third. or seeing that a person can have completely different standards for himself and for others. and Elijah can be regarded as receptors of the entity's total wisdom. There is an old prophecy 6 . already there (first observed by Plato. Christ seems to have been an actual terminal of this computerlike entity. OUSPENSKY Well. As a result the descendants of animals have taken possession of the earth and the descendants of Adam are serving them. Nine-tenths of their time. The ancients possessed techniques (sacraments and rituals) used largely in the Greco-Roman mystery religions. There would be no variety More than anything else. for instance.") FROM TALKS WITH A DEVIL P. mainly with a sense of its restorative (repairing) value to the individuals. yes. Mani. however. the total entity). and Mani correctly saw the ontological value to what they called the Godhead Itself (i.that is. might is right. Buddha. whereby he can. "Was. But the descendants of the animals rightly think that would make life very dull. The descendants of animals always imagine that somebody wants to take away from them what they consider to be their property. to induce firing and retrieval. or sometimes all ten-tenths. that it is possible to think of one thing. They understand that in life. say another. for instance. allow and condone any act he performs himself. Essentially they wish everything to be constant. and they act accordingly. But the descendants of Adam are unable to carry such a load for long and they are constantly sinking under the weight of it and surrendering to those same descendants of animals. standing for "consisted of a microform of it. Their intellect is not capable of grasping such ideas. it discourages the separation of the two. Mysticism is the most dangerous thing for the descendants of Adam to get hold of. The descendants of Adam only vaguely understand. (Note: While such "Enlightened" spiritual leaders as Zoroaster. that a truth proved in one case should be equally true in all other cases. while forbidding and condemning the same thing in another. that learning is a form of remembering). It is on the basis of a shared mysticism that they can recognize one another.

But fortunately this happens very rarely. the same emotion in one man can manifest itself differently in others. So that is the secret.that Adam's descendants will unite on a 'mystical quest'. material reality did not exist for him. that is just what we need. It can be for us or against us. "Somehow I completely fail to understand you. I was delighted by this discovery. but in the way he was reading it. they are ours. they are inaccessible to us. when I took a look at Leslie. So long as people believe that in the experience of sex the realm of fact is not real. is the connection of sex with the mystical: that much talked about sense of the miraculous. in general all ordinary sober people belong absolutely and completely to the devil. "Earlier you said that you cannot see people experiencing emotions of love. And now you say that the easiest way for you to influence people is from that direction. the same emotion of sex can be beneficent from our point of view: when it is connected with even the slightest feeling of aversion. men and women. I knew this book. It is only those who have the capacity for romance or romantic moods. Worse still. I understood that the clue lay not in the book. not in the least put out. The majority of people. And it is very easy for us to deal with such people. To get away from reality means to get away from the devil. and feelings of immortality. and as a result of this become afraid and jealous. These emotions are effected most easily through sex. regard such things very realistically. But as soon as they begin to take it all seriously." At first I thought that the disappearance of Leslie depended on the book he was reading." said the Devil. These romantic moods surround a person like a wall and we lose him completely until the romance is over. You see. This Leslie White was one of the difficult ones. conquer the descendants of the animals. This is excellent. that the real is something else. or who experience 'wonder' in the sensation of sex [the Devil pronounced these words with scarcely disguised irritation]. These sensations take people completely away from us and make them inaccessible to our influence. to become invisible to him. To be frank. You see there are emotions of a material order through which people become accessible to us. in reverse. Herein lies the main evil. that people of dull reality. but we can do nothing. begin to hate and suffer. for it signifies. of course. On the other hand." 7 . without any romantic ideas. His whole being was immersed in the world of ideas. We spare no strength to fight it. I thought. who are completely inaccessible to us. with furtiveness and a sense of wrongdoing." I said. However. even knew the author. "The emotions of sex disgust and alienate us when they give rise to so-called romantic moods in people. Which is the truth?" "Both. practical work-a-day people. whose views I had always found rather too narrow. and rule the world. with a sense of guilt and shame. and I looked over his shoulder.

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