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Freedom from the Overindulge-Bulge

“That which we resist, we perpetuate”. Dr. John Ray

Overeating sets up one of those nasty cycles resulting in biological

changes, that actually causes more overindulgence; so, how do we pull
ourselves out of this pattern, living in a culture with “too much”
bombarded constantly with advertising designed to get us addicted to

It’s easy to fall into uncomfortable complacency, rather than taking the
initiative to LEAP out of this rut, and yet there IS good news! We can
shake ourselves, jump up and down, and change the course of our

We could say it’s all about “self-discipline”. But where does that
self-discipline begin? Part of it comes from managing mind and
emotions, and the rest can actually be addressed with physical habits.

Mentally we must begin with a choice to be clear and uncluttered; a

desire to become our best and highest expression; a commitment to
take control into our own hands, and be at peace in our body, rather
than a repressed pawn of the industrial culture.

The emotional component requires us to let go of addictive emotions

and old patterns that create stress hormones. Whether we do this
work alone, through dialoguing with friends or a men’s or women’s
group, or find a counselor or body/breath worker who specializes in
emotional clearing – most of us have some emotional issues with
which to get into right relationship.

Physically we can put certain habits into motion that over time will
shift hormones and body function towards leanness:

• LIMIT FAT CONSUMPTION - Mice fed a high fat diet will wake up
during their night’s sleep and eat; so a diet containing moderate
quantities of healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, coconut and
other nuts and seeds provides our fat requirements, while
eliminating desire to eat at night, which encourages fat burning.
• EAT SMALLER MEALS - Excess food triggers a cycle that causes it
to be stored as fat, but also produces excess insulin, resulting in
a drop in blood sugar, and craving for carbs. Smaller quantities
are burned much more efficiently.

• FAST BETWEEN MEALS AND OVERNIGHT – drinking water only. If

you want tea or coffee especially with something in it, have with
a meal. A number of studies have shown that under-
consumption of food leads to long-term leanness and
dramatically reduced potential for disease.

• CONSISTENCY of these positive patterns will cultivate proper

balance of the hormone leptin (determines if we are in fasting or
plenty) – managing proper burning of food and maintaining
metabolic levels.

• WALK 10,000 STEPS (about 5 miles per day). If there is one

thing that will change the course of your life, this is it
(decreasing the potential for both cancer and cardio disease by
50%)! Start with something easy and comfortable, maybe ½
mile, increasing once a week or so by another ½ mile till you
work up to 5 miles. If you’ve been inactive it may take the full
10 weeks to build up to 5 miles. If you’re relatively healthy and
active already it may happen in 3 -4 weeks. At any rate, go your
own pace. Eventually a goal might be to get 5 miles into 1 -1 ½
hours. Again – go your own pace – and walk 4-5 days/week!

The path you live is up to you. Make your choices count. You are a
magical being – beautiful, handsome, gifted…breathe deeply, be
empowered to live fully the moments of your life.

Cary Ellis, healthy diet and lifestyle expert is author of “Vegan/Vegetarian

Super Immunity™ Soup Recipes”. Follow regular health tips at her healthy
diet blog and find her free soup recipes and videos at healthy lifestyle site