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Green is the new black

– Going green all the way...every day...

Green IS the new black. Go green. You can be cool in it, cute in it, hot and sexy in it,
sleek and stylish in it, considered attractive in it, a wo/man about town in it, it goes with
everything. Going green. Going eco. Going now.

There's actually a book called Green is the New Black, about how blend fashion and
ecologically wise choices; as well as fashion pubs such as Peppermint magazine down-
under highlighting how to be eco friendly, ethically in style. Personally my best fashion
statement is found reused at a thrift store, or as my sister-in-law calls it, vintage.

For me it comes back to simplicity in everyday life. These are some of my everyday
"green" choices...

Do I need to buy this packaging, or can I get it in bulk?

Can I "just say NO" to the BAG (as in plastic or paper, sir, ma'am?)
Do I have enough cloth bags? (Did you know you can buy them for just $1 these days?)
Did I remember to reload my cloth grocery bags into my vehicle?
Where's my backpack?
Did I even bring along those reusable net bags for produce?
Can I make a stop at the local bakery or farm market for things that haven't been shipped
so far?
How can I reuse this container?
Can I splurge for organic?
Can I walk or bike to get there?
Do I need the house this warm, how about a sweater?
Turn the lights off.

I really do love my reused fashion statements - some of that stuff is cooler than anything I
could ever buy new, and cost just pennies - worn in, comfy, unique. When I'm tired of it I
pass it on to the next person, and let humane society or some other humane organization
make a little on it along the way.

Green is the new black. Green is the choice that will carry us into a viable future - and
our everyday choices are the ones that really count.

The Alchemy of Health

Alchemy is an ancient word describing a mystical science of transforming one substance

into another. With healthy living, we become Alchemists – transforming the body into a
regenerative state, growing more vibrant by the day. We learn to “wave our magic wand”
with good nutrition, healthy beverages, happy thoughts and words, as our life force grows
and amplifies.
In a society that has “too much” food and shelter, it’s an art to live with just enough – to
eat smaller meals of simple healthy foods, to get along with less. Experiment and
discover food and lifestyle choices that work for you; and cultivate them in your
surrounding environment. Seek friends, acquaintances and resources that support and
enrich your natural lifestyle.
Be gentle but firm with yourself while respecting others. It may be challenging to have
friends who complain about not feeling well because they don’t want to take
responsibility for themselves. Be and it will rub off. By taking the lead and honestly
expressing commitment to your lifestyle, you may influence your friends to choose better
for themselves in establishing good health.

As you perform the alchemy of natural living, your life will affirm a radiant state,
affecting all that surround you.

Cary Ellis, healthy diet and lifestyle expert is author of “Vegan/Vegetarian

Super Immunity™ Soup Recipes”. Follow regular health tips at her healthy
diet blog and find her free soup recipes and videos at healthy lifestyle site