PERFORMED: PERFORMED BY: Dr.Siva 27/3/2013; 11:30 A.M.

Summary Report Of Autopsy CORONER’S CASE # Julie Robert 2013-277 DATE OF BIRTH AGE 23/2/1990 23 RACE SEX Indian Female DATE/TIME OF DEATH BODY IDENTIFIED 27/3/2013 Mr. Danny 3:30 am [approx.] NAME CASE # 2132-1222 EVIDENCE OF TREATMENT: N/A EXTERNAL EXAMINATION:
The autopsy is begun at 11:30 A.M. on March 27, 2013. The body is presented in a black body bag. The victim is wearing a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt and navy blue sweatpants. Jewelry included two smooth-textured silver hoop pierced earrings, 1-inch diameter, one in each ear, and one 1-inch wide silver expandable wristband on left wrist. A 1.5-inch wide tan belt with green stripes is cinched around the upper neck using the buckle. The opposite end of the belt is tied in a half-hitch knot, which was used to affix it to the crossbar in the closet where the body was found. The body is that of a normally developed white female measuring 67 inches and weighing 118 pounds, and appearing generally consistent with the stated age


and stomach contents approximate the time of death between 2:30 and 3:30 P.8 and 1cm and is horizontal in orientation. crossing the anterior midline of the neck just below the laryngeal promience. Presence of the post-mortem ligature mark suggests that suicide in this case is highly improbable. an odor of bleach was detected. The skin of the anterior neck above and below the ligature mark shows petechial hemorrhaging. YCSD detectives were notified of this finding immediately upon conclusion of examination. The irises are brown and corneas are cloudy.Siva MD. The mark is dark red ligature and encircles the neck. are consistent with a soft ligature. such as a length of fabric. Upon removal of the victim’s clothing.MBBS.M. Immediate Cause of Death: Asphyxia due to ligature strangulation (Ligature B). Removal of the belt revealed a ligature mark (known throughout this report as Ligature A) on the neck below the mandible. along with the variations in the width of the ligature mark.PhD . a second ligature mark (known throughout this report as Ligature B) was observed on the victim’s neck. The width of the mark varies between 0. Following removal of the shirt.3 cm. Ligature A is made post-mortem. Time of Death: Body temperature. The absence of abrasions associated with Ligature B. symmetrically developed and show no evidence of injury.5 inches wide and encircles the neck in the form of a "V" on the anterior of the neck and an inverted "V" on the posterior of the neck. The pupils measure 0. on 27/3/2013.of twenty-six years. Lack of hemorrhage surrounding Ligature A indicates this injury to be post-mortem. There are no residual scars. The body is cold and unembalmed. rigor and livor mortis. Pubic hair has been shaved in its entirety within six hours of death. The genitalia are that of an adult female and there is no evidence of injury. consistent with hanging. Autopsy performed by Dr. The fingernails are medium length and fingernail beds are blue. Limbs are equal. No trace evidence was recovered from Ligature B that might assist in identification of the ligature used. Petechial hemorrhaging is present in the conjuctival surfaces of the eyes. markings or tattoos. Ligature A is approximately 1. wavy. The eyes are open. Minor abrasions are present in the area of Ligature A. Ligature B is not consistent with the belt that caused Ligature A. The hair is dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights. Manner of Death: Homicide Remarks: Decedent originally presented to this office as suicide victim. Lividity is fixed in the distal portions of the limbs. layered and approximately 11 inches in length at the longest point. Areas of the body were swabbed and submitted for detection of hypochlorite.