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2 theSun | MONDAY MARCH 16 2009

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Wong’s boyfriend still not found Doctors to
get more

by Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR: The probe into the distribution
of private photographs of Bukit Lanjan assembly- PETALING JAYA: The Health
man Elizabeth Wong is being hampered by the Ministry is providing “hard
unknown whereabouts of her ex-boyfriend. and soft rewards” to retain
The man is the key figure police are keen doctors in government service,
to question over the photographs posted on the Deputy Health Director-General
internet, leading to her tendering her resignation (Medical) Datuk Dr Noor Hisham
as assemblyman and Selangor state executive Abdullah said.
councillor. Speaking at a symposium on
Yesterday, Inspector-General of Police Tan “Future challenges for Health-
Sri Musa Hassan said the man has gone over- care in Malaysia” here, he said
seas and police would seek the help of their the ministry has implemented
counterparts overseas to trace the man to help several incentives, including
in the probe. more opportunities for promotion
Meanwhile, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan and fast-track promotions based
Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has yet to decide on on performance, opportunity for
Wong’s status, saying he would only meet her those who are on Employees
next week to discuss the matter. “I am still wait- Provident Fund scheme to opt
ing if there is any new development on the matter for the pension scheme, on call-
from the police,” he said yesterday. and location-based allowances
On another matter, Musa warned that those and compensation for doctors
who posted insults on Sultans in weblogs would who lecture in universities.
face the same fate as the six people who were Other incentives are
charged in court nationwide on Friday. opportunities for further
Musa spoke to reporters after witnessing a cer- Cheras yesterday morning. He shoulders a heavy responsibility Musa placing education and sabbaticals, sup-
emony of former Penang deputy CPO Datuk Salleh He said each and every police person- as his current portfolio is to oversee the the pips on port for research and publica-
Mat Rasid being promoted as deputy commissioner nel must display their capabilities and GOF, border management and security Salleh at the tions through the nationwide
of police and assuming the post of internal security their loyalty to the force to convince at all international airports nationwide. ceremony clinical research centres,
and public order deputy director in the General their superiors they deserve to rise in Musa said since police took over in Cheras tertiary education scholarships
Operations Force (GOF) Central Brigade base in the ranks. security at airports last year, crime rates yesterday. for doctor’s children who are
Salleh, 55, who joined the force as a had declined. He said serious crimes and eligible and annual leave of 35
constable in 1974, served in many sec- property crimes at airports dipped 55% days and 25 days for new staff,
tions but mainly the GOF. and 36% respectively. he said. – Bernama

Rosmah ‘shocked’ by political smears BERNAMAPIX
KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Min- explosives in a jungle clearing.
ister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s The deputy premier’s close ad-
wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, says viser, Abdul Razak Baginda, who ad- If they cannot
she is “shocked” by attacks from mitted having a relationship with the get my husband,
political opponents’ attempts to link woman, was charged with abetting
her and her husband to a sensational the murder but was later acquitted they get me, if they
murder. without his defence being called. cannot get me
But the wife of the man who Two policemen from an elite
is expected to take over as prime squad that guards VVIPs are
they even go to the
minister after Umno elections this accused of carrying out the grisly children ... they will
month dismissed suggestions the
accusations could overshadow his
slaying and are currently on trial.
Rosmah, who was herself linked
resort to anything
premiership and said the experience to the crime by a blogger who at all.”
had made them stronger. was slapped with sedition and – Rosmah
“When I heard these unpleasant defamation charges over the
things it shocked me, I can’t imagine allegations, said the furore was part
that somebody like that could ex- and parcel of political life.
ist on this earth and not feel guilty “If they cannot get my husband,
about making other people’s lives they get me, if they cannot get me
miserable,” she told AFP in a recent they even go to the children ... they
interview. will resort to anything at all.
“But as far as I’m concerned, “But it doesn’t matter, it makes
I’m not affected by all this because us much wiser, it makes us much
I know they will do anything to stop stronger, closer as a family, and more Rosmah, who has a reputation Malaysia’s most-discussed public
my husband from being a (leader), mature. for being formidable and outspo- personalities.
and they chose the wrong way.” “What’s important is your con- ken, portrayed her relationship “Like it or not, when you are the
Last year, Najib denie having an science, that when you wake up in the with her husband as close and wife of a prominent leader, you will
affair with 28-year-old Mongolian morning and you look in the mirror, are affectionate. be watched, talked about, assessed
woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, who you able to look at yourself and love In a country where news and analysed all the time. But they
was murdered in 2006. Her remains yourself, and ask yourself whether websites and blogs are a popular fail to realise I am also a human be-
were blown up with military-grade you’ve done the right thing.” source of information, she is one of ing,” she said.