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8 theSun | MONDAY MARCH 16 2009

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Penang plans tiger park
PENANG: The Penang government plans to open
a tiger park at Relau Community Park to attract
more tourists to the state.
a repeat of such problem and want to get views
from others before approving the tiger park
project,” he said yesterday.
Survey shows Malaysians
take pride in work
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the eco- Lim said the public have two months to give
tourism project would only be implemented the state government their views on the project
after considering views from non-governmental to be sited far from housing areas, with a new
organisations (NGOs) and the local community. public access road to be built via Jalan Paya
He said this was in line with the state Terubong.
government’s competency, accountability and “The lush greenery of the 100-acre Relau
transparency principle of implementing projects Community Park will be a good place for Malay-
transparently and fairly by listening to views sia’s first tiger park. by Tan Yi Liang The findings highlighted the importance of
from others. “The cost for the government-private sector employers in helping to bring out the best in
“The free WiFi project, opposed by many joint venture project will only be determined after employees by tailoring work that is “engaging,
people, is a good example. We want to prevent the tender is issued,” he added. – Bernama PETALING JAYA: A recent study by Kelly stimulating” and that encourages people to
Services revealed that Malaysian workers learn new skills.
were prepared to accept a lower wage or a “Employees’ aspirations will change
lesser role if their work contributed to some- markedly over the course of a career, so it
thing more meaningful. is important to recognise the things that are
The Kelly Global Workforce Index, which important at each stage to build and main-
polled over 100,000 people in 34 countries, tain a motivated, stable and high-performing
including 2,000 Malaysians, found that 48% workforce,” said Norman.
of people would forego income or status, with The key findings of the survey include:
those aged between 48 to 65 (the baby boom- » that Malaysians derive a high degree of
ers) the most likely to make such a choice. pride and self-confidence from their jobs,
“They place value on work which is per- where 94% said their work gave them a sense
sonally satisfying, which builds competence of pride and 87% saying that it raised their self-
and self-belief, and which helps to advance condidence;
long-term career goals,” said Kelly Services » 57% of baby boomers were prepared to
(Malaysia) vice-president and country general forego salary and position for more meaning-
manager Melissa Norman. ful work;
She said a significant number of people » 71% of Generation X (ages 30 to 47) plan to
were willing to give up some of their salary look for a new job within the next year; and
and their position if they could do something » 28% of Gen Y (ages 18 to 29) said they would
that was important to them and their organi- not choose the same field of work if starting
sation. out again.

Still interest in Asia among travellers
BERLIN: Despite the cassandra cries of eco- “However, I am cautiously optimistic because
nomic gloom and doom heard at the ongoing the ITB, which is a barometer of trends in the
International Tourism Bourse (ITB) of Berlin, the global tourism industry, also shows that there is
world’s largest tourism show, Tourism Malaysia is interest in Asia among travellers, “ said Tourism
“cautiously optimistic” about the inbound tourism Malaysia deputy director-general Datuk Amirrudin
traffic in the current year. Abu. – Bernama

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