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Re-Generation Initiative at Malmö University, Sweden

A Multi-Directional Generative Theater Production about Global Citizenship by Henry Scott, Debra Vidali, and the ReGen12@Malmö Ensemble
The Re-Generation Initiative @ Malmö project was created at Malmö University in Sweden during an intensive residency (November 9-11, 2012) with Henry Scott (Kennesaw State University, Atlanta GA USA) as artistic director and Debra Vidali (Emory University, Atlanta GA USA) as ethnographic director. It culminated in a multi-directional performance, with three remote actors on Skype, an in-house audience, and an international live remote audience engaged in a global classroom chatroom and other social media interactions on Twitter and Facebook, on November 11, 2012. The project was conceived in collaboration with Oscar Hemer, Director of The Communication for Development Programme in Malmö University’s School of Art and Communication, and was supported by the Centre for Communication and Glocal Change (Ørecomm), The European Union Regional Development Fund, and The Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry. Through improvisational and generative theater activities, as well as ethnographic interview training and writing exercises, the ReGen12@Malmö team developed a 20 minute performance piece to vehicle their experiences, frustrations, and questions about social and cultural stereotypes, and particularly what it means to live in multicultural Sweden. Malmö-based participants were from China, Columbia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, India, Latvia, Nigeria, and Sweden. As part of the Communication for Development (CommDev) Masters Programme's Global Classroom, three remotely located student-performers (based in Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Sweden) joined the three day intensive via Skype. They used Skype to create and rehearse performance material with the Malmö-based students, and during the November 11th, 2012 performance, they acted remotely via Skype link ups that were displayed on individual monitors on the theatrical stage. In addition, over seventy-five remote students in the CommDev Global Classroom (across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America) viewed the workshop, lectures, and performance live and engaged in live chatroom dialogue with each other and with the Malmö-based students and faculty. Several remote students contributed ethnographic writing for the performance piece. A video of the November 11, 2012 performance was published on the ReGenINITIATIVE YouTube channel Jan 31, 2013.

(above) Twenty students on stage were joined by three students via Skype to create a performance about Global Citizenship. (left) Benjamin Omagbemi, Karolina Yazi, and Abena Uttenthal lead the ensemble’s entrance onto the stage with a kanga line dance.

The CommDev global classroom was engaged via live chat and video, as they watched and interacted with the Malmö-based Re-Generation Initiative workshop. Three remote students became actors and six additional remote students contributed to the script.
Below, Artistic Director Henry Scott facilitates workshop discussion.

Re-Generation Initiative at Malmö University performance segments with partners on Skype.




(left) Ethnographic Director Debra Vidali and student actors Octavia Gergely, Karolina Lapinate, and Marlene Stadie in Skype interactions. (right) Meghna Iyengar works with Cristina Pereiro Paz via Skype.

For more information on Re-Generation Initiative projects, visit us on Facebook or YouTube. Report by Debra Vidali (Anthropology, Emory University) March 27, 2013

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