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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems To what extent

do you agree or disagree? In the contemporary life, congestion as well as polution have surged increasingly as the challenges which are worthy to pay attention. To restrict those troubles, some people assert that raising the cost of petrol is the most effective manner. From my viewpoint, I disagree with the mentioned idea because it is an uncomprehensive settlement, feasibly triggering negative inflation effects. Evidently, that the ruling-class attempt to increase the petrol price is neither unthorough nor sensible. It is no exaggeration to state that transportation appears to be one of the most crictical and complex factors in society. Hence, dense traffic need considering as the mixed consequence of a range of aspects namely unsatisfied infrastructure and citizen's demands rather than merely petrol price. Initially, the more economy developing, the more transport vehicles inhabitants neccessitate serving their own legitimate requirements say travelling more promptly. Thus, irregardless of an unreasonable price set by governors, do residents endeavour to meet their demands. Overall, authorities are advisable to upgrade the transport system simultaneously in stead of altering the petrol price. More significantly, no sooner has the petrol price been increased than it leads to a variety of negative results. Undeniably, petrol, especially gasoline, plays a vital role in any economy. Increasing the price would influence on both macro-economy and micro-economy unless governors supervised rigorously. firstly, petrol is the input resource of numerous key industries including transportation, electricity. Hence, it was once assumed that petrol cost were expensive, the fare of transportation also were high as result. Subsequently, not only were the direct linked aspects affected but the indirect ones also were fluctuated. On the other hand, it is price that closely associates with inflation triggering the harsh life for almost all inhabitants. In brief, concentrating merely on price seem to be not a wise consideration. All things considered, government is not advisable to adjust petrol price because it is the key to stabilize the market and assist government to extricate a precarious situation. Apart from the above solutions, the ruling class plausibly legislate the other measures to encourage citizens utilizing commuter system or to levy drastically on private vehicle.

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