Calling from swit ----------------Swit init switch1:2050 icall %[port] %13[rule] 1[?

] 6503850696 - D1,2,3,4,5 icall %[port] %13[rule] 1[?] 16503850696 - D6 ----------------Path to Find out outbound ports /config/dgswitch.cfg ----------------Path to Find out voice msg code on dialer /config/voicemsg.cfg ----------------To view the account log while start up.... ________________________________ tail -f acc*08 FTP to voice dir on dialer admin cd /opt/avaya/pds/switch/voice ________________________________ Procedure for exporting Account file from the dialer. 1.Log in to the dialer through FTP as admin. 2.go the account directory cmd: cd /opt/avaya/pds/account 3.get account file from the dialer to local folder. __________________________________ NOTE: All numeric arguments are hexadecimal. Decimal values must be prefixed by %. R-L-S{-I} specifies card rack, level, slot, and (optional) interface. Execution Control Commands -------------------------# VER INIT CLOCK CLOSE EVENT EXIT LOGON LOGOFF NC {comments} {host{:port}} {pattern...} file {control} Comment line Display utility version information Initialize switch connection Set switch clock to system clock Close switch connection Wait for report starting with pattern Quit program Log display to file Close log file Display/set network control


{seq #} {seq #} {var} {value} {var} {value} {var} {value} shell_command {all none n {on off} tx rx ok

Quit program Set current sequence # Set current sequence # Display/set environment variable Add value to environment variable Subtract value from environment variable Execute shell command line Display/set message show mode err rep select type port port} Sleep for n seconds Display/set command sync mode

Switch Control Commands ----------------------NFS REBOOT SWITCH {cntrl} DBSTORE path DBRETRIEVE path Voice Prompt Commands --------------------ABORT ABORT DOWN DVC ERASE IPLAY PLAY REC STOP UP port port id file {r-l-s} port id ... id {r-l-s} port id ... port id ... port id {cntrl} {r-l-s} port id file {r-l-s} Stop play Stop play Download prompt to LPVC Play prompts (0-FF) to port Erase prompt (0=all) Play prompts (0-FFFF) to (idle) port Play prompts (0-FFFF) to port Start recording Stop recording Upload prompt from LPVC Update NFS mount device Reboot switch Switch SBY to ACT Store database files to directory Retrieve database files from directory

Port Control Commands --------------------ADDCONF confno port {port...} ANSWER port {rule} Add ports to conference Answer incoming port Call on outport using virtual inport CALL inport outport {orule} {field} {dial-string}... CONF port {port...} Conference ports CONN port1 port2 {cntrl} Connect ports DELCONF confno {port...} Delete ports from conference DISC port Disconnect port HANG port {cntrl} Hang-up port Make ISDN call on outport ICALL port {orule} {field} {dial-string}... IDIAL port dial-string {rule} Dial on incoming port MONITOR port1 port2 Monitor port2 on port1 Dial on outgoing port ODIAL port dial-string {inport} {rule} OFF port {inport} {rule} Take port off-hook ON port {cntrl} Put port on-hook (same as HANG) RESET {cntrl} Reset ports Port Diagnostic Commands (Use With Caution) -------------------------------------------


port dial-string port1 port2 port port1 port2 port port

Force dial on port Force port1 to listen to port2 Force seize on port Force 2-way path from port1 to port2 Force unseize port Wink/hookflash on port

OLIC Control Commands --------------------EAR MOUTH SIDE port gain port gain port on off Set OLIC port ear gain Set OLIC port mouth gain Set OLIC sidetone on or off

Database Control and Status Commands -----------------------------------ADD Add card to database Add ports to group ADDGRP group r-l-s{-i} {line} {pos} {interleave} ALARMS {alarm code} Display alarm(s) status Display/set BRC connection(s) BRC {none r-l-s {none r-l-s}} CARD {r-l-s{-i}} Display card type configuration CARDS Display all card type configuration ECARDS Enhanced display of card type config. CSTATUS r-l-s{-i} {r-l-s{-i}} Display card status DEL r-l-s Delete card from database DELGRP group {r-l-s{-i}} {line} Delete ports from group Display group ports in r-l-s format GRP group {first} {last} {r-l-s-{i}} {line} INPULSE rule {token value ...} Display/set inpulse rule INPULSE rule {token value ...} Display/set inpulse rule ISUP template {action ...} Display/set ISDN supervision template ITMP template Display ISDN message template Set T1 timing link MASTER internal external primary r-l-s{-i} secondary r-l-s{-i} Display/set OLIC configuration MOVE r-l-s r-l-s Move card to new slot OLIC r-l-s {line headset encoding ear mouth} OUTPULSE rule {token value ...} Display/set outpulse rule PORT r-l-s{-i} {line name cos rule {hw}} Display/set port configuration PORTMAP Display port address map EPORTMAP Display enhanced port address map PRI r-l-s Display PRI configuration PCHECK status {callstate} Search for port status (allocated, busy, offhook, exception, psc, disabled or state) Display/set port state PSTATE port {loop disable enable camp} PSTATUS port1 {port2} Display port status Display/set group configuration RES group {hunt} {rehunt} {busy} {name} STATE {r-l-s{-i} {A O D M R U}} Display/set card state SUP template {action ...} Display/set supervision template SUP template {action ...} Display/set supervision template UNSTICK port1 {port2} Find stuck ports and unstick HW RA {group} Request hardware allocation Request resource allocation (default=1) r-l-s type {base} {# ports}

Diagnostic Control Commands (Internal DSI Use Only) --------------------------------------------------CONFIG DUMP FLOOD INFO NBC READ SEND URGENT WRITE CSTART CSTOP ESTART ESTOP ESTOP QT1 EDRC DTG INQ ITTV NOITTV NOTRACE POST TRACE {play#} {rec#} {r-l-s} {cntl} address {length} bytes type {data...} Display r-l-s{-i} fid {data...} opcode {args...} opcode {args...} opcode {args...} opcode {args...} line template line line timeslot template line line Configure LPVC play/record Display memory Send packet of specified length debug information Send message directly to NBC Send NMA read command Send command to switch Send (urgent) command to switch Send NMA write command Start CPA recognition Stop CPA recognition Start ECPA recognition Stop ECPA recognition Stop ECPA recognition

r-l-s{-i} NFS-directory {monport lpvc-port} Perform QT1 test Start EDRC test on trunks first..last {TX RX BOTH} digit-string {first last rule field} r-l-s dial-string Perform DTG load test {TRACED ALL LIST {id-list} host {qid} qid ssid tid type data... qid Queue size inquiry Start ITTV session Stop ITTV session Stop queue trace (0 = all queues) Post message to queue Start queue trace (0 = all queues)

Switch Card Types ----------------BRC DCC or ECC ECC2 DDC DDC2 DPNSS DPNSS DSP2 DTG E1 ECPA ECPA2 ECT EDRC EDRC2 EDTG EDTG2 EM EMFCR2 EMFCR22 EPOC EUTC LCT LPVC LPVC2 Bus Repeater Card Conference Card Conference Card (DSP2) Digital Dialer Card Digital Dialer Card (DSP2) E1-PRI/DPNSS E1-PRI/DPNSS Generic DSP2 Card Digital Tone Generator E1 Trunk Enhanced Call Progress Analyzer Enhanced Call Progress Analyzer (DSP2) Earth Connect Trunk Enhanced DTMF Receiver Card Enhanced DTMF Receiver Card (DSP2) Enhanced Digital Tone Generator Enhanced Digital Tone Generator (DSP2) E+M Trunk Enhanced MFC-R2 Card Enhanced MFC-R2 Card (DSP2) 8-Port Operator Card 16-Port Enhanced Universal Trunk Card Loop Connect Trunk Large Port Voice Card Large Port Voice Card Version 2

MFCR2 MFC-R2 Receiver Card NBC Network Bus Card NET5 Euro-ISDN (NET5) Card NTDASS2 E1-PRI/DASS2-NT NTDASS2 E1-PRI/DASS2-NT NTT Primary Rate/NTT (Japanese) OLIC Operator Line Interface Card PRIN or PRI/N Primary Rate/NFAS Card QT1 or QT1x96 96-Port Quad-T1 Card QT1x24 24-Port Quad-T1 Card QT1x48 48-Port Quad-T1 Card QT1x72 72-Port Quad-T1 Card QE1 or QE1x4 4-Span Quad-E1 Card QE1x3 3-Span Quad-E1 Card QE1x2 2-Span Quad-E1 Card QE1x1 1-Span Quad-E1 Card QE1DSS or QE1DSSx4 4-Span Quad-E1 DASS2/DPNSS QE1DSSx3 3-Span Quad-E1 DASS2/DPNSS QE1DSSx2 2-Span Quad-E1 DASS2/DPNSS QE1DSSx1 1-Span Quad-E1 DASS2/DPNSS QE1PRI or QE1PRIx4 4-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx3 3-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx2 2-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx1 1-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QT1PRI or QT1PRIx4 4-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QT1PRIx3 3-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QT1PRIx2 2-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QE1PRI or QE1PRIx4 4-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx3 3-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx2 2-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QE1PRIx1 1-Span Quad-E1 PRI Card QT1PRI or QT1PRIx4 4-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QT1PRIx3 3-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QT1PRIx2 2-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card QT1PRIx1 1-Span Quad-T1 PRI Card SLIC Subscriber Line Interface Card T1 T1 Trunk UTC Universal Trunk Card

Card Card Card Card

These Summa Four, Inc. cards are accepted, but are obsolete or rarely used: CPA DID DRC DVC MRC PRI SRC 4xT1 4xE1 Call Progress Analyzer Direct Inward Dial Card 8-Port DTMF Receiver Card Digital Voice Card MF Receiver Card Primary Rate Interface Speech Recognizer Card 4-Span T1 Card 4-Span E1 Card

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