100 Things to Do Before Catching Fire Opens in November

1. Make a paper chain to count down the days until November 22. 2. Pick up copies of Catching Fire in a bookstore and ask people walking by, "Have you read this yet??" 3. Visit your local bakery and ask if Peeta’s working that day. 4. Follow Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) on Twitter just in case he ever decides to tweet again. 5. Watch the 100 Things to Do Before The Hunger Games video and count how many you actually did. 6. Write a letter of appreciation to Suzanne Collins. 7. Sit for a Capitol Portrait. 8. Have a seaside picnic of fish, oysters in red sauce, and rolls. 9. Become more active in the fandom by visiting your favorite fan sites daily and commenting on posts as often as possible. 10. Start carrying a pocket watch. 11. Walk up to strangers, show them your pocket watch, and say, “It starts at midnight.” 12. Check in on cast members from the first movie -- like Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi -- and see what they’re up to now. 13. Take someone's knife during a meal and smile devilishly as he/she looks for it. 14. Take a cake decorating class. 15. Tune in to at least one live episode of Hunger Games Fireside Chat. 16. While chopping up firewood, mutter that "There's no one left I love..." 17. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, join a Hunger Games server and see how long you last! 18. Make your own Catching Fire shirt before official movie merchandise becomes

available. 19. Bid on a costume at the Hunger Games costume auction in October. (Visit www.hungergamesauction.com for more information.) 20. Start wearing a locket with pictures of Liam Hemsworth, Willow Shields, and Paula Malcomson inside it. 21. In the middle of History class, suddenly yell out, "Every revolution begins with a spark!" 22. Sing Alexander Ludwig's "Liv It Up" at karaoke. 23. Cook foods from the Victory Ball. 24. Randomly cry out “CINNNAAAAAAAA!!! NOOOOO!!!!!” in crowded public places. 25. Watch Sam Claflin in Snow White and the Huntsman or Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. 26. Propose to your significant other in public, preferably with cameras nearby. 27. Get a taste of Jeffrey Wright as a scientist in Source Code. 28. Solve the mystery of Josh Hutcherson’s “red pencil” tweet. 29. Insist your crush wear nothing but a fishing net. 30. Ask your friend in Shop class to make you a bracelet of nails. 31. Say “tick tock, tick tock” in an unexpected situation. 32. Tell a female friend to loosen up her corset and have a drink. 33. Try to find more set photos on Google Earth. 34. Follow Jena Malone on Instagram (@jenamalone) so that you can enjoy her gorgeous photography. 35. Blame the Capitol when something doesn't work properly. 36. Then credit Beetee when it's fixed. 37. Open to a random page in Catching Fire and read it out loud in your best Caesar Flickerman voice. 38. Donate to a food drive in the name of District 12. Or... 39. ...organize a food drive called Parcel Day. 40. Build a tiny memorial for Rue.

41. Watch the Hunger Games movie and pretend it's for the first time. 42. Put a "Victor's Village" sign on your door. 43. Write fan mail to all of the victors. 44. Travel to Atlanta and visit President Snow’s mansion (a.k.a. The Swan House). 45. Make a local Victory Tour around your block. 46. Play Catching Fire trivia with your Tribute friends. 47. Teach your grandpa to eat bugs so you can tell your friends he's a really old victor from District 8. 48. Learn to play the timpani drum. 49. Ask "Who ordered this pig?" to someone who has a piggy bank. 50. Make a life-size macaroni statue of Finnick Odair. 51. Find an EW Hunger Games cover from the year 2011. 52. Read Suzanne Collins’ fantasy series The Underland Chronicles. 53. Fill your pockets with sugarcubes and offer them to classmates or coworkers. 54. Twirl some more. 55. Go to a furniture store and find something made out of mahogany. Loudly proclaim, “THAT IS MAHOGANY!” 56. Convince your parents that the only place suitable for a vacation is Hawaii. 57. Ship two characters nobody else does. 58. Tell your grandma you need to practice carrying her around on your back, just in case of fog. 59. Keep calm and GUNNER ON (and follow @brunogunn on Twitter). 60. Make your own mockingjay crackers. 61. Hold a Hunger Games DVD or Blu-ray watching party. 62. Memorize every word to your three favorite songs on the Hunger Games companion soundtrack. 63. Tell your friends that eating electric fence roasted nuts is the ONLY way to go. 64. Enter the goat pen at a petting zoo and start calling for Lady. 65. Watch Jena Malone in Sucker Punch.

66. Dress up as a Catching Fire character for Halloween. 67. Put on a miner's cap in tribute to Katniss's dad. 68. Get your picture taken next to the first Catching Fire poster you see at your local movie theater. 69. The next time you're at a concert or sporting event, do the 3-finger salute instead of applauding. 70. At the zoo, when you see the flamingos, begin screaming Maysilee’s name hysterically. 71. Read a page from one of Plutarch’s Lives. 72. The next time you go to the beach, wear a blue jumpsuit and a purple belt. 73. Watch Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar acceptance speech. 74. In a moment of joy, exclaim "We could go home!" to a roommate or family member. 75. Start training like a Career. 76. Search everywhere for a purple robe with a fur-trimmed collar for when you become Head Gamemaker. 77. Burn a CD of songs that remind you of Catching Fire. 78. Get someone who only saw the movie to also read the book. 79. Bring earmuffs back in style. 80. Watch a Phillip Seymour Hoffman film in which he has a full head of hair. 81. The next time you buy clothes, thank Bonnie and Twill. 82. Go to the grocery store and tell a cashier "pita bread" is misspelled. 83. Find District 3 in the Hunger Games Adventures game. 84. Scare a friend or family member by waking him/her up while wearing a green clay facial mask. 85. Take the Impossible Hunger Games Movie Quiz on TheFandom.net. 86. Host your own chariot procession. 87. If you have blond hair, dye it brown. 88. If you have brown hair, dye it blond.

89. Say "Thanks for your consideration" when someone ignores you. 90. Buy a friend a Hunger Games-themed creation on Etsy. 91. To further explore the series, read V. Arrow’s The Panem Companion. 92. Wear a white rose to Prom or Homecoming or a dinner party or...anywhere! 93. Practice Capitol citizen-like reactions to various events in the book. 94. In an Effie-like manner, relish a time when you can have dessert and someone else can't. 95. Remark that Capitol trains run 200 mph when on a subway or light rail. 96. Consider registering for Victory Tour 2013. 97. Take a CPR certification course. 98. Start “fan casting” characters in Mockingjay. 99. Go hiking in the woods on a Sunday. 100. Start stocking up on Kleenex...again.

List created by Adam and Savanna of Hunger Games Fireside Chat (with help from Crystal and Natalie!)

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