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pfJfCJL 11 &1h3 STEREOTYPED BY J. . HOWE. Carey & A. 1832. Court of the Eastern Disin the Clerk's Office of the District trict of Pennsylvania. Hart. L.irt I Entered according October. by to the Act of Congress. the 25th day of E.

Also. the translator has inserted no receipts which contain nothing different from the usual American mode of preparing the same dishes. explained book is to French such a manner American cooks. On this side of the Atlantic all persons in respectable life can obtain better tails. Those that (according to the original work) cannot be prepared without an unusual and and also foreign apparatus have been omitted such as can only be accomplished by the consummate skill and long practice of native French and described in as to make them intelligible to . and the preparation of these articles (according to the European receipts) is too tedious and complicated to be of any use to the indigent. as useless in a country where provisions are abundant. articles of food than sheeps' &c. 7o The design of the following little furnish receipts for a select variety of dishes. or to those who can spare but calves' ears./ <£<£- PREFACE. from the evident deficiency of the translators in a cominto this Most of . cooks. Many dishes have been left out. the French Cookery Books introduced country have failed in their object. and practicable with American utensils and American fuel. little time for their cookery.

petent knowledge of the technical terms of cookery and from the multitude of French words in general. The translator of the following pages has enability. . and has aimed at making a book of practical utility to all those who may have a desire to introduce occasionally at their tables good specimens of the French culinary art. 1832. be inter- spersed through the directions. according to the best of her avoid these defects. and which cannot. comprehended without an incessant and troublesome reference to the glossary. to deavored. this little work may be found equally useful in private families.IV PREFACE. hotels. Philadelphia. and boardinghouses. upon trial. September. From these receipts she believes that many advantageous hints may be taken for improvements in American cookery. and she hopes that.

SOUPS. Beef Soup Consomme. or Jelly Soup Pease Soup Maccaroni Soup Chestnut Soup Almond Soup Lobster Soup Oyster Soup Green Peas Soup rzgeU *4 • 1 ' ™ 1 ' b . or Velvet Essence *• "' 1° ib - SAUCES. Brown Gravy White Gravy OR ESSENCES. Bechamel Another Bechamel 19 Drawn Butter * b' Melted Butter. &c. * GRAVIES. another Cold Sauce for Fish way *" *• lb • Sauce for Vegetables • Pungent Sauce.CONTENTS. or Sauce Piquante ** ' Anchovy Sauce Curry Sauce Tomata Sauce Cucumber Sauce Bread Sauce Sauce Robert Shalot or Onion Sauce Universal Sauce *J x ' ' " ' Lobster Sauce Spinach for coloring Green lb Garlic Butter A2 . 17 To Essence of Game Clarify Gravies or Essences Veloute.

Calves' Liver fried 31 ib. or Fricassee of Veal 30 . 1 - . A Salmi Cold Salmi 43 ib. Godiveau Calves' Liver baked ib- ib. 32 ib. 47 48 ib. ib. Roasted Tongue Baked Tongue Potted Tongue 36 ib. Ham Ham with 34 Tomatas 35 ib. ib. 33 ib. 38 ib. .. Stewed Turkey. Cutlets a la Maintenon Pork Cutlets Larded Rabbit Rabbits in Papers Pilau ? ib. ib. Fowls with Tarragon A stewed Fowl Chickens in Jelly Pulled Chickens 46 ib. . Stewed Beef Beef Steaks Beef a la Mode Roasted Fried ib. Veal Cutlets Blanquette.VI Hazlenut Butter CONTENTS. Larding MEATS. Veal Kidneys Grillades Liver Cake Sirloin of Beef. Ragooed Livers 44 ib. A fine Hash Marinade of Fowls Fricassee of Fowls 45 io. 24 lb.. or Turkey en Daube Roasted Turkey. Veal a la Mode 29 ib. Veal Sweetbreads 39 GAME AND POULTRY. Leg of Mutton with Oysters 37 ib.

68 ib. 67 ib. la ib. ib. Hashed Fish Lobster Pie 62 ib. ib. Stewed Cucumbers Stewed Beets Stewed Carrots Stewed Cabbage Stewed Peas Stewed Beans Stewed Onions Onions stewed in Wine Stewed Mushrooms Stewed Potatoes Stewed Potatoes with Turnips Asparagus with Cream Potatoes stewed whole 66 ib. Roasted Plovers FISH.' Roasted Salmon Broiled Salmon Salt 59 ib. Cod Fish Shad Broiled Fresh Mackerel Broiled Fresh 61 ib. or Pigeons a Broiled Pigeons.CONTENTS. Stewed Salmon . 51 Crapaudine ib. Roasted Partridges Partridges with Cabbage 53 ib. Stewed Lettuce Stewed Spinach 65 ib. 69 ib ib 70 . 52 ib. ib. A Duck with Olives A Duck with Peas Turkey Puddings Baked Pigeons. A Partridge Pie Roasted Pheasants Broiled Quails 54 55 ib. 60 ib. Oyster Loaves VEGETABLES. Potted Goose Vii Ducks with Turnips 49 50 ib. ib. Pigeons Pear-fashion (Pigeons au poire) Pigeons with Peas ib. ib.

Cauliflowers with Cheese 74 ib. 70 ib. Fried Potatoes Fried Cauliflower Fried Celery Broiled Stuffed 71 ib. French Cakes Puff-Paste &c. &c. ib. Boiled eggs 79 - Fried Eggs ib. 76 ib. Eggs Egg Snow Pancakes Omelets Maccaroni Maccaroni Pie Blancmange in Eggs 81 ib. 82 ib. Cream Tarts Almond Tarts Rissoles 88 ib. 83 PASTRY. 87 ib. ib. CAKES. Stuffed Potatoes Stuffed Stuffed Cucumbers Tomatas 73 ib.Vlll CONTENTS. of Beans of Green Peas 78 EGGS. Ragooed Cabbage Ragooed Mushrooms 75 PUREES. Stewed Eggs Stuffed 80 ib. Almond Custards Vanilla Custards Chocolate Custards Coffee Custards 90 ib . of Onions of Mushrooms 77 ib. Puree of Turnips Puree Puree Puree Puree Puree of Celery . 89 ib ib. Mushrooms Cabbage (Choux farcis) 72 ib.

101 ib. 99 ib. . Lemon Cordial MISCELLANEOUS RECEIPTS. Preserved Pumpkin 102 103 104 ib. 94 - Marguerites ib. Wafers Gingerbread 95 96 PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. Burnt Almonds Peppermint Drops Chocolate Drops 107 ib Nougat Orgeat Paste 108 109 LIQUEURS. French Coffee without boiling 115 ib. Apple Fritters Bread Fritters Rice Cake Potato Cake Sponge Cake. Preserved Raspberries Orange Jelly 105 ib.CONTENTS. or Biscuit Croquettes 92 ib. Brandy Peaches Gooseberry Pottage Fruit Jellies ib. Apple Charlotte Apple Compote Compote of Pears Compote of Chestnuts Fried Apples Peach Marmalade &c. Noyau Raspberry Cordial Rose Cordial Quince Cordial 110 ib. 93 ib. ib. Clarified Sugar Fruit in Sugar Coats 106 ib. Tea Custards Rice Pottage IX 91 ib. An 100 ib. SUGAR. ib. Ill ib.

Cold Pickles ib.X Chocolate CONTENTS. 116 117 ib. ib. Cormchons Cucumber Pickles Fine Cologne Water or 119 120 . Fine Lemonade Punch Convenient Lemonade French Mustard Potato Flour 118 ib.



you may put into the soup some vermicelli (allowing two ounces to each quart). passing it through a sieve. celery. Grate a large red carrot. Next to the quantity and quality of the meat. till dinner time. After you have strained out the vegetables. Soups made of veal. and then boil it ten minutes longer. all cut into small pieces . Have ready in the tureen some toasted bread. cut into small squares. pour the soup over the bread. if you choose. The soup will be improved by boiling in it the remains of a piece of cold roast beef. and to see that it is boiling all the time. prefer serving it up with all the vegetables in it. gently but steadily. Put the meat into cold water.. SOUPS. put in it well. chickens. a few cloves. nothing is more necessary to the excellence of soup than to keep the fire moderate. is made of the lean of fine fresh proportion is four pounds of meat to a gallon of water. leeks. The stantly. to heighten the color of the soup. Some. &c. and strew it over the top. are only fit for invalids. with a little salt set it over a good fire . but not too fast. It should boil at least six hours. B . turnips. so as to strain it thoroughly. add. and skim to the top. BEEF SOUP. Then continue to let it boil. let it boil slowly but con- The best soup beef. or two or three peach-leaves. When no more fat rises what quantity you please of car- and parsley. and a large burnt onion. a laurel-leaf. Mutton soup may be made in the same manner. however. rots.

Boil it in water until it is tender. adding to it a Then lay it on a sieve to drain. and serve it up. strain through a sieve. and little butter. let them soak all night. put four pounds of the lean of the best beef-steaks. four large carrots. two onions. cut it into small pieces. and boil all together ten minutes or more. till the peas can no longer be distinguished. put the peas into a pan or pot with three quarts of cold water. CONSOMME. PEASE SOUP. Take some maccaroni. . it make some good beef soup (without any and when it is sufficiently boiled. then strain it. in the proportion of half a pound to two quarts of soup. Grate some rich cheese over it before you send it to table. tied up with a laurel-leaf. a bunch of sweet herbs (parsley. . Boil it slowly five or six hours. and chives). and two heads of celery. and a large fowl cut into pieces. in the morning. thyme. Cut up two carrots. and put them into the soup. Throw it into the soup. and three or four cloves. having lost all shape and form . four leeks. with a bunch of sweet herbs. OR JELLY SOUP. sweet marjoram. and four cloves add a little salt and pepper. and putting them into lukewarm water. skimming it well . Boil it gently for eight hours. or two peach-leaves. Take two quarts of dried split peas. Into two quarts of cold water. and a pound of the lean of fresh beef. a pound of bacon. vegetables). then strain it. MACCARONI First SOUP. four onions. the evening before you intend making the soup.14 soups. sweet basil.

to make the skins peel oft" kernels. and pound the whole to a paste till it is all . LOBSTER SOUP. some nutmeg.) then peel them. and have become a part of the liquid.soups. throw them Then drain and wipe them dry. to roast or bake the chest(having cut a slit in the shell of each. and throw them into the soup ten minutes before you take it from the fire. Have ready two two sticks of quarts of rich milk. Fry in butter some thin slices of bread. Take half a pound of shelled sweet almonds. adding as you beat them. Boil it again till the chestnuts have gone all to pieces. Beat them (a few at a time) in a marble mortar. and pour the soup over them. Then lay them in the bottom of a Grate on tureen. one at a time. and when they are blanched. and let them have one boil up. into cold water. and put in a pint of peeled each' quart of soup. and two ounces of shelled bitter almonds. 15 SOUP. a little milk and a little grated lemon-peel. put them into a marble mortar. Stir the almonds gradually into the milk. CHESTNUT strain Having made some beef soup without vegetables. extract all the meat from the shell. Having boiled a large lobster. ALMOND SOUP. easily. still A better nuts first. Prepare some slices of toasted bread. boiled with cinnamon and a quarter of a pound of sugar. take out a little of the soup and soak them in it. chestnuts for it. alternately with some of the meat of the lobster. or peachScald them. way is.

Prepare some toasted bread cut into small squares. stews. and cut out the hard part. a good beef soup. Then stir it into the soup after you have taken it up and strained it. Boil the liquor of the oysters with a head of celery cut small. and a tea-spoonful of whole pepper. always cut off the . a little at a time. When the liquor has boiled. Let the whole stew gently for half an hour. and a tea-spoonful of cloves. with a large bunch of mint. Boil it slowly. drain them. and then serve it up. done. &c. and skim it well. stir in the pounded eggs and oysters. Make When you toast bread for soups. with two tea-spoonfuls of salt. take them out. In another pot boil two quarts of green peas. Have ready a dozen eggs. Salt oysters will not do for soup. lay it in a tureen. boiled hard . and put in the mixed bread and lobster. and three or four lumps of loaf sugar. When they are quite soft. Add a quart of boiling milk. a tea-spoonful of mace.16 soups. with salt. two grated nutmegs. Take two quarts of oysters. and nutmeg to your taste. strain them from the water. cut them in pieces. more boil. with the proportion of our pounds of lean beef to a gallon of water. a little salt. mace. Then melt some butter in a stew-pan. OYSTER SOUP. and pound them in a mortar alternately with the oysters. Give it one GREEN PEAS SOUP. and pour the soup over it. crust. and mash them in a cullender till all the pulp drips through.

and set it over a slow fire for five or six hours. or cold duck. some cold fowl. and four or five blades of mace pour over it a pint of boiling water. or cold turkey. Take scraps of any kind of game (partridges. and as many carrots cut into small pieces. 17 GRAVIES. three or four and a bunch of sweet herbs. or skillet. in which Pour over them there must be none of the fat. Diminish the fire. B2 . Strain it through a sieve. add two white onions. and begin with a brisk fire. it). and press it with the back of a spoon to extract its juices. pricking and pressing the meat with a fork and spoon. and put in two pounds of scraps of veal. GRAVIES. Cover the pan. OR ESSENCES.) Butter the bottom of a sauce-pan.. five or six onions. a pint of water. hares. cloves. and. Occasionally prick the meat with a fork. BROWN GRAVY. . and also four calves feet. and let the gravy stew gently for an hour and a half. When the gravy has become brown. WHITE GRAVY. (Jus. you may put in pieces of cold goose.) Put into a sauce-pan. set a while longer. or broth cover the pan. (Coulis. with about two pounds of scraps of beef. to stew ESSENCE OF GAME. Then strain it through a sieve. and if it is too thin. it again over the fire. and let it stand a while before you use it. if you have it at hand. add a little boiling water (or broth if you have with a tea-spoonful of salt. &c). pheasants. In addition to the beef.

and put it away to settle. TO CLARIFY GRAVIES. beat slightly the whites of three eggs. Strain it through a sieve. Put them all into a stew-pan. and twelve or fifteen mushrooms stew them slowly in butter. and a bunch of sweet herbs. two carrots. and stir it till it into it. stirred in gently.18 GRAVIES. OR ESSENCES. comes to a boil . half a carrot. moisten it with four table-spoonfuls of hot water. Strain it then through a napkin. Stew them over a slow fire for four hours. three table-spoonfuls of flour. with half a bottle of white wine. Let half. veloute\ or velvet essence. and a few small pieces of ham. nutmeg to your taste. Take half a pound of scraps of veal. and salt. the same quantity of pieces of fowls. and then clear it by stirring in the whites of three eggs slightly beaten. Having strained your gravy through a sieve. and when they are reduced to a jelly. or broth. then take it from the fire. and a bunch of sweet herbs cut small. and you will have a transparent jelly excellent for making fine sauces. and stir them Place it again on the fire. two onions. and then strain it it stew an hour and a . and . pepper. and then add two onions. three of boiling water or broth.

and before you serve it up. with salt. sauce-pan a quarter of a pound of butter sprinkled with flour. a carrot. DRAWN BUTTER. three eggs. or broth. thyme. When it is done. with salt to your taste. Cut into dice. Moisten it with boiling water. or small square pieces. and then add three table-spoonfuls of flour stirred into a pint of cream or rich milk. Set on the pan again for two or three moments. Put into a small pan a table-spoonful of flour and a tumbler of water. and two onions. Add nutmeg. .SAUCES. and two large spoonfuls of flour. and pepper to your taste also a laurel-leaf. . Set it over the fire until the butter is melted. and let the bechamel stew gently for three quarters of an hour. sauces are finished with eggs. parsley. Put into a boils Stir it till it pepper. use only the yolks. a little parsley. but do not let it boil after the eggs are in. When BECHAMEL. squeeze in a little . a turnip. cloves. and then stir in the yolks of . lemon-juice. 19 SAUCES. then reduce the fire. three or four onions. and nutmeg to your taste. with two large spoonadd a little butter (about two fuls of veal-dripping ounces). Put them into a sauce-pan. salt. ANOTHER BECHAMEL. . Strain it. strain it. and a dozen mushrooms. half a pound of bacon or ham. &c. and a carrot cut small. and mix them first with but a spoonful or two of the sauce mix them off the fire. Let it stew for an hour.

If intended as sauce for a pudding. cut small. Set it on the stove. throw in a large spoonful of flour. COLD SAUCE FOR Cut small. and keep it warm till it is wanted. and two of mustard. You may MELTED BUTTER—another way. two of vinegar. &c Take the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs . and mix them with three table-spoonfuls of vinegar. Add three tablespoonfuls of olive oil. mash them on a plate with the back of a wooden spoon. and a little salt and Cayenne pepper. thicken it while boiling with mushrooms. into a sauce-pan a quarter of a pound of When quite melted over the fire. in a mortar. and half a grated nutmeg. »nd mix the whole very well. a shalot or small onion minced fine. or near the and a draw it from lire. or vinegar. and then put in a tea-spoonful of cold water. Then withthe fire. chervil. with a little lemonjuice. with two yolks of hard-boiled eggs. and add two ounces of butter and a few drops of cold water. equal proporof parsley. SAUCE FOR VEGETABLES-SUCH AS ASPARAGUS. or capers. and add a half pint of boiling water. . Put butter. or after it is done with hard eggs chopped fine. Boil it a few minutes. tarragon. little pepper. Use a wooden spoon. Stir it till it boils. and then mix them on a plate with four table-spoonfuls of sweet oil.20 SAUCES. chives and burnet. Pass these ingredients through a cullender. and salt to your taste. stir in at the last a glass of white wine. pickled cucumbers chopped. and pound tions FISH.

a clove of garlic. and let it boil gently Strain it. and let it stew a quarter of an hour. a branch of thyme. half a grated nutmeg. Then add a little flour or grated bread crumbs. Cut the flesh of three anchovies into small and steep them in vinegar for half an hour Then mince them fine.SAUCES. and a little broth or hot . a leaf of laurel. in a little lemon-juice before you serve it up. CURRY SAUCE. and squeeze for a quarter of an hour. and serve it up. till they become like a marmelade. Bake ten tomatas. Add pepper and mustard to your taste. into a saucepan with a little butter rolled in flour. stir in a little more butter. and two spoonfuls of flour. TOMATA SAUCE. 21 PUNGENT SAUCE. two or three sprigs of sweet marjoram. Add a glass of broth or gravy. Pour in sufficient vinegar to cover it. FISH. and Cayenne pepper and salt to your taste. ANCHOVY SAUCE—FOR shreds. and throw them or more. (Sauce Pkutante. Strain it. half a spoonful of saffron. Add sufficient boiling water or broth to cover it. Stew the whole slowly till it is reduced to two thirds of the original quantity : then strain it. a shalot or a little onion. Put into a sauce-pan two ounces of butter and a table-spoonful of curry-powder (or of powdered turmeric if more convenient).) Put into a saucepan a half-pint of vinegar. with pepper and salt.

and . washed. Put them into the pan. Put into a sauce-pan a piece of butter rolled in flour. and before you let send it to table add two ounces of butter and it melt in the sauce. This sauce is used chiefly for fresh pork. and one or two pickled cucumbers minced fine. you may boil in it a hand full of dried currants. Moisten it with boiling water. and serve it up. Then add a dozen corns of black pepper. and let it stew gently for twenty minutes. CUCUMBER SAUCE. SAUCE ROBERT. Take four ounces of grated stale bread floured. SAUCES. with another piece of butter. Mince half a dozen large onions. pour over it sufficient milk to cover it. Let it stew gently a few minutes. . and a piece of butter the size of a walnut. BREAD SAUCE. stir in a table-spoonful of lemon-juice or vinegar. Pour on a little more milk. and a large slice of cold ham. or roast pig. Skim the sauce well. Serve it up in a sauceboat. a little salt. Simmer them till of a fine brown color. Stew it gently ten minutes. well picked. and give it a boil. Instead of the pepper. and let it soak about three quarters of an hour. some salt. or till it becomes incorporated with the milk. and a tea-spoonful of mustard. and a very little broth or warm water. and eat it with roast wild fowl. or white poultry. with a spoonful of flour.22 water. pepper. Put into a sauce-pan a quarter of a pound of butter. Before you serve it up.

Stir into LOBSTER SAUCE. and put it into a sauce-pan with a spoonful of veloute (or velvet essence) if you have it. Let them boil gently for a quarter of an hour. Put them into a sauce-pan.) Take a handful of sweet herbs and the same quantity of shalots or little onions. or two or three peach-leaves. Let the mixture simmer on a few coals or on hot ashes. and one of broth. . salt. (Sauce Ravigote. poultry. Add a laurel leaf.SAUCES. and half the peel of a lemon grated. extract the the shell. pint of drawn a glass of white wine. for five or six hours or more. Rub meat from it through a cullender or sieve. and serve it up. to eat with boiled fresh fish. some salt. Take a pint of good broth. and add a piece of butter. or on the hearth. and sufficient broth or warm water to cover them. and will keep several days in a cool place. and some Cayenne pepper. and it will be good to pour over either meat. Mix it well. UNIVERSAL SAUCE. and cut them up small. and beat it in a mortar. and stir in (till it melts) a piece of butter rolled in flour. Stew it ten minutes. or fish. Take the sauce from the fire and set it on the stove. and a spoonful of vinegar. or a it butter. The lobster being boiled. 23 SHALOT OR ONION SAUCE. or a spoonful of olive oil. with some vinegar. pepper.

to eat with roast meat. by degrees. GARLIC BUTTER Take two them large cloves of garlic and pound to a paste in a mortar. adding gradually a small quantity of butter. and cleft at the other into four divi- . adding. SPINACH FOR COLORING GREEN. LARDING. Then put it into a sauce-pan and set it over a slow fire. take it off and strain it. it is a steel instrument about a foot in length. game. Take three handfuls of spinach.24 SAUCES. and pound it in a mortar to extract the juice. &c. When it is By just ready to boil. Larding with slips of fat bacon greatly improves the taste and appearance of meat. or to flavor the most delicate sauces. You may with a little of this butter give the taste of garlic to sauces. For this purpose. This is good to eat with wild fowl. HAZELNUT BUTTER Having scalded and blanched some hazelnuts. Some persons like a piece of garlic butter on the table. you may give any sauce a green color. poultry. stirring in a small quantity of spinach-juice. and is much used in French cookery. a piece of butter the size of an egg. pound them to a paste in a mortar. you must have a larding-pin (which may be purchased at the hardware stores) . sharp at one end.



which are near two inches

and resem;

bling tweezers. Bacon is the proper

meat to lard with the fat only is used. Cut it into slips not exceeding two inches in length, half an inch in breadth, and half an inch in thickness, and smaller if intended for poultry ; they will diminish in cooking. Put these slips of bacon (one at a time) into the cleft or split end of the larding-pin. Give each slip a slight twist and press it down hard into the pin, with your fingers. Then run the pin through the meat or fowl (avoiding the bones), and when you draw it out on the under side it will have left the slip of bacon sticking in the upper side. Take care to arrange the slips in regular rows and at equal distances have them all of the same size, and let every one stick up about an inch from the surface of the meat. If any are wrong, take them out and do them over again. Fowls and birds are generally larded on the

breast only. To lard handsomely and neatly, practice and dexterity are requisite. Cold poultry may be larded with slips of the fat of cold boiled ham, and when not to be cooked again, it may be made to look very tastefully. The slips for cold poultry should be very small, scarcely thicker than a straw.





Rub a fillet of veal all over with salt, and then it. Make a seasoning of chopped sweet-herbs,

shalots, mushrooms, pepper, salt, and powdered nutmeg, and mace. Moisten it with sweet oil, and cover the veal all over with it. Put the veal into a tureen, and let it set for several hours or all night. Then take it out, covered as it is with the seasoning, and wrap it in two sheets of white paper, well buttered, and roast or bake it. When it is quite done, take off the paper, and scrape off all the seasoning from the veal. Put the seasoning into a

sauce-pan with the gravy, the juice of half a lemon, a piece of butter rolled in flour, and a little salt. Give it a boil, skim it well, and pour it over the



a seasoning of grated bread, minced ham,

chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and chopped mushrooms if you have them. Mix with it some yolk of egg. Cut the veal into small thin slices, rub them all over with lard, and then spread the seasoning over both sides. Wrap up each cutlet carefully in

white paper, oiled or buttered. Bake thern slowly for three quarters of an hour, and serve
in the papers.

them up




the remains of a cold roast fillet, or loin of veal. Cut it into small thin pieces. Put them into a stew-pan with a piece of butter rolled in flour, salt, pepper, a few small onions minced, a bunch of sweet-herbs chopped, and one or two Mix all together. Pour laurel or peach-leaves. in a little warm water, and let it boil gently five minutes or more. When you take it off, stir in some lemon-juice and some yolk of egg slightly




Take a
or skin.

large piece of


mortar till it is it through a cullender or sieve. Soak some slices of bread in warm milk, and rub the bread also through a sieve. There must be an equal quantity of bread and veal. Take the same proportion of butter, and beat it in a mortar with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and chopped parsley to your taste. Then put all together. Beat two or three eggs till very light, and add them gradually Make it into round balls or into to the mixture. long rolls, and fry thorn in butter. Or you may put it into a pie (without a lid) and bake it Godiveau is a very fine stuffing for poultry or
wild fowl.

of veal, free from fat and then pound it in a a smooth paste. Afterwards rub


let it lie three or four hours in a covered tureen with a seasoning of parsley, shalots, laurel and thyme chopped small, a little pepper and salt, and two table-spoonTurn it several times. Then fuls of sweet oil.


the liver with bacon, and



wrap it up in thin slices of bacon or cold ham, and bake or roast it about an hour and a quarter. Add to the gravy the yolk of an egg, and some minced onions and chopped sweet-herbs.

Cut the

liver into thin slices,

and put them


a frying-pan with a piece of butter rolled in flour some minced onions and a glass of white wine, salt, pepper, and a little mace. Let it fry abou* en minutes.

Cut the kidneys into thin slices; having first soaked them in cold water, rub them with a little salt and pepper. Then sprinkle them with flour, and a little parsley and onions minced fine. Fry them in butter, adding a glass of champagne or
other white wine. Mutton kidneys







manner. Another
in half,

way of dressing kidneys is to split them season them with salt and pepper, lard them, and broil them.

a fillet of veal, a round of fresh beef, a leg of mutton, or a leg of pork. Do not let them exceed the thickness of half an mch.




Put them
tion of

into a



stew-pan with a salt, and a


proporparsley and


Stew them in a very little Then prepare some sheets of white paper rubbed with oil or butter. Take
onion chopped


half done.

out the slices of meat (covered with this seasoning) and grate some oread crumbs over them.

some warm water. and broil them on a gridiron over a slow fire. Add a piece of butter rolled in flour. mix it with the other ingredients. and two pounds of liver (either calves' or pigs') a few onions.32 MEATS. and nutmeg. turn it out. and have onion sauce in a boat. LIVER CAKE. between three and four hours. Rub your beef Serve it up with its gravy. Roast it in proportion to its size. Put the mixture into it. and a laurel Mince the liver also. pepButter a mould or a very deep per. Take some slices of cold roast beef that has been under-done. a little lemon-juice or vinegar. Put them into a stew-pan with a little gravy or broth. or some pickled cucumbers chopped small. Take a pound and a half of grated bread. Serve them up in the paper. all chopped fine. cut in slices. and some salt and pepper. some STEWED BEEF. Let the beef simmer slowly. SIRLOIN OF BEEF all over with salt. adding salt. a little sage. but do not allow it to boil. Fasten up each slice in a piece of paper. some capers. Have ready some slices of bread (of the same size as the slices of beef) and . and lard the lean part of it with slips of fat bacon. and let it bake an hour and a half in a moderate oven. and leaf. or if you have neither. some mushrooms. dish. It is eaten cold. When done. Cover the meat with sheets of oiled or buttered paper.

beef from the sirloin. and when it is soft spread it over the steaks. some cloves. Let it stew slowly for at least six hours. Then take it out strain the gravy. a bunch of sweet herbs cut small. Slice some cold boiled potatoes. MEATS. Any other sort of meat may be done in the same manner. Put some tomata sauce in the bottom of a dish. Pour the gravy over it. and let them lie an hour or more in the seasoning. Rub it all over with salt and pepLard it on both sides with slips of bacon. fry them in butter. and take off the bone and the skin. Warm a sufficient quantity of butter. Lay it in a deep pan with some slices of bacon. and serve it up. BEEF STEAKS. a calves-foot. pour it over the meat. and lay Cut slices of hem round the steaks. a few onions. Then sprinkle them with onions minced very fine. a carrot cut in pieces. Rub them with salt and pepper. and a spoonful of brandy. per. BEEF A LA MODE. Lay on it in a pile a few slices of beef and slices of fried bread alternately. a half-pint of white wine. and send it to table. and a beaten nutmeg. fry OO them in butter.. Cover them up in a dish. Pour in a half-pint of red wine. . Then broil them over a clear fire. A fillet of veal may be <ione in the same manner. make them tender beat them on both sides with a wooden beetle or with the end of a rolling-pin. and beat it well to make it tender. Trim them To neatly. Take a round of fresh beef. one or two laurel leaves.

Let your ham soak all night in cold water. having first taken out the bone by loosening the meat all round it. so that it will look like a large cake covered with icing. large ham will require four little before it is done. first extracting the bone. formed of different culinary vegetables. beets. with the Tie a broad tape round the ham point of a knife. with some sliced onions. . so as to look like red and yellow flowering. and let it lie in the seasoning twenty-four hours. Ornament it with slices of A A boiled carrot. you may stick in the centre of the ham a nosegay of flowers. laid on with a brush or a quill feather. and baste it with the seasoning. and then trim it handsomely. Instead of a mere bunch of double parsley. scolloped and laid on the potatoes. and cut into proper shape with a sharp pen-knife. &c. While the ham is roasting. or five hours to roast. in handsome forms. Cover it. Then roast it. ham boiled in the usual manner may be ornamented in the same way . which you must strain through a sieve. A and making the meat into a circular shape. If the ham is to be eaten cold. take off the skin and sprinkle the ham with grated bread crumbs. some sprigs of parsley. ROASTED HAM. you may cover it all over the glazing with cold boiled potatoes grated finely.34 MEATS. Stick a large bunch of double parsley in the centre. Then put it into a large pan to keep it in shape. two or three laurel leaves. Serve it up with the seasoning or marinade under it. When you take the ham from the spit (having removed the tape that has been fastened round it) glaze it all over with the jelly. stew together the bone and the trimmings and scraps till they come to a jelly. and a bottle of white wine.

in a . A FRIED HAM. allowing one tomata to each slice of meat. and lard it with large slips of bacon on the upper side. ROASTED TONGUE. When it is nearly done. The flowers intended to represent red roses must be made of beets. which will answer for the stalk. Stick each flower on the end of a small wooden skewer. take it out. the white roses of turnips. and send them to table. shake some pepper over them. Fry some slices of cold boiled ham. 35 All these vegetables must be raw.MEATS. WITH TOMATAS. and cut. so as to resemble a green bank. but which must be concealed by thick bunches of double parsley tied on so as to represent the green leaves. drain it. Let the beef itself be covered all over with parsley. and the marigolds or other deep yellow flowers must be cut out of carrots. round of cold a-la-mode beef may be ornamented with a bunch of these flowers. and an onion or two stuck with cloves. Tie all the skewers together at the bottom with a pack-thread. and the whole will have the effect of a handsome nosegay when placed in the middle of the ham. parboil it all night very little warm water with a slice of bacon. on the surface of which the rose-leaves must be The carrots may be cut into flat slices. Then fry some tomatas. Having soaked a large smoked tongue in cold water. a bunch of sweet herbs. Lay the tomatas on the ham. The pieces of turnips and beets must first be made with the pen-knife into the form of a ball. then notched to look like marigolds or chrysanthemums.

and pound that also in the mortar (a little at a time) with the same proportion of butter. Have a layer of veal at the top. all mixed together. Then grate some bread all over the top.36 MEATS. pressing them together so as to look like red and white marble. Bake it till brown. Tie boiled and skimmed and poured on warm. and serve it up with pungent sauce (Sauce Piquante. and some grated bread. them up closely with parchment. cut it in slices. into it on a slow POTTED TONGUE. Then put it on the spit and roast it half an hour. into thin slices. Moisten the whole by pouring in a little warm water. and keep them in a cold but dry place. or set furnace. Put the dish a stove moderately heated. When you use it.) BAKED TONGUE. and small pieces on the under side. parsley and shalots minced fine. Press the whole down very hard. with some capers. Put in the bottom of a deep dish a little vinegar. and cover them with Take a cold boiled tongue some more of the same seasoning. Boil two smoked tongues. Lay the slices of tongue upon this. and cut it into slices. them Skin them and cut Put the slices (a few at a time) into a mortar and beat them to a paste. Then make the veal and the tongue into lumps. adding gradually a pound of butter. and put them alternately into your stone pots. . Then prepare an equal quantity of the lean of stewed veal. Fill up the pots with butter.

Before you serve it up. a little pepper and salt. dip each chop into it. leaving to each. parsley. it again before the fire. some marjoram and onion chopped fine. and send it up in a boat. Serve them up in the into chops. it leg of mutton all over with salt. and put spit to roast with a clear fire. and a spoonful of red wine. and give it a boil with a glass of red wine. some butter. Cut your pork into thin steaks. to finish roasting. and stuff an oyster into every hole. and then cover them on both sides with the seasoning. basting it own gravy. Mince together some D . Butter rome half-sheets of white paper. and cloves. and a Season it with pepper. and put the cutlets ttito them. Boil this sauce for a minute. and clean. some gravy. salt. Rub a it on the with its up and with a sharp knife make incisions all over Then put it.MEATS. When it is nearly done. salt. and lay them in this laurel leaf. and nutmeg. and broil them for about twenty minutes on clear lively coals. onions. leaving the end of each bone to stick Lay them on a )ut of the paper like a handle. a bone end of the bone quite Mix together some grated bread. 37 LEG OF MUTTON WITH OYSTERS. but scraping the Cut a neck of mutton papers. take CUTLETS A LA MAINTENON. Season Having melted it with pepper. skim the gravy well. Make a sauce of four shalots or little onions chopped fine. PORK CUTLETS. gridiron.

Then broil or fry the seasoning on them. and moisten it with sweet oil. and put it into a stewor two of cold ham. or of fillet of veal. Then take out separately each leg covered with the seasoning. and chop it very fine. a clove of garlic. Put them into a stewpan with six large onions. Season it with salt.38 MEATS. for three or four hours. Ducks also. put Take two young rabbits cut off them aside. a piece . the limbs and the body. and wrap it in a sheet of white paper well buttered. and nutmeg. RABBITS IN PAPERS. Cut the flesh from . PILAU. Fowls may be done in the same manner. half a dozen slices of the lean of a leg of mutton. and. slice Lard a pan with a rabbit. a carrot cut in pieces. Broil the limbs slowly on the gridiron. pepper. and serve them up with sauce Robert. and nutmeg to Take your taste. salt. if you choose. them with seasoning for five or six hours. lay on it a thin slice of bacon or cold ham. Add a tea-spoonful of saffron. mixing it with shalots. a bunch ot sweet-herbs. parsley. with pepper. a table-spoonful of sweet oil. and some parsley. and serve them up hot in the papers. Stew it slowly. Lay the legs of the rabbit in this mixture. or with tomata sauce. LARDED RABBIT. when it is quite done. strain the gravy and pour it over the fine large rabbit. and a gill of white wine. and. and mushrooms chopped also.

Keep it covered for a few minutes. Then take out the sweet-breads. oil them. and a little boiling water. Mix with it a large piece of butter. Put a sweet-bread into each paper-case. Then wipe them dry. Put some rice in the bottom of a deep dish. and stir in the yolk of an egg slightly beaten. and cover the inside with grated bread. and when it simmers take it off. and put it into a stew-pan with the sweet-breads. and nutmeg to your taste. lay them in a deep dish. and a table-spoonful of them. stew for an hour. a quarter of a pound of cold ham or bacon scraped or minced. and then serve it up in a boat . a little water or broth. Set the gravy over the fire. about ten minutes. and skim it well. 39 Let flour. pepper. with some of the seasoning at bottom and top. Serve them up in the papers. a piece of butter rolled in flour. salt. it set and then the slices of meat in the remainder of the rice over it. Next prepare some cases of white paper. Stew it sweet-oil. and lay on of butter rolled in it it first a pile. put them in an oven. Keep VEAL SWEETBREADSthree sweet-breads. Close the cases. Have ready a pound of rice boiled soft and drained.MEATS. and soak them three or four hours in milk. pour the seasoning over them. the seasoning. and let them get cold. and bake them long enough to color the sweet-breads. Mix the seasoning very well together. and the same quantity of wine. and on the stove or in the oven for ten minutes. and lard Take Make a seasoning of sweet-herbs and mushrooms chopped fine.




cut up the liver in it. and then stir in two table-spoonfuls of sweet oil. turkey. Beat it in a mortar. Take the liver of a roast goose. bread into triangular pieces. In another pan stew the legs and wings of the birds. put the legs and wings upon them. . Put it into a stewT -pan with a piece of butter about the size of a walnut. Lay them in the bottom of a dish. use oranges instead of lemons for the juice and garnishing. but do not let them boil. and a bunch of sweet-herbs. Then pass the whole through a cullender or sieve. Cut off the flesh from the bodies of a pair of cold pheasants. two whole onions. seasoned with pepper and salt. and then the other part of the stew. handsomely notched with a knife. or ducks. Put some of the gravy on a plate. and bruise it with the back of a spoon or a silver fork. This is prepared on the table. Stew them in butter rolled in flour. and fry them in butter. Garnish the edge with slices of lemon. rolled in flour . moistening it frequently with a little broth or gravy. partridges or wild-ducks. half a pint of port wine or claret . and the juice of a lemon. A SALMI. Let it boil half an hour.GAME AND POULTRY. slices of Cut some COLD SALMI. If the Salmi is made of partridges. or an equal quantity of small birds.

will be an improvement Chop all together. the bird is cut up. and two spoonfuls of cream. a tablespoonful of butter rolled in flour. of the best sort. A FINE HASH. Take a pair of fowls. eat with some of this RAGOOED LIVERS. Add a glass of white wine. salt to your taste. gravy. or warm water. and let it stew gently for half an hour. and the yolks of two or three hard-boiled eggs. and mix with it bread crumbs. pepper. a bunch of sweet herbs. skin in Wash them them to put them into and cut them up. Some sausages. MARINADE OF FOWLS. Season taste your with salt. cold game or poultry that you have. Drain them. a clove of garlic or a small onion. Take the livers of half a dozen fowls or other poultry. and sufficient warm water to keep the ingredients moist. and a stew-pan with some butter. lukewarm water. stir in the yolks of two or three beaten eggs.44 GAME AND POULTRY. Moisten it with broth. Before you send it to table. a dozen mushrooms. and lemon- . and skim it well. chopped onions and parsley. Season it with salt and pepper. and cayenne pepper and well. it When sauce. Cold veal or fresh pork may be hashed in the Take any You may mix same manner. three tea-spoonfuls of olive it Add Mix oil. several kinds together. the juice of a lemon. Put it into a sauce-pan with a proportionate piece of butter rolled in flour. Stew all together.

stir in the yolks of three beaten eggs. them and Melt some butter rolled in flour. juice. Before you send them to table. Drain them. and grate bread crumbs over them. and soak them two hours in cold water. Pour Put in the fowls. Skin and cut up your fowls. and the juice of half a lemon. and stir into it the rest of the tarragon. onions. To keep the fricassee white. Pick two handfuls of tarragon (the leaves from the stalks) and chop half of it fine with the livers of the fowls. Moisten it with a little water or milk. The Fricassee will be greatly improved by some mushrooms stewed with the fowl. and cover with it all the pieces of fowl. pepper. and let them stew slowly on hot coals for two or three hours. FRICASSEE OF FOWLS. Mix it with butter. Stir in the yolks of two beaten . and let in half a pint of cream.GAME AND POULTRY. to make them white. them stew three quarters of an hour. a till the butter has melted. tightly. Then lay them in a dish. Whip some white of egg to a stiff froth. Put into a stew-pan a large piece of butter. and a laurel leaf. wrap them Stuff your fowls with it. and a table-spoonful of flour. FOWLS WITH TARRAGON. cover it (while stewing) with a sheet of buttered paper laid over the The lid of the stew-pan must be kept on fowls. Lard in papers buttered or oiled. and a bunch of sweet-herbs. salt. Clear them from the seasoning and drain them. Stir them together Add salt. 45 Add parsley. grated nutmeg. Moisten them with warm water. and whole pepper.

Strain it several times through a flannel bag into a deep white pan. and when it is cold scrape off all Then boil the the sediment that adheres to it. and put it into a stew-pan with two ounces or more of butter. and the juice of half a lemon. but do not stir it. look very handsome in jelly. and pepper. eggs. Serve it up as gravy. to be laid round the fowl with the slices of ham. Then pour in half a tumbler of white wine. six table-spoonfuls of boiled rice. Let it boil hard for five or six minutes. half a pound of loaf-sugar. salt. some thin slices of cold ham. go all over the fowl with a feather or brush dipped in yolk of egg. take four calves-feet (with the skin on) and boil strong jelly with an ounce of isinglass quarts of water. but do not on any consideration squeeze or press the bag. and game. CHICKENS IN JELLY. the juice of three lemons. jelly with the addition of the whites and shells of six eggs. a little parsley and onion chopped fine. large fowl. with just sufficient water to keep it from burning. Take a which you must afterwards serve up under the fowl and ham. Cold chickens. Before you send it to table. and a pint of Malaga or other sweet wine. You may add. You may add to the stew a dozen small onions. as that will entirely spoil them to a and three . carefully skimming off the fat. Strew over the fowls some sprigs of fresh tarragon. Let it stew slowly for two hours. To make this jelly.46 GAME AND POULTRY. three or four sticks of cinnamon. The calves-feet must be boiled the day before the jelly is wanted. if you choose. A STEWED FOWL. and some nutmeg. pigeons.

lay your chickens on it with the breasts downwards. Boil a pair of fowls till they are about half done. take out all the ingredients (as they are now of no farther use) and wash the bag clean. Then pour the jelly into it Repeat this till it is peragain. Having kept the remainder of the jelly warm. and turn it out carefully. Put a little dish or bowl.GAME AND POULTRY. fectly clear time. pint of boiling cream. dish or bowl in loosen the jelly. Put into a stew-pan a piece of butter rolled in flour with half a with pepper. the jelly will never be firm. you may prepare it at the beginning in a deep china dish table. and bright washing the bag every Sometimes (but not often) it will be clear . If you fear that you will not be able to turn it out without breaking the jelly. fit to send to If you put too much water to the calves-feet. table-spoonfuls of the liquor they were boiled and mix it . Take a few in. Then skin them. When it has congealed and is firm. to prevent its congealLet it stand ing too soon. and let it strain. 47 After it has done the transparency of the jelly. at the first straining. dripping through the bag. to the dish in which Then for a you intend to serve it up. of the jelly into the bottom of a deep and set it in a cold place. and should be cautioned accordingly. till it is boiled over again with more isinglass. warm water Lay over it set your moment. all night or till it is perfectly firm. salt. PULLED CHICKENS. and pull the flesh from the bones in pieces about a finger in breadth and half a it fin- ger in length. pour it over the fowls. and . The generality of to cooks are in the habit of putting too much water every thing.

STEWED TURKEY. butter. and it should be put in to stew A early in the morning. spoonful of white wine. withdraw the fire. onions. salt. Rub the You may liver. nutmeg. pepper. with sausage-meat or with chestnuts previously boiled. Put on the cover of the stew-pan. a beaten nutmeg.48 GAME AND POULTRY. you may make a force-meat stuffing of the turkey stuff all it . and the yolk of one or two eggs. Or. minced fine. parsley and onions. one or two calves-feet. grated bread. goose done this way is very fine. Put in the pieces of chicken. sweet-herbs. and mixed with chopped parsley. some onions and carrots. Pour in a pint of water. . ROASTED TURKEY. nutmeg. Then cover it all over with a seasoning made of salt. strain the gravy. and a pint of white wine or brandy. a and a tablelittle chopped parsley. grated lemon-peel. a clove of garlic. which must be kept wet. and sweet-herbs. and turn the turkey when about half done. Stew it slowly for five or six hours or more. When and the it is finished. one or two laurel leaves. and stew them slowly till quite done. and lay round its edge on the outside a wet cloth. It will be the better for lying all night in the seasoning. pepper. and. if you choose. lemon-juice. peeled. heart. a few cloves. OR TURKEY EN DAUBE. . over with salt. Take a large turkey lard it and stuff it as for roasting. with some slices of bacon. chopped fine. Put it into a stew-pan. Then lard it. A round of beef may be stewed in the same manner. . and gizzard. and mashed. and skim Serve up the turkey with gravy under it.

if you choose. Take several fine geese rub them with salt. Do not baste them. and put into each a handful of sage leaves. seasoned in the same manner. POTTED GOOSE. Set them away to get . cut off the legs and wings. a laurel leaf on each. stiff currant jelly drop- You may roast a goose in the same manner. Tie up the pots with covers of parchment wet with brandy. E .. 49 A turkey of moderate size will require at least two hours to roast. with about half as much lard as there is of the dripping. but save all the fat in the dripping-pan. Thicken the gravy with yolk of egg stirred in just before you send it to table. and cut the flesh from the breast in slices. and sprinkle them with salt and pepper placing. and season them also. A cold roast turkey should be larded and served up with large spoonfuls of ped all over it. fill them up to the top with the boiling fat. and set them away till the next day to get cold. Then put in two wings. emptying it as it is When you have taken the geese from the filled. Roast them about an hour. Put the fat that has dripped from the geese into a kettle. and keep them in a cold but not in a damp place. Boil it ten minutes. Lay two legs of the geese side by side in the bottom. The upper layer must be covered at least an inch thick with the fat. cold. Next a layer of the slices cut from the breast. GAME AND POULTRY. spit. When the pots are almost full of the goose. or more than one if necessary. Have ready a tall stone jar. In France great numbers of geese are fattened for this purpose.

and put them into Stew the the same pan that has held the turnips. Stew some sugar. A DUCK WITH salt. stew whole. OLIVES. till PEAS. ducks with a piece of butter rolled in flour. or other sweet herbs. soft. salt. turnips with butter. and a bunch of sweet-herbs tied up. and add a bunch of mint.50 GAME AND POULTRY. throw in the olives. with and a little water. . and some pepper and salt. skimming it well. with some lard and a little about half done. DUCKS WITH TURNIPS. it Having larded your duck. and a little take them out and drain them. Withdraw the sweetherbs before you send the dish to table. put the turnips in again. Put into the stew-pan a large piece of butter rolled in flour. When it has melted. Cut up your ducks. cut them in half and take out the seeds or stones. and let all stew slowly together for ten minutes. Then take it out and drain in it. pepper. salt. season them. a little water. When the ducks are nearly done. pour a quart of shelled green peas. When A DUCK WITH butter. Then put in the duck. adding a little warm water. Serve up the duck with the olives round it. and let all stew together about five minutes or more. Take half a pint of olives. skimming it well. Stew the duck whole. Let it stew slowly till quite done. When the duck is nearly done.

lender. When you wish to per. adding to them the livers of fowls or other birds. pepper. Take out the which you must mince with bacon and sweet-herbs. but do not let them boil. Mix all together. down the back. Chop an equal quantity of the Mix all together. squeeze some lemon-juice into the gravy. adding gradually the yolks of six hard eggs. Add bread-crumbs soaked in milk. BAKED PIGEONS. put them away to get cold. and ter. 51 TURKEY PUDDINGS. nicely cleaned as for sausages. Split the pigeons livers. and stuff your pigeons with it. in buttered pa- and broil them on a Similar puddings may be made of cold fowls. and bacon in proportion. mace and nutmeg. and then return it to the mortar and beat it again. mace and nutmeg to your taste. drain them. with salt. OR PIGEONS A LA CRAPAUDINE. cook them for immediate use prick them with a fork. and then glaze them all over with beaten white of egg. Have ready some skins. Mince thirty small onions and mix them with an equal quantity of bread crumbs that have been soaked in milk. Before you serve them up. and pound flesh of cold turkey. Or you may substitute sausage-meat. and the yolks of two eggs or more. wrap them gridiron. if you have them. Take them out. Pass it through a culit very well in a mortar. Then simmer your puddings. Place them in a buttered pan. and a pint of cream or half a pound of butSeason it to your taste with salt. and tie up the ends. . and set them in the oven. Fill the skins with the mixture.GAME AND POULTRY. Bake them half an hour.

to Lay them in a butlook like the stem of a pear. and fill them with it. (Pigeons au Poire. and truss them with the feet inwards. seasoning of sweet oil.) bone your pigeons. and chopped parsley. good force-meat or stuffing (as directed for baked pigeons). salt. scrape gradually down. Make a Split your pigeons and flatten them. Glaze them all over with yolk of egg. and Make a out the whole skeleton at once. them into a stew-pan with a piece of butter rolled . To do this. take a sharp knife. skewers. and broil them on a slow fire. butter rolled in flour. the flour. First. thickened with the yoJk of an egg. lemon-juice or vinegar. making them each Fasten them with into the shape of a large pear. PIGEONS WITH PEAS. Wrap each in a sheet of white paper. Then take hold of the neck. chopped shalots. just above the wings. and finish at the legs. BROILED PIGEONS. Rub this seasoning all over the pigeons. and some butter rolled in in the top of each. and salt and pepper. and then roll them in grated bread-crumbs. PIGEONS PEAR-FASHION.52 GAME AND POULTRY. pepper. and do not tear the skin. Then cover them with grated bread crumbs. tered dish (but not so close as to touch each other) and bake them. Take two or four pigeons (according to their Put size). Make a good gravy. Begin at the upper part of the bird. and slipping it under the flesh carefully loosen it from the bone. Stick draw lower end of the leg. Serve them up with a sauce made of minced onions.

and when they are quite done. do not peel the orange. with a pint of the dripping of beef or pork. salt. and put it into the stew-pan to cook with the partridges for half an hour. and a little into dice warm water. put them into a stew-pan with a large piece of butter rolled in a quarter of a pound of bacon or ham cut flour a bunch of sweet-herbs. the partridges. with another piece of butter. and a them. Let it stew slowly till nearly done. or water. Take three pair of large partridges and truss them as you do fowls. 53 slices of cold ham. A PARTRIDGE PIE. and till brown. take out the cabbage and drain it. Rub them all over with a mixture of pepper. Let them stew gently Then add a quart of green peas. Lay the cabbage under the partridges when you send them to table. If you omit the laurel leaf. . Having trussed the partridges. Put into another stew-pan a fine Savoy cabbage. and a little warm water or milk. four. powdered mace and pow- E2 . Then . stir in some more Serve up the pigeons with the peas under butter. ROASTED PARTRIDGES. and two or three little bacon. Lard but put in the pieces with the rind on them. Be careful not to roast them too much. PARTRIDGES WITH CABBAGE. These must be taken out before the partridges are sent to table. Let them stew slowly. i. and put in the inside of each a laurel leaf. and an orange cut in pieces. a bunch of mint.GAJVIJE AND POULTRY.

Bake it three hours. This pie will be greatly improved by the addition of some truffles. season it with pepper. . salt. and roast them. Put in the partridges. dered nutmeg. Roll out a thick piece of paste for the lid. ROASTED PHEASANTS. and see that the oven is not so hot as to scorch it. and spread a sheet of it over the bottom of a large and deep buttered dish. Take a pound of fat bacon and two pounds of lean veal. Make a stuffing of fresh raw oysters. . the liquor in which it was stewed. and mace. and pound it to a smooth paste moistening it at times with some of . and then put it into a cullender to drain. 54 GAME AND POULTRY. and cover them with the pounded meat. some yolk of egg. Cover the pheasants with thin slices of bacon or cold ham wrap them in buttered sheets of white paper. add a piece of butter. Stew them till the meat seems to be quite done. all minced fine. salt. If you cannot procure truffles. Add a bunch of sweet-herbs. and cut them into small pieces. side by side. and cover the pie with it cutting the edges into square notches.. glaze it all over with white of egg. Ornament the lid with leaves and flowers made of paste. nutmeg and mace. and folding over the half of each notch. and fill the pheasants with this stuffing. Afterwards put the meat into a mortar. mushrooms cut in pieces may be substituted. pour in a little water. and a few shalots or small onions. and seasoned with pepper. When done. Lay on the top a few slices of cold ham. nutmeg. Put them into a stew-pan with a quarter of a pound of butter. Mix with it some sweet oil. Prepare a rich paste. chopped. Serve them up with oyster sauce.

Put them into a stew-pan with sweet-oil. Pour this gravy into the dish in which you serve up the quails. take slowly on hot coals. BROILED QUAILS. 55 Split the quails down the back. Scald and pick your plovers. them. ROASTED PLOVERS. strew over them grated breadcrumbs. pepper. and lay the bacon round it. and broil them on a gridiron. and lay slices of toasted bread in the dripping-pan to receive Dirds while roasting. and a leaf or two of laurel. Put into the stew-pan a little warm water. what falls from the Serve them up with the toast same under them. and let it come to a boil. and scrape down whatever adheres to the sides skim it. Woodcocks and nanner. them out. but do not draw Lard them. and flatten them.GAME AND POULTRY. snipes are roasted in the . and let them stew When nearly done. Cover them with thin slices of bacon or ham. salt. .




a shalot or small onion. and also with some sauce Mayonnaise in a boat. pepper. a few mushrooms. The sauce Mayonnaise is made as follows: Put into a small tureen the yolks of two beaten eggs. when you put in the eggs. stir in gradually some more vinegar. You may color it green by adding a little juice of spinach. and a bunch of chopped sweet-herbs. and then basting it all the time with sweet-oil or butter. To stir and mix it thoroughly will require a quarter of an hour. and mushrooms . first is very fine roast- rubbing it with salt. a little salt and Cayenne pepper. It will then be very delicate.— FISH. onions. or some chopped parsley or tarragon at the first. then add (a drop at a time) two table-spoonfuls of sweet-oil. pepper. and a piece of butter rolled in flour. and mace . make a sauce as follows Put into a sauce-pan a little parsley. salt. stirring all the while. When done. ROASTED SALMON. When it is well mixed. with some sliced carrots. Pour a half-pint of white wine into a stew-pan. salt. serve it up with the sauce that is under it. and pour over it some more wine. Stir and mix it well. and a very little vinegar. and a gill or more : ed on a . Lay in your piece of fresh salmon. Stew it slowly for an hour or more. STEWED SALMON. A large piece of fresh salmon spit. For roasted salmon.

When thoroughly done. . and mix with the sauce a table-spoonful of olive-oil. add to the mixture some boiled onions. Halibut may be dressed in the same manner. and shalots minced fine. chopped parsley. dipped in sweet-oil and then grate bread crumbs all over it. and make it up into the form of a thick round cake. which will greatly improve the fish. and also . BROILED SALMON. Broil the slices on a gridiron. and mace. surrounded with triangular or three-cornered slices of toast. or a small brush. Go all over it with a bunch of feathers. take off the paper. . soak them an hour in a mixture of sweet-oil. Fresh cod may be cooked in the same way. Set it in the oven till brown. and every time you change it pour in a wine-glass of vinegar. dipped in melted butter. SALT Let it COD-FISH. mashed potatoes. then strain them through a sieve. nutmeg. butter. and serve up the salmon with melted butter and capers. Put the whole mixture into a deep dish. mix it with parsley. with salt and pepper. of white wine. Cayenne pepper. putting salt in the water when you boil it. and the yolks of two or three beaten eggs. which must be changed several times. and wrap it in buttered paper. Serve it up. Any other large fish may be dressed like salmon. Let these ingredients boil for half an hour. Boil the cod till thoroughly done then cut the flesh into very small slips . soak twenty-four hours in cold water. Then take each slice with the seasoning on it.60 FISH. vinegar. in the seasoning. Cut several slices of fresh salmon.

pepper. having seasoned it as above. with sauce in a boat. with the addition of some grated bread put the stuffing into the shad. . and some mushrooms if you have them. Any large fresh fish may be baked in the same manner. or vinegar. parsley. covered with the seasoning. and the yolks of two or three hard-boiled eggs chopped fine. 61 BROILED FRESH MACKEREL. bone it. Mix all together. juice. BROILED FRESH SHAD. Or you may cook the shad whole. Take any it chop F . salt. Stew it gently with a little water for half an hour. and a little lemon. a little butter. Serve it up. Having split the shad in half. and bake it. cover it all over with a seasoning of oil. and then with the remains of a cold omelet. . and let it lay for half an hour or more then broil it. pouring on it whatever of the seasoning may be left in the dish. a slice of bread soaked in milk. Then broil it. Mix with it some chopped parsley. Or you may first broil the mackerel whole. and laurel-leaf. Let the sauce be of melted butter. Make a stuffing of the above ingredients. HASHED FISH. and wrapped it in oiled paper. Let it lie an hour or two in the seasoning. sort of cold fish. with parsley.. and season with pepper and salt. chopped onions. first pouring over it a glass of white wine. Split your mackerel down the back season it with pepper and salt cover it all over with oil or butter. FISH. and adding a piece of butter.

Having boiled your lobster. put in the mixture. Fill your loaves with the oysters. and beat it well in a mortar. and this will cook them sufficiently. Make some puff-paste. take out the meat from the shell. Have ready some small loaves or rolls of bread. Then stir in a quarter of a pound of butter. putting into each a teaspoonful of cream. and vinegar. mustard. Take the' liquor of your oysters. Lay on again the piece of crust that was cut out of the top of each loaf or roll. put into it the crumbs. and two ounces or more of grated bread crumbs. . Bake it slowly. OYSTER LOAVES. and scoop out the crumb or soft part. pour the liquor over the oysters. and a large piece of butter. As soon as it boils. with a little chopped celery. and set them in the oven for a few minutes.62 FISH. the yolks of two beaten eggs. season it with salt. Cayenne pepper. and cover it with a lid of paste ornamented with leaves or flowers of the same. LOBSTER PIE. Cut a round piece out of the top of each.



F2 . take it out. When it has boiled. Then serve it u. add half a pint of cream or rich milk put in the lettuce. and lay on it slices of toasted bread dipped in melted butter. Take young spinach. and throw it into boiling water with some salt. with a very little salt. Take out the lettuce.VEGETABLES. Having mixed. stir the yolks of two beaten eggs into the sauce. After it has stewed slowly for a quarter of an hour. and serve all up together. Moisten it with cream or milk. with a little salt. take it out and press it to squeeze out the water. STEWED LETTUCE. half a nutmeg grated. in a stew-pan. and tie it up with a string passed several times round it. Put it in boiling water. and let it simmer again over a slow fire for another quarter of an hour. sugar. When the lettuce has boiled. Let it boil ten minutes. small. . and two lumps of sugar. a large spoonful of butter with a spoonful of flour. Cut it of an hour. and put it into a stew-pan. drain it. with a large piece of butter. and nutmeg. Wash a fine lettuce. add a spoonful of flour.p. to keep the leaves together. STEWED SPINACH. and lay it in cold water for a quarter Then drain it and squeeze it. with a little salt. but be careful not to break it.

and cut them into long slips. Then peel and cut them into Stew them for a quarter of an hour with a piece of butter rolled in flour. into a stew-pan little cream. and a lump or two of loafsugar. Take them out. some beets. with a little salt. Scald them in water then drain them. When you take them off. Having washed your cabbage. STEWED CARROTS. Stew your cucumbers in it ten minutes. then boil the cucumbers a few minutes. and chopped parsley.66 VEGETABLES. . and a clove of garlic. take them out. with a little salt. Put and a for the some butter rolled in flour. STEWED CUCUMBERS. BEETS. Scrape and wash your carrots. a tea-spoonful of vinegar: STEWED Boil slices. boiling . and cut them into slips about as long as your little finger . STEWED CABBAGE. Lay your cucumbers in cold water for half an hour. salt and pepper. When done. Stew them in milk or cream. some onion and parsley chopped fine. salt. and drain them well. pepper. cut and throw it it in four. take out the seeds. into boiling water with some . stir into the sauce the yolks of one or two eggs. and pour it over the carrots. then pare them. a little vinegar. stir in yolks of two beaten eggs and if you choose.

VEGETABLES. a bunch of mint. Serve up the let. some mushrooms (if you have them) chopped also. 67 has boiled till quite tender. Cauliflowers may be stewed in the same maimer it When STEWED PEAS. Just before you serve them up. and a large piece of butter rolled in flour. stir in the yolks of . Let them stew gently on hot coals till quite tender. Having taken out the parsley. and a very little Stir all together. add a piece of butter rolled in flour and stir in the yolks of two eggs just before you send it to table. three or four lumps of sugar. a . and withdraw the whole before you dish the peas. STEWED BEANS. and put the cabbage to drain. some salt and pepper. Stir all together. bunch of parsley. and the heart of a fine lettuce cut in pieces. tuce in another dish. stew gently for an hour or an hour and a half. if you choose. set it on coals and let it water. and then put in as many beans as will fill a quart measure when strung and cut small having first soaked them a quarter of an hour in cold water. take it up. put in the lettuce without cutting it in pieces tie it up with the bunch of parsley and two onions. Add a glass of white wine and a little water. . salt. . Then lay it in a stew-pan with butter. Take two quarts of green peas put them into a stew-pan with a quarter of a pound of butter. nutmeg. Put into a stew-pan some parsley and some chives or little onions chopped fine. You may. squeeze out the water. pepper. Stew it a quarter of an hour. a spoonful of flour. and half a pint of cream. and pour the sauce over it when you send it to table.

some small onions with salt. and stew them with butter. ONIONS STEWED IN WINE. You may substitute for the it wine a tumbler of cream. and a laurel leaf. stir into the sauce the yolks of two or three eggs. and serve them up. Stew them ten minutes. When they are done. two last. Lay it on the dish under the mushrooms. STEWED MUSHROOMS. but must be stirred in at the STEWED Boil ONIONS. and a pint of red wine. Then take out the onions. and put them into a stew-pan with some salt. adding a little flour and warm water. and then turn every onion with a spoon. and serve them up garnished with pieces of toast dipped in the sauce. eggs. Boil twenty or thirty onions a quarter of an hour with a bunch of sweet herbs. hem. . and pour the sauce over them. Put in a small onion with the mushrooms. Pour on them some cream. drain them. and then drain Lay them in a stew-pan with a piece of Dutter. pepper.68 VEGETABLES. Toast and butter a slice of bread. If the onion turns black. and a little chopped parsley. and sprinkle them with flour. pepper and salt. throw away all the mushrooms. Having peeled and washed your mushrooms. and some cream. some salt. a few cloves. a piece of butter rolled in flour. Stew them another quarter of an hour. whether there is a poisonous one among them. salt. that you may know by its turning almost black.

and put it into the cream with the heads of the asparagus. some salt. When this sauce boils. Add a half-pint of cream. Stew the mixed potatoes and turnips in it. When ASPARAGUS WITH CREAM. 69 STEWED POTATOES. salt. Make holes in the top-pieces of the rolls. Boil eight or nine large potatoes with a little and then peel and cut them in slices. and add to it a little mustard. with a small quantity of hot milk. of which you must save out a sufficient number (with a small piece of the stalk left on each) to stick the rolls with. Scoop out the crumb from the inside of the rolls. an equal quantity of turnips and done. . or a pint of milk. Fry the rolls in butter. Put into a stew-pan a large piece of butter. a spoonful of flour. STEWED POTATOES WITH TURNIPS. Stick the tops with the remainder of the asparagus. with the yolks of six eggs stirred into it. boil Pare and potatoes. put in your sliced potatoes. Take four large rolls of bread. and half a grated nutmeg. Melt some butter in a stew-pan. and cut a round piece out of the top of each.VEGETABLES. and mix all together. and lay them on the rolls. Put the most of the asparagus heads into the cream mixed with the crumb of the rolls. When the rolls are fried. fill their cavities with the mixture. cream. drain and mash them. and let them stew a quarter of an hour. and simmer it awhile over a slow fire. for about ten minutes. Wash and boil four Have ready a pint of or five bundles of asparagus.

POTATOES STEWED WHOLE.70 VEGETABLES. and eaten with oil sauce. half the peel of a lemon grated. and let it lie half an hour. potatoes. Having boiled turning it which must be prepared half an hour or more before it is wanted. a spoonful of sweet oil. Make Dip each slice in the batter. and a spoonful of brandy Make frequently. the following batter. and fry them in butter. and let them stew gently about ten minutes. with some stew-pan a piece of butter rolled in flour. Take three tablethat it may have time to rise. and served up on toasted bread dipped in oil. throw the cauliflower into it. Asparagus may be simply boiled with salt. a little salt. squeeze over them the juice of a lemon. and three tea-spoonfuls of sweet oil. a fine large cauliflower. a tablespoonful of butter melted in a little warm water. and sufficient flour or grated bread to thicken it. two or three lumps of sugar. and cut it into some water with salt. Put FRIED POTATOES. Boil two dozen small new into a salt. FRIED CAULIFLOWER. Then put it into a pan with salt. pepper and vinegar. Wash quarters. Lay the potatoes in this mixture. a table-spoonful of brandy. and boil it till you can nip it easily with your fingers. . Have ready some large cold potatoes cut in slices. a table-spoonful of oil. some salt. spoonfuls of flour. half a nutmeg grated. three beaten eggs. Take it out and drain it. a batter with the yolks of three eggs.

and let it set half an hour. and a dull white or pearl color on the top. Broccoli may be fried in the same manner. cover it. and BROILED MUSHROOMS. . or whose under side is white. * In gathering mushrooms. Make a square case of white paper. Dip each piece of celery fry them in butter. Make a batter of eggs. and stir them hard into the batter. If you choose. 71 it too thin. and grated bread allowing four eggs to a pint of . and poisonous. Those that are perfectly white above. and fry and if you find them of a fine light brown. wash. and serve them up in the paper. Broil them on the gridiron over a clear fire. salt. yellow. Take ten or twelve fine stalks of celery. Cut them into pieces about six inches long. are unfit to eat. After being gathered awhile. you may mix with the mush rooms some chopped onion and sweet-herbs. and drain your mushrooms.VEGETABLES.* Peel. but it always appears on the good ones while in the ground. and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. into the batter. spread them on a dish. and then cut them in pieces. in is done. milk. take only those that are of a pale pink color underneath. and butter it well. let it remain pan a quarter of an hour before you send it Lay fried parsley round it. Fill it with the mushrooms mixed with butter. add a Stir all together little more flour . and lay them an hour in salt and water. Then beat to a stiff froth the whites of the eggs. . milk. When the cauliflower the to FRIED CELERY. Drain them. Dip your quarters of cauliflower into this mixture. and pepper. or any color but pale pink. table. the pink tinge changes to brown.

STUFFED CABBAGE. head and let it it from and drain five to ten minutes. Let it simmer over a slow fire for two hours or more. so that the cabbage may stand upright on the dish. Then take out Cut off the stalk close to the bottom. 72 VEGETABLES.) Take a put boil it large cabbage. and tie tape round it to keep the outside leaves together. take off the tape. with a hard full into boiling water with some salt. heart Chop over it. and pour melted butter . the cabbage heart. Lettuce may be done in the same manner. wash and pare them. a small piece of minced cold ham or pork. it. . Then make a force-meat of the substance you have taken out of the inside. and scoop out carefully with a knife as much of the inside as will leave all round a shell about the thickness of two cents. STUFFED POTATOES. fine what you have taken out of the inside. Fill the cabbage with this stuffing. and a little parsley adding . (Choux farcis. and chop also some cold ham and veal. with a quarter of a pound of butter rolled in flour. Take eight very large potatoes. the ham and veal. mixing it with two minced onions. or cold chicken. and some grated bread.. and an onion stuck full of cloves. about two ounces of butter. set the cabbage upright in a dish. Then put it into a deep stew-pan. Make a small slit or incision in each of them. Mix together the chopped eggs. When it is done. Likewise four eggs boiled hard. and then carefully take out the inside leaves or leaving the outside leaves whole. adding salt and pepper.

salt. pepper. Mix the stuffing thoroughly. Sprinkle them Scoop out the G . and fill them with this mixture. and a little warm water Let them stew very slowly for about two hours. Put them into a pan with butter. Remove the cloths. Fill your cucumbers with it.VEGETABLES. cloth. or two peach leaves. Remove the leaves. and stuff the tomatas with the mixture. STUFFED CUCUMBERS. 73 the yolks of two or three beaten eggs. Pass the inside through a sieve. inside of a dozen large tomatas. When you mash potatoes. and then take them out. them half an hour. cold meat minced. Heap them up on the dish in the form of a pyramid. by pounding it in a mortar. and then mix it with grated bread. or till they are of a fine brown. Butter the inside of the potatoes. tying a string round each to keep them in shape. Then having buttered a large Bake dish. lay your potatoes in it separately. STUFFED TOMATAS. and fasten on with a skewer the pieces you have cut off from their Sow up every one separately in a thin ends. Stew it ten minutes. chopped sweet-herbs. nutmeg. and brown it by holding over it a red-hot shovel. with a laurel leaf. and pepper. a bunch of sweet-herbs. Then pare them. moisten them with milk or cream. Prepare a stuffing made of bread crumbs. salt. and scoop out all the seeds with a fork. Cut off one end of each of the cucumbers. and serve up the cucumbers with the sauce under them. adding a little salt. without spoiling their shape. and sweet-herbs. flour. Smooth the sides of the pyramid with the back of a spoon.

all over with rasped bread-crust. Pour some of this sauce into the bottom of a dish that will bear the fire. drain for ten minutes in cold water. Broccoli may be done in the same manner. and spread a layer of it on the sauce. drain them well. CAULIFLOWERS WITH CHEESE. and lay savoy cabbage. and bake them in an oven. Clear off the butter from the edges of the dish. and then another layer of peppered cheese. Pour over it the rest of the sauce. Chop your cauliflower. and boil and water. boiled your cauliflowers in and water. Spread it all over the surface of the last layer of cauliflower. and bake it till a brown crust forms on the outside. Put the dish in a slow oven about a quarter of an hour before you serve it up. Af- . and so on till your dish is nearly full. Then cover it with a layer of rich cheese. and send it to salt Having washed and table hot. with butter rolled in flour. and a little milk. mixed with a little of the grated cheese. grated and slightly sprinkled with pepper. Prepare two or three handfuls of grated bread. Set them in a buttered dish. RAGOOED CABBAGE. Wash a fine salt it an hour in it. and serve up the tomatas.74 VEGETABLES. and smooth it with the back of a spoon. Egg-plants may be cooked in the same manner. Then spread on the remainder of the cauliflower. Then take it it for half out. Make a white sauce in a small pan. Allow a quarter of a pound of cheese to each cauliflower. Take off the strings.

Take a pint of fresh mushrooms. and add two table-spoonfuls of flour. and take out and put it into a stew-pan with a quarter of a pound of butter. as it is evident that some poisonous ones are among the mushrooms. serve it up. If the onion has turned blue or black. throw the whole away. a few chives chopped fine. a sprig or two of parsley. and grated nutmeg. pepper. a small onion. put the mushrooms into a stew-pan with two table-spoonfuls of vinegar. 75 well. Season it with salt and pepper.VEGETABLES. Chop the cabbage slightly. stir in the yolks of two eggs. . Let it boil gently for a quarter of 'in hour. RAGOOED MUSHROOMS. and moisten it with a little water. some salt. Before it goes to table. When they are peeled and the stalks cut off. Let it stew slowly for an hour. Cauliflowers or broccoli may be done in the same manner. and then terwards squeeze and drain it the stalk.

76 PUREES. and season it with pepper. meat. Moisten them with a little broth or boiling water. Wash PUREE OF ONIONS. peel it. Then take them out and drain them. for five or six hours. with salt. with a little salt. when the coarser parts are strained out. leaves a fine smooth jelly. and . which. Then rub them through a sieve. PUREE OF CELERY. and nutmeg to your taste. and serve up the jelly with roast Wash them into small pieces. Let them stew over a very slow fire. . and a very little water. and stew it s.owly for three or four hours. and pare some of the finest turnips. PUREE OF TURNIPS. salt. as there is nothing in the English language that gives precisely the same idea. with a large piece of butter and some salt and pepper. Then pass it through a sieve. PUREES. your celery. The word Puree cannot be exactly translated. Cut and let them lie for half an hour in cold water. In French it is generally applied to a certain manner of cooking vegetables that converts them into a substance resembling marmalade. Take thirty onions cut them in slices and put them into a stew-pan. stirring them frequently. It is served up with meat. pepper. Put them into a stew-pan.

and throw into cold water to green them. with a little salt. G2 . and put them in a pan with as much cold water as will keep them from burning. and then add a tablespoonful of broth or warm water. 77 a grated nutmeg. if there is a bad or poisonous one among them. or a spoonful of flour. PUREE OF MUSHROOMS. and let it stew again for about five minutes. Peel a pint of mushrooms. and two lumps of sugar. When you take it off the fire. throw them all away. as. throw them into boiling water. Let them remain a quarter of an hour. Having strung and cut your beans till you have a quart. Put it in the middle of a dish. Then drain them. and a spoonful of cream or rich milk. cut them in pieces. Put into a stew-pan a large piece of butter. the onion will turn of a bluish black while cooking. strain it and serve it up. Add your puree. Stew them slowly till they have lost all shape and have become an undistinguishable mass.PUREES. and lay round it thin slices of fried bread or toast. After they have lain half an hour in the cold water. Then strain them. beaten. Throw in with them a small onion to test their goodness . When it has attained the proper consistence. PUREE OF BEANS. Let them stew slowly till they are of a fine brown color. stir in the yolks of two eggs slightly. In that case. take them out and drain them again.

Chop an onion sistence of marmalade. strain it. piece of butter into the puree. Put a large piece of butter into a stew-pan with little salt. . poultry &c. a PUREE OF GREEN PEAS. then strained through a cullender or sieve. some pepper. stewed slowly to a jelly. and a spoonful of flour. fine. Dried the split peas be may be made into a puree in in same manner. and stew the whole very slowly till it has Then strain it. Stir them frequently. a piece of butter the size of a walnut. and taken as soups. fry it in butter. and cover them with broth or warm water. Wash them. Purees may made a similar manner of dif- ferent sorts of meat. and have it ready to mix with Take a quart of shelled green peas. the puree. that they may not When they become of the constick to the pan. and a bunch of mint. Add your beans. a little salt and pepper. Let them stew very slowly and if necessary moisten them occasionally with a little warm water or broth. stew-pan with water enough to cover them. seasoned. and serve it up.78 PUREES. Put in a bunch of sweet-herbs cut small. a laurel leaf or a couple of peach-leaves. and put them into a . Put a dissolved into a mass.

if you see that the yolk is round. 79 EGGS. &c. or by greasing each egg all over with dripping. which will greatly improve them. placing them all with their small ends and downwards. Eggs may be preserved by keeping them in a keg of lime-water. you may be sure that the egg is bad. and the white thin and clear. in a saucer. When in a frying-pan. throw it into the pan in which they are to be beaten. But if the yolk appears to be broken and mixed with the white. let When FRIED EGGS. Still they are never so good as when quite fresh. and of an unpleasant taste.EGGS. throw it away and wash the saucer or get a clean one. In choosing eggs. and laid in a deep dish. and them boil exactly three minutes. Send them to table wrapped in a napkin. put in the yolks only of your . spungy. giving it a thick cloudy look. and putting them into a tight vessel rilled with wood-ashes. hold them up against the light. you may suppose them to be good. You may also keep them by burying them in salt. do every one separately. If you meet with a bad one. Then take them out. When you break eggs for use. single BOILED EGGS. the water boils hard. and cover them up for about a minute. put in the eggs. A bad egg will make the whole mixture heavy. If you find the egg good. Melt a piece of butter it ceases to hiss.

EGGS. Melt some butter in a dish that will bear the fire. first ascertaining that they are all good. you may stir into the mixture some heads of boiled asparagus. and nutmeg. Take a quart of milk. The eggs must not be allowed to get hard. and Take out the yolks. Then lay over it the yolks of your eggs. Let it stew over a slow fire for a few minutes and color it by holding over it a red-hot shovel. and Fill it you choose. cut each egg in . EGG SNOW. Mix them well together. Let them set about five minutes. Arrange in it all your halves of eggs. pound them in a mortar with a quarter of a pound of butter a nutmeg some grated bread that has been soaked in milk. and smoothing it into a round even shape. Put them into an oven. and spread over the inside a thin layer of the stuffing. When them by holding over them a red-hot STEWED EGGS. and stir fuls into it two spoonof rose-water. half. Boil twelve eggs hard. Butter a dish. if a little salt. some minced sweet-herbs. and then send them to table. the whites of the eggs with this stuffing. Take off the shell. Add to it salt. STUFFED EGGS.80 eggs. the bottoms downwards. and . and a quarter of a pound of . shovel. fried. Before you put in the eggs. heaping up. the lid of which must be hot. . color Season them with pepper and salt. but the surface should be soft and perfectly smooth and even. and a little milk in the proportion of a table-spoonful to each egg.

When it is slightly brown on one side. . Melt some butter in a frying-pan. Season with salt and pepper. Melt a piece of butter in a frying-pan. the make a eggs to a stiff' froth that will stand alone. 81 white sugar.PANCAKES OMELETS. on the dish of custard so as to look like a pile of snow or you may drop it with a large spoon. — When you dish it up. six eggs. Boil whole together. a little salt. Beat together a quart of sifted flour. Put in your omelet. you may lay a tea-spoonful of stiff currant-jelly. Serve them up with white sugar grated over each. On the top of each ball to . turn it carefully on the other. with a powdered nutmeg. a table-spoonful of brandy. or substitute a little sweet-oil. Beat the whites of the get cold in a deep dish. so as to thick smooth custard. Add bydegrees the yolks of twelve eggs well beaten. and then on the other. a grated nutmeg. so as to form separate balls. and mix it gradually with your eggs while beating them. PANCAKES. it will be lumpy. OMELETS. You may color them pink. Cheese Omelet Grate some rich cheese. fold it over in half. and fry it first on one side. by stirring into the mixture some of the juice of a beet-root. If you keep it too Set it away to long on the fire. stirring it all the time. which has been boiled and then beaten in a mortar. and sufficient water to make a thin batter. Pour in a ladleful of the batter. and let it spread into a circular form. adding Heap it it twelve drops of essence of lemon.

Fry it in butter. other. Then set it for a quarter of an hour in the oven. Stir it gradually eggs while beating them. chopped sweet-herbs. and put the mixture into it. Boil some onions. stir it into the eggs as — you beat them for the omelet. Omelets may be seasoned in the same manner with parsley. of a pound of rich cheese. scraped or grated. mince them and moisten them with milk. fine. Lobster Omelet. some whole pepper. i — Is made with grated cold ham. Beat in a mortar the flesh of a boiled lobster. MACCARONI PIE. and a little salt. Put two handfuls or more of bread crumbs into half a pint of cream. Butter a deep dish. Boil half a pound of maccaroni with two ounces of butter. Fry it and when dished. a little butter . adding. Stir them into the eggs as you beat them. Onion Omelet. eggs while beating. and — season it into the with pepper and salt. with a grated nutmeg and a little salt. at times. and put it into a stew-pan with an ounce of butter. When the bread has absorbed all the cream. mix with it a quarter lose its shape. Ham Omelet — stirred into the MACCARONI. or mushrooms. Do not let it boil long enough for the maccaroni to When done. Also with minced oysters. Take half a pound of maccaroni. a little salt . fold one half over the in butter. Brown the top with a red-hot shovel.82 MACCARONI MACCARONI PIE. Bread Omelet.

and a wineglass of rose-water. congeal. Butter the inside. Put in the maccaroni. Bake it at least half an hour.. you need not put in the jelly . IN EGGS. to 83 it. and pound them in a mortar. BLANCMANGE dry. put in so as to look like the yolk of the egg. adding another ounce of butter. Blanch them by throwing them into scalding water to make the then put them in cold water skins peel off easily wipe them dry afterwards. Boil it hard for a quarter of an hour. adding at times a little rose-water. with a flat bottom. and then stir it into a quart of cream. and replace it with a lump of the jelly. Make a good paste. Take another pan. and water enough it till cover Stew Then grate a quarter of a pound of and mix it with the maccaroni. and one ounce of shelled bitter almonds. BLANCMANGE Take two ounces of IN EGGS. Then strain it through a linen bag. Cover the pie with a lid of paste. take out a small piece from the middle of each cupful. Or if more convenient. and stir it all the time. and put it into egg-cups. sides and bottom. It will be in the form of a drum. loosen it from the pan and turn it out on a dish. and nearly the shape of a drum. Dissolve an ounce of isinglass in warm water. Add a quarter of a pound of broken loaf-sugar. and pepper. and set it away in a cold place to shelled sweet almonds. fine cheese. if the pan was of that shape. and cover with it the whole interior of the pan. . Set it away to get cold. Have ready some calves-feet jelly (made ac- cording to the directions given in the article "Chickens in Jelly"). and when the blancmange is firm. When done. or into the halves of egg-shells nicely and evenly trimmed. which must be very deep.

a pyramid of icecream. the blancmange and eggs cut in half. The jelly for this purpose must be very highcolored. for instance. If nicely will look like circle in a round a dish that contains something high and ornamental. managed.84 till BLANCMANGE IN EGGS. which must be done by wetting the moulds with warm water on the outside. Lay them jelly — . you have taken the blancmange out of the cups or egg-shells. or dark sweet wine. by means of brandy.



so as entirely to inclose the butter. and in a quarter of an hour roll it out. fold it up. adding just enough of water to moisten it. . flour it . Then set it away to cool. Then fold up the paste with the four sides laid one over another. and give it another roll. If it . and lay it in a pan. and set it for half an hour in a cool place. Set it away again and in half an hour roll it out twice more. and a pound and a quarter of sifted flour. be made with a pound of butter. Roll it out spread over it a second portion of the . Then roll it again fold it. Repeat this till you get in all the butter.PASTRY. Mix it well with your hands. The butter must be washed in cold water. FRENCH PASTE. Divide it into eight parts. and then squeezed very hard. CAKES. adding another division of the butter. as rapidly as possible. and see Set it away to cool. and roll it out again. folding and rolling the paste with each separate portion of the butter. much cold water as will moisten it. Mix one part of the butter with the flour. Make a hole in the middle. and put into it the white of an egg slightly beaten. and a very little salt. &< Sift a quart of flour. . and it will be fit for use. a piece at a time. a piece of butter the size of an Pour in gradually as egg. PUFF PASTE. May butter . and made up into a lump. and spread over it half a pound of butter which has been kept in ice. that no lumps are left in it.

Bake them for a quarter of an hour. It is difficult in warm roll it on. it sets several hours. half a pound of Add a little salt. and set it away to cool. do every thing as still if the paste made it out once weather to make good puff paste without a marble table. and the juice and grated peel of half a lemon. a Mix and notch it handsomely. and four table-spoonfuls of powdered sugar. While buttering and rolling. &C. Before you put it into the dishes. to quickly as possible. Have ready some fine paste. When done. and then take them from the oven. always keeping it in a cold place. Blanch half a pound of shelled sweet almonds and three ounces of shelled bitter almonds. Cut it into round shapes with the edge of a tumbler. Then roll it out again. and bake them again for a quarter of an hour. Lay round each a rim made of an even strip of the butter. Put into each piece of paste some of the almond . little cold water . roll more. mixing them well. Beat them. and two beaten eggs. make it into a paste. in a mortar. CAKES. and adding at times a little rose-water. Cut it into circular pieces about the size and thickness of a dollar. CREAM TARTS.88 PASTRY. ALMOND TARTS. four eggs. grate nutmeg over each. anci better is the night before it wanted . mix with them a quarter of a pound of loaf-sugar powdered. will is be the better for it . Fill the tarts with this mixture. together a quart of flour. Beat together a pint of cream. paste. a few at a time. or slab.

a mortar half a pound of and three ounces of peach- kernels. or shelled bitter almonds. mix with them a quarter of a pound of powdered loaf-sugar. They should be in the shape of a half-moon. Let it boil slowly for a quarter of an hour. and grate neatly. and crimp the edges very Bake them about half an hour. 112 . Cut a vanilla bean into slips. lids of the same. stir eight beaten eggs into it. and bake them. Put the mixture into cups. so as to inclose the meat. sugar over them when done. When they are all pounded to a paste. CAKES. Then turn over it the other half. Make some fine paste. and lay some of it on one half of each piece of paste.PASTRY. or some chopped oysters. with a quarter of a pound of white sugar. RISSOLES. and boil them in a quart of milk. of a light brown. Crimp the edges. Have ready some minced veal. and cut it out with the edge of a tumbler. Set them in an iron oven half filled with water. and boil them in a quart of milk or cream. adding sufficient rose-water to moisten them. Blanch and pound in shelled sweet almonds. Put some butter into a Lay the rissoles into it. seasoned in the best manner. heaping it up in the centre. VANILLA CUSTARDS. or any sort of force-meat. 89 with Cover them mixture. Then set it away to cook When cold. &C. ALMOND CUSTARDS. and fry them frying-pan.

Stir them . Boil this coffee in a quart of rich milk. having left out the whites of four. Pound them together in a mortar. grate on sugar. &C. Color them when done. have ready a pint of boiling milk or cream. of eggs to a froth. and heap some of the froth on each custard. and bake them. of loaf-sugar.. Stir into it two ounces of powdered loafBeat sugar. You may lay on the top of each heap of froth one of the bonbons or confections called chocolate-nuts. and two large spoonfuls of cream. When cold. After you remove it from the fire. Let it get cold. omitting the whites of four. Lemon Custards are made in the same manner substituting for the vanilla bean the grated rind of a large fresh lemon. set them in water and bake them. stir into eight beaten eggs. CAKES. set it and then it away to cool. Cut into pieces half a pound of the best chocoPour on it sufficient milk to prevent its burning. late. but do not grind them. and let it boil ten minutes. adding a very little sugar. or more. and then strain it. Take two ounces of roasted coffee and two ounces of raw coffee. When cold. Beat together the yolks of eight eggs and the whites of two only. Put the mixture into cups. and stir them into the chocolate with two ounces. CHOCOLATE CUSTARDS. by holding over them a red-hot shovel. 90 PASTRY. COFFEE CUSTARDS. eight eggs. set them in an oven with water in Beat the six remaining whites it. Put the mixture into cups. and pour it on the chocolate.

the same quantity of cold water. take out the peach-leaves or kernels. Add two ounces of loaf sugar. a table spoonful of rose-water. stir in the eggs. Thicken the batter with a sufficient quantity of flour stirred in by degrees. Boil a quart of cream or rich milk. Boil it.PASTRY. APPLE FRITTERS. 91 gradually into the coffee. Drain it through a sieve. mixture put it into cups. Cover it and set it away. and put the rice into a quart of milk with a quarter of a pound of sugar. &C. . into cups. and beat them well. Put it bake the custards in an oven with water. in the prohours. and pour it (while boiling) on three ounces of the best green tea. the same quantity of ^brandy. Grate sugar over the top of each. Pare and core some them into round slices. Take eight eggs. and three or four peach-leaves. Put six table-spoonfuls of rice into a pint of water. fine large pippins. or a few peach-kernels. and boil it till quite soft. RICE POTTAGE. and stir in the yolks of two eggs. CAKES. portion of four eggs to a table-spoonful of oliveoil. and bake them in an oven with water. Soak them in and cut brandy for two or three Make a batter. leaving out the whites of four . and when the tea Then strain the whole is cold. and before you serve it up. white sugar over the tops when cold. and Grate TEA CUSTARDS. and mix it two or three .

When done. Then drain them. BREAD FRITTERS. RICE CAKE. PASTRY. CAKES. and send them to table. you may next day cut it in slices and fry them in butter. it is &C it wanted. Cut some slices of bread into a Soak them in the milk till they circular shape. stir in a table-spoonful of rose-water. Dip the slices of bread into it. If Ground rice is best any of the cake for this cake. is left.92 hours before fermentation. Boil a quart of milk with cinnamon and sugar to your taste. cream or milk. a frying-pan. Serve them up strewed with powdered sugar. grate white sugar over them. and fry them in butter. and bake it three quarters of an hour. Have ready some yolks of eggs well beaten. and spread grated bread crumbs all over its inside Put in the mixture. have absorbed it. it half a into a pint of pound of rice and wash it well. but the peaches must be cut into quarters. 01 else the grated peel of a lemon. and boil it Let it get cold. Take Put soft. eight eggs well beaten (having left out the whites of four). Butter a mould or a deep pan with straight sides. Then stir into it alternately a quarter of a pound of sugar. Put some butter Peach Fritters may be made in the same way. instead of baking the mixture in a large . Or. and a wine-glass of rose-water. Then drain them. two ounces of butter. Mix all well. Dip each and fry them brown. that into may be light by slice of apple into the batter.

Season it with a tea-spoonful of mixed spice. and put them into a pan with a little salt. and the rind of a lemon grated. then grate the peel of the lemon. the rind of a large lemon. and very hard. Beat the mixture very hard . Roast in the ashes potatoes. and roll round balls. Butter a mould or a deep dish. It must be baked immediately. Make a batter of beaten eggs. Then set it away to cool. Have ready some small square or oblong cases of thick white paper. you may put fry them in butter. Squeeze in the juice of the lemon. and add two table-spoonfuls of rose-water. peel them.PASTRY. then take half a pound of potato (which is best). and stir it in very lightly and slowly. Put in the mixture. and spread the inside all over with grated bread. Beat eight eggs. sugar. and stir together with the lump of it into the mixture. to draw the juice to the surface . a dozen small or six large done. and grated bread dip the balls into it. Add gradually a pound of powdered Rub a lump of loaf-sugar all over loaf-sugar. or half a pint of cream. Take ten eggs. Add a quarter of a pound of butter. CAKES. rub it through a cullender. When mixture. cake. POTATO CAKE. with an edge turned up all flour . or else of fine wheat flour. and stir them gradually into the mixture. and a quarter of a Having mashed the potatoes pound of sugar. and bake it for three quarters of an hour. it &C 93 flour on your hands. and into . with stir this it SPONGE CAKE—CALLED IN FRANCE BISCUIT. and beat them till very thick and smooth. sugar. and half a glass of rose-water.

they will fall and be heavy. with spice to your taste. MARGUERITES. These cakes are much better when baked in paper cases tins being generally too thick for them. and lose their shape. . and half a pound of Indian meal mix all together. eggs. Roll it out thin. and an inch and a half in depth. it becomes a lump of dough. a pound of pound of wheat-flour. and a wineMix the whole together. If the oven is not hot enough. Grate sugar over them when done. half a . tih glass of rose-water. round. Make it into a lump of paste. and sewed at the corners. Sift a pound of Take the yolks only. Then put it into a mortar. of twelve flour into a pan. inside. and beat them till very thick and smooth. Take a pound of powdered Flour a shallow tin pan. &C. and add the juice and grated peel of a large lemon. Bake them about ten but not close together. half a finger in breadth. and cut it into cakes with the edge of a tumbler. Beat together till very light. butter. Stir in a grated nutmeg.94 PASTRY. and add the beaten butter and sugar. CROQUETTES. minutes. Grate loaf-sugar over the top of each. Either butter these paper-cases. and beat it hard on all sides. both at top and bottom. or with a tin cutter. but do not fill them to the top. Pour them into the flour. a pound of butter and a pound of powdered sugar. and bake them quickly. . or sift white sugar all over the Put some of the mixture into each case. No cake requires greater care in baking. CAKES. Lay the cakes into it. They should be about a finger in length. sugar.

but do not allow it to get red-hot. Make a Sift half a pound of flour into a pan. a table-spoonful of powdered sugar. hole in the middle. cool. with a spoon. in a clear fire. and cut it into round cakes with the edge of a cup. Heap on each cake. Then grease the inside with a brush dipped in sweet-oil. Set them in a cool oven till the icing becomes firm and of a pale brownish tint.PASTRY. and bake them about If the oven is too five minutes in a quick oven. Heat your wafer-iron on both sides. they will run. allowing about two table-spoonfuls to each wafer. Take the whites of the eggs. Roll it out about half an inch thick. adding gradually a little milk. and lay the dougn upon sprinkle it with flour. a table-spoonful of brandy. Then stir in a table-spoonful of rosewater. a pile of the icing over the currantjelly. not more than will lie on a sixpence. and beat them till they stand alone. WAFERS. Mix all together. and a very little salt. . or a clean rag with some butter tied up in it. sufficient powdered sugar to make the consistence of icing. Close the iron. 95 Flour your paste-board. sprinkle the wafers with powdered sugar. Flour a shallow pan. it . Let there be no lumps in the batter. &C. till you have a batter about the thickness of good cream. When the cakes are cool. Then put in the batter. and in baking turn it first on one side and then on the other. a table-spoonful of sweet-oil. lay on each a large lump of currant jelly. and ten drops of strong essence of lemon. put in the cakes (so as not to touch). CAKES. Then add to them. When done. These cakes are very fine. and put in three beaten eggs. by degrees.

three quarters of a pound of butter. . a little at a time. and of an even tint all over. pressing the edges together while warm. A GINGERBREAD. so as to make them unite. Put the flour to the other ingredients. and cut it out with square tins. little practice will soon show you the proper degree of heat. and a tea-cupful of ginger. &C. Melt a tea-spoonful of sal aratus or fine pearl-ash in a little sour milk. Lay it in but- tered pans. five beaten eggs.96 PASTRY. Roll the dough into sheets. the wafers. and stir the whole very hard. Mix add a little it more in flour. and the time necessary for baking They should be but slightly colored. CAKES. If not stiff enough for rolling. one pound of sugar. and stir it in at the last. and roll each one up. and bake a moderate oven. together two pounds of flour.



then more bread. making the Spread a thick layer points meet in the centre. and some rose-water or grated lemonpeel. Cut some thin slices of bread into a triangular or three-cornered shape. Then take them out of the pan. SUGAR. leaving a hole in the centre to be filled up with gooseberry jelly. you need not put it in the Pare and core some into small pieces. APPLE COMPOTE. covered with another layer of apple. . Set it in the oven. beaten cinnamon or nutmeg. A very fine Charlotte may be made by substituting slices of spunge-cake for the bread. and so on till the dish is full having a cover of bread on the top. &c. Then lay your apples in it with a sufficient proportion of sugar. Make a syrup by boiling and skimming a pound of loaf-sugar melted in a gill of . AN APPLE CHARLOTTE. Set the pan in an oven. or having square spunge-cakes laid round.PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. and cut them Melt some butter in the bottom of a pan. and dip them in melted butter. and mash them to a marmalade with the back of a spoon. but leave them whole. If you use spunge-cake. fine pippins. Pare and core some large pippins. of apple all over the bread. Then butter a broad deep dish. and bake it slowly about a quarter of an hour. and let the apples bake till they are quite soft. and lay the pieces of bread in the bottom of it. oven.

&C. put them into a dish. with some slips of lemon-peel. and a few sticks of cinnamon. and set it in a cool place to congeal. . Pour it hot over your apples. Strain the syrup give it another boil. Let them simmer over a slow fire for about a quarter of an hour. take them out. When done. . and a very little water. Boil the syrup again till it becomes a jelly. . pour in a glass of port-wine.100 PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. Pare them. water. taking care not to burn them. When done. sugar. put half a pound of white sugar. and fill up with small sweet-meats or marmalade the holes from whence you took the cores. Then take them out. take out the pears and lay them in a deep dish. into which the half of the white of an egg has been beaten. or a dozen drops of essence of lemon. peel them and put them into a pan with some powdered sugar. squeeze over them some lemon-juice. COMPOTE OF CHESTNUTS. When quite done. lay them in a deep dish. The syrup will be much improved by adding to it the juice of one or two lemons. SUGAR. . COMPOTE OF PEARS. . Lay them in a preserving-pan and to a dozen moderatesized pears. boil the apples in it till soft and tender. and sprinkle them with powdered in the shell of each. Simmer them till tender and when half done. Take some of the largest and finest Cut a slit chestnuts and roast them in a charcoal furnace. and pour it over them. When the syrup is quite clear. but leave on the stems. a gill of water.

FRIED APPLES. Take large yellow free-stone peaches. they must not be too ripe. but they must be cut in half. lemon-juice. and cut them in two . pare them and cut them in . Mix together in a deep dish some brandy. and when the marmalade is about half done. and dip each slice in flour. BRANDY PEACHES. and then tie it up in pots or glasses. Wipe off the down with a flannel. and cut them into thin round slices. PEACH MARMALADE. Quinces may be done in the same manner. and put them Boil them slowly till they in a preserving-kettle. Lay the slices of apple in it. 12 . Mash them with the sugar. Blanch half the kernels. Stir the marmalade frequently. Then drain them. become a shapeless mass. and then prick each peach to the stone with a large pin. Take out the kernels when the marmalade is cold. SUGAR. and fry the apples of a fine brown. Take made in the same manner. Weigh them. Put some butter into a pan. which will generally be in about three quarters of an hour. taking out the stones. laying over it paper dipped in' brandy. and powdered sugar.PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. and to each pound of fruit allow half a pound of loafsugar. to prevent its sticking to the kettle. Dish them. put them into it to give it a fine flavor. So also may peaches. and grate loaf-sugar over them. &C. 101 Pare and core some of the largest and finest pippins. and let them soak for several hours. Marmalade of plums or green-gages may be ripe peaches half.

and set them away to get cold. allowing to each pound a gill of water. &C. Fill up the jar with brandy. and melt it. and let it simmer. Also pears.102 PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. The stemstmust be left on the pears. and when it has boiled a few minutes put in the peaches. but take care that it does not boil long enough to congeal or become thick. Then take them out. SUGAR. stirring it gently all the time. mash them with the back of a spoon. Boil down the syrup to half its original quantity. and let them set in the syrup till next day. It must be quite Stew two . and pour the syrup over them. Take three pints of rich milk . stir into it a pounded nutmeg and the yolks of four eggs. When quite soft and broken. Before it comes to a boil. GOOSEBERRY POTTAGE. Put them into a pan. Take them off the fire. Boil the sugar. quarts of fine large gooseberries in just sufficient water to cover them. This is to make them white. take it off the fire and gradually stir in the gooseberries. set the syrup over the fire. and skim it till perfectly clear. and scald them with boiling water. and let them get cold. Apricots may be done in the same manner. Put the sugar into a preservingkettle (lined with enamel or porcelain). and give them a short boil. and half the white of an egg. Put the peaches into a glass jar. make them very sweet with sugar. and let them rest for a few minutes. Then set it over a bed of hot coals. Cover them. Allow a pound of the best loaf-sugar to a dozen large peaches. and cover it closely. The following morning take out the peaches. Then put in the peaches. and give them a boil. You may repeat the scalding two or three times. Then take them out to drain and dry.

such as gooseberries. and when it is and no more scum rises. grapes. clarify the sugar. &C. while warm. and let them come to a boil. and then turn it out. Mix the juice. take it from cover it. Then take them out. pressed through a sieve or cullender FRUIT JELLIES. curquite clear the fire. throw in the melted isinglass. SUGAR. Set the sugar over the fire in a preserving-kettle. Previous to making your jelly. It will be still nicer. . If small fruit. and with the back of a large spoon press out all the juice from the fruit. pick . rants. put them into a fine sieve. which must be the best loaf. If you want the jelly for immediate use. Skim the syrup well. . warm . Then put it into your jars or glasses.PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. if you use the pulp only of the gooseberries. and put them the jar in a vessel of into a jar set water. Break it up. or strawberries. put it into a mould set the mould in ice for two or three hours and when the jelly is congealed. Mix the water with the sugar. and eat spunge-cake with it. and when it is beginning to boil. loosen it by setting the mould in warm water. and boil them together for about a quarter of an hour. and to each pound allow a gill of water and an ounce of isinglass. set a pan under it. bowl. and tie it up with brandy-paper. raspberries. Dissolve the isinglass in as much hot water as will cover it. them from the stems. 103 Send it to table in a cold before you serve it up. Prepare the fruit of which you intend to make the jelly. with the clarified sugar. and leave it to settle.

Put the sugar into a preserving-kettle. Then put it again on the fire for about five minutes. When no more scum rises. they will be crisp and transparent. and sift it over the fruit. but do not heap it let every raspberry lie singly. cover it. Then take them out. When it has melted. As soon as they are all scalded. Put them into broad stone or queensware pots. Let your raspberries be gathered on a dry day. Then have ready the same quantity of ripe currants. Have ready some lime-water.104 PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. When done. many slices as you want they very thin. PRESERVED RASPBERRIES. Pound the sugar to powder. Take a Cut from should be fine ripe it pumpkin of a deep rich . PRESERVED PUMPKIN. for a day and a night but first flavor them to your taste with lemon-juice mixed into the syrup. and boil and skim it for ten minutes. put the slices of pumpkin into it. set it on the fire. Measure them. and tie them up . with brandy-paper. Prepare a pound of loaf-sugar for each pint of currant juice. Squeeze them through a linen bag which has been wrung out of cold water. Spread the fruit on large dishes. and wipe them dry. and to a quart of raspberries allow a pound of fine loaf-sugar. Having prepared a nicely clarified syrup of sugar. put in the raspberries. Put into it and let them soak for twenty-four hours. SUGAR. Afterward set it again away for two hours. . and let them simmer over a slow fire without stirring. and then . &C. and pour the currant-juice over it. color. take off the kettle. as the slices of pumpkin. and set it away for twO hours. wash them well in cold water.

with the water. they will be berries to boil. Measure the juice. 105 This must be done return it to the fire as before. and pour it over the sugar. squeeze some more pieces of orange through the bag. FOR PRESERVES. Put a pound of double-refined loaf-sugar into a preserving kettle. set it over the T To each pound . and squeeze out all the juice. Dissolve two ounces of isinglass in a little hot water. AND OTHER . and half the w hite of an egg thus four pounds of sugar will require a quart of water and Mix the white of egg the whites of two eggs. Take two thirds of the water.PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. When it has melted. When the sugar has melted. CLARIFIED SUGAR. Peel twelve large sweet oranges. If put them up in glasses. fruit may be done in jelly in the same ORANGE JELLY. and cut them into small pieces. Lemon-jelly may be made in this manner. and tie it up with brandy-paper. of sugar allow half a pint of water. SUGAR. and beat it to a froth with rods. When cold. do them in the juice of white currants. three times in all. and add it to the jelly just as it is beginning to boil. Then put it into glasses. USES. and if it does not amount to a pint. but on no account allow the raspIf done with care. and pour the juice over it. Any other manner. &C. Put them into a linen bag. Let it boil hard twenty minutes. put it over the fire. whole and transparent. you preserve white raspberries.

and form a coat. well. roll it all BURNT ALMONDS. If only wanted for immediate use. Prepare some of the best loaf-sugar powdered as Have ready some white of egg. When it boils a second time. add a little more water and afterwards take it off and skim it again. and stir them about till they . ries. strawberries. &C. and FRUIT IN SUGAR COATS. with the advantage of their natural color and flavor. any other Dip the then separately. Then take it from the fire. Afterwards put your fruit into the syrup. a pound of loaf-sugar. and boil it till tender.106 fire. you need not boil them. . Put in the almonds. Repeat this till it is quite clear. and then strain the syrup through it. in five minutes set . SUGAR. and no more scum rises. fruit. in the white of egg. wring it out. the water. raspberries. and then set it over the fire. When skim it it rises more of off. PREPARATIONS OP FRUIT. and over in the powdered sugar. fine as possible. apricots &c. Take a pound of shelled sweet almonds. Dip a fine napkin in warm water. pour in a little and diminish the fire to abate the boiling and allow the scum to rise. which will thus adhere to it. Then lay it on a dish (spreading it out so as not to touch) and set it in a cool oven to harden. and at any time you can put fruit into it for instance. it Take it on the fire again. You may keep this syrup in bottles. Melt the sugar in the water. Take some of the best and largest plums. raspberries plums. cherstrawberries. apricots (peeled) or suitable fruit. but send them to table in the syrup. and boils. and half a pint of water.

Then put in two spoonfuls of cochineal powder to color it red add the almonds. and stir them over the fire till they are quite dry. Take them off. Moisten it with a little . melt it again over the fire. which you must mix on a plate with the point of a broad knife. and stir them till they are dry. Powder some each. jars. add to it a little essence of peppermint (sufficient to give it a strong flavor) and enough of water to make it into a thick paste. and sift from them the loose sugar. As soon as it boils. Scrape some of the best chocolate. Let them boil. PEPPERMINT DROPS fine loaf-sugar. they are sufficiently done. Put them away in glass .PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. and let it come to a boil. SUGAR. Then put the paste into a pan that has a lip or little spout at one side melt it over the fire. loosen them from the tin. Let the drops be all of the same size and shape. The tin pan that receives them must be very cold. If the mixture congeals before all the drops are made. and then put them into a wire sieve. and let it come to a boil. and mix it with powdered white sugar. with sufficient water to moisten it. take it off and drop it from the lip of the pan into a clean broad tin pan or plate. by slipping the point of a knife under . &C 107 are well dispersed through the sugar. As soon as the drops have hardened. Put this sugar again into the pan. You may Keep them CHOCOLATE DROPS. color them red with cochineal. in a glass jar. and when you hear the almonds crack.

quarters of a pound of shelled sweet almonds. and an ounce of isinglass melted in a very little hot water. Take a pound of loaf-sugar broken small. Into these moulds they pour the mixture. and pour it (a drop at a time) into a cold tin pan. which drop must be of a good shape. Stir the almonds well through the sugar and as soon as they are properly mixed with it. Keep them in glass jars. and about the size of a sixpence. After the chocolate has boiled. Take three This is a very fine confection. Boil the sugar. Blanch them by scalding them in boiling water. While moist. and skim it well. and mix it with half a pint of cold water. and take them out and wipe them. so as to make a paste. it will injure it much to boil it over again. SUGAR. Cut them into small pieces (but do not pound them. and one quarter of a pound of shelled bitter almonds. throw in your almonds. When they are hardened. take them off the tin. for if it gets cold before they are all done. . The confectioners use for these purposes small leaden moulds. Then throw them into cold water. &C. When it is quite clear. sprinkle colored sugar-sand or nonpareils over the surface of each chocolate drop. Work it on a plate with a knife. make the drops as fast as possible . so that every thing comes out of the same size and shape. Then boil it in a pan with a lip. water.) and mix them well together. take the kettle off the fire. NOUGAT. greased with oil of almonds. . by slipping under them the point of a knife.108 PREPARATIONS OF FRUIT. having first squeezed over them the juice of two lemons.

. K . When you want to use it. Put your mixture into it. In stirring spoon. and pound it awhile that the sugar and almonds may be thoroughly incorporated adding still a little rose-water. SUGAR. to prevent its sticking. &C. Take half a pound of shelled bitter almonds. before it has time to get cold. a little at a time. Put the mixture again into the mortar. When it has become a hard cake. But if it does chill before the almonds are well mixed in it. Blanch them. a little at a time dispersing the almonds equally through the sugar. It makes a very fine drink. nougat. pouring in frequently a little rosewater. Turn it frequently in the mould. put a small piece into a tumbler of cold water. and pound them in a mortar one or two at a time. and it will keep several months in a cool dry place. and stir it till dissolved. and a pound and a half of shelled sweet almonds.PREPARATIONS OP PRUIT. set the mould for a moment in warm water. Pound them to a fine smooth paste. put it away in small covered pots or glasses. set it again over the fire to melt. which will preserve their whiteness and prevent them from being oily and heavy. and turn out the . 109 Have ready a mould or a square tin pan well greased with sweet-oil. it. you had better use a wooden ORGEAT PASTE. and then mix them with a pound and a half of loaf-sugar finely powdered. When done.

but it makes the liquor beautifully clear. and one ounce of bitter almonds. and filter it through a sieve. the bottom of which is to be covered on the inside with blotting paper. and strain it through a linen bag. and let it drip through the paper and through the sieve. and fasten it down with pins. cover the bottom of a sieve with clean blotting paper. Pour the liquor into it (having set a vessel underneath to receive it). Take a quart of a linen bag raspberry-juice. NOYAU. Mix it with the liquor. RASPBERRY CORDIAL. Break them slightly. This process is slow.110 LIQUEURS. six . Take If it is not clear the it first time. To filter cordials. the after the cherries having been squeezed in have been stoned. Then bottle for use. ounces of peach kernels. and dissolve them two . Put them into a jug with three pints of white French brandy. LIQUEURS. Let them infuse three weeks shaking the jug every day. Let the vessel which is placed underneath to receive the liquor be entirely white. Then drain the liquor from the kernels. that you may be the better enabled to judge of its clearness. Renew the paper frequently. Melt three quarters of a pound of the best loafsugar in a pint of rose-water. repeat the filtering. and half a pint fruit of cherry-juice. in Mix the juices together.

Put it into a jug. and a little cinnamon and cloves. proves by age. vessel. and let it set for two weeks. Take a pound of the leaves of full-blown red Put them into a quart of lukewarm water. Then put them into a linen bag. roses. and a very small quantity of coriander and cinnamon. in a covered Then squeeze them through a linen bag. and let them infuse for two days. To a pint of the infusion add half a pound of loafsugar. and squeeze out . put it into bottles. and bottle it five weeks. ROSE CORDIAL. Put all the scrapings into a tureen. This cordial imblotting paper. and squeeze out all the juice. Then filter it through blotting paper. and bottle it.LIQUEURS. and let it Then filter it through infuse for two months. Measure it. very thin the yellow rind of some fine Cut the lemons in half. and let it rest Afterwards strain it. and see that there are no seeds among them. for use. and mix it with an equal quanTo each pint of the mixtity of white brandy. Then add two quarts of French brandy put it into a jug. LEMON Pare lemons. off CORDIAL. and is excellent. . QUINCE CORDIAL. and to press out all the liquid. Ill pounds of loaf-sugar. Put it into a jug. and scrape them to the core. Pare your quinces. Let the scrapings remain covered in the tureen for two days. ture add half a pound of loaf-sugar. and take as much white brandy as you have of the decoction of roses.

To each pint of the juice. before you bottle it. and let Then strain it through a linen it set a month. and the sugar together cover it. and afterwards filter it through blotting bag . Then mix it with an equal quantity of white brandy. the juice. and let it set twenty-four hours. put it into a jug. paper. Mix the juice. . allow half a pound of loaf-sugar.112 all LIQUEURS. . the peel.



the coffee be roasted immediately before you want to use it. Stir it several times while boiling. Let A COFFEE WITHOUT BOILING. boil your cream or milk. Grind the coffee while warm. should be a fine bright brown . when done. and less troublesome than the . FRENCH COFFEE. remove it entirely from the coals. pour in a cup of cold water. but by no means allow it to scorch. If you intend to make half a dozen cups of coffee for drinking. and then put it in a corner and let it settle for half an hour. When it has boiled sufficiently. and put the water into the coffee-pot. Afterwards pour it off from the grounds into another pot (which must first be scalded). but do not let it boil again. put in two or three chips of isinglass. If you intend to serve it up with hot cream. measure six cups of water of the same size. Then throw in six large tea-spoonfuls of ground coffee. more economical. as it loses much of its strength by keeping. is far preferable to a pot or a pan. and when the water boils.MISCELLANEOUS RECEIPTS. While the coffee is clearing. cylindrical coffee-roaster that can be turned by a handle. Coffee made without boiling is much stronger. Set it on hot coals. and set it close to the fire. and sets before the fire. and pour some of it hot into each cup of coffee. or the white of an egg. you must make the coffee stronger. and set it several times back from the fire to diminish the boiling gradually. Its color.

fit way also covered with fine holes. and will clear itself in passing through the holes. but merely cut it into To an ounce of chocolate allow a cup of first boiling water. This mode of preparing coffee is very expeditious. The bottom of this receiver is pierced with very small holes. The powdered coffee is to be placed between them. put in the choco- it. and the coffee will be ready for use as soon as it has done draining through. The receptacle for the coffee-powder fits into the upper part of the coffee-pot. so that it may filter through the lower strainer. and of a tall cylindrical shape. These two strainers into the receiver. The coffee will then drain through into the lower part of the pot where the spout is. Having late. put the coffee into the receiver between the two movable strainers. and do not scrape it. Shut down the lid. and also through the holes at the bottom of the receiver. It must be made of the best block-tin. The best sort of pot for this purpose is called in French a Grecque (Greek). and there are two other strainers. Never flavor .116 CHOCOLATE. construction. and take it immediatelv from the fire. CHOCOLATE. and boil it till one third has evaporated. as that spoils the pieces. Allow a large tea-spoonful of the powder for each cup that you intend to have. usual but it requires a pot of a particular . pour the water on . scalded the pot. made of movable plates of tin. and requires neither isinglass nor white of egg. and must be taken out when washed. Having scalded the pot. and pour in some water which must be boiling hard at the time. with the spout very near the bottom. boil chocolate in milk. Then supply that third with cream or milk. place the pot near the fire.




You need


stir it

more than two or


Allow a whole lemon and four or


lumps of

Roll the loaf-sugar to half a pint of cold water. lemons hard on a table to make them more juicy. Cut them in half, and squeeze them over the sugar. Then pour on the water, and stir till the sugar is Take out whatever seeds may have dissolved. fallen in. In warm weather, put a lump of ice into



three large lemons, and roll them very hard on the table to make them more juicy. Then pare them as thin as possible. Cut out the pulp, and throw away the seeds and the white part of the rind. Put the yellow rind and the pulp into a pint of boiling water ; set it on the fire, and let it Take it off, and throw boil two or three minutes. in a tea-spoonful of raw green tea of the best sort, and let it infuse about five minutes. Then strain it through linen. Stir into it three quarters of a pound of loaf-sugar, and a pint of brandy, or any other suitable liquor. Set it again over the fire, and



it is just ready to boil, remove a china bowl or pitcher.


and pour



Take four ounces of powdered tartaric acid, and two drachms of essential oil of lemon. Mix them together, and keep them in a well-corked

table-spoonful mixed with sugar and water, will make six or eight glasses of lemonade. It will keep about a month, but not longer, as it will then lose its strength.





Put on a plate an ounce of the very best mustard powder, with a salt-spoon of salt, a few leaves of tarragon, and a clove of garlic minced fine. Pour on by degrees sufficient vinegar to dilute it to the proper consistence (about a wine-glassful), and mix Do not use it in less it well with a wooden spoon. than twenty-four hours after it is mixed.

excellent for sponge-cake, and other things which require extraordinary lightness.

Potato flour


It is also






for conva-

most mealy potatoes ; pare them, and wash them through several waters. Then rasp or grate them over a tureen half full of cold water. Continue to grate the potatoes till the lower half of the tureen is filled with the pulp, so that the water may rise to the top. The mealy part of the potatoes will sink to the bottom, while the remainder or the useless part will rise to the surface. When nothing more rises, pour off the water carefully, and dry the flour which you find at the bottom. When quite dry, pound it in a mortar to a fine powder, and sift it through a sieve. Potato flour is much lighter than that of wheat.

lescent sick persons. Take the best and

garlic, a

Season some of the best vinegar with a little Put little tarragon, and a little sweet-oil. You it into a glass jar, and keep it well covered. may throw into it the green seeds of nasturtians, morella cherries, little onions, small young carrots when but a finger long, radish pods, and various



the jar well closed, and the pickles will be as good and keep as long as if they

other things.


had been


Nasturtians and cherries will keep in plain vinegar without any seasoning.


pounds of very small cucumbers. over to clean them well, and cut Put them into an earthen pan with off the stems. two handfuls of salt. Let them rest twenty-four When they are well hours, and then drain them. drained, put them back into the same pan, and pour in a quantity of boiling hot white wine vineThen cover the pan gar, sufficient to cover them. carefully with a lid or dish, and let the cucumbers


Brush them


They will set in the vinegar twenty-four hours. then be yellow. Pour the vinegar from them, and cover them with vine-leaves. Boil the vinegar again, and when it boils throw it over the cucumbers, stirring



cold, pour it from the is cucumbers, and boil it again. Then pour it over them, and proceed in this manner four or five times, till they become of a fine green. Keep them in the interval always covered with a layer of vine-leaves, fresh each time, and also with a cloth kept down by a large dish. This, by keeping in the steam,


the vinegar

will assist


in greening.

Then drain them on a
glass jars.


and put them into

Afterwards, boil some fresh white wine vinegar, mixing in it the following seasoning. To every quart of vinegar allow half an ounce of mace, half an ounce of sliced ginger, half an ounce of whole black pepper, six cloves, a few sprigs of tarragon, and half a clove of garlic.

»« KoTaJfa%mok^nn|tU drops If this is r each of fc»efr tine subsequen y < -> g'\g ) *„ eX ccUiW'.y . toripen and mellow bciure use. The generality of French pickles. Boil the vinegar with these ingredients for five minutes. Shake it hard It for a few minutes. . . keeping. 2 drams oil of : — . Tie them up carefully. cinnamon. 2 drams oil of rosemary. . 10 drops oil of cloves. will be fit for immediate use. the Chemist.120 FINE COLOGNE WATER. FINE COLOGNE WATER. How Willi to Make From at Cologne Water. oil of tincture of musk. 2 drams oil of lavender. are made in a manner similar to those of England and America. having corked it tightly. 10 drops . roses. and then pour it hot on the pickles. no trouble ail any one can . but you wish it stronger. 8 drops. all THE END. and pour the oils into it. 1 dram oil of bergamot. They may be used in a week. If the oils. 2 drops Put 2 pint of highly rectified spirits of wine into a bottle. but it improves by . double the quantity of have only a pint of spirits of wine. Procure at an apothecary's the following oils Oil of and have them all put into the same phial lemon. . .

oneThe materials >.etic ether. oil of lemon. .wrwfVnrrla . fnll ^t™ _A bottlA t. one dram essence %nd one-half ounces otto of roses. the best quality. oil of drams oil of neroli. An elegant preparation.eua. ' . four drams. \>8>$. \_ . two ®\ of bergamot. one gallon. one and one-half drams. .ja* e pso- Alcohol. and should be well ^a^e to stand for eight days. and filtered . one ounce oil of lavender sh).





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