French Cookery for American Homes

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When fresh herbs are not ob. clarified butter. and who at the same time are not very experienced in cooking. clean. &c. I should advise them before attempting to try any of the recipes contained in this work to read them first carefully through. thickening being needed at the last moment . — dishes will be comparative child's play. all the recipes given in this book will be found so simple and easy that a cook who has interest in her work will feel pleasure and no trouble in trying one or two daily. bread-crumbs plain and baked. and the results are generally lamentable. ordinary flour is most unwholesome unless a long time is allowed for bottles of dried herbs can cooking it. if all . particularly all directions given for prefor soups and venture to say that if a cook carefully begins by preparing her provision of gravy. When none of these things are kept in reserve the cook gets flurried. and spices. always be at hand but nothing can replace fresh parsley. With very few exceptions.A FEW HINTS TO COOKS. and that is never Potato-flour must always be kept in the event of missing. the actual preparation of the various To paring fat for frying. the ingredients for the dishes are wasted. for thickening for sauce. even without a kitchen-maid. and neatly at hand to be taken down at a moment's notice. those cooks who are desirous to accomplish their by no means unimportant work in a satisfactory and conscientious manner. thickening. tainable. by keeping all these things cool. and sweet. for making stocks I gravies.

of it would in Where economy no way spoil the flavour of the article. if you say the same when legs and saddles are in question can be certain they are English. given to the sauces. and shoulder of I will not mutton. as so many people do the contrary and get but considering the amount of all the same waste to be found on a neck. but I am writing for ordinary households and for water. above all.vii! A FEW HINTS TO COOKS. Let attention be the above instructions are carried out. The American beef is excellent . kitchens which are stocked with the simplest and most is elementary utensils. it is cruel to pay those prices for it. it would be more correct to say. see that they are made in the morning. by all means buy them. because I have seen it used in the different dishes. and nothing belter could be desired. poured into a large jam-pot. a pound. I firmly believe the omission Wine quoted it . and when wanted warmed by placing the pot in a shallow saucepan of boiling In kitchens where the latest and most expensive appliances are to be found a bain-marie would be among them. the fillets and rump steaks can be procured for nd. and. with perhaps one or two exceptions. and it being quite a custom on the Continent but. . I have frequently recommended in the recipes. pay for foreign mutton and not for English. . breast. is an object do not fail to substitute New I think Zealand mutton for cutlets in place of the English. the foreign .

Let it get half cold. Fat and Dripping and Butter To its clarify fat put . pan . After serving a very long time the fat will become too deep a Naturally colour and burnt. the fat used for fish must be kept only for that purpose. The time it fat used for frying must be used purpose. from the top of soups — and all is good good . is : fat is carefully The dripping is from joints of mutton (beef dripping to for sufficiently valuable keep separate it makes excellent pastry. If before cut away. but it must not take colour. take great care it is sufficiently hot for the purpose. Butter is melted by cooking it over a gentle fire : . then it must be thrown away. the fat is not hot enough. for then strain it into a jar. the fat is at the right point of heat if the bread remains soft and damp. the suet to be skinned and cut in small pieces. into a clean vessel. no other Each must be passed through a fine sieve into a clean manner it will always be ready for use. but the same fat will serve many times. Throw in a small piece of bread-crumb if it becomes crisp. moving and frequently until the water and all moisture have evaporated and the fat has become quite clear . ix DIRECTIONS (Various). for frying purposes. it into a large stewpan with a third of height of water stirring let it boil upon a moderate fire. many purposes). At this point turn it through a sieve When this is to be used for frying. Lard and suet are melted in the same manner. but fritters (sweet) and beignets of all kinds may be fried the great heat in the same fat as that used for meat dishes to which it is subjected renders it tasteless.A FEW HINTS TO COOKS. When it has attained its highest degree of heat. a light smoke rises on the surface. in this . (without water) until it becomes sufficiently clear to allow the bottom of the stewpan to be seen. it is cooking cutlets the superfluous most useful for melting down.

and a good careful cook would know better than to Put it into a bottle and make some abuse the use of it. Take (rather stale white bread . Bread-crumbs [Panure). . They can be obtained to either by grating crusts of bread or by drying bread in a gentle oven. incisions lengthwise in the cork to enable the caramel to pass through it only in very small quantities. them all neatly compass as possible. then reducing rolling-pin. put it in a clean tea-cloth it strong) rub it briskly to reduce sieve. to powder pass it through a wire Baked Bread-crumbs (Pamire shhe mi chapclure). good cooking towards forming the necessary pan of fat indispensable when is desired. To make Caramel. and thyme but do not arrange them bunch of flowers and lightly together into as small a then securely fasten with string in no leaf to detach itself. . is frequently : a bouquet of herbs as you would a it is made in the following recipes <>f made by tying together parsley. them powder by pounding them or crushing them with a Bouquet of Herbs. a manner that will allow : press Caramel. which is preferable to taking the cork out and dashing an unknown It is useful to quantity into the dish in question. marjoram. of sugar. either in lumps or . have a little caramel always at hand. When fat is bought expressly for the purpose. beef suet is the best. X A FEW HINTS TO COOKS. Mention bay-leaf. — Put /^ l lb..

and the few articles made and kept at hand. for glaze (61). . THE COMPILER. Vanilla Sugar.A FEW HINTS TO COOKS. of sugar. into a small pan or vessel of any kind. 58). I feel convinced no difficulty whatever will attend the preparation of the various dishes. When the few facts contained in these directions are mastered. with two place over a moderate fire stir frequently let the sugar become a dark brown colour. pass through a fine sieve and bottle. powder. thickening (No. Then throw in a tumblerful of cold water boil for fifteen minutes . for adding eggs to sauces (63). then Observe and read carefully the recipes for 56). . for gravies (No. XI dessert-spoonfuls of water . . . about half a stick of i vanilla pounded fine and mixed with lb. It is filled most useful as well as with vanilla sugar — that economical to keep a bottle is.


SOUPS. one lump of sugar. and bone to be soup take prepared before it is weighed. and bring it very for two hours and the simmered has it After ally to boil. one-third veal. of knuckle the meat should be cut from meat to be cut in small from the sticking of beef. gently and graduPut it in cold water. i lb. of meat to each of the is desired. salt. square a of size the pieces course the meat to be of removed. carrot mixed vegetables to every pound of one bay-leat. it is For good gravy. the every particle of gristle. 1. and gelatinous. leek. nourishment in it. scum 1/ lb carefully turnip. inch. . but has no be made from shin of beef. add the vegetables— meat. two-thirds stock beautiful-coloured pale. in an onion. onion. a little cayenne a few whole cloves to be stuck The soup must not a little mace. as it would lose hours four than longer cook removed as it rises. fat.COOKERY BOOK. best cut from the neck the meat be very fresh. celery. called back. nor does it give Let real clear When a pint of water. it is to be good should never Soup sticking. its in all. marjoram thyme. Stock for Clear Soup.

Put the stewpan on the fire bring it to boil. can be cleared like a jelly with the l 2 lb. cooked separately and added to it. been blanched. Reduce 1 2 oz. green peas. . / purpose it mencement. French beans (cut in diamonds). of ox-liver is used is boiled in the soup from the com- whites of eggs for the : on the Continent . Julienne Soup la julienne). 2. the best part of a fresh cos lettuce. possible . it cook slowly at the side of the fire for fifteen to twenty A ^ . Ambassadress Soup (Consomme a Vambassadrice). stirring all Let the time to avoid the meat sticking to bottom of pan. (Consomme" a Prepare a small spring cabbage. 3. put it in a stewpan with two whites of eggs. chervil that has 5.2 delicate flavour. In this case omit liver. Shred the cabbage and lettuce as fine as cut the other vegetables in thin slices. Clear soup with a garnish of spring vegetables. the whites of three leeks. then add the cold stock. Take for 3 quarts of good way to clear soup. 4. To clear the Stock. one onion. carrot and turnip (cut in fancy shapes) . then divide these slices again into fine shreds. shredded lettuce. one turnip. Pass through a strainer. three carrots. raw beef without fat or gristle. of butter y to oil in a stewpan. It SOUPS. Clear soup garnished with plover's eggs. with a teaspoonful of fine sugar (white). asparagus points. minutes. Clear Soup a la Printaniere (Consomme" a la printaniere). stock lb.





the vegetables
until all the


keep them covered, and let them ; 1 humidity is reduced. Add 2 /, quarts

of clear soup ; leave to simmer until tender. Note. Many cooks add the vegetables raw to the clear soup, or else boil them previously in water. The former method is extravagant, as it reduces unnecessarily the good stock ; the latter is unsatisfactory in its results.


Fowl Soup

(Potage de

in cold water

fat fowl ; set on the fire skim continually ; cook slowly three or four hours. Pour the broth through a hair-sieve let it stand ; take the fat off; put in a stewpan one table-spoonful of


for six persons

one good


flour, 2 oz. of

good butter stir over the fire until of a pale Pour the soup in gradually Beat up two or three yolks of eggs, one teacupful of cream, add little by

yellow colour.

to the

warm soup




German Soup

(Soupe allemande).

of beef into small dice


prepare flour and

butter as in the above soup (No. 6) ; lay in the meat, a small chopped onion, carrot, and stick of celery ; stir for

pour in as much boiling water as required cover tightly ; let it cook one hour pour through a sieve, serve with the celery cut in shreds in the soup, and the

some time



following balls, called by the

of butter, one egg,

Germans klose. Take and two dessert-spoonfuls of flour




into a very loose paste. Season with salt, a very little Drop cayenne, mace, and the smallest pinch of nutmeg. this mixture into the boiling soup, a teaspoonful at a time.

Eight minutes


cook them.


Vegetable Soup (cheap and nourishing)
(Soupe aux ligumes).



quarts of water, 2


of lean mutton,



shin of

one head of

celery, three leeks,

four potatoes, four

tomatoes, parsley, one table-spoonful of salt, two turnips, two carrots. The soup to be boiled and skimmed before adding vegetables the latter to be cut up fine. One table;

spoonful of well-washed rice to be added. The shin may be boiled to rags the mutton to be left whole, and only to be boiled sufficiently tender for eating.


Ox-foot Soup

(Soupe de pied de bai/f).

Well wash the foot


put in a stewpan with 3 quarts of

water and one table-spoonful of salt; let it boil; skim; After skimming strain through boil slowly for six hours. Let it get cold, then take off all a cullender into a basin.

and put


back into a saucepan.

Prepare two carrots,

three leeks, two turnips, one small head of celery, and four



the soup has boiled, put in the vegea

cut in


mixed smooth
thirty minutes,

and a penny packet of pea-flour cold water simmer for at least

from time to time. Add a little saffron (to prepare which take as much as will lie on a threepenny-piece, place it in clean paper for a few seconds in the oven, then rub it through a hair sieve) ; pepper and
salt to taste


of the foot makes a nice dish. Put into a stewpan with half a cupful of the soup before the vegetables are added, four good-sized tomatoes, skinned and squeezed to divest of superfluous pips and moisture ; stew all slowly A clove of garlic is a great improvefor fifteen minutes. ment, but doubtless would not meet with the approval of English palates.




Tomato Soup

(Soupe anx iomates).

Cut up a dozen good-sized tomatoes (unpeeled) put them in a stewpan with a sliced Spanish onion and a tablespoonful of the best olive-oil ; cook gently until well reduced pass through a hair-sieve add good stock until of proper consistency. At the moment of serving flavour with lemon-juice and cayenne pepper.



Chicken Broth for Invalids
{Bouillon de fioulet).

from a fowl ; steam it and pass it through Break all the bones into small pieces ; put them a sieve. into a stone jar with sufficient water to cover them, and add a pinch of salt Place the jar in a large saucepan Keep the of water (boiling) let it boil twenty- four hours.


off the flesh



flesh either to eat separately or to


to broth




French pot-au-feu for six persons. The best pieces of meat for this soup are cut from the brisket, top ribs, or that piece which when salted is called the silver side. Take 3 lb. of beef, 1 lb. of bones, and a piece of ox-liver Remove the bones from the meat and tie it up to 2 lb.) (y keep it in shape. Place the meat and bones in a saucepan with five quarts of cold water and a good pinch of salt. Place the saucepan on the fire and bring it slowly to the boil ; before it boils all the scum that rises must be carefully taken off; after it has boiled throw in a ladleful of cold water should more scum rise take it off as before. After it boils place the saucepan on one side where there is sufficient heat to cook it gently, then add four medium-sized carrots, two turnips, four leeks split lengthwise and tied together in one bunch, a head of celery, an onion stuck with



(it improves the colour of the soup to colour the onion by leaving it for a few seconds in the oven). Let all cook slowly for three or four hours. If the meat is not to be eaten it can be left to simmer another hour and a half, which will naturally make the soup stronger. When finished take the grease off carefully. Pass through a fine hair-sieve. If the meat is to be sent to table serve it in an oblong dish, surrounded by the vegetables which have been boiled with it, placing them round in groups, and varying An old fowl, failing which, a few legs of fowls, the colours. impart a delicious flavour to the soup. Serve piquantc sauce (No. 86) with the meat


Veal Stock

{Bouillon de veait)



used much
It is

less nutritious.

less for soups than beef; it is much very useful in making thick soups, and

where a pale colour is preferred. a saucepan 2 lb. from the knuckle of veal and 1 ib. of the bones well broken add three quarts of cold water it must be sufficient to cover all and a pinch of Bring it to the boil, skimming when necessary. Add salt. two medium-sized carrots, an onion stuck with two cloves, and a small bouquet composed of a laurel leaf, parsley, and thyme tied together. Let all simmer two hours. Pass




through a fine



Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
{Purtc d'artiehauis).

Wash and

peel the artichokes.

Cut them

in slices


Pass through a fine sieve, then reduce to the desired consistency with the above veal before stock. Taste if sufficiently seasoned with salt serving add a cupful of cream. Send to table with fried
boil in a little stock until soft.

(roiitons of

bread (see No. 33).



Stock for Soups

For ordinary soups something less expensive than the recipe given for clear soup can be made in the following manner Take the meat from the back or sticking of beef,

pound of meat. Prepare and flavour with vegetables as in clear soup, but let it simmer until all the goodness is entirely gone from the meat,

2 y

pint or quart of water to the





to clear this

fit to be thrown away. soup unless desired.

It is

not necessary


Common Economical


In large or even small families it will be found most advantageous to keep a large saucepan called a digester continually on the stove. In it can be thrown the bones from the joints chopped very small, trimmings cut from

chops, or steaks





must be added, as they would turn it sour. Some cooks who need a little stock or gravy for a hash to be eaten for lunch put on the mutton bone an hour before for that purpose the trouble might be spared and water used with Hours are needed of gentle simmering to equal results. get all the nourishment from bones. Stock made in this manner is good for thick soups, vegetable soups, and for gravies. Let it be kept in a cool place, and if there be any fear of it turning sour boil it up frequently and pour


into a clean basin.


Concentrated Beef-tea.

i lb. of freshly killed juicy beef (on no account be from the shin), remove all fat, and shred it finely. Put it into a jar or bottle which can be hermetically fastened and close it. Place this in a stewpan with



cold water to cover the jar or bottle two-thirds


bring to

and simmer slowly from three


four hours.

y 2^ quarts of boiling soup. Tapioca Soup {Potage au tapioca). stirring incessantly for five minutes to prevent the tapioca forming into lumps. Soups of various Italian Pastes {Potage aux pates d'llalie). that any sediment a cup for the patient. Three stock. then pass cold water over them quickly. 8 soups.. squeezing it the beef lightly to extract all the juice. then drop in the tapioca gently and gradually. Serve with grated cheese. Allow short time. drain them in a sieve. of the paste into boiling water with a good quantity of water must be quite 3 pints) let them cook five minutes . let all cook slowly for Grated Parmesan cheese is a decided improvement served with these soups. strain Then through a fine cloth. Put them back in a Throw pineh of salt (the saucepan with fifteen quarts of stock. . Vermicelli. small tapioca are sufficient for 2 x 2 quarts of boil. Throw 3 2 oz. Macaroni must 2^ minutes. 19. 20. Semolina Soup {Potage a la semoule). and all kinds of small can be cooked in the same manner. is far pastes. semolina into stirring all the time. Let the stock / for ten minutes longer. be cut in smail pieces. Semolina falling rain. Before serving remove the skin which forms at the top. Let all cook should be thrown in like fifteen minutes. 6 oz. stand for a then pour into to 18. macaroni (the latter from Naples superior to that from Genoa). may settle. let it cook gently oz.

stirring briskly. Let it cook three-quarters of an hour skim off the skin which rises to the surface . Put the rice back in the saucepan with 3 pints of good soup let it cook gently twenty-five to thirty minutes. boiling water and a pinch of salt. Thick Rice Soup {Potage au riz). 22. pour the soup in. Pearl-barley Soup {Potage orge perli). Have ready in the tureen 1 gill of cream or 1 oz. of fresh butter . 9 Thick Semolina Soup (Potage semoule). and add them to the soup in the manner indicated in No. {Potage au put it on the fire with 3 pints of . of finest pearl-barley and a table-spoonful of flour. cheese. Boil for ten minutes drain pour cold water through it. Melt in a saucepan a piece of butter the size of an egg l add /{ lb. 23. boils. Wash . salt it. Wash soup . Prepare the soup exactly as above. When ready to serve have ready in the tureen two yolks of eggs with a half small tumbler of milk and a pinch of nutmeg throw the soup in.. . Rice Soup riz). throw it into 3 quarts of boiling cook three-quarters of an hour. let it . stirring briskly all the time. Stir a few seconds over a slow fire . of rice . ^ of rice . 21. 6. . soups. and it uninterruptedly until . moisten with 3 quarts stir of stock (veal stock preferable). 24. then beat up the yolks of two eggs. Instead of eggs and milk a glass of cream may be added. % lb. The rice should be well cooked. stirring frequently. Serve with grated Parmesan lb.

of butter. and add the puree of the fish. Put it if too thick. Cook ten to fifteen minutes. wash them . moistening it with some of the liquor the fish has Pass through a fine sieve or tammy-cloth. until boiling. Take three dozen of the put them in a saucepan with smallest crayfish. a table-spoonful of flour . Let it boil two hours. re-heat the soup. 26. stirring all the time. stock back on the fire to heat.) (See a white sauce with 2^ oz. Serve with fried crodtons of bread (see No. be sufficiently salted it should neither be too thick nor too thin . one of pepper. parsley. add a sprinkle of cayenne. of butter. but do not boil. 27. moisten with three pints of stock and Stir over the fire the liquor the fish has been boiled in. — in the lobster butter (No. shaking the pan occasioncooked. Crayfish Soup it well. salt. Add three quarts of good veal stock (cold) and a pinch of Bring to the boil. 24) with 1 gill of cream or 1 oz. and put them on one Take the flesh out of the bodies pound side on a plate. Thick Barley Soup (Polagc creme d'orge). separate the tails from the bodies . a bouquet of laurel-leaf.IO 25. of butter in the tureen. a pinch of salt. SOUPS. and the claws make lobster butter.) Make the same of flour . been boiled in. adding stock if it becomes Pass the soup through a hair-sieve. Cover the saucepan. and let all cook ally. (With the skins of the tails. Taste if it hair-sieve . . the empty bodies. and a little white wine. and keep this puree. and finish as the above (No. for ten minutes. skimming very Pass through a carefully. skin the former carefully without breaking. When . a large onion. and add more Taste if it is sufficiently salted. and thyme. 27). put both on a slow fire for a few seconds with i j4 oz. and finish by mixing No. pressing too thick. a sliced carrot. 33). {Potage Bisque). it well. Half a pound of large pearl barley.

Let this take a pale golden of the liquor in moisten with two-thirds which the head has been boiled and 2 tint . a bouquet of parsley. . onion stuck with three cloves. Pound butter. mortar the tails. u Lobster or Crayfish Butter (Beurre dVcrevisses). one carrot. is a favourite one in Paris. laurel. claws. Put 3 oz. cold water over it put it back in the saucepan with sufficient cold water to cover it completely. Let it cook two hours. . adding during the pounding (little by little) 2 oz. . Let it boil skim add a tumbler of white wine. Blanch it by putting it on the fire in cold Take it out pour water. Pass it through a white cloth stretched over a basin half full of cold water. . and leaving it until it boils. of fresh butter. Place the pieces upon a cloth then press them between two flat dishes with a place Strain the soup weight on the top until cold. . little known 28. If crayfish cannot be procured. Mock Turtle Soup (Poi'age fait sse lortue). Take out the head remove all the gristle from the ears. and a pinch of salt. of butter into a clean saucepan colour in it 1 oz. but is England. prawns may be substituted. . . as it rises to the surface of the water. Twist the cloth at both ends in order to squeeze out all the in the . .SOUPS. — Bisque soup in . and thyme. wash it well. . of ham or lean bacon. It is doubtless expensive and takes time to prepare but well made. 27. of flour stir continually. Note. but naturally in that case the expense would be much increased. and let it drain. take out the bones. and empty bodies of the fish. and cook ten minutes. Put this paste into a saucepan let it take colour for an instant on the fire. it would amply repay the expense and trouble. one onion. . Carefully take it off. it on one side. . one sliced carrot add 2 oz. Moisten with two tumblerfuls of water. Take half a calf's head.

add a small stick of celery. Beat up the soup with an eggwhisk to reduce the bread to a puree. another saucepan with the remainder of the liquor it was cooked in (about two glasses) and the same quantity of wine. madeira or marsala. and butter must be well beaten and quite smooth. Of course eggs. thyme. Cut up the head in squares about inch in size put them ^ . a bouquet of parsley. season to taste with salt and a pinch of cayenne.12 MAIGRHS SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). Cut in small y bread . bay-leaf. and must be very smooth. The onions must on no account be allowed to burn. a pinch of salt. of butter. x . The soup should have reduced one-third. . colour them on the . Add i /> quarts of water. 30. of fresh butter throw this into the soup. salt. still stirring . Have ready two yolks of aggs. of butter add a table-spoonful of flour make a brown thickening. Bring to the boil. Let it simmer one hour on the corner of the stove. and 1 oz. moisten with 3 quarts of water. . frequently skimming and taking off the grease. Let it cook thirty minutes. 29. square pieces (crumb and crust) 2 lb. of fire for two minutes in i oz. in MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). quarts of stock. Bread Soup {Soupe au pain). an instant chop two medium-sized onions let them colour 1 oz. in . laurel-leaf. Onion Soup (Soupe a Poignoti). marjoram. a pinch (very small) of nutmeg. and 10 grains whole pepper. a wine-glass of milk. pass the soup over this through a fine sieve. and a pinch of pepper stir on the fire until it boils let it cook Slice or . The soup must not be allowed to boil after this is added. milk. . Reduce one-half.

until the tureen is half full. same quantity of flour . Velvet Soup (Potage velours). if not. Add five raw potatoes cut like the vegetables. Season to taste . Pour available . of best fresh butter and a pinch of nutmeg. Melt gradually 3 the oz. three leeks. Pass the soup through a sieve into the tureen. beat it well with a whisk . minutes. Place in the tureen a layer of bread. 32. a handful of green French beans cut up. if instant mix with it on the fire. Stir continually until it commences to boil the egg-whisk is the best for Let it cook gently for ten minutes. of butter in a stewpan . If onions are not objected to do not strain them off. . one carrot. one turnip. at the same time the soup must not be allowed to get cold. beat them well together put them in the tureen . . carefully the purpose.3 . the same quantity of green peas. Add 3 quarts of water and a pinch of salt . at the last add a little chopped chervil. Wash well and chop of celery. five 1 Cut some slices of bread very fine (like a dry them in an open oven. if too much reduced add more water. season prepare three yolks of eggs with half a teacupful of cream or milk . one head Let these vegetables take colour for about three minutes in 2 oz. add 1 oz. The soup should be quite smooth . if it is not so. a layer of grated cheese. skimming all the skin that rises to the surface . Must allow a few minutes to well soak the bread . 2y 2 quarts of veal- broth beef stock. stir for an Moisten with but do not take colour. Soldiers' Soup (Soupe a la bataille). of good fat or butter. leaf) 31. MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). let it boil. — . fine a small white cabbage or lettuce (cos preferred). Cook over a good fire for two hours. A bone of ham or the remains of bacon improve this soup immensely.

add gently. One them butter tender. Serve with crofitons of fried bread. lb. Flemish Soup (Potage Flamand). into boiling water. velvet soup (No. {Potage au Cut the hare split in pieces. oz. the fillet thighs in two. 3 or bacon cut in squares. the soup gently over this mixture. stirring all the time. When the puree is being added to the soup all must be briskly stirred. of pass Have ready 2% quarts of the through a hair -sieve. leaving the shoulders whole. 32). Note. oz. Put . in a large stewpan }{ . — 33.14 MAIGKES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). of lean ham sliced onion . Drain and toss them for an instant in i mash all up add three yolks of eggs . Hare Soup liev re). of butter. the head two. make a pretty change of colour for the velours soup. and the stirring continued until the soup is . not too thick and without the eggs. Throw them 34. add to it the puree or thickening of Brussels sprouts heat to the right point without allowing it to come to the boil. lb. salted. . fry them in a little butter in a small frying-pan % — they must golden colour. the in in three or four slices. throw of Brussels sprouts trimmed and washed and cook until they are . slices Cut two from a square loaf — they must be from to }i inch in thickness . well washed and pounded in a mortar and squeezed through a tammy-cloth. divide these slices into small squares the size of a large pea . . A few leaves of fresh spinach. one colour all for an instant add the pieces of hare . poured out 35. in the be quite crisp and of a soup the last moment. Croutons of Fried Bread for Soups. season with salt and pepper. one carrot. and let all take colour Sprinkle over three table-spoonfuls of flour.

and salt mix all well with the milk . add flour. y£ lb. Take away the veal pound fine in a . and Let it simmer for an or red wine. to this soup. 2 oz. salt . Chopped mushrooms and quenelles can be added bouquet of ^ . of butter. yolk of an egg. Two table-spoonfuls of flour. Add a pint of white thyme. — . nutmeg. of butter or halves. lb. and cut it in removing the stalk. Take salt. if not firm enough add a little flour in the yolk of an egg. . skimming frequently it must reduce quite a third. two whole eggs. y± (see note at end of recipe). cupful of water or milk. 4 quarts of beef or veal stock time.5 MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). — . without allowing it to boil pour into the tureen. . of butter. according to taste. of veal. When all is mixed add seasoning and the eggs one by one see if sufficiently seasoned . pass it through Warm a sieve or tammy. put the butter in the stewpan . 1 let it boil. Put the cold panada in the mortar . Quenelles for Soup. still pounding. Note. Note for Panada. trim them and put them in the tureen pound all the rest in a mortar. Slice or chop it not too small. Spread on a plate to become cold pepper. 37. Take . all skin and nerves from mortar with a yolk of egg. stirring all the The soup should then be laurel. . add by degrees the butter and meat. oz. wash well. and colour for two or three minutes in i oz. moistening them with a little stock . to add to the quenelles. a piece of butter size of a walnut. 36. a medium-sized cabbage. and add this puree to the soup. and parsley. quite smooth. n . of panada four yolks. egg. hour. At this point pass the soup through a fine sieve into a clean saucepan choose the best parts of the hare. Cabbage Soup (Soupe aux choux). place upon a slow fire and turn continually until it becomes a thick paste without lumps and detaches itself easily from the bottom of the pan.

— . simply substituting ^ lb. it boil. smallest piece of bacon or sausage. 39. into which some A ham-bone. let . boil up again. beat with the whisk. it the desired consistency by adding water. The vegetables should by that time be well cooked and the Make soup smooth if it is not so. and cut them in pieces about an inch. {Soupe aux choux avec Made like the cabbage soup. Haricot Bean Soup {Soupe aux haricots blancs). rice for the potatoes. When the cloves. season to taste. and throw into the tureen. add five or an hour on a good fire. and an onion stuck with three They must cook a long time covered. 41. Steep 7 oz. . Split lengthwise five or six leeks. y . Add 3 quarts of water.l6 fat. {Soupe aux pomines dc Made exactly the same as cabbage soup. on the fire in butter they must not be allowed to take moisten with 2 2 quarts of water salt . of the small white haricot beans in cold Put them in a saucepan with 3 quarts water (over-night). of bread. of cold water. Leek Soup {Soupe aux poireaux). a pinch of salt. MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). salt. cook for colour Pour into the tureen over slices three-quarters of an hour. 38. omitting the slices of bread. Potato Soup terre). skinned and well Put them washed. improves the flavour of this soup considerably. or the slices of bread have been already laid. six sliced potatoes let it cook for . Cabbage Soup with Rice riz). 40.

of washed and 1 oz. 43. is oz. ^ . boil. Half a pound of two hours. Pumpkin Soup 2 y lb. add 3 . . rice well let all 17 oz. one of pepper . fine oatmeal . Half a pound of veal cut up and boiled before it is in this soup put through the sieve makes it delicions. stirring frequently. . .. Spread on a tin some slices of bread (thin) sprinkle them with some grated cheese put them in the oven for an instant when the cheese commences to melt take them out. ^ continue to Turnip Soup (Soupe aux navels). lay them in the bottom of the tureen. or milk and water . of butter. 33). Thin down with milk to the desired consistency . Pour the soup over fried croiitons of bread (see No. put them on the fire an instant in 1 oz. MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). pinch of 1 of pumpkin . Cut into pieces of water. . when all is soft. make it the desired consistency with water. with 2 quarts of cold water. . pour the soup over. through a sieve or tammy-crbth. two put them into tumblers salt. haricots are nearly soft take out the onion. 42. season . 44. when in the tureen stir in 1 oz. add a pinch of fine white sugar . boil . 1 {Soupe a la courge). of fresh butter. of butter When the oatmeal well and as it cooked pass through a sieve cook for thickens add water. one carrot. Cut into thin strips two or three turnips . a saucepan to cook with pass oz. Oatmeal Soup {Soupe au gruau). of butter or fat simmer until the soup is quite smooth. of fat or butter moisten with a sufficient quantity of water cook three-quarters of an hour. season to taste . put back the puree in the saucepan . place on the 1 fire .

. some sprigs of parsley. one of sugar stir well over the fire let it cook ten minutes. Throw into the tureen over grilled bread. The soup must not boil after adding the eggs. stir it until all Melt i /. 1 MAIGRES SOUPS (WITHOUT MEAT). . it to boil. 1 oz. Add a dessert-spoonful of flour moisture has evaporated. 47. Fish Soup poissoii). . Prepare two or three yolks of eggs with a wine-glassful of milk . Three or four yolks of eggs well beaten and added are an improvement. well until all is mixed.8 . 46. To prepare saffron see No. salt lightly. Sorrel Soup Voseille). 45. of butter. a pinch of salt. (Soupe a Take a good handful of sorrel take off all the stalks wash the leaves in two waters chop them up (not small). (Soupe au Slice up one onion. . and throw into the tureen over 9. of well-washed fish (any fish will carrot. moisten add salt. do except mackerel or an hour . salmon) . . 3 quarts of water . some celery. {Soupe au Boil 2^ quarts of milk . add a little saffron liked. and two cloves. slices of bread cut fine sprinkle them with place them on a tin in the oven to take a golden tint place them in the tureen throw over the boiling milk. heart of a lettuce. slices of grilled bread. cook for three-quarters of if strain the soup. Take some fine sugar . add to the soup without allowing stir . pepper. . one the with i lb. add the sorrel. Add 2^ quarts of water. . Milk Soup /ait).

if by that time the rice is still hard add a little more gravy. 19 DRY SOUPS. They are simple to prepare in kitchens where the boiling of rice and Italian pastes is understood . the dishes will be worthless. One and a half pint of gravy.dry sours. boil up. 48. When finished add a small piece of butter and toss it about in the rice . put in a stewpan . Patna rice is the proper kind for these preparations. fry until onion is a . two tomatoes which have been passed through a sieve. but with a certain crispness in them. Rice and Tomatoes (Riz aux tomates). The rice should be tender. 90). Rice Milanese fashion {Risotto a la Milanaise). see if sufficiently seasoned with salt. which can be given by throwing a jug of cold water through them (on a sieve) immediately after they are boiled. 50. one teacupful of rice . in which case grated cheese (Parmesan for preference) should be served with it. at the same time each grain separate . Serve in an entree-dish. Half a pound of fresh butter. the Italian pastes also tender. one medium-sized onion chopped fine . or a table-spoonful of tomato sauce (No. then let simmer gently until the gravy is absorbed . if these are boiled to a mash. 49. Rice can be prepared in the same manner without tomato. and make a pleasant change in middle-class households when soup and fish are not in the menu for the day. The following recipes may be termed Dry Soups.

let it it brown . 51. then boil for one minute. Spanish Recipe for Rice and Tomatoes (Riz aux tomates a V Espagnole). one sliced Spanish onion . with a quart of very young peas. still occasion- Before quite cooked add a little grated nutmeg. and nutmeg. of gravy or water saucepan with three times the quantity swell gradually add a piece about the size of a walnut of good sweet beef or goose dripping. gravy instead of water will add a little more. 2 oz. the heart and best leaves of a cos lettuce at the bottom of the stewpan. Stew gently. This quantity is far too much for an ordinary dish. time with a wooden spoon to sticking to the saucepan.20 DRY SOUPS. 9) cook together for two prevent it or broth . of grated Parmesan cheese. ally stirring. Rice and Peas (excellent) (Riz et petits pois). let it . Add 3 pints of gravy the let it simmer until rice is tender. fry some finely shredded onion in the best oil (about a table-spoonful). Lay . let it When hard. season with and pepper slice into three or four tomatoes strained of superfluous water and . To prepare the peas for the rice. with pepper. Rice and peas to be eaten together. add i^ lb. salt. A little fine white sugar is always an improvement to peas. but to be served up in separate entries dishes. When the water is absorbed. Put the rice in a . Add a pint of gravy. of rice with a very little powdered minutes. . pale golden colour. very little ground ginger. improve this dish. saffron stirring (see all No. 52. in the oil Take one salt table-spoonful of the finest Lucca salad-oil. it boils add one all breakfast-cupful of rice swell gently. . if the rice is still Naturally. seeds.

French beans are perfectly fresh and young they are far better for being merely strung and not cut . French Beans and Tomatoes (Haricots verts et tomates). large The Italian paste called Sparghetti . a little chopped parsley. Genoa. put in the beans. Sinimei ginger. thrown into an etifree-dish and mixed with tomato sauce (No. oil. are excellent. peeled and cut up (always throw away the seeds and superfluous water) brown When put in the beans . and boil them until tender. When all is brown. for a few minutes in boiling water. or merely a lump of butter and grated Naples macaroni is superior to the cheese. Throw of best shallot the beans into boiling water (salted). DRY SOUPS. These must be very small and quite young. with pepper. Broad Beans (Feves a Vhuile).. and nutmeg. salt. stew all gently for an hour. salt let the add four good-sized tomatoes. 53. a stewpan ready with a table-spoonful . Have a little . gently until the beans are tender. 88). 21 All Italian pastes boiled according to directions given in No. Cook them Fry some chopped shallot in a table-spoonful of oil. and the juice of a lemon. 1 8. is best for these dishes it is sold at the stores one of the and all the and best shops 54. . 55. in cutting them the principal flavour goes in the water. (Italian warehouses). pepper. chopped shallot. then strain.

a little salt extracted. odds and ends of meat.. only veal must be used. if not to be eaten it can be left in the gravy until all good is Gravy prepared in this manner. Chop up — . bones i or 2 lb. and will serve to garnish cold meats. when a very delicate white sauce is needed. one large sliced onion. A Superior Gravy. Take off all fat and pass through the sieve. the meat is cooked it can be used for hashes or mince . and laurel -leaf. especially in winter. to the . 57. on the other hand. of veal and beef. If gravy is desired only for brown sauces. stirring occasionally until all the water is absorbed and the bottom of the saucepan commences to take colour it must not burn moisten with sufficient water to cover all entirely boil skim continue to cook slowly for four hours. 10 grains of whole pepper. 56. any quantity of bones. one carrot. . will turn into jelly very quickly. Economical Gravy. added. As this gravy is intended for different sauces it should not be salted. — . a bouquet of paisley. three cloves. Add is Note. Put them in a saucepan with any morsels of bacon or a ham-bone. . veal not necessary . cut it up When small proceed the same as with economical gravy. and a table-spoonful of fat. a cupful of water place on the fire. or the bones from a neck of mutton which is to serve for ragout or Irish stew. GRAVIES. fine . thyme.

obtained at a few minutes' notice by varying the flavouring For according to recipes which will be given farther on. Gravies made from form the basis of all cook is careful always to keep some good gravy in the larder. It can be simply made in an enamelled stewpan by taking equal parts of butter and flour . . . replace the butter first clarified butter into the saucepan. and it has the additional advantage of being much more wholesome than thickening made each time it is needed probably in a hurry. and not sufficiently boiled. until it takes the colour of chocolate will take time. it .— GRAVIES. 58. 23 . quite half an hour. add the flour by degrees. by following the rules given in this work they will be found as easy as.' in the instructions at the commence- ment of the book. and keep in a cool place. which in large households can be done with no at the same time keep a covered jar additional expense. order that slice half it shall not take colour too quickly. the boiling of a potato to perfection. and keep stirring over the fire until it begins to take the colour of ripe corn continue stirring. melt the strain it away from the sediments . not boil. When finished strain into a jar. every now and then lifting the pan from the fire in . if not easier than. If a good and intelligent — — ' tionary of Cookery. Care must be taken is only allowed to melt. A piece the size of a walnut of this thickening is sufficient for an ordinary stew or ragotit. Naturally this preparation will not do for white sauces. 56. At this stage a Spanish onion into so stir this will cause a great spluttering. a good sauce can be of brown thickening always at hand. Continue to it precaution must be taken against burns. 57) sauces. the thickening there is an excellent one in Cassell's Dic- the foregoing recipes (Nos. at the commencement that the butter Sauces are generally the weakest point in middle-class households . which has been carefully wiped . cover.

i 2 y lb. the juice of a . taking care to take out the veal and feet before they are too much cooked. one onion pierced with two or three cloves. This jelly is used for aspic to garnish cold meats. then remove the pan to the side of the fire to let it simmer for ten minutes. melt some leaves of gelatine in cold water . add it to the jelly before clearing it. If it should not be. Let all cook slowly for three or four hours. beating all the time until it boils. Put all into a saucepan with water to cover the meat . eggs. Pass through the jelly-cloth until clear. Beat up in a casserole or stewpan three or four whites of lemon . three whites of leeks. 59.. Meat Jelly. of the shin or leg of veal. when it will be seen if it is sufficiently firm for the purpose to which it is destined. or it may be left natural. skim. add half a bottle of white wine. of shin of beef. thyme. Take off the grease . It is best to make the jelly a day in advance in order to The following judge of its consistency before clearing it. Before placing the jelly aside to cool it may be coloured if desired with a few drops of caramel. the same feet. The jelly should have reduced one-third during the cooking. put the pan on a slow fire. add the jelly. pour it into a tureen to get cold. sufficient cold bring to the boil over a slow 60. a pinch of salt fire . in order to serve them for eating. Take about pieces . To clear the Jelly. of the tureen. three boned calves' Cut the meat in chop up the bones. 24 GRAVIES. taking care not to pour in the deposit which will have formed at the bottom Mix well with a whisk the jelly and eggs . a bouquet of parsley. or as a strengthening jelly for invalids. and laurel-leaf. day take off all fat very carefully. two carrots.

The yolks of eggs are used in white sauces. . 61. until it is a golden colour. If it is intended for a white sauce it is stirred for an instant. but a little of the latter must be added by degrees into the basin containing the beaten yolks. Butter Thickening {Liaison au beurre). 25 Glaze. still stirring . Place in a deep saucepan 4 or 5 quarts of gravy or soup well skimmed and strained let it boil continually to quicken the evaporation. but it must not boil after the eggs have been added. but any meat will serve for glaze (not mutton). Glaze can be obtained by reducing the remains of gravies. The remains of veal are preferable. They must never be thrown suddenly into the hot sauce or gravy. being more gelatinous . is When the thickening is made each time in it is wanted a small piece of butter melted a stewpan (not boiled). soups. Skim constantly until the liquid commences to thicken to that point when it will adhere lightly to a spoon placed in it. The economical gravy (No. work them well together with a fork. Place on a plate a piece of butter and the same quantity of flour . — . then throw all back into the saucepan to get hot.GRAVIES. Pass it through a fine sieve into a small vessel let it get cold. Thickenings and Sauces. 63. but is not allowed to take colour. 62. Stir over a slow fire then add the same quantity of flour. 56) will make excellent glaze even if mutton-bones form part of its composition. and . 64. Note. jelly. whisking all the time. Thickening with Eggs {Liaison aux ceufs).

strain them into a brown or .: 26 65. Sauce with Olives {Sauce aux olives). recipe No. 88) or Make a thickening with boil) . Take knife . then throw them into a brown sauce twenty minutes will finish cooking them. Add i quart of good gravy. but if the gravy is made at the commencement according to It . ^ (must not stir reduces one-third. Madeira Sauce {Sauce madere). let them boil water. 67. of butter melted gently i over a slow fire with the same quantity of flour until a golden colour. When of proper consistency pass through a fine sieve. then add the thickening and more gravy . and if desired a wine-glassful of tomato pure'e (No. 68. oz. can either be made by simply adding to the brown sauce (No. Brown Sauce {Sauce brune). . Cut some button mushrooms quickly in a little in halves . it Let cook gently until it ming and taking off the grease as it 66. 65) a small tumbler of madeira or marsala wine. the stones from the olives with a sharp-pointed try and keep them whole. with a grain or two of cayenne pepper and the juice of a lemon or the wine to be put in a stewpan with 1 oz. The seasoning must be regulated according to the use for which it is intended. Cook them for ten minutes in a little sherry. Mushroom Sauce (Tinned Mushrooms) {Sauce aux champignons dc conserve). sauce. skimrises. 56. of ham cut small and a pint of simple gravy let it reduce one-half. that they may resume the appearance of the entire olive. GRAVIES. the latter mode seems needless trouble.

Half a pound of mushrooms freshly gathered cut away throw them as they the earthy part at the base of the stalk wash them in are prepared into a basin of fresh water drain them on a sieve. If the sauce is too thick add a little water. let it cook five minutes. put the stewpan in this on a gentle fire . When the sauce is to be made. Place the stewpan on the fire . of best fresh butter . with a pointed knife take off the fine skin that covers the mushrooms . madeira sauce . soften it it into small pieces. Dutch Sauce (Sauce hollandaise). of butter. Use the mushrooms at once. or keep them one or two days in the liquor in which they have been cooked. . throw them as they are skinned into the stewpan with the boiled and seasoned water. . At this point take the stewpan from the fire and place it on one side of the stove. Place the casserole upon the table . a pinch of salt. a little salt. one of white pepper . beat them well with a wooden spoon. add lemon-juice. . let it boil. 70.GRAVIES. reduce this liquor one-third j put it with the mushrooms into a pint of madeira sauce. . Prepare in a stewseveral waters pan a tumbler of water. and divide y . let them continue minutes . The sauce should be clear and brilliant as a mayonnaise. and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. a piece of fresh butter the size of a walnut . 69. the juice of a lemon. Put in a small stewpan three yolks of raw eggs. add to them a table-spoonful of warm water and 1 2 oz. and add little by little the remainder of the prepared butter. Pour a little hot water into a Yorkshire pudding tin . 27 to simmer in the sauce for ten Sauce of Large Fresh Mushrooms (Sauce aux champignons frais). Prepare on a plate 7 oz. Season. so that they do not become black. stir until the eggs commence lightly to thicken.

a pinch of salt. Upon the freshness of the butter depends its excellence. ^ — . is Strain this If vinegar used the lemon to be omitted. add them it to the anchovies. cold add to lemon-juice and oil. strain it through a sieve put it back in the stewpan with the yolks of three raw eggs place the stewpan in a frying-pan with a little water finely Chop two shallots i gill . Let it reduce to a table-spoonful . fresh butter. hand replace it by the same quantity of Liebig's essence. . A practised hand may succeed by beating briskly and without ceasing until the first appearance of boiling. Anchovy Sauce for Fish (very good) (Sauce d'anchois). and keep a moderate heat.. Note. This sauce should be well beaten at a moderate fire. with a few grains of whole pepper this be reduced on the into the sauce. put them in a stewpan with . lumps . cupful of vinegar. Sauce b^arnaise. Make When the mixture is proceeding in exactly the same manner as for mayonnaise. hot two table-spoonfuls of best oil dissolve in it three anchovies (pass through a sieve). 71. on the fire. divided into small pieces. take a . and once finished should be often whipped if it has to be kept. To ensure greater smoothness it is advisable to pass the hard-boiled eggs through a sieve. Note. to — If this sauce is to be eaten with fish. 28 GRAVIES. of vinegar (tarragon). 72. a process always to be avoided for fear of them curdling. Beat up the eggs with the spoon and mix them as they thicken add little by little lb. Have ready the yolks of three boiled (hard) eggs . of glaze and a teaIf no glaze is at spoonful of chopped tarragon or parsley. Use the whisk. fire to a quarter of a cup. The object of placing the stewpan in a pan with water is to avoid the eggs coming into direct contact with the fire. one of pepper. Finish with i^ oz. mash them free from .

Take the raw yolks of five eggs and the strained juice of Beat up the eggs. and heat them by placing them in a vessel of boiling water on the stove. .: GRAVIES. for which this thickening stir is intended . spoonful of essence of anchovies improves this sauce. of butter and the same must not be coloured. same of . Make a thickening of . quantity of flour ten minutes stock in which fish . add salt. skim carefully thicken it at the last moment with two yolks of (raw) eggs. Moisten with has been boiled (No. A tea. then add by table-spoonfuls some of the hot gravy two lemons. 72). throw all back into the stewpan and as directed for all sauces in which raw eggs are used (see No. Cream Sauce (Sauce a la crane). whisking quickly. of butter and the flour . . for dinner. In kitchens where there is a bain-marie there is no difficulty they can be made in the morning and warmed with sauces in any case it is advisable to make them early when two or — Where there is no bain-marie. Make . Egg and Lemon Sauce (Sauce a Vceuf et an citron). moisten with a pint of warm cream or milk beat briskly with the whisk to bring it to the boil. nutmeg . Genevese Sauce {Sauce genevoise). when the stewpan must be instantly lifted from the 29 fire. adding the lemon-juice by degrees. with no lumps. 74. Let it simmer It should be quite smooth. place the sauces in jars or large jam-pots. 1 }£ oz. pepper. more are needed 73. . 1^ oz. a white thickening with 1 oz. of fresh butter (see No. 64) whisk the sauce for an instant season. 45) let it cook . finish with 1 oz. 75. an instant of fresh butter.

four chopped anchovies. of butter shallot and onions . the grease taken off and been passed through without skin or laurel a strainer. a dessert-spoonful of raw mustard. such as Genevese sauce. sprig of little stock. one raw yolk of Beat egg. and Wild Duck {Sauce bourgeoise). sieve. salt. pepper. seasoned. Green Sauce for Fish {Sauce verte). 77. . add by degrees as for mayonnaise a as the sauce thickens (by continual teacupful of finest oil beating) add a few drops of vinegar. &c.. Stir until it boils. a teaspoonful of capers. all Add to it the gravy of the roast which has had pips. Pound all in a mortar with two . Scald for five minutes a few leaves of tarragon. parsley. add i ^ another instant. An Excellent Sauce for Game. and chervil. GRAVIES. Keep it Turn out to add the this last paste . gherkins. Remove and parsley before serving. pound for well cleaned . Place in a salad-bowl the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs beaten smooth and passed through a sieve. all up with a spoon . 78. taste if sufficiently . colour them in i shake over them a pinch of flour. 30 76. and moisten with a Add a pinch of pepper. Place in a stewpan three table-spoonfuls of chopped oz. Sauce remoulade. four fillets of anchovies oz. Poultry. then parsley. a laurel-leaf. ^ leave fifteen it to cook (stirring occasionally only) for about minutes. of fresh butter . pour cold water over them squeeze them dry. five leaves of spinach . pass through a for minute to any sauce hot fish. Add some slices of lemon a pinch of cayenne.

GRAVIES. chop them . continue until all the oil is of . a pincn of cinnamon. If the sauce has not taste enough. Mayonnaise Sauce. 31 Parsley Butter d'kotel). parsley. y see it is sufficiently seasoned. (Maitre Soften 3 oz. water. add a little more vinegar or the juice of a lemon . 80. some leaves of tarragon. beat up another yolk of egg. and keep it in a cool place (on ice if convenient). one of sugar. fine three gherkins. If the sauce has to stir occasionally 81. be kept some time before serving. Apple Sauce (Sauce aux pomnies). As the sauce becomes too thick add a few drops of vinegar. and with the other hand whisk briskly without ceasing. olives mix all to a i:ood mayonnaise mix all with a teaspoonful of English mustard and a tiny pinch of cayenne. Tartar Sauce (Sauce lartare). . one of white pepper beat them with a wooden spoon add 2 pint of best olive-oil. if too thick. up and . a little white wine. adding little by little the sauce already made. of butter on a plate add a teaspoonful of chopped parsley. a pinch salt. serve. Only a few drops at a time must be added. cook them Add Boil water pass them through a sieve or tammy-cloth. Should it become curdled. . Chop up sauce . 82. and a little salt. . a few capers. . Put the yolks of two raw eggs into a salad-bow]. 79. thin it with a table-spoonful of cold finished . the juice of half a lemon. Peel two or three sour apples in a little .

colour the sauce with a little caramel . place it for an instant on a gentle fire . Boil until the vinegar is entirely reduced and the shallots commence to frizzle in the butter. and pepper. the juice of half a lemon. a pinch of pepper. then add a table-spoonful finely. a grain or two of nutmeg. Soften on a plate with a fork 3 oz. 84). .. moisten with 1 pint of of flour Let it gravy or stock stir over the fire until it boils. Put 1 stir it well to y^ oz. a If table-spoonful of parsley and chives chopped very fine. heating all the time. a dessert-spoonful of chopped parsley. of parsley Butter Sauce {Sauce au beurre). 2 oz. White Sauce Sauce maitre d hotel chaude). 32 83. When little it is smooth 3 oz. GRAVIES. . a little salt. of fresh butter. cook until a third of it is reduced. desired. of butter and the same of flour into a stewpan mix it. taste if properly seasoned. of butter cut into whisk briskly small pieces. . 86. 1 1 Put into a stewpan /> oz. and the juice of half a lemon over the fire for five minutes must not boil. 84. . moisten with a pint of water with the whisk until take it salt boils (or just as it immediately from the fire. take it from the fire and add little by butter (No. . three shallots one cupful of vinegar. Parsley Butter {Maitre d 'hotel butter). mix a piece of butter the size of a walnut with a teaspoonful of flour divide it in small pieces and mix them with Let it simmer season the sauce. beat quickly it commences) If the same is too thin 85. . with salt. . Sauce piquante. and finish by adding three gherkins chopped. or capers. 85). of butter. . chopped make the thickening . 1 Prepare a white sauce (No.

of fresh butter. a with chopped pinch of pepper. and finish the same as for the fresh sauce. (tarragon) Reduce a cupful of vinegar shallots. . . Let them cook very gently until all moisture has three shallots. pepper. add the pure'e of tomatoes into it . of flour . 88 add the pure'e of tomatoes from the tin or bottle. strain through a fine sieve into a simple brown sauce add . with stock. This sauce should be of a good thickness. Take chopped with a table -spoonful of finest . medium tomatoes (very ripe) squeeze out the seeds put them in a stewpan with a cupful of water or stock salt. 33 Another Way. . then pass through a tammy-cloth. thyme. the same Cut in two five or six . Tomato Sauce (Sauce aux tomates fraiches). 90. ground nutmeg (very little of the last two). to two-thirds of the quantity . GRAVIES. Spanish Fashion (delicious) {Sauce tomate a l'espag?iole). a chopped onion. . parsley . 89. cook for five minutes. pepper a bouquet of laurel. Prepare the thickening as in No. Let the shallots take a good colour without burning add five or six tomatoes skinned and all the pips well squeezed out. put them into a stewpan oil. Let the tomatoes dissolve . Prepare a white thickening with i oz. they must be covered and on a good fire until all moisture has disappeared. c . ground ginger.. Sauce of Preserved Tomatoes {Sauce aux tomates consen/ies). . . 87. chopped gherkins and parsley 88. Tomato Sauce. thin the sauce Let it cook ten to fifteen minutes see if seasoned to taste finish with a pinch of sugar and i oz. salt. of butter.

Take butter. pepper . 95. and is equally good hot or cold. Another Way (far superior). Prawn or Shrimp Butter (see No. 91.). beat 92. Soften 3 oz. Peel a stick of horse-radish . To skin tomatoes easily. place them for a few moments in the oven or on the stove. . Clean and remove the bones from three anchovies pound them in a mortar . . Naturally they will lose their bright colour. They must not be strained. They should take the consistency of jam. 78). 93. boils let it horse-radish add two table-spoonfuls of the cook an instant finish by . Another Green Sauce all for Fish (see No. but the taste be none the less excellent. Horse-radish Sauce {Sauce raifort). add 3 oz. Can be eaten with boiled meat. will GRAVIES. Mnke a thickening of equal parts of butter and flour (1 oz. grate (not scrape) it. or plunge them into — boiling water. but sent to table in a sauce-boat.. grated Directly it . of fresh butter mix all well. and pass through a tammy-cloth or hair-sieve. moisten with stock sufficient to make a smooth sauce not too thick. Anchovy Butter {Beurre cf anchois). 27). 94. Note. of fresh butter with a teaspoonful of anchovy paste or essence until it is well mixed. Leave out the a salad-bowl with salt and 77. 34 disappeared. the same herbs as in Place this purie in three table-spoonfuls of vinegar it up with and six of the finest oil. No.

GRAVIES. 02. Add Make a thickening with the yolks (only) of two eggs 1 oz. At the last add the prawn Cook as for bisque % — — . Moisten the above with milk and white stock in equal quantities. and a few drops of vinegar or lemon-juice. three table-spoonfuls of vinegar. Horse-radish Sauce (cold) (Sauce raifort au vinaigre). 96. Prawn (Sauce or Shrimp Sauce aux crevettes). parsley. 63). parsley. 63) with two yolks. add chopped onion. With the bodies and skins make lb. of butter cut into small dice a few minutes. and mix well. a piece of fresh butter. 63) with one or two yolks of eggs. make a white sauce season. each the liquor the prawns have been boiled in. Take off the tails and keep them on one side. pepper. six of best oil . carrot . Make the egg thickening (No. pepper. of raw mustard. 97. of prawn butter (see No. making a sauce not too thick. 99. 35 making a thickening (No. thyme. place a pickle-bottle with salt. then with equal parts of butter and flour about 1 oz. soup two dozen prawns or a larger quantity of shrimps. Mix in a salad-bowl a teaspoonful 98. Bechamel Sauce. two table-spoonfuls of flour. cook and reduce for twenty minutes. of lean ham cook all in 2 . and vinegar. — in Vinaigrette Sauce. and chives. Add a bouquet of laurel. of fresh butter (No. Pass through a fine sieve 01 tammy-cloth. Grate the horse-radish useless to scrape it. and a little water or stock.. 1 Chop up an onion and small oz. strain through a fine sieve. salt. 27). .

Prepare the same as No. 103. and in the place of the lemon and cayenne add a table-spoonful of chopped capers and two anchovies. . of tomatoes and a pinch of pepper. one Add this infusion of thyme. and the juice of a lemon. of with it a table-spoonful of flour moisten with . let it simmer a short time. pieces. lemon improve and beat all briskly for a and the juice of a The tails are added at the last. 102. Italian Sauce {Sauce d Vitalienne). a table-spoonful of flour stir In another pan reduce by one-half a tumblerful of vinegar. finish with 101.36 butter divided into little GRAVIES. or bacon. to two-thirds . also chopped. a little cayenne. oz. Sauce poivrade. of lean ham and one small carrot. and pass through If not sufficiently spiced add a little white a strainer. and ten peppercorns crushed. Italian Sauce {Sauce a Vitalienne). A grain or two of cayenne this sauce. and colour . pepper. Chop butter. minute. 102) a cupful of cream. it Add commences to boil. i Mix a medium-sized onion finely. At the moment of serving add to the poivrade sauce (No. of butter. pint of gravy or stock fire until it boils . shallot. Stir add if desired a table-spoonful of purk Let it reduce sweet herbs chopped fine. on the and a cupful of white wine. without tomato. Sauce poivrade with Cream {Sauce poivrade a la creme). to the sauce. Chop Cut until all in i finely one onion. with a leaf of laurel. and colour in i oz. let it reduce to two-thirds. one i into small dice oz. ioo. 100.

and pass through a fine sieve. When made fresh each time. whisk over the fire until it commences to boil. it is ready the moment the whole boils up. vegetables. 104. and take the grease off continually. parsley.GRAVIES. melt the butter gently. If wanted in a hurry. The flavouring varies according to the dishes in preparation. The writer trusts the chapter add the necessary stock or gravy.). Season. it must simmer for another hour with whatever meat. Remarks on the above Sauces. stir on the fire until it boils . and thyme. sauce should be smooth and shining. 17 White Sauce (Sauce for Vegetables bla?iche). add one carrot sliced. Two or three yolks of eggs and a little white wine can be added to this sauce if desired for certain vegetables or ragouts. add i pint of beef stock. and continue to . If the on sauces has been made thickening is made fresh each time. see No. a small onion pierced with two cloves. taking care to skim. add the flour and stir briskly for an sufficiently plain. and is taken from a pot of thickening kept for use. Let it cook gently until one-third is reduced. This is the basis of all sauces. a thickening with equal quantities of butter and oz. simply take equal quantities of butter and flour . 63. This flour (i Make 105. . or poultry it is intended instant for. or bouquet of laurel. When eggs are used.

After use. deep. — — . . The fat must be brought to When it begins lightly to steam it is ready boiling-point. as in reality there is no taste of there is the the Where same fat instructions to be followed. : There are several ways of frying it. the same can be said of the material used for I will indicate the different methods. . . advantage of being entirely free from grease. a prejudice in favour of lard for frying. Fish or meat cooked in this manner has the on a sieve. it can the fat to be strained and poured in a clean vessel be used many times dozens of times until it becomes Naturally entirely different fat must be black and burned. fat (directions for preparing the same will be found at the commencement of this work). I S II. 38 F 106. Butter is most extravagant and unnecessary. To be taken out and drained the thickness of the fish. the fish or meat to be plunged in. and wider at the top it must be wide enough to hold a than at the bottom This stewpan is filled two-thirds with frying-basket easily. On the Continent it is not called frying when a small pan is used for the purpose is kept a large casserole or stewpan.. For the Frying of Fish or Meats. when the above instructions are carefully carried . the rest must be left to the cook to choose which she prefers. either in the fryingThe time for cooking varies according to basket or not. kept for meat and fish that used for meat will serve for beignets (pancakes of all kinds) and potatoes.

used to boil . 39 out and the proper degree of heat obtained before plunging the fish or meat into Oil is it. if it splutters at the A Fat for dash of cold — might be disastrous. it should be two-thirds filled with fat or oil the fish to be treated in the same manner as for deep frying . The fish must be so dry that the flour does not stick to it. and potatoes. and Fish fried in oil takes a better colour than butter gives. beignets of all kinds. the heat The fish to be fried must be degree required. 107. directly. but can be shaken off easily. as it will be found much more greasy. but more care will be needed in draining it. To is use very little fat or butter at the bottom of the pan the plan evidently adopted by those cooks who consider fish should be sent to table with half the skin burnt to a left in cinder and the other half the bone. so large a quantity of hot fat in so shallow a vessel can be easily overturned or come in contact with the fire. excellent for frying fish but or it it. Pass through beaten egg and When of a deep drop it immediately into the boiling fat. water thrown in will test it . In using the frying-pan great care will be necessary . well washed after having remained some little time in a sprinkling of salt . croquettes. the pan and the fish red at Rissoles. must be done basket is in the deep frying : for all these a frying- indispensable. is In good kitchens on the Continent stock 5sh in. Some cooks put the fish in egg or milk before passing it through flour. pass through flour. is many people frying are prejudiced against fat not cheap.FISH. . golden colour it can be taken out and laid on a sieve. in which case the results is must be heated to boiling-point. but the way indicated above is far preferable. instead of plain water as with us. Stock to boil Fish ( Court-bouillon). dry in a clean cloth . If a frying-pan must be used.

then mix in a piece of butter the size of an for eight or ten minutes. equally ex- Hollandaise. a little carrot. add more water if the fish is not sufficiently covered. garnish with parsley tartar.. . them y them once. A trout weighing 2 lb. pour over 2 pint of white wine . . six small fresh trout. Cook them on the stove or in the oven Clean . slide the fish on to the dish already prepared for it with a fish-napkin. thyme a cupful of vinegar.. surround the fish with small new potatoes . Place the trout for an instant on a grill laid on the top of the fish-kettle to drain it . a handpeppercorns one large onion and one a sprig of parsley. FISH. . put salt and pepper inside arrange them on a dish that will stand the fire butter it well . it being already Put in a fish-kettle or saucepan 3 flavoured and seasoned. Let it boil fifteen minutes. turning . 108. Strain this stock into the fish-kettle in which the fish has been placed . anchovy. will take from twelve to fifteen minutes . both sliced . 8 lb. boiled . are cellent with salmon. The liquid should be just kept bubbling until the fish is cooked. a laurel-leaf. . . 4 lb. of meat-glaze or a table-spoonful of good gravy boil it up. 40 This stock fish. Dress them upon a warm dish put back the dish in which they were cooked upon the fire reduce the same to half a cupful add 1 oz. cover with a buttered paper. lobster. the quarts of water the size of the ful — of course the quantity fish. . is very useful for the sauce to be used for and saves trouble for the same.. serve with a all good sauce. from twenty to thirty-five minutes . Take away the string which has tied the head together . Cover the fish-kettle place it over the fire to bring it to the boil then draw it to the side. fifteen which should be quite covered . from forty-five to fifty minutes. varies according to of salt . egg divided into small pieces the beating —a teaspoonful of — a piece at a time during freshly chopped parsley and . Trout baked (Petites truites a la Voltaire).

.. wrap them in oiled white paper. FISH. will suffice Wash the slices. . commencement book) warm it without allowing it to blacken . whole weighing about /2 z lb. 111. . place in the pan the trout well floured. and keep them the same . verte. add the juice of a lemon or a little vinegar to the . but and the juice of half a lemon whisk all briskly it must not boil. salmon weighing from 8 to 10 lb. : butter in the frying-pan. the for six persons. better still. or. 41 on the the stove. . Two i or three slices of salmon. . Trout grilled in Butter (Petites truites au beurre a in la meuniere). chopped parsley . Grilled Salmon {Tranches de saumon grillees sauce succulente). the same time on the Arrange the trout upon other the colour to be golden. large salmon should be put at the commencement into cold water or stock . {Saumon sauce a It can be (No. hollandaise. Prepare the 2 oz. or simply in water salted and with a little lemon or vinegar in it. only allowing it to simmer. boiled in the stock A A or lobster sauce. baste the trout with it. the dish. fish. . will take one hour after it has boiled. trout as 108. 107). tarragon. Boiled Salmon la genevoise). bring it slowly to boil. Pour the sauce over 109. 110. one by the side of another let them cook slowly on sprinkle salt and pepper over one side for five or six minutes. Grill them over a very clear fire cook them six or eight minutes turn them over. and pour it over them to serve. dry them in a soft cloth sprinkle them with salt and pepper oil them lightly. Can be served with sauce genevoise. . Put in the frying-pan of of butter clarified (see Directions. and continue the cooking.

Mayonnaise of Fish {Mayonnaise de poisson). Remove the skin and bones from the fish to be served. blending well the various colours of white. . it gradually to the top in last. 112. thick and well seasoned . then lettuce on the top of the dome place the heart of a in the open shape of a fan. hard-boiled eggs chopped. and arrange them from the top to the bottom dome the sauce to be the of the mayonnaise . Arrange them on a plate and throw over them the following sauce. Arrange the bottom of the dish with hard-boiled eggs cut in quarters placed round the mayonnaise . the white and yolk to be chopped separately and kept apart chopped Arrange all these between the fillets capers and parsley. yellow. — move the pan to the side of the fire . place upon it a layer of fish divided in small pieces . with a table-spoonful of tomato sauce . Grilled salmon can also be served with tnaitre d'holel sauce or anchovy butter. Shred up the heart of a fine cos lettuce. and made smooth with a knife. cover it with a layer of mayonnaise continue with fish and sauce. and green. lay it at the bottom of a round dish . Take fillets of anchovies split lengthwise. . of glaze (or a little strong gravy). add the juice of a lemon and a teaspoonful of chopped tarragon. sauce until all the form of a quite is used.42 FISH. Melt in a small stewpan 2 oz. bringing . merely arranged on a dish and mayonnaise or Tartar sauce poured over. stirring very briskly to render it very smooth . 113. To dress Cold Fish. season to taste . or in the different methods given in the following recipes. time on the other side. With the remains of fish many dishes can be made. when it boils mix with it gradually 3 oz. of anchovies. Sauce sucailente. of fresh butter divided into small pieces.

arranging and smoothing it with the blade of the knife . bake in the same manner. 117. Arrange in the form of a dome . Fish Patties (Bouche'es de poisson). finish in putting the remainder of the sauce make all smooth with a knife. cover the fill the shell to three-fourths with a dessert-spoonful of sauce. Prepare the remains of the thick fish as for No. No. put sauce at the bottom of the dish. place the fish and sauce in the middle as in the former recipes . place in the oven to colour about seven or eight minutes. colour. 116. cut out twelve rounds with . smooth over with a knife they should be higher in the middle . Butter a dish (for the oven) . FISH. ( Fish in Shells Coquilles de poisson). a little butter — melted . sprinkle with grated cheese and baked bread . make a sauce of cream thickened with the yolk of an egg. not too well seasoned. 114. then a layer of fish continue until the end. Prepare the sufficient fish fish .. and leave it to take a beautiful golden and a little . moisten with a little dissolved butter put in the oven. place some sauce at the bottom. 114. . then . sprinkle all with grated cheese and bread-crumbs baked . Another Way. butter the shells fish to and the cream sauce as for No. 113. Make hillock a rich puree of potatoes place this in a kind of round the dish (for the oven). put the shells on a tin .crumbs . 115. 585). Take puff-paste when it has been rolled out only five times (see Puff-paste. 43 Remains of Fish with Cream {Poisson a la crime gratiri).

keep the paste on . Put them in a good oven not too hot. chopped parsley and chives. a plain cutter 3 inches round (the puff-paste should be one third of an inch thick) . Fish Rissoles (Boulettes de poisson). or Lobster Patties (Bouc/i/es aux crevettes. take them out. them To fish fish . . 118. Prepare exactly in the same manner as for fish patties. Oyster. — warm patties. aux /crevisses). . Shrimp. but the heat can be increased during fifteen to twenty minutes. . Cut up the remains of any boiled mix with them half their quantity of cream or any sauce warm up this mixture (must not boil) fill the . stirring all the time (must not boil) thicken with the yolks of two eggs. warm it on the fire. carefully remove the soft paste from the inside . according to the fish used. Mix the sauce and fish together . brush the rounds with the yolk of egg with another cutter about 2 inches round trace the lid of the patties by dipping the cutter in hot water and pressing it delicately in the middle of the rounds to the depth of a little more than one-eighth of an inch. prepare with oyster. pepper. lift the cover off. Care must be taken not to cut through the paste. sauce in the proportion of half the quantity to that of the fish (must not be too thick) season with salt. or lobster sauce. nutmeg. hot. place them as they . let all be carefully Make a cream looked over to be sure there are no bones.44 FISH. shrimp. Divide the cold paste into small equal quantities (with a dessert-spoon) . fill the patties. 119. Turn all upon a plate spread it out with a knife to allow it quickly to get cold. aux huitres. . Chop up the remains of the fish . . arrange the rounds on a sheet of iron for the oven let it be moistened a little before putting . and.

Place round six large croutons of bread cut in the form of half a heart and fried in butter (No. drain arrange them in a pyramid on a plate. — . take them out . and serve them with Tartar sauce. decorate with parsley. Beat up two eggs with salt and pepper . Note. — . Carp. cut thick. Take thick. of eels. and perch can be cooked in the same manner. drain and arrange them on a dish. leave them an instant to cool. See that the sauce is sufficiently seasoned it should be rather highly so reduce a little if too thin . Arrange the pieces in a point upon a dish care must be taken not to break them keep them warm. pass the slices through that. Eels with Tartar Sauce (Angiiille a la tar tare). Put the fish into this. 33). Eels with Mushrooms (Mateloite d'anguille). pike. Serve with Tartar of a walnut 120. laurel-leaf. of eels cut them in slices about 2 inches Put into a stewpan a chopped onion. fish. are . 3 oz. plunge them into hot fat until they take a beautiful colour. No. Take / Boil them (in . them in slices about 2 T 2 inches Fish Stock. 45 ready upon a floured board roll them to the size put them in beaten egg and bread-crumbs . Season with salt. thyme. . butter. If the sauce is too thick add a little broth or water. 2 lb. if possible). 121. pepper. pour over the fish. the same of flour make a white thickening moisten with a bottle of red wine stir until it boils. plunge them into boiling fat . and cook slowly until tender. some button mushrooms... the smallest morsel of garlic. then through bread-crumbs . — . of . a bouquet of parsley. 107. . 3 lb.

is best for this paste. Before taking the farce from the never ceasing to pound. 122) large quenelles are made ones for garnishing for ragotits take a good Flour the paste -board and vol-au-vent. 3 oz. and place the paste on a 123. . FISH. roll it in the form of a Six are sufficient cork between 2 and 3 inches long. pan with some salt . Panada for Fish-paste. such as pike. paste. flour. well. firm add the yolk of an egg and a pinch of flour. perch. egg and salt . when it boils place the quenelles in . butter the bottom of a small stewpan add the flour. carp. Take 2 oz. dessert-spoonful of the farce . nutmeg.. a pinch of salt . (No. pounding all the time. the yolk of an egg. mortar it is safer to try its consistency and seasoning. . Fish with firm flesh. nutmeg pound it in a mortar until it is quite smooth pass Put the panada in the mortar add through a fine sieve. . With the entries. and detaches itself easily Spread it upon a plate and let it from the saucepan. poach it for five Take a piece as big as a walnut If it is not sufficiently minutes in boiling water salted. salt. a piece of butter the size of a walnut. % Cut the fish in small pieces. and sole. the butter and the fishWhen all is well mixed add the eggs one by one. season it with salt. Fish Quenelle-meat {Pate a quenelles de poisson). mix all well with the milk stir all continually with a wooden spoon until it forms a thick paste without lumps. by degrees. pepper. . butter. mix . 46 122. three-fourths of a teacupful of milk. Fish Quenelles {Quenelles de poisson). fish-paste for also small . pepper. 124. Half a pound of flesh of fish lb. quickly cool. panada (see No. Put 2 quarts of water into a deep stewfor six persons. 123). plate.

two dozen shelled prawns and twelve button mushrooms . covering tightly. 124). 47 let remove the pan to the side of the fire them cook gently for eight or ten minutes. take a good table-spoonful of fish-paste (No. Put the a bain-marie or saucepan containing water reach- ing to half the height of the to the side of the mould fire. Flour the board . an *«/r/<?-dish. fish. See if sufficiently seasoned. Pour over them any good fish sauce made with lobster butter (No. then keep just bubbling for three-quarters of an hour. turn up the ends of this all round to keep the mixture in roll the pudding into the form of a quenelle. Put this mixture upon a plate to cool. with the handle of a knife flatten it in the form of a square rather less than inch thick wet the edges of it with a small paste-brush.. roll it in the form of a quenelle. delicately . Take out the quenelles one by one with a slice arrange them on Cover them with any sauce preferred. of fish-paste (No. 122). stirring frequently to prevent a skin forming on the top . 122). Cut a small piece of the prawn paste rather more than an inch in length place it in the middle of the fish farce . It should . Butter very well a to within mould with or without a cylinder . . stirring all the time with a wooden spoon. Fish in a Mould la creme). 27). 98). . . Boudins of Fish with Prawns (Boudins de poisson aux crevettes). then mix it by degrees to 1 lb. rather thick and well seasoned. {Pain de poisson a Make a good cream sauce (No. mix them with half their quantity of bichamel sauce (No. . bring it to the boil . 126. 103) let it cool. Cook the puddings in salted water for eight minutes (see No. then flatten it a little. in small dice Cut ^ . . fill it mould remove it in an inch of the top with the mixture. spreading it to about the thickness of J^ inch. 125. Drain well and arrange them on a plate.

a teaspoonful of essence of anchovies. Thicken the sauce with two or three yolks of eggs. serve the rest in a sauce-boat. sprinkle over the surface grated Parmesan cheese and baked bread-crumbs. . upon this sauce. from the bones and take off the black skin. the fillets — — . Place in a deep dish a layer of sauce .48 fish. If desired. a border of mashed potatoes can be placed round before baking. Mix on a plate a piece of fresh butter with a teaspoonful of English (raw) mustard. score them lightly with a knife merely cutting a trifle below the skin the whole length slantwise. drain it. Turbot with Mushrooms {Turbot a la Mornay). Mustard Sauce {Haretigs /rat's. Of course the fish must be turned out of the mould before sending to table. Boil a piece of turbot in the ordinary lift manner. over the fish-mould . . Sauce moutarde). Take some fish stock and bichamel sauce the stock is simply to reduce the sauce. Serve the herrings — — . pour over a little butter reduced to oil let all take colour in the oven. the . . then pass Make a small knife round it to loosen it from the mould. a pinch of cayenne. arrange the fillets of turbot on it. Cook them at a brisk fire for five minutes on one side turn them on the other for the same length of time. Grilled Herrings. 127. as the latter must not be too thick and a little mushroom essence. 128. Steep them for ten minutes in a tablespoonful of oil pepper and salt arrange them on the gridiron. then another layer of sauce . Pour a little sauce a rich white sauce add a few capers. then be rather firm to the touch. Before arranging it let mould remain an instant out of the water. Scrape and empty the herrings.

cook ten to fifteen minutes. FISH. 129. D . salt and pepper . and baked bread crumbs pour over 3 oz. moisten a little Make on a dish 131. Serve up on the same plate. 132). soles white thickening of butter and the same quantity of flour . Plaice. are all excellent cooked in this simple manner.spoonfuls of vinegar. Arrange the soles on a buttered dish which . of clarified butter. Put the plate in the oven to cook about ten to fifteen minutes squeeze over when done the juice of a lemon. leave them for an hour. a pinch of salt. with 1 oz. Fillet three soles . with buttered paper place on the stove or in a hot oven . sea-bream. chopped chives. Ten minutes before serving drain the fillets dip them into frying batter (see No. the heat of the oven . cover them with white water or stock. . little this dressing . will bear season with salt. j pour the sauce over. — 130. pepper. Note. then into the hot fat or oil (No. it with the liquor from the soles . Place them in a deep dish with three table. place at the bottom an a sprig of parsley. Soles in {Soles White Wine blanc).. turning frequently. parsley. grey mullet. cut these in halves across. . the same Cover the dish either with another dish or . one of best olive-oil. thicken with the yolk Arrange the of an egg and a good piece of fresh butter. 49 Soles with Butter {Soles au beurre). The quantity of butter and the time necessary for cooking must be varied according to the size of the fish. a leaf of laurel place the soles on wine and a of pepper. au vin oven) Butter a dish onion cut in thin (for the slices. Fillets of Sole fried in Batter {Filets de sole marine's en beignets). .

50 106). egg is added to any mixture all beating must cease. them . them a . Fillets of Soles stuffed {Filets de sole Fillet little rouh s. drain fry FISH. moisten them with a water. a bouquet of laurel. of flour . 1 quart of white wine and water mixed. Batter for Frying (P&te cifrire). To beat up White of Eggs. Place in a basin }( lb. them all alike season with salt and pepper. mix them with the . Paupiettes). roll one in the form of a cork tie with string at both arrange them in a buttered to keep them in shape . one carrot and one onion sliced. or piquante sauce. ! trim over each ends stewpan side by side. rimoulade. flatten them lightly with the blade of a knife. 132. They should be beaten : with a whisk until in holding up the whisk the egg will stand out from it in stiff points and When once this not fall it will be firm to the touch. moisten it with i gill make a smooth paste . . add a pinch of salt of warm water and a table-spoonful of olive-oil mix well. but be simply and gently stirred in until blended with the rest. Fry keep them warm until all are finished. . beautiful colour (five or six minutes). Arrange the fillets on a dish covered a handful of parsley. . batter as lightly as possible. . Serve with tartar. Beat up three or four whites of eggs to a stiff froth . 134. three soles of equal size. Have ready some stock made from the bones of the soles. Place the parsley on the top. 122). The structions being carefully success of scores of dishes depends upon these inand intelligently followed. with a napkin or fish paper pile them up in the form of a dome. Spread each fillet a thin layer of fish-paste (No. 133.

and taste if suffiThe best sauce for the above is the ciently seasoned. arrange them on a dish in the form of a pyramid. 136. add also the liquor from two dozen oysters that fish have been poached in a little white wine or stock. and thickened with two yolks of eggs and 1 oz. the bottom an onion cut in thin rings and a laurel-leaf. of butter strain . and pour the sauce over. slightly loosening the bones Butter thickly a fireproof dish . place at from the flesh. to be sent No. and some very small rissoles of Arrange the soles on a fish -paste {Quenelles. Cover with then the soles. and place croHtons The remainder of the sauce of fried bread round the dish. of butter and the same of flour . see to the fish paste. soles Strain stock a over the — it should just cover them tender When they are sauce with the liquor that remains. —A little parsley to be added 135.. Add to the sauce the oysters. 33.. 51 and thyme. {Filets de sole Take twelve fillets of equal size flatten them lightly . dish. Take the heads off two large soles split them the whole length on one side. and take them out when ready. (Fried croutons. shelled. . . prawns or shrimps. FISH.) Note. Place upon each fillet a small mushroom. the liquor prepare a sauce. Take off the string trim each butter sauce (No. Baste the white wine and stock. fillet evenly at both ends . beat up the sauce for an instant. make . 84). button mushrooms. Fillets of Soles Rich a la Joinville). . this salt and some grains of peppercorns. to table in a sauce-boat. With occasionally. 122). using 1 oz. No. the split side underneath. and cook in the oven. some mussels. and pour over a little of the sauce. cook slowly for fifteen minutes. parsley. Soles (So/es Normandy Fashion a la normande).

lengthwise. on the paste . Pour a little sauce into the well formed by the fillets. Pour over the fish. add some lobster or shrimp butter (No. table. 83) placed in the middle of the fish. but Spread a thin layer do not allow them to take colour. of butter . and cook slowly on the stove or in the oven. drained and trimmed. and pepper. 84) render the paste firm. 138). moisten sprinkle with a table-spoonful of olive-oil or oiled butter . to have been added. . with baked bread-crumbs or on a plate in a eight or ten minutes. ^ — — Reduce a wine-glassful of vinegar pepper add this to the browned . with a little butter . let it brown no account allow it to blacken then let it get half cold. (less than half an inch) of fish-paste on the dish which has to be sent to table. 27). (Beurre Melt in a small pan on lb. the remainder into a sauce-boat for . . Place the dish in the oven for an instant to Make a butter sauce (No. in two. paper. Grilled Mackerel grilli). it (Maquereau Split the it mackerel . if preferred.. pour over the juice of a lemon and a little buttered dish Cover them with a round of buttered clarified butter. 122). it good oven. and brush over with melted butter. well chopped truffle and prawns. Arrange in a plate with maitre d'hdtel butter (No. or. raise them in the form of a crown place on the top of each sole the tail of a prawn not shelled. Black Butter noir). 138. garnish with Arrange the fillets. Fold each Spread upon each a thin which two chopped truffles fillet Jayer of fish-paste (No. let it boil. 137. salt and pepper grill it for inside . . Arrange them side by side in a wellenclosing fish-paste. black butter (No. 52 season with salt FISH. to one-half.

Place Bring gently to the boil on a slow fire . the cod. 141. Serve with any of the . then let it soak in cold water for twenty- four hours. 53 Salt Cod salie). the cod in a saucepan with cold water to cover it it. (Morue Wash the fish. Drain the fish . add salt and pepper. Fried Bread Sauce (Au pain frit). No. and simmer fifteen to twenty minutes. Clarify lb. Serve at same time plain boiled potatoes. changing the water four or five times. lb. in a small fry a good colour. . 139. lemon pour over the cod. 143. 140. % pan . 142. ^ of fresh butter . and pepper . following sauces. then remove the sauce- pan to the side. add a Pour over the fish. Onion Sauce for Cod (Aux oignons frits). 75). Melted Butter fondu). (Au beurre Melt without boiling the juice of half a the ^ . pepper. when it is clear add a fry for an instant. Cream Sauce for Cod (Sauce a la crime. good pinch of baked bread-crumbs Pour over stirring all the time . . of clarified butter Put chopped onion. remove the skin and bones as much as possible arrange it on a plate. salt. salt. of fresh butter.

place them Pour over on a plate. When firm dip into warm water. 8o). Season with pepper and salt. Add one teaspoonful each of chopped capers and gherkins. The sauce must reduce Arrange the lobster upon a dish taste the to one-half. . Melt one cupful of meat jelly. Pour over of stock. 145. in butter. the lobster cut in slices.) Mix the mayonnaise and meat jelly. French beans. put this into a basin. Cover and cook briskly for twenty minutes. the lobster. Lobster Salad {Salade de homard). mixing briskly for an instant.54 144. a little at a time. chopped shallots for two minutes . . and place on ice to set. and season with pepper and salt. and add a few cooked young green peas. sauce if properly seasoned add the juice of a lemon and i oz. added too warm the mayonnaise will be spoiled. and when nearly cold add it gradually to ]/ (If the meat jelly is 2 pint of stiff mayonnaise sauce. and turn out on a round dish. and a pinch of cayenne. Lobster American Fashion {Homard a Fry two finely famiricaine). the claws and cut it into dice . Serve with a sauce-boat of mayonnaise . them one table-spoonful of oil and one of vinegar. sauce (No. the . and place in the centre the heart of a lettuce in the form of a fan. and Take the inside from let them remain for a short time. Arrange the thin slices of lobster on Cut the flesh the top. and turnips (the two latter to be cut into dice and cooked separately). two table-spoonfuls of purie of tomatoes. salt and pepper fry it like- Sprinkle over a table-spoonful of flour add ^ pint same of white wine. Add wise. carrots. of butter. FISH. then pour into a mould. from the lobster into thin slices. Garnish round the base with small sections of hard-boiled egg. with the vegetable salad.

and divide it into as many pieces as desired.crumbs. 98). form into cutlets Fry through beaten egg and again through bread-crumbs. of the dish. put them cook them ten a stewpan cover them with water Serve with butter minutes. shake all briskly. pass them them in bread . in butter . on which must be arranged a small cutlet . in Clean and wash the mussels in several waters . . Place in each a small handle formed from the small fine bones or claws of the lobster. Turn the curry over curry . and add i oz. the slices of bread. Cut the flesh of the lobster into small pieces. and sufficient stock to . and serve. of fresh butter and the juice of half a lemon.. . Cook quickly for twenty minutes. 148. . 146. Lobster Cutlets Cotelettes de ( homard a la Windsor). them a beautiful colour drain. lay in add salt and a teaspoonful of Add a table-spoonful of flour cover them. some thick bkhamel sauce (No. . ( Colour some chopped onion or shallot the lobster cut in slices .frill. and some Mix them with truffles and mushrooms the same size. 55 Lobster Curry Cart de homard). Mussels boiled {Monies au naturel). place Grill some slices of bread them at the bottom of the e «/Wtf-dish. Arrange the cutlets on a dish in the form of a crown (at the bottom of the dish can be first placed either grilled Pour the sauce into the centre bread or curried rice). 147. . Arrange them on a dish. The sauce must reduce to one-half. Mix up the yolks of two eggs with a wine-glassful of cream thicken the curry with it. 162). in the same manner Let the mixture as for croquettes of meat (No. fish. Roll cool.

add half a tumbler When salt and pepper. 149. and the liquor have . Boil as quickly as possible for fifteen minutes. laurel-leaf. then add a good piece of fresh butter. half a glass of white wine. one chopped onion. let all take a pale colour on the one clove of garlic fire. of butter and a chopped onion colour for two minutes over the fire . Boil up again then pour the soup over some slices of bread cut rather thick and placed in a deep dish. Arrange the fish and dressings upon another plate. season with salt. and the juice of a lemon stir until quite smooth. a lemon cut up free from skin and pips— a little saffron. the juice of a lemon. (Moules a Put in a stewpan 2 oz. 150. . two peeled tomatoes squeezed and chopped.) Take several kinds of red mullet and crayfish —and fish — among them them should be cut into medium slices. Add the fish . . a sprig of fennel. Place in a stewpan half a glass of oil. removing the laurel and lemon. . of white wine put in the mussels the mussels have been cooking for ten minutes. and warm water to cover — when become slightly thickened. . and they Reduce the are quite open. {Bouillabaisse a la provenfale. . Pour over the mussels. liquor in the stewpan to one-half. Serve fish and bread together. all. arrange them in a deep dish. a little salt. FISH. Add a teaspoonful or more of chopped parsley and a little more garlic. chopped parsley. the fish should be cooked.. and a the seasoning to be added to the butter nutmeg and served in a sauce-boat. also chopped. one or . 56 dissolved to little oil. Stewed Mussels la mariniere).

and add half a tumblerful of sherry. grill. When half done. mushroom. the fish in buttered white paper. and serve Never remove the insides from red . 57 151. half a teaspoonful of 152. up with lemon-juice. of the mullets into the sauce. Grilled Mullets grillis). of oil. Arrange the mullets in in the following sauce. sprinkle with chopped parsley. — One table-spoonful anchovy sauce. one teaspoonful of Harvey sauce. The above quantities are only sufficient for two medium-sized mullets. Mullets in Wine {Hougets au vin blanc). a dish for the oven bake them When cooked. The fish will only take half an hour to bake. mash the livers . (Rougets Wrap mullet. Sauce. Baste frequently.

and half the goodness taken from the meat. it : : 153. Boiled Beef (Bocuf bouilli). Miroton of Boiled Beef (Miroton de boeuf). piquante. then the meat must be put into cold water. tomato.58 BEEF. Directions for boiling Meat. . Many cooks take it out when tender and send it the soup to table. It must not be cooked. Boil the beef as for pot-ati-feu (No. stir an instant . When boiled meat soup. table-spoonful of flour . onions Cut the remains of boiled beef in slices. of butter . too much — 154. horseradish. or sauce Robert. Shred up two add a colour them lightly in 1 oz. moisten with a . then at once moved on one side of the stove to simmer gently until tender. in my opinion spoiling two good things will be poor. Serve with the vegetables round it and with a sauce in a sauce-boat for preference. The water it has been boiled in will be of little if any good all the strength will have remained in the joint. is intended to be eaten and not for should be plunged into fast-boiling water sufficient to well cover it. 12). When the object is to make good soup.

Add the meat . 157. let it simmer (not The sauce should then boil) fifteen to twenty minutes. Parmesan cheese is the best. and pepper . The onions should then be tender. Prepare the miroton of beef (No. Take out the laurel-leaf. salt. be reduced one-third. laurel. salt and pepper. add a bouquet of parsley. Hashed Beef (Matelotte de bouilli. and a laurel-leaf . moisten with red wine and broth . colour a sliced onion in butter or good dripping .) Peel two dozen button Cut boiled beef in slices. Note. 154). let all cook (not boil) another . sauce . colour with a few drops of caramel. arrange it on a plate that will stand the fire . and put the dish in the oven until it takes a pretty colour. arrange the ragotit on a dish . shake briskly in such a manner that salt.bouilli saute"). Boiled Beef with Cheese (Bceuf bouilli au gratin). Add the meat . add pepper. 59 Make rather a thin tumbler of white wine and broth. onions put them in a stewpan with a piece ot butter and sprinkle with a teaspoonful of sugar (white powdered) a table-spoonful of flour. add the meat.BEEF. the — For preparing bread-crumbs. Serve with it potatoes baked in their skins. Make all into a thin sauce. see Directions at of the book. Cut the remains of beef into small squares . sprinkle it with grated cheese and baked bread-crumbs. half hour. Hashed Beef (another way) {Bceuf . and thyme . and cook ten minutes. 155. . . commencement 156. and the sauce reduced one-half. sprinkle over it chopped parsley.

Place on a dish. . the same of vinegar. {Ba-uf bouilli marine" Cut the remains of beef into slices. add some baked minutes. 160. . and surround with glazed chestnuts (No. This should be done quickly. little meat and onions arc lightly grilled. minutes take them out and strip them while hot of the Put them in a stewpan . half an hour. 160). bread-crumbs. chopped chives and parsley. Glazed Chestnuts. pour over some good gravy. Before serving. pepper. Boiled Beef fried et frit). cut an incision all round Take y 2 lb. a frying batter (No. add a good vinegar. of butter. pepper. salt. cover them with water and a piece of butter the size of a .. making a sauce not cook for twenty meat If the hash is too thin. then into hot frying fat. Make 159. . adding to it the marinade or seasoning in which the meat has been soaked. Hashed Beef with Chestnuts (Hachis de bauf aux marrons). stir until boiling. . 60 BEEF. as regular as possible place them in a deep dish in which has been mixed a table-spoonful of oil. Pass each piece of meat through the batter. Add the chopped . Colour a the chopped onion 1% all oz. and a little chopped shallot leave them for . 158. of chestnuts put them on the fire in cold water boil for two or three . merely outer and inner skins. and the slices fried to a beautiful golden colour. and moisten with stock or water and Season with salt. Finish with chopped parsley and chives. fine herbs. 132). half a tumbler of white wine. add same quantity of flour. Chop finely any small remains of in beef. turning frequently. and nutmeg too thick.

Make a hash with the meat. — . Mix equal and butter (about 1 oz. Cut the remains of beef into small dice. a pinch of white powdered Let them cook until all the liquid is reduced. frying fat must not be too hot when they are first If they are made with puff-paste (No. 159. and the same distance between each little ball of hash moisten the paste all round the meat. 579). with the addition of three gherkins cut in small dice. cut The put in. nutmeg. — the fingers so that the paste is well and firmly joined they should out the rissoles with a plain or fluted cutter Continue in this present the form of a small jam -puff. of short crust about the thick- Take small portions of the 5s. short crust they are best fried. cold. and sauce as in No. 162.1 BEEF. . Rissoles of Beef {Rissoles de dosuf). of each) in a pan moisten with a cupful of milk or stock make of this quantities of flour . chopped parsley. pepper. Mix meat and sauce together . 161. then turn the border of paste right over the meat it must be quite covered . stir over the fire until it begins add salt. press with ness of a . two to simmer or three gherkins chopped add an egg and a small piece . manner until meat is used up. Put it on a plate and let it get Have ready ^ lb. place them on the pastry at a distance from the edge of it of about two inches. . The sauce a sauce so thick that it boils with difficulty. 585) they must be baked in the oven. Croquettes of Beef {Croquettes de boeuf). hash about the size of a walnut . . placing the rissoles as they If the rissoles are made with are cut on a floured tin. must be in the proportion of one-third of the quantity of meat. piece (No. merely sufficient to make the meat smooth. having first brushed them over with beaten egg. and the whole should be firm. walnut sugar. : 6 a few drops of caramel.

gravy. take them out . Plunge them into the hot frying fat . Cut the remains of beef into small squares salad-bowl a vinaigrette sauce (No. 161 Boiled Beef in Vinegar Sauce {Bmuf bouilli in a en vinaigrette). Lightly butter the surface to Take pieces of the prevent it becoming dry . sauce Robert. these : croquettes can be fried in butter in a small frying-pan in that case they must be flattened a little and turned once in the pan. if more convenient. piling the mixture higher in the middle than at sprinkle over smooth the top with a knife them some baked bread-crumbs and grated cheese. oven to take colour. . and Place them in a hot above all place a piece of butter. BEEF. . into the shape of a cork. . They must be completely covered with the crumbs. spreading it to about the thickness of ^ inch. then through the bread-crumbs again. Fill some buttered shells with the mixture. Note. place the meat half an hour before serving.62 of butter . 163. Cut the remains of beef or veal into small squares mix them with half their bulk of sauce. . or sauce gratin may be served with and without cracks the croquettes. Good Place on the top a bouquet of fried parsley. white or brown. well and highly seasoned. arrange them in a pyramid on a dish upon which a napkin or paper has been placed. pass each croquette into beaten egg. — In a small household. fry them a golden colour . place them on a preparation about the size of an egg paste-board which has been sprinkled with baked bread When all the meat is divided roll each piece crumbs. well rolled and regular in form. the sides . let it cool. taking care it is evenly rolled . . in it prepare 97). turn all i on to a flat dish. Meat Scallops {Coquilles de viande au gratin).

. cook for four hours. half a tumbler of vinegar. pepper. divide it into three pieces and Prepare in a dish one and a half tumblerful lard them. in weight. off. fine strainer into a small stewpan . one onion stuck with two cloves. Put the meat the meat soak in this twenty-four hours. from the bottom of the pan add a spoonful of flour . little over the meat . .. laurel. detach all gravy well from the bottom of the pan . 18). pierce it : rich and smooth. a little carrot. moisten with a quart of stock . Take 3 or 4 lb. of beef. {Bceuf a la Place at the bottom of a stewpan a little good dripping or clarified suet. and the dressing into a stewpan with a little good dripping . and let all colour gently over a slow fire for twentymoisten with half a glass five minutes. Ragout of Beef {Ragout de dam/). put the Serve with a purie of potatoes or a dish of macaroni (No. thyme. and let it cook at a good fire until the liquid becomes reduced and the meat begins to frizzle in the fat . surrounded by some bones Keep the cover well broken. 166. Arrange the meat on a dish . of white wine. and salt. Let a bouquet of parsley. it is done. all To see if the meat is cooked with a larding-needle if it goes easily through. a pinch of salt and pepper. if the gravy is Strain through a very much reduced. beef about 3 to 4 lb. BEEF. a clove of garlic. 63 Braised Beef casserole). a clove of garlic (if Place on the top a piece of flavour is not objected to). some trimmings of bacon. add a little stock. 165. make a little thickening . Pour a rest in a sauce-tureen. turning frequently Let of white wine and two or three ladlefuls of stock. let it remain a little The gravy should be take off the grease from the top. stir well to mix at this . cover the stewpan. turn the meat about until it takes colour Pour away some of the fat point put it on a plate.

Cook them in salt-water . . . this dish. one hour is sufficient. pour cold water over them put they are tender them back in the stewpan with a pinch of white powdered sugar. small green the haricots and peas to be well haricots.— . then tossed in butter. dish . If . trim and scoop them into the form of the . 167. Put the meat on a dish . cook at a gentle regular heat until tender. over the meat. A calPs foot send the remainder to table in a sauce-boat. let them cook until the liquid is reduced. moisten the bottom of the baking-pan with a little water in order to detach all the gravy . boil up . Beef with Vegetables {Filet de bceuf garni jardiniere). take away the grease pour a little . Trim a cauliflower into small bouquets . until . small with a vegetable -scoop. Take a roast it piece of fillet between 4 and 5 lb. if the meat is preferred cover it with a greased paper Place the fillet on a underdone. and serve the remainder in a sauce-boat. Scrape two dozen small carrots if large ones only can be procured. into a thin sauce. a small piece of butter. it takes colour too quickly. and pepper the haricots without sugar. and in the same manner. Fillet of 168. Sprinkle with salt. strain the gravy through a strainer . 64 all it BEEF. turnips. keeping them rather . Fillet of Beef {Filet de bxufpique" rod). strain the gravy let it remain Take off the fat pour some over the meat an instant. sugar. lard it and either in front of the fire or in the oven. it should be smooth and rich. Prepare in equal quantities. let The gravy should be reduced one-half. and baste every ten minutes. boned and scalded can be cooked with advantage with . and green peas . salt. a little stock or water . basting frequently with it good dripping it (the dripping to be put over melted before putting in the oven). Place the meat in the sauce . scalded. boil them in salted water.

. onion and carrots cut into slices . Grease the bottom of a stewing-pan with lay in pieces of fat bacon . the meat. 65 Brussels sprouts can also be added. good dripping or — . 2 y lb. keep it hot. Let all simmer gently. place the fillet on a dish surround it by the vegetables arranged in small groups. . and E 1 pint of sauce. stirring or shaking all the time Pour part over let it cook for an instant. for about an hour and a half. then remove the cover and place the stewpan in a hot oven. thyme.. firm. a bouquet of laurel. let it stand a little take off the grease. well covered. Pour a little gravy over the meat. 1 pint of sauce with olives (No. throw it into the boiling gravy. All these vegetables are being prepared during the roasting of the fillet. Fillet of 169. BEEF. 3 lb. Prepare add to it Arrange surround it with the olives and a little the fillet on a dish sauce . Sauce madere). salt and pepper. Add half a tumbler of madeira or marsala and 1 quart of stock. 67). Baste frequently with the gravy in order to glaze the fillet. pour the remainder in a sauce-boat. and moisten with half a tumbler of stock. Fillet of Beef with Olives {Filet de bceuf aux olives). Beef Braised {Filet de bceuf braise. For six persons. and kept warm as they are ready. 170. When done. Mix a teaspoonful of fecule (potato-flour) with a cupful of madeira or marsala wine. Place the pan on the fire lightly covered leave it until the liquid is reduced and the meat and vegetables have taken a brown tint must not be burnt. the remainder in the sauce-boat. the remainder in the boat. Strain the gravy . . Lard the fillet. assorting the different colours. of fillet. parsley. Arrange it on a dish . fat . Place in the fillet surrounded by the dressings. cold . olives. at the last moment the gravy from the roast fillet. . Cook a fillet of beef as in last recipe.

172. gravy from the roast or braised fillets . Fillet of Beef with {Filet de Tomatoes bauf aux tomates farcies). 436. garnish Serve the gravy separately. Strain the y? lb. Roast or braise the fillet . of preserved mushrooms. 176. of fresh. it Roast the fillet . or reduce it. See No. Fillet with Mushrooms {Filet de bauf aux champignons). 18). See No. Fillet with Stuffed Mushrooms mushrooms (No. lb. and add it to the mushroom sauce. 458)175. it on the dish to be macaroni (No. take off the grease. arrange sent to table. . fillet Surround the roast or braised (No. 436). Fillet of Beef with Macaroni {Filet de bceuf aux macaronis). 174. 421. with small potatoes Fillet of Beef with Lettuces {Filet de bozuf aux laitues farcies). place round it ^ lb. BEEF. with 173.66 171. Fillet of Beef with New Potatoes {Filet aux pommes de terre nouvelles). and pour some of the gravy of the fillet over the macaroni. 1 Prepare for a fillet of 5 1 quart of sauce and 1 lb. {Filet de beeuf aux champignons farcis).

.. Trim and lard a fillet of beef. warm. 179. Sauce poivrade {Filet de bceuf marine'. 177. Prepare the following marinade : one large onion sliced. and allow it to cool. 102).. . frequently in order to glaze the meat. it Take out the fillet Moisten the bottom of the baking-pan with the pickle. only add a cupful of cream baste . and let it soak in the above marinade overnight. with broth. . if not. one carrot do. If the gravy thicken it with a teaspoonful of is too thin. reduce it . 67 Fillet of Beef with Rice. . potato-flour mixed in a cup of cream add a pinch of pepper . . Fillet of Beef. a bouquet of thyme and laurel-leaves. Scrape the fillet is nicely coloured place it on a dish. poivrade sauce to table in a sauce-tureen for sauce (see No. . some whole peppercorns. 387). . the bottom of the baking-pan with a little of the marinade. Strain into a small saucepan take off the grease. % 178. strain the gravy into a small stewpan take off the fat Send with this glaze the fillet. When adding a little from time to time of the pickle. {Filet de bceuf garni de risotto?) lb. warm for an instant. or a simple cream sauce (No. Cook for fifteen minutes. 1 quart water. reduce it to a cupful . . 75). of roast or braised fillet take No. if there be any left . A Simple fillet Way to cook the Above. BEEF. Prepare the in the pickle the when keep it is nearly cooked same as No. 1 pint vinegar. rice (see For 3 lb. 177. Cut the fillets in slices add them to the rice. one clove of garlic. Sauce poivrade). The following day take it out of the pickle and put in the baking-pan with the trimmings of the fillet pour over some good fat or beef-dripping basting frequently and melted let it cook one hour. salt.

. Trim in slices the steak and take away . cut it across about two-thirds of an inch thick . Warm the gridiron. bouquet of laurel. butter with }£ lb. cover the pan . an onion stuck with three cloves. add them to the ragout. all gristle cut them in equal sizes . dry the meat in a cloth. . . reservremain in this six hours. To employ the Trimmings of the (Navarin). Fillet In households where the fillet is frequently used the is an economical manner of employing the trimPrepare all the pieces carefully . Let it stand ing. and grill over a clear fire for four or five minutes. Have ready some turnips. lightly. sprinkle over cover all with the pickle and it a table-spoonful of flour following . of ing the pickle . at a moderate fire. place the steaks on it. flatten them Put them on a plate season with salt and pepper. cook . parsley. either cut in quarters or with a vegecolour them in i oz. and moisten with a teaspoonful of olive-oil or oiled butter. mix all with the meat stir over the fire until it takes colour . take away mings from it. Grilled Beefsteaks (Bifteck grille naturel). twenty-five minutes before serving in order to take off all stock . 181. of butter and a pinch of table-cutter Continue the stewwhite sugar . thyme. 180.68 BEEF. all gristle . pepper. This ragout will take quite two hours. then turn on the Put on a hot other side for the same length of time. grease very carefully. half a tumbler of marsala Drain the pieces of fillet. Melt t oz. . moisten with a tumblerlet the meat ful of white wine. of bacon cut in dice . place them in a dish with salt. plate to serve.

lay on the top of it a piece of butter (No. but simply seasoned with salt and pepper cook four or five minutes on one side. 85) place the dish on the stove or in the oven to allow the butter to half melt. the steak in the pan arrange slice and place are Note. 92) over. 182. 183. place on a hot dish . It must be done with care in order an egg into the pan. possibly . steak cut as . boil up. Prepare the steak either grilled or in the pan . but in the opinion of the writer the two methods do not admit of comparison.. A Beefsteak with Parsley Butter {Bifteck a la maitre d'hotel). in . butter in the small frying-pan . Beefsteak with Egg {Bifteck a I'ceuf). it on the steak. are given above for grilling and frying. 184. Serve. scrape. — Recipes favoured. 69 Beefsteak fried {Bifteck a la poele). BEEF. When the egg is set take it out with the to keep it whole. Arrange on a dish add one the same time for the other. Warm 1 oz. break Cook . or two teaspoonfuls of gravy or water to the gravy in the pan . 182. au beurre Cook the steak exactly as in No. is as there many kitchens in which the latter mode always because it is the easier. Beefsteaks with {Biflecks Anchovy Butter d'anchois). grilling being by far the superior. and throw over the steak. 185. it on a plate . 181. turn. putting anchovy butter (No. place in the No.

% lb. pipkin with a cover. sprinkle them with the remainder of the onions . Hungarian Beefsteaks (Biftecks a la hongroise). or a small Slice a large onion place half of . and pepper. BEEF. to allow the steaks to be half soaked in it. . what is preferable. throw the gravy from the pan. Before serving. season them with salt and red pepper (not cayenne). . Cut the steaks thin . °f butter wooden spoon. sliced arrange upon these the steaks well sprinkle with another layer of the onions and seasoned one of potatoes salt and pepper half cover with stock cover the plate or pipkin quite close. it Butter well a dish that will stand the oven. or in the oven for one hour. Cover completely with a metal cover or with another dish. place half of it in a deep dish that can be sent to table . and paste the border between the two dishes with some paste made of flour-andwater. which contains the most gravy chop it very finely. stock.. 188. . little 187. upon them spread a layer of raw potatoes. . of butter. Add work with a pound in a mortar . Take that meat from a good part of the beef. with gravy or stock added. but they must not be completely cooked. Cook in the oven for one hour. Cook on the stove at the bottom of the dish . Colour the steaks in 2 oz. 1 lb of lean . . baste the steaks with a cupful of sour cream and a Serve in the same dish. Beefsteaks and Potatoes (Biftecks a la bonne fetnme). Chop up finely two onions . place it in a dish. and season with salt by small pieces at a time or. Russian Steaks (Biftecks a la russe). 70 186. arrange the steaks upon it.

189. also the juice of a lemon. BEEF. board roll . then roll them in bread-crumbs. salt and pepper. Melt 1 oz. making them about one-third of an inch thick. of beef-marrow boiled for three minutes in salted water and cut in slices or in small squares . fry them in the pan. glaze them with a little good gravy reduced. colour them in a little butter. taking care not to spoil their shape. and give three minutes to each side of them. . if preferred. place in the steaks. from the ribs of the sirloin. Chop two and add the same shallots finely . 66) or cream sauce (No. chopped parsley. If high seasoning is liked. tumbler of red or white wine. arrange the meat on it. 72). Arrange them in a crown upon the dish pour into the middle madeira sauce (No. flatten these balls with a knife into a round form. — 190.. Add the last thing. When ready to serve place some biarnaise sauce in the bottom of the dish (No. Fillets with Marrow {Entrecotes a la moelle). Serve the remainder of sauce separately. Beat up an egg with a teaspoonful of olive-oil dip the steaks into this. Cover half a the grilled steaks with this sauce. The entrecote is cut from between the first ribs or Note. . while the butter is 71 Flour the being added by degrees. or. add a little vinegar and a pinch of grated (not scraped) horse-radish. divide the meat into about six or eight pieces them with flour into balls . 2 oz. Reduce to half. Fillets with Bearnaise Sauce {Entrecotes a la btarnaise). of butter (clarified) in a small frying-pan . add a piece of glaze about the size of a walnut or a little good gravy. Grill them. 75). .

Arrange them in a dish in the form of a crown between each piece of meat place a fried crouton of bread trimmed in the shape of half a heart Pour the sauce in the they . Reduce the sauce by one-half. Colour a cloth . Finish with the of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne. . 191. Trim and cook the tournedos as for No. Trim them they should be all of equal size. l 2 pint of good gravy. / . Arrange them in a the sauce quickly a little more. then add a cup the pan Put the meat back in the sauce reduce of good cream. 178). . season them. 72 191. . y . 2 let it reduce to one-third. 192. dry them in them quickly on both put them on sides in 1 oz. in a Drain. as for No. Take out the meat add to the butter in the pan a small spoonful of flour. —Entrie). 191 to the sauce ]/2 lb. of butter made very hot pint of the marinade (strained) into Put a plate. . . marinade or pickle . . . a cupful of red or white wine stir until the sauce boils add truffles cut in slices. . Warm 2 oz. add juice Fillets with Vegetables (Tournedos a la crime Steep the tournedos. of mushrooms. Fillets with Mushrooms (Tournedos sautis aux champignons). At this point put the tournedos back into it warm up add the juice of a lemon.. These are cut from the round or end of the fillet should be a little more than i inch thick and between 4 and 5 round. of butter in a pan add the tournedos which have been seasoned colour them quickly on both sides. . Fillets with Truffles (Tournedos sauth aux truffes —Entr/e). . prepared (No. 193. middle of the dish. BEEF.

and pepper. de pommes de terre (potatoes). Pour the sauce in the middle. chives divide the Flour a board with salt. juice of a lemon. This is and a teaspoonful of glaze. allowing extra time on over 2 inches thick. and the ragout Take out well cooked without having lost its shape. la portugaise). tomatoes. sprinkling them with a table-spoonful of meat into pieces the size of an egg. . Prepare upon the dish 1 oz. gristle fat . twenty-four small onions. 195. a bouquet of laurel. of colour them for two minutes in 1 oz. . both chopped. — Tournedos such as can be served surrounded by various dressings. free from season and parsley. them into Cut into small squares 2 oz. flour. then add a fresh tomato chopped up. and thyme. account of the thickness. spinach. the same number of chestnuts peeled and skinned (both skins come off easily by slitting the nut across and boiling them for a few minutes). stirring all the time. and very firm. 73 191. croutons. or melted Arrange the steak on this sauce surround it with small potatoes baked in butter. rich gravy from roast-beef. of butter worked with chopped parsley. The sauce should be reduced one-half. as in No.BEEF. purk 194. parsley. crown with Note. . a very thick steak cut from the rump or fillet Grill it. asparagus points. Ragout of Beef. . or into the middle of a border of rice cooked in fat stock. {Ragout de batuf a Chop all very finely 1 lb. Boil. Half cover with stock. green peas. of very lean it beef. Chateaubriand. wine. Cook for two hours slowly. the bouquet and put all in a deep entre'e-d\sh. and roll balls with some . flour. of lean bacon butter. At this point add the meat-balls colour them also an instant. half a glass of white and a few drops of caramel.

Boiled Tongue. Salt Tongue boeuf. and cook for two hours longer ol the tongue Serve the tongue the same way as for braised beef. Put it on the fire in sufficient water to cover it . reduce the vinegar one-half. glass the same of flour. without dividing it. BEEF. Caper Sauce. serve with the following stewpan half a glass of vinegar. tongue may be served olive. Braised Ox Tongue. . take it out . for two hours. thyme. 74 196. one onion stuck with two cloves. Note. longer if not tender . and Currant Sauce (Langue de Sauce aux raisins de Corinthe). . Boil a tongue . Put it in a stewpan in which vegetables and pieces of bacon have been placed . . and salt. Add two carrots. thicken it at the last yolks of eggs. and take off the skin. (Langue de boeuf braisee). Put in a . cut in two capers pickled in vinegar. with its trimmings. and mushroom. (Langue de Sauce aux capres). such as piquante. parsley. white some of the make a good moment with two . with various sauces. strain it change the water and boil it up again. Cover it with part of the sauce send the rest to table in a sauce-boat. surround it with the trimmings season. of and half a white wine sauce . glaze it with some of the gravy thickened with potato flour. or cut it in slices and arranged in a crown. Let it cook for four hours. 197. a handful Add of currants well cleaned . it from all pieces sticking from the throat. Boil and skin a salt tongue sauce. and a handful of Dish the tongue . whole . a piece of fresh butter. tomato. i oz. take off the skin and keep it warm in its stock. Take it a fresh ox-tongue trim to Take stock.. of butter. — Braised 198. one bouquet of laurel. bceuf. boil it for two minutes .

colour lightly mix in a good dessertspoonful of flour . Serve with the tongue. of fresh butter. pepper. half a tumblerful of . Cut in fillets or small squares 2 lb. and cook a few minutes. serving thicken the ragout with two yolks of eggs fried in butter (No. Cut boiled. 33). one and a half tumblerful of brown three dessert -spoonfuls of gooseberry 75 sauce (No. and a pinch of pepper . of clarified butter. jelly. cut in thin strips put them in a stewpan with 2 oz. then add some chopped parsley and a little vinegar. BEEF. Serve very hot. It must not take colour. At the moment of mixed with the juice of a lemon. season with salt. Garnish the tripe on the dish with six croHtons of bread cut in shape of half a heart and the sauce must be reduced one-half. oz. and let all cook until the . 3 oz. until all a little coloured. 200. Tripe Italian Fashion {Tripes a I'italienne). Two pounds of tripe well cooked good gravy or stock . of tripe well . of chopped mushrooms.. Add the tripe seasoned with salt and pepper . {Tripes a la poulette). of butter . Tripe 199. salt. of tripe well Chop one onion finely put in a stewpan with 1 1/2. and chopped parsley. Add the tripe cook for an hour . 65). let it simmer. and nutmeg. . cover. moisten with stock and half a glass of white wine to make a thin sauce . stir it put in them about is at a brisk fire without leaving them. of butter. pepper. 1 oz. in fillets or small squares . Tripe Lyons Fashion {Tripes a la lyonnaise). cooked. Slice a large onion the frying-pan with 3 oz. 201. 2 it lb. .

three cloves. When all is well cooked take off the grease and serve in a deep dish. Put the dish in the oven for fifteen minutes. a layer of tripe.76 liquid that BEEF. grated cheese and baked bread-crumbs. is entirely reduced. two cloves of garlic. 202. nutmeg Leave the meat in this pickle for several hours turn all out. Spread upon a fireproof dish has been well buttered. a bouquet of parsley. thyme. pepper. . half a glass of vinegar. cover the pipkin red wine sufficient to cover the meat lightly. two calf's feet scalded and cut into small pieces. Moisten with laurel. Cook in the oven six hours. . . . little butter melted to oil. Add some small onions. . then pour over a . and the pickle or marinade. Stewed Bullock's Heart (Cceur de bccuf a Vitouffe'e). . and colour the pieces of heart in a little melted lard. . Cut the heart in several pieces lard each piece put them in a pipkin or jar that has a cover season with salt. a layer of tomato sauce rather thick sprinkle each layer with grated Sprinkle the top with cheese. finish with the tomato.

a pinch of salt and pepper moisten with y? pint of stock or water cover with a buttered paper. a little good fat. See that it is tender. Dish it carefully . It should be rich and smooth j if too thin. 77 M UTTON. Leg of Mutton dressed as Venison (Gigot de mouton fafon chevreuil). Trim the leg and lardoons. turn the meat twice. reduce a little. Make thick part of the leg . two large onions.. strain the gravy and take off the grease. two calf's feet boned and scalded. 203. add stock or water to half cover the meat and two tomatoes. thyme. lard it a marinade with a quart of red wine. a bouquet of laurel. Continue to cook slowly for five hours with the stewpan covered . 204. Place in the leg well tied up surround it with the dressings. two carrots. ( lard it inside with seven or eight Place at the bottom of a deep stewpan some pieces of bacon. one . . and cover the stewpan. and parsley. . a clove of garlic. Take the bone from the on one side. a wine-glassful of vinegar. a clove of chopped garlic. Leg of Mutton braised Gigot de mouton braisf). When the liquid is reduced and the bottom of the stewpan commences to take colour.

Mutton with Lettuces {Mouton a la laitue). onion and one carrot sliced. let all cook fifteen minutes. thyme. have ready four or five hearts of lettuces well scalded in boiling chop them. or braise it two hours in a stewpan the same as the leg (No. Shoulder of Mutton stuffed (Epaule de mouton farcie).. Cut up the remains of mutton in small slices . This dish. seasoned with spices and fine herbs. and put it back in the stewpan with a table-spoonful of flour which has been previously mixed with a little cold water. . should be cooked in a braising-pan. . of fat bacon. and nutmeg Add the meat . . Warm salted water add the lettuce. . Roll up the shoulder and tie it lightly. . season the inside with composed of ]/^ spread it on the table and pepper. a few grains of pepper and juniper. 205. When the sauce is cooked replace the leg and continue the stewing for another hour at the end put the stewpan in the oven. Dish the meat and take the grease from the gravy. 206. if possible. . and fill it with of chopped pork or the same . one bouquet of laurel. and at a piece of butter in a stewpan the same time a table-spoonful of flour season with salt. and parsley. 78 MUTTON. but not in small pieces. Take out the leg strain the gravy. for Roast it for one and a quarter hour. the pan to be uncovered. warm through without boiling. add sufficient stock to make a good pepper. . Bone stuffing the shoulder completely salt lb. quantity of veal with 3 oz. This is to glaze the larded side of the leg. 204). let it sauce . Place the leg in a stewpan tightly covered with all the marinade and a little stock cook slowly one hour.

Serve very hot. dip them in a little dissolved butter roll them in bread-crumbs. salt. These cutlets to be served the . Cutlets rolled in Bread-Crumbs ( Cotelettes de mouton pane'es). arranged round the bones of the cutlets. fire three minArrange them on a Little frills should be — 208. Take away the bone and gristle from the top of the cutlet chop off the bone short leave let it be well scraped from all fat or it about i inch long gristle take away also the large piece of gristle which surrounds the best part of the cutlet. . 182). For neck chops. spinach. 79 Cutlets grilled (Cotelettes de mouton grille"es). oil or dissolved butter . or any vegetables prepared according to instructions which will be given same farther on. they are preferable trimmed. with small green peas cooked in butter. Flatten them gently trim them into a round leave them about y? inch thick form season with a little fat must be left round them moisten them with a table-spoonful of salt and pepper . as the others. . — . . A little cress. and good use can be made of all the trimmings taken from them. sorrel. . or what are called cutlets. grill or fry them (Nos. . and without gravy or sauce of any kind (unless desired). . . Prepare and trim the cutlets as for grilling (No. then proceed exactly as for beefsteak grilled (No. 207) season . plate with some slices of lemon. These cutlets can of course be served up with purees of potato. simply necessary to trim away To cook a little a loin chop it is of the superfluous fat and ugly pieces. small new carrots. and lemon-juice can be placed in the middle of the dish. grill over a clear utes on each side will be sufficient. MUTTON. 181).. The fire should be a trifle less brisk than when no bread-crumbs are used. 207. 181. and a little more fat left round each cutlet than when it is simply grilled. &c.

one of . . 80 MUTTON. and pour soubise sauce in the middle. shoulder. Take 1^ oz. and add to the meat three dessertspoonfuls of flour. make a white thickening.. 208 . Season with salt. Peel five medium-sized onions them and boil in salted water until quite tender. are the most economical Zealand neck of mutton. turn which lies at the bottom of the pan. 210.). the bones to be chopped and made the day previous into an excellent gravy for it (see No. 207. Soubise Sauce Cotelettes de ( mouton a la soubise). mutton. The soubise sauce should not be too thick. 1 6) the fat melted down for use. Prepare the cutlets according to recipes Nos. chop Then all . a pinch of cayenne. drain pour cold water over them . make an excellent and inexpensive dish. arrange them on a dish in the form of a crown. Cook for ten minutes. The neck. a good pinch of salt. Soubise Sauce. will of the cheapest. then add by degrees a cup of warm milk or gravy. and which should be a jelly there should be enough to cover the meat stir over the fire until it the fat them frequently Take away part of until they become a good — . 6d. 209. of good fat in a stewpan (must be no fat on them). a little powdered sugar. Mutton Cutlets.. breast. Cut into squares of about 1 inch 3 lb. Warm add the pieces of meat 3 oz. is in reality one parts for this ragofit. A New for which can be procured is. Haricot of Mutton (Haricot de mouton). Add the gravy which has been made from the bones. In this manner a joint. ^ pepper colour. of butter and the same of flour. . the water and pass through a tammy-cloth. squeeze out — . which is usually considered a very extravagant one (which it is if bought for English meat and costs 5s. add the purfo of onions.

they must be twelve button onions. Prepare the meat the same as for No. and it must little all cook at as there will be so liquid. which can be easily done by allowing the saucepan to remain The meat should be a little time away from the fire. shaped with a vegetable . The stewpan pieces in a dish . moisten with the marinade. add two or three cloves of garlic. boils. two or three turnips new ones are the best . let the meat remain in this for some hours. ginger. boil up and strain over the meat. two carrots. marjoram. must be slow fire is lightly closed. — A 211. pepper. tender. of lard in a stewpan let it melt. improvement. taking great care that Half an it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.1 MUTTON. hour before it is done. failing new ones. Chop up lb. ^ . and a cupful of vinegar . the sauce not too thick. Egyptian {Ragout de mouton a V Egyptienne). 210. place some new ones on the top of the — — ragout if placed lower down they will absorb too much of the sauce . if the large ones. Colour with a little caramel Twenty minutes which should be rather thin than thick. Cook gently for one and a half to two hours. 8 season the sauce. Put the season with salt. Put in the meat. nutmeg. Remove all grease before serving.cutter one of them pierced with three cloves (all these vegetables must be coloured separately in a stewpan with butter and a pinch of powdered sugar). . the vegetables all whole. or time according to the quality of the potatoes. Ragout of Mutton. of tomatoes to the sauce . . well drained from the vinegar. a tiny piece of chopped garlic (the latter of course only if not the small objected to). two laurel-leaves. later add a bouquet of parsley. shape some old potatoes few new small green peas are an with the cutter. colour it. thyme. When a very the meat some purfe Add tender take off the grease and dish it up.

the cutter small a few young green in at Continue to cook on the stove or Tongues and vegetables should be tender the oven. a crown. an onion stuck with cloves. Wash them oz. carrots. fire an hour. lb. Arrange the tongues in the form of the same time. Add stock to twice the height of the meat and rice a bouquet of parsley and laurel. season . with the dressing in the middle. . 212. a bouquet of parsley. thyme. Sheep's Brains mou to ri). a good tint add ^ lb. .. with peas. ^ 213. a cup- of white wine. put in the meat . about Colour a chopped at onion in butter . of Remove the and mutton. 214. Cover the pan lb. and laurel. boil them for ten minutes and take of lard . 82 MUTTON. colour it When all has taken a moderate fire. fillets from fat a saddle gristle. then add cut to the stew turnips. well in cold water . for half Cook into at a moderate balls. stirring well. off the skin. stock. For eight tongues melt io season . Serve very hot. and two small capsicums. When the rice has absorbed all the moisture brown. add the tongues let them take a good ful colour. of butter coloured add and hold it a moment in the oven. Add a table-spoonful of flour. Pilaff of Mutton (Pi/au de vtouton a Porientale). Take some 1^4. Sheep's Tongues {Langues de nwutori). of rice well washed and drained. potatoes. recipes (Cerve/ks de Can be cooked on for calves' the same as the given farther brains.

83 Sheep's Kidneys la brochette). . them Four through a little five minutes on or either in butter. Proceed 2 54)- in the same manner as for veal kidneys (No. . or each side. will cook them. first salt the pan in pass the or on if on dis- the latter. Place the dish at the entrance of the oven to half melt the solved butter. and place in the middle of each kidney a piece of butter the size of a walnut. maitre a" hotel (see No. without separating the two parts piercing Take off the thin them down the middle hold them open while another with a skewer and pepper. 216. Sheep's Kidneys sautes {Rognons de mouton smite's). them from one or metal . 85). Arrange them on a hot dish. Cook the gridiron oil . side to wood them in in season with butter.MUTTON. 215. {Rognons de mouton a The kidneys must be skin which very fresh. covers them split . pan or on the gridiron. take out the skewers.

; ;



Breasts of



d'agneau grilles).

Boil in the stock-pot two or three breasts of lamb when they are quite tender take them out. Remove all the bones without putting them out of shape, and press When cold trim them season with between two plates. moisten with dissolved butter, and roll salt and pepper them in bread-crumbs. Grill them over a gentle fire, Before serving cut them in eight minutes on each side. Serve dress them piled up on a dish. equal-sized pieces
; ;


with Italian sauce (No. 101).


Stewed Lamb and Green Peas

{Ragout d'agneau aux pelits

Cut in small pieces the breast and neck of lamb colour them in 2 oz. of butter season with salt and pepper moisten with shake over a good table-spoonful of flour
; ;

stir until it cover the meat Add a bouquet of parsley, thyme, laurel, an pierced with two cloves, 1 quart of small young a pinch of powdered sugar, a sprig of fresh








for an hour and a quarter, or until the meat is Take out the tender and the sauce reduced one-half. thicken the ragout bouquet of herbs and the onion with two yolks of eggs and a small cup of cream.







Cutlets with Chestnuts


d'agneau a la puree de marrons).


Trim twelve lamb cutlets (see No. 207); season with and pepper. Cook them according to any of the









a crown

chestnuts in

upon a round dish with a purie of pour a good rich gravy (not the centre

too thick) over


make Purie of Chestnuts. Take 1 lb. of chestnuts Put them on the fire in cold an incision round each. Put water ; cook for five minutes ; peel both skins off. a cover them with water them back in the stewpan pinch of salt, a small piece of butter, a pinch of sugar cook until they are tender and the liquid reduced to Return the one-third. Pass them through a fine sieve. puree to the stewpan stir an instant to make it smooth, and make it a iittle thinner with stock or milk warm it finish with 1 oz. of fresh up, see if sufficiently seasoned








Cutlets with sprew


d'agneau a la Brunswick).

Trim and season twelve
of lean cooked





dip each cutlet into beaten egg, Place the cutlets then roll them in the chopped ham. in a frying-pan with lb. of clarified butter; cook them Arrange five minutes on each side, turning them once. them on a dish in the form of a crown, with some



asparagus points which have been
tossed in butter.


boiled and then


Shoulder of

Lamb with

glazed Onions

(Epaule d'agneau aux oignons

Bone a shoulder




the of















of flour,



dry; yolk

chopped parsley, and cloves. Roll up sew it; roast it in the oven for an hour; make a good gravy. Dress it on a dish, throw a little gravy over, and garnish with two dozen small new carrots which have been cooked in butter, and the same number of small
glazed onions.

season with of an egg, the shoulder


To glaze Onions
Oignons glads).

Boil button onions in water until they are half



put them in the stewpan with a piece of butter, let a pinch of powdered sugar, salt, a cupful of stock them finish cooking. The liquid will be reduced and the onions coloured.

Lamb's Fry

(Foie et fressure d'agncai/).


the heart, the lung,

and the


Cut the lung
the liver in

into small squares;

the heart in thin slices;

same manner, but put

on one


Melt 3


of fresh butter in a pan

colour a small chopped onion add the heart and the lung stir briskly for seven

add the liver season with salt and Continue to cook until the liver is firm and nicely pepper. sprinkle with chopped parsley add the juice coloured Arrange on a very hot dish. of a lemon. Note. The sweetbread can be dressed in the same
or eight minutes, then
; ;



224. Fillet of

Veal stewed a
la bourgeoise).

(Rouelle de veau


lard it. Put into ; same quantity of lean in small squares, and colour them together. Add the veal well seasoned; let it simmer at a gentle covered, then add fire for thirty minutes, the stewpan a cup of white wine and sufficient stock to half cover the meat, a bouquet of laurel, parsley, and thyme, one tomato skinned, twenty - four button onions, the same number of small new carrots let all simmer an hour take out the bouquet Dish the meat and a half. skim off all grease. Thicken lightly with a little potatoBe careful not to break the flour mixed in cold water. Pour sauce and vegetables round the meat. vegetables. observed, where thickening is Note. It should be added when the ragout is finished, potato - flour and on no account can arrowroot not plain flour is used

a piece of veal about

stewpan bacon cut




3 the




be admitted

for the purpose.


Breast of Veal stuffed

{Poitrine de veau farcie).

Proceed in the same manner as for shoulder of lamb (No. 221) j omit the onions.



Fricandeau of Veal

(Fricandeau a
a piece of the large family take away



about 3



if for


Put at the bottom of the stewpan some good fat or dripping, any odd pieces of bacon, one carrot, and one onion cut in slices, one laurel-leaf. Put the meat in the pan; surround it with the dressings ; season ; add a teacupful of water. Put it on the fire and leave it until the liquid is reduced and the bottom of the meat begins to take colour must not be turned ; moisten with a teacupful of it wine (white) and pint of stock let it cook gently for an hour less if a small piece. Take out the meat strain the gravy ; put back the meat and place it uncovered in the oven, and baste it frequently with the gravy to glaze it. Have ready a puree of sorrel or spinach (see Vegetables), and add to it the remainder of the gravy. Serve

the skin





the meat, well glazed with the gravy,

and the

sorrel separ-

This dish can be prepared with a pure'e of any



Fricandeau of Veal with Cream
{Fricandeau a la crime).

Cook the same as No. 226; keep it hot; add to the gravy in the stewpan a glass of good cream ; boil for five minutes, and throw over the meat.

To dress Remains

of Veal



des restes).

Cut the remains of veal in slices make a white sauce (No. 64) with equal parts of butter and flour (1 oz.), and Add the meat, salt, pepper, and 3 gills of white stock.

nutmeg ; let it warm for a short time. At the moment of serving thicken with the yolks of two eggs, chopped parsley, juice of a lemon.

Veal Cutlets glazed veau glacees au jus). Chop up fine y^ it lb. — Serve with Italian sauce (No. pressing the edges to join them well . meat. roll it to the thickness of inch. Place twelve rounds on a baking-tin. . pepper. of the remains of any cooked veal . 159). Fricandelles. Bake for twenty minutes. and on each round a ball of the meat moisten the edges with a paste -brush and water. 100). place in the cutlets they must not be too crowded . cut out with plain paste-cutter or small tumbler twenty. and one whole part of must be pork. % 230. 207). fat add the same quantity of and mix all together. Have ready 1 lb. flatten them season with salt and pepper and pass them through Warm in a pan a piece of butter the size of an egg flour. trim lightly . VEAL. {Cotelettes de them (No. — . cook Cut six cutlets. nutmeg. let it cool. chopped onions or chives. dish in the form of a crown. / they must be colour them in a pan in y^ lb. veal. .. and prepare a rather thick paste with it (see No. of butter Arrange them in an entreea good colour both sides.four rounds of equal size. 231. puff paste (No. —some raw egg. colour them with the yolk of egg. chop it. 229. flatten each one to the thickness of x 2 inch and into a round form. Pass them through beaten egg and baked bread-crumbs . Add salt. or table-spoon Divide the preparation in quantities each to fill a place them on a floured board . 89 Veal Patties (Petits pates de veaii). remains of roast veal . a dessert-spoonful of baked bread-crumbs. parsley. 585). Take )£ lb. cover them with the other twelve rounds. then form it into twelve balls the size of a walnut.

a la milanaise. then the cutlet with more sauce . and with the Put them on a plate add to the bones chopped short. . 232. lb. seasoned. Arrange the cutlets upon a plate and throw the gravy over them. in a pan turn with y^ a gentle lb. upon . 233. this a little a spoonful of the thick sauce. Veal Cutlets en Papillotes de veau en papillotes). . Cut six sheets little lemon-juice.90 them for V i : a L. Veal cutlets are grilled the same as mutton once. place them over fire cook for ten minutes on one side. Chop fine two shalots. turn tluni Moisten them when cooked with a glass of stock (a very small cupful) and a little caramel. on a pan. Cutlets of Veal Panels {Co tele ties de veau). replace the cutlets. the sauce has become thick take it from the fire add a let it get half cold. then and give the same time to the other. a cupful and a half of stock or gravy. a teaspoonful of flour. Let the liquid reduce to half. pan the chopped shallot and parsley. and reduce the sauce. — cutlets. well trimmed. some mushrooms. . clip Trim and season the cutlets flatten them rather thin them into egg beaten up with a teaspoonful of butter . a glass of white wine When boil up. of macaroni . oil or butter them of white paper in the form of a heart on both sides put them at the entrance of the oven to place upon each piece of paper a thin dry for an instant slice of cooked ham cut in the shape of the cutlet. . cover with a second slice of ham. about fifteen minutes at a gentle fire. . a pinch of minutes in a little butter some small veal cutlets. . Arrange the cutlets side by side of clarified butter (dissolved) . Note. Cook for ten . . Arrange them long dish pour over a little of the butter from the Serve with them or separately )/?. ( Colelettes parsley. (dissolved).

Milanese Scallops (Escalopes Milanaises). a little lean cooked ham. 226. the cutlets are merely to warm through. taking care the paper is not broken. If vegetables are added they must be put in the same time for this dish breast. young peas.. 237. sauce (No. shoulder. . after it has been on the fire. . Strain the sauce a second time. Cook in butter for five minutes dish them throw over the butter in which they have been cooked. Cook entree in the rice upon same manner as No. VEAL. . Arrange them on a tin . These can also be dressed as an entree with tomato ing recipes. under Proceed exactly as for haricot mutton. as the meat. 91 Close up the sheet of paper to entirely hide the cutlet pinch the extra paper all round into small pleats. Dress them on a dish. Prepare a good brown sauce (No. strain it reduce it with half a tumblerful of fowl gravy. or the cutlets Take the shoulder. Cut the scallops smaller and thinner than in the precedthem through egg and bread-crumbs. put them in the oven it must not be too hot. and quarters of lemon a sprinkle of cayenne. 1 )A . 235. 65) with gravy about pint . 236. pass . Scallops of Veal {Escalopes). Haricot of Veal (Ragotit de veau). 88). if not objected to. — 234. or Italian sauce. Serve as an (risotto). Ragout of Veal a la Financiere {Ragout Financier). y^ pint champagne.

With some fowl stock prepare a white sauce (No. Between each fillet . Calves* Brains (Cervelles de veau a I'oseille). The sauce should be smooth and of a medium consistency. and arrange the fillets in form on the top. Thicken all Prepare in advance twelve these with the prepared sauce. quenelles of poultry finished with shrimp butter (No. 239. fillets (raw) cut from the white part of fowls arrange them in a pan with butter and the fat from the poultry cook until tender. decorated with fillets 265). Put the four quenelles (see No. of four of them All to truffles. mushrooms. Ragout of Fowl k la Diplomate {Ragout Diplomate). them Well wash the brains. and additional gravy . arrange the sweetbreads in the middle of the dish and group the dressings all round. some foie gras cut in scallops. and twenty-four small be large and being ready and quite hot. truffles cut round and cooked quickly. these and the four crayfish at the corners of the Surround the borders of the dish with croutons of bread cut in triangles and fried in butter. place the tail of a crayfish. and glaze them in the oven. four or five lamb sweetbreads larded and glazed. 238. foie gras cut in scallops. the oven. 64). put in a casserole half covered with stock. cockscombs. .92 to reduce with the wine VEAL. 27). Dress the ragoitt in a silver mould or simply on a dish. four prawns or small crayfish shelled. or triangles of puff paste brushed with yellow of egg and baked in large quenelles dish. take all skin carefully off. add to it a cupful of cream and one of wine (sauterne). Put in a pan some truffles cut in slices. one onion . keep it hot. Have ready cooked some cockscombs (simply boiled tender). button mushrooms cut the same as the truffles.

. Cook them a pretty colour Arrange them on one side turn them over on the other.VEAL. Put an hour. arrange them at drain the brains . — . Take two fresh . 241. Grill six small slices of bread . Note. At the last thicken with . Take equal quantities of butter make a white some stock from the brains it boil a short time. Calves' Brains in Sauce (Cervelles de veau en sauce). parsley. or three sets calves' brains —they must be very let them soak . and flour. salt. nutmeg. 93 stuck with cloves. the juice of a lemon. changing it three times. mix all together with a beaten egg roll Melt two table-spoonfuls of clarified butter in a small pan take small spoonfuls of the prepared let them drop into the hot butter in a round form brains without touching one another. . and thyme. . peppercorns skim cook for half an hour. them . . 240. Parmesan cheese the brains in this. take salt. cut them up raw into small pepper. ( Fried Brains Cervelles frites). and soak squares . sauce let two yolks of eggs. a piece of fresh butter. When Serve . the recipes given for calves' brains. ready to serve drain them whole or cut up on sorrel or spinach. ground ginger. . on a dish surrounded by cut lemons and fried parsley. Clean. place the bottom of an entre'e-d\s\\ them on the bread pour the sauce over all. . . . Sheep's brains can be cooked according to all . butter them over the top. grated . skin. a bouquet of laurel. them in a saucepan with white stock to cover them and take off the skin and clots of blood in cold water for boil for thirty minutes.

a cupful of white wine. then in bread-crumbs. may be added if desired. Another way (Cervelles panies). let it boil . Stewed Calf's Head {Tele de veau a diverses sauces). make a white sauce moisten it with the veal stock . cut them in thick slices pass them through egg beaten up and seasoned. 74). thyme. 1 oz. It is more profitable . Add one onion stuck with the cloves. a bouquet of laurel. The sauce must be perfectly smooth and not thick. the same of flour. of butter. Prepare the head steep it . parsley . it is generally soaked half an hour in tepid water personally I prefer to keep the good in the meat. Mushrooms. 81). stir over the fire. cut it in supposed to be very white. Take 3 lb. ATote. carefully take away all the skin . VEAL. truffles. 2 oz. for several hours in cold water. — 244. pieces of veal into a saucepan cover with cold water . Fry in butter in a small pan and serve with cut lemons or cold Tartar sauce (No. and for Put the that purpose sacrifice a little delicacy of tint. one carrot cut in halves. Strain the meat and keep the stock. squares (about 2 inches). fresh butter. three yolks of eggs. this dish . the juice of a lemon (see No.. Thicken at the last moment with reduced by one-half. to boil the brains whole . skim. Take out the . 243. Add the meat without the vegetables or herbs . continue to cook The sauce should be gently until the meat is tender. 94 242. surround it with six large crofitons of bread cut in the form of triangles and fried in butter. green peas. Arrange the meat on a dish with the sauce . . of veal — breast As is the best part is . add a large pinch of salt . cook With half an hour. asparagus tops. Blanquette de Veau.

VEAL. . boil them for fifteen minutes in salted water with a few Arrange the head on a large dish.' tomato sauce. scald Strain be quite tender. Thus prepared. Split three feet in halves . Calf's Head fried (Tete de veau frite). thyme. Calves' head surround with fried parsley. a bouquet of parsley. Arrange them on a plate . must always be eaten hot. sauce piqua?ite olive sauce. &c. the head can be served with a sauce made of oil and vinegar or madeira sauce. some grains of pepper . but without spoiling the shape of the feet. sauce with button onions. i 245. drain the head dip each piece into frying batter. a good pinch of salt. vinegar.— . Cut up the head in several pieces put it back in the stewpan. Arrange the pieces in a pyramid upon a dish covered . with a napkin Note. sprinkle them with capers. the juice of a lemon let it simmer until the flesh is perfectly tender In the interval prepare the brains about three hours. one carrot. serving. and plunge them into deep frying fat until they are crisp. and chopped parsley. and well drained. — . . Cut up the remains of a head into equal pieces steep them for half an hour in a plate with salt. 246. an onion stuck with cloves. pepper. oil. Calf's Feet with Black Butter (Pieds de veau au beurre noir). A few minutes before . take out as many as possible of the small bones. 95 Boil the tongue and the brains put them in cold water. then the brains whole Garnish with fresh parsley. take out the big bone as calves' heads them and cook them the same . head and tongue for five minutes . laurel. tongue split lengthwise without dividing the two parts place it on the middle of the head. pour cold water over them. . just covered with water (cold). —they must . . the drops of vinegar.

Cut some slices of veal from the fillet. moisten with a cupful of stock. place on a brisk fire. a small carrot.g6 Pour over them ]^ No. two and a half hours. Boil six ears as for manner calf's head. Grenadines of Veal {Grenadins de veau). the same number of olives stoned and stewed for twenty minutes in a little sherry. Add to the sauce twelve button mushrooms. They can be prepared in the same manner as ox tongues. and the trimmings of the veal. them. and well seasoned. 249. VEAL. Butter a shallow stewpan thickly. a sprig of thyme. the larded side uppermost. a veal sweetbread cooked and Arrange the ears on a dish. Tongue {Langue de veau). laurel leaf. They need two hours' cooking. about j4 of Trim them into an oval form. put into it an onion. Calves' Ears with Mushrooms {Oreilions de veau gar n is). mixed with four table spoonfuls of puree of tomatoes. of black butter boiling hot (see take at least three hours to boil. Cover the pan. The feet lb. . after having made scalloped. and when the liquid is reduced . A few quenelles can be added with advantage. season. The tongues can be either boiled or braised. an incision in them and turned back the skin put a small piece of brain (that has been boiled for fifteen minutes in salted water and a few drops of vinegar) into each ear. Arrange the cutlets on the top of this. Calf's will 247. in the same Prepare a pint of good sauce made with gravy. 248. a calf's tongue cooked and cut in squares. sprinkle with some capers. lard an inch in thickness. pour some sauce over. 138). same of parsley.

add the liver. if the thin skin that covers Cut the liver in thick. then cut these again Melt 2 oz. two dozen button onions. 97 and the bottom of the pan commences to take colour. A few moments before it is finished uncover the G % . and add a few drops of caramel. Let all cook for twenty minutes or half an hour. of butter. 251. and stew at a gentle fire for a quarter of an When it is nicely coloured pour in stock and a cup hour. of white wine to half cover the liver . VEAL. Stir Arrange the liver on a dish constantly until it boils. the same number of carrots cut to the size and shape of the onions and half-cooked Cover the pan and put it in the oven for one in water. reduce the sauce over a brisk fire if it is too thin. Pour over strips a little more than an inch in small pieces. Put it into a stewpan with Cover the pan. Take possible. then add 1 oz. 250. salt and pepper. Calf's Liver and Mashed Potatoes {Foie de veau a la menagere). in the form of a crown. and place in the middle a dressing of any kind of vegetable.. . lb. colour in it for an instant a finely chopped onion . Calf's Liver {Foie de veau saute"). of liver (sufficient for six persons) it. add a bouquet of herbs. i lb. put it uncovered into a hot oven. Arrange the cutlets in a dish with a little potato-flour. strain the gravy return meat and gravy to the pan. Lard a small liver after having taken off the fine skin. moisten with a tumbler of stock. the liver. baste well with their . Take out the meat. finish with chopped parsley and the juice of a lemon. hour. of flour. . take off. a Stir for about three minutes pinch of salt and pepper. stir all briskly. If the gravy is too thin. of butter in a pan . thicken sauce to glaze the cutlets. add gravy or stock to the level of the cutlets.

add the No. rub through a tammy or sieve. of liver. pepper. lb. . cooked. 253. also chopped a handful of flour. 250. chop it finely. in small squares. . shaking it continually over the quenelles. 252.spoonful of pepper. and put . of fat bacon cut Melt the butter and bacon liver fat together. Baste frequently. chopped parsley. two or three minutes. Put the purie in paste. pan. Drain the again on the fire. with milk. a few drops at a time. cook for ten minutes. thicken the gravy with a small spoonful of potatoflour. sliced as ginger. with a good pinch of the baked bread-crumbs throw let it take a golden colour. shake briskly. and 1 chopped onion. with entirely serve at Arrange on a dish surround and sauce take away the bouquet the same time a purie of potatoes made . Mix all well. 1 % 2 oz. y 1 oz. Take Add salt. Quenelles of Liver (Quenelles de foie a la moelle). Have ready boiling a saucepan of water with salt in it take the liver in a soup-spoon and with another spoon drop it into the saucepan in the shape of a quenelle. of butter. of beef marrow. Timbale of Liver {Pain de foie de veau). colour the onion in in . adding. coloured in butter. a table. Melt 3 oz. quenelles on a strainer. nutmeg it. a cupful of sauce or gravy When the whole is reduced to cold and rather thick. and two whole eggs. and serve very hot. . pound it in a mortar. al- lowing the liver to become firm without being too much Let it become half cold. % ^ lb. put them fire. freshly baked bread-crumbs. frying-pan. it in a basin. Ten oz. . of liver. The pan must be on the corner of the stove away from the When all the liver has been dropped in. of clarified butter in a small keep them hot. Season with salt. . two finely-chopped shallots. place them one by one on a dish. the vegetables .98 VEAL.

the water only simmering. taste if well seasoned at the last juice of half a lemon and chopped Note. parsley. ready to be dressed in various ways. salt. out of the pan. the oven for thirty-five minutes When the liver is firm. colour in it a small chopped onion. . Cook two minutes add the longer . Steep them for an hour in cold water to boil for five minutes (in cold water) The pour cold water over them. butter in a pan. a basin. four eggs. and cover with a plain mould Place the mould in a pan with enough greased paper. add to stir it 99 a liqueur-glass of cognac or of marsala.. may be used instead of white wine. . . turn it out on to a round dish. piquante or madeira sauce. {Rognons Take away the skin from three veal kidneys . . and put Keep it on the corner of the stove or in on the lid. sprinkle with a table-spoonful of flour Add a cupful of white wine and one of good gravy stir . pass the knife between the liver and the side Serve with of the mould. . one at a time. and cut each half into small slices. lengthwise in halves over a good fire until all the pieces are equally coloured mix and stir well. let it remain five minutes. take . add Stir with a spoon briskly the sliced kidneys. VEAL. — Marsala 255. • until boiling. Sweetbreads (fit's (to prepare) de veau). Stewed Kidneys sautis). fill it with the mixture. then put them them out sweetbreads are then . pepper. split them take out the white nerve from the Melt 3 oz. . and see if sufficiently seasoned. with a . boiling water to cover two-thirds of the mould. while Butter mixing. wooden spoon add. Mushrooms and truffles sliced thinly and stewed with the kidneys are an improvement. take it 254. of centre.

of butter in a saucepan. alternating the colours braise and glaze them . and ham. take off the grease. Lard the sweetbreads with sliced pistachio nuts. for that . an onion . and pour the sauce over. When they are larded. Place the sweetbreads on a dish. . . 01). strain the gravy. salt. Sweetbreads k la Saint Cloud (Ris de veau a la Saint Cloud). parsley. truffles. just Put the sweetbreads (blanched. with spinach. salt and pepper. covered with stock and a little while wine. place them. moisture is reduced and the sweetbreads coloured but not burnt moisten with a cupful of white wine. one carrot. tomato sauce. Arrange the sweetbreads on a dish. turning them occasionally in order they may take colour on both sides. Sweetbreads braised veau rotis in et braise's). 256. 257.IOO VEAL. Serve with Italian sauce (No. Cover the pan. and an onion cut in slices. 255) in a stewpan. in their 1 gravy (No. Put the sweetbreads and sauce in the oven baste to glaze Sweetbreads thus prepared can be served as entries them. laurel. when it is melted add the sweetbread. then add a little good stock or gravy to detach all the gravy from the bottom of the pan. thicken with a pinch of potato-flour mixed in cold water. No. mushrooms. Put 2 oz. (J? is de No. sauce a la Toulouse. let them cook on a gentle fire Prepaic the sweetbreads as twenty minutes. the larded side uppermost. sorrel. sauce a la financier e. 256). Sweetbreads in White Sauce {Ris de veau en sauce blanche). 258. thyme. in a pan with 2 oz. or place a Leave over a good fire until the buttered paper over all. the same of stock cook for twenty minutes more. sliced truffles. of butter. and a cupful of stock . green peas. 255 they may then be larded or left as they are. . cover the pan.

pepper. Take butter and flour (i% oz. Take off the strings. stock of the sweetbreads. (No. and fine herbs. 259). lOI stuck with two cloves. thicken it with two yolks of eggs and a little cream. one egg both ends cook in the same way as for veal olives glazed quantities of raw . cut six thin slices of lean bacon.. the minutes. laurel. from a fillet of veal. put a layer of the paste on a which has a border about . 2 inch thick. salt and let them cook at pepper them lightly. salt. Cook on a gentle fire for thirtyparsley . roll. Veal Olives glazed a la genevoise). from which the grease has been removed. make a white sauce. as possible without destroying the shape . Veal Pie de Godiveau (Tourte de godiveau). with roll all up and tie at parsley. of butter. 585) tin. them lightly Spread on the veal chopped onion about i inch broad. cover the pan Add a gentle fire for twenty minutes. y stock . . salt. . turning them once. (Pettis fricandeaux good slices. 260. 580. Take rich short crust or puff paste (see Nos. of each). a cup -of white wine and the same quantity of gravy or Cut six flatten . and serve them with their sauce. 261. and tie Melt in each piece at both ends to keep them in shape. a slice of the bacon above. a pan i^ oz. cook for another twenty minutes to glaze the olives well in their gravy. • 259. pepper. skin flat Cut six slices from the fillet they must be free from inch thick beat them as and nerves and about — ^ . VEAL. Spread on each a layer of the following preparation equal : meat and bacon chopped very fine. Veal Olives {Paupiettes de veau). season them. place the olives in it. a small bouquet of thyme. chives.

of butter. Paste for Pie {Godiveau). 2 lb. salt. i out skin and Chop of any good part of veal. or veal-suet . beef-. a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and chives. four yolks or two whole eggs. 263.. . of fillet of veal . ]/ 2 lb. place on the paste a thick layer of the godiveau (see No. three whole eggs. an inch high . salt. half a cup of water. Cover and serve very hot. Meat of Veal {Pate ou farce a quenelles de veau). pepper. pound it with the yolk of an egg. add the parsley and chives. . Take all skin and nerves from the meat chop and pound it in a mortar with an egg add the suet finely chopped. With the point of the knife cut and lift off the top which has been marked . 262. : Proportions y pepper. of kidney-. nutmeg. 102 VEAL. oz. adding from time to time a spoonful of cold water. the two eggs. Ten No. but it can be used without. and the seasoning. bake for thirty to forty minutes. 262). which is withlb. cover with another layer of the paste press the two layers together by turning the edge of the first over the second. nutmeg. of flesh gristle. the meat fine. Brush the top with yolk of egg mark and press the top with a round cutter smaller than the pati itself. When all is a complete paste. cut with the point of the knife the contents of the pate" and pour in a good sauce made with gravy and button mushrooms. in Small No. Of course it is better to put the farce through a hair-sieve. tartlets can be made Quenelle the same manner as for 264. 261. . ornament it with some fancy cuttings from the paste . of panada (see 23). lb. Small Veal Patties (Petits path an jus). % % . continue to pound.

smooth the top with the blade of a knife moistened . IO3 Put the panada cold in the mortar pass through a sieve. stewpan . it must be rather large Butter lightly a stewpan Take a table-spoonful of this paste . or veal-suet steeped in warm milk and squeezed (a piece about the size — . Take them out on a drainer. When all at a time. add meat and butter by degrees. add seasoning and eggs one Before taking it from never ceasing to pound. cover . scarcely into the middle of the ragout button in mushrooms or truffles madeira sauce (see No. 266. add a little flour or the mix well. which has been dipped in boiling water. pan to the of the stove. paste is If the it is advisable to taste the seasoning. nutmeg. 264). of beef-marrow failing add some bread the latter. Take away all skin and gristle from y 2 lb. VEAL. beef-. the mortar. Have ready boiling water lightly salted . pepper. of veal. Veal Balls (Boulettes simplifiies pour remplacer les quenelles). salt. chopped parsley. of two eggs). five minutes will finish them. it should then be the continue placing them side by shape of a small egg side. turn the — quenelle gently into the . pour it into gently the side pan fire .. and putting between each Pour a crouton of bread cut in shape and fried in butter. 66). pounding all the time. — and deep. not sufficiently firm. mortar. and take the paste from the yolk of an egg . mix it for five or six minutes with two table-spoonfuls of cream. Take quenelles paste it must be rather firm (see No. is perfectly mixed. kidney-. Chop this meat fine with ^ lb. one . place them one by one on a dish in the form of a crown. with another spoon. 265. until the quenelles are covered. remove the where the water must simmer . Place them on the directly they boil up. Entree of Quenelles (Quenelles pour entries).

265). this . all whole egg. place in the oven.104 VEAL. floured board . — 269. When cooked. two yolks. Vol-au-Vent. 264). When taken from the oven gently lift the cover from the vol-au-vent. white or brown. and cook in water the same as quenelles (see No. Cook in the same manner as for No. vent required. It is then ready for the dressing. mix farce well in a basin. quenelles roll it Take some . and round this mark bury the l point of the knife to about the depth of /& inch this is to form the cover . a calf's tongue . place it on a form and thickness of a cork divide this into equal pieces the size of a large nut roll into a ball or the form of a cork. according to taste. may be added to the above. into the . boiled and cut in . and some button mushrooms cut in halves. sheep's brains cooked . 264). in slices . .Vent. of poached quenelles (Nos. 265. Quenelles for Vol au. paste (No. and take out all the soft paste from the inside. which must not be too hot. 264. 267. but the heat to be gradually increased during thirty to thirty-five minutes. and mix all together with a quart of good sauce. prawns or crayfish. A sweetbread cooked and cut or braised. cut round with the point of a knife. bottoms of artichokes (globe) cooked and cut. Season highly. Place on the paste a plate the size of the vol-au585). Place round upon a baking-tin which has been slightly moistened brush the paste over with yolk of egg mark it with a saucer turned upside down. they can remain for some little time simply leave them in a basin covered with the water in which they were boiled. Stoned olives. With this make small balls rolled in flour. 268. split. . slices calf's or and cut in pieces 1 lb. Take puff paste about two-ihirds of an inch thick (No. truffles. Garniture for Vol-au-Vent.

veal patties to be followed exactly from those for vol-au-vent (see No. of cooked veal (any remains will serve) . and bones from half a cooked fowl cut cut in the same manner a truffle. all mixed with a good white sauce. a slice of pickled tongue make all hot all with a white or brown sauce (madeira) have the patties ready on a dish. — Patties made with oysters. la Mariniere. mix all with half their quantity of white or brown sauce . Take the skin . Fill Vol-au-Vent a. add chopped parsley and chives to the sauce. two or it in small dice mix three button mushrooms. I05 270. and mixed with a cream sauce. the vol-au-vent with fish cooked and cut in pieces. for the dressing to be placed in them see No. Note. The making small Dressing for Veal Patties (Garniture de botuhees). shrimps or crayfish. a slice of ham cut in the same manner. 272 . lobsters. 268). directions for 272. fill them with the dressing. All dressings mushrooms. . prawns. or crayfish shelled. cut them in small slices the size of a green pea. oysters. are Remains of boiled fish can be utilised in the above manner. of course small tartlet paste-cutters to be used for cutting them. prawns. mussels. For twelve patties take yi lb. Superior Chicken Patties {Bouchies a la reine).. delicious. . shrimps. Veal Patties (Bouchies). . must be cooked previously. . 273. fish quenelles. 271. VEAL.

of butter. Cut some thin slices of cooked ham. nutmeg a liqueur-glass of brandy pound for some minutes 1 lb. . Cold Veal Pie. On the bottom of the paste spread a layer of the chopped mixture. and a teacupful of tepid water make it rather stiff. take it from the mould. with Jelly gelee). Moisten the in the mortar. Divide the paste in two parts. of each). pepper. . .. of bacon fat. . salt. If it is to be served the same day. ginger. of fillet of pork and veal in strips longer than wide . . pinching up into shape any paste coming above the mould upon the top make a little round hole ornament the pate with leaves cut from the remains of the pastry. 10 oz. . l 2 lb. of season and put them in a basin with a glass of wine let them soak for half an hour. Let it cook two hours an hour after it has been taken from the oven. then the remains of the chopped meat arranged a little in the shape of a dome cover all with some thin slices of bacon fat. . cover with the smaller piece of paste . the other for the cover. 274. then a layer of the steeped fillets mixed with the slices of ham. / and y? lb. remove the card from the top and pour in aspic jelly. Butter a mould. cover it with white paper. . pressing well against the sides. wrap it in a cloth and place it on the ice. Season with . flour. two-thirds to be for the bottom of the mould. and place in the opening at the top a card rolled up brush the whole over with beaten yolk of egg. Make a paste with 6 oz. of veal and pork (4 oz. Cover the bottom and sides of the mould with the paste. It is advisable to make it the day before it is to be eaten. Cut ^ lb. Put the pie in a good oven when the top is coloured. a pinch of salt. I06 VEAL. When the pie is nearly cold. giving everywhere an equal thickness. two yolks of eggs. (Pati froid de veau a la Prepare a raw mixture. well chopped or put through a mincing-machine. fasten it well with the moistened edges of the under paste. paste round the edge of the mould .

and let it cool under pressure. pepper. strips. Veal Pie. foie gras. make a small opening on the top. in 579). and an equal quantity of bacon fat (raw). Timbale of Macaroni {Timbale a la Milanaise). Fill it with macaroni a la milanaise. and cook for two or three hours according to size. put on the cover. pieces of ham. sauce. put it in a moderate oven. . Pound the free mixture with the trimmings of the truffles in a mortar. mushrooms. roll them on the floured board . make a chopped or minced mixture. surround and cover it with the chopped meat. and truffles.. and pour in a good madeira of paste. VEAL. line it with thin layers of bacon fat. bacon fat. The mixture can be made more or less rich by adding truffles. and lay the larded fillet on this. sweetbreads. bringing it rather higher towards the middle. some lean pork. Take an earthenware mould that will stand the fire. close the timbale with a layer a good oven until the Turn it over on to a dish. Take a small piece of the best part of the veal. ginger. is Cook the timbale in properly baked. cockscombs. season with salt. en Cocotte {Pate de veau en terrine). Make size of a thin short crust (see No. place a light weight upon the middle of the mould. trim it from all gristle and skin. cover the bottom with a layer of the pounded meat. and surrounded with aspic jelly. and nutmeg . 107 275. This pie can be served up in the mould. Place the mould in a dish which has a little water in it. 276. cut in small cords about the macaroni with these line completely a well-buttered mould. Take it out then thirty minutes after. lard it inside with fillets of raw ham. With the trimmings of the veal. braised paste and cut in slices . or taken out. add two table-spoonfuls of brandy or marsala.

and place all round it some water-cress seasoned with salt and lemon juice. The finest way of roasting poultry is unquestionably in front of the fire but as that is seldom practised now.. A large fat Let it be a beautiful golden colour take away the fat . . detach the gravy from the bottom of the pan . When the oven is needed for other purposes. A the fowl Place the / of butter (melted) and . with 1 1 2 oz. poultry can be fowl fully one hour. add a few drops of water. frequently if the butter shows a tendency to become black. roasted excellently in a stewpan. Roast Fowl 277. Place the fowl on a dish. add half a cup of water . A chicken will take twenty to twenty-five minutes. and cover the fowl with buttered paper. boil up and pour into a sauce-boat. by paying attention to the above simple rules for roasting in the oven. io8 POULTRY AND GAME {VOLAILLE ET GIBIER). medium - sized fowl forty to fifty minutes. — . Continent poultry (roast) is served with a well-made salad.pan. basting a pinch of salt. I Poulet roti au four). the hot vegetables being sent up as a separate course. which will happen if the oven is too hot. I venture to affirm that a great improvement may be established in many households in which On the poultry is too often sent to table dry and tasteless. Cook. Note. in baking .

279. of butter in a stew. season with spoonful of liked and pepper. Arrange this should take no more than forty in an entree-dish . take all grease from the sauce. make the sauce rather thin. put oz. Warm . Cut the water. 109 Poultry Roasted in a Stewpan (Poulet a la casserole). ( Fowl Marengo a la Marengo). and make the gravy in the same manner as for roast (No. it into a stewpan with 3 of butter. season with salt and pepper. Melt fowl cut 1 y^ oz. POULTRY AND GAME 278. a glass (small) of madeira. half a cupful of Cover and cook at a brisk fire .or frying-pan. at this point add a tableshake and mix well. marjoram. . two 1 /2 table -spoonfuls of purie of tomatoes. at this point moisten with a cupful of water. reduce it to the desired . 277). salt. the flavour . chives. Add a bouquet of parsley. colour them over a good fire. r pint of gravy or stock.. and let it finish. add the up in five pieces. moisten with a pint if of gravy or stock. and . of butter in a stewpan place in the fowl cut in pieces. Dish the fowl. is cook until liquid is reduced to one -third add chopped parsley. when the moisture reduced. let them take colour on both sides Moisten with sprinkle over them a table-spoonful of flour. and cook gently for pared (see sauces). is legs from the fowl to the thigh. button mushrooms preCover the pan. minutes in all. Fowl Stewed in twenty minutes {Poulet saute" a la minute). salt flour. an onion pierced with two cloves. and the juice of a lemon. a glass of white wine . continue to cook more slowly and continue to it turn the fowl in order to colour equally . thyme. Volatile two table-spoonfuls finest olive-oil and 1 oz. 280. Arrange the fowl on a dish three-quarters of an hour.

it in a stewpan better surrounded stock. simmer for two minutes at the moment of serving add the juice of a Serve at the same time a dish of rice. or still.I IO POULTRY AND GAME. the height of the fowl. surround it with six fried crofitons of bread. — Curried Fowl {Cary de poulet). add a cupful of good cream. fowl . first removed the bouquet of herbs and taste the seasoning. consistency. It is a totally different preparation. and a pinch Colour the fowl gently at a moderate fire. cooked it la lemon. to . 283. then cook it in manner as for poulet sauti (see No. powder it with a teaspoonful of red pepper . then add a pint of stock. giblets and add water. the same The red pepper. Take by its a tender fowl. Cut up the fowl . Fowl stewed in Red Pepper {Poulet sauti au paprika). Put it on a good fire and skim . must not be conNote. Add the fowl cut in pieces. Melt a piece of butter the size of an egg in a stew-pan. 389). Cook for the pieces frequently . Fowl with Rice {Poulet au riz). and finish with a pinch of onion Pour the sauce over the cayenne and juice of a lemon. having . 279). minutes until the liquid is reduced to one-third . this dish is an improvement. founded with Cayenne. put . and colour in it an onion sliced or chopped. and between each crouton a fried egg or the quarter of a hard When not objected to. colour it in butter . 281. 282. and doubtless will only be procurable at the best Italian warehouses. a suspicion of garlic in boiled egg. a teaspoonful of curry powder. or paprika. turning of salt. forty to forty -five . Persane (see No.

Fricassee of Fowl {Fricassee de poulei). add half water half the stock from the fowl. Drain the fowl. Make a least. when necessary. a the stock of the fowl. . to prevent lumps . 63). juice of a lemon. the proportion about add a little salt. . Thicken with two yolks of eggs. stir until it boils. an onion pierced with cloves. . of butter in a stewpan. 1 1 I parsley. at this point add a little more stock. the grains should be cooked. put it on a dish. add tion is omitted. of butter . and the juice of a lemon (see No. take off the string which has kept it in Mask shape. twelve button onions. 63). a tumbler of wine . one of them pierced with cloves. stir gently with a fork to avoid turning the rice into a paste . serve the remainder in a For the sauce make a good white one with sauce-boat. the stewpan open. Add a table -spoonful of flour. add a bouquet of herbs. of butter (fresh). fowl cut in neat pieces. taken out before it boils. laurel. pan (it must be carefully picked and washed) . a pint of hot stock. and simmer gently for one hour at The sauce should have reduced one half. when the rice has absorbed nearly all the liquid. then 1 oz. The colour of the fowl for this dish should be very white to that end it is put on the fire in cold water. thickening with two yolks of eggs. 284. . of rice in a stewtimes before. surround it with the rice. . and one carrot continue to let it simmer. someIn the interval put 1 2 oz. little piece of butter. When it has boiled up add a bouquet of thyme. strained. and cold water poured over but the dish will not suffer in taste if the above operait Warm 2 oz. 1 oz.POULTRY AND GAME. the fowl with a little white sauce. After one hour and a half the fowl should be tender. it minutes over a gentle fire. cover three times the quantity of the rice and let it cook very gently . pepper colour for three must not take a deep tint. but whole . twenty to twenty-five minutes should cook it. and a (see teaspoonful of chopped parsley No. . salt.

. . Put the farce into a add 4 oz. mould. Loosen the rice in the mould with the point of a knife. of ham. the whole cut in dice 1 oz. keep it well in shape.. skim. of fillet oz. 6 oz. pound all for a few minutes (after it has been chopped or minced in the machine) season with salt. of fillet of veal. Put it in a casserole surround by the bones and giblets of the fowl. pepper. Fricassee of Fowl with Rice {Fricassee de poulet en bordure). 285. turn it out on to a round dish. tie at both ends and well in the middle also. 284). of fillet of veal cut in dice and tossed in basin a pan on the fire in butter. . of chopped pistachio nuts mix all perfectly with a table spoonful of cognac and two of madeira. wrap it in a cloth. a calf's foot scalded and cut in pieces cover the fowl with cold water. . Rub all through a wire sieve. as it should take the shape of the . ginger. Bone the fowl. of very fresh bacon fat. it should be rather firm press it well into the border. one onion stuck with three cloves. fill it with rice cooked as for fowl with rice (No. sew up the fowl at the back with strong thread. Lay the boned fowl opened on the board. Keep the mould at the entrance of the oven for ten minutes . Let it boil up. of fat bacon scalded. 2 oz. Butter a bordered mould. spread over it th\s farce pressed down thickly. 286. leaving a hole in the centre of the dish for the fowl. add salt. nutmeg. a tumbler of white it wine let simmer very gently for an hour and a . it must stand in a dish in which warm water has been placed. 2 oz. add one carrot cut up. fill the centre with the fricasste (No. The rice can be dressed without a mould by stacking it round in a kind of hillock. 2^ oz. some trimmings of fresh meat. 283). three raw truffles. Prepare a stuffing with 6 of pork. 112 POULTRY AND GAME. . 8 oz. . of pickled tongue. Galantine of Fowl {Galantine de poulei).

sew it up and put Put it in a stewpan with round it thin layer of bacon fat. Continue to boil the stock of the galantine for a couple of hours longer take off the fat. 50) . An hour before serving take the fowl from the cloth. . of butter. one onion. some bacon trimmings. and pour over the fowl minutes to glaze it. carefully. Take out the fowl. glaze it thick. When cold take off every morsel of it. Let it remain until the next day. and one carrot sliced. forty minutes. Fowl Piedmontese fashion (Poulet a la Pitmoniaise). and tie it up again lightly. Strain the sauce. bottom commences to take colour add 2 pint of stock and half that quantity of wine continue to cook for . little . y . 287 6 oz. of rice make a good risotto (No. clear with a jelly little of the jelly melted . Let this farce get half cold. a bouquet of herbs and a cup of stock . place them on a dish in the form of the fowl. reduce it grease. half. it 113 Take it out. pass it through a fine sieve. add to it two truffles scalded. lay it on the board salt and Make with 6 oz. 50).POULTRY AND GAME. fill the fowl with it. on the dish and garnish all round with pieces of the jelly grouped regularly. cover Let it cook until the liquid is reduced and the the pan. turning it it once. 59). put between two dishes with a weight on the top. With No. of rice a risotto a la Milanaise pepper it. (No. and the chopped liver of a fowl. thicken with a a trifle. fat. place a layer of first. 2 oz. H . untie it and keep warm. Truss the fowl cook it in the same way as in recipe make the sauce rather thick and smooth. Bone and open a fowl . see it is sufficiently Finish as for meat jelly (see No. of ham cut all up into dice. 2 oz. place it in the oven for a few 288. An easier . finish it with . take off the potato-flour. cut it in thin slices. way to cook the above. 287. leave it until the following day. . untie.

Add a table. Grilled Fowl (Poulet grill/). Arrange them in a stewpan with a bouquet of herbs. and onions. Russian fashion (Poulet Demidoff). shake the pan well in order that all mixes well and becomes smooth. Place the rice dish. 291. add salt and pepper let it cook gently for at least thirty minutes. celery. and fresh. The cream should then be reduced to half the quantity. Arrange the fowl on a dish strain the sauce over it place round it truffles previously cooked in a little . Fowl. madeira. rimoulade. add a pinch of cayenne and the juice ot a lemon. or Tartar sauce. 290. Grill it over a clear gentle it rub it with for fire thirty minutes. Place these off four minutes in boiling water. . upon a 289. Take a for fine fowl. one onion stuck with two cloves . the fowl on it. the sauce poured over all. sprinkle dried bread-crumbs. Fowl k la Stanley (Poulet a la Stanley). . . flatten it. over with oil or dissolved butter. It may also be cooked in the oven. open at the back. Split a tender fowl out the bone.spoonful of butter worked soft with a little flour. joint it into five pieces. It may be served with tomato. and take Season with salt and pepper. Cut carrots. put them All these vegetables must be young a pan with a bouquet ot herbs. a small piece of fresh butter. take the skin. taken from the gravy of the fowl. surround it with water -cress and slices of lemon. Place it on a dish. Taste if it is well-seasoned. lemon juice . into very small in dice some parsley root.114 the fat POULTRY AND GAME. cover to the level of the fowl with thin cream. a clove of garlic (not peeled).

Put it in a stewpan. Half an hour after. . 292.POULTRY AND GAME. piece of fowl in this sauce. Stew for an hour at least over a gentle fire . in the middle of a dish with a border of rice round. mix it with butter / worked with flour to make it soft. season with salt. a pinch of cayenne place over a brisk fire for a few minutes. 63). place them one by one on a large dish which . and pour over the fowl. a bunch of fresh tarragon. Fowl with Tarragon {Poufet a I'estragon). strain the gravy. one laurel leaf. cover and place them in the oven. Make . Joint the fowl into five pieces place it in the pan with the vegetables . turn them and add two tomatoes peeled (seeds removed) and cut Leave for another fifteen minutes. Fowl in Aspic (Chaud-froid de poulet). the juice of a lemon. cut it fowl. . take off the white thickening with 1 oz. take off all fat. and thicken with two yolks of eggs (see No. 115 and a wine-glassful of oil. equal parts of each. and a wine-glassful of madeira make all into a thin sauce. Truss and cover with bacon fat a fine fowl or capon. and x 2 pint of stock. then arrange in quarters. . Moisten this thickening with aspic jelly (dissolved) and cream. it must be rather underdone in eight pieces. to which is added some little squares of ham and button mushrooms. and allow it to become half cold. cover it with the sauce. with an onion stuck with two cloves. the same of flour. Pass it through a fine sieve. of butter. Add two or three spoonfuls of good gravy to that already in the stewpan. Reduce it to two -thirds. 50). stirring all the time in order With a long skewer steep each to keep it quite smooth. the latter to be cooked as for risotto (see No. taking care it is covered with it on all sides . a small piece of butter. Roast a skin. 293. Arrange the fowl on a dish. add some tarragon leaves chopped (not fine).

cut it into small truffles. and cover each cutlet with sauce. Pour the remainder of the sauce in is to go to table. Strain the gravy. Fowl Cutlets in Aspic (Cotelcttes de poulet en chaud-froid). slices of truffles and mushrooms decorate all round the bottom with has been lightly oiled. Arrange them in the form of a crown put a frill round each. and then trim the cutlets by passing the point of a knife all round them. spreading it to the thickness of a little less than an inch. When the sauce is set round them. remove the string. Place this preparation on a tin. and place it on ice. Put it back in the pan with a glass of it madeira. cover it with slices of bacon fat. of truffles. and. Chop very finely the trimmings of % lb. and mix all with a little sauce chaud-froid (see No. 293). and take off the grease. 295.Il6 POULTRY AND GAME. cut up also some — — . from a roast fowl. or fresh parsley. add a truffles little cut in slices (thick). and keep it hot. Put this mixture into a fine fowl . and the an instant . Take it out. Cook in a stewpan (No. croutons cut out of the jelly. the bottom of a round dish which . ( Fowl with Truffles Volailk a la PMgord). Ornament the space between each piece of fowl with a little chopped jelly. 278) for at least one hour. good brown gravy — Let cook if none at hand. When cold. colour them for a minute in a little bacon fat. . . truss it . form it into little cutlets all equal size. spread over them some meat jelly coloured pink of course the latter must not be quite cold let it set round them . if desired. and mix them with the chopped liver of the fowl. 294. When the pieces of fowl are half cold cover them with aspic which arrange them upon the sauce in the dish for is half set table. Garnish the middle of the dish with water -cress off all the flesh Take squares .

297. Take spoonfuls of this mixture. POULTRY AND GAME. warm up. cool. and some chopped Stone some olives. and two artichoke bottoms (see Vegetables) . pieces Cut in four. 75) add to it a little good gravy. all skin and bone from the remains of cold two slices of ham or pickled tongue. three hard-boiled then each quarter in halves across. Have ready half their weight of cream sauce (No. it on a dish. substitute a teaspoonful of potato-flour water. lengthwise. at . and parsley . the truffles mixed with a little and sauce. Spread this out on a dish and let it Take away . fowl . . Serve with any good sauce. Make a highly seasoned mayo?inaise. — . Slice the heart of a lettuce arrange eggs. the pieces of fowl upon it in the form of a pyramid. and nutmeg mix the meat. the same of vinegar. and ornament with Between the eggs and the the dice of gherkins and ham. Mayonnaise of Fowl {Mayonnaise de poulet). . Cut up a cooked fowl into neat skin. and take off the Place the pieces in a dish with salt. leave them for an hour. pepper.. The sauce should be rather thick season with salt. with the sauce. pepper. the yellow outside cover the fowl with a part of the sauce. &c. a tablespoonful of oil. and at the last thicken with the yolks of two eggs. cut two gherkins and a slice of ham into dice. roll them out in the shape of a cork on a board sprinkled with baked breadcrumbs. Croquettes of Fowl {Croquettes de poulet). fowl place a small border of salad cut up . upon this. cut all in dice. Pass them through beaten egg. I17 Ornament the fowl with 296. making eight arrange them round the fowl. joints. then again through the bread crumbs plunge five or six at a time into boiling fat and let them take a beautiful golden colour. and flatten them at one end to give the shape of a pear. .

return them to the pan with butter. truffles It of truffles. Mix this///r/<? with 5 oz. strain them salt. liver Prepare a fowl as for roasting. . (Twibale de poulets aux — Butter and line a mould with half-puff paste (see No.. pepper. 587) it must reach over the top of the mould. 299. Carefully cleanse the from the gall. out on a round dish make at the top a round opening about 1 inch take off the little piece of paste which forms . and add two table-spoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese and 1 oz. the stoned olives. and tie up. 298. turkey. . Introduce some between the skin and flesh of the fowl up the opening. and lightly warmed in dissolved bacon close Put this stuffing in the fowl. of ham cut in small dice. 277). pour in a little ragout made with the . and cover all with a round of the paste. Pheasant. moistened at the edges press the upper and lower pastes together cut round to make all even. equal distances. add the cut in quarters fat. Pate" of Fowl twuilles). Cook as for roast (see No. can all be dressed and cooked in the same manner. and pound it with the peel and trimoz. Place on a Turn baking-tin and into a good oven for forty minutes. of fat advisable (not indispensable) to pass all through a sieve. and and one cupful of cream sauce (sec No. The remainder of the sauce to be sent to table in the sauce-boat. truss. is mings of 6 bacon. Fowl ( stuffed with Truffles Volaille truffte). Fill the mould with this. . partridge. Cook 6 oz. 118 POULTRY AND GAME. cut in quite small pieces . sewing it with thread turn back the skin of the neck on to the back between the wings. of vermicelli or macaroni . the cover in . Season with salt and pepper. 75). slices of truffles . ^ . Cook for an instant. take out a and their place few spoonfuls of the macaroni.

. and cover with a round of paper. Break up finely all the bones of the fowls. leaving half the . fillets Butter a saule'-psan. This entree may also be served upon a border skin as carefully as possible flatten lightly. Fillets of Fowl {Filets de poularde au supreme). joint of the leg spread them on a cloth. make a good gravy of them and strain let it reduce almost to glaze but do not take colour. all previously and warmed in madeira sauce put back pour some sauce round the timbale. sliced. a small piece of fresh butter pass through a tammycloth. and onion sliced. Lay the stuffed legs on the top. smoked tongue. Add to this three table . — . and mushroom. small squares of pistachio nuts. trim. Cook for an hour. 119 cooked. Put in a stewpan layers of bacon fat. . breast of fowl.spoonfuls of white sauce made with stock. truffles. Place the fillets on the fire turn them several times in the butter to cook them.POULTRY AND GAME. Note. — of quenelle sauce. Take them. Moisten with a little good gravy. Have ready croutons of bread fried in butter let them be the same form as the fillets. carrot. sweetbread. chopped fresh pork season highly sew the skin together. . take off the and form through butter and arrange them in it sprinkle with salt. and a little . . 300. without giving them colour add the juice of a lemon. a crouton between each beat up the sauce and pour over all. . the liquid ham. This sauce should not be thick see if well seasoned. Arrange the fillets on the entree-dish. . bone from the fill them with . meat made of poultry and mixed with cream 301. Fowls Thighs stuffed (Ballotines de cuisses de poularde). . the fillets from three small capons . Bone six thighs of fowl. the cover. pass the — . giving them the form of the thigh (very bulky). .

cook in a moderate oven for fifteen minutes. pepper. let (No. . P&te' for Picnics {Pate de poulet a Vemporter). should then resemble glaze . top to form a cover . add a little Italian sauce (see No. Place the legs on an entree-dish. 120 POULTRY AND GAME.. Take about 6 off the skin oz. not sufficient add a little cooked veal. Cut some smoked tongue very fine and small in the same manner as vegetables for Julienne soup truffles. let it get nearly cut a round piece from the crumb from the inside dipped in dissolved butter an instant in the oven to dry it. the 284). 302. fill them two-thirds with the mixture. 101). The pur/e may be cooked in a dish. loaf. one at a time. removing the thread. but in that case needs to be left a longer time in the oven. mix them gently to the puree. Souffle of Fowl (Souffle" de volatile en petites caisses). arrange them on a very clean baking-tin. but do not boil. and some — — . take all butter the inside with a brush put the bread for the fricassie into the the cover of bread. Beat the whites to a very stiff froth. and pour the sauce over all. . Pour it get quite cold . season with salt. from several pieces of cooked fowl. 303. . close it with Quenelles of Fowl in Moulds {Petites timbales a la Talleyrand). adding by degrees a cupful of cream sauce if rather thick. Remove from the fire at this point. Butter twelve small paper cases. Pass through a fine sieve put the purie in a stewpan to heat stir well. Mince and pound them. cold. Prepare a. nutmeg./rieass/e of fowl Take a square tin loaf. 304. and add five yolks of eggs. These souffle's should be sent direct from the oven to table.

(Dinde Cover the turkey with the wrap it up in buttered paper while roasting to let it . fill them with make a hole in truffles. one-third of boiled chestnuts and the chopped liver of the turkey.POULTRY AND GAME. in the oven. 298). powder them with the above mixture. mixed with a very thick madeira sauce . and fill it up with the cut and fowl. and cook slowly for twenty minutes in this manner. — 306. roast. Stuffed Turkey (Dinde farcie). put a piece of paper on the top of the mould. 305. be stuffed with sausage-meat two-thirds of the : meat. place them a moment on quenelle farce of fowl or veal . an hour and a quarter. Roast Turkey rotie). Place the moulds in a stewpan filled with boiling water to half the height of the moulds. of bacon cut very thin. small 121 fillets of cooked fowl. Turn them out of the moulds to arrange them on the dish. a very small one. or baste constantly with butter is just before it take the proper colour. fat . pour round a brown sauce with tongue. When stuffed they take longer time to . The time for roasting must naturally be regulated according to the size of the bird a very large one will take or in a stewpan : two and a half to three hours . To stuff can also They a turkey see Volatile truffee (No. Note. ice. as roast fowl . truffles. the gravy to be made the same as for fowl. all cut up in the same way. with the finger moistened the centre. When there is any doubt concerning the age of the turkey it is advisable to cook it in a stewpan. cover the top of the hole with a little of the quenelle farce. Butter twelve small moulds (darioles). the same — cooked take off the paper It can be cooked exactly in front of the fire.

Roast Goose (Oie rdtie). Arrange on a dish make the gravy by adding a little stock and caramel to the gravy in the dripin the . and moisten with a little butter or lard roast it in the oven for two and a half hours. salt. Hashed Turkey dinde). ping-pan. two carrots. or with the all chopped onion. salt and pepper. 309. . Truss it . one and a half tumblers of wine. a wine-glass of brandy. Serve with fried bread round. When tender place the goose in a deep dish take off the if this is too thin reduce it a grease and strain the gravy Pour it over the goose. and onions. place it in the baking-pan sprinkle it with salt. (Eminci de Slice the remains of a turkey or and warm them in gravy. two and a half hours. tents of the it simmer for — . tossed previously stewpan with a little fat of the goose. Stuff the goose either with sace liver. pepper. one bouquet of herbs. Place in a stewpan some remains of bacon. . brown or white sauce highly seasoned. a knuckle of veal cut in pieces. and let it cool until the jelly little. .122 POULTRV AND GAME. begins to set. two onions. crofitons of 308. 307. four cloves. Keep the surplus fat very carefully — rice cooked with it is excellent. longer if the bird is old. and stock to half the height of the conPlace the goose in and let pan . Goose in Jelly (Oie en daube froide).

Stewed Giblets la chipolatd). Prepare some meat jelly (see No. half a tumbler of white wine. divide these inch thick. 160).. season with salt them take a light colour. and prepare the gravy as for poultry Take off the fat and serve it in a sauce-boat. 123 Goose stuffed with Apples (Oie aux pommes). dry them in a cloth . oz. Foie Gras in Aspic Jelly (Aspic de foie gras). of butter. and dish carefully. 312. Let all simmer gently for three hours. then with the blade of a knife. twenty minutes before the giblets are cooked add some small grilled sausages cut up small. add a bouquet of herbs. Colour 1^ oz. Let the ragout stand in order to be able to take off the fat take out the bouquet see if well seasoned. stir until it boils . At this point of flour . bacon cut in dice in 1 oz. . . (Ragout d'abatis a Wash cut the the giblets in boiling water. Dish it up. twelve button onions. Tie oven or stewpan for two and a half hours. turn it out of the pot tended. portions into thin slices about Pour some spoonfuls of jelly (it must be barely tepid) into the bottom ^ . cut it in two or three equal portions. twenty-four chestnuts (see No. one carrot. moisten with a quart of stock. roast it it up in the 311. 277). the gizzard in three. Fill . (No. according to the number of persons for whom it is inTake the fat off the top . and one turnip cut in pieces and trimmed. 310. steeped in boiling or warm water. 59) and finish it with Take a pot of foie gras. and pepper mix in 1^ let add the giblets. size half a tumblerful of marsala. . neck in three pieces. POULTRY AND GAME. the goose with apples (rennets) cut in quarters. the heart to be kept whole.

and keep them warm. up. As soon as the jelly is firm. nutmeg. stand POULTRY AND GAME. arrange upon it — 313. and lb. continue until the mould is full. Cover this crown with jelly to the thickx inch. place them at the bottom of the dish cut the pigeons in two. hard eggs. untie them. it in ice. take it out. Scrape the gravy from the bottom of the baking-pan with a little stock. of butter dissolved. chopped shalot. surround the base of the aspic with jelly cut If a very rich aspic is desired. Stuff the pigeons. Pits' of Pigeon {Terrine de Pigeons). Have ready six croutons bread cut square.124 of a mould. Colour oz. place beout in shapes. Stuffed Pigeons {Pigeons farcis). place each half on a crouton of bread. mushrooms. ham. then ness of /i jelly . pour over the pigeons. dry it and turn it out on a dish . shelled prawns. &c. colour them in the butter in the baking-pan. and onions add the yolk of an egg. put them in a good oven for twenty-five minutes . water must not come up to the top . them / . truffles. 314. of chop some pistachio nuts cut 3 Bone two fine pigeons. cut them in pieces. tie them. Aspic of fowl is prepared in the same manner. lightly in melted bacon . cockscombs. bread soaked and well squeezed. sew % . ham into dice. a little salt . pickled tongue. a crown of slices of foie gras resting lightly on one another. and wrap them in thin slices of bacon Place them in a baking-pan with \ l 2 oz. then another crown of foie gras. When the jelly is firm steep the mould quickly in boiling water . Clean and finely peel six . and serve. Take three fine pigeons. chop the livers and hearts with equal quantities of bacon fat. salt. Note. tween each slice of foie gras slices of cooked truffles. pepper. and garnished with truffles. fat.

it should keep a gentle simmering all the time leave it in one hour. the same quantity of lean fillet of pork . pigeons on the table. pistachios. pour the gravy into a small stewpan take off the fat. directly the pigeons are cold place a light weight and leave them remove the fat. roll . Split the pigeons in two at the back. season with salt. three livers of fowls or i}4 oz. gravy do not — Serve in the same manner as the above. which has been well cleaned with a cloth. pound this with the livers . and arrange it. An instant before serving uncover the shape. pepper. but they must not be entirely cooked. nutmeg. Partridges can be dressed in the same way. fill them with the farce in a manner to give them their original form. POULTRY AND GAME. Serve in the shape. cover them with a thin layer of bacon fat. pass all through a sieve . fat 125 livers of the liver. Grilled Pigeons s 315. shake this briskly over the render the livers firm. This — dish can be served cold : in that case. put it in a hot oven. fire two chopped shalots . cover with the lid. Butter the bottom of an earthenware shape that will stand the fire. Chop fine 3 oz. of the bones from the inside. reach half way up the shape. until the next day in their on them. place in the pigeons with half a tumblerful of madeira wine. add a laurel leaf. put a little paste made of flour and water between the shape and the lid Place it in a pan of boiling water to where they join. let it reduce for an instant and throw over the pigeons. thicken with a table-spoonful of madeira sauce. dissolved in lightly season them with salt and them through beaten egg with a little butter them in bread-crumbs. {Pigeons a la crapaudi?ie ). of bacon. of calf's the to peelings of the truffles. take out some . add to them the pigeons. and ham. Note. Flatten the pigeons . covering of bacon. season them lightly. ginger . but they must not be separated pepper pass . take off the .. Spread the then add the truffles.

317. 316. 126 POULTRY AND GAME.. with i oz. seasoning add some button mushrooms let all cook at the gravy must be quite a slow fire for half an hour smooth and reduced. of butter and lb. basting constantly with butter. and served with peas. colour them over the Cut in fire with cut in squares and a little lb. them side by side at the bottom and round the side of a buttered timbale-mould (a mould with a funnel in the . Pigeons stewed with Olives {Tim bale de pigeons aux Olives). . Truss and gentle fire tie up the pigeons colour them lightly at a about twenty minutes in a covered stewpan. or small for ^ . . Note. watching carefully that nothing sticks to the saucepan. — . Pigeons can be cooked simply in good gravy thickened. French beans. and moisten with gravy or broth. of bacon ]/^ butter. sprinkle with a teaspoonful of flour. Let all cook very gently for twenty-five minutes more. six button onions (peeled). Pigeons with Green Peas {Pigeons aux petits pois). and a pint of young fresh peas. Arrange poach them in boiling water and drain them. . a bouquet of herbs in which is a little fresh mint. take out the bouquet. — . At this point add a quart of stock. Mix i oz. Take out the stones from five or they must keep their shape when stoned six dozen olives drain throw them as they are stoned into cold water Then fill them with raw quenelle paste (No. — new carrots cooked separately (see Vegetables). a wine-glassful of white wine and pieces three pigeons . of butter with a teaspoonful of potato-flour add it to the peas. pour over the pigeons. 264). Take out the pigeons untie them . Serve with Tartar or sauce. in a pan. them. let it reduce if necessary . of bacon cut in dice. shaking all briskly . Grill them Italian them in the oven for twenty min- utes.

(Canelon sprinkle Place the prepared duckling on a baking-dish with salt pour over it some butter melted to oil put it in Take away the string the oven for about thirty minutes. add to it the sauce from the duck . celery. con- — — duck is quite tender. take the grease from the sauce. Let all take colour in the pan well covered. \2J make them firm with a thin layer of quenelle meat. Place a duck in a deep stewpan with a little good fat and some bacon trimmings. An old duck will take three hours to cook. To prepare the above a proper timbale-mould is . also a small cornet for filling the olives are indispensable for : both many other dishes. ing well the gravy that has attached itself to the pan up. boil it and add a little caramel to colour it (if liked). centre). . . 319. Roast Duckling roti). and pour around it a thin brown sauce.POULTRY AND GAME. Note. remove part of the of the trussing arrange it on a dish add a little broth or water. . JVo/t. Have ready a good brown olive sauce (No. which should be in about an hour and a half. 318. . tinue to cook gently until the — . At this point add a giass of white wine and a pint of good gravy . ( Duck with Olives Canard aux olives). . thyme. one onion. Pour the ragout of pigeon into the empty centre of the mould stop up the opening with a layer of farce and a Poach the mould in boiling round of buttered paper. reduce over the fire until the proper consistency is obtained pour over the duck. and serve. Turn out the timbale on to a dish water for half an hour. which should be thick and rich. 67). . scrapfat from the baking-dish . — necessary. Take the string off. arrange the duck in a dish. Strain the gravy into a sauce-boat and serve with the duckling. one carrot both sliced a bouquet of parsley. salt and pepper. .

laurel. Arrange the duck as in the previous recipe colour it in the stewpan in 2 oz. for about fifteen minutes. Prepare the duck as for roasting place it in a stewpan with i oz. the butter that is left make a little thickening. until the onions and bird are tender. of butter and 2 oz. . salt and pepper. of bacon cut in dice . Colour it on both sides on a gentle fire. and the sauce thick. Take the string and skewers from the duck arrange it on a dish take all grease from the sauce.. . and reduced to the desired consistency. and add to it a few drops of vinegar or lemon pour over the duck. . and let it mix in the butter. stir all quickly with a wooden spoon in order to mix the flour smoothly with the gravy let it continue to cook. salt and pepper. turning the duck occasionally. ( Duck with Turnips Canard aux navets). Duck with Small Onion3 ( Canard aux pedis oignons). sprinkle over them. until it has taken a golden tint. and in which the butter remains. smooth. . then . and a bouquet of parsley. a glass of white wine. . 321. a pinch of castor sugar. moisten this with a quart of stock or gravy add a small onion. and thyme let all simmer for twenty minutes. and with the stewpan uncovered. . and which have been allowed to remain a few minutes in boiling water. . . take them out. a bouquet of herbs when the sauce boils put in with . colour them lightly in the stewpan from which the duck has been taken. lay them on a plate. Have ready peeled three dozen button onions colour them lightly in a tryingpan in a little butter and a pinch of powdered sugar. of butter. 128 POULTRY AND GAME. . 320. At this point add about a quart of stock or gravy. . Take out the duck have ready some young turnips trimmed into pretty shapes. a teaspoonful of flour pour the whole into the stewpan in which the duck is cooking.

pan. taking care not to crush the turnips when all is done to a turn arrange the duck on a dish. It can be roasted to in the oven. duck. remove the bouquet of herbs. in front of the fire. Arrange this crust on a long dish. take off the grease from the sauce. or in the stew. and strain. colour it on both sides in the dripping from the pheasant. tie all well with string. sprinkle it with bread-crumbs. Reserve the feathers from the tail and the wings. smooth it over to equalise it. Lard the thighs of the bird. leaving the neck and head whole and with the feathers on. take from thirty-five to forty-five minutes baste frequently with the butter while cooking. Pintail (Pintade). moistening it with 1 ]/ it will 2 oz. Pluck a fine pheasant.. 322. In the meanwhile chop very fine the liver and heart with double their weight of bacon fat. place it a moment or two in the oven to allow the inside to take colour. . Take away some of the fat from . cover the breast with a thin layer of bacon fat. cooked add the turnips let all the duck occasionally. . Turn . salt. boil it up. Serve very hot. ^ the gravy in the pan. the duck when cook at a gentle . like a fowl thirty-five to forty minutes are sufficient cook a large pintail. 323. POULTRY AND GAME. — . 129 . Arrange the plumage round the pheasant. place the chopped preparation in the bottom of the bread. of butter melted to oil. add a I little stock to it. place the pheasant upon it. pepper cut a slice of bread inch in thickness and almost as wide and long as the pheasant hollow out this bread about a quarter of its depth. and pour all over the it is half fire. Roast Pheasant on Toast ' (Faisan sur canape farci). truss it. cover the breast with the fat of bacon roast it in the oven or in front of the fire. Empty the bird.

Take off the that is to say. skin. the oven. Serve with slices of lemon round it. Roast Partridge (Perdrcau rod). properly seasoned. (Sal/tris de the partridges. and the juice of a lemon . to half. reserve the livers to put back in Roast them partially the birds before trussing them. . . without boiling. not longer than ten minutes. 325. a glass of white or red wine then the in . basting frequently with butter. Arrange the pieces of partridge on an . cut the wings. fire until it boils. place slices of lemon and bunches of watercress at regular intervals. moisten with ij^ pint of stir over the stock or gravy. Empty separate the thighs from the fillets birds. a few grains of peppercorns add a dessert-spoonful of flour. Place it on a slice of bread which has been placed in the oven in the butter in which the partridge is cooking until it becomes crisp and coloured prepare the gravy the same as for pheasant. a tumblerful let it warm of madeira wine. one of thyme. Twenty to twentyfive minutes will suffice to cook it. Prepare the bird the same as the pheasant. let all stew gently for thirty minutes. Salmi of Partridges perdreaux). roasted colour lightly one onion or shallot cut in slices. moistening occasionally with In the butter in which the birds have been a little stock. one laurel leaf. and bread sauce in another tureen. 324. thick The sauce should be reduced strain it through a hair-sieve and smooth Taste if over the pieces of partridge in the stewpan. . add a pinch of cayenne. two lengthwise put all in a stewpan. cover the Roast in front of the fire or in breast with bacon fat. .— I30 POULTRY AND GAME. the gravy separately. Cut up the remaining backbones of the birds. and serve the sauce in a tureen. pound them with the livers in a mortar. add the pounded bones.

prepare the salmis in the same manner as in preceding recipe. to attain this. (Salmis de Half roast two snipes. —Two and fried in butter. add a pinch of pass it through a hair-sieve or tammy-cloth cayenne. . it to become nearly cold. Half roast the partridge. good add all the bones well pounded let it cook and become reduced to a thick consistency. warm them a few minutes in the oven. a sprinkling of baked bread-crumbs. half a tumblerful of meat a sauce with highly. the juice of a lemon. truffles But- ton mushrooms or may be added to the salmis. make all into a small seasoning well chopped. Place the salmis in an entre'e-d\s\\. add to it Have ready fried in a table-spoonful of brown sauce. entree-dish. it — . sprinkle them with baked breadcrumbs and moisten them well with butter melted to oil. — this salmi if desired. and the stewpan in a large basin with Dip each piece of partridge a little pounded ice around.. season it it. . pass through a sieve. allowing it to be high in the centre only arrange them on a dish which will stand the fire. Mushrooms or truffles may also be added to Note. POULTRY AND GAME. Partridge in Aspic (Chau-froid de perdreau). smooth it over with a knife. stir continually . 327. surround it with the croutons. I31 Surround it with six or eight croutons of bread cut in the shape of a triangle Note. place the sauce in a small stewpan. with half their weight of bacon fat. With the intestines of the snipe. Make jelly (aspic) flavoured with madeira wine until becomes almost cold. and joint gravy. Salmi of Snipe bc'casses). salt. butter eight croutons of bread cut in triangles or half-hearts. partridges will suffice for six persons. leave take off the skin. upon each croilton and upon one side only place a spoonful of this farce. 326. pepper.

using a larding-needle for the them done upon a dish which has been lightly sprinkle them with chopped truffles. little brown sauce made from the gravy it must be without the centre. 265). . cover it with larding bacon. Pour the oiled sauce which remains into the bottom of the round dish When the whole is well set. hold it for an instant upon ice. one bouquet of herbs place the partridge in a . 132 rOULTUY AND GAME. arrange it in the middle of the dish. purpose. one onion. (Tiwhale de perdrcaux a Prepare some quenelle meat with the raw flesh of two partridges (No. . one carrot. pieces of bacon at the bottom of a stewpan. keep it warm cabbage should also be tender and the sauce reduced. 329. in the jelly Decorate round the whole with crotitons. Cut two small white cabbages in four pieces. tie it up well. place round the sauce the pieces which have been steeped place between each piece some chopped jelly. throw them in boiling water for five or six Lay some thin minutes. Take cabbage. wash them. slices of truffle. Partridges stewed with Cabbage - (Perdrix aux ckoux). half fill it with the quenelle farce. — thickening. place in this sauce. . surround it with the . ornament with them a buttered timbale . and let all stew gently until the partridge is tinder at this the point remove the bird from the pan. drain. throw cold water on them. cut some truffles in small squares. cut of the jelly in shape.. in which you intend serving.mould. 328. Timbale of Partridges la Regente). Cut the partridge. . good partridge. . as they are . surround it with the cabbage upon each quarter of the Pour over all a latter place a slice of bacon and of carrot. well drained season with salt and pepper add gravy or stock to half Cover tightly the height of the contents of the stewpan.

Cover the surface either with ordinary paste or simply with slices of bacon fat. with slices of foie gras or truffles . . 331. pour a little boiling water in it round the mould. quarters of truffles. Mix thispure'e with the chopped pork. cut in and coloured over the fire in dissolved butter take them out and let them get half cold. the paste must be higher than the mould fill the interior with the farce and pieces of partridge.. Colour over a brisk liver . quarters. then with a buttered Poach the timbale in a covered bain-marie for paper. Place the terrine in a deep dish which will stand the fire. 1 33 make a hollow in the centre of it allowing the farce to Have ready a cover the sides of the mould to the top. Cold Pate of Partridges {Pate froid de perdreaux). Chop some fat fresh lean pork with the of raw bacon. small ragout or salmi of fillets of partridges. Terrine or Pate" of Partridges (Terrine de perdreaux). thirty minutes in boiling water Turn it upon a dish and pour madeira sauce round. The pate may be either served in the mould or turned out and surrounded with meat jelly (aspic). and the cover of the terrine. chopped onions the same quantity of the fire with butter and of the partridges. the sauce of the salmi should be thick. cover the whole with the remainder of the quenelle farce. then cover with the farce. — 330. and put it in the oven . and a small glass of The partridges to be boned. 581). also some livers season very highly of fowl or a few slices of calf s liver pound it and pass through a hair-sieve. . POULTRY AND GAME. it must not boil too fiercely. Fill the terrine brandy or madeira. will take one and a half to two hours to cook. pour it into the empty centre of the mould. alternately with pieces of the birds. Line a buttered mould with paste (No. the same as in the above .

a pinch of baked little bread-crumbs. cover the breast with larding bacon. Empty the the snipe before roasting Chop . . it either in the oven or in front of the partridge. Make a small opening on the top. pinch both together with the fingers. (No. cut away any surplus of Colour the surface of the pate paste should there be any. roll up a piece of cardboard and place it in the opening. This jelly must be poured in almost cold through the opening at . 332. 330). fill it with meat jelly made from the bones of the birds. bacon fat chopped shallot. 333. with yolk of egg. Cut a slice of bread. . colour it lightly in butter. cook the pate in the oven (see No. Serve lemon and gravy separately. the top of the pate. the snipe upon it. the same as for pheasant (No. the same as for All game is Serve on a slice of bread browned in the fat. Cover the whole with a layer of paste. pass the beak through the breast and twenty to twenty-five minutes will suffice to roast fire. bird. Snipe on Toast croi'tic (Becasse sur farcie). turning this border properly inside the mould. fill the hollow with \k\\% purie . it. fasten it with the border of paste which has been left for that purpose (of the under layer). Leave the head and neck on the thighs . best roasted in front of the fire or in the stewpan. Snipe to Roast (Bdcasse). upon the e/i/r&-d'\sh. 323). a very season with salt. 330) let the farce be raised high in the middle cover with a thin slice of fat bacon.134 recipe POULTRY AND GAME. the liver with intestines and a little pepper. Let it get cold. put the bread in the oven. baste it Place the bread well with butter to cook the stuffing.

Do not remove the head and neck. Prepare half-a-dozen fat quails. Quails with Green Peas Cailks aux petits pots). but the following an excellent way of preparing them. but they must be most carefully cleaned. of butter. Pluck and empty them leave the liver in the inside. arrange them in an entree-dish. tie them well. with rice. They can be cooked like quails. the pan in which the birds have been cooked. in the stewpan. 335. and add the peas twenty-five minutes. 336. . differ- ence. . either in the oven.POULTRY AND GAME. Cook twenty to Arrange the quails in the middle of a round entree-6. put the head through the opening at the side of the neck cover them with larding bacon . . 334. or arranged upon truffles or mushrooms thinly sliced.\sh. Warm 2 oz. Choose six grives with black feet. and wrap each one in half a vine leaf and a piece of larding bacon tie all twice round with string. bake them in a hot oven from twelve to fifteen minutes. pour over them a little good gravy and surround them with the peas. each one on a crouton of bread which has been browned in the grease of make the gravy by putting a cupful of stock in the quails . ( Proceed as for pigeons with green peas. Grives. or in is front of the fire . Take off the string. put in the grives with salt and . the same size as the bird Place them in a baking-dish with 2 oz. they are the best. they are to be moistened with one pint of stock only. of butter in a stewpan . with this as soon as the quails. season them. quails in the stewpan proceed in the To roast same manner. 1 35 Roast Quails (Cailks). Quails can also be cooked with lettuces.

Take out the Add a good pinch of baked bread-crumbs to the butter stir in the stewpan. {Canard in front of the Cover the breast with larding bacon. scrape the add the bottom of the stewpan with a cupful of gravy. 136 POULTRY AND GAME. . carefully skinned of all the white — and made into salad with vinegar or lemon. Serve surrounded with cress and slices of lemon serve with sauce for game. make a most appetising salad to eat with wild duck pith. which can be bought at good Italian warehouses. serve separately in a sauce-tureen. salt. Larks stewed {Alouettes). Pat6 froid de Brasses (see 330). juice of a lemon. and red pepper (not cayenne). let them simmer .. throw over the grives. moisten with half a cupful of white wine or stock. of butter. poultry. tie up firmly. head. Roast Wild Duck sauvage). cover and them cook at a slow fire for twenty minutes. 77). and neck from three dozen larks empty them. eaten with the flesh quite red. Seville oranges. cut in pieces (not flaked) oil. make hot. and continually until it becomes a good colour. Roast fire or in the oven twenty to twenty five minutes are sufficient to cook it. leaving the liver inside put them in a stewpan with 6 oz. 339. taking care once the grives are cooked there should be no other liquid remaining at the bottom of the stewpan than the butter which has become again clear. otherwise they are spoiled. Note. If the butter in the stewpan has a tendency to burn. 338. Wild duck should be . 337. let pepper. pepper. Take the feet. turning them on every side that they may take a good colour. . grives and arrange them on an en/r/e-dkh. or wild duck (see No.

a bouquet of herbs and an onion stuck with cloves. mushrooms. of butter fully in a stewpan. add 3 make . careseparated from the gall. throw over the hare shake the stewpan briskly to allow all to mix well. an onion with four Cover the stewpan and leave it to stew until cloves in it. ( After having emptied the hare put aside the liver. . 137 When shallots. oz. by this time be reduced to half. a cupful of vinegar. put in the pieces of hare moisten with a bottle of red wine and a quart of stock. it all thickening. until too thick the sauce should cover the meat and not be add a bouquet of herbs.POULTRY AND GAME. put with a teacupful of thick . . pepper. Leave the hare in this preparation four or five hours. Arrange the larks upon slices of bread fried in butter. add to it % lb. which has been sliced and saute'd (shaken) for two minutes in hot butter over the fire. . pour the sauce over and garnish round with croutons of fried bread. Stewed Hare Civet de lievre). a little chopped parsley . of lean bacon cut in dice. — : . by steeping the pieces of hare for some hours in the following marinade or pickle a bottle of red wine. but it must not boil at the last moment add the liver. Arrange in an entree-dish. salt. 340. with a wooden spoon. pepper. then when the thickening is made. warm 3 oz. . A young hare will take from an hour the hare is tender. of flour. three chopped they have taken a good colour add and five minutes after a tumblerful of white wine. and the blood. take out the onion and herbs taste if sufficiently seasoned mix the blood it boils . an old one may cook The sauce should for three hours without becoming so. if desired. and a quarter to an hour and a half. cream. salt and Stir without leaving it. in a basin . at a slow fire. This dish may be rendered more highly flavoured. add Cut to it a few drops of vinegar to prevent it curdling. the hare into pieces of medium size . colour into a them brown in the butter. Note. let all cook for a few minutes longer.

add the liver. lard it Place a baking-pan with one sliced onion. a little chopped onion over a brisk fire for a few minutes. add to it the pieces of fillet. Trim the finely. which With this preparation fill patemust be well drained. the fillets . take off the skin. hare with this marinade. 341. trim them from all skin and nerves. moulds. and finish Small button onions or mushrooms may be added before the hare is tender if onions are cooked with it they must be previously boiled for a few minutes. . cut them into small pieces. . laurel. as above. After taking them from the oven place a light weight upon them until they are cold. Put this all together until well mixed and seasoned. leave them to soak two hours.. or serviettes pinned round them. cover with slices of larding bacon all may be covered with ordinary paste or merely a sheet of paper. cut them in squares of medium size. and some grains of . which can be placed in ornamental ones. 138 in the POULTRY AND GAME. Pate" of Hare (Terrine de lievre). season and pour over them a little cognac and marsala. put them into a frying-pan with fat bacon toss all melted . the same of carrot. fillet. from the hare. it take off the skin that covers in it. Remove — . mixture into a basin. Fillet of Venison {Filet de venaison). the whole also chopped. Then remove the flesh from the shoulders and thighs. then the slock. To be served cold in the moulds. then let them cool chop and put the whole into a mortar with almost an equal quantity of fat bacon and a quarter the amount of Pound the latter of lean pork. 342. thyme. cook in the oven for an Place the moulds on a baking-tin hour and a half the time will greatly depend upon the size of the moulds.

slices of fat Put two stewpan. until tender. Pour a little of this sauce over the venison serve the remainder in a sauce-tureen. dressing over all. take off the fat . When the fillet has taken a golden colour arrange it on a dish . . bacon cut into dice of butter with 3 add the pieces of rabbit. keep it hot. a cupful of red currant jelly. twenty-four small potato balls cut out with a potato-scoop. place over the fire an instant. add a tumblerful of good brown sauce (No. of butter into a when brown . season with salt and Dissolve in a stewpan . twentyfour button onions peeled and scalded in boiling water. arrange the rabbit on a dish and pour sauce and . take off all grease. Let all simmer. oz. from an hour and a half to two hours. Make a little gravy by moistening the bottom of the baking-pan with a cupful of stock. 343. lay in bird with a piece of butter . add a pint of take a cupful . . If it colours too quickly place a sheet of buttered paper over it. Rabbit stewed Brown (Lapin en gibelotte). moisten all to the level of the meat with white wine and stock stir briskly with a wooden spoon until it boils ten minutes after add a bouquet of herbs. Cut up the rabbit pepper. . 344. of in small pieces. a vinegar. a pinch of pepper. little 65).POULTRY AND GAME. it into a stewpan. four bottoms of artichokes (if they can be procured) cut in quarters. and cook in the oven for an hour and a half. 1 39 pour over all ]/± lb. boil up for an instant. of dissolved butter. strain salt. 1^ take a good colour. An excellent Recipe for Cooking last year's Birds. Take out the bouquet of herbs. basting very frequently. whole pepper sprinkle with . on the breast let it brown on both sides good gravy cook gently for half an hour . bacon and 2 oz. let them oz. sprinkle the meat with two large spoonfuls of flour .

of cream. Duck or fillet of beef are excellent prepared in Note. haste the bird well will) this and let it remain to become tender.140 I'OULTRY AND GAME. half a teaspoonful of browning. mix smoothly into it a teaspoonful of flour. the same manner. which should be in twenty minutes more. — .

. Serve them with croutons of bread fried in clarified butter . Scrambled Eggs with Cheese (CEufs brouilles au frontage). pour them into a dish.I 4I EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES (CEUFS ET FARINEUX). 345. merely of grated cheese (Parmesan or Gruyere) an instant before the eggs are taken from the fire. (CEufs brouiltts an enamelled stewpan a piece of fresh butter the an egg break into it six whole eggs. add a dessertspoonful of cream or milk. in size of . Place the stewpan upon a gentle fire. place the croutons round the eggs. ^ . add a small piece of fresh butter . stir the eggs without ceasing (with a wooden spoon) until they commence to when they form a thick mass place them on the thicken corner of the stove. the same of pepper. beat up the eggs for an instant either with a fork or with an egg-whisk. Proceed adding 1 in the oz. same manner as in recipe No. a tiny pinch of grated nutmeg. a pinch of salt. Melt 346. 345. Scrambled Eggs au nature!).

young green peas white' strain them when done fire. Place these into each shape. toss them half a minute in butter (over the fire). 348. toss them an instant in butter over the with a pinch of powdered sugar. Throw into boiling salted water a quart of freshly shelled . and parsley. Scrambled Eggs with Green Peas {CEufs brouillis aux pelits pais). 349. mix them with the scrambled eggs before serving. . add them to the scrambled eggs before turning the latter out of the stewpan. 350. Cut some peeled over the (ire truffles in very thin slices. Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus {CEufs brouillis aux pointes (Fasperges). Colour in i^ oz. season with salt and pepper. toss them the in butter for a minute. mushrooms. of butter some chopped onions. . Boil in boiling salted water some tops of asparagus. merely omitting the chopped preparation. but when they are taken from the oven pour over each egg a teaspoonful of good raw cream. the bottom The egg may be cooked simply in the buttered shapes in exactly the same manner. add them to scrambled eggs before serving.142 EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. Eggs with Sweet Herbs cocottes (CEufs en aux fines hcrbes). . Scrambled Eggs with Truffles (CEufs brouillis aux truffles). 347. shapes in any utensil in which a little hot water is placed at put in the oven until the egg is lightly set. drain them. sprinkle with this mixture six Break a new-laid egg china egg-shapes (well buttered).

Eggs on a Plate le (CEu/s sur plat). have ready some anchovies. Melt the butter in a round enamel dish break the eggs into it one by one . season them with salt and pepper . . and serve. When the oven is hot four or five minutes dish. put them in cold water. mix all together into a smooth paste This makes excellent sandwiches spread on with butter. Eggs in White Sauce [CEitfs a la tripe). 353. they are two anchovies. then slide them on to a heated dish. thin slices of bread. break the eggs . sprinkle upon each egg a little salt and pepper cook gently on the stove or in the oven until the Place the dish with the eggs upon another eggs are set. shell them. cook gently Make sure the eggs have not stuck until the white is set. in a small frying-pan into 354. 143 Hard Eggs with Anchovies (CEufs durs aux anchois). to 2 oz. If desired. mash the yolks of the eggs. a little cream may be poured over each egg. boned. For three eggs take a piece of butter the size of a walnut. Boil the eggs until they are quite hard . of butter The bread for the therefore quickly prepared. 351. . colour it cut them in slices lengthwise. cleaned. Fried Eggs (CEnfs au miroir). Boil six . added.EGOS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. eggs hard. and chopped very fine . The proportions are about four yolks. Slice an onion. a little pepper may be sandwiches need not be previously buttered before spreading on the mixture . 352. Melt the butter it . . to the pan.

white over the yolk. tilt the latter in a manner that With a spoon pour the the egg may bathe well in the oil. in a small frying-pan Put four table-spoonfuls of oil (the very finest salad oil) on the fire. warm nutmeg up. Eggs in Black Butter {CEufs au beurre noir).. Put in a basin two dessert-spoonfuls of flour. 353. Serve very hot. Prepare the eggs as of serving pour over in them a it recipe No. 144 over the EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. in the eggs. season for ten pepper. required. of butter in a pan. of flour add with sufficient milk or salt. Baked Eggs {Bonliomme). place them on a until serviette to well drain the oil from them. When the oil is quite hot break an egg in the pan. 355. . and let it minutes . has been flavoured with salt send grated Parmesan or Gruyere cheese to table with it. Eggs fried in Oil {CEufs frits a Vhuile). break into it six whole eggs Pour this into a beat them up with a pint of milk. . of warm to . Continue you have the number of eggs 356. bake in a moderate oven. a pinch of salt (or sugar if preferred) . Take them out. butter . 357. cream make cook a thin sauce. If this dish have acquired a good colour serve directly. pour boiling hot over the eggs. add i oz. little vinegar. When the eggs buttered dish. try and keep the egg in a form as round as possible and well coloured on both sides. fire in i oz. mix serve. At the moment Brown 1 oz.

one . add a pinch of pepper. Omelet (Oiiiekt/e a la bourgeoise). . and without allowing to add to the sauce two or three sliced gherkins. add the same quantity of make the moisten with half a tumbler of white wine and Let it boil. Boil eight eggs hard in . pour the 361. 88). 1 pint of gravy or broth. keeping the omelet spread only half over when it has taken colour and it.third 1 . taste if sufficiently seasoned. eggs into the centre. mix them tomato sauce (see No. towards yourself. and taking an oval form . some drops of caramel let it reduce thickening . . (sparghetti is Have ready boiled ^ lb. stirring all the time. . of butter mixed with a teaspoon ful of made mustard it divide this butter into small pieces. whisking briskly boil . of butter over flour . cut them in slices lengthwise. 359). them in quarters . put a piece at a time into the sauce. Boil \he eggs hard.. Eggs in Sauce Robert (CEu/s Robert). Chop up a gentle a large onion . K . Italian paste 18) . 359. Sauce Robert. put the paste round the border of the dish. and finish with oz. a dessert-spoonful of milk beat up for an pour into the small omelet-pan. . Break two eggs into a basin add a pinch of salt and one of pepper. into instant with a fork which a good piece of butter has been melted tilt the pan . EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. the best) for boiling (see No. I45 358. Eggs with Italian Paste (CEi/fs aux cut nouilles). 360. fire . colour it in 2 oz. mix them in half their quantity of sauce Robert (No.

Omelet with Cheese (Omelettt au fro mage). . . Merely add to the ordinary omelet. A palette-knife is indispensable for omelets.I46 EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. . If a very light spongy omelet is preferred. and add them to the rest of the mixture very gently before pouring into the pan. only put parsley and shallot. of ham to eggs . no amount of even practical teaching is of any use after a certain point. Omelet with Sweet Herbs (Omelette aux fines he'rbes). therefore the wise plan is to make a small one every day until the process becomes as easy and simple as is that of eating it. . 364. of grated Parmesan or any other cheese. Omelet with Ham (Omelette au jambon). to become an adept in turning out an omelet practice is needed . Add to the omelet mixture before cooking 1 oz. before pouring into if chervil the pan. 362. and above all. . substance the one side. . parsley. and chervil and chives arc not at hand. 363. beat the yolks of the eggs first. chopped chives. proceed exactly the on account of the ham. Eggs are not expensive articles. tilt the pan the opposite direction put in a good piece of butter in the empty part of the pan when melted turn the omelet over into it with a paletteknife give it a nice colour the other side turn on to a hot dish. colour the in ham first in the pan in the dissolved . . Cut up some cooked ham six in small dice — 2 oz. butter pour the prepared eggs same as for an ordinary omelet Put in very little salt. then the whites to a stiff froth.

Place the omelet on a long dish make an incision lengthwise in season with butter . the omelet . Omelet with Asparagus (Omelette aux pointes d'asperges). . 366. then pour in the omelet mixture. to which a few fine herbs have been added. butter. split them in halves away the white nerves from the inside cut the kidneys in small dice toss them over the fire in thin madeira sauce (No. 367. pour into this opening the ragout of kidneys. tops in salted water . . . then act in the same way as with mushrooms. Omelet with Truffles {Omelette aux truffes). put them an instant in the heated butter in the omelet-pan. pepper. proceed as for a plain omelet (No. Peel and slice a truffle. Omelet with Kidneys (Omelette for six persons aux rognons). 368. stir them about until they have lost all humidity. Cook some asparagus eggs. . pour in the and finish the «melet.EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. Serve hot. For an omelet of six eggs slice very finely six button mushrooms. Break ten eggs. Dissolve in the pan _%" lb. Take the skin from two kidneys take . 361). fresh or preserved put them in the pan in the hot butter. Omelet with Mushrooms (Omelette aux champignons). 66). keep them hot. 14/ 865. . fresh or preserved. a table-spoonful of dissolved beat up for an instant. . salt.

add a little chopped chives. Lay at the bottom of a dish a cream sauce (No. slice them. sprinkle lightly with a layer of baked bread-crumbs. (CEufs farcis au fromage). Croutes au Fromage (fiors-d'vuvre). of dissolved butter. place in the tomatoes with a pinch of salt and pepper let them cook gently until into . Add them lengthwise take out hair-sieve. pass them through a salt. Peel two or three very ripe tomatoes (by plunging them boiling water for an instant the peel will come off easily) . . all moisture has disappeared . the same . and nutmeg mix with a oz. Cut from a tin loaf the requisite number of slices cut them in squares as if for sandwiches. Fill it it the hollow in in a manner to make little it look like an entire yolk . Stuffed Eggs (with Cheese) 370. . placing the tomatoes in the midst of the omelet the same as the kidneys. take out the pips . Put this into a pepper. Put 1 oz. if preferred. 75).I48 EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. . Colour them both sides over the fire in butter. rather thick. cut them in halves . . Prepare ten eggs in exactly the same way as for omelet with kidneys. Put the dish in the oven for five minutes before serving. 1 season with wooden spoon. Omelet with Tomatoes for six persons (Omelette 369. arrange the eg^s upon it. aux tomales). arrange the crusts in the pan or upon a tin put them in the oven directly the . . each half egg with this mixture arrange . cut . be replaced by the same weight of cream). upon each crust of bread put a slice of Gruyere cheese exactly the same size and thickness. and about */& inch thick. Boil six eggs quite hard the yolks basin . of butter in a stewpan . quantity of grated cheese (the butter may. 371.

add the grated cheese . . Malakoffs (hors-d'ceuvre chaud). Cook fifteen to twenty minutes. 132).EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. a pinch of salt. No. 374. of butter. four whole eggs. one of pepper. increasing the heat gradually. Beat up the . a teaspoonful of flour. RamecLuins en petits Patds. with water. Take the stewpan from the fire . butter. lb. stir briskly with a wooden spoon to make a smooth paste . Fill a table-spoon with this paste . arrange them on a dish. Two-thirds of a tumblerful of water. I49 cheese commences to melt take them out. three whole J eggs. and sprinkle lightly with pepper. Serve them very hot upon a folded napkin. 372. quarter — — a little salt and pepper. let it get half cold add the eggs one by one until all is well mixed. cheese $4 inch thick . place it on a baking-tin continue until all is used colour them with yolk of egg. A pound of Gruyere cheese half of it grated. 1 oz. Put the stewpan on the fire. $ /2 oz. soak each slice batter (see butter hot in When they have cheese as it is taken from the batter. of dissolved butter. the other half to be cut in small dice a cupful of cream or milk. and place on the top of each a slice of Gruyere cheese. and pepper directly it boils up add the flour . Have two table-spoonfuls of a pan on the stove lay in each slice of 373. % — . of flour. The ramequin should increase to double the size and be a beautiful colour. of grated cheese Parmesan or Gruyere for preference. taken colour one side turn them on the other (five or six minutes). . Ramequins au Froinage (kors cTauvre chaud). Put the tin into a moderate oven. . keep on stirring on the stove four or five minutes. Arrange them on a dish and serve very hot. salt. Cut some in slices of . lyi oz.

2 oz. one after the other. au frontage — hors oVosuvre chaud). 3 oz. eggs. Half a pint of water. six stiff froth.150 EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. Prepare the mixture the same as in recipe No. of butter. increasing the heat fifteen Take them out to twenty minutes. eggs in a basin with flour. which must only be then increase the temperature of the frequently until they become double the size. Drop a fat. a time of this paste into frying hot. of grated cheese and table-spoonful at oz. yolks of eggs. Make in a it the preparation in exactly the directed in No. One cupful of milk. six whites beaten to a salt and . cream. butter. . 1 oz. Souffle" dans un plat {hors 1 d'a'uvre). 585) line twelve tartlet-moulds. fat. hot. turn them out of the moulds . With good short crust or some trimmings of puff-paste (see Nos. When they arc a beautiful colour drain them and arrange them on a folded napkin. one of pepper. Serve . 375. same manner as bake it is cooked when is beautiful golden colour. . arrange them on a napkin on a dish. a pinch of salt. the salt and pepper. of flour. of butter. Cheese Fritters (Beignets souffles . of flour. beating 2 well then add oz. oz. the grated cheese. 373. Cook in a moderate oven. A simpler way to prepare Ramequins (Ramequin au plat). put into each mould a dessert -spoonful of the mixture and a pinch of the cheese cut in dice the — mould should be three parts full place them on a bakingtin. 579. When the paste is half cold add three or four between each egg 1 . it into a buttered dish. of chopped cooked ham. pour and of a 376. not boiling turning the souffles 377. well risen 374. moderate oven for fifteen minutes .

other piece of paste knife or a cutter between each anchovy. cut from this paste two broad strips about 4^ inches in width moisten one of these strips with a brush dipped in beaten egg lay upon it the fillets of anchovies at the distance of yi inch from one another. Arrange them in a pile on a dish covered with a folded napkin. Take the stewpan from the fire . Allumettes aux Anchois (kors d'ceuvre chaud). dry them in a cloth divide them in halves take out the bone trim the fillets and put them on a dish for a little while with a table-spoonful of olive oil and chopped parsley. In a together quite . then . the heat to be increased as it bakes will take twenty minutes. Roll out to about the thickness of a halfpenny some puff-paste or short crust. leaving a little larger space at each end place over this strip with the anchovies the thirty . EGG^ AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. brush them over with yolk of egg. Butter a dish or souffle-mould buttered piece of paper (to prevent the souffle from falling out of the mould when it rises) . the butter dissolved. of grated cheese and the remaining three yolks. but do not boil (the same as a custard). Serve hot. add them to the rest. Beat up the six whites to a stiff froth . leave them for minutes . stir all upon a gentle fire until it thickens. 151 small stewpan mix the flour and milk smoothly add three yolks. pepper. with the a baking-tin. . add 7 oz. This souffle' must be sent to table direct from the oven. Soak twelve anchovies in cold water. stirring them in very place round it a lightly. . The same mixture can be baked in small buttered paper cases three-fourths full. 378.. . . . and in the dish or mould in which it has been baked. salt and pepper . . . fingers press the paste cut them in strips with a arrange them as they are cut upon . pour in the mixture and bake in a gentle oven. Bake them in a good oven for about twenty minutes.

pepper. Melted Cheese another way (Autre manure). . and 6 oz. a pinch of pepper. of grated cheese. and then replace . mixture without cessation until it commences to thicken. large sieve . Note. 380. (Fondue au frontage). Serve it in a deep dish surrounded with croutons of bread fried in butter. of fresh butter cut in small pieces. See if properly seasoned. Serve directly in the stewpan and upon a spiritplace all . it in the Drain it upon a stewpan with 3 oz. 2 oz. boiling the saucepan in a larger vessel which has it . Break seven yolks of eggs into a stewpan. continue to stir until it is nearly ready to boil. and serve hot. Into 2}-£ quarts of boiling water well salted throw T £ of macaroni broken up into pieces . Arrange on a dish. of grated cheese. a pinch of powdered white sugar. ceasing twenty to twenty-five minutes. Place water on a gentle fire stir with a spoon until melted . then add half a cupful of good cream stir again for an instant. mix with them 6 oz. Macaroni with Cheese (Macaronis au frontage). — this mixture. Melt in an enamelled saucepan a piece of fresh butter . . of butter divided in small stir the Place the stewpan over a gentle fire pieces.152 E(JGS AND FARINACEOUS Melted Cheese DISHES. let it boil without lb. add a cupful of cream. the size of a walnut in add to it / l 2 lb. 381. Truffles cut in thin slices may be added to . the cheese is lamp (lighted). grated cheese. macaroni must not be broken. 379. The a pinch of pepper mix all with the aid of a fork. nutmeg.

75 and 98). .EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. should be it : — as 382. good way to prepare this dish to avoid it being too which frequently occurs. is to prepare the macaroni with cheese according to recipe No. boil it in water (see No. 88). then moisten with dry. A . Warm up and 383. 381) . % and some mushrooms. instant. 381). Note. then at the very last add a tumblerful and a half of cream or be'chaniel sauce (see Nos. . a tumblerful of good gravy or the same of tomato sauce (No. 1 53 it — Macaroni . Butter a dish . 381. 384. Macaroni au gratin {Macaronis au gratin). Prepare the macaroni as in preceding recipe (No. of fresh butter. when the macaroni is boiled and turned on to the sieve let some cold water pass quickly over it. the whole cut into dice (truffles may Let all simmer an be used instead of mushrooms). 2 oz. should possess a certain crispness under the teeth to obtain this. adding to it a tumblerful of tomato sauce (No. put in the macaroni sprinkle the top with grated cheese and baked bread crumbs. Macaroni with Tomatoes {Macaronis aux tomates). Milanaise fashion {Macaronis a la Milanaise). drain put it back in the stewpan with a pinch of pepper. serve. Macaroni. The sauce must not be too thick. and mix briskly with the hot butter and cheese. return it at' once to the saucepan. of ham. in England is seldom boiled on the should be tender but not pasty contrary. inch Break up j4 lb. and the same of grated cheese. macaroni into pieces about long. 88). then add at the last 2]/ 2 oz.

Yi. If the little rice more stock. a pinch of saffron. Note. . the 386. Put the dish in the o\en surface. coloured. by the side of the fire it is for twenty minutes. and all Italian pastes can be cooked in the same manner as macaroni. Arrange the rice on a dish pour over it some seasoned. 582) . Rice butter a (Risotto). Timbale of Macaroni with Bechamel Sauce {Timbale de macaronis a la bechamel). . Prepare the mould with paste as in recipe No. of grated Parmesan Taste if sufficiently cheese. of Patna rice picked but not washed stir add an instant over the fire until it begins to frizzle. 387. "dhe of pepper boil up cover the saucepan. fill the mould. 98).154 a little EGGS AND FARINACEOUS DISHES. Colour to it for lb. the same amount of butter. 88). . and let it cook colour . 381). to take a pale golden colour on the 385. sufficiently tender add a . Line a timbale mould with short crust (No. an instant in chopped onion . but do not add stock to three times the quantity of rice. . good gravy. . becomes dry before . a cupful of tomato sauce (No. sparghetti. Pake the timbale in a good oven until it is sufficiently coloured. Timbale of Macaroni {Timbale de macaronis). dissolved butter. — Vermicelli. Serve very hot. fill mould with macaronis ait frontage (No. 385 add to the macaronis an frontage half its quantity of bichamel 13ake in the oven until sauce (No. Place the saucepan on the corner of the stove away from the fire add then to the rice 2 oz.





Timbale de Risotto.

Butter a timbale-mould, and sprinkle baked bread-crumbs Beat up well two eggs in a cup ; pour over the butter. them into the mould, turn the latter well round to allow the eggs to adhere to the butter and bread-crumbs ; then
reverse the



sprinkle once

mould on a plate to drain it of the superfluous more inside with the baked bread-



Prepare a risotto (No. 387) with */% lb. of rice; a stewed sweetbread, 2 oz. of cooked ham, and some mushrooms or truffles, the whole cut in small slices. Fill the mould with the risotto ; cover the surface with a buttered paper, then again with any kind of lid or cover. Before Put the mould in a hot oven for fifteen minutes. dishing it pass the blade of the knife between the mould and the rice, taking care not to destroy the dressing of bread-crumbs. Turn out on a dish. Serve with a tureen of good gravy or brown sauce.



(Riz a la persane).


2 lb. ]/

of Patna rice, pick


and wash


in cold

Boil 2 quarts of water with a good pinch of of half


a lemon


add the




cook ten






stewpan 4


clarified butter



hot add to

the scalded rice;


Cover the rice with white paper wetted, and stewpan as tightly as possible ; put it in the At the end of half an oven, which must not be too hot. hour uncover the stewpan lift off the top layer of rice if turn the remainder on to a dish, using a it is coloured

fork for the purpose.




Indian Corn




pint of water with a



then add to




of polenta, letting
stirring all


in the water gradually like



the time with a spoon.


add a piece of

Let it cook Serve hot.


Polenta with Cheese
(Polenta au Parmesan).

the polenta as above (No. 390), then with a tablespoon form it into small lumps arrange them on a dish ;


sprinkle butter

them with grated cheese pour over them some cooked brown, but not burnt, l'ut the dish in the

oven a few minutes before serving.





(As/erges en branches).

Wash and


the asparagus





bundles, a

handful in each, and tie round tightly ; put it into boiling When the salted water ; boil fifteen to twenty minutes. point of the asparagus is soft to the touch it is cooked. If ready too soon plunge it into a basin of cold water,
it back directly into the boiling water. Drain and send it to table on toasted bread or a folded Asparagus can be served with many different napkin. Hollandaise (No. 70), cream sauce (No. 75), or sauces It is excellent eaten with a a good butter sauce (No. 64).

then put

simple vinaigrette sauce (No. 97).


Asparagus Tops

(Pointes cFasperges).

cut all the tender Choose the very small asparagus wash and cook them like the whole asparagus ; drain and pour cold water over them. They

parts into small peas


are then ready to be used as a garnishing or as a vegetable.






Choose the

cauliflowers close

and firm





small bouquets

take off the leaves and trim the stem a

throw them into cold water salted. Have some throw in the cauliflowers ; let ; them boil until they are tender to the touch. Arrange them well drained on a dish upon a folded napkin place Serve with the pieces so as to form the entire cauliflower. butter, cream, or hollandaise sauce (Nos. 64, 75, 70).
boiling salted water ready


Cauliflower with Fried Crumbs
(Chou-fleur au pain frit).

Prepare the cauliflower in the same manner as above (No. 394) throw over it when cooked the following sauce melt in a pan a piece of butter the size of an egg add some bread-crumbs ; stir over the fire until the bread turns sprinkle the cauliflower with chopped a good colour parsley, then throw the butter and bread-crumbs over all.
; :



Serve hot.

Cauliflower au Gratin

{Chou-fleur au gratin).
(it must whole); drain and leave it for five minutes upon Make a thick sauce with 2 oz. of butter, two a sieve. pint of milk season with salt, table-spoonfuls of flour, pepper, nutmeg, a table-spoonful of grated cheese, one egg beaten up. Put a little of this sauce at the bottom of a

Poil the cauliflower as in the preceding recipe




buttered dish


place the cauliflower upon

with the remainder of

grated cheese and bread-crumbs dissolved butter. Put the dish in

it ; smooth the sauce sprinkle with pour over all 2 oz. of

the oven




until the gratin takes a beautiful colour.





Boiled Artichokes



off the stalks

and the sharp points from the leaves


trim the bottom part of the outside of the artichoke
in halves,



upside down ; throw them ; into cold water to which a little vinegar or lemon-juice has been put. Boil a sufficient quantity of water with a handful of salt ; plunge the artichokes into it ; let them boil until tender (about two hours). Drain them arrange them on a dish upon a folded napkin. Serve with any of the sauces suitable for asparagus ; they are excellent served with simple vinaigrette sauce (No. 97).




done by turning


take out


the useless part from the inside







(Artichauts a la lyonaise).

off the

four large artichokes











quarter should not possess

more than three or four leaves ; take out the useless part from the inside ; put them in cold water with a few drops let them boil for five minutes in of vinegar or lemon boiling water, then throw cold water over them. Lightly colour a chopped onion in 1 2 oz. of butter ; add the same quantity of flour make a thickening ; moisten with 1 pint of stock or gravy to form a thin sauce ; season with salt and pepper. Place the quarters of artichoke side by side at the bottom of a stewpan sufficiently large j it must be well buttered. Add the sauce in a manner that only the the lower part of the artichokes are touched by it leaves should remain dry ; cover them ; let them cook




gently for thirty minutes.

then add a small peas. Arrange them in Let them cook until they are quite tender. a quart of fresh young peas and boiling water to cover the Stir over the fire until it boils. with sufficient water to cover the pieces of artichoke let them boil up . Green Peas. and peas are tender and the sauce reduced to half the Before serving take out the onion and parsley quantity. Before serving take out and the sauce reduced one-half. . . a Put in pinch of sugar. a thickening with let it 02. . one sprig of parsley. Green Peas with Lettuces {Pedis pot's aux 2 laitues). of flour. add the artichoke bottoms and the juice of half a lemon. pieces at the bottom trim these put them in cold water with a little lemon Mix a table-spoonful of flour in a stewpan the leaves flat . Make flour . put in two small button Let it cook until lettuces onions. sufficiently salted. Cook until the peas arc tender onion. fresh butter. of butter . a sprig of parsley. 401. two pinches of salt. thicken with two yolks of eggs the onion and parsley . (sliced). of butter. Take away all leaving nothing but the one size it. 400. . a dish with a little sauce in each one. juice in and beards from the artichokes. the hearts of two cos lettuces Put into the thickening young green peas add sufficient water to take colour. fire until it boils . one of pepper.. thicken the sauce with two or three yolks beaten up with Taste if a little cream or milk and 1 oz. Mix well in a stewpan 2 oz. 2 oz. 399. 160 VEGETABLES. the same of do not 1 quart of fresh Stir over the cover the peas. French fashion {Pctits pois a la francaise). Artichoke Bottoms (Fo/ids d 'artichauis).

add salt. leave the saucepan uncovered . Pick and well wash 2 lb. of butter in the stewpan and slightly brown but not burnt add to it the chopped Let Stir all briskly . chop l let it get hot Put /£ lb. Potted Peas conserves). spinach. of butter in a stewpan with the same quantity of flour. — L . mix the spinach with this . moisten with 1 pint of Stir until it thickens . butter. and if desired a little thickening with yolks of eggs and in milk. season with salt. Spinach in brown Butter (Epinards a la noisette). nutmeg. drain and pour cold water over finely. turning frequently. . pepper. press well to extract all the water . 404. pepper. it heat for ten minutes. with cream or milk to replace the gravy or stock. of spinach. (Petits pot's Potted peas are heated in the water they are preserved then drain them and return them to the stewpan with . beaten up in two dessert-spoonfuls of milk. . 403. Boil a sufficient quantity of water with a good piece of salt in it .VEGETABLES. nutmeg. put in the spinach . Scald and chop the spinach . Spinach with Gravy {Epinards au jus). . pepper . Arrange it on a and pour over a little good gravy. let it simmer for ten minutes. a few grains of nutmeg. gravy or stock. a pinch of sugar. i l6l oz. a piece of butter. make a thickening . salt. it . melt 2 oz. dish Spinach may be prepared in the same manner Note. of fresh 402.

ordinary manner in which French beans are cooked England renders them most certainly a very tasteless vegetable. salt lightly arrange them in a pyramid tender.1 62 VEGETABLES. . Chicory and Endive (Chicorfe et endives). or cream. Put them into water which is boiling to the highest Do not cover them. Throw left whole. so that they point. nor allow the water to cease 407. in all strings The removed. salt . Chicory is 406. with a good piece of butter divided in small slices and placed among the beans. . of add the beans well drained to it season with salt and pepper. French Beans (Haricots verts a i'ang/aise). They are far better cooked whole than sliced The tops and tails must be cut off and in the usual way. but otherwise stale am the referring to quite young. quantity of into which a sufficient has been thrown let them cook until Drain. 408. Add a little chopped parsley . The way to cook fresh Vegetables keep their Colour. 405. freshly cut beans are old and nothing boiling will Of course I when they make them tender. a little squeezed lemon is also an improvement. Boil the beans as in preceding recipe. Haricot French Beans sautdd {Haricots verts saui/s). scalded the same as spinach. butter . Shake them about for some minutes until the beans have lost all their humidity and the butter has become clear again. gravy. It is prepared the same in brown butter. beans into water. boiling. Melt 3 oz. . . but needs a little longer time in the boiling water.

a pinch of salt. a bouquet pf herbs. and a nutmeg. 411. Add . Haricot Beans with Onions aux oignons). Take of stock 1 . oz. a sliced onion. They must be steeped useless to attempt cooking them if this precaution hours has been neglected. The largest beans are the best. the French beans boiled for as in preceding recipes let them cook the sauce vinegar. and they must which must only reach to half their height add a piece of lean bacon Cook until or ham. 163 409. one onion pierced with — in tepid water for at least twelve . Place them on the fire in a sufficient quantity of cold water. French Beans h l'HSteliere (Haricots verts a Vhoteliere).VEGETABLES. 412. when the small ones do equally well. and V2 pint salt. . of butter. . Stir all briskly together. 410. colour a chopped onion in the butter before adding the haricots. one-third of the original quantity. a little lemon-juice or and some fresh butter divided in small pieces. make with these a thin sauce seasoned with pepper. may be used Put them be sliced and cut. salt. Haricot Beans Peasant Fashion {Haricots a la paysanne). Dried White Beans boiled (Haricots b lanes sees). the little same of flour. except for garnishing. {Haricots verts sautes Simply Proceed exactly the same as in preceding recipe. beans and bacon are tender and the liquid reduced to Scarlet-runners for this dish. is reduced to one-third at this point an instant add a until little grated shallot. and pepper. some chopped parsley. in boiling water.

the herbs VEGETABLES. with two yolks of eggs beaten up in a little milk. but it must not take add a tumblerful of stock. of fresh butter. 415. pass them through Boil 1 lb. They are most indigestible if insufficiently . 413. . . of . Make a pint of white sauce (No. add season well and the beans well boiled and drained to it Before serving thicken them let them cook an instant. . The beans can fresh butter. Put this puree back in the stewpan . be made richer by using cream instead of milk. 104) with stock. White Beans in Sauce (Haricots blancs en sauce). half a tumblerful of Put in the white wine. Let them cook until quite tender take out and onion. of haricot beans as above a hair-sieve. seasoning. heat it. and some chopped parsley. colour . They will take quite four to five boil. White Eeans 414. Pure"e of (Puree de haricots blancs garniture). This puree is excellent served with a roast leg it can also be made with milk and a little piece of mutton . Should it be too thick add a little stirring all the time. hours to cooked.164 two cloves. are well mixed together. but first crush and moisten them with their own stock. in butter. gravy or stock season and finish by adding a little good meat gravy. 1 oz. Haricot Beans Breton fashion (Haricots blancs a la brclonne). Fry a chopped onion . but throw them at once back Let them simmer until beans and sauce into the stewpan. and chopped parsley beans which have been boiled and strained after straining do not let the beans cool.

Warm in the stewpan ^ lb. gravy diminishes more added it will doubtless require should have a rich brown appearance.VEGETABLES. each. not peeled. They should be the The exact time for baking it very largest size procurable. are tender put them them — of sprouts in boiling salted water . is impossible to give. and as the are quite tender. toss them over the fire for seven . the beans be perfectly tender. Baked Beans (an economical family dish). Brussels Sprouts in Butter (C/ioux de Bruxelles au beurre). half of pepper. has been placed. . trim all the best part for cutlets. of butter little and a add the sprouts to it. a fourth of ground ginger. chop up the bones and make a good brown gravy with them (No. of mutton — they will cost away 6d. soaked and parboiled strain and throw them immediately into a brown earthenware pan into which the gravy. to be eaten all One pint and a half of together a kind of hotch-potch. beans will make a good-sized dish. Boil 2 lb. bake in the oven until meat and beans The oven must be moderate. certainly not less than four to five : more seasoning. and a very little nutmeg a few grains of cayenne. cut all the flesh from the remaining parts . This must be done the day previous to the preparation of the stew. \6$ 416. . pour cold water through this allows them to keep their original colour. as the bones require several hours' cooking. Take two New Zealand necks is. 56). 417. The gravy should cover the beans . . a teaspoonful of salt. the pieces of mutton. made Put in a large onion washed but hot. Cover the pan with some brown paper pierced with holes with a fork . and when Have some haricot beans cold the fat must be removed. press lightly to extract all the water. When done it — hours. minutes. Season with salt pepper. the latter should never be allowed to become dry. when they them in a sieve .

The liquid much reduced. . pour cold water through them. for garnishing. a handful of spinach. a Stir all over the is reduced at this point add a teaspoonful of (lour. . 104 and 75). . fire in a little butter until all moisture . . Lettuces Stuffed (Laitues a Vancienne). let it thicken over the fire. stewpan. salt.1 66 VEGETABLES. a few leaves of fresh mint. thicken them with white or cream sauce (Nos. 417). Stewed Cos Lettuces (Laitues romaines). a pinch of chervil. a pinch of baked breadcrumbs. placing each half lettuce latter partly over the other must be well buttered before putting in the lettuces. round the pan. Extract the water from them by pressing each lettuce lightly with two hands split them in halves lengthwise take off the sprinkle with salt and pepper. pepper. . a whole egg beaten up. or sausage. Take off the outer leaves. drain. Brussels Sprouts in Sauce de Britxelles en sauce). lean with a may be cooked in the same manner bacon. stir briskly. they can Note. keeping them as whole as possible boil for ten minutes in boiling salted water. wash them carefully. ham. then let finely Chop few chives. little — Lettuces be served as a vegetable or 420. or in place of butter some very good Add stock to gravy from which all grease has been taken. Put them in a stalk . (Choux Prepare the sprouts in butter (No. lettuces can also be prepared exactly the same . continuing the stirring. cover and cook them gently half the height of the lettuces The lettuces should be tender and the for an hour. 419. in the latter The small case water may be used instead of stock. 418.

look at them frequently. 420) with the paste for quenelles de veau (No. with salt and pepper. and some stock.1). and serve. cut away trim the ends to a point . 423. lettuces for six minutes — In the interval boil some whole exactly the same as for laitues After having squeezed them to romaines (No. The Season. then slice Warm them. . Stewed Celery Roots {Ceteris a I'e'tuve'e). % . re-form the lettuce by putting on each leaf again one by Then make a sauce in rather a large stewpan with one. Cook them fifteen minutes in boiling . Place the lettuces on a dish thicken the sauce with two yolks of eggs and a little cream . lb. 422. Peel four celery roots. take away part of the stem fill up the cavity with a spoonful of the farce . the same of flour.VEGETABLES. cut them in quarters. them carefully. of butter. Proceed the same as for laitues romaines (No. Stick Celery (Ceteris en branches'). open each lettuce. and serve. one of pepper. stew gently until they are tender and the sauce reduced. wash . . moving them well When tender put them in a vegetable dish. a good pinch of salt. extract the water. of butter in a stewpan add the slices of celery to it. arrange sauce must be thin. throw over the lettuces. 2 oz. this 1 67 farce get half cold. the lettuces side by side in the sauce . Cover the pan . taking off the leaves one by one without spoiling them . with the slice. 26. Boil the lettuces whole and stuff them as above (No. sprinkle with chopped parsley. Lettuces for Garnishing (Laitues farcies —gam iture). Strip the outer leaves from six heads of celery the ends from the leaves . 419). 421. 419).

with a has been put. lemon-juice. . . 97) thrown over. Fried Salsify {Salsifis frits). Scrape the salsify. salt. When they have taken a then into hot fat (No. 132) . served separately in a sauce-boat. 425. pinch of salt and a little vinegar or lemon-juice when the water boils throw in the salsifis let it boil until tender. well season them . or cream them Salsify in Vinaigrette Sauce {Salsifis en vinaigrette). Cover the stewpan cook gently for one and a half hour. . merely cover them with stock or water and a small piece of sweet beef dripping. . (Salsifis au velouit). beautiful colour. Have ready a batter (No. . Proceed exactly the same as vegetable dish sauce. trim the ends in a point cut each piece in two and throw them as they are done into a basin of cold water in which a little milk. 424. for recipe No. or vinegar Boil 2 quarts of water in a stewpan. 424. Drain them carefully in order not to break them split them in two lengthwise.168 salted . arrange them on a dish in the form of a pyramid. When the pieces of salsify are boiled and drained put in a throw over them white. one of vinegar. drain and arrange them in a stack on a dish. 106). pepper. . steep each piece of salsify in the batter. . Prepare and boil the salsify as for preceding recipes. water drain and pass cold water through them Line a stewpan with some trimmings of fat bacon put in the celery . Salsify in White Sauce . Serve them with white or brown sauce . 426. Serve simply with vinaigrette sauce (No. Place the salsify in a dish with a table-spoonful 01 best olive oil. and a little chopped parsley let it soak fifteen minutes. drain. butter. VEGETABLES. Serve hot.

— These delicatessen sausages warehouse. drain them. may be found in any German 428. butter . 1 69 427. Note. . sprinkle them with a pinch of powdered turnips to it Cover white sugar. sprinkle over them a dessert-spoonful of Stir until flour. drain. Turnips stewed in Butter (Navels an caramel). shake them for two minutes in the Choose ten large . white leeks scald them in boiling Return the salted water for two minutes . . . Stewed Leeks (Poireaux). them. put them into boiling Prepare the turnips as above water take them out when half cooked . salted . a little pepper . 429. in which 2 oz. Boil them Mix them with tender in boiling salted water. take seasoned. . white or cream sauce. They may be cooked whole if very young if not. the same of cinnamon. of butter have been melted . out the sausage and see if sufficiently Arrange the leeks on a dish and garnish them with the sausage cut up. they boil at this moment add minutes . a little salt. Turnips in White Sauce (Navels). When the turnips are tender and of a golden colour dish . but they must not be moistened.VEGETABLES. them let them finish. drain Melt a piece of butter in a stewpan . Let all cook gently for forty a liver sausage. leeks to the stewpan. add the them. cooking very gently and turning them from time to time. then add 1 pint of water or stock. cut and trimmed in the shape of small pears. .

. and salt. stewpan with fresh butter. the carrots are ready alike in a round form . then they may be mixed with almost tender . mix them with carrots . Carrots and Green Peas {Carottes et petit pois). Cardons. Glazed Carrots {Caroltes glades). in a parsley. a good white or cream sauce. then toss with butter. 433. and chopped Small new' carrots can be prepared just the same. but they must be left whole. Boil them in boiling salted water until they are . 430. If preferred. a pinch of white sugar. drain them They are very good merely tossed white or cream sauce. . after Trim them . pepper. them for ten minutes in boiling salted water Return them to the stewpan with a piece of butter. let them simmer. 432. Take young separately. For all this dish small new carrots are the best. having scraped them . the stock absorbed. Carrots in White Sauce {Caret tes). once into a basin of cold water with a little vinegar or . and young green peas boil them them for ten minutes in a stewpan pepper. Choose the whitest part of the cardons remove the sharp points cut them in pieces about 3 inches long throw them at take off the thin skin that covers them . . 431. salt. height water or stock When the carrots are tender. the same of salt add to half their cover the stewpan. 170 VEGETABLES. and the butter commencing to become clear. boil drain. to serve. If the carrots are large cut them in rounds or in small squares..

Arrange the cardons in a pyramid on garnish them round with the slices of marrow. Cut ^£ lb. the juice of half a lemon. shake them occasionally . Cover the stewpan let all cook gently an hour and a half to two hours. squeeze out the water and seeds. of beef in slices . 435. 433. Boil the cardons as in recipe No. . marrow a dish . for half a minute halves . a little sweet beef dripping. boil up for a second. let them remain on the stove for twelve minutes . white sauce. . Put three dessert-spoonfuls of olive oil in a stewpan with two chopped shallots . each slice placed upon a crouton of fried bread. or au trratin. fry them a light colour. a bouquet of herbs. : .VEGETABLES. add the tomatoes. sprinkle with salt and pepper. . 171 Boil them lor ten minutes in a large lemon-juice in it. saucepan of boiling salted water. the juice of half a lemon. one onion pierced with two cloves. Throw over the cardons the following sauce reduce a cupful of very rich gravy or melt a little meat glaze add a piece of butter. chopped parsley. . 434. drain and pour cold Boil some fresh water with salt >vater over them. cut them in in boiling water. Cardons stewed with Marrow {Cardons a la moelle). finish by adding a little chopped parsley. brown sauce. When cooked they may be served with a good brown gravy. cook the slices of marrow five minutes in boiling salted water. mix a dessert -spoonful of flour in a little water mix it to the boiling water. Stewed Tomatoes la provencale). salt. (Tomates sautees a Plunge the tomatoes take off the skin . pepper.

of butter. it . . When all the moisture is evaporated and the butter become clear add a cupful of gravy or stock. Serve with croutons of fried bread round the dish or hard eggs cut in quarters. can also be made from remains of cold meat. Chop an onion. some mushrooms. Arrange them side by side in a large well-buttered dish. 2 quarts of . same of flour add gradually stock . —Tomatoes can taste. a pinch of baked bread-crumbs.. Stir all over the fire with 2 oz. boiling salted water let it cook . 172 VEGETABLES. until tender drain press lightly to extract the water pass through a sieve. as it thickens. — . the add the or gravy sorrel to . . . ( Stuffed Tomatoes Tomates farcies). Take out the water and pips. . They are cooked when they have taken a good colour. salt. — Sorrel is the best vegetable to eat with roast veaL . Note. In each half tomato place a spoonful of the farce . a sprig of parsley. Farce for above. Wash it the sorrel thoroughly . Sorrel {Oseille). smooth the surface with a knife. 436. Sprinkle baked bread-crumbs over them pour dissolved butter over put them in the oven for fifteen minutes. Make a white thickening with 2 oz. also be stuffed with sausnge-meat seasoned to A farce 437. let it season with salt and very little pepper simmer for ten minutes. half a tomato. the same of chervil. Choose good firm tomatoes take away the stalks cut them in halves. pepper mix all together . the mixture rather thick. put it into . of butter and two dessertspoonfuls of oil. to make Note.

of lean bacon cut into small dice. take away the stem. Take fat (No. . they are a good colour drain them. . Red Cabbages (Choux rouges). . shaking occasionally. 440. and between each layer of the aubergines sprinkle grated cheese. Prepare and fry the aubergines as above. 106). cut them in two lengthwise. and pour over all some Put in the oven to take colour. leave them for an hour. . .VEGETABLES. make some slight incisions in the pieces with a knife sprinkle them with salt and pepper . 441. When finished add three dessert-spoonfuls of vinegar. I7j 438. dissolved butter. Dry them in a white cloth pass them through flour. let cabbages with salt and pepper all stew gently for an hour and a half. Colour the bacon and butter for an instant add the cover the stewpan. a stewpan with 3 oz. Fried Aubergines {Aubergines frites). Take a white summer cabbage for six or scald it in boiling water . of butter in wash them and shred them finely. Put 1 oz. stack them on a (Aubergines au gratia). pour cold water over it open In the middle put a delicately one leaf after another. Stuffed Cabbages et (Fanotis de choux chou farci). Arrange them upon a dish in layers at the bottom of the dish put some cream or tomato sauce. Cut two red cabbages in quarters. eight minutes . When dish. . then in two again across. then into hot frying off the skin . from the aubergines .

. of chestnuts boiled and mashed. Cabbages German fashion {Choitx a Valle?7iande). . . a piece of lean bacon or a slice of raw ham. . pour cold water through it squeeze the water well out of it chop finely colour it for five minutes in butter season with salt. Arrange the cabbage on a dish keep it hot. . an onion pierced with cloves. and nutmeg. . with the bacon cut in slices. Just cover the stewpan and cook for an cover with water If the bacon is cooked first take it out. with some slices of bacon . an onion pierced Cover to half the with two cloves. Cabbage with Bacon (C/ioux au lard). . . then farce. y . . butter and a little chopped parsley Scald four handfuls of spinach Stuffing for the above. . a bouquet of herbs. 443. When they are tender pour cold water through them press . a dessert-spoonful of flour.174 VEGETAHLES. and so on until the cabbage is re-formed. Mix all well let it get half cold before together with one or two eggs . Cut three summer cabbages in quarters wash them pour boil them for ten minutes in boiling salted water squeeze each piece to extract all cold water over them salt and pepper the inside. Reduce quickly the stock in the stewpan to a cupful add a piece of pour over the cabbage. and 2 lb. cook them in boiling salted water. take out the stem the water Re-form the cabbages arrange them in a stewpan lined with some good fat. 442. . . . lump more some Cover it bottom of a stewpan lay in the cabbage. tie it up. pepper. height of the cabbage with stock. . hour and a half. When the cabbages are done the stock should be nearly all Arrange the cabbages on a dish and garnish absorbed. of the farce. . Trim the cabbages. . putting into the cabbage. . cook gently for an hour. Butter the — . cover over with the leaves. a bouquet of herbs.

. Chop them. of butter or good dripping put in the cabbage . as well as recipes for which are in many more flavoured with a of the dishes the this work. 6S) cut them in pieces if they are too large. sprinkle them with a dessert-spoonful of flour just cover them with water or stir over the fire until stock. Warm in a stewpan y^ lb. VEGETABLES. and an onion and . is crusts on a ragout suspicion of garlic. 1 75 them to extract the water. 444. butter the crusts inside ragofits of this in halves . — On the Continent them with the Arrange the mushrooms. stew gently for twenty minutes. Can be prepared haricot beans. Add pepper and salt . dry them a the entrance of the oven. 446. at minutes. fill Note. cook twenty they boil The sauce should be then partly reduced . small rolls . in every way the same as white dried 445. chopped parsley. Stuffed Mushrooms (Champignons farcis). and . Lentils (Lenti/ks). (Croutes Prepare the mushrooms the same as for sauce (No. Put them in a stewpan with a piece of butter . fresh butter. before it is finished. . take off the stalks. Mushrooms on Crusts anx champigtions).. but in deference to English palates shallots or chives have been substituted. this point thicken the ragout with two yolks of eggs beaten up in a little lemon-juice or vinegar. dish . and their essence if tinned season with salt and pepper . cut them . take out the little at Take crumb six . Trim and wash in several waters (very large ones). which are to be and coloured over the fire in oil two dozen mushrooms chopped or butter.

a tiny piece of "rated garlic. pepper thicken this mixture with two or three yolks of eggs. well boiled. Potatoes in Butter de terre saute'es ernes). salt. a Cover the stewpan cook at a slow fire. two cloves. . smoothing them with a knife to a point in Place them on an oiled tin sprinkle them with baked bread-crumbs pour over them oil or dissolved rooms with it. . . if liked. Warm 3 oz. Arrange upon a dish some potatoes. and cook them minuus. Steep the truffles in cold water . tossing them occasionally and turning them with a slice. When they are tender take off the cover place the pan on a good fire to colour add a pinch of chopped parsley. {Pommes Cut the potatoes in thin . When all has taken colour add. . of butter add salt. 176 VEGETABLES. truffles between a folded napkin. Truffles (Trujfes a la serviette). laurel leaf. They they may be kept whole or cut must be quite floury Sprinkle them with either some bread-crumbs in quarters. butter. the potatoes sufficiently put in the potatoes . terre a Vallcmande). Put them in a small stewpan . cover them with white wine (or red) . or fat in a shallow pan . in a moderate oven lor twenty-five 447. just and wash them. Cover the pan with a dish or plate according to its size let the potatoes cook slowly. . or dissolved fresh butter mixed with a little freshly chopped parsley. two shallots finely chopped. salt. the middle. 449. fried in butter or some onion fried and chopped. Fill the mush. slices. a dessertspoonful of chopped parsley. Potatoes German fashion (Pom me s de . brush them carefully.. 448. Serve the The wine should be nearly all absorbed.

and by degrees some warm milk. Mashed Potatoes terre). a paste either with a wooden spoon or through a sieve add 3 of butter. boil and the stirring must not cease. mix well with a wooden spoon Beat up separately three whites until it is quite smooth. Potato-mould terre). The purie should a little nutmeg if the flavour is liked. they must be quite stiff. in halves in a point. (Puree de pommes de Boil the potatoes — they should if be very dry and floury. add them very gently of eggs Butter and bread-crumb a timbale-mould to the potatoes. Reduce them to a paste either with a wooden spoon or pass them through a sieve add a good piece of fresh butter. be of a consistency to allow it to be arranged on the dish Cut them .. pepper. If . 177 450. a two whole eggs. Peel and boil plainly the required number of potatoes when they are quite dry and floury. they are very large. then pour a little of this butter upon each lump . . potatoes and put them on a plate in small round forms. Serve very hot. VEGETABLES. fill it three parts full with the mixture . put it in a moderate dessert-spoonful of grated cheese. fresh add to it a little Melt 3 oz. {To tines de pommes de terre). of potato. of butter in the frying-pan bread-crumb fry a golden colour. 452. make them into . With a spoon take small pieces of the mashed . . mash them add a mix pinch of nutmeg and a cupful of cream or milk perfectly. salt. 451. — . a pinch of nutmeg . the potatoes plainly . ( Timbale de pommes de Boil oz. stirring them all the time. Warm up . but the puree must not Add salt and pepper. three dessert-spoonfuls of milk or cream.

Cut the potatoes in slices after they are boiled. Take this paste in spoonfuls place them on a floured board roll them in the form of a cork or in round balls. Pass the blade between the mould and the potatoes turn on to a round dish and pour all round it sauce . finish with a pinch of chervil scalded . Plunge the croquettes into boiling fat let them take a beautiful golden colour take them out arrange on a dish. Potatoes Maitre d'hotel (routines de terre a la maitre d'hotel).. 178 VEGETABLES. nutmeg stir briskly to make a smooth paste. . Potato Boulettes (Boulettes a la ditchesse). 454. a dessert-spoonful of cream or milk. salt. of the knife out the latter a thin cream and chopped. add a piece of fresh butter. . Butter the bottom of a stewpan . When formed. merely cover them with milk and water in equal quantities . . . Take this paste in spoonfuls . oven for thirty minutes. turn them to finish the other side. Cook them at . pepper. grated nutmeg. Reduce them to a paste . . the potatoes . The croquettes should be sent to table the moment they are done. . 453). two yolks of eggs. let them dry for an instant at the entrance of the oven. then flatten them lightly with Dissolve ]^ lb. place in it the potato balls side by side in the frying-pan Prepare a . add a pinch of salt. Croquettes of Potatoes {Croquettes de Boil pom vies de terre). drain them and . then roll them in bread-crumb fresh or baked. pass through beaten egg. colour them lightly 455. pepper. 453. place them on a floured board roll them into balls. put in the potatoes . of clarified butter the blade of a knife. mixture of potatoes as above (No.

Dry the potatoes well after they are peeled and washed Let cut them in lengths and all of an equal thickness. Fried Potato de terre souffle"es soufflees). stirring 457. plunge the potatoes in cook them at a moderate fire until they are Take them out with a tender and slightly coloured. a good fire . and do not put in too many at one time. fire . until it steams . Fry them as in preceding recipe (No. . In order to ensure success with these potatoes use a frying-basket. (Pommes Choose the long potatoes and of an equal size peel and trim them at each end then cut them in slices lengthwise and the thickness of a five-shilling piece. them about with a slice. When let it the potatoes partly steams plunge shake them about until the potatoes in a second time Drain them they have swollen out and become crisp. them on a Replace the fat on the sieve . very moderate heat to are tender drain cold. potatoes should be served with grilled steak and chops. at this point plunge the potatoes in again. . quickly. Fried Potatoes terre (Po mines de frites). . sprinkle salt over. commence with. then as soon as they are crisp take them out and drain them again. . 456. sprinkle These them with table salt. 456). the frying fat get hot. but it must not boil.VEGETABLES. a vegetable dish. well together Arrange the potatoes in when the liquid . but the fat must be a . . and serve immediately. . . of butter the size of an egg . 1/9 is half reduced add a piece work it in with a teaspoonful divide the butter of flour and a pinch of chopped parsley shake the stewpan briskly to mix all into small pieces let it simmer. them get when . Leave the fat on the fire slice place them on a sieve. and serve.

When the potatoes are tender and the sauce reduced. a cupful of white wine. Potatoes Westphalian fashion {Pommes de terre a la ivestphalienne). in three table-spoonfuls of clarified butter or dripping sprinkled with fine salt. giving them a golden tint. Let them boil up once in cold water . Colour over . make a dessert-spoonful of flour in 2 oz. if in the stewpan care must be used to shake them frequently and to add more butter if necessary to finish. then the potatoes. round potatoes are the easiest to prepare in this With a vegetable cutter or scoop they can be manner. looking at them frequently to see they do not stick to the pan. 460. pepper. Potatoes roasted in the Stewpan {Pommes de terre roties). in {Pommes the fire Cut the peeled potatoes small squares. . the water must only cover them. In the oven they will take half an hour to give them a good colour . . an onion pierced with cloves. The if potatoes may be cut in different forms very large cut in halves or quarters. Let them cook gently for thirty to thirty-five minutes.I SO VEGETABLES. put in salt. and at the first moment of boiling they must be strained. . Note. Peel and grate six raw potatoes season with salt and Melt in a shallow mix all well together. of butter a thin sauce of it by adding a quart of stock or water. one egg drop into it stewpan three table . or Naturally the small. formed from the largest potatoes. They may be either finished in the stewpan or in the baking-pan. — 459. finish with a piece of fresh butter and chopped parsley. a bouquet of herbs. For small new potatoes butter is indispensable. pepper. round.spoonfuls of butter . Stewed Potatoes de terre a la genevoise). 458. — new.

pepper. of put in the potatoes with a little salt. Chopped Meat for the Potatoes. of parsley in the centre. 462. baste — . Stuffed Potatoes de terre farcies). Cook them at a gentle fire. Lay them side by side in a buttered dish sprinkle moisten well with diswith salt and baked bread-crumbs Start cooking them over the fire. butter in a pan or stewpan in slices. if they are in a frying-pan put a plate over. moisten The sauce must not be with stock . Let them cook on a good fire for two minutes They should be a turn and leave them the same time. . 461. Chop them finely colour a chopped onion in 1 oz. . Arrange in a crown upon a dish with a piece golden tint. Cover the stewpan . VEGETABLES. them in the oven until they are the requisite colour .. then put solved butter. Put inside each potato a spoonful of chopped meat. 458). no points sticking out also evenly round cut them at the bottom that they may stand upright empty the insides with a potato-scoop scald them (see No. table -spoonfuls l8l sufficient of the mixture. Put in the chopped meat let it simmer ten too thick. . . tossing or cut them . crumbs. . . leaving space between each spoonful to be able to flatten them with the slice. Potatoes a l'Ancienne terre (Pommes de Peel six potatoes . nutmeg. . . 463. of butter add to it the same of flour make the thickening. Finish with chopped parsley and chives. salt. Melt 3 oz. If the hash is too thin add a little baked breadminutes. . a Vcuicienne). frequently with butter. Any remains of meat will do for this purpose. (Pom mes Choose the potatoes of equal size peel and trim them that is to say.

salt raw (peeled) potatoes in slices as and pepper them lightly. 465. boil them in boiling salted water. This is . Japanese Crones (Crones du japoii). them sticking to the bottom of the pan if they should do When so. a vegetable I have never seen in England notwithstanding. then a layer of cheese. grate ]^ finely 11). are — . several waters . of Butter the frying-pan well. (Ramcquin de pommes de Cut six or eight as possible. if so. almost tender throw over them a cupful of cream beaten up an instant with an egg and a little grated cheese. put in a layer of potatoes. They may also be served with cream sauce or gratinc's with cheese. Continue to let them cook over a brisker fire until they have taken a good colour . . Note. 1 82 VEGETABLES When they are the slice.. I may say they have a resemblance to periwinkles when they nearest out of the shell a trifling one. but the can think of. Season with salt. For the guidance of those who have never seen — I crones. the coloured side to be above. move them by sliding the slice under them. When they are tender drain them. it is well Trim the ends of the crones wash them in worth eating. 464. move them about constantly with turning them frequently with the slice. Gruyere or Parmesan cheese. . pepper. it must have got there. . Potato Ramequins terre). and chopped chives. When potatoes and cheese are finished pour over 3 oz. of dissolved butter cover closely with a round plate cook all They must be well watched to prevent over a slow fire. they are tender turn them upside down on to a dish. afterwards toss them in butter.

Lettuce Salad {Salade de romai/ie). Put in the lettuces. and move them thoroughly about in the dressing. press to paste the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. A sliced spring onion is a great improvement to the salad when the flavour this . two salt-spoonfuls of salt. as no salad can be eatable Take if the water be allowed to mix with the dressing. Tarragon vinegar or lemon may be substituted if for ordinary vinegar preferred. three table-spoonfuls of the finest oil. SALADS.iS. in the salad-bowl : Mix the following sauce four table-spoonfuls of thick cream. To No. 468. 467. endive. half of pepper. Prepare the lettuces as above. then dry is it in a soft most important. Salad in Cream Sauce {Salade a la crime). one of vinegar. dress in the same way as for recipe makes a capital salad. Endive Salad chicore'e {Salade de In winter amere). Wash and cloth : drain the lettuce well. 466. 466. when lettuces are scarce the Batavian endive and is far superior to the ordinary vary the dressing. is not objected to. one . a little mustard stir well for two minutes.

80) flavoured with a pinch of cayenne and a little raw mustard. season with salt. one resting on the other. French beans. French Bean Salad verts). % — . . 469. Mix add the lettuces. 471. they must be Mix in the very young and fresh. and are best left whole. Italian Salad (Sa/ade italienne). commencing from the bottom of the bowl to the top of the point. except the peas. the potatoes. carrots. 467). and the which are to be divided into tiny bouquets. {Salade de haricots Boil the beans in boiling salted water. pepper. chopped fresh mint. the lines to be be careful to vary the shades then inch apart about between each of these lines garnish with the peas and French beans. which are left whole. Boil the cabbage . Salad of White Cabbage (Sa/ade au chon blanc). and cauliflowers make lines of these vegetables. then cut into small dice or slices. a little of vinegar. 470.1 84 salt. pepper. and cauliflowers. and a teaspoonful of vinegar add to it 1 gill of mayonnaise sauce (No. carrots. . SALADS. salad-bowl with the boiled vegetables . is composed of all kinds of vegetables — cauli- flowers. and make smooth with the point of a knife. put them in the cut them up very fine cos lettuces . well . drain it well . prepare a dressing with hard egg (see No. celery root. let it get cold . . This salad potatoes. boiled separately. Arrange all into a dome Willi or point. green peas. and All these vegetables must be very fresh and all young. Keep on one side a little of each of these vegetables to Take the hearts of two garnish the top of the salad.

Mix Salad of Beetroot [Betteraves rouges pour salade). left to get cold. Boil cut them them in in salted fine slices and pepper. . according to any of the above recipes. the advantage of being more wholesome than the raw ones.SALADS. The onion may be sauce well and put in the beans. and certainly should cold meat be in the bill of fare. (Salade de pomme de After the potatoes are boiled cut them in slices (thin). a little raw mustard to be added to the dressing. a tableWork the spoonful and a half of vinegar. 473. Leeks. 185 salad-bowl a chopped onion. oil. they are much more appetising to accompany it than a cabbage boiled in water and served hot. water for two hours . a pinch of salt. chopped parsley. chopped parsley. peel them and arrange them in a dish with salt . and then dressed These salads have . pepper. Prepare in the salad-bowl an onion chopped fine. add a laurel cloves. Potato Salad terre). Cover them with cold vinegar . two table-spoonfuls of the potatoes well into vinegar and four of olive the sauce. half a teaspoonful of raw mustard. being easier of digestion. if not too strong for the palate. vessel. They must be boiled. This salad will keep if placed in a — Cauliflowers and lettuces make excellent salads. are very good as a salad they must be well washed and boiled very tender. pepper. three of oil. 472. leaf and a few covered Note. a little salt. omitted at pleasure.

a small piece of stick cinnamon. a grain of it salt. Semolina Pudding {Ponding a la semoule). stir all let it cook gently for seven or eight minutes. Remove the saucepan to the side of the stove add to it a piece of fresh butter the size of half an egg. the time. Butter a plain timbale-mould. into slowly 3^ oz.1 86 PUDDINGS. {Ponding a Boil rind 1 quart of milk with a piece of thin lemon-rind (the thin that not a morsel of the white must be cut so . 3^2 oz. the grated rind of half a lemon. Place the mould in a stewpan with boiling water reaching to the middle of the mould. strain it through a fine sieve. then on the butter sprinkle baked breadcrumbs mixed with powdered sugar. 475. of sugar. Boil Pour i quart of milk. half a cupful of water. of sugar. a couple of cloves. Serve with the following sauce. 474. To finish. of semolina. pour in the semolina. beat up the four whites of egg to a stiff . and a little grated lemon-rind . let it boil gently for forty to forty-five minutes. then one whole egg and four yolks. Boil for an instant a tumberful of sherry or madeira. This pudding can be cooked in the oven by placing it in a deep dish with boiling water round it. and work them in very gently. stirring all the time. Pass the knife between froth the pudding and mould to turn it out. 3^4 oz. Cold Semolina Pudding la semoule froid).

Gooseberry sauce for the above. it salt. In the interval moisten the inside of a mould with cold water (a oz. of fresh butter. five yolks. the water to reach half way up crumbs. add them delicately and gently to the mixture with two dessertspoonfuls of dried and sifted flour. then add very little it ^ — gradually y± pint of hot milk. pour in the This semolina after having taken out the lemon -rind. Boil the liquid two or three minutes with 3^ oz. add little by work to it well one whole egg. saiad-bowl — 476. working the mixture for an instant with the spoon. Directly boils sprinkle into 3^ of semolina. In a separate basin soften . Serve with cream and chocolate sauce. it). Dissolve a tablet of chocolate in two dessert-spoonfuls of hot water j add 2 oz. of white powdered sugar. following the same instructions as for No. stirring all the time with a wooden spoon. Pour it into a mould that has been buttered and sprinkled with baked breadBoil in a stewpan. lb. Stir over the fire until . and the grated chocolate. J^ lb. 187 a grain of it 3^2 oz. of chocolate. but any fruit syrup can be served with it. Let it get cold. and boil from thirty-five This pudding may also be baked. of powdered sugar and three yolks of eggs. and a dessert-spoonful of dried bread pounded. 474. of white crushed sugar and a wine-glassful of water. and is best with gooseberry sauce. Chocolate Pudding chocolat). will do as well as a mould) . of butter at the entrance of the oven with a spoon for five minutes . Put in a stewpan 1 lb. crush them. pudding is eaten cold. draw it on one side of the stove and let it simmer for seven or eight minutes. Sauce crane au chocolat.PUDDINGS. Beat up to a froth the five whites of eggs. {Ponding an Grate ^ lb. underskin attaches to 2 oz. of sugar. pass them through a hair-sieve. to forty-five minutes. the mould . leave the stewpan open. of Directly they boil up ripe red gooseberries . When it has boiled two minutes.

add gently the five whites beaten to a froth. of castor sugar. nor must there be any lumps. *^ lb. Orange Pudding souffle" {Ponding a r orange). seven yolks of grated rind of an orange. 478. of butter add to it oz. five yolks of eggs. same of lemon. a dessert-spoonful of flour. i oz. not allowing it to boil.1 88 PUDDINGS. mix eggs. of bread-crumb previously soaked in rum (a wineglassful). to thicken it it commences boil. of i chocolate in powder. in a full and cook in the oven for bain-marie — The mould must be placed that is of boiling water. % i % spoonful of lastly all flour. the juice of an orange. i oz. Mix in all well . vessel with boiling water) in the . pour into a plain earthenware mould. oven for Serve with a Sabayon au rlium (No. to say. ]/^ Put into an enamel saucepan lb. 477. the same of white sugar. (Pouding Beat to a cream (in a basin) lb. the grated rind of a lemon. of almonds or nuts chopped. in a deep dish or vessel half This pudding must be served quickly. and the over a slow fire as you would an ordinary custard. thirty to thirty-five minutes. of Malaga raisins stoned. 575). and slick to the spoon . the Stir all — with the seven whites of eggs beaten to a firm froth. and with a custard flavoured with orange. a dessert. it must not Pass through a hair-sieve. oz. Pour this custafrd into a basin of earthenware it must not be put into any tin vessel. and Pour into a well-buttered mould and bake a vain-marie (a thirty minutes. Viennese Pudding viennois). of butter.

1 (Ponding aux Colour lightly in the oven ^ oz. pound them finely with a little white of Barcelona nuts egg. Stir all over the fire until it thickens and commences to detach itself from the stewpan at this point pour the mixture into a basin. Lemon Pudding citron). of fresh oz. and the chopped rind of half a lemon . — 480. add 1 1 2 oz. the same of dissolved butter. y2 a stewpan. Pour all into a mould that has been buttered and dusted with flour. with 1 yi oz. add them to the preparation for pudding a la vanille (No. / cease while the ingredients are being added. pour into it gradually a cupof warm milk mix all well with a wooden spoon to make a smooth paste. 189 479. The stirring must never ful . 481). perfectly When all is mixed beat up the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth and add it half at one time to the mixture. then six yolks of eggs and the juice of half a lemon. . pass them through a tammy-cloth or hair-sieve . of flour into 1 butter. but simply and delicately blended to the preparation.. more of sugar. of powdered sugar. the water must only reach half-way up the mould. Boil in a bain-marie (the mould placed in a — — saucepan with boiling water reaching to the middle of the mould halfway up). pierce it with a clean skewer if it comes out without anything — : . Nut Pudding noisettes). a grain of salt. Boil in a that is. {Ponding an Tut 3 oz. The whites must never be beaten in once they are whisked to a snow. leave the saucepan uncovered. This pudding may also be baked by putting the mould in a vessel of boiling water. PUDDINGS. to put the mould bain-marie for forty minutes in a saucepan of bo'ling water . boil from thirty-five to forty-five minutes. To find if the pudding is properly cooked.

{Ponding anx amandes Tccl Jfc£ lb. . it is done. l 1 /i oz. Boil for forty minutes. add to it a handful of stoned raisins. Pour all mould buttered and sprinkled with powdered sugar. stituting Pn pare the mixture vanilla for 482. Vanilla Pudding la vanille). observe the same directions as are given for the preceding puddings. Serve with any fruit syrups or sweet sauce. of sugar with half a cupful of water when the . grated rind of a lemon. {Ponding a as above (No. 3 oz. {Ponding an Boil 1 2 pint of milk with 3 oz. almonds leave them to cool caramel pour it over the then reduce the whole to a a quarter of this paste fine paste in a mortar. place them on a baking tin. 480). put them in the oven until they have taken a brownish tint. of sugar and a piece of butter the size of an egg. Beat the three whites to a stiff froth into a add them gently to the other mixture. to turn to . in a same manner 483. Always pass the knife between the pudding and the mould before turning it out. Work . three yolks . Directly it boils drop in gradually y forming into lumps continually for five minutes to avoid it place the stewpan on one side .19O sticking to PUDDINGS. Boil ){ lb. 481. of candied orange and lemon peel. and serve with vanilla custard round it. Baked Almond Pudding gri/Ia's). mix all perfectly. Keep upon into a a separate plate for the sauce of the pudding. For boiling. of almonds. let it simmer for fifteen minutes. one whole egg. . simply sublemon. cook bain-marie for forty to forty-five minutes in the as directed for preceding puddings. Tapioca Pudding tapioca). of tapioca stir . sugar commences . Pour the mixture into a basin . it.

one then the pounded almonds. Pour all into a buttered mould which has been sprinkled with sugar. of sugar mix with it four well-beaten eggs. froth for ten IQI lb. . — 484. . Pour this custard over the cherries. then add to it. of butter. six yolks. Put the dish in the oven for thirty minutes an instant before taking it from the. glazed. and serve the remainder in a sauce-boat. Almond cream for the above. two dessert-spoonfuls of powdered sugar. the same of baked bread-crumbs moistened with a dessert-spoonful of brandy. pudding on to a plate pour round it a little almond cream. Prepare a good custard add to it the reserved almond paste.oven sprinkle the top with fine powden-d sugar so that it becomes . of black cherries put them in a deep dish mix them with three crushed rusks and a pinch of powdered Boil a tumberful and a half of milk with 3 oz. Cherry Pudding cerises . Beat up the six whites of egg to a firm froth add them gently to the rest. (Poudhig aux dans u?i plat). Stone 1 lb. PUDDINGS. . . Boil or bake the pudding in the same manner as for semolina pudding.. Turn the minutes %' after the other. cinnamon.

. let it y 2 oz. away the pips cinnamon and take rennet apples . a grain it boils drop in gradually i 2 oz. 485. of sugar. 486. oven should be prepared to the required heat before putit in. wooden spoon . add r . Peel three . a wine-glnssful of water. The ting rises. . The success of a souffle" depends upon the baking. and the heat gradually increased it as the souffli If commences to take colour too quickly. . Pour the mixture into a basin mix it with five yolks of Beat up the five whites to a firm froth add them Pour all into a mould which has gently to the semolina. a piece A souffli of white paper should be placed over the top. and Let them cook until a piece of butter the size of a nut. Semolina Souffle" (Souffle a la semoule). of fresh butter. i directly pint of milk with y^ lb. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar. of vanilla sugar. eggs. been buttered bake for twenty-five minutes in the oven.192 SOUFFLES. must be sent direct from the oven to the table. . cut them in pieces put them into a stewpan with a pinch of i j4 oz. stirring continually with a cook for eight or ten minutes . of fine y semolina. Boil of salt . 1 Apple Souffle" (Souffle aux potnme a la russe).

The above can be made with any kind of fruit which admits of being stewed to a consistent substance. 488. it about with Mix with the then remove the stewpan from the fire. y . Directly it boils pour in two dessert-spoonfuls of ground — — mixed smoothly with a wine-glassful of cold milk.SOUFFLES. of butter and two yolks of eggs. then crush them with a wooden Beat six spoon they are reduced to a thick mass. flavoured with vanilla Beat up the six whites to a stiff snow add half of it very gently and delicately to the chocolate when it is all Pour all into a deep mixed in. smooth the top. whites of eggs to a warm apples. 487. . (Souffle a la fleur de Boil 1 pint of milk with 3 oz. smooth over the top. rice briskly with a . one by one. work a wooden spoon until it is quite smooth. Let the mixture get half cold add to it three yolks of eggs. making it take the form of a dome in the centre sprinkle over with sugar. N . of sugar a part of the sugar should be flavoured with vanilla a grain of salt. add the other half. — — . l part of it to be chocolate /^ lb. stiff froth. Put all into a deep buttered dish. and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. then add 1 2 oz. they 193 commence until to break. Pour all into and mix them in lightly to the a deep buttered dish . Serve up directly. Stir spoon the paste must be without a lump. then beat six whites to a firm snow mix them with the other very gently. (four tablets) of grated chocolate with three dessert-spoonfuls of warm water . Cook for ten minutes. . Dissolve in a stewpan 6 oz. of powdered sugar six yolks of eggs (one at a time). Ground-rice Souffle" riz). sprinkled with powdered suyar. Chocolate Souffle (Souffle au chocolaf). . half of the snow at a time. and put in a moderate oven for twenty-five minutes.

of flour which has been dried and passed through a sieve. directly it boils up remove it to The stewthe side to allow the water to merely simmer. Place the stewpan in a dish or vessel with boiling water stir all over the fire as if you were making a hollandaise at this point sauce. . a teaspoonful of potato flour. . cover with a buttered Souffle Mousseline (Soitffli mousseline). 1 oz. in takes colour before paper. it is baked. the juice and grated rind of a lemon. 194 SOUFFLES. and until it commences to thicken remove the stewpan from the fire. and until it is the consistency . two yolks of eggs. It must be served up immediately after having souffle. may also be baked. . of butter dissolved. and hake Sprinkle with a moderate oven for twenty minutes.. If the souffle powdered sugar before sending to table. a small piece of vanilla (about 2 inches). . 490. smooth the top over with a knife. with a wooden 2 spoon six yolks of eggs. pan should be covered in a manner that the steam cannot Twenty to twenty-five minutes will cook the escape. Mix all with a cupful of milk stir over a gentle fire until it thickens without lumps. Beat partly up in a 2 stewpan oz. This souffle" sprinkled over it some powdered macaroons. Vanilla Souffld {Souffle" a la va utile). 2 oz. but continue to stir the Beat up the six whites mixture for three minutes longer. . put in boiling water place the to reach to the middle of the dish or mould stewpan over a good fire . of eggs to a firm snow mix them delicately to the yolks pour the whole into a deep dish or mould smooth it over Place this dish in a stewinto a point in the middle. pan which can be tightly closed. a grain of salt. of powdered sugar. oz. 489. . of warmed butter. Put in a stewpan 3 oz. buttered dish. of sugar.

either in metal or earthenware place it on a baking-tin fill it three parts full bake in a moderate oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. be all bitter lightly the oven. The almonds must the heat to be gradually increased. then add as directed beaten to a stiff Butter a mould.. stir for ten . . 492. 491. the . Chocolate Souffle" (Souffle an chocolat). lb. a preparation the same as for vanilla souffle (No. 195 smooth sauce. . SOUFFLES. grated rind of a small lemon. of almonds. but before adding the eggs add to the mixture two This souffle tablets of chocolate dissolved in a little water. When it the mixture the pounded almonds and the five whites beaten to a stiff snow. in previous recipes the five whites of eggs the heat after the first ten minutes. grill Take them % . then pound them very same is fine. can be cooked the same as any of the above or in a case of buttered paper. and frothy add the almonds. of a thick 1 oz. Take it off the fire and acid to it of butter and five yolks of eggs. Pour all into a deep buttered dish or souffle-vaovXA bake for fifteen to twenty minutes in a moderate oven at first. . not be peeled . of sugar which slightly flavoured with vanilla with five yolks of eggs. spread upon is a plate which has been lightly oiled them cool. 490). 493. Almond Souffle" (Souffle praline'). Work 3 oz. increasing froth. the as you would for sponge-cake. Boil let of sugar to caramel mix with the almonds . to oz. a grain of 4^ oz. Make Omelet Souffle" (Omelette souffle'e). salt of sugar. three of in it them 1 . Put in a basin four yolks of eggs. Barcelona nuts may be substituted for quite white delicately to .

. place it on a gentle Stir well with a wooden spoon until it comm fire. work them an instant. . of clarified z Break the eggs add a grain . Jam Omelet aux eggs confitures) (Oiiic/e/te For an omelet of of salt. of butter divided Put the stewpan into a large vessel in which hot water has been poured. to thicken without lumps. 196 SOUFFLfiS. a pinch of sugar. bringing to a point the centre. place the dish in into another vessel containing boiling water. 494. . Before serving sprinkle with sifted sugar. then a gentle oven from twenty minutes. . with the point of the knife five to thirty . then pile them up to one side of the pan Place in the middle of the omelet two dessert-spoonfuls of turn it out jam fold the two edges over to the centre sprinkle with sugar. . melt \]/ oz.. mixed in in add the other it half. Butter a deep dish pour in the omelet smooth it over . Beat six whites of eggs very firm add . half at a time. then add two table-spoonfuls of rum and 3 into small pieces. side of the stove beat up the six whites to a snow add them. when gently . to the rest of the mixture. Omelette Souffle" au Rhum (Omelette soiifflc'e an rhum). let them set. 1 oz. Butter a deep dish in pour the it omelet. sprinkle with sugar. . of butter to be added the mixture. Put in a small stewpan three table-spoonfuls of vanilla sugar and six yolks of eggs. 495. six butter in an omelet-pan. This omelet must be sent to table direct from the oven. a dessert-spoonful of milk . and hake in a gentle oven from twelve to fifteen minutes. to minutes with a wooden spoon. oz. . beat pour them into the warm butter move them about quickly with a wooden spoon or fork. upside down on to a round dish up an instant with a fork . Remove the stewpan to the . first the half to the other mixture.

Place in as many as the pan will hold . draw it to the side of the fire. Eggs in Snow sweeten (CEufs a la Boil l \ /> neige). but it must not boil. With a small slice turn the eggs over. water . Chocolate Omelet {Omelette au chocolat). . roll it up. 197 496. let it set over a slow fire and take colour on one side only.. Beat up in a basin the whites of five eggs when they are stiff and firm take a table-spoonful at a time and with a knife smooth it into a form raised in the middle. . as at this point the milk must only simmer. omelet the other side . 497. 498. . SOUFFLfiS Another way to make an Omelet. warm the butter in the pan pour in the eggs in a manner to entirely cover the bottom Turn the of the pan . . Melt of eggs to a stiff froth and mix it with the chocolate. pint of milk in rather a large stewpan Take it from the fire . Beat up the yolks of the five eggs with half a teaspoonful of potato flour add the hot milk to it stir it over a gentle fire until it commences to thicken. when it is in rather a large frying-pan 1 ]/> oz. Dissolve in a stewpan one tablet of chocolate in a little leave it to cool . sugar. and with the use of another spoon let it fall into the boiling milk. and when they are sufficiently firm place them on a cloth. add to it four yolks of eggs and Beat up the four whites a dessert-spoonful of thick cream. and send to table with a chocolate sauce round it. of butter hot pour in the omelet. and sprinkle with . perfectly . Dial) . let it colour the same manner spread a layer of jam over it. a small piece of lemon -rind or a piece of stick vanilla. Break the eggs as above. let it take colour at a slow fire. When ready to serve roll it up. of sugar. stirring it with a spoon . put in either with 3 oz.

raised SOUFFLfiS. of finest white sugar. one on the other . so that the surface of the eggs may become firm. mix to them very gently 3 oz. Note. sets. Keep back tcaspoonfuls of freshly roasted coffee in a stewpan with a wine-glass of water . grate very finely a tablet of chocolate . little —This sweet can be eaten hot little or cold. 499. it must not boil. only simmer) from forty to forty five minutes and until it In the meanwhile stir the custard that has been kept but back over a gentle fire . mix it with a over the eggs until the white is completely covered. Serve with a custard flavoured with vanilla or chocolate. and let it cook gently (the water must . or a small quantity of liqueur. of sugar break into a basin four whole eggs and five yolks (or seven whole eggs) beat them an instant with the whisk add to them both the boiling milk and the essence of coffee pour all into a well-buttered mould. Turn the cream out of the mould on to a dish (upside down) . Coffee Custard cafe). Boil l /^ pint of milk with 4 oz. Beat up to a fine snow the whites of five eggs . . cover it with the custard. a glassful of the custard. cover them with the custard. strain it.198 the white eggs. it must be put through a fine sieve and part of it flavoured with vanilla. Snow Eggs en Surprise (CEnfs a la neige en surprise). . a dissolved chocolate. and may be varied by putting a coffee essence in the custard. . (Crewe renversie an Put four and ground boil up for 1 half a minute. beat it with a whisk until it thickens. . Place the mould in a stewpan with boiling water to reach half the height of the mould cover the stewpan. table-spoonful of fine sugar sprinkle this 500. Arrange the eggs on a round dish in the form of a — rock . . . Place the dish for ten minutes in a very gentle oven.

take it off and let it cool 502. . Cover the pots with white paper. Fill with this mixture some little china pots or small black coffee-cups . 536) pour a little of this sugar into a thin layer at the bottom. which must only reach hold them cover the stewpan. and let them half way up the cups pint of tea. pour the liquid of tea and cream to it. which has the remainder of the caramel 1 ]/ 2 pint of milk boil it until the caramel is melted. commences to thicken . Beat up for two minutes in a basin five yolks of eggs with 3 oz. Tea Custards petits pots). of powdered sugar . that to say. 490. 501. of loaf-sugar with — . caramel (see No. boil quickly until the sugar is commences . . Stir the . a cupful of Put into a stewpan 6 water (a tea-cup) to take colour oz. and pass all through a hair-sieve. Make ^ simmer gently until the cream is set.SOUFFLfiS. then mix with it a tumblerful of thick raw cream. . strain it after leaving it three minutes. ( Crime au thi en not too strong . mould in a manner to form a Tour directly into the stewpan . beat them an instant mix them well with the milk which has been removed from the fire . To ensure success to this sweet the milk must be pure and fresh and the eggs of the best. place them in a stewpan sufficiently large to put in boiling water. serve it round the pudding. reserved custard over the fire until it . Note. Cook the custard according to the directions given for No. in 199 placing the in — This cream may be baked by it mould a dish of boiling water and putting the oven. They may be baked in the oven in the stewpan or any vessel with water merely. Custard in Caramel renverse'e {Crime au caramel). pour this custard into the prepared mould. keeping back a glassful of it. Break four whole eggs and four yolks into a basin (or six whole) .

a grain or two of three teaspoonfuls of orange- flower water. Pour this custard into a deep dish well buttered. pour it over the eggs . of powdered sugar. chocolate. Bake for twenty or twenty-five minutes. work all well with a wooden spoon for five minutes add to it three teacupfuls of raw cream or milk. either for baking or boiling. 503. 501. — . {Flan Beat up glace" in a basin five whole eggs with 4 salt. Note. By placing the moulds or dishes in a second vessel containing boiling water. or vanilla. Place this/«r/<? in a bowl with five yolks of eggs . Strawberry Custards petits pots'). Before serving sprinkle it with sugar. 504. and make a . This same cream may be made with coffee. Baked Custard an sucre dans tin plat). mix well. place the dish in another utensil which has a little boiling water in it. and hold over it a shovel or salamander made red hot. {Crane aux /raises en Pass some strawberries through a hair-sieve. Have ready boiled 1% pint of milk . sufficient to teacupful of pnre'e. all risk of the custards curdling is avoided. Fill some small pots or cups with this mixture.200 SOUFFLES. oz. cook the same as for No.

two mixture over a gentle thicken a snow. fairly firm and slightly coloured take it out and let it cool on the one size. of the form Have some frying fat ready (see No. lozenges. and roll them in fine 506. Cream Fritters (Beignets de crime). of vanilla sugar.FRITTERS (BEIGNETS). Serve very hot. teaspoonfuls of orange-flower water. make a smooth paste free . of flour. tin. mix it smoothly from tumblerful of cold water . when cutter. either in round small cakea with or squares. Stir this a grain ot salt. sieve as they are done. them on a vanilla sugar. Frying Batter for the above. Put yolks of eggs boiling milk of flour with five into a stewpan three table-spoonfuls mix these by degrees with i pint ol cream or . fire . then divide in pieces all it commences (see below) and batter to steam dip the fritters into frying drain fry them a beautiful golden colour . 505. at this point with a wooden spoon until it commences to add to it the white of an egg beaten to this paste Spread U inch in thickness. with a Put in a bowl 5 oz. . add 6 oz. Bake it on a greased baking-tin to about in the oven until it becomes . 106).

and the oil may be replaced by Note. Serve very hot. to the batter very gently. them in powdered sugar mixed with a pinch of powdered for twenty minutes in a : cinnamon. leave . and puss it through a sieve. add a pinch of sale and a table-spoonful of olive oil. mix them. A little rum or liqueur may be added if desired. have taken a beautiful colour drain them on a sieve. before — dissolved butter use. then into the boiling . but in a natural way so Put them in a dish with that each quarter retains its juice. Orange Fritters (Beignets d' oranges). . Lumps. then on a cloth roll them in fine sugar Serve very hot. them — 508. last if preferred. 507. cut them in peel them take the middle out with a . until they 506). Rub the thin rinds of the oranges against Orange sugar. . 506). drain. leave them for a little fine sugar sprinkled over them drain. half at a time. Take off the peel and under white skin from five good oranges divide them in quarters. Beat up three or four whites of eggs to a firm froth. and roll fat fry them both sides a golden tint. fat. taking care not to spoil the slice or round. the frying batter (No. slice in the frying batter (No. Apple Fritters (Beignets de poinmes). pound the latter very fine. Steep each piece of orange into fifteen minutes . cutter. . Steep them bowl witli a cupful of rum or Steep each liqueur and a little powdered sugar. then into the hot Drain. .202 FRITTERS. Choose good rennet apples slices the thickness of }{ inch . flavoured with orange. a large piece of loaf-sugar. Batter loses nothing by being is needed for must be added at the it made some hours only the whites of the eggs moment.

Work the paste well . mix all briskly with a wooden spoon until it becomes a perfectly smooth paste. soak should be about them for twenty minutes in a little liqueur or rum and some powdered sugar. and roll them in finely pow. Cherry Fritters (Beignets de cerises). Peach Fritters {B eigne ts de peches). Take out 512. a pinch of salt. FRITTERS. 510. then remove the stewpan to one side of the stove to allow the mixture to cool slightly then add the lemon-peel and one whole egg. of sifted sugar. : Proportions stewpan the water. the skewers before sending them to Fritters Souffles souffles). 203 Pear Fritters de poires). . four whole eggs. 506) flavoured with a little kirsch. Fry them a batter (No. 3 oz. Boil together in a 2 lb. off the skin soak and fry take out the cut them in halves them exactly the same as for the above . of butter. and salt. y . 508). Take stone . Finish the same as for apple fritters (No. flour. 511. dered sugar. (No. 1 ]^ oz. 509. When the liquid is boiling remove the stewpan to the side of the fire add the flour which has been previously passed through a sieve . take out the pips . sugar. . Stir this paste for an instant over a gentle fire. butter. put in five frying good colour table. — ^ 5°3). at Take out the stones from a hundred cherries steep them a time on small wooden skewers . drain on a cloth. (Beignets three teacupfuls of water. (Beigne ts the pieces Feel and cut in quarters some good pears inch thick .. the rind of a lemon grated.

Put in six at a time. until the egg is completely mixed in. and oz. and plunge them into boiling fat until they take a good colour. When it is cold divide it into squares or in rounds with a paste-cutter pass these through two beaten eggs. cook seven or eight minutes. then one by one the if then remaining three eggs. Semolina Fritters {Beignets a la semoule). a handful of currants. of semolina stir until it thickens. of add to it 3 oz. add one more egg. Arrange in a pyramid on a dish. 2 oz.204 FRITTERS. of flour in 2 1 pint of milk sugar. one whole egg. then the fire should be made a little more active in order Drain. Spread it upon a dish to let it cool. of butter divided it in small pieces. Boil directly let it in it a stewpan boils i pint of milk with 3 oz. fire . roll it upon a floured over the fire until . Pour this paste . Place it over a gentle fire. Remove the stewpan from the put in a piece of butter the size of an egg. four yolks of eggs. Mix of salt. and a liqueur-glass of kirsch. moistened with water on to a cake-tin \shich has been spread the paste to the thickness of Yz inch. then in bread-crumbs. 513. Take a table-spoonful of this paste and let it drop into the hot frying fat. of ground almonds. three yolks of eggs. which must not be too hot. add 6 oz. a grain . the chopped rind of a lemon or orange. Take a table-spoonful of this paste. or more if the pan is sufficiently large. or roll them in fine sugar. stirring all the time the . The fritters. fritter will gradually swell and increase three times in size. Stir becomes a smooth paste which commences to cook. 514. fry the turning them continually with the slice. of sugar. . . 4 oz. paste is too stiff. Almond Croquettes nctics aux amatides). and either sprinkle to give them a beautiful colour.

break work all together to make a smooth . take a table-spoonful of it . this paste. shake the pan to prevent it sticking to it .. crumbs. work all for an instant. pour into it sufficient of this paste to cover the bottom with a thin pass through a if it forms into let it set over a gentle fire. three yolks of eggs. the stalk. the corner of the stove let it cool . 516. . a pinch of salt . pierce them at one end with a small piece of wood or of macaroni to form dish . of sugar. a pinch of salt Place the stewpan upon cook gently for thirty minutes. . At all point add a cupful of thick raw cream sieve. 515. Put a teaspoonful of clarified butter into a small warmed frying . Boil for ten . FRITTERS. other. when cooked. If desired. bubbles merely prick them with a fork . If the croquettes are in the form of a pear. place it on a board sprinkled with baked bread-crumbs roll them in the form of a cork or a pear pass them through egg and breadFry them a beautiful colour . the grated rind of Spread the rice upon a a lemon . on to a dish . Rice Croquettes (Croquettes an riz).pan . . sprinkle it directly with powdered sugar. a piece of fresh butter. Pancakes (Crepes). then slide it layer. Continue Place. roll them in sugar. then roll them in powdered sugar. add to the rice 3 oz. 205 pass board into the shape of a large cork or of a small pear. put it back in the stewpan with 1 pint of milk. of rice drain it . minutes 3 oz. a the pancakes one on the top of the change can be made by spreading a thin layer of apricot jam on each pancake. in the same manner until all the batter is finished. Put into it 1 two whole eggs Yz oz. . of flour in a bowl. them through egg and bread-crumbs and fry them a beautiful colour. let it take a golden tint both sides. turn the pancake with the slice . .

powder them with fine sugar. and pour the cherries in the centre.206 FRITTERS. place in a dish and soak them in a little milk or cream. place on a round dish. arrange them in the form of a crown on a round dish. 517. 519. fry them a delicate golden colour in butter. Bread Fritters {Croutes dories). Cut off a tin loaf sixteen slices 2 / l inch thick . them Have slice dessert- spoonfuls of clarified butter in a frying-pan of bread in the egg . Take out the stones from 2 lb. Bread Fritters with Strawberries ( Croft te aux fraises). . — Upon each piece ing in the sugar not to crush the fruit. Continent small sweet rolls arc used instead of rusk bread Note. of white Be careful in mixpowdered sugar flavoured with vanilla. of sugar. of bread arrange some of the strawberries . Keep them hot until all are fried. put them in a basin with 3 oz. . then pass them through finely mixed with a powdered cinnamon. Cut some slices about j£ inch thick from a long rusk loaf. 517. of black cherries stew them for a few minutes with 3 oz. three whole eggs beaten up in a plate warm three . and they are On the better for the above purpose if they are a day old. a little cinnaHave ready some slices mon. : — . of strawberries the purpose. Bread Fritters with Cherries (Croutes aux cerises). The rusk loaves can be obtained from any good baker by ordering them a day in advance. put them into the pan little fry them a golden colour both sifted sugar sides. 518. and a wine glassful of water. soak each . Take the small wood ones are the best for 1 lb. of bread prepared according to recipe No.

Arrange the bread in the form of a crown in a round dish . These sweets are most simple. . 518. pour the Prepare some syrup over. . fried. easily prepared. and a wine-glassful of sherry or Warm the slices' of pine-apple in this marsala boil it up. between each slice of bread put a slice of pine-apple. and would make a welcome variety to the limited 7iienu of the ordinary English schoolroom dinner. cut . directions given slices of bread according to the above (Nos. and the strawberries Plain stale buns would placed on in the form of a dome. a table- spoonful of apricot jam. into as many roll oz. 520.FRITTERS. 207 they are merely cut in halves. syrup. 519). Take some preserved pine-apple bread or the pine-apple into a stewpan with 3 slices as there are pieces of . Bread Fritters with Pine-apple {Croutes a V ananas). put the pieces of of sugar. probably do as well.

round. The tins must be well buttered before using. 521. line the bottom of pressing it carefully into the fluted Cut some rennet apples into moderate pieces. but they must be removed on to china. one piece resting half over the other. of equal size it. . 579) the baking-tin with edges. Cherry Tart ccri$cs\ {Gateau aux Proceed exactly the same as must be stoned.208 SWEET On are DISHES. thirty to forty minutes. all arrange them on the paste. sprinkle well with powdered sugar and a little powdered cinnamon bake in hot oven from . flat dishes before sending to table. Before sending to table sprinkle again with sugar. 521. the Continent fruit-tarts arc always made open they perhaps no better than the English tarts. The cherries . : Round tins with fluted edges can easily be procured for the baking. Prepare a short crust (see No. but the recipes may be acceptable if only as a matter of novelty. for No. 522. . ( Apple Tart Gateau aux pommes).

SWEET DISHES. . . o . improvement upon the 525. the apricots in halves . Buttered Apples beurre). . take out arrange them in a well-buttered tin or dish sprinkle them with 3 oz. pears. Beat to a firm snow the whites of three eggs . 521). arrange them as much as possible to form a kind of crown in the middle sprinkle well with fine white sugar and a little cinnamon. When the crust is baked take off the paper and cover it with strawberries powdered with sugar and a little cinnamon. When I it is pretty cold slide it upon a round Note. dish. 209 Apricot Tart abricots). (Pommes au the cores Peel eight rennet apples. Strawberry Tart Meringue {Gateau aux /raises meringue). Put it back in a gentle oven until the meringue is slightly . These tarts can be made with plums (all stoned). coloured. Bake for thirty or forty minutes. — venture to suggest that cream would be an eggs. peaches. rises in bubbles merely press it down with the hand. . mix them delicately with 4 oz. cut stone them place them on the paste . For this tart. of vanilla sugar spread this over the tart. of very fine sugar. 523. Powder with sugar before sending to table. completely hiding the strawberries by smoothing it with a knife sprinkle on the top of all 1 oz. the paste must be baked without the fruit. of sugar. j — 524. Line the tin with a short crust (No. &c. gooseberries. put it in a warm oven. a little powdered cinna. {Gateau ai/x Prepare the paste the same as above (No. 579) place a buttered If the paste paper over the paste. Note. cut them in halves.

sugar. . (Pommes Prepare some buttered apples (No. peel them . (peeled). sprinkle Bake from twentywith sugar. Cut some slices of bread from a tin loaf. 528. covering the them opening where the apple has been scooped out arrange in a dish that has been thickly buttered. Send to table in the dish in which five to thirty minutes. eight rennet apples of equal size . 525). one dessert-spoonful of cream. of powdered sugar cover the apples completely with this snow. the hollow of the apples with this mixture. then . arrange them Beat to a snow the in a pyramid in the middle of a dish. they have been baked. and serve. Bake in a good oven until the apples arc soft and lightly coloured. Have ready some apples (No. a table-spoonful of water. of powdered the juice of a lemon one whole egg. or simply as they arc.2IO SWEET . Apple Meringue tneringuits). Apple Charlotte (Charlotte de pommes a la bourgeoise). with any fruit sauce. sugar. 527. of sweet almonds side. m©n put a small piece of butter on each apple. arrange them one over the other in the middle of a dish. if preferred. whites of four eggs. 526. add 3 oz. Apples ci la Comtesse (Pommes a Choose la comtesse). and round them the slices of bread Powder the whole with while in the form of a crown. . Fill . trim them about 4 inches in length and 2 in breadth . fry them a beautiful golden colour in clarified butter. 525). scoop them rather deeply but not through to the opposite Pound finely in a mortar 2 oz. sprinkle the surface first with chopped almonds. DISHES. add to them very delicately 4^ oz.

.SWEET DISHES. and glaze them with a salamander 531. Prepare a marmalade of apples according to the above recipe. — . thin slices peel and cut them in good cooking-apples remove the cores . The bag with arrangement necessary for ornaNote. place them in layers in a . leave is until lightly coloured. add a pinch of sugar. well-buttered sprinkle between each layer crushed dish macaroons and powdered sugar pour over all some dissolved butter put them in a hot oven. adding to it two dessert-spoonfuls of vanilla sugar. 530. Beat up two whole eggs in a cupful of cream. Cut in small blocks (not sliced) twelve peeled rennets remove the cores. Put them in an enamelled stewpan lb. . Put a tumblerwhip it to a stiff ful and a half of cream in a salad-bowl froth. Pour them into a compote-dish. made red hot. . Marmalade of Apples (Marmelade de pommes). ^ stew gently until reduced to a pulp . when the apples are tender pour the cream over them. and seasoned with lemon or cinnamon. Cover the apples completely with half of the cream with the other half decorate the preparation by pressing the cream through a bag in ornamental devices. the meringue 211 it Tut in the oven (a gentle one). Let them sugar. Take six . . and leave them in the oven until they have become a golden colour. Apples and Macaroons (Pommes madame). . at this point beat them briskly with a wooden spoon. powder them with sugar. with sugar. Apples with Cream {Poultries a la Cnanti/fy). 529. . of powdered with a wine-glassful of claret or water. but it must be rather thick and stiff.

but they must not be reduced puree. and between each layer add in addition to the ingredients above mentioned bread-crumbs d. press them very tightly. They may be quarters. If they are cut in quarters. Bake in a gentle oven they will take some time them up occasionally. London. If a very rich full. Teel and cut them in small pieces (No. it is absolutely indispensable in a good kitchen. and this applies not alone to the above recipes but for puddings and tarts. put them in a deep basin in layers. 530) . if — stir to a they 533. a clove. is When the basin (which should be well buttered) place three or four all. The manner in which the apples are cut is most important. W. finely grated. and place an old saucer on little the top. : 532. but . they will never cut become properly in tender. charlotte is substitute macaroons (crushed).212 SWEET DISHES. a squeeze of lemonjuice . small pieces of butter on the top. in a very gentle oven : it should take quite three Note. merely moisten with a claret. . An excellent apple charlotte can be made by preparing the apples according to the above recipe. then again lengthwise into smaller pieces or rather slices. Apple Charlotte (Charlotte de pommes). and be a beautiful red colour. a saucer over and bake hours. ground cinnamon. put no water. An excellent way to stew Apples. or at Mrs Marshall's School of Cookery in Mortimer Street. but will develop into something resembling leather than apples. meriting pastry and fruit with cream or icing sugar ran be procured at a good ironmonger's. If properly baked they should turn out as were preserved. —The basin used fair size. and between each layer sprinkle best brown sugar. as for the should be a therefore a the apples stewed apples or charlotte become much reduced. good number must be cut up.

Have ready some rice boiled in milk. bake them for twelve or fifteen minutes. Whipped cream will naturally but not reduced to a puree. 213 apples The stewed an enamelled stewpan in exactly They must stew the same manner as the recipe No. . Glaze the apple with apricot jam . Peel six or seven medium-sized a rennets . and serve the remainder in a sauce-boat. 579. 532. if served with them. core with — — Pour over the rice a little apricot syrup. and round the cherry pierce the apple with small lozenges of angelica. . Apples (Pommes a with Rice la Creole). afterwards crosswise in small nobbly pieces. leaving the centre free. place a preserved cherry upon each apple. remove the core in with a cutter.— SWEET may be done DISHES. 525). powdered sugar. paste or short crust inch thick. Apples in a Cage cage). sweetened and flavoured with vanilla the rice must be quite firm. remove the . (Nos. tube the apples must remain whole stew them in a thin syrup of sugar flavoured with lemon. . and only lightly mixed or stirred occasionally. Fill the hollow of the apple with red fruit jelly. Sprinkle over them finely Cook them (three Roll out some puff parts done) butter % . With a spoon arrange the rice in the empty space in the dish in the form of a pyramid. (No. 535. joining them on the top of the apple arrange them on a baking tin brush them with yolk of egg . improve any of the above dishes 534. Drain them when tender they must remain whole and firm arrange them side by side on a dish. in very gently. 585) about Cut the paste in strips about 7 inches in length and ij^ inch in breadth. Enclose each apple in two lengths of paste in the form of a cross. [Pommes en Take eight rennets of a medium size .

A ing small sugar is to prepare the When it thermometer will be found very useful and can be procured in England. A very little further boiling will bring it to au casse" . the au parle . of the sugar if has reached. . it will form little globules on the opposite side of the strainer or slice. at this point the sugar can be detached from the wet finger and broken Immediately after this stage comes the moment like glass. it will suffice . to will place sink the sugar-tester on the surface of the liquid it more or desired. It can be recogni. and it is called Sucre a reduced.sed by blowing through the holes of a Strainer which has been steeped in the sugar. is Continuing the boiling to attain 4° higher. At 44 the sugar is au boule . less. let if the degree it marks to is less than the one until the it syrup continue boil further marks a higher degree than is necessary. on dipping a moistened finger into the syrup it will stick like glue. will render unfit for use. A warm syrup marking 3 2° is the consistency necessary for compotes.214 SWEET 536. la nappe. by dipping the wet finger again into the sugar one can form it into a small ball. When 41 are reached it is a la glu . — it is then it one. sugar caramel when the sugar commences to turn and the last stage. DISHES. a further . then to 39 it becomes au souffle. desired to test the degree to which the boilsyrups. add water to the syrup. yellow. To prepare Sugar for Syrups {Caisson da sue re).

caisson du sucre). When the ^4 pint of water. Choose with boil 1 2 lb. Compote of wild Strawberries ( Compotes de petites /raises). let boil briskly until much reduced (see No. and throw the sugar a short time. Compote of large Strawberries (Compote de grosses /raises). Boil lb.COMPOTES DE FRUITS. at this point remove the stewpan from the fire. Arrange them 538. Put into a stewpan y 2 lb. taking great care not to crush the fruit. it cool. ( Compote of Apricots Compote d'abricots). in a compote-dish. of sugai let pint of water. Boil 9 oz. 536. throw into the sugar 1 ^ lb. of white crushed sugar with it a cupful of water (a teacup). Take in — in the apricots them on a the apricots should be carefully them out . of sound apricots. 536) take it from the fire to let Take the stalks from 2 lb. of sugar with Arrange them in a pyramid on a compote-dish and pour the cold syrup over them. 537. 539. ef fine strawberries. tender but not broken. . J$j syrup attains 32 (No. of wild strawberries.

32. The same as for large strawberries (No. . of sugar in lay to y 2 pint of water. COMPOTES DE FRUITS. {Compote de Take the large hard stewing pears peel them. of cherries when the latter are tender take them out with a pote-dish. Stewed Pears poires). in halves. put all in to each pear. slice or strainer. put in ]^ . let all get cold. then pour it over the fruit . lb. Compdte of Raspberries {Compotes de framboises). add 2 lb. None of these fruits should be cooked in iron vessels. Place them in a basin. pour 0V< r two minutes after strain and peel boiling water them. {Compote de Boil in a preserving pan y. Compote of Cherries Cerises). of white sugar wash the peels and cover the pears with it take the cores and pips and tic them up in a muslin bag with a piece of stick cinnamon (if the flavour is liked) and a few whole cloves.216 strainer. . split the centre. lb. Let them get cold. . 541. strawberries and raspberries become black on coming in contact with tin or iron. a tcacupful of water . 542. . Reduce the syrup to 32". 543. 530). {Compote de If the in them them peaches are small. and them in a com- Continue to boil the syrup the cherries. Cook them the same as apricots (No. 540. throw over Compote of Peaches pcclics). place and take Cut the pears them in a pan. 538). out the cores but do not throw them away. and place them in a compote-dish. leave them whole if large. .

543). placing weights on the lid. and They will take many hours to stew gently. {Compote de Proceed the same as for pears (No. 544. leave them cover closely. before they are tender. are carefully followed red. If these direc- they should turn a beautiful is rich little but if desired there no harm in using a cochineal. tions and the less the pan is opened the better will be the colour of the pears. . Stewed Quinces coings).COMPOTES DE FRUITS. tin 217 pan.

which must be is added grated directly the whipping . 546. 546. ( Put in a basin i pint of cream that has been kept foi a short time in ice. whipped cream either whole The cream may also be flavoured with all kinds of litmeurs. l Note. raspberries. Beat up in a basin five yolks of eggs with 4}4 oz. note). 545. Chocolate Custard ton r ne'e {Crane '>lvc au chocolai). add the chocolate little in a stewpan three .— 2lS CREAMS AND JELLIES [CRIMES FROIDES ET CELEliS). then when it has nearly doubled its quantity whip very briskly until At this point add i /> oz. or dissolved with strawberries or these fruits are added to the or in a pitrde (mashed). of chocolate with Dis a teacupful of hot water when dissolved pour in 1 pint of milk boil up. tablets . it becomes stiff. . . a few drops suffice of sufficient strength). —This cream can be flavoured the coffee. but if it in many different ways (it is : with coffee. (See No. of line white sugar. of sifted sugar. by adding a few drops of coffee essence best to make must be very strong. either plain or flavoured with vanilla. whip it gently to commence. Whipped Cream Crane foucltee). completed with chocolate.

moistening them with a little . Macaroon Custard (Crime ang/aise aux macaroons). or any other flavour preferred . beat an instant with the whisk. madeira. Italian Cream {Crime a Put bottle I'ilalienne). fire. CREAMS AND JELLIES. cinnamon. mind the instructions given for it making always safer to use a bain-marie or by simply putting the custard in a jug. Be careful in whipping cream not to add the it will never become so if the sugar until it is quite firm sugar is added at the commencement. — Keep in . by little 219 fire. At the moment of serving cover it completely with crushed macaroons. % put it in a pan over a very gentle the time. whisking briskly all should become frothy when thickening. To be served in small glasses or china cups . if they are too dry during the pounding a good custard while it is thickening over the add them fire. boil over is sauces with eggs to avoid curdling . oz. Almond Custard {Crime anglaise aux amandes). 547. Note. At this point . it Note. and add to the custard four whites of eggs whipped stir for an instant longer over the to a stiff firm froth fire. in a basin eight yolks of eggs. — . 548. half of sherry. pour it into a compote-dish. Toast milk to lightly in the in pound them oven 1 y. of sugar. to the eggs . lb. but it must not boil. of blanched almonds a mortar.. but it must not boil. and stir until remove the stewpan from the fire. or marsala. Make a good custard flavoured with vanilla . then the jug in a saucepan of boiling water. it can also be served as a sauce for sweet dishes. put back on the it thickens. 549.

. stirring all the time until it thickens a longer lime. before putting it in the mould mix in the grated chocolate. and add it leaf by leaf to the larger quantity of the custard while it is still hot. add it by degrees set it to the cold custard. pour it into a mould. Orange Cream /'orange). but failure is impossible. Pour round it the custard that was put on one side. 552. V '-. 550). The translator has not thought it necessary to give a recipe for the making of an ordinary custard. Prepare a pint of custard flavoured with put one quarter of the custard on one side to get cold. slightly. press every drop of water from it. {Crime bavaroise a Soak vanilla five or six leaves of the finest French gelatine in cold water. the fire. (Crime bavaroise au . Chocolate Cream chocolat). : it will Lake 550. 551. substituting the thin rind and the juice of the they are to be infused in the orange for the vanilla : custard. the most elementary knowledge of cooking being sufficient — to make one. {Crime bavaroise a It is prepared in the same manner as the vanilla cream (No. . .220 CREAMS AND JEL1 IES. stirring gelatine is all melted Whip up a pint of good cream. stirring continually until the let it get completely cold. Before serving plunge the mould quickly in boiling water and turn the cream on to a dish. and in a cool place to become firm. Vanilla Custard la vanille). Grate two tablets of chocolate make a Vanilla bavaroise (No. 550). sweeten it occasionally. Drain the gelatine.

of ripe strawberries. boil for five minutes. put them in a stewpan on the fire. -554. r Chestnuts in Cream la creme). mix it with a pint of whipped cream slightly sweetened pour all into a mould. turn out the bavaroise on to a round dish. 553. ripe soft apricots. drain and squeeze them well. Prepare in this way 1 lb. Apricot Cream abricots). 221 553. Strain through a fine sieve 555. reduced. Strawberry Cream {Creme bavaroise aux /raises). of sugar with a teacupful and a . Raspberry cream can be made exactly the same. take them out at this point. and prepare the bavaroise in the same manner as for No. (A id de marrons a them round lightly with a knife. of chestnuts. them. add let them boil with the stewpan a small piece of vanilla When the chestnuts are tender and the milk covered.CREAMS AND JELLIES. To . is allowed to stiffen. pour in the puree of apricots. half of water . when they will be easily peeled both of the shell and inner skin. them through a hair-sieve. just covered with cold water. pass in a basin. When the puree is cold. mix the syrup with the puree of apricots. Pour round it the syrup of apricots kept in reserve. keeping back one-third of the purk for the sauce. and leave it in a cool place to set. just cover them with milk. Steep seven leaves of gelatine in cold water for ten minutes. then melt them in a small stewpan over a gentle fire . Before serving plunge the mould quickly into boiling water . and before it stirring continually. take out Put this purfe Boil 6 oz. crush them in the stewpan with a wooden spoon. put them into a clean stewpan. i lb. split {Crime bavaroise aux Take twenty the stones. peel the chestnuts cut .

steep the mould in warm it water. Nesselrode Pudding {Nesselrode). soak them in maraschino biscuits cut in halves on a plate i]/2 oz. If there no syringe at hand. vanilla is is sufficient for the quantity of chestnuts. CREAMS AND JELLIES of powdered sugar. with this difference that the chestnuts are to be cooked in water Prepare a purk instead of milk and the purk to be thinner . The proper way is to form a border round a dish with this chestnut purk forced through a syringe made expressly for the purpose. the same weight of mixed candied peel which has been previously softened in a small Prepare twelve savoy glass of warm kirsch or maraschino.. One pint of cream lightly sweetened and flavour d with : . Note. 222 add £ sieve. mix them with the piu re of chestWhip 1 pint of cream very stiff. . or kirsch. . of chestnuts as above (No. forming a border round the dish the whipped cream in the centre. — — . Syrup for Nesselrode. of sugar for five minutes with a oiipful of water and a small piece of vanilla let it get cold. cool place until it is quite set. soak with a vanilla or kirsch syrup. melt them over a gentle fire. when it takes the form of vermicelli the whipped cream is heaped up in the middle in the form of a pyramid. turn the At the moment of serving pudding out into a round dish. simply place a fine sieve upon a round dish and pass the chestnut purk through it. stirring all the time. mix it in gently to nuts. 565). By leaving out the gelatine this pudding can be iced like a bonibe (see No. 556. . squeeze them dry. Steep six leaves of gelatine in cold water for ten minutes. 555). then add two liqueur-glasses of kirsch. Fill a mould by placing a layer of the puree the purk. Boil ]/^ lb. and pass all through a fine Put the purk in a basin. and stir it an instant to if it is too thick add a little milk to it render it smooth but it is necessary for it to be a good consistency. lb. add to this purk of stoned raisins. Keep the Nesselrode in a with one of soaked biscuits.

when it get cold. custard. Orange Jelly (Ge/ee a /'orange). Charlotte russe very rich. ing it with a whisk. 223 557. Take J^ of whole finger biscuits and 6 Arrange part of the biscuits at the bottom of a deep dish . drain . of powdered 559. . whipped cream. fill the mould with it let Turn out the charlotte russe and surround it . with custard. it add to it 1 y 2 oz. steep them with a tumbler of malaga and two or three liqueur-glasses of cognac . Charlotte russe. the juice of two lemons. a pint of thick cream. 558. macaroons. Place the cakes whole round broken pieces of the cakes. 550) flavoured to taste it . place on a lb. until it boils move the stewpan to the it — quart of jelly take sixteen leaves of the fine French soften in cold water. 1 gelatine. sieve. the sides of the mould. cover this with a liyer of apricot jam or raspberry jelly. cut straight at one end to keep them upright. should be perfectly transparent and without and put it into a stewpan with a pint of water. then sprinkle with the powdered macaroons. the thinlypeeled rind and juice of five oranges. smooth to a point with the blade of a knife. repeat with the remainder Mask the whole with the of biscuits.CREAMS AND JELLIES. Whip up sugar. commences to set. two or three whites of Stir over a gentle fire. of fine oz. Prepare a bavaroise (No. then throw over them part of the custard. (Cha?-lotte russe exguise). constantly beateggs lightly beaten. Ornament the bottom of a mould with savoy biscuits split in halves. and jelly. Prepare a pint of vanilla custard. taking care to place them in a manner that they may take the form of a fan fill up the spaces with . For smell .

y be passed twice through the bag. cover them with jelly. Pour the jelly by degrees through the jelly-bag. let it cool. — When mould there is is full. . the jelly can. Strain the warm wine through leaves of gelatine in Soften sixteen cold water for ten minutes drain them . place a basin underneath. arrange upon it a crown of quarters of the oranges . During the . This jelly can be ornamented inside with quarters of orange if this is done. and simmer very gently for the next ten interval. a layer of jelly is put in the mould first when it is set. This arrangement has the advantage that one can be always sure the napkin is clean with a jelly-bag there is occasionally some doubt on the subject chair or stool table. and pass the jelly through. Prepare it exactly the same as for orange jelly. heat this without allowing it to boil. or if it is in the summer. two cloves. minutes. a stick of cinnamon. put it to cool. simply substituting for the oranges the rind of three and the juice of five or six lemons. then add to it the sugar syrup.224 CREAMS AND JELLIES. t (Getfc au Put into a stewpan a bottle of good wine with to < oz. above until the Note. 561. The quantity which comes out first should side of the stove. napkin at each end to the legs of it. the rind of a lemon. surround it with broken ice until it is set. as cloudy. and continue as : .au citroii). boil ioj4 oz. Lemon Jelly (Gela. Steep the mould briskly in hot water to turn it out. it is always a if little When all is through. . desired. a napkin into a basin. Fill the mould with this jelly. tie a : no jelly-bag upside down on the at hand simply turn a 560. of white sugar in when the syrup has boiled for five or z pint of water six minutes. be coloured with a little carmine. Wine vit: Jelly vieux). of loaf-sugar.

until it commences to boil. let it one side strain the simmer same as for ten or fifteen for let it set. sixteen leaves of gelatine dis- solved. Mix this liquid with the wine in the basin. of sugar. the thin rind of a lemon. beat this up for an instant over the fire with a Take the stewpan off whisk. it. of sugar. and a piece of vanilla with three whites of eggs beaten up with the juice of a lemon. can be made in the same manner if desired. sixteen leaves of gelatine dissolved in water. add 563. The interior of the jellies can be ornamented with layers of the fruit of which they are composed in the same manner as the jelly with quarters of the oranges (No 5£q). i Crush lb. them the juice of a lemon and a pinch of powdered sugar juice with the jelly. i ^2 pint of water. Prepare a clear jelly with 10^ oz. 562. proceed exactly the same as for orange jelly. pour into a mould and the fire. Liqueur Jelly (Gef/e aux liqueurs).CREAMS AND JELLIES. of raspberries in a basin. Raspberry Jelly (Gelee Clarify aux frambcises). strawberries. io^ oz. two or three whites of eggs beaten up . When six or the jelly is strained and nearly to seven liqueur-glasses of liqueur either rum. fill pour the raspberries into a hair-sieve with a plate underneath. cura^oa. 225 put them into a stewpan with a teacupful of water (cold) and two whites of eggs beaten up an instant with the juice of a lemon . add to . Mix this strained the mould and let it set. and let it set. Pour all into a jelly-mould. cover . it — cold. p . kirsch. Jellies of red gooseberries. or anisette. cherries. i y^ pint of water . the juice of two . brandy. according to taste. Plunge the mould into hot water and turn it out. minutes on orange jelly.

pine-apple. raspberries.226 CREAMS AND Jelly JELLIES. Take an ordinary pail. grapes. The writer has made these puddings and has buried them in that case it is safer completely with the ice and salt. to tie the mould up in a cloth. they must be well washed and dried. to avoid any risk of it . of mixed fruits (Gel/e a la macedoine de fruits). they must be stewed and drained on a napkin strawberries. result can be equally well attained in the simplest manner. then two handfuls of salt. and continue until it reaches to the level of the lid. as — — place at would need an unnecessary amount of ice the bottom a good layer or piece of ice. leave it for an hour and serve it in the bowl. pour all into a mould and place it on ice. mixed in a lemon or liqueur jelly the moment it commences to set. 565. following recipes it To ice several of the is in the desired necessary to be provided with an ice machine. It may also be poured into a salad-bowl which is to be kept surrounded by ice mixed with a little freezing salt. &c. Mousses). then a layer of then ice broken up icing salt. . place the mould on it small all round it. cherries. — — the salt penetrating. of ice. greengages. If dried fruits are used. such as apricots. 564. Ices. cut in halves or quarters according to size. — no way Pour the mixture into any ordinary pudding mould which it must be high and narrow. gooseberries are to be used as they are. again ice and salt. They will take five to six hours to freeze to the proper consistency. has a perfectly fitting cover. Iced puddings (Glaces. These fruits are . to 6 lb. The proportion of salt to be used lb. . a zinc one is best not too large. Bombes. and as the ice melts is more i must be added. Apples and pears to be cut in small pieces.

long. and leave it for half an hour. 227 566. 565). cover again. ^ stir continually over a gentle lightly fire until this the cream it comcover mences the fire to thicken. Put the mixture into a freezing-pot cream the mould or pot must be quite plain. of nine yolks of eggs. add . and should be deep. cover tightly and proceed according to directions (No. able . stewpan 1 quart of cream or good milk. Note. continue to turn and scrape it from the sides until all is set. down as much as possible against the mould cover it with the lid. stir them an instant with powdered sugar. the custard can be made with milk. detach it from them with a spoon.CREAMS AND Vanilla JELLIES. press it . stir it briskly for a few minutes. For this kind of ice a proper mould is indispensthey are to be bought at any good ironmonger's. if economy is an object. . Then work it briskly with a spoon to render wooden spoon with a and pass it . it smooth . move the mould round briskly in the ice until a little of the mixture attaches itself to the sides. stirring it Leave the vanilla in it until it is ready from time to time. and to put more ice and salt until the cream is sufficiently iced. for this for icing. then let it get cold. Cream Ice (G'hues a Heat in a la crane vanillic). let it infuse in the half a stick of vanilla split lengthwise Prepare in a basin eight or cream. and : — and narrow the ordinary pudding mould would not answer the purpose. add the warm milk Pour all back into the stewpan. At point will thin coating. Take it from the through a fine sieve into a basin . lb. and or cream by degrees. . In the interval be careful to remove the water as the ice melts. using a wooden spoon . which must not boil. are long The above can be also made by adding a good glass of cream raw to the mixture when it is cold in that case. and narrow . It can be served either in ice plates or heaped up in a point upon sides of the a dish. then again with a coarse cloth.

make it according to the above directions (No. aux noisettes (nuts). Pour . 565). 536). all through a fine sieve. To flavour with caramel. with small Barcelona nuts. Orange Ice it (G/ace /'orange). au caramel. . French terms would be aux amandes grilUes (grilled almonds). thicken on the fire. add to it the thin rind of two oranges to It it when Pass the syrup is cold add 1 pint of juice (orange). with caramel. moistening them with a little milk during the process if they become add them to the cream just when it begins to too dry — .. Prepare a composition of cream as for above (No. 566) after it has been some time in the pail and is nearly frozen add a tumbler of whipped cream. Coffee Cream (G/aces a la crime au caff). into a basin. When a very rich cream is desired. or chocolate. stirring it well in with the spoon to mix it equally. for coffee tea. au chocolat. Let it get cold. Iced creams can be made with grilled almonds. same manner if nuts are used for flavouring colour them lightly in the oven. Finish as above (No. Add to it while it is hot an infusion but without vanilla. then ice it as directed above. Prepare a syrup with let it 1 lb. The by using a strong decoction of the flavour desired. then pound in a mortar. proceed exactly the same as cream. (see should mark 20 to 22 to directions (No. of sugar and it 1 pint of water boil three minutes. of very strong black coffee. 568. with walnuts. 228 CREAMS AND JELLIES. 565). au t/i/. . Ice it according . 566). 567. with The cream is always prepared in the tea or chocolate. No. Note.

of powdered sugar. . and close all the joints of the mould with a paste of flour and water. Beat up a pint of cream very firmly.CREAMS AND JELLIES. — split Stir an instant with the whisk four yolks of eggs . and one liqueur-glass 570. Whip up and keep lengthwise. heat it over a gentle fire until it thickens (must not boil). put it on a sieve Boil for three minutes 6 oz. tightly the the cold syrup and the mould with the mixture. Mix delicately fill together whipped cream. pudding can be made delicious by adding it in the mould six macaroons and very finely crumbled. Ice it according to directions previously given (No. keep this puree in a basin (not in any iron vessel) . Vanilla Cream Pudding 229 569. cut the paper which comes below the cover. or in small glasses or cups which have previously been cooled on ice. it very firmly one pint of cream cool. Strawberry Mousse et autres fruits). serving it can be arranged in a bowl. of sugar with a tea-cupful of water and half a stick of vanilla The syrup should mark 30 (No. leave it on At the moment of the ice for twenty minutes longer. (Bombe a la vanille). (Mousse simple aux /raises Pass 1 lb. add 6 oz. surround the bowl with ice broken into small pieces . a sheet of white paper may with advantage be placed over the mould before fastening with the lid . to it —This before putting twelve ratafias of finest maraschino. stir the puree for fifteen minutes with a wooden spoon. 565> Note. turn it back into the stewpan. 536). add it let it drain on a hair-sieve for twenty minutes lightly to the puree of fruit in the basin . of strawberries through a hair-sieve. add to them by degrees the boiling syrup . . . cover with the lid . remove it from the fire and whip it occasionally until it is cold.



raspberries, peaches,
in the

— This dish can be made with

apricots, &c.

can also, if desired, be iced manner as for preceding recipes (No. 565).



Vanilla Ice with Almonds

(Bombe mousse


Prepare a vanilla cream (No. 566); before pouring it mould add to it oz. of pounded almonds or nuts (barcelona or walnuts) any of the latter are improved by colouring them (after peeling) lightly in the oven. See as above (No. 565).
into the



Chocolate Ice

(Mousse simple au

place it on a Melt over the fire 4^ oz. of chocolate (3 tablets) in two dessert-spoonfuls of warm water; make it very smooth by stirring it with a wooden spoon; then add 33/ oz. of vanilla sugar and a cupful of water boil for some minutes until it becomes a smooth Pour this syrup into a basin, surround it thick syrup.

Whip up





of cream,


and keep





lightly to







becomes cold





whipped cream

to cool from

fifteen to

twenty minutes longer.

This can be iced accord-

ing to the above recipe (No.
glasses previously cooled

565), or served in cups or




Iced Custard

{Mousse aux

from economy

or other reasons cream

not always

obtainable, the following will be found a good substitute:

Boil in a stewpan 6 oz. of sugar, with not quite y? pint of water and half stick of vanilla ; continue to boil until the





is reduced one-third, and it must be thick, 30 (see No. 536); take it from the fire. Beat up five whites of eggs to a stiff froth ; mix them with the warm syrup, pouring it in very slowly and gently, while with the other hand you

continue to stir ; Prepare a tumblerful of fruit (any kind) made into a puree, with two dessert-spoonfuls of powdered sugar put this into a basin ; stir continually until it is best done if possible over some it is quite smooth,
gently the whites of the eggs

move about

frequently until







at this point



to the eggs


let it

cool for

twenty minutes, then ice (No. 565).
Note. All the above recipes can be made without cream, by simply preparing the mixture as a custard, then adding the different flavourings or purees of fruits.


Iced Punch
la romaine).

{Punch glace a

Prepare a syrup to mark 22 (see No. 536) with oz. of sugar and 1 pint of water ; let it boil for three minutes pour it into a basin ; infuse in it the rind of three lemons and three oranges pass it through a hair-sieve, then ice it until it is congealed for this purpose use the long icepot (see note at the foot of recipe No. 566) stir round for an instant to render it smooth. Beat up to a firm snow the whites of two eggs. Boil for one minute 2 oz. of white sugar in a cup and a half of water ; add the warm syrup to the beaten eggs ; let all cool a little, then put it little by little into the mould in which is already the syrup ; stir all well and add to it by small quantities at a time a wineglassful of rum. Let it remain undisturbed for half an hour before serving, taking precaution to keep the mould well surrounded by ice. It should be frothy and a little liquid ; to be served in glasses previously cooled on ice. At a dinner of ceremony this is generally served between the first and second courses. The rum may be replaced by any other liqueur.







Iced Italian Cream

{Sabayon en moule glad).

Make an


cream (see No. 578),

— the



when made upon pounded ice stir until it is half cold, then add six leaves Pour it into a mould which has of dissolved gelatine. been previously standing on ice, and well surrounded by When the cream has set, plunge the mould the same. quickly in hot water and turn it out.
of this cream


Iced Coffee Cream

{Cafe a la crime glad).




of freshly washed and ground


make an






get cold, then





of good raw cream.

Put it in the ice-mould, let it adhere to the sides of the mould, but do not turn the latter in the ice pail (see No. 566); every ten minutes move the cream well into a compact lump at this stage stir briskly with a wooden spoon to render it smooth. The iced coffee is served in glasses or cups previously cooled on ice.




{Sorbet au champagne).

Prepare a syrup with lb. of sugar and 1 pint of water, steep in it boil for three minutes ; pour it into a basin When cold add the rinds of one orange and one lemon. strain it and add the juice of one lemon and two oranges half a bottle (large) of champagne ; the entire mixture should mark 19° (see No. 536). Put the mixture in the ice-freezing mould, and proceed as for all the other ices stir it for an instant to render it smooth, then just before serving it add the remainder of the bottle of champagne, stirring all the time. To be served in glasses.
; ;








{Sabayon au
Beat up for



in a

stewpan seven yolks of eggs



of powdered sugar, a small piece of the rind

of a lemon or stick vanilla

good white wine.

moisten this with two tumblerPlace it over a gentle fire, beating

just sufficiently hot to allow the finger to

to thicken, and be passed through it without burning oneself. It must not boil. At this point remove it from the fire, continuing to whisk it an instant longer. Take out the lemon or vanilla, and pour the cream into glasses to be served immediately. This proportion will fill about twelve claret glasses. When the sabayon is preferred cold, place it upon pounded ice, and stir gently with the whisk until cold.

the time with a whisk until


Note. Several of the latter recipes are served at ball suppers or as refreshments at evening parties.




Short Crust






of flour,


of butter, two-thirds of

a leacupful of water,

a pinch of

Place the flour

upon the board,



hole in the centre, into this soften the butter an salt

round hillock with a hole put the butter, water, and
into a



the tips of the

then little by little mix in the flour; make all into crush it down twice with the palm of the hand, a ball make it quite round. Let it rest fifteen minutes before using it.


Kich Short Crust

(Pate brisee fine).




of flour,



of butler, yolk of

one egg, two-thirds of a teacupful of cold water, a pinch
'Work the same as sbort crust.


Paste for Cold Patties
(Pate a pate fraid).

as short crust.




of flour, 6 oz. of butter, two yolks

of eggs, pinch of


cup of tepid water.


the .same

Good is made may also be used. take a practical lesson on it. 2 y lb. two-thirds of a Work the same as the others. By all means. be eaten hot on the day it is made. Proportions : 1 lb. To any one who has a fair knowledge of pastry-making the recipe below. which I will Note. of butter.. Beef dripping clarified and strained makes excellent pastry to be eaten hot. 235 582. Before giving the recipe for puff paste I will venture to give a little advice concerning it. as it is all done by weight. — — endeavour to make as clear as possible. To make what is called the " well " in the middle of the : flour requires a little dexterity : if the flour is taken too from the sides the water will rush through over the board . a pinch of two-thirds of a cup of water. nothing wasted. Short Crust for Open Tarts {Pate brisee au sucre). it will be worth a dozen written instructions. : 1 lb. and the exact quantity being prepared if there be any nervousness about making a "well" mix briskly . strained. 6 oz. Suet or Lard Paste (Pate brisee a la graisse). — 584. teacupful of water. This paste beef-suet the same as all it those above. although I have seen novices make it and the pastry turn out perfect. 4^ 583. PASTRY. if possible. of lard. of flour. Proportio?is salt. but a fork until it must be melted. Note. of flour. scraped after each roll of the paste. oz. then beaten with becomes thick and white. one whole egg. of fine sugar. when it can be Pastry made with lard or suet should used like butter. pinch of salt. the latter should be kept clean and dry. will offer no formidable difficulties to novices it might do so.

roll it out into a band about eight inches in length and six place the butter in the centre. and leave it in the cool for fifteen minutes. In the meantime put the butter (the small l lb. Puff {Pate Pastry lb. form it into a square. and if possible keep the it on ice between each 585. as same heat can always be obtainable and is quickly regulated. Then take the paste. feuillete'e). Never attempt to make this paste in a hot kitchen. a little experience soon overcomes that. the results would be fatal. make on the top a slight incision in the form of a cross. however. j£ half a tumblerful of cold water. of flour. and salt . piece already used must be taken from the /t and knead it about with the hand to soften it and make it smooth . The baking is a far greater difficulty than the making of the pastry. hand soften the butter. otherwise it wobbles about and can render itself very unpleasant. make flour on the the " well. and where there is a gas oven then the process is an easy one. rolling. into the butter and water. which must be completely hidden. with the right then little by little draw the flour When it but be careful not to allow the water to escape.) in a cloth. pinch of board. ready dust the board lightly with flour. is all absorbed knead the paste quickly with the palm of the hand to make it smooth and soft. not the water. and turn the in breadth four sides of the paste over it that they may meet and join in the middle of the butter. : y 2 lb. Put the butter the size of a walnut (the butter must be fresh. It may be rolled out at once. and in the form of a ball . but if any nervousness be felt place it for ten minutes in the cool to avoid . cover it with a cloth. then roll it out — is it .2j6 it PASTRY. in a basin. When it any chance of the butter coming through. Proportions salt. but if the latter is used let it be large and a good thickness. A marble paste board is a great improve- ment on a wooden one." place in the centre a piece of salt). of butter.

rolls instead of six. leaving ten minutes for each rest. Note. PASTRY. always remember to then repeat. 237 . yi tumblerful of cold water. of flour. — 587. then pound it it is quite smooth and soft then work it about in a damp cloth to render it soft. salt. using it. then give it two more turns which will be the last. fold it in three exactly the same manner as before. . pinch of Prepare the same as for puff paste. leave it again for fifteen minutes. — . Pastry made with suet should be eaten hot on the day it is made. the other end right over these two. . must be three times longer than wide the butter must not keep it all even not broader in one place than another then turn up one end of the pastry to the centre. 585). then follow exactly the instructions given above (No. six in all. so forming three layers of paste one over the other. of kidney - suet. commoner Puff Paste {Pate demi-feuilletee). Let it rest before come through . give it a square form. 586. Puff Paste made with Suet la {Pate feuilletce Proportions : a graisse de bceuf). Turn the paste on the board over to its other side and roll out again exactly in the same manner as the first time. but they can be augmented when experience is gained. ^ salt. until ^ lb. giving only four : Proportions 1 of flour. The quantities given for puff pastry are very small. tumblerful of water. a pinch of lb. lb. of butter. giving two more turns turn the paste over between the first and second rolling out. Skin and chop the suet.. let it rest for fifteen minutes. A lb.

weight of l 2 lb. eight whole eggs. {Pate a choux). 2 lb. : the / y of sugar. take the stewpan from the stove five minutes after. Recipes made with the various pastes described Note. of of flour. remove all to the side of the stove. stirring the paste well between each egg. Always use the best Hungarian flour for pastry let it be quite dry and passed through a hair-sieve. 588. salt. a grain of salt. and a stewpan . above will be given further on in tin's work. Choux Pastry.238 PASTRY. Y-z lb. add round briskly to form a thick ball without lumps. 3 oz. Proportions butter. rind of a lemon. Dry the paste for four minutes over the fire. when the butter is melted it and the liquid boils it. of water. sugar. butter on the fire in Put the water. the flour to working . grate in the rind of a lemon and add the eggs one by one. — . .

which has been thinned with the cream.— 239 PASTE MADE WITH DOUGH (PATE LEVEES). five whole salt. the eggs and the flour a tepid basin Soften the butter. 589. and sugar. i /^ oz. Butter a mould (it should be one with a chimney) with clarified butter then dust the sides with the pieces of almonds . work it with a wooden spoon until it is quite creamy. . and place it in must be warmed. To test it. . grated lemon. spot on the stove or fender until the paste at this point rises to the put it in a good oven pierce is it cook forty to fifty minutes. a pinch of a cupful of cream. of butter. with a clean skewer if it comes out clean it done. of sugar. Work all well. To make this paste. . Place the to mould from in a warm top . 1 Yi oz. of flour. salt. . then add the yeast. add one egg and a table-spoonful of flour. putting in fill the mould two-thirds. Proportions: eggs. 3*4 oz. continuing to stir until both are well blended with the butter continue in the same way until all the eggs and flour are well mixed in. German Dough Cake {Gottglaf a Vallemaude). the paste small pieces at a time. 2 y lb. they will adhere to the butter. of almonds peeled and cut in shreds. of yeast. 3^ oz.

. : i lh. then turn the edges over to the centre place it on a baking-tin. knead it to put it again together place it in a cooler spot . place in the centre of the flour which is spread on the board. and half of the paste.. 590. and spread the yeast over it cut the paste into small pieces (pull them with the hand). Pass the flour through a sieve on to the paste board put the quarter of this flour into a small basin with the yeast. which has been already mixed with a cupful of warm water with this make rather a stiff . ^ oz. so that a smooth paste is obtained knead it all thoroughly. minutes. . until it has swelled to twice the size. leaving them in a gentle temperature for four or . take it . Brioche. flatten it with the the basin hands (floured). with the palm of the hand. . place them in a large basin. with a wet finger make a hole in the centre of the paste which is in the mould into this hole put in the paste in the shape of a Lightly brush pear this forms the head of the brioche. and put in a cool place for thirty five hours. the salt. round form. two dessertspoonfuls of cover and place it to simmer on the stove. the same of cream. ^ lb. Proportions salt. When the paste has risen to twice the size from the basin. then add piece by piece the remainder of the butter and the When the paste is smooth and shining. eight whole eggs. of yeast. . a pinch of a dessert-spoonful of sugar. sugar. . butter which has been worked and softened butter with the eggs. flatten it eggs. flutes in them Butter a large or several small moulds with large put two thirds of the paste on the board . In the meantime. put it into a stewpan with warm water at the bottom . form the remainder of the paste in the shape of a long pear. 240 PASTE MADE WITH DOUGH. piling them up as they are broken off. . of flour. of butter. place the mould in the oven on a the top with yolk of egg mould it into a . then first mix the add the flour by degrees. directly it again rises take it from put it on the floured board. . and four eggs. and put it in the mould (must not be higher than two-thirds of the mould).

fill it two-thirds with . 1 oz. the skewer must come out quite clean. of sugar. it . Proportions : 2 lb. 592. of of yeast. grain of salt. grain of flour. place mould on the stove edge then in the oven. Bab a. of flour. of sugar in half a teacupful of the rind of a lemon . Proportions: )£ sugar. insert a clean skewer to see when it is done. Warm . and the cake covered with buttered paper directly it begins to take colour. the sugar. ^ oz. make a soft paste of the yeast and flour. of salt. four whole oz. then add another paste of it egg continue in this way until all the eggs are used. Syrup for Baba. add to it one — liqueur-glass of madeira wine and two of rum. 591. Savarin. putting the it in in small quantities at a time until the paste rises to the . the paste. of raisins or currants. with the remainder of the flour round eggs. of butter. according to size. . of water. the rind of a lemon chopped or minced Q fine. knead it with make a smooth the hand. and i*4 oz. half a cupful of warm milk. When the paste quite shines add the peel and raisins. The heat should be kept at the same point. and pour over it while it is hot the — following syrup. of butter. of eggs. lb. a little Boil 3 oz. tin : 24 it will take from one to one and a half hour. Warm the eggs and butter. Butter a mould with clarified butter. *^ oz. Turn it out on to a dish. . oz. adding the flour to it by degrees knead this for some minutes. Put a quarter of the flour in a cup. }( lb. place it on the stove until it has risen to double its size at this point put it in a basin ^ y ^ .— 1 PASTE MADE WITH DOUGH. Take it out of the mould as soon as it is baked. 3 oz. break into it two and butter . half teacupful of milk. . which must be a good one it will take about forty minutes to bake . of mixed peel cut in small dice. yeast. mix it with the yeast which has been dissolved in warm milk. six eggs. put in the salt.

of sugar in half a cupful of water. pour over while hot the following syrup. 591). the When with it is very soft and shining it should be easily lifted . With the warm milk and onemake a little paste.. The mould Fill the . but the paste must be the eggs and the butter. and a small piece of the thin rind of an orange add to it two liqueur-glasses of kirsch. Syrup for Savarin. the same of curacoa. . hand mould two-thirds let it stand in a warm temperawhen the paste reaches the top of the mould place it ture Turn it out and in a good oven for about forty minutes. Boil 3 — oz. then proceed exactly Baba (No. basin that is one piece from the a good sign that the paste is well made. 242 PASTE MADE WITH DOUGH. should be a plain one. the in . fourth of the flour same as for worked longer.

and lemon rind beat with a wooden spoon until the whole is quite creamy. sweet lb. then the following icing.— 243 SPONGE CAKES (BISCUITS). six yolks. it. mix them delicately to the preparation the same time as the flour. place buttered paper over — . . mould with clarified butter. cake commences to take When baked. Put in a small basin a teaspoonful of water and a small glass of any liqueur. turn it out upside down on to a round dish covered with paper. not beaten. 2^ oz. If the colour quickly. Icing for above. . spread on the top of it a thin layer of jelly or apricot jam. Butter a they must only be gently blended in. of sugar. sugar. . Beat up the whites of the eggs to a very stiff snow. of flour. Almond Sponge Cake (Tourte biscuit aux amandes). If the cake is to be glazed. one lemon rind grated. add to this liquid from forty to fifty minutes. and six whites beaten Peel and pound the almonds with the whole to a froth. of almonds mixed with them 2 oz. 593. egg when they are reduced to a fine paste put them in a basin with the yolks. one whole egg. then powder it with potato-flour mixed with a little powdered sugar pour in the mixture the mould must not be too full bake in a moderate oven Proportiojis : % with a few bitter — — .

Put it in a very gentle oven to colour slightly. Put the cake for an instant at the mouth of the oven to feel the heat. one grain of salt. Take it out of the mould. . place it on a baking-tin. of flour. four yolks of eggs. . sugar. rind grated of half an orange. {Toxirte biscuit : j{ lb. for almond sponge cake (No.. one whole egg. then let it cool. thick nor too liquid. and spread it over equally with a knife. Skin and pound the nuts with the whole egg. of barcelona nuts. then proceed exactly as Proportions 2 oz. Sponge Cake with Meringue (Tourte meringuie). Sponge Cake with Nuts aux noisettes). 2}4 oz.five minutes in a moderate oven. lemon rind. Beat up three whites of eggs to a froth. make of it sufficient icing sugar to a thin paste neither too Beat for five minutes with a wooden spoon to make it very smooth. turn it upside down for an instant. 244 SPONGE CAKES. beat up the whites to a firm snow. then cover it completely with the meringue paste. Butter the mould with clarified butter. a small lemon grated. At this point pour it on the cake on the top of the jam. 595. spread it over smoothly and equally with the blade of a knife powder the surface and sides with powdered sugar. add them to the mixture the same time as the flour and salt. pour in the mixture and bake for thirty to thirty. 594. then flour it over the butter. of flour. and yolks ol work until all is creamy. of sugar. add to them y^ lb. Heat up in a basin the sugar. 593). of powdered sugar spread over the cake a thin layer of jam. Always cover with buttered paper when it commences to take colour. Proportions : y^ 11). 2^ oz. six yolks and six whites beaten to a stiff snow. four whites.

which should be plain the rum. and glaze it with the following icing. adding the sifted flour little by little. to make a liquid paste . lemon froth. smooth it into an equal thin layer . . flour it after it has been buttered bake in a moderate oven from forty to fifty minutes. and yolks of eggs up the whites. If ground almonds are not Proportions trifle less moistening them little by then add the sugar. little pound some finely. . and shallow. the entrance of the oven. {Tourte biscuit an punch). one tablespoonful of orange-flower water. 585). of ground almonds. Sandwich Cake. 3 oz. Line the cake-mould with puff paste or rich short crust (see Nos. spread a thin layer of 3*4 02. . when the mixture is creamy. : y± lb. then last the tepid butter and Butter the cake-mould. small glass of rum. Glace au punch. Iced 245 596. j£ lb. grated rind of a lemon. 593). a small glass of rum add icing sugar to this liquid (see No. with orange-flower water .SPONGE CAKES. obtainable. Macaroon Tart {Tourte a Veaii). Put into a bowl a dessert-spoonful of orange or lemon juice. mix them delicately to the rest. and whites of eggs beaten to a froth. beat rind. Proportions flour mixed. of flour. of sugar. a than 1 oz. : ^ lb. put on one round a layer of jelly or jam. to render it smooth. of flour and potato- melted butter (dissolved). stir for ten minutes At this point pour it over the cake. 580. of sugar. place it for an instant at Take it out and let it get cold. three whites of eggs. — 597. . put in as much sugar as it will absorb. five whites beaten to a firm Stir in a basin the sugar. cover it again with the other half. . flour. Turn the cake when it is cold cut it in two so as to out on to a board make two rounds. five yolks of eggs. the same jam over the surface.

nearly cold spread over the top a layer of jelly or jam. the . Proportions: - ]/^ of sugar. six yolks of eggs. 1 2 oz. Pour all into a buttered and floured mould. pour in the mixture. 1^ oz. . 598. . but it must not boil . and when it is fifty minutes. stir all well until it becomes creamy stiff froth. bake in a moderate oven from forty to fifty minutes. rind of a lemon grated.246 SPONGE CAKES. Glace a I'eau. \y± oz. five whites beaten to a froth. icing this sugar flavoured with vanilla. . of bread-crumbs (baked). make a liquid paste pour over the tart. of glazing sugar. Chocolate icing. of sugai to it with a cupful of water. then give Pour over the tart and all one boil up over the fire. smooth it evenly and quickly with the blade of a knife. and the candied peel. add . of chocolate flavoured over the fire with quarter of a cup of water. pour this in a bowl. Pound the aim moistening them during the process with white of egg put them in a basin with the six yolks of egg. bake in a moderate oven from forty to Turn it out of the mould. Poil for five minutes — 1^ oz. add to it very gently the whites beaten up to a the bread- crumbs. stirring all the time with a spoon. —Grate it / l with vanilla dissolve y smooth it with a knife . lemon rind . the susjar. then ice it with chocolate. smooth it with a knife. of candied peel cut in small dice. t>% oz °^ ground almonds. let it get cold. lb. ( Tonrte au pain noir). then cover with the following icing. Put it for an instant at the entrance of the oven. When the tart is almost cold spread over it a thin layer of jelly or jam. at this point add 1 2 oz. This mixture may be baked in small patty-pans lined with the paste. Turn it out and let it cool.

and the lemon peel. proceeding as for above. and candied peel. of flour. grated rind of a lemon. sugar. Ice it with an icing flavoured with rum. of flour. then the lightly warm butter. been added. {Toitrte biscuit au beurre). 580). lined with rich short crust (No. Bake in a gentle oven for about forty minutes. 600. five whites of eggs. of dissolved butter.SPONGE CAKES. Ice over with punch . ^ with the sugar. pour this into a cake-mould. icing (No. When baked put jam and icing over it according to any of the above recipes. bake in a moderate oven from forty to fifty minutes. then add lightly the flour and beaten whites of eggs . pile them on a dessert-dish. Pound the almonds moistened with the white of an egg. of chopped candied peel. one whole egg. four yolks. 3^2 oz. Beat is creamy add the beaten whites and the flour very gently. all whole egg. 247 599. the yolks. Geneva Sponge Cake (Tourte de Geneve). Beat for an instant. Proportions : 2 oz. Mix all in never beat after the beaten-up whites of eggs have Pour all into a buttered and floured mould. of almonds. Proportio?is : % lb. the well. then cut it in small squares or lozenge -shaped pieces. 1^ oz. one grated rind of a lemon. of castor sugar. 596). smooth the top with a knife. lemon rind. of sugar. oz. put them into a basin oz. spreading it to the thickness of about two-thirds of an inch. a basin the and when . This mixture can be baked on a baking-tin. four whites Stir in beaten up. 1 6 oz.

596). Pake in a moderate oven. six yolks of eggs. then the sugar. y^ of flour. 6 oz. six whites beaten up. of sugar. liquid. one after the other the six yolks of eggs. (Tourte de Proportions the butter in it : 6 oz. {Tourte biscuit vwusseline). . and dusted with potato-flour. and lemon. Bake in a gentle oven from forty to forty-five minutes. Pour into a mould which has been buttered and dusted with potato-flour. 602. % with a raspberry icing. then cover all . and the salt. the salt and flour. Glace royale aux fratnboises. Work for ten minutes in a basin 3 oz. of potato-flour. 601. Half melt beat it until it becomes creamy. beaten-up whites of egg. lemon rind grated. six yolks of eggs. of vanilla sugar. . — nor too thin. one grain of salt. of sugar 2 ]/ grated rinds of an orange : — part of it to be vanilla lb. basin . Turn out on to a board spread over the surface a thin layer of raspberry jam or jelly. lb. of flour and potato-flour mixed. l'our this over the spread it evenly with the blade of a knife. of butter. (Tourte tnanque'e). Ice it over adding to with icing flavoured with liqueur (No. a 5^ oz. one grain of salt. Proportions: j^ lb. The icing must be tart. Sand Cake sable). neither too thick 603.248 bl'ONGE CAKES. Pour into a mould buttered. . Put into a basin the sugar and the yolks of eggs beat with a wooden spoon until the mixture becomos creamy then add gently the flour. Proportions sugar — lb. a dessert -spoonful of raspberry juice. of icing sugar with the half of a white of egg. Put it an instant at the entrance of the oven or on the stove to allow the icing to become firm.

of sugar. flour. ( Vacherin aux amandes a la crane). six whites beaten to a snow. cream kept back . and part of the beaten whites. add more if necessary it must be a liquid paste. . then cover them with cream. over some almonds Put back in the oven to let 604. and spread it a. so that it can be spread on a baking-tin buttered and floured previously it must be put on with a spoon in a band 14 inches long and 3 inches broad. put through the forcing-bag used for those purposes (see Nos. adding to it dried in the oven and cut in small pieces. yi lb. lb. Beat the sugar and yolks of eggs together for five minutes with also one whole egg. 249 of potato-flour. the potato-flour. : one lemon rind grated. roll it up while it is hot round a mould. then add the butter dissolved. add the sifted sugar and grated lemon rind. powder it with fine sugar. of ground almonds. 2 oz. sugar. 555. glace royale (No. In the meantime whip up a pint of cream. note at bottom). Place the almond form upon the centre of a round dish put part of the cream in the middle of the cake upon this break up some meringues. brush it over with yolk of egg.SPONGE CAKES. little Decorate the surface of the vacherin with a for that object. trim the edges of the band. When all is well mixed. Bake it in the oven until it takes a light brown colour take it out. \]/2 oz. it take a beautiful colour. two or three whites of eggs. 602). pour in the mixture. half of the flour. with a knife. Put this paste into a basin. six yolks of eggs. add the reot" mainder of the eggs. When it is almost finished take it from the oven. Pound the almonds very finely (if ground ones cannot be obtained) with the whites of one or two eggs. of butter. . . sweeten it and flavour it with vanilla. smooth Proportions ^ : . and beaten whites Butter the mould. thin it with the remaining white of egg. and let it get cold. fasten the two ends firmly together. 531. powder it with potato-flour and Bake in a moderate oven.

of vanilla sugar. 606. SPONGE CAKES. yolks of eggs. lightly to them y white paper all meringues on it. leave a space of j^ inch between each meringue. put them back on the tin. . of flour. add them lightly to the . instead of the almond paste.250 Note. lemon. Place a sheet of over a baking-sheet of iron. of sugar. ten yolks of eggs. and alternated with whipped cream. For twelve meringues. and place it on the stove to dry Beat up firmly a pint of cream. and the rind grated. 555). It can also be made with meringue. and fill the meringues. five minutes after the meringues will come off easily. bake until they are crisp and delicately tinted golden. 6 oz. Place in a very gentle oven. Turn the paper upon which the meringues have been baked upside down upon the table moisten the paper on the back with a brush dipped in cold water. Meringues a- la creme. arrange the oz. The more the top and sides with cream pressed through the forcing-bag the better. they are ornamented on 605. ing the inside with chestnut purie (see No. put basin. beat them up 2 lb. — Vachetins aux matrons can be made by garnish- 555) passed through a sieve. y 2 lb. formed either with a table-spoon or with the forcing-bag used for ornamenting (Nos. Sandwich Rolls (Biscuit rouli). When made only with meringue it can be formed into a pyramid. but six whites of eggs into a not head . into more than the size of a pin's a stiff snow add gently and . which simplifies the process. 531. a little salt. and nine whites beaten to a froth. by merely crushing up the meringues and covering them with cream. Whip up the whites. of sifted sugar. one grain of salt. add lightly to it 2 them. and sprinkle with fine sugar. Make each meringue hollow by pressing with the finger on the centre of it . one lemon Beat up the sugar.

salt. five whites beaten to snow. of sugar. then add gently the flour (sieved) and beaten whites of Proportions : */ 2 eggs. and spread over it the mixture to the for about ness of about }i inch. Prepare a baking-sheet with white paper. covering it put the mixture in a forcing-bag with a plain pipe at the end (Nos. and press it through on and 1 to the tin in long pieces about 4 inches in length inch apart one from the other. eleven lb. one dessertPound the oz. moderate oven. in another basin % % 1% . of sugar. sprinkle them plentifully After a few minutes put them in a with fine sugar. roll up sponge holding it with both hands (it must take the form it to get of a sausage). of flour. latter before placing the mixture on it. of almonds. gently take off the paper from the the cake. Bake in a moderate oven Turn the baking-tin over on to a board thirty minutes. 608. entirely. bake them about thirty minutes until they % are a beautiful colour. 555). eight whites. Proportions : yolks of eggs. lb. spoonful of water. (Biscuit aux amandes). and arrange on cold. butter time. 531.SPONGE CAKES. take them off by passing the blade of the knife It is safer to butter the between the cakes and the paper. Ladies' Fingers {Biscuits pelerines'). almonds. the flour (passed through a sieve) at the Line a baking-sheet of iron with white paper. powdered with fine sugar . 5 oz. and quickly cover it with any jam . lb. 25 I same mixture. a dish. one grain of Beat up the sugar. continue to beat until they become white and creamy . grated rind of a lemon. mix with five yolks of eggs . leave them to get cold on the paper. of potato-flour. then roll it in white paper and leave Take off the paper. yolks of eggs. cut it in slices. eight yolks of eggs. and the lemon rind . thickthe paper. 607.

the beaten whites of eggs. of sugar. This mixture may either be baked as a tart or in small buttered moulds. (Bisati/s ai/x pis/aches). OZ. a grain of salt. . Beat up the yolks and the sugar when it is light and creamy add the pistachio-nuts. of flour. Then cut in suuares or lozenges. beat up the sugar with the six yolks until all is creamy. and the flour. then the flour and whites of eggs beaten to a firm snow. gently and by degrees. dusted with icing sugar mixed with potato-flour. Bake in small moulds buttered and dusted with potato-flour mixed with fine sugar. of six pistachio-nuts peeled and pounded with the white of one teaspoonful of orange-flower water. Proportions eggs. 4^ . it may be iced if desired. then add the almonds and eggs. buttered the same as the moulds. It can also be baked upon a baking-sheet covered with paper.252 SPONGE CAKES. ^ lb. : y z lb. When baked on a tin. 609.

of sugar. four whites beaten to a stiff snow. 1 of nuts (barcelona). bake in the oven This cake can also be served for about forty-five minutes. of powdered sugar. of dissolved butter. same time added by degrees and never beaten. 2 y of flour. oz. four whites beaten to a stiff ^ . and the lemon rind mix all well for a moment. lb.253 CAKES (GATEAUX). (Gateau Bertha). of grated chocolate (two tablets). both to be with puff paste (No. then the butter tepid and half-melted. six yolks of eggs. Pound the nuts with half a teacupful of water . Proportions : y^ lb. smooth it over. the lemon Line a baking-sheet juice. place over it a thin layer of jam. Proportions 1 : % lb. add the sugar. 611. 597). one lemon rind grated or juice of lemon. (Gateau Mascotte). then pour in the mixture. 5 oz. and the orange-flower water. iced (see No. 1 oz. . 3 oz. 610. six yolks of eggs. the yolks of eggs. a teaspoonful of orange flower water. of almonds. in lightly then mix the whipped whites. 585). at the the flour (sieved). oz. of butter.

sugar. a grated rind of Place the flour on a board lemon. . the mixture.. . 598). j£ lb. put into this the butter. 612. of flour. GS. the yolks of eggs work all well for ten minutes. Mix with the hand first the butter. a teaspoonful of rum. water . Line a baking-tin with puff paste or rich short crust (see Lay over it a thin layer of jam. of butter. % . and rum. arrange them on a baking-sheet lightly buttered brush the cakes over with yolk of egg cook in a good These cakes will keep oven for about fifteen minutes. pour in Nos. % lb. 5^ oz. then the flour. and eggs. Roll it out to the thickness of a little inch form into small cakes with a cake more than cutter . Proportions : ]/ 2 lb. four or five yolks of eggs. minutes in a teaspoonful of cognac. (see No. of butter. a grain of salt. ^ lb. CAKES. 254 froth. of flour. {Gateau de Aft /an). 567. leave it for twenty five a cool place before forming into cakes. bake for about forty-five to When cold it may be iced with chocolate fifty minutes. Make 612). sugar. . smooth it over. a grain of rind of grated lemon. Proportions: y 2 lb. lemon rind.ofsug. then add the whites and chocolate gently and by degrees. 571). then the dissolved butter. . 613. the paste as above ( of sifted sugar. make all into a ball. well for days if kept in a tin. one yolk. add to it the sugar which must be flavoured with vanilla. form it into a hillock with a hole in the centre. one whole egg. egg.teau de Milan very rich. Pound the peeled almonds in half a tcacupful of put this paste into a basin . salt.

of almonds. let them get cold. Take yi lb. 585). one . moisten the border. {Gateau Souvaroff) Prepare the same paste as for gateau de Milan (Nos. flatten with the roller.CAKES. Bake in brush over the top with yolk . not finely powdered but in grains. Place them on a buttered keeping them in a round form. divide it into two parts. moistening them with the water and orange-flower water mix in the sugar. which is not cut in the centre spread a layer of jam. spread on it the almond paste to within y^ inch of the border. place over the almonds. then sprinkle with powdered sugar. place the other piece over it. 615. bake them in the oven until they have taken a Upon the piece beautiful colour. two teaspoonfuls of orange-flower water . 613). From baking-tin. 255 614. trim the edges round to make all even on this border spread some jam. Proportions : % lb. one of these pieces cut out the centre with a small cake cutter . of sifted sugar. divide it into two parts. 612. little larger than the other. and fill the hole in the centre with a . Join by pressing lightly on the edges of the two pieces of pastry of egg. ^ lb. Arrange on a dish. Pound the almonds. two dessert-spoonfuls of water. . an instant before taking out powder some sugai over the top to glaze it. but they must not touch one another. little fruit jelly. of puff paste (No. a good oven from twenty-five to thirty minutes . lay it at the bottom of a round bakingsheet. {Gateau polonais). Roll the smaller piece to the thickness of y& inch. roll the other piece a it of pastry to twice the thickness of the lower piece.

Spread upon a baking-tin a round layer of paste de pate a gateau de Milan (No. pin a piece it of paper (buttered) round the mould so that reaches a couple of inches above it. taking rare to prick the centre it forming into bubbles) . 588). — All these cakes should be covered with commence to paper directly they they will is take colour. pate a choux (No. Savoy Cake biscuit de Savoie). Prepare tine bake in a of the cake with a fork to prevent moderate oven. Butter a mould with warm clarified butter. one grain of salt. before the interior it is baked also if there be any fear of the cake rising above falling the border. mix in lightly the beaten whites and the sifted flour. separate it An instant after taking it it out of the oven from the mould and place on paper. of powdered sugar. the same of lemon. Put in a basin the sugar. (Gateau St IlonorS). 612). iyi oz. turn it over an instant to drain it well. When all is creamy.256 CAKES. one hour. 555). seven yolks of eggs. taking care to put the mixture in by spoonfuls and in a manner that it may rise more at the sides than in the middle. powdered sugar mixed with potatomould three-quarters full. Powder buttered otherwise with sugar. % flour. push out all round the layer of paste a kind of border of the pate. 616. of potato-flour. 531. Place the mould on a baking-sheet put in a good oven for about dust it with finely Fill the . ( Gateau Proportions : lb. salt work well for twelve to fifteen minutes. . Note. the yolks. become too deeply browned . seven whites beaten stiffly. the orange and lemon rinds. of flour. Put the pate a choux in a bag with a plain pipe at the end of it (Nos. and so over before set. 2^ oz. rind of one orange grated. 617.

tin some little choux or lumps about the size of a small nut bake them in a moderate oven. cover it again with the upper piece and spread over the top of the cake a thin layer of jelly or jam. and add to it sufficient icing sugar to make a liquid paste. add to round. sugar commences to get slightly yellow . through — . Proportions potato-flour. snow. until the . stiff : five of sugar. spread the coffee cream upon the lower half. form upon another baking. When all is ready boil two dessert-spoonfuls of powdered sugar with the same of water. With half a small coffee cupful of very strong black coffee and 2 oz. beat up for an bake it in . three table-spoonfuls of powdered sugar. this point put them in on their flat surface. 257 with the remainder of the pate a choux. 592).CAKES. 618. Icing for the top of the cake. {Gateau mokd). Put into a Coffee cream to put in the middle of the cake. five whites beaten to a lb. Ornament the middle of the cake by arranging until the custard in spoonfuls in the centre. of flour mixed with }£ yolks of eggs. an ordinary cake-mould when it is cold cut the middle breadthways . whip this up frequently it is nearly cold. of sugar make a little syrup pour this into a bowl. it as ordinary sponge cake without the Prepare and bake almonds (No. it two leaves of dissolved gelatine . rind of one lemon grated. which is in the bag. and stick them at once upon the border of the cake after it is baked . 3 oz. basin three yolks of eggs. place them all In the interval prepare a good custard. half a teaspoonful of potato-flour. at steep briskly each little chou in the syrup . Note. — R . then pour over it the following icing which must be smoothed with the blade of a knrfe. I should think whipped cream added to custard in place of the white of eggs would be an — the im- provement. then two whites of egg into a stiff snow.

y^ lb. entrance of the oven lb. with \y it must be perfectly smooth and 2 pint of milk. of dissolved butter. of flour. 618). ( Crane pour mettre dans le milieu du gateau). three yolks and one whole egg. oven from twenty-five taking it to thirty it minutes finely . and a little essence of cream. two whole Pound the almonds with the orange-flower water. Bake in a good eggs. }{ lb. beat all . of almonds (a few of them may be of sugar. y — . Spread this between two rounds of puff paste. (Gateau frangipane meringul). the eggs. 258 instant. 3 oz. 615). add to them the sugar. i^£ oz. grain of salt.. Proportions bitter). some an instant before powdered sugar. This is ^ ^ coffee. of fresh butter. of powdered sugar. % lb. adding by degrees two dessert-spoonfuls of thick lb. CAKES. two dessert: spoonfuls of orange-flower water. of best fresh butter until half dissolved . grain of salt. slow fire until the cream thickens. out sprinkle over 621. of dissolved butter. 619. and the dissolved butter. up at briskly with this commences to thicken point can be spread on the cake. grated rind of an Mix all orange. thin Stir over a boil. Put into a stewpan 1 2 oz. beat it to a cream. it with half a cupful of rather strong black coffee. exactly the same as for gateau polonais (No. it must not — and must be to it add it in from lumps small pieces at a time free . of powdered sugar. take from the the whisk it fire % lb. 62a (Gateau amandine). another way of preparing the custard for spreading Soften at the in the middle of the above (No.

585). CAKES. a pinch of salt. in different Tea Cakes (Gateaux de plomb). . of butter. by the side of the other. Take y 2 of butter. of sugar. 623. of When the cake is baked cover the powdered sugar. into small Roll out the round cakes about 2 inches mark them bake in a round in size brush them with yolk of egg on the surface with the point of a knife. warm . sprinkle all with chopped size place pistachio-nuts. 6 oz. one oven. then cover the entire cake with the remainder of the cream . 550). and lightly put something on to Spread upon each a mixture of vanilla cream press them. make with this a puff paste (No. }£ P mt °f cream. oven. 612). 622. Make 1 y? oz. paste to 1 let rest for . place them on the board. of flour. cut out of it four rounds of equal them on a baking-tin and bake them in a good When they are done. and half set. bake in a warm oven. milk-feuilles). Roll out thinly. . prepared in advance. 580) spread the above mixture over In the interval beat to a firm it . {Gateau y^ lb. This cake can be varied by flavouring cream ways. ^ lb.. (No. an instant. lb. two yolks of eggs. snow three whites of eggs. surface of it with this meringue paste. Proportions: grain of salt. one whole egg. of flour. add to them gently 3 oz. and a cupful of water. 259 free from lumps. place the rounds one on the other. let it get partly cold. it inch in thickness lightly cut . Cover the baking-tin with rich short crust (No. the paste the same as for gateau de it Milan (No. . Stir over the fire until it commences to bubble . then sprinkle the top with chopped almonds or pistachio-nuts mixed with the same quantity of powdered sugar put the cake back in the oven until the meringue takes a golden tint.

form of little. Mix a basin the sugar with the whites of eggs. of sugar (part of it to be vanilla sugar). four or five whites of eggs. grain of salt. small rolls pointed at each end put on a tin and bake. y pint of cream. four whites of eggs beaten. of vanilla sugar. in y 2 lb. a warm water. place them on a baking-sheet buttered or waxed. y lb. add y oz. Waffles (Gnu/res). 627. Proportions : y lb. two little whole eggs. one whole egg. Proportions butter. 555) in the tin. (Petites flutes aux amandes). ladies' fingers . These biscuits become and crisp. of flour. of butter. Small Tea Rolls pain pour the'). butter. With this paste form small flutes or sticks. form with the paste . 3 oz. the almonds with the sugar add the egg. then add the flour and the almonds dried and chopped. of Proportions : 6 oz. 624. Mix in a basin to a . 531. 2 y oz. 6 almonds. one yolk. shake the tin to flatten the cakes a flat Bake in a gentle oven. 625. a grain of salt. then rub it with a clean cloth. 626. y y 2 lb. oz. of flour. . : y of sugar. ( Pt tits lb. Warm a baking- wax it. Put the mixture on through the forcing-bag (Nos. of of almonds.2(5o CAKES. of sugar. Pound and lb. Bake in a gentle oven. of flour. When all is well mixed. y all 11). one liqueur-glass of brandy. Small Scotch Tea Cakes {Petit biscuits e'eossais). 1 Beat up 1 1 pint of cream. of flour. flour.

they are taken from the irons roll them round a small in the form of a cone.. with three whites of eggs and 3 oz. ]^ lb. beat well until . one tablet of grated chocolate. Proportions : 6 oz. should. {Cornets a la crane). . wafer. Before serving fill the cornets with whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar. put them into a basin with the yolks and vanilla sugar . This is a delicious sweet. Warm the irons . (Tarfekttes de Cremone). . In the interval. like an ice clear fire pour into the middle a teaclose the irons and cook over a — . take 629. and continue to form the rest. when cooked. of skinned almonds. six yolks of eggs. 621). bake twenty-five minutes in a good oven. of vanilla sugar. 627). liquid 26l paste . spoonful of the mixture on both sides. and well repays the Note. . butter them lightly . little trouble at first the necessary irons are indispensable . With buttered rich tart short crust or : puff paste line some small moulds fill them three parts full with the mixture (No. Put them back in the oven for twelve minutes to colour the meringue. quite creamy. The cakes they can be procured at a good ironmonger's. three whites beaten. The moment the same as above (No. Pound the almonds with a little water . Make them wooden mould instant. 628. 630. CAKES. {Fanchonnettes). be quite flat and thin. of sugar prepare a meringue paste place some on each tart smooth it to a point powder with sugar. leave them an out the mould.

spoon. moistening them during the process with the whites of eggs. ]/ 2 lb. 631. ]^ lb. Form the macaroons by dropping pieces the size of a walnut upon a buttered baking-tin. Proportions a lemon. Line twenty-four patty pans with paste gateau de Milan (No. chop them but not too fine . Bake in a gentle oven. 612). then finish them by adding the brown. divide into two parts . half fill them with the white mixture. cold cut in pieces in any form that Before it is completely may be desired. Nougat. 632. Macaroons (Macarons). of almonds. Put the powdered sugar and lemon juice in a stewpan over a slow it fire . mix in delicately the beaten whites . J Proportions : /> lb. of sugar. leave them until they commence to take colour. juice of ]/ Peel the almonds. them cool before taking off the tin. stir all with a wooden Pour the mixture upon a baking-sheet or marble slab slightly oiled.— 262 CAKES. Cook in a moderate oven until they have taken a beautiful tint. of almonds peeled and dried in the oven. three or four whites oi one grated lemon. . beat with a spoon for ten minutes. increasing the heat. put the grated chocolate into one of them. : 2 lb. When they are reduced to a fine paste add the lemon and sugar work all perfectly. dry them at the entrance of the oven upon a baking sheet covered with white paper. of powdered sugar. Pound the almonds. from twenty-five to thirty minutes. then with a whole lemon flatten the turn yellow add to the almonds nougat to the thickness of yi inch. directly the sugar begins to . Let .

CAKES. creamy add by degrees the sugar and whites of it is eggs then the chopped peel. Proportio?is 3 oz. smooth it with a . of flour. almonds not peeled but chopped.. 4 oz. 6 oz. bake in a good oven until they are well coloured and glazed. place a round of paste upon it with the rolling-pin roll this into a long shape . . 2}4 oz. with a hole in the middle of 3 inches. handful of powdered sugar . of sugar. place the cardboard upon a buttered baking-sheet. place this on a baking-tin. When they are all made. of butter. 634. Russian Cake 263 633. of : 6 oz. six whites of eggs. (Galette Russe). repeat the operation. Roll out some puff paste to the thickness of ^5 inch . fill the empty space in the middle of it with a little of the paste. move the cardboard to another side of the baking sheet. knife until it covers the entire space of the 3 inches . of candied Beat up the butter until peel chopped. Alg^riens. and the flour Take a small round piece of cardboard at the last. the sugared side of the pastry uppermost. and continue until the tin is fulL Bake in a moderate oven. cut Put on the board a out eighteen rounds with a cutter. . the almonds.


534. boiled. sauce for fish. Balls. 593. 24. 506. boiled. ii white. Ballotines trout. 526. and macaroons. 439. 414. „ in vinegar sauce. 411. 523. 158. fried. 301. 399. Asperges en branches. 93. 531. 486. 539.INDEX. Aux Baba. 398. sur croute farcie. 409. 397. 438. in sauce. Allumettes aux anchois. Apricot cream. Alouettes. 416. 54. for frying fritters. 82. d VMteliere. Anchovy Apple butter. 398. 378. Anguille d la tartare. Bechamel sauce. 415. sauce. Aubergines. eggs. pudding. fried. dried white. n ii ii peasant fashion. 412. 266. baked. with rice. 393. 392. marmalade of. 71. Algeriens. boiled. oignons frits. A ubergines au gratin. 491. Artichoke bottoms. 1G4. 483. sauted. 521. tart. 407. 108. ii Becasse. 25. 397. 332. to stew. puree of. baked. fritters. 120. 410. Ambassadress soup. 98. tart. The references are to the recipes. 553. 530. 142. 416. buttered. 140. 92. Barley soup. French. 413. Haricot. 312. 4. with cream. charlotte. 508. 339. beans. 535. Beef. in a cage. Apples a la comtesse. h . Artichokes d la lyonaise. 333. tops. souffle. svujle. custard. 504. 153. 132. thick. 527. 483. Au pain frit. 547. 533. Baked almond pudding. 438. compile of. veal. 55. bouillis. „ Batter for frying. 141. broad. 392. 408. 356. Breton fashion. sponge cake. 634. 525. not to pages. Au beurre fondu. Asparagus. n and tomatoes. 591. Beans. Aspic defoie gras. with onions. Apricots. cle cuisses de poularde. 529. /rites. Artichauts a la lyonaise. 532. Almond custard. French.

156. 125. 15. 185. 181. 155. braised.266 Beef. aux crevettes. 169. 166. /. 473. 421. Boulettes d la duchesse. . 171. d'oranges. 436. 58. with chestnuts. in . with anchovy butter. >l la vanille. . 240. caper sauce. M ii ii el frit. /". 188. rissoles of. depoires. 192. ii with olives. p. 162. . 183. ii sheep's. 138. IllUSSel hashed. Boudins de poisson 125. miroton of. 109. 165. 195. 451. 158. 184. 177. 181. 376. 190. 266. rem placer les simpl quenelles. poivrade. 242. 172. -rilled. "' . 1 aux 18. i'liilin. 11. Bomhes. 158. „ ii fried. la casserole. 138. 167. 273. n ii INDEX. 214. 154. 510. . tongue. 164. fried. tFtcremsses. tea. noir. 609. — emploi des rentes. braised. flrurre d'anchois. bouilli. 110. 168. marine 174. de pic/ies. 18. BlcmquetU de veau.meat. with vegetables. 155. 242. huilrcs. 98 1 Boiled artichokes. de veau. Biscuit d la russe. de cerises. 157. ii trimmings with to em- Biscuits aux pis/aches. Brains. ploy. 50!). with mushstaffed rooms. vi ota 356.. with rice. steak and potatoes. 271. 185. lettuces. 161. Ileignets d hi semantic. Bouchees. 607. Boudins offish with prawns. de crime.'. fillet of. d la rente. with parsley butter. concentrated. 188. Black butter. B\fteeks d la bonne femms. 187. 150. n ii aux crevetUs. 166. 182. fillet of beef. macaroni. „ in sauce. „ „ . mirolonof. boiled. 117. 155. salad of. 241. croquettes of. 513. 239. 180. beef. 565. fiiitcraves rouges pour salads. pelerines. 512. 101. with tomatoes. 571. ragout of. 608. Russian. 186. 186. 92. Reelroot. Bj'leck d la motto cPhdtel. de poisson. proeenfale. 505. Chateaubriand. d la hongroise. 157. 182. 178. aux n ii with egg. 161. 196. of. 17. mushrooms. 153. Bifteck d la potle. fried. mousse nougat. 511. 507. ii n with with with with with 189. au tjratin. marrow. 154. au beurre d'anchoi aux amandcs. 183. ft. 606. sovJJUs aufromage. 191. 397. ii en vinaigrette. with cheese.i i. ii ii 228. 165. 173. Hungarian. de p soufflto. 119. it with cheese. 473. ii i. sauce 17-. directions for. calves'. Braised beef. 159. 27. n ii ii beamaise sauce. 187. with truffles. de poisson. ii salmon. 569. 153. new potatoes. 170.

273. 555. German dough. Butter. soup. stuffed. Cafe d la crime glace. 44G. 395. russe. 431. 525. de veau d I'oseille. n 11 liver. 11 37. Ceteris d ietuvee. small Scotch. Savoy. Chicoree el endive. stewed with marrow. russe. stewed. Carottes. 422. 434. 203. 38. 423. 379. tongue. 441. 533. with mushrooms. 293. red. 256. 65. Cari de homard. 396. sauce. Iried. 577. almond sponge. 443. 476. . 492. 240. pudding. Brioche. Canard aux navels. compote of. 596. 440. 546. en branches. 423. 29. with bacon. 520. 442. Celery roots. Cardons d la moelle. ox tongue. 526. 595. 160. 430. white. 225. Bread fritters. with rice. 600. 335. ice. 247. iced. Russian. 552. 405. au pain frit. 522. stuffed. 138. 625. with nuts. Cheese fritters. Caneton roll. tars. Champignons farcis. tart. aux pttils oignons. 511. tea. et petit pois. 239. pudding. 320. Bullock's heart. Calf's feet with black butter. 11 ii fried. with meringue. Cabbages German fashion. Gary de poulct. 497. with fried crumbs. in cream. veal sweetbreads. glazed. with strawberries. sponge. Carrots and green peas. 488. 242. Charlotte. 248. 242. 239. 433. 321. 434. 197. 84. 11. 432. 11 Cabbage soup. 422.INDEX. 432. 214. 241. Geneva sponge. 405. 601. 593. Cardons. Champagne sorbet. Charlotte de pommes d la bourgeois*'. 338. 240. Choic-Jleur. aux pelits pois. sandwich. n Cakes. 395. stick. 318. 241. 417. 576. Brussel's sprouts in butter. Chicken broth for invalids. 250. 518. Chestnuts. 526. Chateaubriand. head. 633. apple. 380. 251. 533. panees. Cake. stewed. 394. 141. Chicory and endive. Brown sauce. Cliau-froid de perdreau. 334. exquise. 590. sand. 396. black. 430. glazed. 394. Buttered apples. 319. Cailles. 623. omelet. superior. stewed. Chocolate cream. Breasts of lamb grilled. sauce. melted. melted. Cauliflower. 558. 217. 589. 245. 246. 572. 540. de veau en sauce. 244. 557. au gratin. in white sauce. 140. 327. salad of. with pineapple. patties. 202. Cherry fritters. aux olives. Culvts' brains. custard. Cherries. souffli. glacecs. Breast of veal. 11 11 •1 with cherries. 594. 146. 517. 519. au gratin. 267 Canard sauvage. Braised leg of muttou. /rites. 418. 11 and mashed potatoes. 484. Chaud-froid de poulct. 616. fried. 376. 469. 431. 194. in sauce. 282. in sauce. Cervelles de mouton.

208. de liruxelles au beurre. Comets d la crime. Civet de lievrc. 209. anglaise aux amandes. rice. 543. 540. 505. almond. 516. ii aux macaroon au thl en petits pots. 5. almoud. whipped. n 1. 538. /ouettie. Italian. renversee au ca/i. ri 'raises. Chocolate coffee. Cod. 546. of beef. en papilleiles. panees. iced. Crime d I'italienne. Croquettes au riz. 232. ti en sauce rouges. 515. 219 . le iced. 26. Cutlets. iramel. Coffee cream. of raspberries. lerrc. 501. 515. aux/raises. aux amandes. dc pomnies de 514. 538. 442. 440. 550. 502. 54C. ii Oourt-bouiUon. 542. n au choculal. de coings. 553. 628. 418. of large strawberries. CompOte d'abricots. 567. aux al/ricols. Cripes. short. Croquettes. 511. iced. 567. 162. of fowl. d la prinlaniire. coffee. of potatoes. lobster. 568. 578. ii ii ii 3. Crayfish butter. Custard. de poulet. Cuisson du sucre. CCtelettes d'agneau d la purle de irons. 536. 551."•02. fowl. rich. 465. gdteau. 518. 545. lamb. 50u. chocolate. 544. 519. Cru. 453. au/romage. 500. 501. I INDEX. 33. de grosses /raises. 542. 619. 503. de cerises. 549. de poulet en c/umd/roid. Coguilles de poisson. 550. 517. Clioux pastry. 163. 294. au lard. 517. 220. 296. ii d Vorange. 540. 581. tfaaneau de/wmard ii i grilles. au caramtl. apricot. 18. 27. 4. Consomme d la julienne. 576. strawberry. 575. 551. 541. 646. aua. 116. 517. de becu/ 162. 654. 539. 514. 231. 282. Cream. i lournle au chocolat. baked.268 Ckoux d FalUmande. 202. Crones dujapon. pour mettre dans milieu du CompOte of apricots. : de petites /raises. 520. n vanilla. bavaroise d la vanille. 340. in aspii orange. of cherries. de boeuf d I'Uouffec. Curry. 146. 552. 678. aux/raises en petits pots. 139. soup. 582. depiches. of fried bread for soups. custard. d Vambassaelrice. . for open tarts. Cream 417. d la printaniere. fritters. 75. 579. Clear soup. la Brunswick. aux cerises. 871. 554. d /" Windsor. 539. Curried fowl. 549. de viande au gratin. strawberry. Ranee. 445. 219. ii glacees aujus. salt. 107. 500. 207. 576. champignons. 147. witli chestnuts. 588. 604. de poires. 453. de veau. de mouton d la souoise. . of wild strawberrie Co/iqjOles de framboises. 3. 503. of peaches. n iced.

189. 120. 321. sauce 179. 499. with tomatoes. 125. 11 „ with asparagus. 356. u grilled. aux champignons far11 cis. 307. de mouton farcie. . 180. 350. 300. Dough cake. 178. YI7. aux olives. 193. i. rolled in bread-crumbs. in black butter. sauce for. 349. 305. with anchovies. Paupiettes. 173. 34S. of venison. 421. roast. 173. 169. Fdet aux pommes de terre nouvelles. 353. Eels with mushrooms. 134. 235. stewed. 319. 208. 224. 11 veal. Fillet of beef. of. 421. 106. 209. Escalopes. 220. M ilanaises. Faisan sur canape farci. poivrade. 121. with sweet herbs. 131. 342. rr 172. aux tomates farcies. 357. 231. 11 11 routes. Fat cons de choux et chou farci. sauce 11 11 11 11 madere. Entree of quenelles. with stuffed mushrooms.1 trimmings to em- ploy. with sprew. 1-17. with marrow. 265. 170. 342. 133. with Italian paste. en surprise. 174. wild. aux laitues farcies. soubise sauce. 190. . 179. 403. on a plate.INDEX. ti 11 11 r6tie. 190. iaked. de sole d la Joinville. Dutch sauce. 136. with mushrooms. rich. 370. 167. 70. garni de risotto. ti with olives. 192. 354. garni jardiniere. 170. en papillotes. Endive salad. 320. to beat up white of. 169. with rice. with small onions. with cheese. d la moelle. 131. with tartar sauce. 11 with 174. 234. n 11 11 EntrecOles d 11 1. 347. it da venaison. 404.i with bearnaise sauce. 358. 360. pique r!iti. 323. 77. Duckling. Filets de poularde au supreme. 205. with cheese. 178. 11 panics. 177. with truffles. 232. „ of veal. scrambled. 11 1. 300. 306. aujus. 352. 355. with olives. Dinde farcie. frying of. 629. Emince de dinde. 11 with lettuces. Fish. 495. 589. of sole fried in batter. with macaroni. lamb. fried. in oil. . la bearnaise. 175. in snow. with truffles. of fowl. 55. 207. 168. marines en beignets. 11 Epinards d la nouette. 134. 11 snow. 171. 345. 167. 436. 176. glacis. 172. 74. lobster. 351. 168. 34B. de bxuf aux champignons. aux macaronis. 467. stuffed. with vegetables. in sauce Robert. boudins of. new potatoes. 189. with turnips. Egg and lemon sauce. in white sauce. 191. 171. marine. Cutlets. sauce poivrade. German. 318. 233. glazed. Epaule d'agneau aux oignons 221. with prawns. braise. 11 11 hard. Duck. 11 Fanchonnettts. with green peas. 269 mutton. 11 11 braised. 136. 441. 436. Feves d I'huile. Staffed.

Fresh vegetables. 293. paste. mayonnaise of. Mascotte. head. '/nis in aspic jelly. 285. biscuit dc Sarnie. boiled beef. 284. 520.'. 132. 288.:- 621. rissoles. 131. marengo. 633. * plat. Bee Beans. with truffle French Beans. . . soup. d '•au d la cremc. 622. p&lSof. Galantine of fowl. 511. calf's it in oil. ::. 230. with 114 Fried aubergines. 618. . Fncandelles. in shells. Irving batter for. 77. patties. frawj. I'oseillc. 812. . 518. in stewed stewed red pepper. v. 123. pear. 510. 287. croquettes oi'. quenelles. of. 116. to dress cold. 226. cutlets in aspic. French bean salad. 122. semolina. 292. 876. 238. 227. 45. -'380. calves' brains. eggs. 119. rice. 6. aux /raises meringn. de Milan. St Bonort. potatoes. 506. Bouffli of. 508. 113. 509. 617. 304. etfresaure d'agneau. 241. 289.". apple. 505. 80L with rice. Game. thighs stuffed. 522. mayonnaise of. ii la n ii with cherries. 613. Flemish soup. cheese. Fowl Stanley. i i with of. polonais. 2S1. 299. 406. 223. 020.270 Fish in a mould. 513. 297. 107. 284. 614. u la duplomale. quenelles of. of. Fonda d'arlichout 457. fillets of sole. in batter. 296. >il2. with pine-apple. to cook. 355. 291. Frying offish or meats. qui ilil/i-lnrat. in twenty minutes 279 stuffed with truffles. 280. 512. with tarragon. 272. panada for. bread. 282. 611. i with cream. 424. Pieclniontese fashion. . 34. i. with strawbei . Fritters. soup. '. i en bordure. pdte for picnics. 466. peach. 112. lil lets of. 124. m aspic. 251. rice. 126. 607. 616. 285. 2'! 6. 250.17. Fricassee of fowl. remains 115. 182. ' sauce. 615. 521. Fricandeau of veal. 294. INDEX. Fob salsify. it . 285. 106. 471. ed in a stewpan. 300. in moulds. Bertha. 610. sauce ' for. vdlle-feuilles. galantine grilled. Soumroff. 227. Flo n glace aa sucre dans un 504. 278. 286. 277. Fob de veau d la menagire. 226. 284. batter for. 290. 523. . 286. 141. 242. 158. 524. Gateau aux abricots. 438. fricassee of. stock to boil. 298. 283. with cream. moka. 303. Russian fashion. cherry. 302. 1 17. curried. t savli'. aux pommes. ragodt 1 ne de pnidrt. 246. ». aux cerises.

465. 73. 100. 315. verts sautes aux oignons. salad. Jam omelet.INDEX. Genevese sauce. thickening 11 for. verts d Vanglaise. 411. Herrings. M sautes. 563. 159. 413. 95. 311. 207. d Uorange. Jelly. beef. with almonds. Horse-radish sauce. 1 dry soups of. Hare. veal. 156. Grives. stewed. 307. 562. 128. 565. Ground-rice souffle. blancs en sauce. 560. 61. Gigot de mouton braisS. 249. sheep's. Goose in jellv. aux liqueurs. O&teaux de plumb. Gelie d la macedoine de fruits. 561. au vin vieux. meat. roast. of veal. 562. 561. Hashed Ice. herrings. Kidneys. 289. 18. mustard sauce. trout. Japanese crones. moutarde. 400. Indian corn. verts d I'hSteliire. 336. 431. 203. 56. 341. 390. Guu/res. Gmiadins de veau. raspberry. Jerusalem artichoke soup. 35. stewed. 309. 11 with chestnuts. German dough cake. 236. 58. 549. economical. d la crime au cafe. orange. 41. 7. to clear. 412. 27I Haricot bean soup. vanilla cream. stuffed with apples. 254. fowl. 409. 210. German soup. 575. Geneva sponge cake. 589. French fashion. . soups of. Gravy. turkey. 96. Ices. 576. verts et tomates. wine. ITomard d Vamfrricaine. 487. 111. Godivea orange. 567. d la crime au vanillee. Gouglaf d I'allemande. 216. 14 Julienne soup. mutton cutlets. 495. Glazed carrots. Glaces. punch. 566. 109. 566. breasts of lamb. 470. 217. 181. chocolate. chevreuil. 215. salmon. 5. verts sautes. Glaze. ITachis de boruf aux marrons. 21. 578. sauce 128. 11 iced. i $. Grilled beefsteak. 152. 563. Hungarian beefsteak. 572. sauce. 340. Iced coffee cream. 137. mustard sauce. 560. 101. 627. 59. liqueur. puddings. 573. 571. grilled. 159. oniot. bland d la bretonne. an citron. Ilarengs frais. 565. Italian cream. with lettuces. 415. 568. 565. Haricot de mauton. 78. 160. n of mixed fruits. 210. pastes. 568. 308. 410. 128. stewed. pate of. 401. Glace d I'orange. superior. 53. Grenadines of veal. 589. mackerel. 249. 60. soup. aux framboises. lemon. blancs sees. 559. 574. 600. Italian cream. 559. 157. . 310. 144. Green peas.i custard. 91. 564. chestnuts. of mutton. 564. 623. Green sauce for fish. 186. 11 facon 204. 575. Giblets. pigeons. 57. mullets. 407. Haricots d lapaysanne.

sauce aitx cdpres. calf's. 113. wil 219. American fashion. 149. sauce. with glazed onions. 381. 156. 631.272 Ladies' fingers. ii butter. 151. 606. 580. cutlets.ts. 384. fry. 427. 68. 209. 480. strawberry irs ala 16. Miroton de. 597. 444. de bouilli.Macaroon custard. tart. n with sprew. 573. stewe Mutton 383. 416. grille. 548. Macarons. au gratin. scallops. . grilled. lAaii av. 85. 64. Mushroom sauce (fresh mushrooms). 339. 607. 420. 66. 221. 217. farcies. salad. 146. au nalurel. Macaronis aux lomates. 382. 570. timbale i. i. Meat Leeks. with tomatoes. crumb n . 445. 154. Lemon jellv. 250. . apple.- Liqueur jelly. 384. aux /raises et autre* fruits. 198. crime. 3S6. Mull. 385. patties. stuffed. Last year's birds. tart. de poulel. romaincs. Langue de boauf braisee. Macaroni au gratin. 144. 223. With cheese. Lentils. 419. Mock turtle soup. I. INDEX. ii 204.e 154. 562. 489. salie. dressed as venison. Mousscline souffle". 28. breasts of. Mousses. 297. stuffed. pudding. 121. 419. butter. 79. 466. 372. . 69. 147. 572. 251. Liver. I Larks. rolled in breadH aufromage. 203. 280. butter. grilled. 631. 528. 207. 27. Leg of mutton braised. recipe for cooking. Mussel-. '_ Leek soup. f. 137. Mushrooms of. stewed cos. 560. 140. shoulder of. aub< urre. 314. MaUre d'hijtel. Macaroons. cutlets. 383. curry. Mashed potato Matelotte d'anguille. i simple au chocolal. 111. en gibelolte. 145. 218. 421. Mousse aux ceufs. 565.angues de moulon. Madeira sauce. stewed. boiled. H 196. 163. and green peas. grilled. i (tinned mushrooms). 213. 382. stewed. Lottva 420. 197. 421. Milanese fashion. 137. on crusts. sauce aux raisins de Corinthe. 148. d la Mm M iu marintirc. Lettuce salad. Mayonnaise of fish. MouUm d I" laitve. . 162 in wine. 220. 148. grilled. 247. Lentilles. Meringue. soubise sauce. 189. 276. 119. Malakoffs. 113. de veau. 39. stewed. Lamb. 206. Mackerel. 381. fowl. cutlets.. Milanese scallops. Marmalade of apples.uf. of fowl. with mashed potatoes. Lettuces for garnishing. 524. bo. Mayonnaise de poisson. Maquereau Marengo. Milk sou]). 235. 80. with A«7<ameisauce. ''.

180. Oseille. Oatmeal soup. 259. 496. d p&tefroid. 369. aux rognons. suet or lard. 579. 363. Pdte d choux. aux tomates. souffle. Kid de marrons d la crime. 79. 346.tmbom. 348. soufflie. . 331. d la ait tripe. 222. 132. jam. Oyster patties. with mushrooms. pilaff of. 357. Olives. 551. for cod. Pdte for picnics. 341. Robert. 329. suet. 44. 366. stewed with cabbages. Partridge in aspic. 331. 314. d quenelles depoisson. 118. 369. durs aux anchois. ait naiurel. 367. 354. Panada 126. wilh kidneys. 262. 212. 366. 479. Pancakes. roast. 330. 556. ii brisie. Pain defoie de veau. .INDEX. 350. soup. 581. 299. rageCU of. n 568. 429. 497. 588. au miroir. 330. aux pointes d'asperges. staffed. ait rhum. 200. 581. veal. of. confitures. 30. 370. ii Nougat. sur leplat. of fowl. 364. 493. caramel. 253. of hare. auj'. 493. 362. with sweet herbs. choux. 205. 588. venison. Oreillons de veau garnis. frits d Vhuile. ii with asparagus. 497. 32'5. rdtie. cold. Navarin. timbale of. 355. Onions. ii ii Oie aux pommes. shoulder of. salmi of. fritters. jelly. 211. 585. Kesselrode. 222. 122. 123. 477. 583. 367. 315. cold pate of. beurre noir. for fish-paste. 498. with ham. 499. 365. en cocottes aux fines herbes. chocolate. brouilles ii pudding. 349. farcis aufromoge. made with 587. 206. . aita. of pigeons. 365. 85. 324. 308. 328. 327. Partridges. ait au rhum. aux truffles. 303. Pastry. 42. Omelette aux champignons. 495. en surprise. Nesselrode pudding. 583. Nut pudding. with lettuces. 495. 351. depoisson d la crime. glazed. d la graisse. 559. terrine or pdte of. 203. Egyptian. with cheese. aufromay. 353. Parsley butter. 555. Orange cream. dfrire. of partridges. 632. en daubefroide. 367. 584. 362. aux fines herbes. puff. 494. aufromage. Paste for cold patties. 2/3 au chocolate. „ Omelet. 586. ii ii aux petits pois. Omelette d la bouryeoise. 516. aux nouilles. aux pointes d'asperges. 309. 310. 556. 369. 361 commoner. ice. Oiqnons glacis. with tomatoes. Mutton. 43f Ox-foot soup. 352. 494. 363. for veal pie. 361. with truffles. CEufs d la neige. 204. Onion sance. 210. 347. glazed. 9. 360. 248. i aux truffes. 507. 35S. braised. haricot leg of. -428.

dressing for. aux petits pois. 626. Pilau de mouton d mailre d'Mtel. 273. 389. 580. 19. aux fausse tortue. frites. Pot trine de veaufarcie. 391. 448. au men. en cage. 323. tapioca. au au riz. volaille. Pigeons. 21. froid de perdreaux. 275. 458. Poireaux. ii 109. 625. 161. with olives. 217. froid de Ucasses. 531. Pear fritters. soup. compole of. 315. 271. oyster. 535. 40. 264. ramequins. 274. . pois a lafrancaise. 18. Pears. 226. Petits fricandeaux a la genevoise. 449. Petit biscuits ecossais. crMe </< d'orge. Flamand. 315. ou farce a quenelles de veau. 509. ii ii d laltemande. 118.1. 582. 20. 463. stewed. timbales d la Talleyrand. Pommes d la Chantilty. 28. froid de veau d la geUe. . feuilletee. 313. la weslphalienne 4-. 114. 328. d la mailre 455. madame. 229. 108. 58". 34. 32. Potatoes ci Vancienne. pain pour the. de godiveau. grilled. 212. 303. stuffed. mashed. 541. 229.. 23. 448. 317. 331. 260. veal. 337. soujltes. Potato boolettes. 457. 525. cold. 400. sautees crws. mutton. or shrimp. 586. Pheasant. 263. 393. au beurre. ii C d la graisse de bceuf. 262. 263. ii Bisque. 458. au beurrc a la mcuniere.i Paupieltes de veau. 427. 529. German fashion. 461. d'/iOtel. 313. de veau en terrine. orge parte. 4 19. v. de poulet d Vcmporlrr. 528. 452. fish. 304. 534. en cocolle.o. auxpatis pat ils aujus. . . superior chicken. r6lies. pates de veau. Pilaff of 316. Polenta. 261. Pintail. Pommes de terre d la genevoi. Pointa d'asperges. 453 fried. 472. Peach Peaches. 35. lobster. d'Jtalii'. salad. n i. 330. 510. i" !. it n ii ii ii ii ii d d I'iniciennc. 401. Petites flutes aux amandes. . conserves. Pilau. velours. of. 316. 11. with jelly. Perdrix aux choux. croquettes of. 456. 456. Potage d la semoule. 527. pate st. 259. Patties. 212. 391. 543. 324. mould. dcmi-feuilletie. 464. farcies. 322. 26. 274. I'orienlale. Poisson d la creme gratin. ii with green peas. „ fine. d la creole. roast. Pigeons d la crapaudine. 624. farcis. lailues. in butter. 27 5. 322. Poitrines il'agneau griUees. 457. meringuecs. Pieds de veau au beurre noir. au Parmesan. d la comtesse.1 314. roasted in the stewpan. siiufflees. 459. Perdreau rbli. 117. paste for. re. 25. 455. 6. fritters. 402. on toast. veal. Polenta with cheese.274 Pali brisee INDEX. 22. truites a la Voltaire. 246. Pie.

50. 334. sauce. of mutton. 387. 460. et petils pois. 464. d la Saint Cloud. vanilla. 218. d'agneau aim pelils pois. 195. 478. 483. 4S4. Quinces. 264. suet or lard. Ilamequins au/romage. 475. 479. Puff paste. 236. 256. Punch glace d la romaine. r<!<j Quails. 238. 48. Punch. 375. au paprika. of fowl. Dem. ii Viennese. 574. I'oulet d la casserole. iOM<e la minute. 287. 238. 402. Potted peas. and peas. 387. 483. d la Stanley. „ tapioca. Puree d'artichauts. in moulds. 283. 257. . for vol-au-vent.idojffr'&l. 281. 279. Rissoles de banif. entrSe of. 288. compote of. 265. Ragout d'abatis d la ch/ipolata. 258. 484. 124. and tomatoes. 335. 476. <J 27. Mplomate. 481. 166. 574. de mmilon d V Eyyptienne. de pommes de terre. 343. Puddings. 480. Pumpkin soup. stuffed. 237. au/our. Quenelles de/oie d la moelle. of beef. cold. 587. d la Financiere. with green peas. Quenelles. 23. Rice. Ris de veau. Pouding d la semoide. for soup. 22. 51. 12. 211. aux cerises dans un plat. 27. iced. 119. 43. 122. de poisson. chocolate. d la vanille. au chocolat. 290. ii Risotto. d Vestragon. fish. 255. 373. blancs garniture. 298. 389. of veal. 49. of liver. 482. commoner. Pudding. 474. viennois. 480. 459. orange. soup. 477. recipe Milanese fashion. 374. 565. 252. ii ii fruid. ii Poultry roasted in a stewpan. fish. Raspberries. roast. Rabbit stewed brown. 52. au citron. Nesselrode. d la Milanaise. au sauce blanche. 77. 267. Prawn butter. 563. 195. 304. 36. 569. nut. 585. 556. Financiere. 50. n d la portugaise. en pet its pdtes. of veal. 124. Rissoles. ii Pot-au-1'eu. 166. sauce for. Spanish for. au plat. 161. vanilla cream. pour entrees. Raspberry jelly. aux tomales. aux amandes grillees. 99. Potatoes stewed. 475. n 48. 278. 481. iced. Quenelle-meat. 482. 237. d la Pifmcmlaise. 311. 474. . 451. 462. grille. 51. 52. of fowl. ii d V Espagnole. semolina. 544. 161. aux noisettes. of beef. 211. souffle d Vorange. ii rGtis et braises. Riz d la persane. 47S. 49. Westphalian fashion. 262. 14. stewed. fish. au riz. de bozuf. au tapioca. 161.INDEX. cherry. 479. Egyptian. 584. 289. 265. de pommes de'Jerre. ii ii thick. de haricots 414. made with 586. 2/5 chopped meat for. d la Diplomate. de veau. 252. baked almond. 476. 542. lemon. 477.

Salmis de becasscs. 145. mushroom ti (fresh 69. 76. Rouelles de veau d la bourgeoise. de homard. grilles. 254. d la crime. 188. and wild duck. of white cabbage. 575. 78 pimianti 86. 104. de pomme de terre. 27. pheasant 011 toast. 466. 278. grteu. 92. 78. 81. 111. 425. Qenovese. 424. 110. 426. 11 > . Salmi of patridges. sautes. 82. en moule glace. 4'i7. en vinaigrette. 67. sautes. Sabayon au vin. in vinaigrette sauce. of snipe. 305. 473. turkey. Sandwich cake. 105. INDEX. of beetroot. 472. 1 12. Italian. 11 Spanish fashion. . 80. -158. aux pommes. for fish. 277. 471. poultry. 27. prawn. Sand cake. Roasted potatoes. whit. ti (preserved 89. snipe. ii butter. 95. 71. de rt/maine. 9". 596. for rod. mayonnaise. tomato. Salad. r butter. 470. '. I'ilalienne. ait chou blanc. 152. Salsify. 332. 601. tncliovy butter. 88. 578. 7 1. 126. 68.276 Roast duckling. Salsifis au velonti. 421. 469. 75. 338. 91. shrimp butt. aux crenelles. aux champignons de conserve. fried. de chicoree amere. 826. in white sauoe. 215. fowl. de perdreauai. French bean. 99. in cream sauce. 66. Salt tongue and currant sauce. Dutch. apple. 325. 11 with Satice d olives. 102 with cream. 468. 469. 96. d I'auf et an citron. for vegetables. de haricots verts. 633. 468. Tartar. wild duck. 470. for Hill. endive. parsley butter. mushrooms). 84. frits. potato. 71. 27. Rognons de moulvn d 11 la hrochelle. grilled. 82. Italian. . 69. partridge.'1'. 425. 334. 325. aux champignons frais. 224 Rougets au vin blanr. 326. egg and Lemon. madeira. lobster. 32 1. sake. Salmon. 98. Russian beefsteak. rolls. prawn butter. 466. gOOSc. vinaigrette. tomatoes). 90. 472. 471. brow butt. shrimp. rode. remarks on. 101. 103. 19S. 101. onion. 467. 216. (tinned mushrooms). iced. 100. 100. au beurre. lettuce. . anchor \ . 73. 72. 606. ilalienne. boiled. bread. 97. 67. quails. 77. v 7. horse-radish. 70. 318. fried. 145. Saiade d la crime. 75. cream. 151. 141. 323.

hare. omelet. onion. Soles au vin hlanc. Soldiers' soup. 89. ffcnevoise. 77. onions.. bourgeoise. 326. . bread for. 38. aw vinaigre. d la xanille. 35. Xnrmandv fashion. Sheep's brains. 11 •1 rich. German. 99. iajieur de riz. 135. Soup. Savarin. 277 brum. 486. 580. 78. „ with 513. fillets of. 487. 9. 130. Soles d la normande. Saw)H«?i . 43. 44. 346. Scallops. 7. 11 soup. Snipe on toast. 4S9. Scrambled eggs. Milanese. 110. 492. 214.-. fried in batter. hollandaise. in white wine. 345. 475. Jerusalem artichoke. 302. 18. 485. fowl. btarnaise. 577. Semolina „ fritters. 46. 48S. ground-rice. 70. 130. to roast. rerte. lomate a Vespagnole. meat. for open tarts. 31. oatmeal. 4S8. soup. 129. 512. bread. 134. 205. croutons of fried fish. mousseline. omelette au rhum. 83. . 215. mousseline. Savoy cake. pudding. "235. of various Italian pastes. with rice. 5. 34. Short crust. thick. 11 d la printaniere. 213. 493. butter. with green peas. au beurre. 96. 491. sauce. auxpomme d la russe. H4S. 1. 485. 41. 27. 24. 485. 11 11 with cheese. 45. Shrimp Julienne. 234. stuffed. 4S9. almond. 490. 81. 332. 21. asparagus. d la senwide. for invalids. 3. 136. patties. 30. iartare. with butter. Sauce aux lomales fraicht aiuc tomates emtentes. Shoulder of lamb. chocolate. 65. 33. fritter. wiaWre d'hdlel chaude. 216. 95. 26. truffles. Soles. 582. 490. 11 with 347. 90. leek. 616. haricot bean. 66. 14. ambassadress. 494. sautes. of veal. chicken broth. 491. 4S7. Sorrel. 118. pearl-barley. 474cold. cabba. 129. d'anchms. 6. souffle. de volatile en petiles caisscs. 72. raifu*'. for. 47. 71. n tongues.tNDEX. Sorbet au chamjiagne. rich. appl. praline. 20. 492. kidneys. of mutton. 4. Vanilla. mock turtle. 579. remoulade. ox-foot. 104. with glazed „ clear. 221. stuffed. 39. blanche. 28. 135. milk. 29. 377. 163. of fowl. au chocolat. semolina. dans un plat. salmi of. Flemish. madire. Smiffle. stock crayfish. 76. 73. 349. 592. 11 11. 302. 131.sai/ce cl to genevoise. 333.

cos lettuces.11. 258. 13. for soups. pearl-barley. turnip. 130. 40. thighs. aux A aMx Ugumes. Tcrrine or pale of partridges. 23. in red pepper. INDEX. 20. 15. 594. ai« pommes de (/. Stewed mussels. 317. cardons. rice.t. apricot cherry. 1. with olives. 524. 330. tp. 434. pigeons. thick. tomato. 502. to prepare. Tapioca pudding. . 45. with nuts. na. 120. leeks. ilile. Terrine de liivc de perdreaux. almond.pple. 81. 469. 224. noon. quino rabbit. 16. 8. 570. 31. 12. 107. 427. 37. hare. Tea cakr small Scotch. sorrel. inmates. strawberry. SOL lettuces. „ t. mousse. Stuffed breast of veal. 10. 266. 281. 446. poitson. 205. 47. thick. quenelles for. 435. tomatoes. 32. tapioca. navets. 42. 595. custard. Strawberries. Spinach in brown butter. 11 giblets. potatoes. 202. 255. Soujif d la balaille. auxpoireaux. 340. 19. pied i/V /"/ /. 279. 593. 40. 482. real stock. tomatoes. 21. 441. . VI. 537. tart meringue. . d Strawberry cream. turkey. meringue. rolls.<!/ with truffles. 503. au pain. . „ 13. for clear soup. 88. common economical. mushrooms. ri~. ' v tie Oremonc. d Voiijnon. shoulder of mutton. d I'oseille. with meringue. stock for. eggs (with cheese). 43. 1 600. 16. 'J'J5. au groan. 1. 7. tillet of veal. 1 19. thick. „ custards. potato. 524. to eh veal. Sponge cake. 244. partridges. Boldiera'. 22. larks. 46. 1 6. terre. 298. with gravy. d la Saint Cloud 257. Stewed apples. for syrup real. allemande. 31. 419. 422. 404. 025. 330. 554. fowl. 461. 533. 29. 10. 597. 306. Sugar. bullock's heart. compGte of lai of wild. 218. with cabbage. cabbages. 47. braised. small. Tartar sauce. in white sauce. „ woec 8. 030. 26. In courge. 343. lamb and green peas. pumpkin. 30. au lait. a «a. 522. 429.278 Soup. aux choux. 311. pot-aa-feu. to boil fish. 13. turnips. 328. call's head. 624. 39. 19. 370. with marrow. Stock. . 44. potatoes./'. 339. I--. to prepare. celery roots. 33. 818. 521.

to prepare. stewed. 11 quenelle meat of. Terrine de pigeons. stuffed. cold. H 11 inwhitesauce. Turnip soup. 42. 11 soup. 197.258. 569. 259. „ olives. 490. 233. Tomatoes. de macaronis. 593. 254. 38S. de pommes de terre. 276. de. „ 279 /rite. biscuit au beurre. d Uilalicvnc. Tournedos d la creme. roast. sautes aux champignons. Vanilla cream pudding. 317. 450. 199. 109. Milanese. 199. 385. cutlets en papillotes. 428. 314. Veal balls. custard. au 2>ain noir. glazed. 191. 604. 224. 271. cream ice. meringuee. 198. 299. 227. 436. braised. 600.. 264. 447. it 11 mousseline. Timbale d la Milanaise. 58. la lyonnaise. 236. 452. staffed. 263. de Geneve. n fillet of. 193. Vacherin aux amandes d la creme. Timbale of liver. 244. depoulets aux nouilles. Thickeninsr. d bechamel. timbale of. 228. Trout. 594. 262. patties. . 13. 253. 566. a la sei-vietie. . 230. Turbot with mushrooms. au punch. Lyons fashion. Tourte d I'eau. 305. d la pouletle. of partridges. 436. Tranches de saumon grillees sauce with cream. and current sauce. 245. 306. breasts of. pigeons aux olives. liver. n 89. grilled in butter. 274. remains of. 213. 256. sautees d la provencale. 237. manquee. 229. li la A'aianciere. with almonds. (preserved tomatoes). 201. la legente. 550. of macaroni. baked. stewed. 598. 11 paste for. ^55. „ pie. de sable. stock. 90. 111. Italian fashion. 329. pudding. de godiveau. 200. 64. 201. stuffed. 192 sautes aux tmffes. 596. ice. caper sauce. 231. Totines de pommes de terre. 429. fricandeau of. 235. 11 small. de risotto. Thickenings and sauces. la 386. ti en cocotle. Spanish fashion. 226. 261. 002. 275. 276. with eggs. 62. with jelly. butter. 435. boiled. 481. sheep's. 10. calfs. 601. 234. 253. Turnips in white sauce. d la Saint Cloud. 307. 447. 225. 571. 196. 272. 261. 88. hashed. 603. glazed. Tomates farcies. Tomato souffle. quenelles of. 232. Tile de vcau a divcrses sauces. 108. 435. stewed. 127. dressing for. 11 '•t succulante. Tripe. salt. 11 aux amandes. 127. Turkey. \fomay. 247. haricot of. stewed in butter. 252. 11 11 fricandelles.INDEX. 260. sauce. . Truffles. to dress. 599. 200. of. de godiveau. 11 257. scallops of. kidneys. 266. n d de perdreaux 329. 597. n aux noisettes. 63. „ panies. sweetbreads. Tongue. 595. braised.

for. 280. 269. fillets of. INDEX. Wild duck. C27. -178. 268. Venison. for vegetables. mi i d la mariniire. . 8. Wine jelly. i. pristki) nv wrui. 104. . 295. 338. 32. 270. a la Pfrifford.>So ble soup. 342. 83. Velvet BOOP. Vinaigrette sai Volatile <> la M tujo. roast. 561. garniture !ei foi 267.wi in tCKWOOD ant> sons . White sauce. Viennese pudding. Vol-au-vent.


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