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Pay Table, from One Day to One Month




General Relation of Employers and Servants




Generally Recognized Duties of Each Servant



Generally Recognized Duties Household of Six Servants


the Average Well-appointed

Duties of Servants under Other Conditions and Smaller Households

Don'ts for Employer

Don'ts for Servants




RuLES FOR ROASTING Frying. FOR BOILING MeAT. Meat. Broiling.Vlll CONTENTS CHAPTER VII PAOB 37 The Servants' Hall. Read this Advice CHAPTER IV Soups 73 CHAPTER V Fish. Time-table for Cooking. CHAPTER Table of Measures. Weights and Meas70 Proportions. Wines. Lobsters. II Selection of Meats. Oysters. Cooling. Warming. Poultry and Game. To broil Meat well. Terrapin 101 CHAPTER VI Meats 143 . Rules 65 BaKING AND ROASTING. 46 AND Serving CHAPTER Selection of Fish. ures. Decanting. Steaming . III Table of Proportions. To judge the Age of Boiling. The Storeroom CHAPTER Household Receipts VIII 40 PART II I CHAPTER Dinners and Dinner-giving.

and Pickles 380 CHAPTER XVI Beverages 393 . Egg and Cheese Dishes. . and Forcemeats . etc. Custards.CONTENTS CHAPTER Poultry and Game VII ix PAOB 180 CHAPTER Salads. Preserves. 261 CHAPTER XI Hot Puddings. Fillings. . and Pies 360 CHAPTER XV Candies. 284 CHAPTER XII 306 Cold Puddings. and Icings XIII 336 CHAPTER XIV Breads. and Aspics VIII 207 CHAPTER IX Vegetables and Farinaceous Foods 232 CHAPTER X Sandwiches. Souffles. Sauces. Creams. Pastes. Meringues. and Ices CHAPTER Cakes.


in Breeches and Silk Stockings. in Morning Livery Parlormaid. in Mourning Livery Laundress Another Part of Model Laundry. Laundry Stove with Boiler connected Model Laundry Servants' Dining Hall Dinner Table Detail of One Cover Lunch Table. . or Court Livery First Footman. in Morning Livery Parlormaid. in Afternoon Livery 14 16 16 16 17 17 . in Afternoon Livery Waitress.LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS A Dining Room. 18 18 Chambermaid. . Scullery Maid washing Servants' Dishes Carriage Footman 20 20 22 24 25 26 26 Coachman Coachman. Footman. in Morning Livery Chambermaid. in Full Dress Valet First First 8 11 11 12 12 14 . in Breeches and Silk Stockings. Footman . in Afternoon Livery Model Kitchen. in Mourning Livery Carriage Footman. Twelve Covers xi 28 28 30 30 32 36 48 50 58 . in House Livery Butler. Cook and Second Cook Chef and Mortar Another Part of Model Kitchen. or Court Livery First Footman. or Court Livery Page Boy Waitress. General View Frontispiece FACING PAGE Housekeeper Lady's Maid. . in Street Costume Lady's Maid. in Breeches and Silk Stockings.

232 234 Baked Cauliflower Maccaroni Timbale Potato Roses . Mayonnaise Dressing . Large and Small Charlotte Russe Wine Jelly with Grapes Jelly or Pudding Mould Meringues Shells filled with Pistachio Cream Orange Baskets filled with Jelly Chocolate Mousse Mould for Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Nesselrode Mould for Strawberry Nesselrode .234 244 244 252 274 274 286 296 296 310 310 316 320 320 326 326 332 332 Potato Balls Nested Eggs Spinach Timbale Chestnut Pudding Baba Moulds for making Baba.xii LIST OF ILLVSTBATIONS FACING PAGE Baked Codfish Fish Mousse Mould for a Mousse 104 110 of Fish 110 Lobster Cutlets Moulds for Lobster Cutlets Fillet of 140 140 146 Beef Kidneys on Skewers 146 174 or Chicken Mousse Boned Ham Small Moulds for Ham Mousseline Ham 174 176 Mousse Mould Boned Chicken Chicken Timbale Chicken Timbale Timbale and Mousse Moulds Boned Turkey Trussed Turkey Larded Quail 176 184 184 192 192 196 196 Game Pate Cream Cheese Ball Salad Tomato Salad Timbale Mould Artichoke Bottoms Baked Asparagus filled 202 202 224 224 232 with French Beans.

Rice. or Hominy Pat6 Shells Pulled Sugar Basket Pastry Cutters 360 360 362 362 364 364 372 372 380 380 .LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Xlll FACING PAGE Angel Cake Birthday Cake Fruit Cake Vanilla Wafers Lemon Cakes Chocolate Eclairs 338 338 340 340 346 346 Log Cabin Lady Fingers Fancy Cakes Currant Jelly Cake 348 348 350 350 Boston Brown Bread Homemade French and Graham Bread Crescents French Rolls Cream Biscuits Paper Cases for Cream Biscuits. etc Tin Mould for making Paste.




00 72.67 1.17 3.50 76.00 54.33 19.33 14.33 4.00 24.00 20.50 42.00 34.33 10.33 6.00 88.00 9.33 63.00 $95 $100 1.67 12.17 15.67 13.33 28.17 87.33 42.33 5.00 12.00 40.00 41.00 22.00 70.00 79.00 50.33 82.50 38.67 24.33 31.00 $65 $70 2.67 46.60 11.00 16.67 52.50 90.83 5.00 31.00 9.00 30.00 58.67 33.00 37.00 19.00 17.50 18.00 40.00 34.33 56.50 31.33 37.50 1.50 35.50 63.67 42.33 25.50 10.50 81.33 28.00 7.00 25.00 36.00 53.50 15.83 16.00 80.50 23.50 46.00 60.00 53.67 42.50 11.00 72.67 26.50 27.33 22.00 34.33 48.67 50.67 93.00 37.67 38.00 7.00 28.33 42.50 21.67 33 32.00 45.50 6.67 20.00 60.00 36.67 73.00 48.33 20.00 18.00 51.67 56.67 30.33 55.50 50.17 23.00 39.67 28.00 9.00 18.00 21.50 48.67 43.00 6.50 6.00 44.33 62.33 24.33 33.00 20.00 30.83 76.00 68.50 18.00 12.17 43.50 45.67 26.00 53.00 82.00 4.50 25.00 22.50 60.83 57.33 14.67 3.00 8.33 73.50 59.00 66.00 18.6 38.50 $40 $45 $50 $55 $60 $65 $70 $75 $85 $90 $100 .33 70.00 85.00 46.00 11.00 15.00 36.00 50 42.33 17.00 20.00 67J28.00 36.00 16.00 9.67 6.83 36.67 22.00 10.00 91.00 16.67 7.00 27.50 30.00 19.67 12.50 9.33 56.00 52.33 2.00 28.00 79.33 15.83 21.33 66.33 4.00 47.00 67|40.00 33.83 56.00 40.67 78.00 24.83 75.00 38.00 25.67 34.00 49.67 65.83 39.00 22.67 57.00 36.67 30.17 69.67 4.17 63.00 8.67 10.67 12.67 27.00 13.33 26.00 21.00 36.50 25.00 25.00 33.00 32.83 96.00 45.33 47.00 44.67 25.67 3.50 32.00 67.33 10.07 18.33 10.00 26.00 16.00 50 30.00 5.00 57.00 76.67 2.00 23.33 32.33 66.50 45.33 30.00 30.33 65.00 8.00 60.00 $75 $80 $85 $90 3.00 58.33 6.50 51.67 13.17 33.00 44.67 34.00 43.00 13.67 39.00 3.00 63.33 39.00 54.17 51.00 29.00 22.33 86.33 40.67 16.67 72.33 35.00 60.00 14.50 37.33 46.00 31.33 84.67 35.50 28.33 48.50 5.00 69.00 15.67 53.00 8.33 12.50 2.00 50.50 41.67 17.00 67.17 83.67 21.67 14.00 6.33 62.PAY TABLE FROM ONE DAY TO ONE MONTH $40 $45 $55 $60 2.00 65.50 70.




Importance of Clear Understanding between Employer and Employed at the Time of Engagement at the A clear understanding is time of the engagement between master and servant most important. A servant has a right to ask questions about the place in a and he should gain all the information he legitimately can about the character and demands of the household to which he thinks of going. between master and man. 3 . The of service is stand upon the same footing. If the contract is for a term longer than a year. and to their surroundings while performing those duties. efficient servants to be indifferent to the duties they are under- taking. the arrangement is to go on by the month. Masters cannot expect respectful manner. between mistress and maid. it should be put in writing or it will be . The term usual engagement is for a week's trial if both are suited. invalid.PART I RiaHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS ^>Kc CHAPTER I GENERAL RELATIONS OF EMPLOYERS AND SERVANTS IN THE HOME AND BEFORE THE LAW Before the law of this country servants of various kinds to be determined by the agreement between employer and employee.

In such cation. But a servant should not have a right to dictate what he or she will or will not do. gross incompetence to perform his duty. an emplo3^er has occasion to speak to a servant for neglect of duty. to help — what he or she expects as a part of his and not to hinder duties. and wages may on the other hand. arranging for a place and its duties these matters should all be forecast. and not for the entire month. is a sufficient cause for dismissal. the employer has a perfect right to withhold all wages for the week or month. as the arrangement for service be.4 MBS. The employer has the right of naming Servants are at liberty to accept them or not. not less than two or three days'. considered. and the ser- vant says he or she will leave at once. Liability of a Servant to discharge under Differing Circumstances The servant may be lawfully discharged tion of his or her before the expira- term for immoral conduct. If the servant is employed by the month. free from the possible interference of other servants. the servant is entitled to wages week or month. a lady's maid has a right to a sewing room. wish. if a master or mistress. he or she is entitled to a week's or a month's wages. SEELTS COOK BOOK A servant should tell place him in the performance of his For instance. without just cause. A servant should give the employer proper notice before leaving. wilful disobedience Intoxiof orders. and if by the week. discharges a servant before his or her in full for the month expires. and definitely settled. and without sufficient cause. and a valet to a room where he may press his master's In clothes. before the expiration of his or her term. at least one week's notice is necessary. cases the servant is paid wages for the period he or she has served. In other words. If. . etc. If the servant is discharged unjustly. as they duties. for example.

and should realize they do an injustice to themselves as well as to their employer. leaves at once. should be truthful. to those who intend to employ them. If the servant is not a good one. Penalty for forging a Reference by Self or Proxy A reference made by a person with malicious intent and con- taining false statements calculated to injure and harm the servant would be and not privileged. end of the week. such is given. at the An The Question of References As a general rule a master is not obliged to give a reference. employer may engage a servant on one week's trial and. A servant obtaining employment by any false or forged letter or certificate of recommendation is guilty of a misdemeanor. A libelous . If In other words. care must be used in the wording of the reference. or on the following day. Wages which may If a servant be claimed in Case of or Voluntary Leaving Abrupt Dismissal employed in a family hears of another situation and. the employer may discharge him or her with wages to date. he or she forfeits claim to wages of his or her week or month. In many cases servants are influenced by friends in such precipitate action. But if later. perhaps in the second or third week. without the employer's consent. a master or mistress it is not bound to give a servant a character or letter of recommendation. he forfeits his wages for the month. both may be satisfied. the servant becomes careless. and when reproved replies impertinently. and statements in regard to the character of servants.BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS If a servant leaves 5 without proper notice and before his month expires. unless through sickness or because of some acci- dent. neglects duties. are generally regarded as privileged communications.

for not more than one year. and to take it from hands which it is frankly placed. it should be understood ready to return. seelt's cook book misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment in a penitentiary. of persons. One of Another The exactions of servants toward one another is another point which should be carefully guarded against. And in housekeeping order is a first law. period for which he or she is engaged. or by both. is also liable. It is the beginning of disorder. one whom they chiefly concern. of the house to listen is to give credence at For the heads in least in part. In any group is even if there are only three or four. cannot be laid upon this necessity. or by a fine of not more than $500. Too much of the The responsibilities of the housekeeper rest heavily upon her. and the heads house should never give ear to the complaint of a disaffected or Such reports should always be sent to the malicious servant. Heads of a House must indorse Management The heads stress of a household must indorse any one to whom they depute the management of their establishment. or county jail. to disintegrate authority. they must If the servant remains during the is his fare is paid both ways. or offering a false one from a pei*son representing a master or mistress. A servant altering a written character. Penalty for personating" an Employer Any individual who personates a master or mistress and is liable to gives a servant a character punishment. there com- . that if they leave before the master pay their own fare back.6 MES. To guard Exactions of Servants. Right to Pare to Place of Engagement If servants are going a distance.

. and Such a see that they are not put upon by their colleagues. — not Mistress or housekeeper should guard carefully the more yielding and kindlier dispositions.BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 7 to say lazy — character than domestic as " the monly some more dominating and masterful the others. man of all work" is especially apt to be loaded is with duties by other servants unless he protected.

She hires and all servants. with constant kindness in her heart for human frailty. is sometimes also secretary to the mistress house . and the tact to direct those serving her which commonly given alone to those bred in early years to gentle living. She is. a keeper of the — house. If she has the confidence and respect of those under her. But at all times she takes entire charge of the is what her name denotes. under the mistress. discharges of her administration. Her approach should always be known. never go quietly to detect errors. a A MANAGING knowledge of life and its is conventions. The housekeeper of the house. she has their support. but those few most effectively kept. knowledge of refined housekeeping gained in her own home. She oversees the closing of the town house and the opening 8 . She should gain the good will and affection of those she directs by unfailing good order and kindly interest in each of them. The heads of the house must fully indorse her in every detail She is. She sees personally that all work is thoroughly and properly done. Let her have few rules. She should never spy. on the watch to detect and correct any wrongdoing on the part of any servant. To her duties she often in our country brings a educated. in fact.CHAPTER II GENERALLY RECOGNIZED DUTIES Duties of Housekeeper housekeeper should be possessed of thorough Necessarily she is well bred and well executive ability. head of the house.

Faci7ig page HOUSEKEEPER .


that heavy cleaner's. and other articles used for clean- has been broken. She has planned their daily work and must see that her directions are carried out with clocklike regularity. is brought by the second chambermaid and is served in her own sitting room or office.EIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS away in 9 of the country house. . is wanted in the way of supplies — sponges. If servants see that the housekeeper is interested in keeping all such places in order. Her breakfast. what After breakfast the housekeeper goes to the pantry to see such as brushes. she sees that all carpets are sent to be cleaned. the men will be driven to use the expensive table napkins for their polishing. chance are left behind. be reported to her at once. Her day is commonly spent in some such wise as this She should be up early in the morning and see that all under her charge are at work by seven. it should Plenty of towels are needed in the Fine pantry. glass and silver require soft linen. which is commonly served about eight. and the furniture slip-covers put on early in May. they themselves more neat and careful. Her first duty is to go through the servants' rooms and see that all beds and windows have been left open by the occupants for sweetening and freshening in the morning air. which is served by a : footman. curtains are taken down. soap. to see that all things are kept clean and that no stale fruit or food is by It is well for the housekeeper to look through closets in the pantry. In some large households the children of the family eat at the housekeeper's table. She sends lace curtains to the She keeps her eyes open for any defects that might damage the property of the householders and reports the need of all repairs to the mistress. If glass or china ing and washing. chamois. and those of good quality are cheaper in the end. If the towels furnished are too coarse. towels. that all blankets are put good order. all drawers and and also into the ice-box.

The same duty and the unswerving vigilance with which she began the day lead her to go through all rooms of the house. or In cook. such establishments the menu arranged by the chef or cook is approved by the mistress of the house. . whether in a house where electric lights are used or not.10 MRS. glasses on the basin in If guests are order. at which time the chef. is When in the dish. should be taken to the laundry Friday afternoons. and that. and all waterclosets scoured and flushed. her regular visit to the kitchen. she helps to welcome them to the house by seeing that towels are in plenty. The sent to the wash. or if not by her. She sees to it also that the drawers of closet and bureau are empty. as well as all other soiled linen. in all that is necessary for the and sends market she goes to home returns to see that what she has She then day's meals. fresh soap in the inkstand. It should be done before sending away to the laundry. expected. if sachets are not supplied. the bath-tubs clean. A linen book is well kept in the pantry. fresh ink is pen in the holder. SEELY'S cook BOOK her In smaller establishments the housekeeper now makes up lists for the grocer and her menus for lunch and dinner. In larger establishments she first pays ordered lias been sent. asks for anything needed other than the marketing. She sees that the bath-rooms are in perfect order. In this book the pantry maid should make before it is a list of all table linen This linen. fresh at hand. soap-dishes and racks wiped. and that stationery and the pin-cushion well supplied with pins. these have been examined by the mistress of the house. Candles and matches on the stand by the bedside. After luncheon there is often at times a little mending needful in the table linen. to be sure that her aids have done their work properly. smooth white paper is spread in them. so that the laundress may sort it for washing Saturday. do not miss her oversight. and this mending sometimes falls to the housekeeper. then by the housekeeper.


ft s .

BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 11 housekeeper checks off the linen when it comes from the laundry. wood. and shake or iron out tumbled dresses. and after the latter has bathed and is dressed. In the evening the housekeeper usually makes for she pays all bills up the accounts and goes over the books of the different tradespeople. The housekeeper orders all coal. the maid must examine her wardrobe. and to dress . fers to Occasionally the mistress pre- have her own maid do The maid draws her mistress's bath. with the flowers.. A well-trained housemaid may assist. and sees that they are properly arranged by the butler. It is she also in many houses who gives out the daily supply of linen. since ladies differ it is much in their toilet arrangements. Duties of Lady's Maid A lady's maid should be a well-mannered. but must be in readiness to answer her mistress's bell. orders the the supply flowers. the housekeeper often gives the butler a helping hand In fact. and directs the putting away of it. put away everything left about the room. etc. About this impossible to give directions. Her first morning duty is to dress her mistress. and handing to the mistress a weekly list of the contents of the wine closet. but the housekeeper herself should look after it personally. The housemaid so. and sees that in items and as a whole they are correct. giving out daily to the butler the wines he requires. generally takes up the hot water for the mistress. She then sits in the sewing room. respectable-look- ing young woman. The housekeeper has charge of the linen closet. especially when no parlor maid is kept and the butler and second man have charge of the parlors. and sees that is increased when necessary. She should be a tolerably good dressmaker and a good hairdresser. and in some houses she has entire charge of the wine closet.

Once a week the lady's maid will have to send her mistress's She should look over the clothes and mend linen to the wash. etc. she should examine the dress just removed. A she is respectful manner and she is necessary in a lady's maid. Different mistresses have different needs and make point. shake and wipe it if it is a silk or any Silk dresses should be wiped with a soft piece light material. everything that requires a stitch before sending it. in the open air. and remain in attendance until she is mistress's The dismissed. is She is not to keep her seat while her mistress speaking to her.12 MRS. sew on any buttons. . when not in actual attendance. unless mistress enters the asked to. As soon as the toilet is made and her mistress has left the room. For the dinner toilet she should have everything prepared and at hand. handVery little instruction can be given on this kerchiefs. Everything should be aired. one in a book for the laundress and one in a book to When the clothes return from the wash. It is the maid's duty to undress her mistress. of merino or very fine flannel. making also two lists. Brushes should be washed in different demands upon maids. drive. examine the marks to see that they have not been changed. and put away either folded or hung in the wardrobe. The bristles should be rinsed thoroughly and dried. is to rise when her room. it should be done at once. she will have to mend and probably to wash and iron fine lace. and set aside any badly washed or ironed garments. During the day. or ride. care being taken not to wet the back of the brush. in perfect order. if possible. having everything ready and boots. cleaned. the be kept at home. brush it if it is a tweed. SEELY'S COOK BOOK her for a walk. — bedroom must be ready for her at the usual hour of her retiring for the night. tepid water to which a little ammonia is added.. maid should compare them with the list. gloves. If anything needs mending. etc.



Both he and his men should The butler puts the dinbe at work by seven in the morning. sets the table. He is sometimes expected to Later he puts the dressing room in order. he must do the best he can in the laundry or the front basement. He then cleans his In the mornand warming of his boots and shoes. He sees to setting of three or more and takes his trays for any break- .RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SEKVANTS 13 A good deal of sitting up at night is sometimes required from a lady's maid. She must strive to get what rest she can. and brushes his clothing. and good-temperedly support any inevitable fatigue. brush. obedience. room for this use is impossible. There should be a room set aside for the valet in which to If a specific press. and strict honesty will be apt to secure for her a friend in her mistress and a happy home under all ordinary circumstances. fire ing he attends to the lighting of the master's bedroom. hands gar- ments to him as he shave his master. The latter take turns in valeting guests. brushes. and dresses. When men are kept. cleans combs and is is at his master's orders Valeting often done whenever required. by the butler and footmen or second men. A maid. and then has his own breakfast at seven-thirty in the servants' hall. Duties of Butler The butler has entire charge of the dining room and of the under menservants or footmen. brushes clothes before putting them away. sewing room should be set aside for the use of the lady's Duties of Valet The valet's duty is to wait upon his master. kindly performance of her duties. and care for his master's clothes. A cheerful. and deference. ing room in order. which he arranges on a table or chair. he serves his master's breakfast orders for the day. and if it is wished. He prepares the master's bath. industry.


he has to brush before he sets out cleaning silver. and a white tie. . and valets the gentlemen of the house. but the above and other duties mentioned apply in a general rule. assists A The parlor maid with the washing of the dinner dishes. he is busy To keep it in perfect order. and the footman behind his mistress. and also at luncheon. and attends the door during the morning. trousers of any mixed pepper-and-salt description. takes out daily what he requires. and third footmen take turns at the door. He also helps more or less with the cleaning of the parlor floor. and also answers the bell while he is cleaning the silver. serves the family breakfast either on trays in the different rooms or in the breakfast or dining room. the two alternate first. black. a high double-breasted black waistcoat (not a low-cut evening one). The large dining room. where there is a breakfast room also.RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS to call his attention to his 15 work and himself. In other establishsecond. single-handed butler takes charge of dining room and silver. and he w411 therefore need to do some part every day. A butler wears at breakfast. kept. If the first footman does not wait at breakfast. In houses where employed he has the table linen in his care. especially of guests. and counts it before sending no housekeeper is to the laundry. is sometimes done by the butler. At dinner he always stands behind his master's chair. a black tie. He valets the master if required. at night him Duties of First Footman The first footman lays the table for each meal. Families differ in the manage- ment all of these divisions of household labor. Valeting. In households where but a butler and one footman are in tending the door. never black. silver should be rubbed every day and cleaned once a week. with a and a black dress coat. ments the each one serving every third day. In the evening he wears all low cut waistcoat that may be white if he chooses.

16 MRS. also of coat-room. . sweep and dust the front hall and all vestibule and to breakfast at seven-thirty. His livery should always be immaculate. To be at work at 7 a.m. is of a double-breasted At lunch he wears with a striped waistcoat. hall answer in the to o'clock and Valeting is done by footmen. and with his fellow-footmen takes turns at He is dressed in livery at ten serving lunch at this table. care of the breakfast room. They take turns in valeting days. waistcoat. he wears black tie. trousers. All sweeping and dusting it should be brushed every morning. Each second man or footman should have every second or third afternoon from the time lunch work is finished until five and small black tie. The morning dress of the footman coat. his regular livery suit o'clock. third footman has care and library. helps with trays. and of course is in perfect order Saturday swept every If it is used upon the previous day. seely's cook book The dining room is thoroughly morning. leathers the small of the front hall The halls and helps wipe dishes. studs. Duties of Second and Third Pootman The second footman has breakfast with silver. When the family is in mourning. The Duties of Second Man when Three Men (a Butler and Useful Man) are kept . the silver on the sideboard. before the family breakfast. and cuff-buttons. guests. To carry up trays with breakfasts to those having breakfast in their rooms. should be finished before breakfast. waits at the butler. bells. At dinner he wears livery. etc. He dusts every morning and sweeps the thoroughly Saturday mornings and the library on ThursHe serves breakfast to the housekeeper and children's table if there be one.

W3 .



^ .^1/J^.

He washes garbage cans. washes all cellar. assists waitress in cleaning dining room and parlor and windows. keeps basement hall. In fact he is what his Freezes ice-cream. etc. Washes steps and sidewalk at least twice a week with Shakes door-mats. etc. To keep the pantry clean to break ice for cooling wines in summer to see that the door and window awnings are up or down as occasion requires to answer the telephone to wash up all lunch and dinner dishes. carries all hampers of clothes to the laundry.. attends front door and carries Duties of Waitress coal. BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS . She has entire charge of the dining room and . opens all express and freight packages. . name implies. cleans brasses of the house. Helps sweep bedrooms when the hose. To see (in winter) that all fires in parlor and dining rooms are kept brightly burning. wood. The Duties of Fourth or Useful Man and wood to kitchen and laundry and to and keeps them full. especially when visitors have come without their valets. trunk-room. such are very large and the furniture heavy. . and court in order. Attends the furnace.. baggage. windows. The one is duties of waitress are those which fall to a butler. washes up in the pantry. to assist at serving lunch and dinner. and carries clean clothes upstairs. He boxes on each Duties of Page or "Buttons" He assists the waitress in taking care of vestibule steps. ." carries all coal floor. sweeps walk. "a useful man. piazza and vestibules. side- walk and floors area. He cleans the front door-knobs. 17 To wash up breakfast things help butler clean small silver answer door-bell. . He carries down all trunks carries up and down and ashes. where kept. In some houses to attend to the cleaning and pressing of gentlemen's clothing.

18 MRS. maid at answering front door-bell and seeing that all windows and doors on the parlor floor are fastened for the night. She also has charge of and keeps clean the hall. On the day the waitress cleans the silver the parlor maid helps her wash dishes in the pantry and helps generally with the silver. brushes the overcoat and hat required by the master and lays out his gloves. china. sweeps and dusts the halls and parlors. her duties are those of a butler. washing of glass. and brush up and dust the dining room before breakfast. She serves breakfast and waits on the door. She assists at luncheon when there are guests. She keeps her parlors in good order. and always at dinner. . and silver and puts the dining room in order. butler's pantry. After breakfast puts out she washes china. and entire parlor floor. She must always have on her black dress. Duties of Parlor Maid In smaller establishments the parlor maid thirty. and silver. white apron and She takes turns with the parlor is served. She has charge of the drawing room. and she cleans brass and the front door- knobs. and serves all meals. Where one man is kept. the parlor maid and he work together. lamps. is at work at six- She opens up the lower rooms. assisted by the parlor maid. She answers the front doorbell. open the parlor floor. glass. In some houses she combines with her own work the duties In such arrangements she is expected to rise of a parlor maid. sees that the morning and evening papers are laid out and that fires burn brightly. library. She cap before lunch all gas. She serves any refreshment required in the evening. cleans silver and takes charge of the cooling and ing of wines. In fact she does the duties of second man. at six or six-thirty at the latest. lights the gas and lamps. attends to the flowers. SEELY's cook BOOK warm- pantry. carries coffee after dinner to the parlor — in fact. etc.

-—t^^' .


After breakfast she dusts halls. because the furniture is If they begin the work at six in too heavy for a woman to lift. the morning. she opens their bedroom windows. etc. She then commences to make. She also assists the maid in brushing the dresses. her work varies. six-thirty. and refrigerators of the pantry. main stairs and lava- on the parlor floor to dust every morning. in the pantry is done by one of the pantry men. She sweeps and puts the pantry in order every day. the useful man cleaning the windows and brasses. and. She has the drawing. on a ladlady's . and plumbing fixtures and silver toilet articles cleaned. one by one. going through each bedroom in her care. She should see that towels are in abundance and are washed every day. One room a day should be done in this manner. draws baths. slippers. dressing-gowns. takes clothes off the beds. placing them across two chairs to air. She then puts away any clothing. Once a week every room should be thoroughly swept.BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 19 When two tories or more men are kept. their assisting does not interfere with the pantry work. Duties of Chambermaid She should commence sweeping halls at tors. When the drawing room and sitting rooms are thoroughly swept the second footman or useful man should help. reception and sitting rooms. calls the family or visi- and opens up shutters in bedrooms.. Every day she should sweep up pieces and thoroughly dust not only the furniture but woodwork of the room. Her dress is the same as that of the chambermaid. at the first she opened for refreshing. and turns the mattress across the foot of the bed to air. and washes it up once or twice a week. and opening up each bed to air in each room. The parlor maid washes dishes and keeps clean the drawers. After the family have gone to breakfast. The cleaning of brass closets. washes out soap-dishes and other toilet articles.

MRS. and have no valet mer. the chambermaid in charge of their rooms either herself (or sees that the useful man) puts out the evening suit. One chambermaid is expected to assist in the pantry the nights of dinner parties. cleaned and brought back ready for the next morning. She Dressing-gowns and slippers are placed on or by chairs. etc. to preserve the health of its occupant and the hygiene of the house. When dusk comes. bright open fireplaces. where two chambermaids are kept. and sees that drinking water is put in all bedrooms not later than nine o'clock in winter ten will do in sumIf gentlemen are staying in the house. tidies washstand. One of the first things for a chambermaid to learn is how properly to make a bed. lowers gas. to accomplish all before lunch. she builds up a ing in the house. . and brings them back to their places. etc. Every bed which has been occupied should. All work should If there is not time be finished in the bedrooms before lunch. be thoroughly aired both in bed-clothes and matThe first chambermaid has charge tress every time it is used. after the guest has gone to dinner. that the suit of clothes and boots he has worn through the day are taken away. pictures. seely's cook book wiping over tops of doors. a clean shirt with studs. . they take evenings about. she sees that they have everything they reAfter the family and guests go to dinner she removes quire. of all bedrooms and bath-rooms on the second floor and one She also assists in the linen room. removes soiled towels and puts out fresh ones. All beds are changed on Saturday so that the soiled clothes can go to the laundry that morning. the chambermaid Where there are draws down If guests are stayfire. with them. and carefully folds the lace spreads. and. She then turns the bed down nicely and lays the nightgown on it. then she cleans the silver articles after. and. The chambermaid's dress for morning wear should always the shades and lights the gas.. etc. stairway.20 der. of the beds..



waist and skirt to match. She has charge of servants' bed. chambermaid does their cleaning in their own beds but the third The early every . The first water should be cool. In fact she takes care of this dining hall.. . and tidies their rooms keeping them in perfect order. laundresses. order for the day. white collar and cuffs. it should be cleaned and put in order before the hall. rooms. Duties of Second Chambermaid of the bedrooms on the These should be taken care of with as scrupulous cleanliness and care as any other. cooks.and Sometimes nurses make their bath-rooms. hall and stairs. She keeps the servants' hall in order and cleans silver for its table. Duties of Third Chambermaid chambermaid brushes and dusts the sewing room morning in order not to disturb the ladies' maids when they are busy. The chambermaid gives this room its first daily cleaning. — Duties of Laundress The laundress should collect all the linen requiring washing and compare it with the list given her and then assort it. The second should be hot and plentiful. afternoon she wears waist and skirt of bUxck cashmere or She wears cap and apron at serge.BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 21 In the be of light print material. then in cold water slightly tinged with blue. rinse in hot water. Scald. all times. kitchen maids and and sweeps. The nurses keep it in The second chambermaid has charge third floor and third hall and stairs. early in the morning. If on this floor there is a playroom. etc. dusts. She makes the beds of the men. Linen should be washed well in two waters. except its windows.

and sometimes where the fine wash is very large she assists the head laundress in ironing. SEELT'S COOK BOOK wring thoroughly.. see that the kitchen maid has vegetables and that the meat and pudding are attended to for the servants' dinner at twelve-thirty. the housekeeper what is wanted for the day. and makes cake or anything required for afternoon tea. meat house. this dinner she prepares After and sends up the family lunch. the refrigerator. etc. etc. She washes and irons all the plain clothes. After the articles are ironed and thoroughly aired the laundress should fold them neatly and pass them on to the housemaid or lady's maid to assort. Handkerchiefs should be ironed wet.. After lunch she sees that all vegetables. ready for the housekeeper. are prepared. Duties of Cook She should be in the kitchen early — by six o'clock — and Later prepare for the servants' breakfast at seven. The cook. etc. she takes entire charge of the kitchen under the housekeeper. required for the family dinner. When the housekeeper pays her regular visit to the laundry. and hang in the sunshine and air to bleach and dry. or ices for luncheon and dinner. game. and she should personally supervise the cleaning of the kitchen and cooking utensils. make the laundry fire and put the laundry in order. Duties of Second Laundress She is to rise not later than six-thirty. to stiffen and give them a gloss. puddings. the laundress should then tell what she needs to further her work. prepare pies. if cooking only is expected and a kitchen maid is . etc. ice-boxes.22 MRS. should see that the kitchen maid does her work well and is clean. She should always have a list of what is required from the grocer. she should tell After breakfast she should prepare and send up the family breakfast. that In fact. are in good order..



Here she should look to everything. And now a few hints to the cook about kitchen work Clean up as you go. AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 23 is supposed to take entire charge of the family cooking. Be sure to put scalding water in each saucepan or stewpan : you finish using it. write them on a slate. Keep them in a warm. She should also weigh the meat and ask the butcher for a paper of weight. She prepares and cooks all game such as canvasback and redhead duck. Pudding bags and jelly cloths require care wash and hang them to dry directly after using them. and all entrees.— RIGHTS kept. she should have everything prepared and ready for the kitchen maid to cook. Keep your spice-box always replenished. .. etc. scald out the sink and sink brush. that its place may at once be supplied. and take care to let your mistress know if you are out of anything likely to be as required. Wipe out and air the bread-box. and if it is not right. Don't scatter in the kitchen. as well as the kitchen. In smaller establishments the cook hall is expected to clean the and passage. she should carefully wash her hands and visit the larder. If so. She should examine the meat sent by the butcher. . and if she cannot trust her memory. After washing up your dishes and cleaning the dishpan. etc. scullery. Take care of your copper utensils that the tin does not become worn off. Air them well before you put them away or they will smell musty. Clean and scrub the larder at least twice a week. See if the hanging meat or game requires cooking. If she is privileged to go out alternate Sundays. dry place. have them instantly replaced. Dry your saucepans before you put them away. refuse to accept it. is morning's dirty work When the done. Receive her mistress's orders attentively.

Be particular in washing vegetables. Wear Be Be plain cotton dresses and large aprons. are ordered by the housekeeper. Take notice of all orders that require time in the preparation of a dinner and hurry nothing. as a rule. and is cooking for the expected to cook for the servants' table.24 MRS. careful of fuel. Be lest careful not to throw anything but water down the plates you should clog it up. and. greasy is and dishes. Utensils. not permitting cook who is just and honest and does as is she would be done by worthy of the greatest respect and may be sure of being successful and happy. etc. Change the water often. The way to and clean dry towels.. Duties of Second Cook The second cook family. etc. In helps the chef with all . insects. to A your mistress's interests. Have an eye waste of any kind. Duties of Chef A two chef has the entire charge of his kitchen. Perfectly clean plates and dishes are one proof of the cook being a good servant. He and makes up the menu. to ease and worry and hurry on the day fixed. Lay cauliflower and cabbage in salt and water for an hour or more to get out the avoid this to use soap. very hot water. ask for the bill of fare get ready you can the day before. assistants. Never have sticky. the family table. and cooks arranges all the meals for the servants' table. way of mar- keting. seelt's cook book sink. who all are called second cook The chef does ordering for the kitchen in the for and kitchen maid. It is a great recommendation to a cook to use only the necessary amount of coal. sure to keep your hair neat and smooth. If a dinner party all is in prospect.

Facing page 3U. . CHEF AXD MOKTAK.




and servants' table linen. etc. all 25 hot bread. She cleans out refrigerators one day. and pans ready for the cook. helps keep the kitchen clean. cook is sometimes called first kitchen maid. or grinds the coffee. roller towels. back halls. luncheon. After dinner she washes the and helps the cook where she needs help for the family She serves servants' supper or tea at five-thirty. and kindles fire in the morning where there is no watchman. — — family breakfast o'clock. cleans refrigerators. pot closet another day. washes towels. washes the dishes. basement. and helps the cook for family dinner. . She generally washes all kitchen towels. start the cook's fire .BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS addition to this the second cook makes helps prepare vegetables. carrying dishes to the lift as cook has them ready. . dishes. and supervises ice-boxes. After breakfast is over she waslies dishes. sets the table. and has the pots whatever cereal is in use. She takes care of the lower floor. china closet another day. and answers the basement bell. The second Duties of Kitchen Maid She should be in the kitchen not later than six o'clock sweep the kitchen and dining hall and She puts over the fire oatmeal. and She cleans all store-room closets and drawers once a week. she is expected to attend to the servants' bedrooms. she prepares vegetables for the servants' dinner. set the table for servants.. and serves the servants' dinner at twelve upon the table. She washes pots and pans and tidies up the kitchen. and then helps the cook in sending up the . waiting . and stairs. Duties of Second Kitchen Maid or Scullery Maid She washes dishes. Where only one housemaid is kept. and staircase. etc. scrubbing kitchen. prepares vegetables. and before going to bed sees to the fastening up of all windows and doors on kitchen floor.

His duties require him to see the horses fed. The head coachman should be a man who thoroughly understands his business in every detail. besides the head coachman. One man must be appointed harness cleaner. .. To the head coachman falls especially attention to the first work He sees that all his men are properly lady of the household.. and twenty horses are required. etc. and he will have care of all harnesses and the harness room. and that they are at all times clean and neat in person. will drive in his turn. be held responsible for its service in every way. regulate his work he will need a second coachman. see that all carriages are kept perfectly pay strict attention to the oiling and care for general neatness of the coach house. etc. from a coach to a runabout. A and third coachman. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Duties of Coachmen and Stablemen in a Large Establishment establishment or stable department where all kinds of carriages are kept. he should say what horses require exercise. and one who commands the respect of men under him. and see that drive. fitted with the livery required for each style of carriage. and have authority to discharge his men for misconduct. When is everything is the best of its kind. will be required to ride keep clean saddles and bridles. He should have full and complete charge of everything connected with the stable. eight men at least. and his men at He in the morning punctually at the hour set by him. and every appointment to be perfect. should see that the men do their work properly. who of wheels. To clean. or pad groom. and to all harnesses are clean and in their place. He also has care of the saddle room.26 MES. and strictly watch the general health and comfort of the animals. differs according to the requirements An and life of the family to be served.



. and to horses. etc. .EIGHTS It will AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 27 need the time of the other men to clean and harness and properly attend to them after they are used to to keep the place free from clean stable drains and stable foul odor and to dust.. . etc. in the stable. In order to insure the convenience of the family. bath. . wash windows. . prevent the men's being away at meals. etc. it is best to pro- vide in such an establishment for the men's board and sleeping accommodations.

and opens the door for the furnace or useful man. and tidies for the day. own kitchen. WAITRESS. While the family is at breakfast she saucepans. PARLOR MAID. Duties of Waitress The waitress has entire charge of dining room and pantry. and the servants have theirs afterward. fast for the family. china and glass closets. washing and caring for her glass and dish towels. and cellar stairs. at seven o'clock the After this breakfast she cooks the break- which is usually at eight o'clock. and cooks and serves servants' breakfast. Later she puts on a clean white apron. washes up her kitchen dishes and up her kitchen. ice-boxes. closets. CHAMBERMAID. and goes to her mistress's room for orders The servants have their lunch at twelve o'clock. windows. DUTIES OF COOK.CHAPTER III GENERALLY RECOGNIZED DUTIES IN THE AVERAGE WELLAPPOINTED HOUSEHOLD OF SIX SERVANTS. Duties of Cook The cook rises and is downstairs at six o'clock. The cook takes care of her the laundress washing up for her. The useful man looks after the grate fire. The cook has every other Sunday from three o'clock until She has also ten-thirty. the laundress cooking the dinner. LAUNDRESS. She cleans the silver. She also cares for the billiard room. She makes her fire and cleans her range. The family dinner is at seven or eight. one evening in the week after she cooks and serves her dinner. the family at one. USEFUL MAN. 28 . ice-box.

o .!2.


laying out. . cap. She then takes her breakfast. but she must be closes home at ten. and putting away her clothes. She at- She has every other Sunday afternoon and evening out. brushes. and generally mends. In fact she has the duties Every other Sunday afternoon and evening of a second man. lights the gas and lamps. The Avaitress serves breakfast. if there are guests. is dressed in black dress. and one evening in the week. up her part of the house. sees that the fires burn brightly. but dusts them thoroughly own broom. day the waitress cleans the silver. she has out. She answers the front door-bell the The parlor maid is at work at six o'clock. taking care of her dusters. attends to the flowers. etc. She helps the waitress dusting. taking her place every other Sunday afternoon and evening. white apron. and dinner. at lunch. pails. and windows..thirty. After breakfast she brushes the overcoats and hats. the parlor maid or chambermaid taking is tends the front door until the parlor maid dressed. She is dressed at three o'clock to attend the front door. and one evening in the week. oftener if used very much. and Duties of Parlor Maid She opens up the parlors and sitting room. and dusts and puts in order the rooms on that floor. alternating with the chambermaid.BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS The parlor 29 her at the brasses. luncheon. month. maid assists dinner every other night. She also waits on the mistress. sees that the morning and evening papers are ready. and always at dinner. and washing dusters daily to keep them sweet and clean. and every day. also one evening in the week. hems dusters and floor-cloths which she uses She cleans the parlors thoroughly once a for that floor. collar. and lays out the gloves required by the gentlemen of the house. keeping in order. She cuffs. chamois. She draws the shades. her place.

and turns the mattress across the foot of the bedstead She puts away dressing-gowns. but the woodwork of the room. After the family and guests go to dinner. rooms. and where If guests are there are open fireplaces. being careful not to let the clothes touch the floor. and cuffs. She sweeps and dusts the halls and stairs. si:ELr's cook book Duties of Chambermaid The chambermaid rises and is downstairs at six o'clock. wiping over tops of pictures. and slippers etc. calls After breakfast the family or visitors. The chambermaid is dressed by four o'clock. doors. she draws down the shades. and makes the others in turn. are placed on the floor. She does the darning and white apron. mending. soap-dishes. She begins at the first she exposed to the air. All work should be finished in the bedrooms before etc. lights the gas or lamps. and thoroughly dusts not only the furniture. She removes soiled towels and puts out fresh ones. hemming of dusters and floor-cloths. . lowers gas. luncheon. windows. At dusk. One room a day should be done. staying in the house she sees that they have everything they require. tidies wash-stands. She goes through each bedroom in her care.30 MRS. Once a week she should thoroughly sweep every bedroom. and silver toilet articles. she goes to the bedroom windows. the useful man cleaning the windows. brasses. she turns down the beds and removes and carefully folds the lace spreads. and has her breakfast. one by one. and attends to the toilet articles. washes out to air. slippers. clean globes and bath-room fixtures. cap. draws baths. Every day she sweeps up pieces. opening up beds to air in each room. in black dress. builds up a bright fire. and after making their beds the servants' she goes to family rooms and opens and tidying the rooms. The nightgowns are then laid on the bed. placing them on two chairs. collar. puts ice water in all the bedrooms not later than ten o'clock. takes clothes off the beds.

O rq : 5 .


also she turns she opens the servants' rooms. attends to furnace. She attends the basement door-bell while the cook is serving dinner. taking good care of each article. . washes steps and sidewalk at week with the hose. and chambermaid. shakes the rugs. she also washes up the cook's the mattress across the foot of bedstead to their slops. and must wash her dusters each day. her place. brushes. and makes himself generally useful. evening off until ten-thirty. and by this time her breakfast is ready. sidewalks least twice a and area.. BIGHTS AND DUTIES OF SERVANTS 3l The chambermaid has every other Sunday afternoon and the parlor maid or waitress taking She has brooms. Duties of Furnace and Useful Man Comes to the house at six o'clock in the morning. carries trunks. Duties of Laundress The laundress beds. She empties chambermaid to do. one rises and is ready for work at six o'clock chairs. goes messages. and dusts it does the family laundry work washes and irons the aprons for waitress. parlor maid. She cleans the laundry stove. dinner dishes one evening in the week. and takes the clothes off their by one. makes her fire. backyard. pails. dusters. cleans the boots. steps. shakes the door-mat. carries coal up and wood. . leaving the rest for the . sweeps vestibule. placing them across two air. sweeps. cleans cellar. chamois. opens cases. and everything to work with. cleans. cleans all the windows and brass in the house. He sleeps and boards out. She also takes care of the front basement hall.

much time and one evening in the week. Chambermaid and Waitress Cook and laundress.CHAPTER IV DUTIES OF SERVANTS UNDER OTHER CONDITIONS. should in foregoing pages. and on her Sunday afternoon and evening But no two households are alike. and help wash up the cook's night Duties of General House Servant in House or Apartment If only one servant is kept. she should take the cleaning the last of the week also and relieve the waitress one evening in the week. off. and she is engaged to do the entire general work. 32 . off. especially on washing and iron- ing days. work together. she does not as a rule expect off. If there are three Their duties are stated maids and the third be a laundress. and occasionally two or three hours of an afternoon for shopping. In some cases the mistress washes In cases she has every second Sunday. HOUSEHOLD OF TWO SERVANTS Duties of Cook and Laundress. many the dishes and makes the beds. chambermaid and waitress. Rules differ very much. if only two servants are kept. taking each other's place alternate on days or nights out.

J ..


are honest. Don't blame servants for every fault or mistake. Don't talk of one servant in the hearing of another. if you nationality. and then take it back. as if it had no value for you. is expected to do. Don't promise a holiday. Don't go into your servants' rooms. They would rather. Often ill-feeling and jealousy will prompt a D false report. while Don't discuss servants in general. or those of any particular you are being waited on at table.CHAPTER V DON'TS FOR EMPLOYER Don't engage a servant without having a clear understand- ing as to what he or she self. Don't rely on information given you by one servant of the other without first investigating. Don't discuss one servant with another. unless you have reason to think they are not clean. Don't give an order and then forget it. take pains to be sure they Don't spy upon your servants and then trust them rationally. being human. and contradict your- Don't send orders to one servant through another can avoid it. they have a right to some privacy. Don't expect in your servants a perfection which would be — — impossible in any human being. and then leave good service unthanked. Don't expose them to temptation by leaving money carelessly about. be scolded and praised than have uniform excellence taken for granted. or any pleasure. 33 .

This will save misunderstanding. or do what he or she wishes. possible. . and perhaps a complete upsetting of the domestic order. ter like man. Don't neglect to have inventory of china.34 MBS. cloths. pails. etc.. It pays to drop into the kitchen at meal time and see if their meals are properly cooked and served. see that each one clearly understands her duties and privileges. Without this keep track of various articles. when he or she may be alone and rest. brushes. when one takes some hours off. glass. especially when kept busy late in the evening. Don't fail to see that their beds are good and their rooms Give each one a separate room when it is properly cared for. silver. dusters. for instance. They should be well fed. which has generations of " Like mistress like maid like mashuman experience in it bric-a-brac of each servant. Don't forget the old proverb. the change about of parlor maid with waitress. and utensils and going. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Don't allow the cook to stint the table of the servants. to work with. has a time in the day. to look after his or her own articles. coming it is difficult to : ." See that each person in your employ. say of an hour or two. brooms. and require each servant chamois. In arranging a changing off of work. Don't expect servants to perform duties without proper Have dust sheets. The best way to get polite and respectful service is to be respectful and polite and self-contained yourself.

Don't spy on your masters and mistresses the fact that their bread is in your mouth should be a reason for keeping it shut. Falsehood will place you in a very bad position. Don't be foolish in regard to wearing a cap. Wait and see for yourself. Be sure to keep the hair tidy. By so doing you will doesn't suit you. It is sure to be found out. Don't listen while you are waiting at table you will probably get things twisted and be tempted to repeat them so. Tell what amount you have received a month when asked by an employer. Don't tell an untruth about your wages.CHAPTER VI DON'TS FOR SERVANTS Don't decide the minute you enter a new situation that it Pay no attention to any gossip that may be told you. 35 — . ladies often have worries and responsibilities of which servants have no idea. Don't be always standing on your dignity as to what is and if you cannot get along go away. avoid unnecessary trouble for self as well as your employer. it will get you into more trouble in the end than if you acknowledge the acci- — — — dent at once. and is worn by all first-class servants. but is not " your place " while you are in a house be pleasant. It is a great improvement to one's appearance. Don't think your mistress is unbearable because she may sometimes be a little short in her manner. Don't spend your time comparing the ways of one mistress with those of another each one has a right to her own rules — — in her own house. Don't hide breakage from your mistress.

Don't. cleaned . and it is a great mistake. forget your dusters. dust them. seely's cook book how people try to notice Don't go through your work mechanically leave things themselves. and then are often compelled again to go out of town and amongst strangers. Don't upset the cook by telling her what the family say about her cooking. broom. such as cranberry jelly. Don't leave garbage in the pantry from one meal to another. two or three weeks. and other articles. cleaned twice a month. and where . should be served before the vegetables. If there is any fault to be found it is not so apt to cause trouble if it goes direct to the cook from her mistress. Leave that for the mistress. Always keep the sink and pantry clean. Don't forget when meats. and put them in that order. Look around before you leave the room and take them with you. such things. the longer Don't be restless and want to move too often you stay in one place the more likely you are to get a good — wedding present or legacy. Don't " arrange " the papers on a desk or writing table unless expressly told to pick them up. — they have lain. turkey.36 MRS. Don't. when September comes. etc. and put them down in the same place. when you are cleaning rooms. be influenced by city friends and give up a good home on account of your employer's remainGirls often do ing in the country until October or November. It is not pleasant to trip over Don't forget to clean the finger marks from paint when you are cleaning rooms. they should be Bedroom closets should also be twice a month. Don't forget to clean the bed-springs. that sauce or gravy.. and game are served. remain idle to They are apt this. also the jelly.



kept. by the kitchen maid. the cook prepares the dinner If no kitchen maid is and the laundress cooks it. In smaller households in the question of time off duty. which is to keep the great house clean and sanitary. for the This room should be so arranged that it can be used servants. or dining room.CHAPTER VII THE SERVANTS' HALL In large households there is a hall. say from three to ten-thirty. the doors locked before eleven. of the old Very few of downtown houses have wholesome and sufficient servants' quarters. In some houses the servants have also Again in many the use of the front basement as a sitting room. Each servant has in the a right to some time off duty. time out of the house. the chambermaid taking 37 . It is taken care of for a general sitting room in the evening. and to some ten. one evening in the week after dinner is served. The waitress has the same time off. cannot be clean or well in its different members without sufficient room and appliances for keeping clean. places they are expected to eat in the kitchen and to use a part of it for a sitting room. and the women applying to the liousekeeper. The general government of the servants' hall rests with the butler and the cook. The common rule in regard to return evening is that each should be in by half-past and one wishing to remain out the butler reporting the men later should obtain permission. the advantage but in the newer dwellings the architects and owners seem to recognize the fact that the little company. Any cook has every other Sunday afternoon and evening. and occasionally an afternoon.

if MBS. may not be interfered with. If the butler is single-handed. must be at home to answer family calls door-bells. "Work which takes the maid or man in the presence or sight of the family or its guests should be well over in the early part of the day.38 her place. especially Servants should be downstairs not later than six-thirty in the morning. There are two reasons one is that the work may be an annoyance and interfor this ruption to the family another is that workers cannot do so : . he has one or two nights a week and a few hours of an afternoon. Where a number this of servants are kept. SEELY'S COOK no j^arlor BOOK maid is kept. they have more time off and arrange among themselves. as a rule they have the top floor. taking water to the rooms. every house . returning at five o'clock. butler has every other afternoon off. however. same privilege. the mistress arranging this matter so that there may be no misunderstanding. These hours vary. and. Two and or three servants and making other arrangements for the night. In regard to their rooms. In the servants' hall breakfast is commonly served at seven o'clock or half-past seven. In well-organized households servants are not in evidence after lunch except in direct personal service. The footman alternat- ing. be prompt at the table. even earlier. and are subject to the conditions of individual households. the waitress turning The chambermaid has the down beds. dinner at twelve or half -past twelve. some of the men rooming out. so arranged that all They should be may The Store-room Groceries and supplies for a household of any size should. and that the duties which bring them to the household and keep them there. therefore. well when they feel that they are intruding. and when they have work demanding an early hour. and supper about half-past five. possible. be if bought in quantity.

The store-room should be shelves. nails. etc.. sago. nor in the ice box. rice. and care should be taken to keep them under most perfect sanitary conditions. and is wished to keep on hand the pound cake and fruit cake of our grandmothers (and cakes made from old-fashioned receipts given in this book will keep for years). Onions absorb germs. spices. The housekeeper. if the cook. and supplies in by the useful man. oatmeal. shallots. odorless room. no place for their preservation is so good as a dry store-room and earthen jars with tight-fitting covers for their snugger quarters. In this room an account book should be kept. tapioca. oranges. and in it should be entered the date when each store is bought and the price paid for it. barley. one be kept. otherwise the mistress. Onions. . Vegetables will keep best in a dry dark place out of the air. also be supplied for absolutely dry and furnished with and drawers. Earthenware if it jars are necessary for sugar. and garlic should not be put in the storeroom. but hung from the ceiling in some cleanly. keeps the key to the store-room. or The cleaning of the are put room is done by the kitchen maid or cook.THE SERVANTS' HALL 39 should have a store-room. A suspended net or two should hanging lemons. etc.

take a small quantity of whitening on piece of old white flannel It will leave the paint damp and rub over the surface remarkably bright and new. and not pound of beeswax. five cents' worth of ammonia. Chip the beeswax up fine and on the stove to melt. little of the mixture applied at a time. and vinegar. Put in a bottle and shake before using. Rub it on with a flannel cloth. The furniture should be cleaned first with a soft flannel and a in. quite half a it put . alcohol. for it goes on better when warm. for it is rough and does not require so much strength as a smooth cloth. Then set it in a tin pail of hot water on the back of the stove to heat and leave it in the water while using it. Polish Mahogany and General Furniture A mahogany polish that is highly recommended is prepared by mixing well together one quarter of a pint each of turpentine. clean white paint. pour it in the turpentine and add the ammonia. Epsom 40 salts in a glass of beer or the The combination is best effected by heating.CHAPTER VIII HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS To clean White Paint To a lightly. When melted. linseed oil. the best thing is a piece of Brussels carpet. Floor Polish One quart of turpentine. To make Window Glass Opaque Dissolve a tablespoonful of ale. When well rubbed polish with an old silk handkerchief. Wipe . and for polishing.

carefully going into all the cavities. How . To clean Marble Take two parts of common soda. rub the ware briskly. wash off. dip it in soda. then rub it well all over the marble and the stains will be removed. Scald well after and it will be clean and bright. and wipe dry. one part of salt. to Clean Coppers Take a handful of common salt. pumice stone and mixture through a fine sieve and mix it with water. . Rub the marble over with salt and water. wash and wipe dry. fill with water and use a good-sized lump of washing soda and let it boil for an hour. and rub with half a lemon. with a soft brush. How to clean a Tea or CoflFee Pot If the inside of either is black from long use. Dampen a cloth. Greater opaqueness increasing the quantity is gained by of salts. It is impossible to see through the lace work. wash thoroughly with hot water. After using the paste. rinse in cold water. let then dry and afterward rub them with prepared chalk. There is nothing better for cleaning coppers. enough vinegar and flour to make a paste mix together thoroughly.HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS 41 mixture over the window you wish to cover with crystals. and wipe dry. To clean Benares Brass Wash. To clean Cut Glass Having washed cut glass articles. Sift the one part of finely powdered To clean Tinware The best thing for cleaning tinware is common soda.

and fire. seldom breaking in the same place again. quarter of an ounce of sulphuric ether. eighth of an ounce of wintergreen. Cleaning Fluid This fluid cleans cloth. In this case the bric-a-brac mender was also a glass cutter. . silk and woollen goods. be careful to get the silver tissue paper which can be bought very reasonably at Tiffany's. but it is not difficult to find this combination at a trifling expense. quarter of an ounce of chloroform. effect. stores the color. all heat Shake well before using and keep away from Apply with a cloth suited to the fabric. place the pieces firmly together. through an accident. To mend Broken China Powder a small quantity of lune and take the white of one egg and mix together to a paste. and they will soon become set and strong. Apply quickly to the china to be mended. never using newspapers.42 MBS. felt. but is capable in their clever hands of transformation into some other almost equally ornamental or A woman whose cut glass carafe lost its neck serviceable thing. had it converted into a beautiful rose bowl The skill of bric-a-brac til it has been tried. Silver After is not so likely to tarnish when this paper is used. SEELY'S COOK BOOK To put away Silver In putting silver away. or to seek the cut-glass worker in his special shop. and re- Eight ounces oil of of benzine. use brown wrapping paper outside. wrapping in tissue paper. as the printers' ink has a very bad Bric-a-brac Mending menders is not fully appreciated unOften the article is beyond restoration to its original form or use.

the . instead. Soap should not be used in washing blankets into the water. if boiled fast. and stir into If the enough soap jelly to produce a good water If hard. The best plan way: — to make soap jelly for the Shred finely as much soap as you think will be needed for the washing put it into a saucepan which should be kept for the purpose with just enough water. and boiling wastes it moreover. HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS The Best 43 Way to wash and store Flannels Getting ready to leave town or getting ready for weather in town means the same thing in many respects. not hot. working them up and down in the soapsuds.. to cover it. plenty of water. hot or cold. or the flannels are greasy. have a tub half full of warm. it will boil over very quickly. in washing blankets is to do the work so that they will preserve their softness and that the colored stripes may not lose their brightness. in this If preferred. and rinse them at once in to the water. first place. it is water. repeating this rinsing until the flannels feel quite soft and no soap is left in them. a tablespoonful for every ammonia lons of water. this last is naturally not wanted. . Any It odds and ends good soap may be used up way. as it is pretty sure to shrink them. the soap may of be set in a jar and melted in the oven. If soap is left in. or if the pan is too full of soap in the . Never rub flannels if it is possible to avoid it. Let it melt as slowly as possible until quite clear and free from lumps. Then turn them inside out and wash in a second lot of soapsuds rather weaker than the first. But squeeze them in your hands. To wash lather. little the flannels. should be made fresh. add a two galyou are using ammonia soap. put either aqua ammonia or borax purpose in this On is delicate flannels avoid using plain soap. Unless it is melted slowly it will boil. warm The great point Flannels and flannel blankets must be washed and put away.

Boil one pound When somewhat cool. . By doing this you keep the starch from sticking to the iron. the flannels and turn them them gently iron. seely's cook book material becomes hard and sticky and has a disagreeable odor when dried. stirring constantly. To make Starch cold water thoroughly dissolve the starch. Then pour on boiling water. When . instead of using soap jelly.44 3IBS. as They must not be dried in so hot a it is as bad for them as using into shape. for either hot or quite cold rinsing water shrinks and hardens flannels. thoroughly rinsed. is Water for washing Challies about the best thing to use in washing chalof rice in five quarts of water. wring them carefully as dry as possible. pulling Iron when nearly dry with a cool Flannels shrink from the soap being rubbed on to them from being washed or rinsed in from being left lying about wet instead of drying them at once from being dried too slowly or in too hot an atmosphere. now and again while drying. over hot or cold water . put the challies in with rice and the rice water and wash well. Rice Rice water lies. steam. using the rice much as you would soap. and from being ironed while wet with too hot an iron. using the wringing machine as it will not twist the stuff then shake them out. the rice will have a good effect upon the fabric. and dry at once in the open air if possible. in a good wind and out of the sun. If no rinsing is used. When made. With . . pull into shape. Use warm water to rinse in. place as to make them Shake boiling water. stir it round two or three times with a wax candle. New and sanitary flannels may be soaked for half an hour or so in warm water with a little ammonia as before cover the tub to keep in the heat and squeeze and wring them out of this before the water gets cold.

HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS To remove Iron Rust 45 Mix salt with a little lemon juice . them wet a little. lay the linen on the grass in the sun and. rinse well in clear cold water. as it dries. To cleanse a Chamois Skin Wash as it in cold water with plenty of soap. To press Ribbons In pressing slightly rumpled ribbons with a hot iron. . use two applications. You may wash still a skin in this way as often you please and keep it soft. If necessary. put in the sun. To take out Mildew Dip the stained cloth in buttermilk and lay in the sun. The spots should come out in two applications. lay them between two sheets of manilla paper and they will come out new. To take Mildew from Linen Rub it the spots with soap. scrape chalk over them. rub well.

and nothing but illness should ever permit one to break it. To begin with which are the table : the prettiest to look at are tho^e two people sit on each sic ^. wdiere 46 .) To them assure the success of her dinner she should be certain that her guests are agreeable to one another. She should consider the capabilities of her cook and not attempt dishes bej^ond his skill and knowledge. and the best talk is apt to flag if there are long pauses between the courses. not even the sound of a footfall should be heard. most essential to a successful dinner in these service. certainly within twenty-four hours. but they are by no means the best for social purposes. more exacting than a dinner engagement. T' five feet square. (These invitations should be answered No obligation is at once.PART >»<< II CHAPTER I DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING The two things days are. The hostess should send out her invitations at least two or three weeks beforehand. and when seating at her table arrange so that the talkative ones may be next to the more silent ones. but the best food loses half savor if we are bored while eating it. If to these — well-chosen company and good artistic you can add cooking and beautiful table ornaments. Her dining-room servants should be so trained that they serve the dinner in silence. so its much the better.

and. what is more serious.pian of cerned. most of the time. is one in which the door into the pantry is at the farther ^^"^^^ end. which should always hide a pantry door. and the sideboard. the talk does not the chief charms of a small party is that the talk may be general. is much more practical. away from the entrance into the room. which is usually ^^^ This of polished wood.ble is in b view of the guests.DINNEBS AND DINNER-GIVING corners stick out and interfere 47 somewhat with the service. two on the other. can in that case also hide a table from which the service of the table is performed. so far as service is con. . which may be made as long as one chooses by the insertion of leaves. and experience has shown that it is not nearly so likely to flow smoothly back and forth if there is a little angle jutting out between two of the guests. assured. conversation must necessarily. with an either side of them. with a shelf across it halfway down. At dinners of more than ten or twelve. The old-fashioned round table. The sideevery dining-room should have a serving-table. such as the cakes Decanters of wine always look well standing on ^. two of them sit on one side. seem to pass them easily. and all a hostess But one of can do is to assort her pairs carefully beforehand. and the addition of a half-leaf will usually make the table large enough for eight.c dessert. be a series of duets. Besides the dining-table with its chairs. The most convenient dining room. and there must be room But after comfort is once to pass the dishes between them. It is a good plan to have one of the leaves cut in half.. and the host and hostess at the ends alone. the closer together people are seated the better for the gayety of a dinner. and any reserve glasses or tuble accessories which are pretty to look at. because the screen. if there should be only six people. And then. and on it are placed the fingerwith their doilies and plates. An-ange"^^"^^^ empty space on which has a somewhat chilling influence. People do not want to sit with their elbows pressed against their sides. and one which is four feet six across is quite large enough for six people./wls . like trussed fowls. ' ti.

as it and behind the screen. by it the way. in order to see their opposite neighbors. spoons. so that it may not interfere with the servants' feet. forks. and a white tablecloth over that. his it the butler keeps which must be brought in hot knives. they will soon be discouraged. A favorite decoration for a large table is a centerpiece of flowers. and on Following the principle that the appearance of the table is less important than the enjoyment of the dinners. so that they may be easily relighted just before the guests enter the dining room. While in use it has a canton flannel undercloth.48 MRS. and limit themselves to those on their own side. and should be covered between meals with any table cover which will look well in the room. folded like a scarf lengthways. The carving can be done in the pantry if there is no way of concealing what may be called a working serving-table. but if one can be placed beside the pantry door tage. it is a great advan- obviates much opening of the pantry door. any high ornament or decoration should be avoided at a little dinner. with the legs may stained dark. except those from the pantry. SEELY'S cook BOOK the sideboard until the time for wine serving. and the other tools of comfortably. should always have a spring and no latch. It should be large enough to admit of the it carving being done on his reserve plates. his trade. which. The wicks should be lighted for a few moments and then ex- tinguished before being placed on the table. serving-table is best made of ordinary soft wood. So in preparing the table it is a good plan for two persons to take seats on opposite sides of the table and move the candles or vases until If candles the right position is determined. so that The working be pushed open and will close noiselessly. If your guests have to dodge a plant or peer round an urn. are used. But those who prefer to enable guests to see one another across the table often prefer a piece of silver of graceful . they should be made secure in the sticks and the shade-holders so placed that they will slip down steadily as the candle burns.



the French call peppermints. but their places may be taken. by a well-drilled waitress and a parlor maid. the words " butler " and " footman " are used. if the table should convey an impression of rest and simplicity the party is At a large entertainment the decif orations is may be elaborate the host chooses. but a small crowded with odds and ends of china and are sure to be soon pushed away. and very often In large are. each holding a few flowers. Table service. informal. As when table dinner supposed to be the pleasant ending of a day. and the effect untidy. or things of that sort (which '^ the four beggars. directly on the tablecloth is not wholly to be recommended.. nor be flat. or fitted in between twigs twisted together in the bottom of the dish. or ferns. squat. and thus held the stems will stand upright and slightly apart. Glass. unless they are arranged with great taste and skill. . instead of lolling over on each other." probably because they appear so persistently) stand among these vases. In the following remarks. If there are candles on a small table. In the first place. The little dishes holding candied fruits. may be some one add to his at the table who is and it will not pleasure to see them dying slowly of thirst before his eyes. is they fussy and Some Venetian Opinions vary as to using colored glass. they look messy. The bowl should not be packed full. and then there cares for flowers. nuts. The flowers may be stuck into wet sand or moss. DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING 49 shape. silver. and taste now tabooes the colored. and French glass is certainly very decorative but the beautiful color of wine demands pure white glass. spotless. . but not too tall in the middle. because they are immemorially associated with table service. The custom of laying flowers and leaves. and looking as though it could easily be washed. Elaborately embroidered cloths are also beautiful but nothing can be handsomer than fine white damask. and ungraceful in effect. and slender vases of silver or glass. in order to avoid crowding it is better to have merely a bowl of flowers in the middle.

and are laid on the be smoothed out with a for fear of spoiling the surface of the table. go on the right of the latter as there are and there are as many wines to be given. its After the cloth has been put on perfectly undercloth of felt or canton flannel. tines up. rings from is on the table. has been folded and not rolled on a flatiron. and a large one for the first entree. with whom he works the pantry as soon as a course harmoniously. should which must not be too hot If plates have any crest or monogram. At a large dinner. A tablespoon for the soup may go with the knives. and. more than three a small which often matches the fish knife. whether man or woman. if in old-fashioned there are oysters. plates with a piece of bread or roll placed in the fold in such a way that it may be seen. never fork. At toward the plate. Napkins are folded the monogram on top. the butler does not have to touch the plates. The one to be used first is the farthest away from the table. Tumblers and of the plate. with edge entirely out of date. one for Sherry. glasses. Elaborate devices for napkins are the right of each plate. for instance. . the last articles to be placed on the off they are easily knocked and broken. is a steel knife for the meat and sometimes houses the a silver one for fish (although latter are not used). SEELT'S COOK BOOK establishments. are the forks. the latter do most of the service. but he carves. one for Champagne. where there are several footmen. serves the wines and bread. over if it straight creases. to give the cook the next. a tiny oyster fork. the roller. for the fish. and warning of always removes the bread due crumbs. but in the present instance we will suppose that the head servant. has but one assistant. and quite straight one with another. this should be carefully put toward the middle of the table.50 MRS. The manner all of setting a table is pretty much the same in good houses. as plate. there would be one for white wine. There are other details of his service. At the left. and .

i H .


neatly arranged on a small doily. according to the season. and china of cracked ice. There should be possible no delay in serving. the hostess comes in last of all. the extra silver. The glasses must be placed in groups. The all is in butler keeps count of guests as they arrive. Table claret is drunk from the tumbler. Although the former are flat said to be better eaten from their deep shell. with the lady who is to sit on his right." of ^^^^®' are cards with the guests' names. also bowls Seating the quests. and where different people are to not be necessary except for a large dinner. these are laid Use on the cloth. but these suggestions do not deal with questions of precedence.BINNEES AND DINNER-GIVING 51 one for good claret. and on the side table. at the top of the plate. and who is helped first. the butler puts down on it another on which are oysters. or at one side. cutlery. and has taken his napkin and bread from his plate. and the wine glass to be first used nearest the edge of the table. with lemon if in the centre. Oysters and clams should be served on plates of cracked a quarter of a ice. the hostess goes in first with him. As the hostess usually knows the plan sit. for they cards will may quietly help her Here good servants by indicating where Serving the ^*^^^s^s- different people belong. or melons. The host always comes into the dining room first. the water glass nearest the plate. six or eight on each plate. Everything needed in serving the dinner should be in its place. clams. for formal dinners they look rather prettier on their guest. The plates should be placed on the plates already in front of each As the butler puts . In the case of a very high official. . and readiness he comes to the door of the drawing is when room and says ''the dinner If there served. after the napkins have been lifted. upper one. of the dinner table. Glasses for Port or Madeira are not put on the table until these wines are served. are of use. As soon as a guest is seated. the platter for the hot dishes in the hot closet. wlierever they may be most easily seen.

Plates should always be lifted by the left hand. liquid red pepper. on the table. the soup is served from the pantry. their plates are taken away. the bare cloth is left. beginning with the lady who sits on the host's right. In placing plates for the the butler takes . and grated horseradish. and the soup plate is put down on the plate which was on the table at the beginning. .52 MRS. If there is no second serving-table. are passed on a tray. and the footmen set the soup plate in the front of each guest. ladles the soup into ready. and spread with unsalted butter. seely's cook book down the oysters or clams. which makes service much easier than when plates are put down and whisked off again unused. provided there is the " working serving-table. cut very thin. and there is no prejudice against seeing the bare cloth between courses. and the fresh ones put in their places by the right. such as celery. Then the hors d'oeuvres. and when the plates on which they have been eaten are taken away. These plates are then replaced by etc." safely hidden by a screen. the footman should follow with a small silver tray on which are black cayenne. on which the soup plate In England the soup is always put down directly is put down. and goes round the table from right to left. they are always handed. When the oysters have been eaten. the two plates should be removed and replaced by a clean one. hot ones for the fish. and The butler has the soup plates them with a ladle or often a tea-cup. one in usually hand. are also handed with this Black pepper and sifted sugar are the accompaniments course.. When caviar sandwiches or anchovy toast are served instead of oysters. of melons. about six tablespoonfuls being considered the proper quantity to put in each plate. He should always put down the first plate with his left hand. When this course is finished. Brown-bread sandwiches. The next course is soup. which is brought in from the pantry in a tureen. olives. fish.

The butler should hand the fish. with dressing of oil and . For a dinner of six there should always be two servants. With boiled fish. if and even then. that he may put it down with the hand also. and this rule applies to all table service. because it is easier to slip them in at the left side. Service for ^}^^^^ ^^ tray. In putting on forks the butler goes from left to less room than tries to use his right. before it is handed. Smelts are invaluable for dinners. though not so often as formerly with baked or fried fish. other service being always at the left. if He will find that he uses the left if hand he he faces the guest. and the same rule applies to boiled and baked fish. vinegar. on the same possible. of serving with one hand and then the other. so that it may be lifted easily. sliced cucumbers. but with a baked napkin is not used. his shoulder in the right. each piece should be carefully cut apart from the others on the dish. nor any vegetable until he had eaten his meat. unless they work well together. as it is often customary to pour sauce over the baked fish. for instance. Serving ^^^' Boiled or fried fish a fish is served upon a napkin. things which should be served at the same time do not always manage to make connections. The fish is passed. . because they are slipped on the table at a guest's right. or fillets of fish. boiled potatoes cut into small balls are sometimes served. because it is so easy to help one's self to them. Knives are the only things properly put on the table with the right hand. If broiled shad is given. made very cold. and the footman follow him with the sauce and cucumbers. The reason for it may easily be seen if any one will take the trouble left to try the experiment when people are sitting at a table. and takes up much because that brings way. We can all remember feasts where he who came last in order of service did not get any sauce until his fish was cold. which often have their sauce on the dish. each guest helping himself.DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING 53 and then transfer the other.

as If the dish of the butler. fresh After the entree plate forks must be given for the meat. and when it has been eaten. and places them first. but done in a private house. as soon as a plate which has been used is taken away. each of which requires time spent on Young housekeepers will it between the kitchen and table. the butler does it at the serving-table or in the pantry. and the footman can easily take two plates. which is all right if the next dish is to be handed . the party stands a better chance of getting away from the table in good time than if they are given broiled shad. SEELY'S COOK BOOK one where everything The is ideal dinner for quick service is taken directly from the kitchen to the plate. spare themselves much anguish of mind by remembering this. If but two were placed at first. Fresh knives and forks should never be put on the table during a course. and roast chicken. one in either hand. has been removed. At restaurants the dish ordered is usually shown to the carving nor division needed. in this country. . the second fork which was put on the table when it was set will have been used.54 MBS. the butler takes the requisite number of knives on a small tray. if there are smelts. let us say. Ordinarily. and putting them on as we have just described. and where no is For instance. but by no means obligatory. and small birds. lamb chops with peas in the same dish. a clean one is put in its but if place. if he is at all quick. and can then put down the last four plates. nor laid on the clean plate. it is taken away to be cut up. following them with the forks. The entree is always handed. as not one woman in a hundred has been taught to carve well and quickly. It is usual. By the time he has put on four plates he may begin to hand the sauce or vegetables. spring lamb. especially if they have only maids. can easily finish the carving for eight people. to have an entree between the fish and the meat. giver of the dinner before this is not meat must be carved.

DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING each guest last is 65 to be helped to his share. before the sweet dish. with one pair of hands. . and put Removing p^*^®^two full ones down. such as asparagus. come before the game. and this may be preceded or replaced by what is called a " chaudfroid. highly seasoned with red pepper. as a savory. or small sandwiches of caviar are Cheese. for some strange reason. cauliflower. Fillets of game or Chaudfroid. however. it will be better from the point of view of service not to put on any plates after the preceding course. Its French title. the object being If or rather thirst. but this rule must be broken sometimes at a large dinner. which are served with the Cheese is often replaced in England by various dishes known as "savories/' and they are gaining ground in this country. which is mainly modelled on that of the French. and prepare fine wines. as one talkative or deliberate person may keep the whole service removed at back indefinitely. handed tite. to get an empty plate out of the way. " hotcold. or asparagus between the principal dish of meat and the game. from theirs in two particulars. while in Europe it comes Our differs just before the fruit. fruit. therefore was hot. as it is especially intended to take it away the taste of sweet things from the palate. P^^^- always to stimulate appefrozen punch is to be used. for the such as port and madeira. whereas the French prefer it after the latter. As a general rule. as it is manifestly impossible. and we usually serve cheese. A typical savory is made of cheese. Frozen It is generally served in small glasses. no plate should be any course until every one at the table has finished. service. in a souffle. but which is cold when one eats it." for which there is no name in English. the glass. A chaudfroid is something which has necessarily been cooked. the next course would be game. it must one standing on each plate with small spoon on the plate with Supposing that the dish of meat has been followed by a vegetable. We serve a separate vegetable such as artichokes." describes it well.

plates are then removed. salts All plates. or. or a few violets or pansies. each individual helping himself. but on the other hand they take up room and complicate the or a fine old Spring chickens. the hostess leads the ladies to the drawing room and the gentlemen follow soon. common chaudas with game or pates. after coffee and liqueurs have been served to them and those have smoked who wish to do so. in some. who collects the crumbs with a silver scoop or scraper. the table. the guests is now passed. however. With the plates are placed fork. Then the dessert and fruit plates with the finger-bowls are put before the guests. small silver. etc. If there are which bread or moved from the crumbs should be re- many large pieces of bread or rolls left. SEELT'S COOK BOOK is poultry with a cold sauce. with biscuits are served. with This. as circumstances dictate. After the hostess lift theirs. is a clean napkin folded over into a small roll. Some people like crescent-shaped which is sensible when game is served. which is usually the cheese. The The dessert dessert fruit.. houses. for service. and he is followed by the butler. The smoking may take place either in the dining room or smoking room or library. or again. dessert spoon. After the last course. the footman should go first and pick up each one with a fork. at an informal dinner. and often with a sprig of rose geranium or verbena in it. placing it upon a clean plate which he holds in his other hand. froid. and fruit knife. not as effective as the silver scoop. Each fruit plate bears a small ornamental doily with a finger-bowl about one-third full of water with the chill off. the cold dressing and the hot juice do not mingle well. hors d'ceuvres. lifts her finger-bowl from her plate. and which will not be again needed. side plates for salad. and plates are then served for which are then handed. Dessert being finished. squabs. ham may take the place of game. a very and salad is served with these dishes. for instance.5Q MBS. are taken off the table. fresh and candied. . cheese may be served with the salad. glasses and peppers.

allow one to four. A smart dinner to-day is served in an hour. This is an immense improvement over the ponderous feasts of even a dozen years ago. the separate vegetable. are still often given. and then only It is better to if the servants are used to working together. or a vol-au-vent is sometimes the fish is in some served between the soup and the fish rather ornamental form. the roast or chaudfroid with salad. At these. or even two of them. For this reason it is more economical to have eighteen people rather than sixteen . We have spoken here of a small dinner. but the useful fried smelt still holds his place. a thick and a clear one. perhaps ladies in the . The upon. especially if you have to call in professional waiters. the sweet dish. it is easy to see that the whole entertainment may be easily got through with in a couple of hours. for instance. the footman carrying both soup plates. and as the gentlemen do not stay in the smoking room more than fifteen or twenty minutes. or very little longer. and the company remains together in the drawing-room for about the same time. two soups. Then the meat. or chicken in little cases. Service for ^^^^er of sweetbreads or a mousse or timbale. Then comes another entree. when people sat for hours in a hot room eating five times as much as they wanted. leaving the rest of the evening free. such as a souffle of cheese. necessity for good service cannot be too much insisted One servant to five guests is the very smallest number Proportion ^^ guests'** with which a large dinner can be well carried off. and saying to each guest. apollinaris or some other sparkling mineral water is handed. but the same general rules apply to larger ones. for six or eight. and perhaps tired to death of their companions. drawing room while later in the evening. such as little fillets. " Julienne or gumbo ? " A light entree. after the gentlemen have joined the ladies. such as a baba followed by ice-cream. or the second sweet may be replaced by a savory.DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING At 51 the same time coffee and liqueurs are also served to the . you will need four servants to take .

be careful to have only dishes which your cook knows by heart and is sure to make well .58 MRS. and each servant should know what he or she is to do. it is . to serve wines. and Sherry with the soup Champagne is served with the fish. should always be served with terrapin. to the mortificainfinitely better tion of the hostess. and they can just as well manage two more. Butler's duties. of course. the second should start with the hostess. he will. and Madeira with the fruit but the only real necessaries are Sherry and Champagne. Madeira out the dinner . should be posted in the pantry. attend to this. a large dinner strains is no time for experiment or uncertainty. where his especial duty. as it takes make its way round. but when there are two dishes. . they will probably not notice if they are enjoying themselves and even if they do. whether too long for one to the lady she wants any or not. or a cordon bleu. Table claret is often . the resources of an ordinary establishment. or whom he has taken in. and also makes the or anything of that sort. and if possible he should A never leave the dining room. No matter whether some or all of your guests have had the same thing at your house before. with the accessories to each course. SEELY'S COOK BOOK proper care of the smaller number. Wines. Unless you have an accomplished chef. two dishes of everything handed should be started at the same time. and select entrees with which she always succeeds. good claret is given with the roast and game. and than that there should be a dreary pause. followed by some dish which is an evident failure. Service for If there are more than ten. Service begins with who sits on the host's right. and continued through- carving. are : . If the butler is competent. which is more than ten people. Port with the cheese or savory. but has a talent for creams and purees. besides is. first cut into a timbale clearly written list of the dinner. as his name implies. If your artist sometimes fails in her clear soups. who sets a good example by helping herself. choose one of the latter. These commonly now a white wine with the oysters.


r .

and then there may be eggs in some ornamental fashion. or broiled smelts — any little dish of eggs or fish. which. so many persons drink like it. or else lobster in chops. and afterward an . Luncheons. for if it comes directly from the cellar it has a rough taste and no bouquet. so cold that it is almost oily when poured out. or with a sauce. If the hostess is so lucky as to have a handsome mahogany table. is not the elaborate function sometimes described. Grapefruit. be filled beforehand. Although this chapter is nominally limited to dinners. stuffed. with a salad. bouillon. or a la Newburg. his glass is filled and he is given his choice of plain or mineral water. especially if Champagne is refused and if whiskey is accepted. Good claret should stand in a warm room before it is wanted. with very little about a third full. by the way. A " brut " Champagne is usually served now. and in that case it is pretty to have it match the napkins or doilies. Then may come lamb chops. .DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING offered after the soup. among people who go out or entertain much. a few words may be added about luncheon. or little fillets of any meat. with potatoes and one other vegetable. leaving the ordinary tumblers for water. This does not mean that it is flat. however. is better if it has been kept all day in a bottle in the ice-chest. Both of these waters should just have come off the ice. it is often served in tall glasses. foam. for the little bubbles of gas may be seen rising steadily from the bottom. as is sometimes done. or clam broth is served first. These water tumblers should not. on the other hand. which are ready on the sideboard. there is often no cloth to hide it. whiskey Scotch and soda that it is usually offered. or an aspic of some sort. to let it settle and get mellow. 59 and if a guest accepts. but it is better to put none in the tumblers. There may be a centrepiece of lace or embroidery. Sherry for soup. and only decanted just before dinner. as some people disIn these days of gout and diet. and also the other little doilies which protect the table from being scratched by the plates. and then birds or broiled chicken.

although many persons prefer iced tea or coffee. surrounded with stewed fresh Mushrooms. BOOK Black coffee is served white wine. and a good butler can always sist of make several varieties of cup. Cucumbers. Cream of Tomatoes. Sherry and claret. whiskey and soda may be offered. if for dinners of six. are usually on the table. a biscuit. Potato Croquettes. but most ladies Champagne should be drink only mineral water at luncheon. Fruit. JuHenne Soup. by the way. Brown-bread Sandwiches. Timbale of Chicken. SEELT'S COOK souffle. a number to drop out at the thirteen. afterward. Sandwiches of Caviar. Romaine Salad. and cold salad. Lamb Chops. one dish of meat. or cream cheese with jam. Maitre d'Hotel Sauce. Dessert. Soubise Sauce. Roast Capon. among so many some one is likely moment. Croutons. For a Dinner of Ten. to be avoided possible. For a Dinner of Oysters or Clams. ten. or ice-cream. . ingenuity their in devising all and the cook should exercise sorts of attractive cold dishes. We add three simple menus. or eggs or fish in some form. A simple luncheon would conserved only late in the day. leaving one with the dreaded Six.60 omelette MRS. Apple Charlotte. as last Fourteen. followed by stewed with ham In summer the mistress fruit or custards baked in little cups. Broiled Kingfish. Peas. is and sixteen people respectively. Fresh Asparagus.

Dinner of Sixteen. WINES. through the French bottler. Oysters or Clams. Dessert. Decanting. In our own times. however. In the drinking habits of the old days. and Serving. Cooling. Dessert. . Wild Duck. Tomato Mayonnaise. Stuffed Tomatoes. Souffle. Cream of Chicken. Fruit. when wines are so and the organization of households has commonly bought bottled. Potatoes. Toasted Biscuits. become more complex. Warming. Smelts.DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING Saddle of Mutton. Mousse of Ham. Potatoes.) of Custard. (Two Consomme. Cheese Fruit. Celery Salad. Chaudfroid of Quails. Wines and butler — liquors are commonly '' in the keeping of the in fact. the care of the wine and liquors and the constant and gross serving of them might have kept a man busy in a menage of not great size. Pate de foie gras in aspic. the word butler " is derived from the Latin houteillier^ huticula^ a little bottle. Cakes. Ice-cream. • 61 String Beans. Biscuit Glacd. with squares Soups. Virginia Ham. Fillet of Beef.

that is. and in drawing it into the decanter he should watch its condition. none are better than the following: wine to help asked. A see candle set the other side of the bottle will permit him to through the wine. he have gained a steady base for work. and to keep — In decanting. keeping still the same posi- two laths have been nailed on his decanting table. As soon as the cloud or deposit in the bottle nears the neck. necessary to add that he should see that his decanter clean inside and out. and never fail to lay the The debottle down on the side it has been lying in the bin. Let him hold the and after slowly tipj^ing it obliquely till the wine no longer touches the cork. the butler in these times has charge of the bottling and binning and of the he should vice is know enough his temperature of the wine cellar or wine room. posit the wine has cast upon the side of the bottle not only destroys the brilliancy of the wine. and of that strange and living thing called employer choose the right material. but unpack and bin it as soon as it arrives. Rules for the decanting of wine have from time to time been given. but also its flavor and Then he should be sure of the quality of each bottle. if his adall wines and liquors in his charge under conditions most favorable to their development and perfection. the butler should first take all possible care in removing the bottles from their bins. movement to the bottle. he should guard against serving bottles tasting or smelling of corks rotten or decayed by fungous growths. but for Ports and clarets and such as show a deposit on the bottle. He should never leave wine in cases. is brilliantly After he has taken the bottle of wine out of the bin he should carefully lay tion.62 the duties of MRS. If it on the table. . he should stop for not a particle of . It is hardly aroma. seely's cook butler have book Still broadened and refined. he should apply his corkscrew and extract the cork without the slightest shake or will bottle tightly with one hand.

. having kept at a before serving. and have glasses at hand to hold the flow of a lively bottle. Hock. blood oxygenated by an outdoor life enjoy a heavier and rich wine the sedentary student is apt to take a lighter and drier The milder wines naturally come first. and In serving wines the taste of the guests should be considered. . cloud or crust. as long as the cloud does not reach the glass. for such mixtures are good for flavoring and jellies. especially this clouded wine should not be wasted. But It will mix. If more than vintage. the kitchen-use bottle soups. decanted volatile. one quality of a wine is served. Then hold bottles. : Another good old-fashioned rule in decanting is this When a bottle is three-fourths decanted. and the temperature and humidity Some temperaments and physiques with of the outdoor air. Some judges of wine would it decant claret as it is wanted. the lighter wines later. cut the wire and strings at the bottle's rim. puddings. Extract the cork slowly so that no noise drunk. . and add from the glass to the decanter. the younger should come first. should flow into the decanter.DINNERS AND DINNER-GIVING 63 such deposit. Do is lost if The aroma not decant more wine than will be needed. hours before is caused. the cork down with the left thumb and with a pointed piece of wood cleanse the rim. even if the deposit is still undisturbed. the wine is too much exposed. Heavier wines should be first . since their ethers are more Old Sherry may be decanted the day before it is used. and the decanter left without its stopper. while others would decant is temperature of seventy degrees for ten or twelve hours it two hours before it Port should be decanted not more than two or three Champagne it is not necessary to deit is served. decant the remainder in a wine glass. Put the bottoms of wines together in if Port wine or Sherry. In opening Champagne cant when it is under ten years old. after that the occasion. should be decanted an hour before served. upon the other it is hand.

That wine. — With roasts. After soup. and Sherry is best at forty or forty-two degrees. claret. Sweets. or fair claret. is not drinking of which with all kinds of food some epicures pronounce a gastronomic sin. Madeira takes sixty-five degrees as the temperature best adapted to its constitution.64 MRS. the dry for half or three-quarters of an hour. lay it on ice. With fish. The same authority also advises us to avoid as poisons the serving and drinking of all brandies. In laying the bottles on the ice. Claret. Sauterne. Burgundy. Port should be served at a temperature of from fifty to fifty -six degrees the point fifty-five is a much approved one. except Chablis and other white Burgundy. and sodas. bouquet is lost if it is too warm. Chablis. have care not to shake the bottle. Moselle. of seventy degrees brings out the qualities of the wine. an old Madeira or Tokay or Sherry. it should be added. a light Moselle or Hock. With game. Champagne should have a temperature of thirty-four. Sherry or Champagne. whiskeys. or in a pan of cracked ice. should have the same temperature as claret. Hock. Burgundy. Champagne. Champagne — the . which should be at forty-five degrees. SEELT'S cook Claret should be served BOOK warm — not warmer than eighty deThe medium point The Bordeaux and Burgundy grees and not cooler than sixty-five degrees. Madeira. Bordeaux. Sauterne and other white claret fifty degrees. To cool this wine. With oysters may go Chablis. good wine People of a discriminating palate often pronounce for one at a dinner. Port. after wine. Sauterne. With entrees. the sweet several hours before using.

Before broiling fish rub the gridiron with a piece of fat to pre- vent the fish sticking. Selection of Meats In selecting beef. In boiling put the fish into cold water to which a little salt and vinegar have been added. Lay the skin side down first. the eyes full. the lean will break on being pinched. the fat will be white. Have bones removed and the meat rolled. red. the bones for a soup. and pulpy. the fleshy side turned down in the water. of a bright red color and white fat. and sprinkled with salt. from side to side. with the and white. The third. the meat of pork young. soft. choose that of a fine smooth grain. the fish are stale. Fish should be thoroughly washed. Fowls for roasting . The The fat firm If flesh of flesh good veal is firm and dry and the of good mutton or lamb is a bright is red. cleaned. Serve fish always with sauce. Most kinds of salt fish should be soaked in cold water for twenty-four hours. Never soak fresh fish in water fish are . unless frozen. To judge the Age of Poultry and Game The breast-bone should bend Broilers are best from one to p 65 easily two pounds. The earthy taste often found in fresh-water fish can be removed by soaking it in salt water.CHAPTER Fresh II Selection of Fish hard when pressed by the finger the gills If the flesh is flabby and the eyes sunken. and the sixth ribs of beef are the choicest cuts for a roast. wiped. The butcher should send joints stiff. fifth. fourth.

Twenty to thirty minutes. Plover when fat have hard vents. SEELY'S COOK BOOK If the skin breaks when the wing can be judged by the wings. Buck may be judged by the same rule. string Twenty Twenty to twenty-five minutes. The hen bird may be judged by the same rules. the bird is stale. when fresh . spur. Beans. head. In the partridge yellow legs and a dark bill are signs by which a young bird may be known. In young geese the feet and bill are yellow and from hair. Clams Cook until they just come to a boil. When fresh. the feet are pliable . Rigid vent. Ten minutes to each pound. rules. when and free stiff the bird staleness. . Ten to fifteen minutes. One hour. It de- pends on the age of the chicken. Twenty to thirty minutes. The is eyes are bright and full and the feet supple fresh. to thirty minutes and a little soda to make them green. quail may be chosen by the above TIME-TABLE FOR COOKING Boiling Asparagus Beans. Pheasants. they are when stale. scaly legs and the breast-bone is The cock bird has a smooth black leg mth a short Turkey.66 MRS. One hour. Four to five hours. Beef. Beets Lima One-half hour. Old fowls have fowl is tender. long and pointed. the is turned toward the hard and will not bend. woodcock. corned Or Brussels sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chicken k la Mode. three to five hours. The absence of these signs denotes age Creese. The young and birds are is known by the short or rounded spur which in the old G-rouse. but like all other birds chosen by the above rules. may be when this part is green.

Five hours. pound Eighteen to twenty minutes. Mutton fine One hour. white Veal. hours. Forty-five minutes. Cook until they just come to a boil. Forty-five minutes. sweet Salted. Fifteen minutes. such as cod. . Two hours. cubical. added until it nearly In boiling meats if it is important to keep the water constantly boiling. outer part is contracted by the heat. Remove the scum when it first begins to boil. and a little soda to make it green. Allow about twenty minutes for boiling for each pound of fresh meat. Squash to thirty minutes. the more tender it will be. Be careful to add boiling water more is needed. rolled Onions Oysters One-half hour. unless for soup. Tea Tomatoes Tongue Turnips. Soup stock Spinach Three to six hours. halibut. Cornmeal Eggs. Twenty Twenty to thirty minutes. yellow Turnips. five to eight minutes. One and one-half One hour. Fifteen to twenty minutes. Ham Hominy. Twenty minutes for each pound. hard-boiled Eggs. Three hours. to three hours. Rules for boiling Meat All fresh meat. Peas Parsnips Pigeon. Six to ten minutes for each pound. to thirty minutes. The more gently the meat boils. should be put into boiling water. per To steep three to five minutes. etc. otherwise the meat will absorb the water. boiling water. Corn. soft-boiled Fish. potted Fifteen to twenty minutes. Potatoes Twenty Rice Fifteen to twenty minutes.TIME-TABLE FOR COOKING Coffee 67 Three to five minutes. salt The The meat is should be allowed to cook very gently and no done. and the juices are preserved. long and whole Three ndnutes. Fish. Three to four hours. Two Oatmeal.

Three to four hours. rolls Twelve to fifteen minutes per pound. to three hours. roast. Gems Lamb Muffins Mutton Patties Twenty to thirty minutes. Per pound. Rules for roasting Meat necessary to have a brisk fire. Fifteen to twenty-five minutes. fillet of Beef. tame Fish. small . Baste often. A red pepper dropped into the water will prevent the rising of any unin cold water. For making soup put the meat on the fire Baking and Roasting Beans Beef. cubical or thick Fish. SEELT'S COOK Salt meats should be put into cold water BOOK slowly. Twenty minutes. Twenty to forty-five minutes. One and one-quarter to one and one-half hours. that the salt and boiled may be extracted in cooking. Forty-five to sixty minutes. One to one and one-half hours. canvasback and redhead Duck. Bread Cake. Turkey Veal Two Two to three hours. Pudding Scalloped dishes Twenty to forty-five minutes. Twenty to thirty minutes. Twelve minutes are required for every pound of beef. braised Eight to ten hours.68 MBS. Pork Potatoes Two to three hours. Forty to sixty minutes. Beef. Fifteen to thirty minutes. thin Chicken Custards Twenty to thirty minutes. Do not put meat into water. sponge Cakes. rare Biscuit. pleasant odor. . One and one-fourth to one and one-half hours. Pies Thirty to forty minutes. In roasting beef it is . . Clean meats by wiping them with a cloth kept for that purpose. fifteen minutes. . Eighteen minutes. Duck. Forty-five to sixty minutes. Thirty to sixty minutes. . One to one and one-half hours. Thirty minutes. Season when nearly done. Twenty to thirty minutes. and whole .

Four to eight minutes. one inch thick Steak. and thin Five to eight minutes. one quart or more B-ice Three hours. breaded Croquettes own fat Two One to three minutes. Six to eight minutes. minute. Two to three hours. has nearly the same effect upon meat as roasting. thick Six to eight minutes. Tripe Eight to ten minutes. Liver Twelve to fifteen minutes. Broiling meat should be turned rapidly in order to produce an equal effect. small Fish. Squab Steak. five Doughnuts Fish balls Fish.. Five to eight minutes. fried in Chops. Forty-five to sixty minutes. One minute.. breaded Fish. Chicken Chops Fish. Fifteen minutes per pound. . five Three to minutes. Steaming Brown bread Puddings. but is justly It a favored one. but it should not be punctured with a fork. one Ten and one-half inches thick to fifteen minutes. Two to five minutes. of the meat Prying Have fat at a boiling heat. its Bacon. is The albumen hardened and forming a skin it retains the juices. Four to eight minutes. .TIME-TABLE FOR COOKING Broiling Bacon Birds 69 Four to eight minutes. Five to eight minutes. Potatoes Two to five minutes. not only the most rapid manner of cooking meat. To Have your Broiling is broil Meat Well gridiron well greased and hot before you put the meat on.. small Fritters Three to minutes. Six to eight minutes.

or milk One scant cup rice = one-half pound. liquid to two cups flour for muffins. granulated sugar. to one One-fourth teaspoonful salt to salt to cup molasses. One-fourth teaspoonful salt to Weights and Measures 4 gills 1 pint. Three teaspoonfuls = one tablespoonful. 2 pints 4 quarts 16 ounces 70 1 pound. 1 quart. 1 gallon. . One teaspoonful soda One teaspoonful soda One teaspoonful to one pint sour milk. liquid to one cup flour for batter. one quart custard. One cup solid butter. One round tablespoonful butter = one ounce.CHAPTER Sixty drops III Table of Measures = one teaspoonful. Two heaping cups coffee = one-half pound. means one-half pint. One-eighth teaspoonful white pepper to one cup white sauce. A cupful The not at hand. one cup white sauce. Liquids scant. Two cups flour = one-half pound. Nine large eggs = one pound. is old-fashioned china cup best to use when a half-pint measure is Table of Proportions One cup One cup One cup liquid to three cups flour for bread. Four tablespoonfuls = one quarter of a cup. One-eighth teaspoonful salt equals one pinch. = one-half pound. flour full measure. one quart water.

1 teaspoonful of soda to one pint of sour milk. . is. 4 cupfuls of flour 1 heaping quart 16 tablespoonfuls of liquid ) ) 8 round tablespoonfuls of dry material =1 cupful. Besides this. = 1 cupful. . • two gills. . baking powder is the equivalent of ^ teaspoonful of soda and 1 teaspoonful of cream of tartar. . Set in the upper oven. * 2| cupfuls of powdered sugar 1 heaping tablespoonful of sugar . -r. Butter size of an egg 1 . 3 heaping teaspoonfuls of baking powder to one cupful of flour. that a time. 71 | pint or 1 quart. 1 teaspoonful of vanilla to one quart of milk for custards. In heating vegetables. and so on.MEASURES AND PROPORTIONS I kitchen cupful 1 kitchen cupful 1 gill. 1 teaspoonful of 1 teaspoonful of soda to | pint of molasses. canned corn for instance. ^ . this Advice in In cooking follow as far as possible the rule of the druggist in compound- mix the ingredients thoroughly. > 1 cupful of butter pound. All compounds gain from following this rule. upon the top of the range. use cold water in the upper pan. Read ing any mixture. If the oven becomes too hot. I 2 ounces or 4 cupful. heaping tablespoonful of butter . and stir in the third well before adding a fourth. if you have three ingredients mix two before adding the third. 4 kitchen cupfuls 2 cupfuls of granulated sugar ) ) -• . 3 to 4 eggs to 1 pint of milk for custards. All breakfast grains or cereals . The value of a pan of hot water in cooking cannot be overestimated. it insures good baking. Proportions 5 to 8 eggs to 1 quart of milk for custards. 2 ounces of gelatine to If quarts of liquid. 4 heaping tablespoonfuls of corn-starch to one quart of milk. the use keeps saucepans in good condition until fairly worn out. 1 ounce. putting one at For instance. 1 saltspoonful of salt to one quart of milk for custards. setting the saucepan in a pan of hot water saves much labor and watching.

. Without them there Therefore in it is no precision in proportioning the various ingredients. boiler ready at A pan is of hot water furnishes a double hand at all times. Always use porcelain-lined pans for cooking fruits or an acid preparation. By doing this she will save herself much trouble. Milk and butter should be kept in not absorb odors from other articles. The cook should bear mind always to put the weights away in their place and to keep the scales in thorough order. and keep her scales clean. In weighing anything of a greasy nature the cook should place a piece of paper on the scales. seelt's cook book should be cooked in this manner. absolutely necessary to have a set of scales.72 MBS. closely covered vessels so they will The time during which an article is coming to the boiling-point cannot be counted in any rule or measure for boiling. are indispensable to assure success in cooking. A They is most important kitchen utensil a good set of scales and weights.

See that it is chopped very fine. Then add one large onion sliced thin. kettle with nine pints of water. stir into the kettle with other ingredients. six whole cloves. one slice of carrot. two sprigs of thyme and summer savory. weighing about Trim off about one pound. a slice of turnip.CHAPTER IV SOUPS ^ Bouillon Select a piece of the luicler all round of beef. Let it slowly come to a where the liquid will keep boiling slowly but steadily for six hours. point. Strain and set away to cool. Court Bouillon. small piece of cinnamon. move the back part of the range. The next day skim off all the grease. and a small muslin bag containing the following spices and herbs three dozen pepper corns. then draw the kettle to the front of range and boil vigorously for one minute. 101. Taste to see whether it has sufficient seasoning. Put it in a soup boil. . and keep just at the boiling-point for one hour. Let kettle back : Skim thoroughly and move the cook one hour. and three blades of celery. cover. Put stock into all the soup kettle with the piece of meat which was cut off the day before. Strain through a wet bag and it is ready to Stir occasionally. a small leaf of sage. Cut ten pounds. two sprigs of parsley. three bay leaves. Also stir in three teaspoonfuls of salt. Beat the whites of three eggs until very light. see 73 p. Place on the range and heat slowly to the boiling- When the soup bubbles. the fat and cut off a piece weighing the rest in small pieces. kettle to the serve.

rice. dry piece of meat. She first lays the meat in her earthen stock pot and pours cold water to it in the proportion of about two quarts to three pounds of beef. prevent the water from penetrating it. The soup or broth is made afresh once or twice a week by every family in France not too poor to afford it. circumstance of boiling it in the gentlest manner a savory and nutritious soup is obtained and a dish of palatable and tender If the pot is placed over a quick fire. it makes an excellent consomme. allows the albumen to disengage itself and the most savory parts From the simple of the meat to be diffused through the broth. If properly managed. true way is to cook this national dish of France is in an very most excellent for the slow cooking which the The earthen pot may be had in success of the dish demands. pigeons. It is often served on the first day with slices of bread. without the slightest knowledge of chemistry.74 MRS. it is clear and pale. The broth of the dish forms in France the foundation of all richer soups and gravies. who. Poured on fresh meat. conducts the process in a truly scientific manner. coagulate. She then places it on the fire where it slowly becomes hot. and as it does so the heat enlarges the fibre of the meat. lid. Poultry. on the second with earthen pot or pipkin. is This pot has a close-fitting and variations of vermicelli. this country and also a very good substitute may be purchased. the albumen will meat. seely's cook Pot au Feu book The strong. and the savors of the meat from disengaging themselves. and even game may be boiled in the pot ment The general The popular treatThe soup pot of the . and the result will be a broth without flavor or tastiness and a tough. process of making it is always the same. : is thus described by a famous cook French artisan supplies his principal nourishment and is thus managed by his wife. harden the meat. or other garnishes. dissolves the gelatinous substances which it contains.

of course be freed from any rusty or blackened parts and washed proves the soup. skim it when it simmers. pounds of good fresh For a large pot au feu take six up and pour on it four quarts of fresh cold water. some pepper. toothit is some. A bunch of sweet herbs cut small and absorbed by the dish or boiled and removed on serving also adds much to the savory compound. set it over the fire. including not only the broth but the meat and vegetables. A small ham also may be laid in with the beef when the water is first added. broth long enough to Boiled in this bouillon three or four hours.SOUPS au feu. Then add two or to this : One way make beef. Serve by laying slices of bread in a tureen or deep platter. for it perfectly clean. a head of celery cut up. and substantial meal. the ham is boiled. pour the stew or soup upon them. and the taste of the ham im- But the soup cannot well be eaten the day must be allowed to cool and be freed from the fat of the ham. What is left in the tureen may go into the pot au feu for next day. you will of course require no other salt. a parsnip well cut up. cut it three large carrots. and in short any appetizing vegetable. four turnips pared and quartered. . In case you boil a salted ham in the The ham should soup. Let the whole continue to boil slowly and steadily for six hours. and half a pound of liver cut in pieces. and after it has come to a boil add a teaspoon of salt. eight young onions peeled and sliced in thin slices. six potatoes hand-sliced and quartered. two of the onions roasted whole. The French housewife begins her pot au feu soon breakfast and puts the ingredients gradually in the pot. either sliced or grated. after Thus by the end ordinary fire of the of the kitchen she has her day and the independent cooking of the most nutritious. 75 They should be properly trussed and stewed in the make them tender. it is superior in flavor to a ham cooked in water. tomatoes in season.

three and in To this pot au feu may be also added its season one turnip. or onions. one turnip. . for instance. For immediate use take the lower part and every morning skim and bring it to a boil so that the supply from which you draw daily may not spoil. various bones and meats of the larder still sweet and holding their natural oils and flavors. of the pot au feu. it. chicken head. Skim the fat and strain through a wet bag. or other toothsome meats. one having been stuck with three or four cloves. venison. seely's cook book For beef you may substitute mutton. which the French call boeuf and eat. cool place. and set away in a dark. Cover partially. and cover with all cold water. four whole onions medium size. a beefsteak bone. Pot au Feu Take three pounds keep over the it of lean beef. of soup beef. When come to a boil. then take it off the fire. lay it in the about with twine to soup pot. is commonly served with the vegetables cooked with it and dressed with some piquant sauce. add a little water when required to replace that evaporated. one onion with three cloves stuck in a clove of two leeks and a stalk of celery tied together. salt. wind it from boiling to pieces. strain. two table- Boil slowly. Let the soup boil slowly six or seven hours. and when the water begins to boil add two carrots. etc. and let simmer five hours. Beef Soup Take four pounds of beef. add one carrot. eight quarts of water. five small carrots or one large one. remove the scum. bouilli The meat Beef Broth Four pounds spoons of garlic. not too fat. or egg sauce.76 MRS. and pour it fire Set the pot over about six quarts of fresh cold water. boil slowly and skim.

Curry Soup and pour over it three salt. Chop the following: two onions. season to taste. Cook one hour longer. one scant tablespoonful of curry powder. It is improved by chopped parsley added after the soup is thickened. or Mutton Soup Mutton makes a very delicate soup boiled according to the di- rections for beef soup.SOUPS 77 Then add salt and pepper carefully. two in short pieces Cut for three hours. soup over carrot if can be added pieces of the meat and can be used as a clear soup. cover with cold water. little thick. one small carrot. smoothly until a boiler. then strain. Boil rice. cool and wash well. Set in a cold place over night. Use onions in the same way and flavor with a little stewed tomatoes that have been cooked and seasoned. in a rice Place a tablespoon of rice in a soup plate and pour the it. Serve very hot with cheese straws. this it To desired. Put on the fire. boil or simmer until the meat is Thicken with flour and water stirred heated well through. put into a saucepan with two quarts of beef broth. Next day skim all the grease off. boil five minutes. and add to the soup. one head of lettuce. and let stand a short time to extract the flavor. two potatoes. remove the beef and vegetables save the carrot. Strain the soup. Return to the kettle and add two tablespoonfuls Put four pounds of lean beef in a kettle quarts of cold water and one teaspoonful of of rice. add the carrot. well done. . Take off the stove and add two or three small strips of green pepper while hot. Let it stand one hour. return it to the kettle. Ox-tail Soup two ox tails and soak them in fresh water changing the water once in a while. then set it on the fire and cook slowly for two hours. Drain. and cook one hour longer. Set back on the stove and simmer until the meat is very well done.

onions. skim again. add a little of butter and a little sugar. either veal or chicken. a handful of French beans cut in diamond shape. and cucumbers. a head of celery. Boil a few minutes longer. browned Sherry and a in three ounces of butter. turnips. drain them on a sieve and place in a soup kettle Add two generous capable of holding about three quarts. Brunoise Soup Take two each nips. Peel the latter and scrape the first.78 MRS. hour. Cut the white part of and three leeks in thick Blanch or parboil these for five minutes. strain and free the broth of its fat. serve very hot. . small glazed onions. Then add one-half pint of green peas. and a little salt. and two dozen in small pieces Add the carrot cut the ox tails. Cut them in small dice and fry the pieces in a pan over a slow fire with one ounce If the butter be fresh. Flemish Soup Have' at hand carrots. skim it thoroughly and remove to the side of the stove to boil gently until the vegetables are cooked. two of each. three quarts of light stock. a bunch of parsley. tur- and a head of celery. two carrots. seely's cook book quarts of water. and thicken with three ounces of flour and a dash of of through a cloth over and press skim. When the vegetables are a light brown. Add two glasses and serve. one onion with two whole cloves stuck in it. Boil one cayenne. glass of Port wine. pour over them salt. white pepper. of the following vegetables : carrots. these vegetables to be boiled beforehand. leeks. Then cook slowly for about three hours. With a skimmer transfer the tails to another stewpan. After testing the flavor and seasoning. and one-half pint of asparagus tips. drain the carrots. two heads of celery shreds about half an inch long. When this comes to a boil. Then with a vegetable scoop cut them in fancy shapes about as big as an olive.

pepper. and with four ounces of butter set them on the fire. boil them in one quart of strong white broth. remove from the range and add the yolks of four eggs mixed with twice as much water as there is egg liquid. Mix all. and cut them into the shape of small olives. add one scant teaspoonful sugar and one-half pint of small. including bones — not of game of . Skim off all the fat. the soup of the desired consistency Serve very hot.SOUPS quarts of the soup 79 consomme is or stock. : While which when one handful of Brussels sprouts. Let the soup boil three or four minutes. two turnips. made of veal or chicken. sorrel. When the vegetables are cooked. the same number of turnips and cucumbers. fire until Season with is salt and pepper to taste. and lettuce leaves cut in fine shreds. Boil until the vegetables are sufficiently done. Place some one-half pint of blanched add to the soup young peas. Boil two minutes longer with a handful of chervil. Then add three quarts of beef broth. pour the soup upon them and serve. Hollandaise Soup Peel two carrots. and a few white cabbage leaves. two stalks of celery. cooked green peas. and a small lump of butter. Boil slowly and skim occasionally. the wliites of two leeks. Julienne Soup Cut lengthwise in short fine shreds two carrots. a white onion. boiling. Stir occasionally until quite dry. White Broth Place in a kettle over a moderate fire a heavy knuckle veal with all the scraps of meat. Stir over the and then pour into the soup tureen containing one gill of young peas and an equal quantity of French beans boiled tender and cut into diamonds. one gill of cream. and Add a pinch of coarse white a handful of asparagus heads. Boil slowly for forty-five minutes. After blanching them. boil the following vegetables. a dried croutons in a tureen. few French beans cut small.

Consomme with Vegetables veal. No scum should Then put in two large well-scraped carrots whole. one shin of . drain. two pounds two pounds of lean of soup Boil meat. Remove all the fat and strain through a wet cloth. Then add one two leeks. skim carefully. Add a finely sliced small heart of lettuce. chervil leaves. This broth should be' very clear and of a rich yellow color. A head is one of the articles needed. Put in some a soup kettle one roasted fowl. will The following calf's ingredients make six quarts of soup : one head. with Bgg Balls calf's Begin making the soup the day before it will be wanted. in the oven. Be sure to serve it Mock Turtle Soup. three thoroughly washed leeks. and onion. and then boil one hour with three quarts of the broth. Pour into a soup tureen with the crusts of in small rounds and dried hot. As it comes to a boil. one large peeled onion whole. Parboil them. with Chicken Forcemeat Balls. one-half a parsnip. roast beef bones (if convenient). two tablespoonfuls of salt. Then strain through a wet the range. and a few leaves of cleaned celery. when needed. Finish with a little sugar and three tablespoonfuls of small green asparagus tops. Skim well. but a part of it may be used for dishes other than the soup. cloth into an earthen bowl. With a small tin tube cut round pieces of carrot and turnip in thin slices. sorrell. be left on. one and a few peppercorns. boil ten minutes longer. slowly for four hours. Set away in cool place for use — at hand. two French rolls cut Cover the tureen. one well-cleaned parsley root. Cover fully with cold water and add one handful of salt. Boil very slowly on the corner of Skim the grease off. one turnip. Let all simmer for four hours. add a leek cut crosswise. carrot. one whole well-cleaned turnip.80 MBS. eight quarts of water.

a quantity of cold water. If all the soup be not wanted at one meal. and. being careful not to break it. At the end of that time take water. in explanation. therefore it may be well to say. Heat it slowly to the boiling-point. Be careful they do not get burned. and half of a head cannot be bought. Then skim carefully and set the pot back where the liquor will simply bubble for three When that time has passed. It may seem as if six quarts of chopped carrot. a tablespoon each of walnut. one sprig of parsley. cut fine. a bay leaf. Now put the vegetables. Soak i^ for two hours. some egg or forcemeat balls.SOUPS veal weighing six pounds. four tablespoonfuls of butter. place the head in a large soup pot. Have the butcher split and scrape the calf's head and saw the bone of the shin of veal into several parts. At the last moment draw the pan forward so that the vegetables may become slightly browned by more rapid cooking. if one chooses. a piece of stick cinnamon about three inches long. soup were too large a quantity. mushroom. Wash all care- Put the head into a large pan. it may be warmed again. two lemons. out the brains. three stalks of celery. and tomato catsup. and after putting in the shin pour in eight quarts of cold water. salt and pepper. Add these vegetables to the veal and stock and cook all for four hours. that a calf's head is sufficient for that quantity. away to cool. six of corn-starch. covering it with cold fully. These two quarts should be returned to the kettle with the shin of veal the spice mentioned above should be added and the kettle covered and set where its contents will only simmer. skimmer and then remove the head. twenty white peppercorns. Then strain and put also. Strain the stock that is in the soup pot and put all but two quarts away to cool. one gill or more of Port. and the butter into a frying pan and fry gently for twenty minutes. one onion. . . one-half a blade of mace. take up the veal with a hours. ten whole cloves. 81 two tablespoonfuls of two tablespoonfuls of chopped turnip.

Cook the balls for a pan of salted boiling w^ater. also salt and pepper in quantities to suit your . minutes. and white pepper to taste. but egg balls are easily prepared and should be used. Thin slices of lemon put away. Remove the mace and add one It will take about ten minutes. and the white of an egg beaten to a stiff froth. mock turtle Chicken Forcemeat Balls fine half of the breast of a tender chicken. and heated again when wanted. Cook until the mixture forms a smooth paste. As it takes much time to make forcemeat balls. with a scant quarter of a cup of fine bread crumbs and a bit of whole mace. The above balls may be prepared three or Have ready five four hours before the soup is served. and the face of the calf cut into small strips. cut in quarters and egg balls and forcemeat balls should be put into the tureen before the soup is turned into it. if one would have . It will then be ready to serve but if it be intended for a late dinner it may be cooled. Plunge them and remove the shell.82 MRS. well. and when the soup boils up add the juice of a lemon. turn them in a strainer and then add them to the mock turtle soup. the Cover the wine. salt. Egg in cold water Balls Boil four eggs for twenty minutes until hard. after skimming off lots of strained stock into the sou^) pot the set fat. seelt's cook book all The next morning. pound mortar and rub it through a coarse sieve. Chop very it in a tablespoonful of butter. they may be omitted. and when cool form in balls about the size of grapes. Pound the yolks in a . soup pot closely and set it back where its contents will hardly bubble during the next fifteen minutes. and upon the Add taste the catsup. soup in perfection. the Mix meat. There should be a generous cupful of the meat after it has been rubbed through Pour one quarter of a cup of cream into a saucepan the sieve. turn the two stove.

Strain and set aside until the next day. Fry in hot fat until they become a light brown. Cut up two onions. and roll them in flour. Add the meat from calf's head. stirring Then let it boil slowly for twenty until it comes to a boil. then put on the and cook for six hours. 83 paste.SOUPS mortar until spoonful of egg. tliey salt. Take off the fat from the soup. Season to taste with salt and white pepper and add the wellStir beaten yolks of two eggs mixed with some of the cream. Mix them in with the vegetables. minutes. fire Let the meat stand in cold water one hour. French Mock Turtle Soup Put in soup kettle half a shin of beef. Take a nice calf's and cut in inch square pieces. one carrot. Drop in some egg balls. parboil it. and one blade of mace. It should be clear. add one cup of washed and drained rice and boil until it is tender. Let mixture boil up slowly. mix with the soup. Serve very hot. become a smooth a little white pepper. . Whip up the whites and yolks of three eggs. Pour over them the cold stock and set on back of the range. Add one cup of boiled cauliflower pulp which has also been rubbed through a sieve. one glass Madeira wine. two fresh mushrooms. Thin this mixture to the desired consistency with cream. add one tablespoonful of salt to draw out the blood. Cut some truffles in small pieces. When ready. over the fire until the mixture comes to a boil. and serve very hot. Turn them frequently while they are cooking. Then rub through a sieve. Then strain. take the meat Dubarry Soup Prepare two quarts of clear chicken bouillon. head. Skim off all the grease and scum that off rise for the first hour. Then add one teaand a well-beaten raw Mould the mixture into balls about the size of grapes. Continue to boil until tender. one clove of garlic.

Puree of Game Skin and clean two fat wild rabbits and wipe them with a wet towel. seely's cook book Mulligatawny Soup Cut up two chickens as for a fricassee. gradually add the broth the cliickens were boiled in and as much more veal broth as desired to make the required amount. a carrot. then stir in as much flour as will suffice Stir this to thicken the quantity of soup you wish to make. strain them off into a sieve. Remove the fillets and free them from all the thin skin and sinews. them. and slices. and a bouquet. Fry these until the onion is nearly melted. Skim the soup. saving their broth in Plunge the pieces of chicken in cold water to blanch a basin. place them in a pan with one carrot. stir the soup over the of chicken. and after stirring in one teaspoonful of curry powder and the same quantity of curry paste. one head of celery. begins to boil and remove the scum and Season . drain. Draw and clean two partridges. five it Place them in a soup kettle with a scant Place over a hot all fire quarts of beef stock. then set it to one side and boil it By that time the chicken will be done. and after tasting it to determine the seasoning. fire until it comes to a boil. Half an hour before dinner. and watch grease. lift up the skin and free the meat of the small sinews. remove all the breast meat. When it comes to a boil. Put the fillets aside for future use. and again cut them into Place in a pan with four ounces of butter. and when the chicken is almost done. remove the root part. Now cut four large onions in half.84 MRS. Cover with a good broth made of veal. slowly for ten minutes. on the fire for a few minutes. and set away for future use. set it at one side of the range to clarify or Rub it through a wet cloth and pour it over the pieces settle. one onion. two heads of celery cut in small pieces. serve it with plain boiled rice in a separate dish. Cut all the caruntil casses in small pieces.

The best way is to buy a weighing about twenty-five pounds. Leave the kettle partly uncovered. stantly stirring. Let it simmer twenty minutes. bones. After it has cooked for five minutes pour the broth over it. Place them side by side in the pan and cover them with a thin layer of pork. Do not boil after folloAvs : Place the partridge and rabbit fillets as cover the bottom of a roasting pan with thin slices of larding with a little salt and pepper. Cut the rabbit fillets pork. then skim all the fat from the surface. Baste twice during the cooking. two leeks tied with a small bay leaf and a very small bunch of thyme. Cut each shell in four pieces. Season each one of the fillets in very small squares. When it has boiled the given time. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter and two of flour in a saucepan. After adding the seasoning. let the mixture boil slowly for one hour and a half. take all the meat from the shells. this is in. Pour over them five tablespoonfuls of the game broth. three medium-sized carrots. Serve the puree very hot after adding the minced fillets. Let it become partially cool. remove the broth from the bowl with a cup. one-half pint of rich cream. remove the intestines. Strain the second time through a wet cloth. partridge fillets in thin square slices one- half inch wide. a cupful Stir constantly. at a time. Bake in hot oven for fifteen minutes. Green Turtle Soup Green turtle dealers are when prepared can be kept for weeks. cut off its head and let it bleed all day. Remove from the pan. and plunge for a moment only the fins and shells in boiling small turtle dealer will not prepare — . one and half a teaspoonful of black pepper. Remove the pan to the side of range and pour in slowly. contablespoonful of salt. strain through a colander into a large bowl. and not willing to retail it.— SOUPS 85 with two white onions. and fins. hang it by the hind legs or fins. If your it. Then with a sharp knife part the two shells. leaving a little in the bottom of the bowl to avoid the dregs.

thyme. a bunch of parsley. Stewed Oysters a la Baltimore Place them in a sauceof Open neatly three dozen oysters. Use some of this broth through a sieve into a large tin pan. and serve portion of the turtle. and the meat not over twenty minutes. slowly and skim well : with slices of lemon. Then make Cut in pieces and put . Put in quart tin cans. add the turtle. One enough for eight persons. and cut in small square pieces. meat. and skim well. When cold. When they are done. over the turtle. two heads of celery. some melted lard to keep out the quart is air. broth diluted with water in a saucepan to cook the shells and The fins. and basilic in proportion. their liquor pan without and add one ounce good butter. The above is the preliminary and essential preparation. in a stock pot twenty pounds of salt. pour into each can. a dash of cayenne pepper. lean soup beef. and boil five minutes. and put it in a dish. four bay leaves. reduce to a consist- ency the rest of the broth. For a soup for eight persons Thicken three quarts of broth with four ounces of flour which has been browned in butter. which should not be quite filled. a few whole cloves. sage. into another saucepan. is left To preserve what of the turtle. and a few blades of mace Boil six hours and pass the all tied together in a small cloth. skim again. SEELY S COOK BOOK a broth as fol- water to take the horny lows : skm off. and meat. one gill of Port wine. four leeks. Set in a cool larder for further use. and fins out of the broth and pass the broth through a fine strainer Remove all the bones from the shells. take the shells. a few allspice. Add one-half pint of Sherry boil one-half hour. and plenty of Boil add four onions. and one handful of whole peppers. six gallons of water. . and a Boil ten minutes. and some in another saucepan to cook the meat. wine. shells and fins require about one hour. four carrots.86 MBS. Mix the whole fins.

Cover. Then chop the oysters very fine and put them on a plate. Season with salt and white pepper to taste. pour in soup tureen. of two dozen soft-shell clams. drained and chopped very chopped in the same way. one teaspoonful of butter. then add one gill of Espagnole sauce and one-half a glass of demiglazed sauce. Stir and boil again. Cook a few minutes longer. mediately in a tureen. Clam Chowder One quart fine. Stir and cook a little without allowing to brown. Serve imutes. two blades of mace. drain in a colander. and one pint of cream. Cook for two minThen add one wine-glass of good Madeira wine and a Cook together a little longer and very little cayenne pepper. and serve hot. Stir thoroughly until it comes to a boil. Taste. Finish with one-half pint of raw cream and four ounces of butter in small bits. pints of good veal consomme. one pint of white broth. opened hard clams. fuls of butter. one bay leaf. two ounces of butter. Then dilute with three pints of boiled milk and the oyster liquor.SOUPS 87 Cover the pan and place it over the fire. Knead five ounces of flour in a saucepan with four ounces of melted butter. stir steadily. one teaspoonful of finely chopped parsely. one pinch of red pepper. with small squares of bread fried in butter separately on a plate. Clam Bisque per. Then stir in the wellbeaten yolks of four eggs. with . Rub through a very fine sieve and add more milk if required. Oyster Bisque quarts of oysters in a saucepan with a little white pepnutmeg. Just before serving add the juice of one lemon. Add the oysters. boil ten minutes. Cook for a few minutes. Two Boil one quart of opened clams for twenty minutes in three Strain and add two tablespoontwo tablespoonfuls of blended flour. and boil ten minutes. and save the liquor.

in cold water. clams with their liquor and the Boil thirty minutes Skim the fat. Fry until a light brown. three pints of white broth. two carrots. crackers. fat. mace. peppercorns. add the broth and a few more sliced vegetables. Cover the head and bones with cold water and boil one-half hour. Pour in a tureen with three or four dozen veal forcemeat balls fried in hot lard. skim out the pork and onions and add the strained bone liquor and one quart of sliced raw potato. flesh . salt pork. mix with two eggs. Fry until quite dry. Then put in the white pepper to taste. Set on the fire and stir constantly until it begins to boil. mix thoroughly. wash thoroughly. Fish Chowder Skin a four-pound haddock. Season with salt. black fish. bunch of parsley. Then let it simmer for ten minutes and strain through a wet cloth. SEELT'S COOK BOOK of peeled potatoes in the hard part removed. salt Bruise and steep one-half pound of hard crackers Chop two large white onions and two ounces of pork very fine. six peeled and sliced tomatoes. sliced fine : — — Cover the stewpan and boil one-half hour. add four ounces of butter and chopped longer. such as bass. Slice two small white onions in a pan with four slices of thin. and two leeks. parsley.88 MES. Then add four pounds of fish. Cut one quart small squares. one quart of water. add the potatoes. and cut the from the bones in pieces about two inches square. flounder. and Boil thirty minutes. Put the pork and onion in a stewpan with one ounce of butter. sage. ground thyme. Chop up two pounds of cod or bass. and six quarts of water. and a few blades of mace. and serve at once. When tender. Pish Broth Fry four ounces of butter with the following vegetables two onions. Strain the broth and free it from its fat. or any bony fish. one quart of white wine. veal or chicken. the head of a fresh cod.

and three teaspoonfuls of salt. Cook five minutes longer and add the cream heated in a double boiler. Do not break the fish by needless stirring. one sprig of parsley. Let the soup boil up once and serve. one quart of chicken or veal stock. one small slice of carrot. Add utes. them. and half the stock. add one quart of hot milk which has been thickened with two ounces of butter and flour mixed together. When the potatoes are tender. nutmeg. one stalk of celery. When it the first mix- ture has cooked for the proper period. The is female crab. salt and pepper. one large slice of onion. vegetables. Crab Bisque Twelve large. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly and rub through a fine sieve.SOUPS Cook 89 for ten minutes. arrange in a tureen. If one choose. strain over that in the second stewpan. a bit of mace. the . two bay leaves. one tablespoonful of brandy and three of Sherry may be added after the bisque is taken from the stove. and set the pan where will contents for thirty minutes. slight grating of per. and place its the pan where contents will simmer gently for forty minlater Ten minutes simmer gently put the bread and the remaining its stock into another stewpan. herbs. one tablespoonful of and one-half teaspoonful of white pepper. Crab Bisque For eight persons use eighteen large. hard-shell crabs. Return to the fire and add butter and flour which have been rubbed together. one quart of cream. hard-shell crabs boiled in salted water. Put onehalf the meat of the crabs and all of the claws into a stewpan. Split six butter crackers. then add the fish. the spice. the remainder of the crab meat. one of flour. known by the light red claws and large flap. and pour the fish chowder over salt. one-fourth teaspoonful of white pepdash of cayenne. two tablespoonfuls of butter. one pint of stale bread free of crust.

add one-half pint of white wine. and two ounces of ham cut very small. Rub ency. one-half a green pepper without the seeds and cut small. pour into a soup tureen. BOOK that sticks to Put this shell. Gumbo Take eight gills of Crabs and pare off generally are and which spongy the small legs. drain well. and boil slowly for one hour. Season highly. Fry a little. and finally the crabs. white pepper and a pinch of cayenne. one sprig of thyme. two cloves. Cover. rately on a plate. the whole to a paste and gradually stir in one-half pint Catawba wine and enough white broth to make it of the right consistAdd a bouquet and boil all for one-half hour. one bunch of parsley tied up with one bay leaf. one clove of garlic. MRS.90 best. liquid. skim the fat. SEELY'S COOK Drain. but save the creamy part with the coral that is in the crab. and rub through a sieve. one-half Mix well without boiling and pour into a pint boiling cream. put in a saucepan with ounces of butter. wash fine off the sand. This prefrom getting lumpy. and Wash. Add the prepared egg yolks. all the time stirring with the right hand. clean them. and cut each crab in about eight sandy. and add six tablespoonfuls of gumbo powder. If possible. it . serve with small boiled oyster crabs sepatureen. remove the large it. Pare off the flaps and gills. fry a minute or two. salt. five pints of white broth. four Chop a medium-sized onion. through a fine hair sieve. then add one pound of Stir steeped and pressed white of bread and the crab puree. stir and boil again. flaps. Put in a saucepan two ounces butter. pound with four ounces of butter and the yolks of four eggs. Drop the powder by the left hand quite a distance from the large. shallots. soft-shell crabs. and serve with plain boiled rice on a separate vents dish. and pound what is left of the it crab to a puree. Remove the parsley. two chopped pieces. pepper.

Dry the In a saucepan mix one tablecoral. fine. The liquor must be considerably reduced. to handle. Sudden Call Soup While one quart brown. Asparagus hand two bunches of asparagus. and cook them for twenty minutes in the same liquor. mince and add to the heated and thickened milk. Then season with salt and white pepper. Then add one pint of the lobster broth. three ounces of butter. Break the asparagus tops off at Have . one small bouquet. pour the hot mixture over them. place till it boils. and six whole lobsters peppers. Add this hot thickening to the milk. three ounces of flour. salt mixed one teaspoon each of and when that is well and celery salt. one quart of milk and seasoning. half an onion. cut the lobster enough down the meat from the body and the claws. Place the green fat and the lobster meat cut in fine pieces in a tureen. Put back all the tough part with the small claws and shells. This must come to a boil. Boil up and Pure'e of serve at once. of milk is heating in a double boiler. then rub it through a sieve. one head of celery.SOUPS Lobster Bisque 91 weighing about one and one-half pounds Cover two each with boiling water. — but does not two tablespoons of flour. spoonful of butter with one ounce of flour. apart — Cook it will until the lobsters' claws can easily be pulled probably take twenty minutes. Stir in the sifted coral enough to give the liquid a bright pink color. Take a small can of salmon. Add one tablespoonful of salt. and a salt- spoon of white pepper. When cool the back and remove Save the coral and the green fat. remove the bone and skim. two scant quarts of white broth. and serve very hot. a tablespoon of butter in a stewpan — add in. Let this come to a boil. When it comes to a boil. stir in one quart of hot milk.

as far



then boil in salted Melt three ounces of butter in a stewpan, stir over a brisk fire for five minutes, add three ounces of flour, mix thoroughly, and then add two quarts of white broth and a quart of boiled milk, salt, white pepper, a dash of
as possible.


Wash them and


Drain immediately.

grated nutmeg, and a half teaspoonful of sugar. Stir constantly and let the mixture boil for ten minutes. Rub through a puree


Pour in saucepan and let add more milk stir in a little



to a boil.

If too


Serve with squares

of fried bread in separate dish.

Asparagus Soup
Boil one quart of asparagus cut in inch lengths in one quart
of water


Rub through

a colander and return


to the water in

Heat one pint of milk and pour it over one tablespoon of butter and one of flour Boil and then add to the asparagus. well beaten together. Pour in a tureen in which croutons have been placed, and




Puree of Barley
Boil for an hour barley with broth enough to cover


it is

quite softened, put the barley through a sieve, thin

with broth or stock, season with

and pepper, and serve hot

with toast sippets or croutons. For this chicken broth may be used, or a broth or stock of

mutton or



of Barley-

Boil slowly for four or five hours half a pint of barley, with

an onion in a quart and a half of chicken broth. Put through a puree sieve, add a pint of cream or rich milk, boil up, set back on the range, add the beaten yolks of four eggs thinned with a little milk, and serve with croutons.

Barley Soup
Boil in water for half an hour half a



of pearl barley.

Place this barley in two quarts of chicken, beef^ or mutton

add half a pint

of dice

made from

turnip, carrots,


other vegetables, and boil gently for an hour or two.

or a


Season and pepper, and when you serve, add a few green peas

little sliced celery.

set it to

of Pearl Barley

After washing half a pound of pearl barley most thoroughly, cook in a quart of veal stock, and let it cook slowly at

the back of the range for four or five hours.

Divide the cooked

barley in half, put one-half through a puree sieve and add to
the other uncrushed half.
Stir in a pint of boiling cream, sea-

son to


and serve with sippets

or croutons.

Bean Soup
Boil one pint of small white beans in one quart of water

and one teaspoon of soda for five minutes. Pour off the boiling water and put the beans through cold water till the skins come off. Throw away the skins. Put the beans again in fresh cold water and boil till very soft. Add two quarts of rich milk, salt, pepper, and butter to taste afterward let the soup boil up a couple of times before serving. The soft part of the bean is of course broken up in the boiling and forms the thickening and gives the flavor to the soup.

Black Bean Soup


Take three pints of black beans and soak them over night. Put them to boil early in the morning with two pounds of beef, one grated carrot, two onions, and six quarts of water. Boil until the beans are soft. Then put in twelve whole cloves.
Strain through a fine sieve, being careful to get

the pulp
juice of


Heat the mixture thoroughly, and add the




two lemons, three hard-boiled eggs cut in slices, one lemon cut Serve in slices, a dash of red pepper, and Sherry wine to taste. thick, add a be too soup the should straining, very hot. After

boiling water.

Puree of Lima Beans
Place one quart of
of carrot, a bouquet,

Lima beans

in a saucepan with salted

boiling water, one onion with a clove stuck in

a small piece

and one ounce of butter. Boil briskly Remove until soft, drain in a colander, and save the liquid. the onion, carrot, and bouquet, and pound the beans in a mortar, then mix with the liquid and enough white broth to make Rub through a puree sieve. the desired quantity of soup. Stir it over the fire until it comes to a boil, skim, and season to

Add two

ounces of butter.


thoroughly mixed,

serve with

small pieces of fried bread.

Beet Soup, or Barszcz


a strong bouillon by stewing marrow bones and soup Cook beets until they are delicate and tender, then them to make circles, and cut the circles in little fingers.

This soup

often prescribed in Europe as extremely nour-

ishing and strengthening.

Cauliflower Soup

Have one quart of clear white broth, free from grease, and one tablespoonful of finely chopped onion. Let them come to Rub one cupful of boiled cauliflower through a sieve, a boil. and add to the broth. Let one pint of milk come to a boil and stir that in. Season with salt and white pepper. If not
thick and creamy, add a
little flour

blended with water.


add one tablespoonful



and one cupful


cauliflower, in little branches.

Stir in a tablespoonful of finely

chopped parsley and serve very


Chestnut Soup


two pounds


French chestnuts until they are tender.

Remove the shells and peel them. Set aside twelve whole The rest must be put into a mortar, pounded, and then ones. rubbed through a sieve. Mix this puree with enough conhalf of each ingredient somme and cream to make a rich

cream soup.
over the

Season with salt and a little white pepper. and scald thoroughly, but do not let it boil.



before serving, cut the twelve chestnuts up in small pieces

each chestnut in very hot.

pieces — and


in the soup.


Corn Soup

Cook in a double boiler with three cups of milk for fifteen minutes the pulp cut and scraped from six ears of fresh corn.
Cook the cobs in one-half pint of water. Stir one cup of cream sauce into the milk and pulp. Rub the pulp, etc., through the strainer, diluting it with the cob water. Heat again and season with paprika. If too thick, add more milk.

Cucumber Soup
six good-sized

cucumbers, peel them and remove
a puree sieve.


the seeds, cut them in small pieces, and fry in melted butter
until tender.

Then rub them through

Place in

cucumber puree. Heat thoroughly and add one-half pint cream mixed with the yolks of four eggs. Stir over the fire until it becomes the
a saucepan two quarts of white broth and the

desired consistency.


not let

it boil.

Egg Soup
Fry three
light brown.
sliced onions in a little butter until they are a

Then pour in three pints of water and boil without a cover until the onions are tender. Remove the

which you may put through a


and return

to the




To the boiling liquid add a teaand sugar, and a teacup of milk, into which you have beaten smooth a tablespoon of flour. After the soup has thickened, take off the fire and add slowly, and one at a time, the yolks of four eggs. Pour over dice of bread fried, or merely plain toast, and send to the table hot.
pot or leave out altogether.

spoon of


a little pepper

Mushroom Soup
hand two pounds of good-sized fresh mushrooms. them and set aside. Chop the rest and fry in melted butter. You can tell when they are done, for then the



Select twelve of

butter will be oily.

Stir in tAVO tablespoonfuls of flour.


thoroughly mixed, add one pint of milk, and one pint of cream, and one cup of consomme. Cook slowly for fifteen minutes. Rub the soup through a colander, then strain through a cheese Season with salt and white pepper. Heat thoroughly, cloth.



half an onion

of Celery-

Cut twelve stalks of celery in small pieces, and boil with and a blade of mace in three pints of water for Put through a puree sieve, add a pint of milk, half an hour. salt and pepper to taste, and a heaping tablespoon of butter mixed with a tablespoon of flour. Bring the mixture to a boil, add a cup of cream, and serve at once.


of Cheese

Bring to a boiling-point two cups of milk, two cups of white stock, and one onion. Take out the onion and thicken the liquid with one tablespoon of butter and flour rubbed

and pepper to taste, stir in a full half cup of grated cheese, add an Qgg beaten light, and A small pinch of soda in the milk before the serve at once. cheese is added may prevent any separation,







of Corn

a quart and a half of water to each quart of corn, cut from the cob, or if that cannot be had, to each quart of fresh canned corn. Boil until the kernels are tender and then add two ounces of butter which has been beaten into one tablespoon of flour. Add fifteen or twenty more minutes to the boiling, season to taste, stir in a cup of cream, either plain or whipped, as preferred, and serve with floating croutons.


Peel and
slice a



dozen small white onions and fry them a Have ready in a double boiler a pint of water, a quart of milk, a saltspoon of salt and white pepper, a pinch of mace, and a double pinch of sugar. To


in a tablespoon of butter.


add the fried onions, cook slowly half an hour, and strain through a puree sieve. Add the yolks of three well-beaten eggs and a cupful of cream and serve at once.
Potato Cream Soup

Mash them through a add one quart of milk and one pint of cream, salt and white pepper to taste, and a piece of butter the size of an egg. Strain through a fine sieve. Pour into the tureen and sprinkle with very fine chopped parsley. Slice bread about half an inch thick, cut in strips about half an inch wide and three inches long. Arrange in frying basket, plunge in hot fat, and fry until light brown. Drain on brown paper, arrange on separate dish, and serve with the above.
Peel and boil six large potatoes.

Cream of Rice

Wash and parboil one pound of rice. Drain and cook thoroughly with two quarts of chicken or veal broth, then rub

through a puree


Dilute with more broth,



it is

the desired consistency.


Stir over the fire until

comes to a boil, skim, and season to taste. Just before serving, stir in one pint of boiling cream and two ounces of butter. Mix thoroughly. Add one pint of small green asparagus tops




of Spinach

Wash and boil half a peck of spinach in salted water. Drain and chop very fine. Put in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, Stir over the fire until salt, pepper, and a little grated nutmeg. in one ounce and a half evaporated, stir is almost the moisture
and three pints of boiled milk. When the mixture has boiled for a minute, remove from the fire, rub it twice through a fine sieve, and return to the pan. Stir and heat it well without Add a little more butter and half a cup of cream. boiling it.
of flour

Serve with fried bread crumbs.

Oatmeal Soup
Boil together for an hour and a half enough oatmeal to


the water slightly thick or viscid.




of butter,

enough sugar to sweeten slightly, a little wine, and drop in a bit A good pinch of salt also should not be forof lemon peel. After the boiling strain through a sieve, boil up again, gotten. add cream and the beaten yolks of eggs to your taste, and serve
with toast sippets.

Pea Soup

"^ In buying

dried or split peas, be sure that they are not old

them clean and soak them Put them on to boil with over night in plenty of cold water. Add, when five pints of cold water and boil them till tender. the peas are tender, a couple of onions, or more if you wish, a couple of fine carrots grated, and a turnip or two sliced, if your taste so directs. These vegetables should be browned Add also pepper and salt in butter before going to the peas.
and worm-eaten.
a pint of


to taste.


Stew all gently together till the vegetables will go through a sieve. After straining in this way put the soup back to boil and serve after a few minutes' boiling with half a dozen croutons floating in each plate. The hock of a ham or a piece of pork may be cooked with the peas for flavoring.
Saratoga Soup


and strain one can
to taste.

of tomatoes,

Boil until the sago

is clear.

Add one

add half a cup of raw pint of consomme.

and pepper

If desired, a little


be added.

Tomato Soup
Heat and
stock. strain one can of tomatoes
Stir in one teaspoonful of corn-starch

and add one quart of which has been

blended in a


Stir constantly over the fire until

just ready to boil.

Season with

a little Worcestershire,


also a little


Tomato Cream Soup
Melt one good-sized lump of butter, stir in two tablespoonWhen mixed, add one pint of milk and one pint of cream. Scald one can of tomatoes, strain, and Let it boil. add to the soup a little at a time so it will not curdle the milk and cream. Add a very small pinch of sugar, season to taste. Strain through a wet cheese-cloth and serve very hot.
fuls of flour.

Tomato Soup

Empty one

quart jar of tomatoes into an agate saucepan

and add one pint

of cold water. Stand the mixture over a Next, mix together in another saucepan one heap-

ing tablespoonful of butter and two tablespoonfuls of flour.


the tomatoes reach the boiling heat, pour them over the and butter in the other saucepan, stirring constantly to





from lumping.

Set the saucepan on the stove and

season the mixture with a

grated onion, one heaping tea-

veri/ slowly for half

Let the soup boil an hour. Then press it through a puree Stand it back on the fire, add one teaspoonful of soda, sieve. and after a minute add one pint of rich cream. Let it boil one
spoonful of

and a


black pepper.

minute and then serve.

Tomato Soup Maigre
this in the bottom of which have of tomatoes, pour can a a soup pot, When the boiling water. of been well chopped, and two cups tomatoes are cooked tender, rub them through a colander, put the soup in the kettle, add a cup of boiled rice, thicken with a tablespoon of butter, rubbed smooth with the same amount of


to a

— and over

good brown a

sliced onion,

flour, boil up,





Make a good strong bouillon, using marrow bones and bone meat preferably. Having carefully washed the sorrel leaves, chop them very fine, and cook till tender in a little of the Add to them rich cream in the proportion of a bouillon. tablespoon or two for each plate, bring to a boil, pour into the bouillon, and serve. Sometimes hard-boiled eggs are served with this soup. The eggs are cut in halves, fried in butter, and two halves laid in
each soup plate.




Court Bouillon for


Sorts of Fresh

Water Fish


pint of water, one quart of white wine, one tablespoon-

ful of butter, a

of garlic, a

blade of

bunch of parsley, a few young onions, one clove bunch of thyme, one bay leaf, one carrot, and a mace. Boil the fish in this bouillon, which will do

for use several times.


kind of


such as salmon, trout,

pompano, sheepshead,


be boiled in this way.


ster boiled in court bouillon is very fine.

Fish Forcemeat
halibut, cod, pompano. Take one pound of raw fish, Mortar it well and put it through a puree sieve. Weigh it there should be four ounces, good weight. Then add the beaten

Set in a cool place. Melt one tablespoonwith one of flour. When they come to a boil, add one cup milk, the yolk of one egg^ one tablespoonful cream. Season to taste. Cook until it thickens and is smooth, remove, and when cold add to your fish.

white of one egg.
ful of butter

Fish Forcemeat

Take two ounces of fish free from skin, put in a mortar with two ounces of fresh butter, one ounce of bread crumbs, the yolks of two eggs boiled hard, and a little shallot, grated

smooth, mix with

and minced parsley. Pound together till quite salt, pepper, and the yolk and white of an
ready for use.


it is


MRS. seelt's cook


Veal Forcemeat for Fish
Soak four ounces of stale bread in water, squeeze it dry, and mix with four ounces of finely chopped cooked veal and two ounces of finely chopped salt pork and one tablespoonful Pound all in a mortar, then rub through a puree of butter.

and add the following the juice of half a lemon, half powdered thyme, half a teaspoonful of sweet marjoram, a little ground mace, a little salt and white pepper, and a well-beaten egg. This may be made in larger or smaller quantities, according to the size and number of the fish to be

a teaspoonful of


Baked Bass

Wash and

clean a fresh bass for baking, leaving on the

Stuff the fish with the following mixture

two and

one-half cups of fine bread crumbs, one cup of butter, the rind

lemon chopped very fine, two or three sprigs chopped fine, and a little sweet marjoram. Season Mix two well-beaten to taste with salt and white pepper. AVhen the eggs with a little water, and add to the mixture. fish is well stuffed, sew up the opening. Score it on each side, and in the spaces place very thin slices of salt pork. Place it in a pan with a little stock, and bake in a moderate oven. Baste it frequently with the stock and a little seasoning. When thoroughly cooked, carefully place it on a hot dish. To the gravy which is left in the pan, add a little tomato Stir on the top of the range until it comes to a boil. sauce. Strain and serve in a separate dish. Garnish the fish plate with parsley and thin slices of lemon.
of a quarter of a
of parsley

Palmettes of Striped Bass

Cut out

six heart-shaped fillets

Season with pepper,

from the thickest part of the and the juice of half a lemon.

remove . or from twenty Serve on corn-starch croustade and with Hollandaise sauce. is Place them in a tin half filled with water. and prepare it it for baking. to get chilled. When it is cooked and a nice color. Pour in three pastry bags. green. 103 Put under a press same as for fillet Cook in clarified butter for ten minutes until a delicate brown. little Baste often with the liquid in the pan and a melted butter. stuff with veal forcemeat for or else with bread forcemeat.FISH. Make a forcemeat (the Color the forcemeat pink and of pompano). Corn-starch Croustade Place one pint of milk in a saucepan over the fire. and fish. On Set the outside of each palmette put a pink border. on the inside all white with a small heart shape of green on the top. oven until the forcemeat is done. pan. Baked Blueflsh Select a nice large bluefish. OYSTERS. TERRAPIN for one-half hour. it boils add two been dissolved in a little cold water. Sew up the opening and rub the fish all over with salt. place it in a large pan with enough water to cover the bottom. set the pan over another which Cook to twenty-five minutes. Wash it it in salted water. Wet a mould about three-fourths or one inch deep of an egg. LOBSTERS. Have six pieces of heart-shaped oiled Wrap up in the each palmette in one. having put small pieces of butter over it. Then. Set away to cool. and one-half teaspoonful When the mixture has cooked five minutes. clean. after drying thoroughly. After it begins to bake. While hot it of the desired shape and pour in the mixture. heaping tablespoons of corn-starch. and bake in a hot oven for forty-five or fifty minutes. also have some white. add the white salt. sprinkle it it with a little salt and pepper. to which a few capers have been added. and when which has may be colored pink or green. them away paper.

Do not break it. then pour it over the fish and rice. Make the fol- lowing sauce for a five-pound piece of fish. and then put it in a stewpan with some pieces of fresh cod cut in pieces about four inches square. Cut a Spanish onion in very thin slices. drain and shred in fine pieces and set away to cool. little with the lid top. Boil one quart of milk with one onion and a little finely chopped parsley. Mix one cup of butter with enough flour to absorb it. drain on a sieve. Shredded Cod baked with Cream Sauce Boil four or five pounds of fresh cod. and which have been fried in olive oil and drained. lemon and salt. Arrange the rice on a dish and Garnish with tomato sauce place the pieces of codfish on it. In about half an bake. . then a layer of Have the last and so on until the dish is filled. cover with a layer of sauce. fry it in hot olive oil. Remove the pieces of fish and with a wooden spoon stir the rice over the fire in order to mix it with the seasoning. Put a layer of shredded fish in a baking dish. or any desired sauce poured round the fish as a garnish. Serve with a brown sauce. or mussel sauce. Set it aside. cover on paper buttered place a white broth. with Moisten one pint of juice. Season with a dash of cayenne and salt to taste. Slices of Cod a la Seville dry one-half pound of Carolina rice.104 MES. Cook the onion and tomato slowly for five Season with a minutes. Cover with fine bread crumbs. When cooked. Mix them with six ripe tomatoes from which the skins and seeds have been removed. and place in the Wash and hour the fish and rice will be done. carefully to a hot plate. or serve it in a separate dish. fish. layer of cream. to oven of the pan. Add this to the milk and boil until it is the consistency of custard. cayenne. and also fry the slices in oil.



The fish must be well basted while it is cooking. little Stuff the gills salt. season with . Baste it Baked Cod's Head Wash and thoroughly clean a cod's head. a little Worcestershire sauce. Drain and thicken the liquid with a little flour kneaded with butter. Bake in a slow oven and then cover with a buttered paper and bake a light brown in a moderate oven. Drain with melted butter and sprinkle with fine bread crumbs. strain it. Moisten with two glasses of white wine and one pint of oyster liquor. chopped parsley. a scant pint of Sherry wine. soak for three hours in a dressing made as follows pepper. LOBSTERS^ TERRAPIN 105 top Sprinkle with pieces of butter and bake in the oven until the is a nice brown. Mix one pint of stock. OYSTERS. Mix the liquor in the pan with two gills of brown sauce. it oil. sprinkle it with fine bread crumbs.FISR. from curling while it is cooking. Small boiled potato balls covered with this. with veal forcemeat. When the head is nearly cooked. add some lemon juice and finely chopped parsley. The average sized head should bake in one hour and a quarter. down the belly. and some sweet to prevent the fish to : white and place in a pan. cut off the head split it and fins. white pepper. cream sauce should be served with Baked Cod Select a fresh cod. and a Place the head in a pan. draw. Cover the fish with buttered paper and bake in a moderate oven. Boil for four minutes and then pour over the fish or serve in separate dish. Remove the bone from the thick part and make small lengthwise incisions in the skin in order Put salt. and pour into the pan. and only. wash. and a little tomato catsup. Pour this round the fish and serve. and add two ounces of butter and a little lemon juice.

carefully preserving the yolks. pepper (a pieces of butter. out the upper crust spread butter on twice and fold and roll out. sprinkle with bread crumbs. with Crust crust. and two teaspoons of cream of tartar (or in place of these three heaping teaspoons of baking powder). . Repeat these layers. three or four eggs. one heaping teaspoon of soda. bread crumbs. let a pint of picked-up salt codfish. cover it it it with boiling stand two minutes and drain. seely's cook Codfish a la book Mode Take one teacup of salt codfish picked up fine. Mix them well together and then add two eggs well beaten. and bake till the crust is a delicate brown. has stood. a piece of salt codfish in cold water for six or seven hours. and during that time change the water two or Shred it. that is. little salt if you find the fish fresh). sift together four Line a deep baking dish with a biscuit crust. drain dry. Should it be too salt after shredding.106 MRS. and put on the top crust. Pour on more water the crust of your bakit and. Break over the fish bread crumbs and seasoning. cream sauce. Put in a baking dish and bake twenty or of thirty minutes. cut a few holes in the centre to let out the steam. codfish. small and some cream sauce (made by thickening one pint of boiling milk with two teaspoons of flour and seasoning with salt and pepper). two teacups mashed potatoes. Take water. In rolling salt. To make the cups of flour. and salt and pepper to taste. and one teaspoon of In this rub one-half a cup of shortening and about a pint of milk. eggs. enough to make a medium soft dough. one pint of cream or milk. — — Codfish Balls Trim and soak three times. Stir them in thoroughly and then add a half cup of butter. after Upon ing dish put a layer of this codfish. Colonial Codfish Pie.

and so on till the dish is full. and pour over the layers a gill of water containing a teaspoon of made mustard. then put it in a pan. pounded. Season each layer with a little pepper. Cover it with water and let it simmer gently until tender. For this dish fresh fish may be used by adding a little salt. Should you boil it too much. LOBSTERS. you might harden it. Cover all with a puff paste and bake one hour. Drop by the tablespoonful hot. to taste with salt — if necessary — and white pepper. cover with cream or the richest milk. and rubbed through a sieve. TERRAPIN 107 it by frequent changes of cold water. also a into a small lump of butter. freshen OYSTERS. Line the Peal and slice eggs very bottom of a deep pie dish with fish forcemeat or a layer of boiled potatoes sliced thin. Put in the oven and cook until cream is brown. — . Have ready and free also four hard-boiled eggs Salt Mackerel Soak salt mackerel about forty-eight hours. Have ready and mash them while hot. then a layer of fish.FISH. a teaspoon of the essence of anchovy. pan of Drain on brown paper and serve very Maigre Fish Pie from bones and four onions. and a little mushroom catsup. There should be one quart bowl of the shredded fish. boiling hot lard and fry until a delicate brown. salt codfish boiled and Have ready plenty of skin. Break in small bits over the top an ounce of fresh butter. the and onions thin. as you wish and season with half a teaspoon of salt. fresh-boiled potatoes. then of eggs. Season six good-sized. and mix with the potatoes and three well-beaten eggs. changing the water once. Have the fish drained. On this put a layer of onions. It will not take very long. Pompano Cut fillets Put them on a Fillets a la Duchesse — as many platter from a nice pompano.

place on a hot dish on a bed of green celery cut in strips like grass. SEELT'S COOK BOOK one-fourth a teaspoon of pepper. and if desired a dash Lastly. Bass may be served in this way. stir in a small cup of cream and a tableof nutmeg. Pound the meat in a morMix it with a small cup tar and rub it through a puree sieve. Rub the fish well with the pepper and fillets juice over the a truffle on top of each. or from twenty to twenty-five minutes. skin side Mix thoroughly. of cream sauce. and let them stand one hour. and steam in hot oven for half an hour. Season with salt. saving the coral. and the juice of half an onion. and serve with a shrimp sauce. white pepper. well-beaten one tablespoonful of eggs. two flour. when prettily garnished. in a pan. Garnish the fish with truffles cut in fancy shapes. set the pan over another which is Bake in the oven until the forcemeat half filled with water. When done. Place them in a tin pan. moved the head and spoonful of Sherry. finely chopped truffles. salt. When cool lobster weighing about one and a half pounds. Squeeze the onion through a fine cloth. Put some fish forcemeat in a tube. the whites and yolks chopped separately. Serve with duchesse sauce. and Put a star cut from in fanciful forms press it over the fillets. clean and wash it. hard-boiled eggs. Decorate the head and tail and replace on fish. reserve them for future use. Lay the split pompano down. cover the fish with buttered paper. Wrap each in piece of oiled paper. Boil a small the fish as for broiling and remove the bone. on the celery. and having reSplit tail.108 MBS. Pour a little salted water in the pan. is done. Stuffed Select a fresh Pompano with Lobster pompano. and the coral of the lobster cut in strips. remove the meat. and on each half smoothly spread the lobster forcemeat. Put a few shrimps around the dish. The fish. is very pleasing — — at serving time. . Wipe dry.

it and prepare : for baking. Stuff it ful of salt. Let this boil for . Then gradually add one five minutes and keep it hot. two tablespoons of tablespoon of vinegar. tablespoonful of Rub the fish inside and out with one When it is stuffed. one teaspoonthe fins. one-quarter of a teaspoonful of white pepper. place the kettle where the Let it contents will just bubble. it and one When the water comes to a boil. Cut off with the following mixture One pint of medium-sized oysters. then put your soon as hour. push to the back of the range. tablespoons of lemon juice. OYSTERS. juice. and move the kettle to the front. Pour about one-quarter of this sauce over the fish.FISH. then Stir until : Heat two tablespoon fuls it is add two tablespoonfuls pint brown. Mix together thoroughly. When cooked. one generous tablespoonful of butter. Repeat this in ten of cold water. fish in Add a pint of cold water. pepper. and a little flour. Wash it in cold water. chopped very fine. Have as much water in the kettle as will cover your fish. and place it on a buttered sheet of tin. Add vinegar. sew up the opening salt. and lemon To four quarts of water add one and a half salt. salt. and one teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley. LOBSTERS. one-half cup of powdered cracker crumbs. with Forcemeat Select a red snapper weighing about five pounds. Have of flour. the following sauce prepared to baste the fish with of butter. cook in this way for half an fish. TERRAPIN Boiled 109 Red Snapper five or six Clean and scale a fresh red snapper which will weigh about pounds. Place the tin in a pan with about a pint of boiling water and bake in hot oven for about one hour. drain thoroughly and serve with Hollan- daise or any sauce suitable for the Baked Red Snapper. Dredge it with salt. one-half teaspoonful of onion juice. scale it. Just as the water comes to a boil.


Sprinkle with bread crumbs and little pieces of butter over Bake until a light brown. then mix with the yolks of four eggs and some chopped parsley. There should be eight . Fillets of Salmon a la Venitienne Take the fillets from a four-pound tail-piece of salmon. OYSTEBS. Let it come to a boil. else the surface will not glaze. Remove the skin and cut each one in four long pieces. and chopped parsley. Flatten and trim evenly. put in a mortar a fine puree sieve. Boil ten minutes. Serve in the baking dish. and pour the sauce over all. twenty minutes. place them one overlapping the other on the potatoes. and cover with a sheet pork on one lemon juice. Salmon Mousse a Have a slice of it la Martinet sinews.FISH. then cover and simmer for one-half hour. smooth nicely. and place the larded side up in a buttered pan. side. Remove the bone and skin from the steaks and well buttered. scrape so it will be free from and pound to a pulp. kneaded in butter. about the top. fine strips of larding little season with white pepper. TERBAPIN 111 two ounces of butter. Add two ounces of butter. The steam must have Cook in the oven about forty minutes. LOBSTERS. in a moderate oven. Drain and dish the fillets in a circle with alternate heart-shaped slices of bread fried in butThicken two ladlefuls of broth with one ounce of flour ter. vent. Thicken the liquid with one ounce of flour which has been cooked in butter. basting frequently with the liquid in order to have the glaze a nice color. and a half a pint of white wine. and put through Then weigh it. Spread a thin layer of thick mashed potatoes in an oval baking dish. Stir and boil a few minutes. Fasten salt. raw salmon. Mix well and pour in centre of dish. Moisten with of buttered paper with a small hole in the centre. Fill with more potatoes. Drain the fish and remove the bunch of parsley. a little lemon juice.

put a buttered paper on top. When ready to serve. one-fourth teaspoonful of white pepper. Thirty minutes before serving put your mould in a pan. Baked Salmon Trout Carefully clean. : melted butter. and poach in a moderate oven until firm to the touch. in a baking pan. score the backbone. Fill the mould with fish. giving it a few knocks on the table to settle the forcemeat. one-half teaspoonful of salt. When cold. Do not let the sauce boil after the yolks have been added. and juice of one onion. When it is done. add the yolks of three eggs and two tablespoons of cream. Heat this Add the gravy in a pan with boiling water underneath it. When the sauce commences to thicken. . one tablespoonful flour. two tablespoonfuls of mushroom boil. Butter your mould. Serve with Martinot sauce in centre or in sauce-boat. white beaten following One tablespoonful of the Make a sauce pestle. head and tail included. ounces. Then Rub it all well together and put on ice for half an hour. but be careful not to mar Bake very slowly in a moderate oven. wash. spoonfuls of hot water. add half a pint with truffles. decorate Put on ice to harden. with just enough water to keep it from scorching. with butter and water. add it to the fish. Have ready in a saucepan a cup of cream diluted with a few trout. Turn very gently and lift off the mould. of whipped cream. remove and set away to cool. so the decoration will be firm on mould. lay the dish you are going to serve it in on top of mould. seely's cook book Place in a bowl and gradually add the stirring constantly with a wooden of two eggs. good weight. If a very large one. dip your mould in cold water.112 MBS. and of mix carefully with two tablespoons melted butter and a little finely chopped parsley. basting often the sides. pour hot water halfway to mould. a pinch of cayenne. liquor. and thoroughly dry a fresh salmon Spread it full length. Let them come to a Add one cupful milk. Cook all together five minutes. remove to a hot dish.

and lemon juice. Planked Shad Have a hardwood board about one inch and it a half thick. beaten Qgg and roll in bread crumbs and fry in hot fat until a Dish up the shad. wash until wanted. olive See that it soaks on both sides. fish for broiling. Boil up once to thicken. mix water and yolks together. stirring all the while. surround with roes and oysters. tack down.FISH. and stir without boiling. with bread sprinkle Make eight pieces out well greased. yolks and as much water as you have Qgg yolks. The fish should have If necessary. skin side Every once in a until done. Make small incisions on both sides of the fish and soak it for one hour in a dish with salt. Herb Sauce Place two chopped shallots in a saucepan with a little butwhite pepper. almost the same colored spots as when uncooked. Finish with chopped parsley and lemon juice. Prepare the taking the roe and keeping it with the other Remove the bone of the fish. and broil slowly for one-half hour. Drain. and wipe dry. See that your broiler is Dip them in of your roes and also have eight large oysters. and roast before the fire on the board. Add half a pint of Thicken with three Qgg veloute sauce and boil a minute. clean nicely. OYSTERS. Garnish the fish with sprigs of parsley. LOBSTERS. and a glass of white Boil until it is ter. TERRAPIN 113 from the pan the fish was cooked in. . Split the shad as for broiling. oil. grated nutmeg. pepper. crumbs. season with a little salt. wine. salt. reduced one-half. Broiled Shad a I'Abbe with Herb Sauce Get one large roe shad and an extra shad roe. Pour this sauce around the trout or serve in a separate dish. Then add carefully four ounces of butter in small bits. and serve with an herb sauce. nice brown.

114 while rub it MBS. a little nutmeg. with a piquant sauce. Let all cook and boil in the oven. sides. lemon juice. etc. chopped parsley. cleanse and wipe dry. Shad Roe Cromeskies Wash thoroughly in cold water the roe of a shad and remove the skin hanging to it. Drain and thicken basting occasionally. Press lemon juice over and serve in the baking dish. else the board. with salt. and . Add the roes. olive oil. is Before placing the shad on well seasoned and heated. Garnish with parsley and serve hot fat and fry a light brown. and small bits of butter. sprinkle with fine bread crumbs. the liquid with one tablespoonful of flour kneaded in butter. parsley. sprinkle a baking dish with chopped onion. Rub the and pepper. SEELY'S cook with a little BOOK butter. for twenty minutes. it When cooked. The above is enough for eight persons. Pour this over the roes. Baked Shad Roe Pare the roes of four large shad. Lay them in the slices of Have bacon. put small bits of butter on top. scale. place on a hot dish. cover with small bits of butter. Wipe it well and cut it in pieces of a size to wrajD well in thin slices of bacon. see that the board the fish will have the flavor of the wood. pieces of shad with salt Roast Shad with Sauce Have nicely. strew over them more onion. Moisten with a little white broth and two glasses of white wine. season with salt and pepper. wrap the bacon round.. draw by the gills. and mushrooms. pepper. and bake in brisk oven ten minutes longer. Drop each piece in deep care that the bacon is not too thick. pepper. Make small crosswise incisions on both Put the fish on a dish to soak for one hour w^ith salt. a large roe shad. and serve with lemon cut in quarters. and tie with fine twdne. chives.

Shad Sauce Four shallots. Put them in a saucepan with two ounces butter and four tablespoonfuls of white wine vinegar. one teaspoonful of peppercorns. Pour over them two breakfast cups of boiling vinegar. chopped very fine. When Boiled Brook Trout (cold) Clean four or more small trout. or with oil or vinegar. four whole peppers. place them on a folded napkin spread on a dish. if to roast in the oven. two whole cloves. and serve. thyme. tarragon. Let it cook and simmer very slowly . OYSTERS. making it secure by pressing down a shorter skewer along each side and tying at each end.FISH. Then roast before the fire. one small blue. of Add bunch parsley. or in a moderate oven for forty minutes. and enough water to one onion with three cloves stuck in it. Garnish with parsley. Boiled Brook Trout (hot) Scale and prepare four large trout. Place on dish. a little bit of mace. then add one pint veloute sauce. and salt to suit the taste. Boil a little longer. seasoning. add finely chopped parsley. brown a nice color. which will turn the meat of white wine. and a heaping saltspoon of salt. pour sauce round it. Boil all together for fifteen minutes in a done remove the fish. two breakfast cups cover them. and about four ounces of butter in small bits. four or five bay leaves. Let it boil down to half the original quantity. Serve with any fish sauce. one carrot. drain them. Add a slice of lemon. Place them in a saucepan with enough claret to cover them. covered saucepan. Mix thoroughly. Remove the paper. wrap in double oiled paper. TERRAPIN 115 Be sure to turn and press it often so it will {ibsorb the Put on the spit or on a long skewer. half a bunch of celery. LOBSTERS.

and thyme. place the fish in the pan. Wash and dry across the back. Let it soak for about half an hour. with Forcemeat Select trout weighing a to clean the heads on. one-half a . and fill the : with the following forcemeat Half a pint of bread crumbs soaked in a little milk. pound or more. Cut some salt pork in small pieces and place in a frying pan. SEELT'S COOK an hour. Rub the inside of the fish with a is salt. Serve on a very hot dish. a little lemon juice. Baked Brook enough cavities Trout. Turn it you have but avoid a little fresh butter. season with a little salt and pepper and olive oil. Broil over a clear fire for fifteen minutes or so until it is done. a little may be put on the sauces and condiments. BOOK the fire. Sprinkle with bread crumbs mixed with a few chopped herbs and then arrange on Scale and clean a trout. Serve at once. for three-quarters of when cold take out the and Place them in a dish and pour Remove from the boiled wine over them. fish. Broiled Trout it well. Mountain Style Dry Clean and wash a trout weighing a quarter or half a pound. and in the openings put a well-greased gridiron. Gash it some butter which has been seasoned with finely chopped chives and parsley. one saltspoon of salt. Open them just them properly. squeezed dry. If fish. Remove from the dish. Turn the gridiron often and be sure not to burn the fish. When the fat is tried out. Put the trout in a dish. it thoroughly. little remove the pork. and mixed with two ounces of good butter. Fried Trout. When the pork fat very hot. two or three times.116 MRS. Place on a hot dish and serve with any desired sauce in a separate dish. removing the gills and leaving Wash and dry them thoroughly.

Boil some onions in water to remove the strong flavor. and then again in bread crumbs. Mix thoroughly. Cut the untrimmed fillets into small dice. Sew up the openings. for it depends upon the heat of the . a little lemon Let them simmer slowly for ten juice. then slice them very thin and lay them on the butter. When they are done. Just before serving warm the fillets. Pour some Venitienne sauce in the centre and on the fillets and serve. meat balls. fry the croquettes in hot lard. hottest part.FISH. Place the sole on them. . LOBSTERS. trim and place one-half of them in a saucepan with some clarified butter. white pepper and salt to taste. and nutmeg to taste. a sprig of thyme. and salt. Spread this preparation about one-sixth of an inch thick on an earthen dish. Fillets of Sole a la Venitienne Take the fillets of four soles. Mix them to cool. Place in the oven with the backs toward the They should cook in twenty or thirty minutes. drain them and set away the same manner. white pepper. pepper. Put over it salt. Simmer the other fillets without trimming them in minutes. them in fine bread crumbs. Arrange them in a close circle. Sole Normande. with Sauce Butter a tin very quickly. juice of quarter of a lemon. OYSTERS. Sometimes it takes longer. fried in hot lard. and into pieces about the size when it has become firm cut Roll it and shape of the fillets. with some thick Allemande sauce. and the yoke of one raw egg. then in beaten egg. placing alternately the croFill the centre with small fish forcequettes and the fillets. two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese. Place the fish in a pan on top of each one place small bits of butter which have previously been rolled in flour. drain both on a piece of brown paper. and a dash of grated nutmeg. oven. also some chopped parsley. TERRAPIN 117 little saltspoon of white pepper.

Sprinkle the inside with pepper. fins. Fillet of Sole Cut off the head and tail of a large flounder for future use. half a cup of cream. Then stir in a puree of one-half cup consomme. then roll them in egg^ then fresh bread crumbs. Make a forcemeat of halibut or fillets any kind Now lay the fish on a platter.118 MRS. Serve with fried and add more butter if bread sippets and a sauce made fish from the gravy in which the has been cooked. Season Serve ver^ hot in to taste. remove the salt. divide them from the backbone. add one ounce of flour. and the juice in egg^ of half a lemon. add one-half cup of rich cream. Garnish with lemon baskets filled with Tartare sauce and sprigs of parsley. book as will Add cover much white wine Place them in a slow oven for thirty minutes. cool. seely's cook the juice of one lemon and as it. its Baste the sole with required. soles. and tails. melt one ounce of butter. Fillet of Sole Take two heads. fish to make the Sauce of butter in saucepan and add a table- Strain the gravy from the pan in which the Add a full cup of it to the butter and Let it come to a boil. flour. then and bread crumbs again. How Melt a tablespoonful spoonful of flour. Cut off the fillets from the fish and set away and bake them : in the oven for ten minutes make and set them away to cool. and let them come to a boil. Then set the mixture away to of fish desired. Fry in hot fat and serve on a napkin. then cook five minutes. cover each one with the mush- . sauce-boat. and the mushrooms. has been cooked. Roll in the shape of a cork- screw. own liquor very often. and boil for five minutes. Then mushrooms in the following way Peel and chop fine one pound of mushrooms.

half a pint of picked shrimps or lobsters. OYSTERS. and stir in the skin from twelve large sardines. just enough to make the garnish firm. salt and pepper to taste.— FISH. Remove from the fire. Put the head and Set the platter in a pan of hot water and bake in a platter. Add seasoning and red pepper and trimmings of sole. and twelve small raw oysters. Line the Chartreuse mould with aspic jelly of sole all over the mould. put them on a buttered baking Season them with salt. Cover them with a thick buttered paper and cook them in a moderate oven for six or eight minutes. pepj^er. Then take up the fillets and put them to press until cold. LOBSTERS. and in the centre place the following : mixture Take about in dice shapes. Baked Sardines Put them on "^ them through. and then with tail in place. Mix all with half pint of liquid aspic jelly and two large tablespoonfuls of thick Mayonnaise sauce. then pour into the mould as directed. and the other half with tarragon and parsley and tin. then add one teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce. a dish and heat Remove . Set the garnish with a little liquid aspic jelly. turn out on stand. TERRAPIN tlie 119 room puree. truffle. cut two peeled tomatoes. Stir all together on ice till it begins to set. and serve with Hollandaise sauce. Set this and arrange the rounds with aspic. Put the oil from the sardines in a saucepan. and garnish with jelly. Remove carefully to a with parsley. and Avhen it comes to a boil. Chartreuse of Fish a la Hauraise Take some nice fillets of sole. garnish moderate oven for ten minutes. ornament half of them with coral a (lobster's). forcemeat. stir in one cupful of water. and a little lemon juice. Let it stand an hour or more. four artichoke bottoms (cooked and cold). Cut them out with plain round cutter.

range the smelts on it. season with salt. Put a bunch very hot. fill each half egg with Tartare sauce and put round the then fish. serve. Serve the fish Baked Smelts baking dish with forcemeat and Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and mushrooms. with this sauce poured of mustard. Remove tlie season with a little backbone. Dry well and flour gills. and broil on each side for two or three Serve with a Bearnaise sauce. They will swell up and be a beautiplunge into your hot fat. a few at a time. Select large ones. pepper. which has one glass of Then sprinkle with bread crumbs white wine mixed with it. allowful brown and crisp. flat . little wooden skewer. head the below bone out them. Broiled Smelts Split and clean as many smelts as are required. until a nice brown. SEELY\S COOK BOOK the beaten yolk of one egg. and fins the well and cut away Roll them up by putting their tails in their mouths and fasten- Wash the smelts thoroughly. and one Serve the lish very hot. Fried Smelts a la Parisienne down the back. and Grease the broiler. When ready to whites in cold water. Cover with veloute sauce. Line a well-buttered arrange the smelts on it. arsalt and pepper. rub each one with olive oil. Boil the number of eggs required. Take out the yolks and put the ing one-half for each person. cut a little ing them with a box. and a little grated nutmeg. Keep warm Put all in your frying basket. one teaspoonful of vinegar. in Set away in the ice- Have your oil or fat Fry.120 MES. Make a Tartare sauce. of parsley between each egg. let your oil get very hot. and take the Clean and just above the tail. minutes. over them or in a separate dish. place until all are fried. very hot.

fastening it by sticking the head through the tail. white pepper and salt to taste. perfectly smooth. Place the fish on a well-buttered dish. cover them with one pint of Italienne sauce. Take out both vegetables. and bake in a hot oven for ten minutes. When cooked sprinkle with the juice of a lemon and serve in the baking dish. then add a little Sherry. Roll in beaten egg and fine bread crumbs and fry in hot lard. and put in first a layer of fish. Drain on thick brown paper. around it place the smelts and garnish border with half of the whites of hard-boiled eggs. Clean them without splitting them and stuff with a fish forcemeat a paper cornucopia must be used. Smelt Croquettes Select as serve. many medium-sized fresh smelts as you desire to Clean and prepare them as you would for broiling. and while boiling stir in three tablespoons of flour. and flake it. Squeeze some lemon juice — over them and serve in the same dish. Roll a smelt around each one. removing backbone. LOBSTERS. dry them. Butter a deep dish. remove the skin and bones. then one of . each filled with Tartare sauce. Clarify a quarter of a pound of butter and add to the cream after it is boiled. Boil one pound of halibut. TERRAPIN 121 and pieces of butter. and add a bunch of parsley and one onion. pound it fine. Arrange a lemon basket in the centre of a dish. and bake in hot oven for twenty minutes. Boil one quart of cream. with plenty of salt. Turbot a la Creme Boil In place of turbot either bass or codfish will answer. OYSTERS. Stuffed Smelts Remove the fins from two dozen large smelts. Beat in enough cream sauce to enable you to form the mixture into small croquettes. and set in cool place.FISH.

dredge with salt. Heat a good-sized lump of lard in a baking dish. and serve cream sauce with finely chopped parsley in a separate dish. one hour. Brown bread is always served with this fish. on Strew over a layer of sifted bread crumbs and bake Garnish the dish with chopped eggs or parsley. SEELY'S COOK till BOOK making the sauce come sauce. top. and pepper and some vinegar. parsley as a garnish. a time and as soon as they rise they are done. then in egg. Have some hot roll in crumbs. and lastly in beaten egg. which will be less the fish Wash than one minute. serve on hot dish with fried light brown. then dip in batter and fry in hot fat. add the fillets. Let the pieces soak for several They must be turned occasionally. Cut a large eel See that it is . them in wire basket and plunge in fat for a minute Take out.122 MRS. Eels fried in Batter weighing about two pounds in quite thick Place in a basin with a little salt clean. and Dip them bake in the oven for twenty-five minutes. When a nice brown. Baked Whitefish Season some fillets of whitefish with salt and white pepper. hours. drain on paper and serve very hot with a brown or tomato sauce. then in bread crumbs again. in beaten egg^ then in bread crumbs. Continue frying till all are done. put all of or two. Drain thoroughly. alternating the dish is filled. Set in ice-box until wanted. Put in wire basket a handful at olive oil or clarified drippings. Have them baked a Drain thoroughly. Pried White-bait by putting them in a colander and running Drain them well and soak in milk for the water over them. Drain and wipe dry. slices. Dredge with flour and thirty minutes. keeping AVhen all are fried let the fat get very hot. the fried ones hot. and serve very hot with Tartare sauce.

centre with creamed fish or finely minced creamed meat and serve very hot. LOBSTERS. Canapes of Meat or Fish remove the cloth from the Toast six pieces of bread and cut them in good-sized Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth. Pour nice clear aspic jelly in the bottom of some . the fins. them in a pastry bag. an hour. TERRAPIN 123 Baked Eel with Tartare Sauce Skin two pounds. boAvl with enough Prince of Wales sauce to season them thoroughly. OYSTERS. two gherkins. put squares. and then filled them with the sauce. Place on a circular dish. Set aside and let them cool in bouillon for fifteen minutes. Baste them three times. Put them into a square pieces about the size of a large pea. one head of white Cut all into small celery. Season about one pint of fine bread crumbs with the liquor. Fill in the of toast. In the centre place green peppers filled with Tartare sauce after you have removed the core and seeds from peppers. and then make a border round each piece Bake in quick oven till light brown. Place them in a baking pan. six fillets of anchovy. Add two and a Bake in moderate oven for half half tablespoonfuls of butter. one teaspoonful of salt. Canapes a la Prince of Wales Take six prawns. being particular to keep the circular shape. off each weighing about one and a half heads. fat eels. one saltspoonful of pepper. Carefully wipe dry. Clean them thorCut oughly and tie them together so as to shape them on a round Wrap them in a wet cloth and cook slowly in court platter. drained thoroughly. soaked them in cold water. fish. and two truffles. Sprinkle well-beaten eggs and one tablespoonful of olive oil.FISH. and tails. and cover them with Then spread them with a mixture of two the bread crumbs. once more with bread crumbs.

Spread one-fourth of the crumbs in a baking dish. clean. Clean one pint of medium-sized oysters. Skim Heat one tablespoonful of butter. aspic. pepper. Select large oysters. and lemon juice. and then stir in and parboil slightly to draw out some of the water. then in crumbs again. the top and set a platter it aside to jell. Let them stand five minutes. they only need to be thorminute. Set individual moulds in the centre and garnish with chopped Fricassee of Oysters Select thirty medium-sized oysters. Season with white the oyster liquor and half a pint of cream. pepper. Then add the oysters and serve very hot. and if they seem moist.124 MRS. a dash of cayenne. SEELY'S COOK BOOK china cases. over them put one-half of the oysters. Then spread another quarter of a cup of the crumbs. Fried Oysters Place them in their them come to a boil. white pepper. mix thoroughly. Scalloped Oysters Moisten one teacup of cracker crumbs with one-third of a cup of melted butter. then put in the mixture. season with salt. Roll in fine bread or cracker crumbs. Beat thoroughly the yolks Stir into the of two eggs with the juice of half a lemon. Bake in quick oven until the liquor bubbles and the crumbs are brown. add two tablespoons of flour. and salt. oughly heated and the crumbs browned. own liquor on the stove and let them and pour in a strainer. Pour some more jelly on When wanted. and cover with the remaining crumbs. unmould on which has nice white lettuce leaves around the edge. Drain and dry on a towel. dip in mayonnaise dressing. sauce. Season again with salt. dip again in crumbs. then the remaining oysters. . and cook in deep hot fat for one Being already cooked. and lemon juice.

the white at Have forcemeat prepared as follows : of one egg. Dip them Oyster Croquettes Cook slightly one quart of : oysters in their own liquor. Make stir in a sauce as follows Heat two tablespoonfuls of butter. then stir in one-half cup of cream and some of the oyster liquor. Then add the chicken. Arrange the forcemeat in half as many pieces as you have oysters and at a corresponding size. Have them well covered with egg and crumbs. Lay them on a well-buttered fine broiler and broil until slightly colored. the forcemeat. then roll them in bread crumbs. Dip each oyster in the egg. OYSTERS. Dry the oysters thoroughly and season them with salt and pepper. then in cracker crumbs which have been seasoned with pepper and salt. Cook them slowly until they form a smooth paste. one tablespoonful of butter. one-half teaspoonful of salt. Beat it well. Season with a few drops of Sherry. TERRAPIN Stuffed Oysters 125 hand twenty-eight large oysters and some chicken Scrape and pound the breast of an uncooked medium-sized fowl. white . Cook until the mixture is a thick sauce.FISH. cover with the remaining oysters. Mix all together thoroughly and set away to cool. then rub it through a puree Mix one-quarter of a cup of cream or milk with onesieve. season with a little salt. eighth of a cup of fine bread crumbs. a bit of white pepper. in melted butter. two tablespoonfuls of flour. salt. Roll them in bread crumbs. Fry in hot fat until Drain on brown paper and serve very hot with a good color. Madeira sauce in a separate dish. LOBSTERS. Broiled Oysters Drain on a towel as many large oysters as are required. Press them together Take one whole egg and the yolk left from so they will stick. Place a piece on fourteen oysters.

'very little ground mace. take off Let the butter run out. up on a folded napkin. When cold. and with the blade of a knife give them a rectangular shape Dip in beaten eggs. one ounce of flour. Roll them thickly in bread crumbs. an hour. Cool them a little and save the liquor. divide the mixture into pieces the size of an Qgg^ roll them in pulverized crackers. Then pint of the oyster liquor. and fill each one w^th the tops. Then stir in the juice of one lemon and set away to cool. fry in hot fat. With a sharp knife. Sliape them a little wider at one end than the other. add the beaten yolks of four eggs. and a dash of red pejiper. the sliced oysters. and a dash of cayenne. then again in bread crumbs. seelt's cook book oysters very fine and cold. for two minutes. When cold. pepper. a little chopped parsley. Stir and boil five minutes. Dish again. Garnish with parsley and serve them very eggs. When croquettes. and Drain on heavy brown paper. then in the beaten yolks of three Set them on ice for half drop them. Then drain on a sieve. and serve. Then slice the oysters of butter. and one tablespoonf ul of chopped Cook them until slightly browned. . garnish with fried parsley and quartered lemons. and two ounces of butter. wdth a little broth. hot. Set away to cool. shape into pepper. one by one.126 MBS. creamed oj^sters. Oyster Croustades — Take six nice pieces of butter the size of an Qgg. Serve with cream sauce in a separate Oyster Croquettes Boil two quarts of oysters. Stir constantly and boil three minutes longer. dish. then add one-half shallots. in boiling fat and fry until a delicate brown. Chop the add to the sauce. and fry a light brown in plenty of clear hot lard. roll in beaten Qgg^ then in fine bread crumbs. Mix two ounces do not chop them. then in crackers about one inch thick.

cover. Then pour in the Boil for three or four minutes. take off piece of pastry. Cook them until the bacon is crisp. and pepper. and and pepper When the oysters are . which have been kept warm. add the strained liquor of two dozen small oysters. Add also a tablespoon of butter. add a to taste. fill with follows rice so they will keep their shape. fill with the oysters. and serve. one-half cup of cream. Wash one quart of medium-sized Stir them into the sauce. When baked. and a Oyster Patties one ounce of butter and one tablespoonful of flour smooth paste. cover the top with another Bake in brisk oven. the top. empty out the rice. LOBSTERS. a teaspoon of curry salt powder. OYSTEIiS. oysters. for TEIiUAPIN 127 Creamed Oysters Cook for Croustades two minutes one ounce of flour and one ounce of Stir in one-half cup of milk and two tablespoonfuls butter. Fill each croustade with the mixture and serve very hot. salt. and cayenne. Lastly. cutting out the hard part. of oysters over a slow fire in their own little If the juice is not sufficient to cook them. salt Clean.FISH. pepper. salt. add a little ground mace. cream. sliced and season some nice large oysters with at Have fat bacon. pinning with a toothpick. replace. one-half teaspoonful of little cayenne. Curried Oysters Cook one quart juice. Let the mixture come to a boil. water. Gradually stir in three tablespoonfuls of salt. Stir for a few minutes and fill patties prepared as oysters. Line some patty pans with thin puff paste. a dash of nutmeg. then add of mushroom liquor. it Wrap each oyster in a slice of thin bacon. When warm. into a : Work Pigs in Blankets hand oysters. Let them come to a boil or until they begin to curl.

stir in water. and mushrooms. be added. three eggs. roll into pieces about the size to cool. drain on brown paper and serve on hot four minutes. iMake a also cut the chicken and the mushrooms very fine. A little cream. also the black edge or beard as it is called. Cromeskies Have at hand thirty-five oysters.128 firm. some slices of very thin and fat bacon. an equal quantity of cooked chicken. paper. Poach one quart of medium-sized oysters in their own liquor with one gill of white wine. stir it over the fire for three or Spread the mixture on a dish and set it away When thoroughly cold. metal. cream sauce. Remove the hard part. Cover then with another layer of forcemeat. Oysters a la Lincoln Line as many cases. stir in the yolks of three eggs. wrap each one in a very thin slice of bacon. Brush each one with melted butter. — — . and shape of a good-sized cork. and some parsley. Dip each one in batter and fry in hot lard. two teaspoons of cream. add the liquor the oysters were scalded in. three or four mushrooms. Chop some raw mushrooms and fry them for a few minutes in a little butter and place them on top of the oysters. some frying batter. When a nice brown. and pare them. as desired with veal forcemeat for fish. Cut them in half-inch-sized pieces and fill each case with these. if you have it. or china. Bake on tin sheet in a slack oven for fifteen minutes. which has been mixed with the oyster liquor and then boiled down. drain. plate with a garnish of fried parsley. Scald the oysters in their own liquor. Cover with veloute sauce. and boil until it is very thick. When cooked. could Mix it with the oysters. chicken. Stir carefully one tablespoon of flour moistened to a paste with and thoroughly while the liquor thickens. Cut the part remaining into small pieces.

a cool place. Let them stand in They will be ready to serve the next day. three shakes of tablespoonful of vinegar. one teasj)oonful of salt. and a little lemon juice or vinegar. of Soft Select forty-five Clams a la Newburg Open them and Take each one separately and with the fingers separate the body from the neck. four blades of mace. and the iced clams. Stir all thoroughly with a Put over a slow fire. add sufficient catsup to fill Tabasco sauce. four glasses about as large as claret glasses. pour them in a porcelain-lined pan. good-sized soft clams. Oyster Cocktail Place six very small and thoroughly chilled oysters in a glass that will hold as much as a claret glass. they are thoroughly chilled. half teaspoonful of grated onion is added. one small teaspoonful of grated horseradish. see that they are free from sand. a little cayenne pepper. OYSTERS. To each glass add two drops Tabasco sauce. one teaspoonful of allspice. Just as soon as they come to a boil. stir times and Clam Cocktail Open twelve carefully small clams carefully and place the clams and their juice in a basin to allow When any sand or shell to settle. one teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce. one dessertspoonful of catsup. LOBSTERS. Take Reject all the rest. strain the liquor and add also eighteen cloves. Take off the fire several them thoroughly. half a nutmeg grated. wooden spoon. . then remove them to another bowl and place them on ice. Serve very cold. one Sometimes oneServe very cold. and two tablespoonfuls of strong vinegar.FISH. Put them care not to break the body. TERRAPIN Pickled Oysters 129 Place one hundred good-sized oysters in porcelain-lined kettle.

Add the juice of one lemon. fine pieces. Drain on a brown. saved. and two medium-sized truffles cut in Cover them and cook slowly for eight minutes. a pan and bake in a moderate oven until thoroughly steamed. Then place a very thin slice of pork over Set them in each one and replace the other half of the shell. Turn on a dish to cool. Mix well and then stir in one pint of the liquid you have Then add the yolks of Stir and boil five minutes. fry light a then in cracker crumbs. Drain again pepper. Fry the Save in a colander. and do not stir it. a scant tablespoonful of chopped shallot in two ounces of butter until slightly brown and add one ounce of sifted flour. and and parsley Serve with a garnish of fried brown paper. Scrub string and loosen the clam from the leaving as nearly whole as possible. a little broth. Do not let the mixture boil gently for three or four minutes. Season each clam in its shell with pepper and a little butter. Clam Croquettes Drain thoroughly and cook two quarts of opened clams until tender with an ounce of mace may be omitted. Baked Select as Soft-shell Clams Be sure to Then remove the it many soft-shell clams as are desired. quartered lemon. white . a dash of red pepper. — butter. Pour into a hot dish and serve at once.130 in a MRS. and ground mace liquid and chop the clams fine. shell. the chopped clams. a little wliite pepper. beat for Shake the saucepan three minutes. Mix the yolks of three eggs and one pint of cream. Form Dip in beaten egg. the mixture into sixteen oblong pieces. the shells clean. finely chopped parsley. and a little Stir constantly and boil two minutes. a wineglassful of Sherry. four eggs. SEELT'S cook BOOK saucepan with two ounces of butter. and pour over the clams. get very large ones.

season with salt and pepper. and place on hot dish. the sauce to the fish with half a cup of whipped cream. cool. in mortar wooden dish to meat from the body and claws. of butter Let them come of flour. a head of lettuce. and set away to cool. then stir When cold. giving it a few knocks on the Set in ice-box for half an hour. after the cream is whipped. the well -beaten whites of two eggs. Do not boil hard as it toughens the meat. Cook for a few minutes. then in fine bread crumbs. six peppercorns. There should be one-half pint. Add one-half cup in. one-half teaspoonful one-fourth teaspoonful white pepper. one bay leaf. Timbale of Crabs Cook one dozen hard shell crabs in boiling water with one onion. TERRAPIN Fried Soft-shell Crabs 131 After cleaning the desired number of crabs. LOBSTERS. Place the mould in a pan of hot water and cook in the oven for Unfifteen or twenty minutes or until the forcemeat is firm. Serve with Tartare sauce or any fried fish sauce desired. and a good pinch of cayenne. dip in beaten egg. . blade of mace. Mix with the meat Set away in cool place. on each mould and serve the rest in a sauce-boat. a bunch of parsley. Pound well Make and one of milk the following sauce : One tablespoonful to a boil. mould each timbale on a round piece of toast and garnish with Put a tablespoonful of Bechamel sauce the claws and parsley.FISH. Decorate some small timbale moulds with lobster coral or truffles. Drop Drain in hot fat and cook until crisp and colored a nice brown. table to settle forcemeat. good measure. two cloves. and one-half cup of the liquor the crabs were cooked salt. Put your forcemeat in. OYSTERS. measured Set on ice for a few minutes. garnish with sliced lemon and parsley. Measure your crab meat. Remove the crabs and set them on a Pick out the and rub through puree sieve. and one tablespoonful of salt for ten minutes. add in the yolks of two eggs.

is ready. fifteen minutes. Add the crab meat and cook all for saltspoonful of cayenne. until a light brown. and finally one teaspoonful of corn-starch. and cook two minutes more. one teaspoonful of dry mustard. season with a teaspoonful of salt and half a Fry one finely chopped onion in one ounce of butter over a moderate fire for about two minutes. trim off the crust and fry. Tomato Sauce One-fourth of a can of tomatoes. (Water will do if you have no bouillon. Stir all the time it is cooking. dissolved in water. Add two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese and two ounces of Swiss cheese. moisten all Pepper and salt to taste and with one-half cup of tomato sauce. stirring occasionally. Place on a plate. . add two tablespoonfuls of flour. Remove and set away to Mix one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of and cook over a moderate heat for three minutes.132 MBS. then pour in one gill of broth and cook slowly for five minutes.) Press out dry and add one tablespoonful of melted butter. While it is flour cooling. cool. fill the shells and sprinkle bread of butter. cut six good-sized slices of bread about one-quarter of an inch thick. one white onion cut up and fried a little in two tablespoonfuls of butter. one-half tealittle spoonful of beef extract. which has been diluted in a water. crumbs on top add a small piece oven until thoroughly heated. stirring them well together until melted. four cloves of garlic. When the farcie . Place in the Crab Canapes Remove all the meat from eighteen hard-shell boiled crabs. salt and pepper to taste. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Crab Parcie with Tomato Sauce Take the meat of two crabs to every shell and mix with two and one-half medium-sized slices of bread which have been soaked in bouillon.

Creamed Shrimps baked with Green Peppers Select twelve even-sized green peppers. or square.FISH. spread each slice layer of crab meat about one-quarter of an inch thick. Put all on a dish and bake in a hot oven for five or six minutes. and leave on the fire until it has just begun to Cut slices of bread one-quarter of an inch thick. When mixed. sprinkle with fine bread crumbs and a piece of butter. oneeighth of a teaspoonful of celery seed. Drain them and stuff with the following mixture Cream two tablespoons of butter and thoroughly mix it with a quarter of a teaspoonf ul of pepper. Fill with salt. Then not Should the shrimps be fresh. and season with red and white pepper. ball Shape each into a and place in the centre of the crab meat. Put the canapes on a buttered dish and slightly brown bread after buttering it : in the oven. When cool. and bake in quick oven for fifteen minutes. remove the stems and seeds. you will need to season the sauce each pepper with the mixture. in any desired shape. OYSTERS. salt Add a tablespoonful of flour and pint of cream. — . LOBSTERS. — of shrimps. Serve in the same dish they were in while cooking. the cheese mixture in six equal portions. TERRAPIN 133 with a Divide in a little fresh butter. and soak in cold water for three-quarters of an hour. and one beaten Qgg. White House Canapes Chop stir in a a medium-sized shallot and fry it lightly without color- ing in two ounces of butter. and pepper. Then add one pound of crab meat. and toast on one side only. stir in one cupful of add one quart canned ones. either round. oval. : fine bread crumbs. trim bubble. one teaspoonful of mixed mustard. Put your ingredients on the toasted side of the with a butter prepared as follows Mix well together one-quarter of a pound of butter and one-half pound grated Parmesan cheese.

seely's cook book Creamed Shrimps half a cup of cream. Drain. one tablespoonful oil. one-eighth of a teaspoonful of cayenne. and one teaspoonful of made mustard. Season them with salt and white pepper. Devilled Scallops Put one quart of scallops in a saucepan and heat in their own liquor just to the boiling-point. and add one teaspoonful of salt. a scant half-pint of milk. one teaspoonful of salt. then add the milk. Beat the eggs briskl}^. and serve very hot. Roll them in fine bread crumbs. one teaspoonful of anchovy sauce. The yolks of oughly heated. Mix in the chafing dish the yolks of the eggs with the anchovy Put in the shrimps and let them get thorsauce and cream. and two eggs. not allowing the eggs to curdle. two eggs. one bottle of shrimps. Serve on strips Pried Scallops Wash and dry the necessary amount of scallops. Drain on brown paper boiling fat. Tar tare sauce. Cook until a nice brown. Beat the contents of the cup to a cream. then in beaten egg^ and again in bread crumbs. From one-half of a cup of butter remove one tablespoonful. Beat have it thoroughly and mix with one cupful of white stock — .134 MRS. and mix them with the following batter of melted butter or : salt One pint of sifted flour. of toast. Stir the mixture on the flour. with Scallop Fritters W ash and drain one quart of scallops. save the liquor. Arrange in frying basket so they do not touch each other and plunge in Cook until a delicate brown and serve a kettle of boiling fat. Drop a spoonful at a time of the mixture into in the scallops. some slices of toast. Beat again and pour Then add the butter and salt. and chop them rather fine. season them with and white pepper.

Make a paste of two ounces of cracker crumbs. Do not let the Stir in two tablespoons of vinegar. Boil three tablespoons of beef extract with glass of Sherry. LOBSTERS. erous portion of vinegar. mixture boil after the crackers and butter have been added. Sprinkle with the put them in an escalop crumbs. Serve immediately. Stir the OYSTERS. Set aside for the Brush the meat of the lobster with melted butter. and some chopped parsley. Split them open and remove all the fat and coral. and Cover with another dish and keep warm. Add dry mustard to taste. for Broiled Lobster depends upon the number of lobsters oil. cut in slices. then serve with the following sauce — Sauce you have. pour a little melted butter over each lobster. a dash of cayenne. the same as for a plain French dressing. TERRAPIN 135 chopped scallops and their liquor into this sauce for half an hour. Mix well and pour over the lobster. gradually stir in the crackers and butter.FISH. . and vinegar. Set in oven for : five minutes. white pepper. Broiled Lobster with Sauce Select as many chicken female lobsters as desired. also the fat of the lobster which has been rubbed through a sieve. six ounces of melted butter. When cooked. but do not have it quite as strong of the vinegar. and the coral and fat of the lobster. and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. dot with the tablespoonful of butter. place on a platter and broil over a clear fire. add white pepper. Stir constantly over the fire until it comes to a boil. hot. stand At the end of that time them and let dish or shells. Stewed Lobster Boil four medium-sized lobsters in salted water and a gen- the meat. The quantity Mix of sauce salt. Remove arrange in the serving dish. and sauce. When served it should be as thick as a cream.

one quart of water. When cold. Hominy Croustade Place one cup of hominy. one Sherry glass of Madeira wine. Stir in one tablespoonful flour and cook for two minutes. Have the head and shell joined. cut the shell with sharp scissors. Add half a pint of white stock and cook until it thickens. Remove and strain through a fine sieve. SEELT'S COOK BOOK stir Should the sauce curdle. crumbs and minute pieces of butter.: 136 3£RS. Also remove the small sac at the extreme end. add a teaspoonful of water and with an egg-beater. Take the meat and fat from head. Take out the tail and remove the small black vein which runs the entire length. Bake in moderate oven until a delicate brown. Stir well to free it from . Mix all Fill the shells. and salt and white pepper to taste. and serve with sauce made as follows — — : — Sauce for Lobster a la Brooklyn Melt one ounce butter. Do not let the mixture brown." Remove the coral should and set aside for further use. two tablespoons of white sauce. and make the following forcemeat Put the lobster through a meat machine. To every cup of lobster have one-half cup of bread crumbs. grated very fine. Crack the claws carefully. Place on a croustade of hominy. dust over with bread together thoroughly. and cook for five minutes. Serve very hot. garnish with the claws. from the head down. and be sure to remove "the lady in the lobster. half a cup of cream. Lobster a la Brooklyn with Sauce and Hominy Croustade lobsters in court bouillon for twenty- Cook two medium-sized five minutes. add one tablespoonful chopped onion. Place the shells there be any and claws in cold water. Season to taste and add two wineglasses of Sherry. and one teaspoonful of salt in a saucepan over the fire. taking care not to crack the shell.

Add one-half pint of white broth and one-half pint of white wine. There is quite a little meat to be found each side near the small claws. Crack the claws and place them on a plate. Reduce the liquid. and remove the black vein which runs the entire length. and fry a little without browning. tail Set aside to cool. Remove the string which runs through the centre of each tail and cut crosswise in five or six pieces. be served on. add two ladlefuls of veloute sauce. LOBSTERS. four chopped shalAdd two ounces of butter lots. also remove small sac at the end. When cool. occasionit out the creamy substance and rub ally tossing the lobster. and the prepared Stir constantly until it nearly boils.FISH. lumps and cook ing in the hominy. and one bruised clove of garlic. pour it into mould. and pinch of red pepper. and boil fifteen minutes. turn it out on platter it is to When it is to be warmed. chopped parsley and juice of one lemon. Timbale of Lobster a la Maryland Cook two medium-sized five lobsters in court bouillon for twenty- Break the tail from the head. TERRAPIN 137 While hot. Remove "the lady" from the head. Boil the bodies. OYSTERS. Pour the sauce over lobster and serve at once. add a little egg yolks. Add the lobster. for two hours. Crack the big claws and remove the meat. Take through a sieve with four egg yolks and one-half pint veloute sauce. Remove the bunch of parsley and skim out the lobster. Cut all the meat into scallops about one-half inch square. stand the dish over Lobster a la Portland a pan of hot water. Fry a little longer. minutes. about one inch deep and the desired size to accommodate the Be sure to wet the mould with ice-water before pourlobsters. cut the Make a sauce of the following : Boil three eggs until they . a bunch of parsley. Take off the tails and big claws of three medium-sized live female lobsters.

fillets. well mixed. When well mixed. cayenne. and the yolks of two eggs. Lobster a la Newburg of the claws. MRS. mould medium oven with buttered paper. Fish forcemeat is made the same as for pompano the centre. Take two pounds of boiled lobster and pick all the meat out Cut the meat in medium-sized pieces and place . and put on ice for one hour Place your and thirty minutes before you want it cooked. and pound to a paste. When hot and smooth. add the nicest part of the lobster cut into medium pieces. then add one glass Madeira a cup of consomme. Add the lobster and let to cool. two Melt the tablespoons of Sherry. SEELY'S COOK BOOK remove the yolks while they are hot. and put on ice to harden. in a pan of water. and Sherry. one cupful of cream. Lobster a la Newburg Two pounds spoonful of salt. cover until forcemeat is firm. and a good pinch of cayenne. serve with Maryland sauce in minutes. of lobster meat. Then add beaten yolks of the eggs and serve at once. cover over with forcemeat. it boil two minutes. one tablespoonful of butter. half a teaspoonful of salt. Remove and Line a large timbale mould with fish forceset away meat. Cook until the lobster is thoroughly the heated. Add the salt. Bake in from twenty-five to thirty When done. add one heaping tablespoonful butter which has been rubbed to a cream. unmould. Mix all thoroughly and place in a saucepan with half Let it boil up. one tea- one-fourth of a teaspoonful of cayenne. When firm.138 are hard. wine. When butter in the chafing dish and then stir in the flour. pour in the centre your lobster mixture. add the cream gradually. one-half tablespoonful of flour. add one heaping teaspoonful flour. decorate your mould with the coral of the lobster. stirring it constantly.

the lobster and stir until thick and smooth. Pour the yolks of two eggs and one cup of cream ovCi. half a pound of chicken halibut. and a little grated nutmeg. add more cream to the raw mixture. Pour into a hot tureen and serve very hot. and one tablespoonful of Sherry. keeping the lid on the pan while cooking. then set the mixture away on ice for one hour or more until it cools and stiffens. or any other desired. Serve with . Then cook the whole well together for six or seven minutes. Lobster a la Newburg Cut the meat of a lobster weighing two or two and one-half pounds in small pieces and heat in saucepan with two rounded tablespoonfuls of butter. and poach in the oven until firm to the touch. Beat in a bowl a pint of sweet cream and the yolks of two eggs add to this the lobster. and then press through a puree sieve. pound to a pulp. in a deep saucepan. Bechamel sauce. Serve at once. white pepper. TERRAPIN 139 Madeira and a goodnutmeg. Then add one or two tablespoonfuls more of Sherry. it OYSTEBS. if not firm to the touch. Then place in buttered mould. season with salt. and poach in the oven for about ten minutes. Add also two finely sliced truffles. place it in buttered timbale mould. add the beaten white of one egg to the raw mixture. Beat all together until very light. a little . Lobster Timbale Place two pounds of cooked lobster. Moisten with one-half cup of Bechamel sauce and half a cup of cream. and the whites of two eggs in a mortar. Season to taste with salt. LOBSTERS. Then take a small portion. a dash of cayenne. Sprinkle with one-half teaspoon of and a few grains of paprika.FISH. salt. and a very little cayenne pepper. cover with buttered paper. At the end of that time. with half a pint of sized piece of fresh butter. according to taste. Stir thoroughly. If too firm to the touch.

stirring frequently. bread crumbs. When your cutlets thick. Devilled Lobster with Sauce Boil two medium-sized lobsters in salted water. trim them. chop very fine. and fry until they are dry but not brown. hour. slit them and remove Pick all the meat. stir in Pass the meat from a large lobster through a mincing Place it in a stewpan and moisten generously with Let it simmer. and one tablespoonful of curry dissolved in a little cold water. then Add the lobster. and coral from the body. then add the lobster. Boil a medium-sized lobster. creamy subthe stony pouch and intestine. When cool. as and cover them thickly with boiling fat. and serve at once Have it thoroughly heated. and cut it in Make a sauce as follows: Three ounces of butter. the juice of one lemon. deep as you wish with a meinto cutlets form cold. fine sifted cutlets in a cool place for half Drain on paper. stance. tail. flour them lightly. one tablespoonful of browned flour mixed together over the Let this fire. small pieces. Lobster Cutlets machine. salt. and two small onions cut in very thin slices. with boiled rice in a separate dish. a little salt. little longer. The sauce should be absorbed. then stir in one pint of stock. white pepper. for one-half curry sauce.140 MRS. fry a stir in pint of broth. dip two eggs. to which has been added a little vinegar. Save the large shells. seely's cook Lobster Curry book . Sprinkle one ounce of flour over them. them in dium-sized cutter. Set the an hour and then fry in deep Garnish each one with a small claw and serve. In a saucepan put two tablespoons of chopped shallots with two ounces of butter. and pour on a flat dish. and arrange in a pan. Boil all together until the mixture thickens. cook a minute or two. remove the meat. a . and claws. Remove from the fire. beaten egg.

^F\ MOULDS ^ prjBLiC ) '^^ F0^^-tOii:iTEK CUTLETS.LOBSTER CUTLETS. ^^^» Facing page IkO. .


eggs. the fire. a dash of red pepper. one-half pint of cream. break open the shell. fill the eight prepared shells. add two ladlef uls of Espagnole sauce. liver cut small pieces. one ladlef ul broth. and bake until slightly brown in a hot oven for eight or ten minutes. Be careful not to break the gall sac which is embedded in the liver. Stewed Terrapin Select live female terrapins. liver. cover and cook for ten minutes. terrapin. and lemon juice. sprinkle with bread crumbs. Arrange on a folded napkin. remove the meat. they are tender. some chopped parsley. Stir this with the . put in five it in a saucepan with the cream. Boil steadily for minutes. fresh boiling water. garnish with quartered lemons and serve with the following sauce in a bowl : — Sauce Fry one tablespoon for Devilled of Lobster chopped shallots in one ounce of melted butter until they are slightly brown. Mix well. scrape the skin and pull out the toe nails. OYSTERS. and the terrapin to juice. To each terrapin have one-half pound of butter. LOBSTERS. Roll the butter thoroughly in flour. while all boils five minutes. Save all the juice that comes from the terrapin while opening it. Serve hot. Stir and boil for five minutes. TERRAPIN little 141 pinch of cayenne. salt and pepper to taste. and a little Worcestershire sauce. Remove from them with boiling w^ater. a fuls of Worcestershire sauce. and two handStir steadily moistened and pressed bread crumbs. two tablespoonfuls of mixed mustard. and add the yolks of four eggs. Press through a napkin and stir in some chopped parsley. put small bits of butter on top. Rub the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs with enough Madeira wine make a paste. Then cover them with until When cool. and eggs.FISH. and when Let them boil sufficiently cool.

and the eggs from the terrapin. but do not let it boil. a third of a pound of the very best butter. It must not boil. Cut off the and sand bag. it is sufficiently boiled. Boil down until nearly dry. six ounces of butter. Put this in a saucepan with four ounces of butter and half a pint of Madeira wine. skin it. and a large wine-glass of Madeira or Sherry to each terrapin. tail. Dish promptly and serve smoking hot. When the claws are soft. a proper proportion of salt.142 terrapin . to it out. Plunge them rough and hard skin off. Put in a stewpan. the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs. a little salt and a pinch of cayenne. Serve immediately with quartered lemons. and take out the . intestines. red pepper. and replace it in the hot water. Cut up the entrails and all about half an inch long. If add more Madeira wine. first. Make a dressing of flour. Remove the head. Stir in the terrapin and stir steadily over a brisk fire until the sauce thickens. dish or individual covered dishes. Cook salted water. Be careful to preserve all the juice. Stewed Terrapin Select three large in boiling water to take the them in slightly from the shells. All of the ingredients to be of the best qualities. lights. then take in boiling water for five minutes. a small quantity of rich cream. seely's cook scald it. book Serve in a chafing necessary. and gall bladder very carefully. it Take out and remove the bottom shell gall head and claws. then cut up the remainder. nails. diamond back terrapin. MRS. Mix the yolks of six eggs with one pint of cream. Put the eggs on a plate and cut the meat in pieces. Drain and take out everything Terrapin a la Chamberlin Put a female terrapin loosen the skin.

Broil for five or six minutes and serve with a garnish of hot Bearnaise sauce. sea- Sprinkle generously with pieces of is When the butter melted. trim it. it is Broiled Fillet of Beef Cut three and one-half pounds slices of the tenderloin of beef in about three-quarters of an inch thick. and lard it on one side with fine strips of larding pork. The length its of time a steak should be broiled depends entirely upon utes. Season with salt and pepper. is cooked. then it can be finished over the coals. Should you have a steak two and a half or three inches a good plan to begin cooking it in front of the coals. The centre cooks. thickness. serve plain. Hold each side over the extreme heat for a minute at a time. A steak one inch and a half thick will cook underdone. be sure to have a clear red bed of coals.CHAPTER VI MEATS Broiled Steak When broiling. Cut out the bones. 143 . Grease the wires of your broiler and place your steak on it. continue this for four or five minutes. Larded Steak Take a piece of sirloin beef Aveighing four or five pounds. Then hold the broiler farther away from the coals and keep turning the steak every minute or two until steak son with salt and pepper. or with any sauce desired. Remove to a platter. in seven or eight min- thick. Cover Season with salt and pepper. butter. or rare.

one bay sliced onion. Place them in a frying basket. Peel and thinly slice two Spanish onions. move the kettle forward. put a few small pieces of butter over the top. and twelve minutes to the pound if you wish it an even red all the way through. plunge the basket of onions into it. leaf. A roast cut from the round or rump will take forty minutes longer than the firstnamed cuts. and place . Broil the steak as previously directed. and a nice brown. Skim off the grease and strain into a separate dish. a little of a kettle. if when the fat is Cook until crisp wished. Add one-half pint of consomme Boil two or three minutes. and roll all together and tie securely. Serve very hot. Serve with any sauce you may wish. and bake in the oven for half an hour. Rub the top and sides of the beef with salt and pepper. add one thinly sliced carrot. and carve crosswise through the stuffing and meat. Place the kettle where the meat will stew slowly for two or three hours. up from the bottom Beefsteak with Fried Onions Put a kettle of fat on the range where it will heat. Drain and arrange them round the steak. When the meat is cooked. or in a separate dish. Stuffed Beefsteak Select a good-sized rump steak. Roast Beef A great roast deal depends upon the weight and quality of a piece of beef in determining how long it should be cooked. Place on a dish and keep warm. Make some bread forcemeat and spread it over the steak. and one Place the beef on top. one sprig of thyme. to the drippings. One commonly allows nine minutes to the pound for a rib or loin if it is to be rare. seelt's cook book the bottom of a baking dish with a piece of pork skin.144 MRS. Place it on a tin sheet set Pour in enough water to nearly cover it. about half an inch thick. and very hot.

place on a hot platSprinkle flour in a dripping pan. three eggs. Baste frequently while the beef is cooking. Cut the pudding in small. put them on a hot dish. and stir gradually to this enough milk to make a stiff batter. If the top burn. and serve. the pudding may at once be placed under it. add the remainder of the milk and a well-beaten egg. shallow tin. and place in the pan around the beef. open the oven door a little. pan. and a ladlef ul of thick brown gravy. season with salt and pepper. garnish dish with Yorkshire pudding made as thickness. tablespoonfuls of flour. shallots. then a layer of choj)ped parsley. Place first a layer of meat. Whisk the mixture and pour it into a well-buttered. and put in hot oven with a steady heat. When this is perfectly smooth and all the lumps are dissolved. Beef Pie Cut four and one-half pounds of sirloin beef in thin slices. If so. water in the. Turn and baste them frequently. so that it will catch a little of the juice from it. cut the potatoes in two lengthwise. and one saltspoonful of Put the flour and salt in a bowl. If desired. Wet the edge of . and add ter. Then for another half hour. do as follows: Select and peel medium-sized potatoes. and arrange in a deep baking dish which is well buttered. square pieces. Any other sauce may be served with the above. mushrooms. enough boiling water to make the gravy or sauce the right Strain and serve in separate dish. six large salt. Bake for an hour. follows : — Yorkshire Pudding Have at hand one and one-half pints of milk. Sometimes the platter is garnished with potatoes which have been roasted in the pan with the beef. When cooked. About half or three-quarters of an hour before the beef is served. and so on until the dish is full. If the meat is baked. stir constantly. place it in the pan underneath the meat.MEATS 145 Pour about two tablespoonfuls of hot it in a dripping pan.

Devilled Roast Beef Bones much meat on them. Roll in fresh bread crumbs and sprinkle each one with little pieces of butter. having care not to turn water. Brush the top with a beaten egg. wet again. for one hour. Serve at once. and boil four or four and Remove from the pot and place in a colander over hot water. and a hole in the centre. salt. and rub them with mustard paste. cover it with a rim of puff paste. or over them. leaving as as possible . thin piece of paste. Thicken the gravy no thicker than Pour some over the meat and serve the rest in a cream. make a few closely together. Broil over a slow fire until a nice brown and serve on a hot dish with thickened brown gravy around them. flour. and cover to keep moist. take out some for gravy. more water. and make the dough stiff enough to drop into the Cover. comes water. wetWhen partly mixed. a little baking powder. and boil ten minutes. Mix these. Beef Cover four or five Bump with Dumplings pounds of the rump of beef with cold to a boil. and return the rest in which to boil dumplings. Season with salt and pepper.146 the dish. Skim when it gravy boat. salt the water to taste. and cover Press the edges the whole with a large. one-half hours until very tender. add one beaten egg^ ting with hot water. Dumplings one teaspoon of lard. Bake in a moderate oven Pour a little gravy inside through the hole and serve very hot. incisions. Strain the beef broth through a soup strainer. One pint and a half of two heaping teaspoons of them over in the pot. as you wish. Take the bones from cold roast beef.



Put two slices of fat pork in baking pan with one slice of onion and a bit of bay leaf. Lard it with pieces of salt pork cut about one-quarter of an inch square and in strips as long as the meat Brown three onions. add a small bag of herbs partially cover the pot. and thicken with flour blended with a little water. Turn the meat frequently. dry mustard. Mix all with one cup of vinegar and boil for five minutes. it depends upon the size of the beef. Then rub the fillet well with salt and pepper. Wipe. Garnish with potatoes cut in fancy shapes and small boiled soak : . using two if necessary. Fillet of Beef with Mushroom Sauce Buy the short fillet under the rump. and serve with mushroom sauce poured round the meat. pepper. the same way. so as to keep it a good shape. one carrot. season with salt and pepper. then place it in the pan on a perforated tin a little higher than the bottom of the pan. Strain and pour over the beef. fasten a cloth round the beef. Cover about half with boiling water. and a few whole cloves. All this can be done by the butcher. Let it boil and brown. and simmer for three and a half hours.MEATS Beef a la Mode 147 Cut and trim neatly the under part of a round of beef and it in vinegar and spices for three or four hours. Remove the cloth and place the meat on hot platter. in drippings. and have it well larded with thin strips of pork. Skim the grease from the gravy. Place them in a pan. Baste often. and one turnip. . Brown the meat in sliced. Place the meat in the pan and bake in a hot oven for thirty minutes. or until tender. Prepare the vinegar as follows Chop one onion very fine. remove the fat and veins and tendons in the middle. add a little salt. all is thick. — onions.

Cover the beef w4th a buttered paper. somme to nearly cover the beef.148 MBS. Set the whole on the range and let it simmer slowly Then add enough good beef broth or confor ten minutes. or until tender. two tablespoonfuls of flour. quarter of a bottle of Sherry. Then strain pint of boiling water. and more salt if needed. Remove the bone. small buds of cauliflower. one small glass of brandy. asparagus tops. Then roll the beef up close and fasten it round with a string to secure its shape. glaze the meat. and serve very hot. Pour some Espagnole sauce round the border of turnips. tAVO Moisten with about heads of celery. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Mushroom Sauce Pour off all but two tablespoonfuls of drippings in the pan. one tablespoon Heat thoroughly but of lemon juice. and French beans cut in diamond shapes and boiled green. turned in their own shape. with pieces of ham or bacon. Lard the fillet leaving the fillet adhering to the upper part. Dish it. Braised Roll of Beef a la Printaniere Select a piece of sirloin of beef well covered with fat and weighing about twelve or fifteen pounds. having the pieces one-quarter of an inch square and four inches long. and a small bouquet. Stir in do not let it boil. . Add two carrots. and. When the liquid comes to a boil. Cut some boiled turnips in the shape of deep saucers. Fill each one with green peas and place in a border round the dish. Break up the bones and place them with the trimmings in the bottom of a pan or kettle. time has to be regulated by the size and tenderness of the meat. two onions with a clove stuck in each. and when brown add one Cook until it thickens. place round it groups of young carrots. into a saucepan and add one cup of mushrooms. if desired. Place the roll of beef on the bones. place where The it will boil slowly for two or three hours.

. add the beef and and a little chopped green pepper. them with the broth. Do not chop them. put sprigs of parsley round the platter. sauce. also Cut up in equal-sized pieces some nice. add one good-sized bouquet. pieces in a dish and cover nice brown. Mix well. and let it boil up once. Test with a fork. potatoes. and put in a saucepan with threeof sliced onion and one pound and threesalt and pepper. about three inches long. Garnish with heartshaped pieces of toast. dip each piece in beaten egg^ then in fine bread crumbs fry until a Drain on brown paper. Put the . or until the meat tender. until tender. plain and place it in a saucepan with boiled spinach may be served instead of sprouts. add one cup of rich cream. Drain them on to a hot platter and place the corned beef on them. If wished.MEATS Fried 149 Ox Tails Cut between the about one hour. broth. and cover all with three quarts of quarters of sliced carrot. quarters of a joints in pieces tails. the thick part of half a dozen ox Soak in cold water for Drain. When partially cool. Put a tablespoonful of butter in an iron or agate saucepan. To one cup of meat have three-quarters of a cup of potatoes. If served with kale sprouts. red cooked corned some cooked potatoes cut in the same way. When the butter begins to boil. French Creamed Corned Beef Hash beef. Serve on a very hot platter. Poached eggs may be served with it on a separate dish. pound Season with Boil over a slow is fire for it three or four hours. Serve hot with a tomato Corned Beef Select a six-pound piece of rump or brisket corned beef enough cold water to cover it. Let it boil briskly three hours and a half or more. When well mixed in butter. add them to the meat about onehalf hour before time for serving.

add three pounds of lean Let them boil together gently four hours. then half cup of cream. When . Sauce Tongue Timbale Mix two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of flour. and a dash of cayenne. Tongue Stew Put a fresh tongue in cold water. and send to beef. and at the end of the time add carrots. Stir over a slow fire. Brains with Mushrooms and then steep Prepare the brain of an ox by washing and skimming it. add one cup of chicken broth. the whites two eggs. the table without the beef. Season with salt. Cover with buttered paper. Press through a puree sieve. Cook until the sauce becomes of the right consistency. Serve very hot. it on the back of the range for an hour. of it for half an hour. return it to the gravy. Stir in some finely chopped truffles. Place in a pan of water and in a moderate oven cook smooth. Fill with the tongue and chicken mixture. peel the tongue. seelt's cook book Timbale of Tongue with Sauce of one medium-sized Place two pounds of smoked boiled tongue and the breast raw chicken in a mortar. Brown the flour with which you thicken the gravy. and three tablespoonfuls of Madeira wine. a little salt and pepper. and other vegetables if you wish. oneand the beaten yolks of two eggs. Then stir in one cup of whipped cream.150 MRS. and before thickening add a dozen cloves. Serve with the following sauce for : — . potatoes. one cup of cream. salt and pepper to taste. and pound until Then stir in two tablespoons of flour. Strain the gravy to get out all the bones. one tablespoon of Breton red coloring. and half a glass of wine. white pepper. Decorate the bottom of a buttered mould with pieces of truffles.

Fried Tripe with Espagnole Sauce Cut two pounds of tripe into small pieces. shaking the saucepan all the time. with two wine-glasses of Sherry. and set it in the oven. Pour off the liquid. etc. fresh water. Dish up as high as possible on an entree dish. Select the middle. Bake it for an hour. in over hot fire until it boils up once. then in slices. lay on it bits of having added water to the dish in which it is to bake. Drain thoroughly and season with salt and pepper. Fry in boiling hot butter until slightly brown. Season with salt and white pepper. ounces of butter in small bits.. and add more seasonjuice. Boil until quite thick. four some sliced mushrooms. basting it often. Taste. well steeped. Stewed Beef Kidneytwo beef kidneys. rub it butter. Add the kidneys. a baking dish. seven or eight. Bake in a hot oven until all is thoroughly heated and the potatoes a nice brown. and lemon Mix well without boiling. remove the fatty substance from Wash in salt and water. ing if necessary. Stir Range the tripe. Drain the butter off and put the kidneys on Pour a scant pint of Espagnole sauce in a saucepan a plate. some chopped parsley. and cut in — — Baked Tripe Cut one pound and a half of tripe in small squares. Add enough flour to make a thick sauce. strain it into a saucepan. and An onion sauce may be substiserve with a mushroom sauce. Put them in an agate pan with five chopped onions. Pour in the sauce and cover all with mashed potatoes beaten to a cream. with three ounces of butter. one finely chopped . Fry until a light brown.MEATS it is 151 with flour and salt. Cover with stock or water and bake in a slow oven for three hours. tuted for the mushroom sauce.

and two tablespoons of flour wet with cold water. a bouquet. of the leg or loin of veal in small pieces about three inches square. one crushed clove of garlic. Stir in a tablespoon of flour. cut it in strips. then . cover it with hot water. Veal Potpie with Dumplings Cut three pounds thin slices. and stew thirty-five minutes. Stew one pint of tomatoes ten minutes. SEELY'S COOK BOOK finely chopped. serve. add one teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley. Drain the tripe thoroughly. Dissolve a couple of ounces of butter in a stewpan. Stir the tripe in this sauce and cook for ten minutes. or longer. pepper. but uncolored. if you like. a quarter of a pint of rich cream. and when it is well mixed with the cutlets pour gradually over them. of — this may be fifty or sixty minutes.152 onion. and skin. add one onion cut in quarters. shaking the pan often. and add it to the Boil all up together with a tablespoon of butter and sauce. Two or three dozen mushroom buttons added twenty minutes before it is served will improve the fricassee. and serve at once. enough hot veal stock or gravy to Stew them gently until they are perfectl}^ tender cover them. 3fRS. bone. Stewed Tripe with Tomatoes Wash one pound of tripe. add a seasoning of salt and pepper. and half a green pepper it Peel one good- and mix with one-half pint of sized tomato. in pieces. and just as it begins to boil lay in the veal and shake the pan until the meat is firm. and. and Espagnole sauce. a few strips of lemon rind. Fricasseed Veal Divide into bits of say the size of your two fingers a couple pounds of veal. and make it quite free of fat. Add salt. strain. cut Season with salt. Remove the bouquet. Cut one-half pound of salt pork in Lay the pieces of pork in the bottom of pot.

olive oil. half a teaspoon of salt. one teaspoon of baking powder. Garnish with parsley. bay leaves.MEATS 153 add pieces of veal. With a larding needle thrust inside some long strips of larding pork and ham. salt. Put the veal in a hollow earthen vessel with some thinly sliced onion. your serving. Boil in the pot with the meat. Twenty minutes before liquid in which to cook the dumplings. Be sure you have enough for one hour. wrap in three thicknesses of oiled paper with the vegetables. Do not put them too close together. occasionally Then place on a turning it so it will absorb the seasoning. etc. and skim off all the fat. Let it soak for six or seven hours. then more pork and veal. Dumpling for Potpie One egg. long skewer. In a saucepan melt one tablespoonful butter. Beat well with wire whisk. leave it the vegetables in the pan. and then the broth. Strain the broth in which meat and dumplings were cooked. then season to taste. inside. and white pepper. Remove the paper. fifteen Let them boil steadily for time. Then mix with the flour. and put on a .. but allow room for them to swell. one cup of flour. and roast in a moderate oven for one hour and a half. and baking powder together and add the cayenne. pieces of thyme. Chop one onion and Let all simmer one head of celery very fine and add to the veal. according to size. let the veal brown. Pour over the meat and serve very hot. Cover with tepid water and let it slowly come to a boil. dropping them a spoonful at a dumplings. put in Remove at minutes. Whip the egg very lightly and add it to the water. add one teaspoonful flour. Put the meat in the centre of a deep platter and the dumplings round. a pinch of cayenne. Sift the flour Veal a la Cadet Choose a solid piece of fat white veal. half a cup of water. parsley. once and dish.

four eggs. grease.154 and a dash of cayenne to the liquid in minute or two. and set the bacon and cutlets on their edge round the inside of a hot dish. or a puree of potatoes. and fry them a light brown in deep fat. These cutlets are also delicious when made from the breast of a turkey or chicken. Dish veal. and serve the rest dish. Flatten. and fry in butter to a golden brown. in a circle. arrange the cutlets Pour the reduced sauce over them and serve. Cover and stew fifteen minutes. Veal Cutlets a la Polonaise : The following proportions of veal from a leg of veal. Take two pounds chop the meat fine. cutlets. Mix the ingredients well. Drain off the butter. brush them with egg. Toast or broil apart as many slices of bacon as you have cutlets. trim. one tablespoon of butter. Cook in a separate dish. dip them in fine bread crumbs. free them from skin and fat. Pour some of the puree on a dish. Veal Cutlet with Puree of Cucumber and season with salt or pepper eight small veal melted butter until a light brown on both sides. and two ladles of Espagnole sauce. Heat thoroughly. cutlets. paint with the white of an egg^ sprinkle with cracker meal. add one glass of sherry. and salt and pepper to taste. placing . cut from the best end of a neck of veal. a little broth. add two tableare for six spoons of bread crumbs or of rolled cracker crumbs. form them in fiat oval cutlets about half an inch thick. pour some of the sauce round it. Serve a A lemon sauce is sometimes slice of lemon on each cutlet. but more often green peas or macaroni with the served with drawn butter. Add a little broth for a the pan. Fry in Veal Cutlets London Fashion Take cutlets a little more than a quarter of an inch thick. Then strain and remove Mix with one pint of tomato sauce.

cook one pound of it. 155 Pour in the middle a rich gravy. but it must be lean. Veal a la Marengo Cut three and a half pounds of lean veal in small pieces. salt and pepper should be mixed with the bread crumbs. Put them in a saucepan with two and a half ounces of pork and one onion. Shake them round in the pan and. Cover the surface with a small plate. boil down the liquor it was boiled in until there is only If your veal is already cooked. Keeping an eye to the odds and ends enables one to make many a tasty relish without extra expense. cut it in strips three or four inches long. By the following day it will be firm. and a little garlic.MEATS them alternately. both cut in small pieces. Serve on a hot platter and garnish with squares of bread fried Sprinkle finely chopped parsley over a golden brown color. Then add one quart and one gill of tomato sauce. of gravy the same way. of broth when a nice brown. pepper. If you have no cold veal. Moisten thoroughly with the gravy and press into a bowl or mould. Invert it on a dish and cut in thin slices. Flaw Boil a piece of lean veal till it is tender. Scraps of poultry may be worked up nicely with the ham. mix well together. Add to this a teaspoonful of butter. The While the meat coarsest piece will do. Cook all for forty-five minutes. Veal Loaf Cut the last shavings from the almost naked bone of a boiled ham. sprinkle with three scant Stir all together. Season with salt. treat a cupful one-half cupful. tablespoons of flour. or vsubSavory herbs and stitute for this a rich mushroom sauce. a bouquet. the juice of half a lemon. pepper and salt to taste. it Take it up. cools. and on this set a heavy weight. put back in the pot with . Chop the veal and ham very fine. the meat. and a pinch of mace.

then ready to serve for luncheon or supper. season with pepper and salt. Let the mixture stand for one day. Stew gently the rice tender and the water nearly stewed away.156 the liquor it MRS. be substituted for the water. bring it slowly to a boil. SEELY'S COOK BOOK pounds herbs of was boiled in. and throw in a teaspoon of salt. When the joint has simmered for about half an hour. Knuckle of Veal with Rice Pour over a small knuckle of veal rather more than water enough to cover it. good veal broth may with advantage serving. take off the scum with great care. should it be required. and stew the meat gently for an hour and a half longer. perfectly tender. . and use an Qgg or two for binding the whole together. and sweet is you like. Pickled Veal Cut cold cooked veal hot vinegar. in small pieces and cover with scalding salt. Either veal or lamb may be used. or roll them out in croquette form and lay them in a baking dish. or until both meat and rice are A seasoning of cayenne and more salt. half a stick of cinnamon. throw in from eight to twelve ounces of well-washed rice. Pour over them a pint of strained meat. Mix the nuts and meat. and add a teacup of rice to three veal. are added twenty or thirty minutes before If it is at hand. peppercorns. To three scant pints of vinegar add ten whole cloves. if salt. Mould in small balls. Meat and Nut Balls Blanch the nuts and allow thirty to every pint of chopped The nuts should also be chopped. pepper. one teaspoonful of Stir these into the scalding vinegar and ten and then It is pour over the veal. For the same quantity of veal allow a piece of Season with till butter the size of an Qgg.

a slice of cooked beef tongue a little smaller than the sweetbread. stock. one blade of mace. Then add the sweetbreads. a hot dish. Press them by putting a plate on top and setting a light weight on it. or with a fancy cutter cut each one the desired Then with a small cutter scoop out the inside Let them stand in the broth they were cooked in until wanted. in the liquor until cold enough to handle. Leave them in the press one hour. and cook fifteen or twenty minutes. Wrap each one in oiled paper. remove them and keep them in a warm place. Now dish your sweetbreads. Put a layer of it on top of each sweetbread. that time. them and leave Then remove all the skin and fatty parts and cut them in the shape of a chop. one slice of carrot. six whole peppers. first letting them Change the water during Then put them over the fire with enough white stock to cover them. fill each one with green peas. Place on a dish a mould With spinach and in a pastry bag ornament the edges of the dish. Place in a pan and steam on is top of the range until the forcemeat firm. following sauce : — . Serve with the of the turnip. allowing a pint to a pint of the mixture of nuts and meat. fine sieve. to keep them in shape. one onion. halves. and on top of that. remove the paper. remove. Have some nice chicken forcemeat. and a Let them come to the boiling-point. Add one teaspoonful of salt. Put two ounces of butter in a saucepan and clarify it. stalk of celery.MEATS 157 tomatoes. Put turnips round the dish. Sweetbread Jardiniere with Sauce Prepare three pairs of sweetbreads by stand in cold water for one hour. in the centre make a rosette so the sweetbreads will have a support. Have some spinach cooked and put through a of spinach. Have some nice white turnips cooked in Cut them in size. Place them round on the spinach border. and pour round Serve the balls on them the thickened tomatoes. When they become a rich golden brown.

Cook until it thickens. and when they come to a boil add a teaspoonf ul of finely chopped onion. put on skewers. wrap them in thin buttered paper. When this has boiled a few minutes. turning Drain the sweetbreads.158 MBS. then put them in a pan with enough boiling water to cover them. and roast before a moderate fire. of white Moisten with a glass minutes. slices of fat pork. PreFry a few finely parsley and herbs in four : ounces of butter until slightly browned. fold in them frequently. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and place in a pan with brown sauce. Cook in hot oven for twenty minutes. one small bunch of parsley. one tablespoonful of flour. soak in cold water for two hours. . Baste often with the sauce. add one pint of good consomme. Baked Sweetbreads Trim eight heart sweetbreads. Dry thoroughly. and Espagnole sauce. one of celery chopped very fine. Remove paper and pork. one teaspoonful of salt. two cloves. When ready to serve add two tablespoonf uls Madeira wine. Sweetbreads with Brown Sauce Clean and soak two pairs of sweetbreads in cold water for an hour or more. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Jardiniere Sauce Melt one tablespoonf ul of butter. and cook them for twenty minutes. Take them out and place them in cold water for two or three minutes to make them firm. one tablespoonful of carrot chopped fine. and serve with a demiglaze sauce made with the matignon. a little two pieces of tin. and a dash of cayenne. glaze nicely. wine and simmer slowly for five Pour this over the sweetbreads and let them soak for two hours. Serve very hot. parboil. a little broth. press and cool between pare a matignon of the following ingredients sliced carrots and shallots. rub them with a tablespoonful of butter.

wine. and cool. add one pint Allemande sauce. Cook eighteen minutes in boiling salted water with one tablespoonful of lemon juice. six in cold When cold. shallots ing sauce in a separate sauce dish : — One pint of veloute sauce. Sweetbread Patties Soak sweetbreads in cold water. add one pint of cooked mushrooms cut in very small pieces.MEATS Sweetbread Croquettes with Sauce 159 Trim and soak six good-sized sweetbreads in cold water for Then parboil. Then place them on a paper to drain. quite thick. fry a little. one glass of white Boil five minutes. Stir very hard and boil one minute. and a little grated nutmeg. When cold. with two ounces of melted butter. with the butter. cut them in small pieces. two tablespoons of beef extract. salt. one-half wine-glassful of . Fry in hot fat until a Drain on brown paper and serve with the followlight brown. shape them in oblong pieces. white pepper. trim water for two hours. then in Qgg and bread crumbs again. Then plunge in cold water to harden. Scalloped Sweetbreads Soak four sweetbreads boil them. of fine-chopped mushrooms and some chopped Mix with the sauce without boiling. heat with a rich cream sauce. and the yolks of four eggs. Then add the sweetbreads cut in very small pieces. Stew them for minutes with one ounce of butter. and serve in pastry shells or in biscuit boxes. Parand cut in slices. Put two tablespoons of finely chopped three hours. and a little lemon juice. dip in beaten Qgg^ then in fine bread crumbs. some finely chopped. drain. When cold. fry a minute or two. remove the pipes and membranes. Add two tablespoons parsley. Cut in thick slices and fry until quite dry. Mix well and turn into a dish to cool.

Sweetbread Timbale Place one pair of pounds of whites of through a sauce and one-half cup of cream. place in a buttered timbale dish. wash. ground mace. add egg to the raw mixture. cloves. : and mix with the following boiled eggs. large cooked sweetbreads and three raw white meat of chicken in a mortar with the two eggs. Trim the edges evenly. Moisten with one-half cup of Bechamel and poach for about not firm to the touch. If too more cream to the raw mixture. Then take a small portion. a dash of cayenne. Beat all together until very light. moisten . one scant tablespoonful of salt. any other to Veal Kidney Pie Select three nice veal kidneys. Then stir in one gill of thick white sauce. two sliced truffles. Line a deep-buttered dish with puff pastry. Pound to a fine pulp. and salt to taste. water. Then buttered moulds. and poach Serve with Princess sauce or suit the taste. in a brisk oven. in oven until firm to the touch. and a little grated nutmeg if desired. and four sliced mushrooms. seely's cook book white wine. also chop the fat The chopped yolks of four hard- Mix the kidneys thoroughly with the seasoning and fill the baking dish. Mix thoroughly. Then press puree sieve. and wliite pepper. Moisten with three tablespoonfuls of Sherry. Fill some scallop shells with this mixture. and one teaspoonful of white pepper.160 MRS. and soak them in salted Chop very fine. Set away on ice until it is thoroughly chilled. cover with buttered paper. Season to taste with salt. and a little grated nutmeg. ten minutes. cover with a layer of pastry. white pepper. a dash of grated nutmeg. then in fresh water. a few finely chopped herbs and pieces of celery. Put When slightly brown. remove and serve. sprinkle with fine bread crumbs and a few bits of butter. At the end of that time of one if mix the beaten white place in firm to the touch.

Cook about one hour in a moderate oven. Cook for five minutes with one finely chopped onion. in a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley and serve at once. Stir eight chopped mushrooms. Then add one wine-glass of white wine. Shake the pan all the time. Serve on a platter with a garnish of glazed onions round the edge. one saltspoonful of black pepper. leaving the fat on. very thin slices of fat pork over the top and put in a pan with about one pint broth. Sew up the pouch closely. one pound of cooked ham. pour over the Glazed Onions Peel and cook for ten minutes in plenty of boiling salted water one pint of small white onions. and one ounce Season with pinch of salt and one-half pinch of of butter. and mix thoroughly. Stuff into this Two tablespoons of chopped pouch the following mixture parsley. and on the under side make a long deep slit from the thick end to the thinnest end. Chop all these together and add two raw eggs. and seven or Cook all for three minutes. Drain and dry thor- . Baked Calf's Liver with Glazed Onions Take a calf's liver weighing about three pounds. adding to it one teaspoonful of flour of mixed thoroughly with one tablespoonful butter. pepper.MEATS and press them together. one bruised clove of garlic. the pie and bake. 161 in the top of Stewed Calf's Liver Have a piece of liver weighing one and one-half or two pounds cut into small pieces. Sprinkle the liver with one-half teaspoonful Then put a few of salt and one-half teaspoonful of pepper. and one gill of Espagnole sauce. one cup of bread crumbs moistened with a little stock. Cut a small opening Serve while hot. Strain the gravy through a very fine sieve or cloth and liver. one medium-sized onion. Be careful to cut : it straight. Baste four or five times.

dip in or more pieces. and arrange in a frying basket. Fried Calf's Liver and Bacon Cut the necessary amount of calf's liver in thin slices and wash it in cold water. Liver should be cooked slowly to make it moist and wholesome. Immerse in plenty of very Jiot fat and fry a nice color. Be sure to turn them often. and cook minutes or until cooked. Place the pan where there is not an intense heat. so they will become evenly colored. Place some thin slices of bacon in a hot pan and cook them until they are crisp. a Put pass Tartare sauce. teaspoonful of salt. and nine . salt. Boil slowly Drain on a cloth. SEELY'S COOK BOOK baking pan two tablespoonfuls of butter and and place the onions so they do not touch each other. Cover them with two tablespoons of granulated sugar. Drain on paper and serve. drop the slices of liver into the bacon fat. beaten eggs. Serve on and garnish with the bacon. slowly five or six — for a hot platter Fried Calf's Brains Remove the arteries and soak four calves' brains in cold water for two hours. Garnish with fried parsley and in a saucepan with water tastes strongly of vinegar. Remove from the pan and keep them hot. roll in fresh white crumbs. and a sliced onion. remove the skins. which few pep23ercorns. then place in a Add one saucepan with just enough water to cover them. MBS.162 oughly. drain thoroughly. wash again. Calf s Brains with Mushroom Sauce Soak two calves' brains in cold water for half an hour. Bake in oven for fifteen minutes. Sprinkle the pieces with dry crumbs. Divide each lobe in two for forty minutes. a bunch of parsley with herbs tied in it. one-quarter of a cup of vinegar. in a Put half a pint of broth.

Half an hour before it served.MEATS Cook about ten or whole peppers. Calf's Brains a la Vinaigrette Wash three good-sized calves' brains. and place on a hot dish. Empty one can of mushrooms. and boil it gently from one to two hours. then stir in one-half cupful of stock and one cup of claret. Calf's Head it The butcher should first prepare the head for use. half a cup of vinegar. Remove from the fire. Cut each brain in half. Lay the boned head in a stewpan. Cover with scum as the head begins to heat. one carrot sliced. as mock oysters. a dozen whole peppers. If it is necessary. 163 Drain Have the following sauce prepared: Brown eighteen or twenty small onions in one ounce and a half of butter. three small pinches of salt. and simmer frying. and Drain thoroughly. and bone it entirely. replace the brains if you wish to stew them. sauce over all. Cook for ten minutes. Garnish the brains with the vegetables and pour the utes. Set the pan where the sauce will cook slowly for half an hour. Put them in a saucepan and cover with fresh water. which may be kept for may be added later. take off the gently for an hour in is its own gravy. Garthen wash again. nish with parsley. enough to absorb the butter. or cold water. Season with salt and black pepper to taste. wash them. fifteen minutes. sprig of thyme. let it cool. remove the skins. Stir for a few minutes. thicken the gravy with a flour or corn-starch and lay . and cut in moderately Mix these with the sauce and boil for ten minsmall pieces. and one bay leaf. Serve hot on a folded napkin on a dish with vinaigrette sauce in a sauce-boat. Wash thoroughly and remove the brains. add a pint of mushroom little buttons. Drain thoroughly. When a good color add a little flour.

Place the pieces in a saucepan with drain five off ounces of butter. fat. cook until colored a nice brown. forcemeat balls round the Calf's Heart Roasted Make a forcemeat of fine bread crumbs. scrape the meat from four of them. mix well. white pepper. Add one quart and a pint of water and one pint of tomato sauce. pepper should be added during the Salt to taste and cayenne If you have not the mushrooms at hand. and spread on each side of the other Roll in beaten egg and cracker crumbs and fry in deep four. and nutmeg. SEELY'S COOK BOOK disli in which the head is served. sprinkle in a little flour. salt and pepper. a little parsley. Haricot of Lamb and cut Select a fat fore quarter of lamb. and cook a minute longer. of beef suet Fried Chops with Brown Sauce Frenched.164 MES. cut off the chops. one teaspoonful of flour. Brown Sauce One stir teasjDOonful of melted butter. sweet marjoram. a quarter of a pound chopped small. hot the fat. Take eight good-sized lamb chops. a bunch of stewing. — — cut in small pieces. In the centre of a platter of all kinds of vegetables make a mould. and half a cup of stock. salt. and if your taste finds them agreeable. the remainder in square pieces. Arrange the chops round a mould and cover with brown sauce. sage leaves finely minced may be added instead. season with salt. turning Serve with slices of lemon and melted butter it frequently. fire over until a light brown. Add a little horseradish. Mix these ingredients with the yolk of an egg and place them in the heart. poured over it. Tie the heart and roast. lemon peel pepper. and a the .

Remove the fat. Drain and wash again. Stir until it boils and then stand where it will keep warm. Trim the bone prevent them from being basting Curry of Lamb with Asparagus Tops squares. and a bouquet. of raw potato balls. Then cover them with boiling water. then onions sugared and browned in butter. Let them come to a boil. three-quarters of a teaspoonful of pepper. and eigliteen small Boil half an hour. Let come to a boil. and place the flank over the ribs to cooked too much. Fasten all together securely. and serve on a hot dish. add one pint longer. Place in a moderate oven and roast for one hour. Rub Add a bouquet. Skim the meat from the broth and place in another saucepan. Boil slowly lialf an hour let it Place the saucepan at the side of the range and stand for fifteen minutes. Season with one tablespoon of salt. Strain the liquid into another saucepan with one-half pint of white sauce. Hind Quarter of Spring Lamb Select a medium-sized hind quarter of lamb.MEATS grated nutmeg if 165 all so desired. the sauce through a fine sieve over the meat. Pour over the lamb. five small onions. Place in a saucepan with enough water to cover. it with its own drippings. Skim the grease from the drippings and strain it over the lamb. Beat the yolks of four eggs and the juice of half a lemon together. Cut three and a half pounds of shoulder of lamb in two-inch Wash thoroughly and drain. rubbing it over the meat. bouquet. Serve mint sauce with it if wished. Also add one . a few carrots and turnips cut in small pieces. Gradually stir this into the sauce. one and a half tablespoonfuls of salt. Cover it vrith the thin fat and place it in a dripping pan with one tablespoonful of water. Let all cook and steam for forty-five minutes. Skim off all the fat and remove the Dish in conical form and serve. cover the bone with paper ruffle.

Let it get a nice brown. and white pepper. Do not let it boil. Sprinkle with little pieces of butter and roast in a moderate oven for one hour and Baste often and turn it three or four times while it a quarter. Garnish the dish with parsley. cut off the bone and trim and pepper. Roast Mutton Select a medium-sized leg of mutton. strain it. Serve with either the strained gravy from the pan it. cloth Remove it the and place the meat in a dripping pan. one pint of broth. In the saucepan add one tablespoonful of flour. Sprinkle with a little flour and roast in oven for about half or three-quarters of an hour. sprinkle with fine crumbs and dots of butter. removing all the sinews and Cut them in two pieces. Rub well with melted butter or drippings. Just before serving. Rub it with salt or thickened gravy. Melt four ounces of and season with salt butter in a saucepan. Arrange the mutton alternately with fried bread. Remove and drain on a plate. and fry them until they are thoroughly cooked and a light brown.166 MBS. . seely's cook book Serve steaming pint of asparagus tops. Flatten them almost all the fat. add the fillets. Make a sauce of the strained drippings from the meat. Boil for a minute or two. kettle with enough water Let it stew or boil very slowly for one hour and twenty-five minutes. and a glass of Sherry. is roasting. Baste it often with contents of the pan. Turn them frequently. Skim the grease from the sauce. Fillets of Mutton Prepare four fillets of mutton. Place it in a to cover it. cut the same size. any thin cloth. Roast Mutton Select a nice breast of Sew it up in a piece of muslin or mutton weighing about eight pounds. and garnish the fillets. hot with a garnish of boiled rice.

Spread a thin layer of chicken between Close each one. Season to taste with grated nutmeg. if handy. giving each chop the two layers of each chop. salt. Skim all the grease from the drippings. and. Select six nice : — Sauce for Chops Cook two tablespoonfuls each of finely chopped tongue and mushrooms with two tablespoonfuls of Madeira wine until dry. also the kidneys. Then add one cupful of finely cut cooked chicken. Southdown mutton. smooth sauce. Cook five minutes and serve in separate dish or in the centre of the may rest chop dish. and roast in quite a hot oven for one hour and a half. half a cup of finely cut canned mushrooms. . Add one cupful of white broth and cook to a thick. and let it stand in a warm place for ten or fifteen minutes. desired. make a brown gravy. on a dish and set aside until cold. and serve in separate dish. and. add a little flour and stock. a little finely cut tongue and a if little cream. Then add one cupful of Espagnole sauce and one-half cup of stewed. Also serve currant jelly. Drain. Roast Saddle of Mutton Trim a small saddle of thin skin and make a small cut in the fat. the chops size as the chops. strained tomatoes. arrange a curled paper on each one. white pepper. a little Spread Frenched Split them in half Avithout separating them and season chops. and serve with the following sauce Stir over the fire for five minutes. on pieces of fried bread the same If desired.MEATS Chops a la 167 Signora with Sauce Cook one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of flour for two minutes. Pull oiT the Remove nearly all Tie firmly in a neat shape the suet inside. and fry in clarified butter until a golden color and well done. original form. with salt and pepper. Dress them in a circle on a hot dish. Dip in beaten egg^ then cover with bread its crumbs.

168 MRS. made of plain cream sauce with capers. Cover and place where it will cook slowly for one hour. or until the meat and potatoes are tender. Remove the and add one scant quart of sliced onion. or Hollandaise sauce with a handful of capers added. then add one quart of sliced raw potato and one tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley. Frequently turn the Serve with maitre d'hotel sauce. Mutton Stew Remove shoulder. one teaspoonful of vinegar. or until tender. Let it simmer for one hour and three-quarters. Devilled Mutton Slice some undercooked mutton about one inch thick. : clear fire for six or seven minutes. Simmer for half an hour longer. until there fat the skin from three pounds of mutton cut from the Cut the is fat from it. The sauce must be served hot. and serve very hot. Place the slices on a greased broiler and cook over a it. two teaspoonfuls of olive oil. Occasionally stir it. and then in small pieces. . Boil for Serve with caper sauce one hour and a half. put in a kettle with one bouquet and enough salted cold water to cover it. one teaspoonful of pepper. add one quart of boiling water. three teaspoonfuls of salt. and cook it about five tablespoonfuls of liquid. score and spread with the following mixture One teaspoonful of dry mustard. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Boiled Leg of Mutton Trim a medium-sized leg of mutton. Add more salt and pepper. place in a saucepan. and a dash of cayenne pepper. if necessary. broiler and avoid scorching the meat. Mix thoroughly before spreading on the meat. Then stir in one tablespoonful of flour and the mutton cut Cook until it is slightly browned. and half a teaspoonful of white pepper.

the mutton it first begins to boil. thyme. and season with salt. found excellent. add a little of the boiled rice and continue the cooking The gravy formed by the butter. fry in butter. and after having washed (not soaked) it. Salt the water to taste. After the mixture has simmered half an hour. lay it in a kettle of its size. it will be like the unpalatable.MEATS Boiled 169 Leg of Mutton Take a well-kept but perfectly sweet leg of mutton of middling weight. and ragged fast-boiled meat sent up by ignorant and tasteless cooks and served by inexperienced housekeepers. and pour in rather more than sufficient cold water to cover it. and when the water begins to boil take off the scum. and chopped mint. add two medium-sized onions stuck with a dozen cloves and a bundle or bouquet of parsley. a few cardamons. Cut cold boiled mutton in pieces an inch square. four or five large carrots. Plain Boiled Mutton boil. After the first skimming throw in a tablespoonful of salt. Boiled mutton should be served with caper sauce or brown cucumber sauce or oyster sauce. Mutton Pilau Boil rice till the kernels are quite done and yet unbroken. . and after the water is well cleared. hard. and a half an hour afterward as many turnips. pepper. Set the kettle over a good fire. Draw the kettle to a spot on the range where the mutton wall simmer gently for two hours and a half from the time will be If stewed gently. as nearly as possible. From the liquor in which the mutton is boiled excellent soup may be made. and continue to till no more appears. and savory. Add three or four whole onions. Cover with cold water and skim when the pot has come to a Boil gently until very tender. If hurried. fifteen or twenty minutes. a little onion.

then putting on another layer of rice and upon this pouring mutton and gravy. two or three bay leaves. seasoning. As soon as it begins to boil. SEELT'S COOK BOOK browned mutton. Serve the meat with the vegetables round it. Mutton Cromeskies Prepare the cold mutton by mincing salt. Cold Roast Leg of Mutton have been cut from the joint. if you wish.170 MRS. may also be added. add a couple Now bunch of parsley. thicken the gravy. drop them in deep. Lay them round the edges of a dish piled in mountain form with plain boiled rice or mashed potato and garnished with tiny trees if pepper. or chopped onion. and thyme and parsley. hot fat and fry to a delicate brown. Some pungent or spicy sauce. and. Roll the bacon tightly and neatly round the mutton so that none may escape and tie the pieces round with fine Dip each of the cromeskies in a frying batter and then twine. bone the fillet and place in the cavity veal forcemeat. it and seasoning it with you upon some slices of bacon cut very thin. Lay a little of the mince of parsley stuck in the sides. wish. take off as much of the large end of the leg as will make that side of the fillet a slices When few afford a fillet of tolerable size. Put the meat with the bones and trimmings into a kettle and cover them with water. four or and turnips plenty of vegetables. To do this. Let the whole simmer gently for a couple of hours. it will still which may be dressed into a more savory dish than hash or mince. perfectly flat. in fact. which your taste tells you is in harmony with the dish. of onions. cut also evenly through the joint where it has been carved. a five carrots — . and rice should slightly flavor the Serve by laying some of the boiled rice on a dish and laying on it mutton and gravy. or with broth if you have any stock at hand.

set over the their own juice. lay in the meat and add one and burn. time have ready as many potatoes as you need. and a half quarts of water. The bone cut from the leg may be broken hours. and with the trimmings of the meat boiled in the broth pot with rice for a most nourishing and palatable broth. or sizzling. basting often. when it boils. Add a teaspoon of salt. now upon further action the success or failure of your stew depends. Skim all the saucepan. fine. Add.MEATS Loin of Mutton dressed like Venison 171 Skin and bone a loin of mutton and lay it in a braising pan with a pint of water. Boned Leg of Mutton Have the butcher remove the bone of a nice fat leg of mutton that has been well hung. black pepper. Let the mixture come to a boil. stirring — . and let the onions fry in and watching them that they may not When they are done. at one side of the saucepan. and a spoonful of vinegar. Let the whole stew three hours. a half saltspoon of pepper. a little sage. no more mering is a slight motion. Make a forcemeat of bread crumbs. and At the end of that let the meat cook two hours well covered. a large onion stuck with a dozen cloves. and salt. and season with pork cut up in Fill the leg with this forcemeat and bake several small bits. Stew the bones in another dish and add their gravy to Serve moist with the gravy the mutton as it requires liquor. in which it stews. also. Watch every minute or so till you find the spot on simthe range where the mixture will just simmer. half a pint of Port wine. and onions chopped butter. and some salt Irish Stew joints like chops Cut in pieces between the fire two pounds of the scrao: of mutton. a small bouquet of thyme and parsley also pepper . turning the loin often. Slice three medium-sized onions in an iron well covered. hard-boiled eggs.

a platter. In serving. but any other lean part may be used. mutton. They are to cook by steam. and let vegetables encircle Mutton Croquettes Have at hand one good pint of finely chopped mutton. onion. Then cut up small a carrot. seely's cook book are to break from the gravy. and again in bread . one-half teaspoonful of white pepper. Boil for four minutes. mix one tablespoonful and of flour fuls of butter together stir in the milk. Half an hour before serving add the other half of the peas. Put it on the fire to stew in one and a half pints of water and cook gently as directed for Irish stew for an hour and a half. and add them to the meat with a teaspoon of salt and a scant one-half ounce of pepper. because boil it — down rapidly for a few minutes. and yet not tasteless and " done to the gravy is not enough to cover the potatoes. only broth if it rags. These and thicken the gravy. and turnip. Do It not mind would be were to do that. then in beaten egg. Turn out on roll in fine When cool. Scald one cup of milk.172 fat MRS. and one tablespoonful of lemon juice. mixing with the liquor of the peas a dessertspoon of flour to thicken. Then lay the others over if the meat. Add also half a can of fine marrowfat peas. Irish stew must always be closely covered while cooking. Be sure to skim off carefully all the fat after the meat is taken up. Cut up two potatoes in thin slices. Season with one tablespoonful of salt." Real Scotch Hotch Fetch Cut up two pounds of scrag of mutton the scrag is best it is lean and carries the sweetness of the bone with its cooking. Stir and three tablespoonThen add the in two well-beaten eggs. shape into the desired bread crumbs. and if the gravy seems too plentiful. lay the the peas and other mutton in the centre of a dish it. it will be so tender that you can tear it with a fork. If the meat is stewed carefully and slowly. cutting them in two if they are large. size.

Then roll again for a in fine bread crumbs. Roll in fine bread crumbs and broil over a moderate fire for five minutes. and split lengthwise one dozen kidneys. Boil all slowly for two hours. Baked Pork and Beans Soak one quart of white beans in cold water for twelve Then put them in a pan with four quarts of cold water. do not separate them. Strain off the liquid from the beans. Then put them on skewers if not silver. and broil them minute or two on each side. Also remove the onion. Remove from the fire. Fry in hot fat until a nice The fat for frying should be the boiling degree of heat. Let them come to a boil and add salt. Return them to the fire and broil four Serve with maitre d'hotel sauce poured over them. a little white pepper. carrots. Run the skewer through the centre of the two kidneys. and a dash of cayenne. Score the fatty hours. and parsley. Devilled Lamb's Kidneys Prepare the kidneys the same as for broiling. have them bright and fresh-looking. soak it for two hours in tepid water. Before adding the pork. 173 brown. If not. Serve on a folded napkin with a thick brown sauce seasoned with Madeira them in a dish Skin.MEATS crumbs. — in a separate dish. — — — . Pour them into a hollow baking dish an earthen one is the better with two tablespoonfuls of molasses over them. a white onion with two whole cloves stuck in it. a bunch of parsley. white pepper to taste. Roll them well in English mustard paste which is seasoned with salt. break open and absorb the grease. Take the pork out and let it drain. the croquettes will Broiled Lamb's Kidneys Put and season with salt. of five minutes longer. and a four-pound piece of salt pork a streak of fat and a streak of lean. trim. pepper. one carrot. and sweet oil.

onions. twenty pounds. Put it in cold water and set on the back of the Cook very gently stove with a few soup vegetables or herbs. and serve with red currant jelly on the top. and add about four quarts of stock or water. Then put it in Take it out and a boiler and boil gradually for three hours. trim neatly. Take up. a little flour Brown . Place it in a tightly covered pan with a few carrots.174 MBS. allspice. your lid fits closely. Remove the skin. Boiled Ham Soak the ham twenty-four hours. . Baked Ham with Hot Sauce Remove the thigh-bone of the ham and let it soak in cold water for twenty-four hours before cooking. bake braise for one hour in Sherry or Champagne. from eight to ten hours. with the gravy from the beans. Place the pan in the oven and be careful that Let the ham steam slowly for three hours. Have it either hot or cold. seely's cook Press it book side of the pork. in a Bake one hour Occasionally baste the pork Serve in the baking dish. whole cloves. or dry and hard. bay leaf. about thirty minutes. Hot Sauce for Baked Ham and butter in the oven until it becomes Then remove all the fat from the stock rather a dark brown. moderate oven. Remove it from the oven and let it cool in the liquor. or more if large. If the ham is served hot. and one bunch of cooking celery. It should then Take up the ham and if you have time. remove the rind. down in the centre of the beans. send it to the table as soon as taken from The above is for a ham weighing from eighteen to the oven. Strain it and add the browned in which the ham was cooked. blade of mace. simmer very gently. and put it on to let it get cold. The ham should stay on the stove four or five hours before it really starts to cook.



The cider flavor is finer if a barrel of cider is left out doors to freeze. according to the money you wish to spend. or Champagne. Next morning put the ham Let the in a large kettle or pot of cold water to boil. or Burgundy. it is always safe to sew a piece of cotton cloth tightly round the . and with fresh cold water. At the end of five hours take the fill it ham out. downward. a gallon of vinegar. Ham Wash well a fine ham. water get hot gradually and continue to cook the ham in a slow boil scarcely more than a simmer.MEATS butter and flour. then simmer or boil for three hours more. This was done for hams cider is the used at a supper given by a lawyer to forty or fifty friends. Then add. and they all marvelled at the " Champagne taste " of the delicious meat. or a gallon of claret. skin it. Then take and put in a cool place. — — Boiled Ham a la Chamberlin Put the ham in a tub of cold water. to prevent the the ham off. A small bag of thrown in the boiling cider spices cloves. so that the acid of the cider will Boil not eat the metal and give a metallic taste to the meat. ham from tearing. adding a little pepper. cinnamon gives added flavor. throw the water out of the pot. mace. and set to cool in the liquid in which it is boiled. Strain the sauce again before serving. until the ham is thoroughly cooked. the night before boiling. little Just before sending to the table add a Sherry or Champagne. Some of these men were gourmets. Stir well 175 and boil it down. The kettle should be porcelain. Put the ham back immediately and let it simmer or boil slowly five hours more. slowly five to eight hours. and after it is about half frozen through the heart of drawn off for this boiling. that is. fleshy part skin part up. and in the morning set to boil in a kettle of hot cider. Boiled in Cider Soak it it over night in clear spring water.

a pinch of mace. after taking it off the stove. add to the mixture. a pinch of cayenne. cream. Whip the whites masher with a potato the masher. Ham Cut it Mousse in raw ham in pieces. and stew five hours. one-fourth teaspoon of pepper. changing the water quite often. rejecting all fat. and put cold water for two hours. scrape that also. a slice of drain. and ounces of each. Virginia Ham Put the ham in bucket of tepid water and allow it to stand In morning put in pot of cold water and allow it all night. Let the ham stand. Care must and Whip half a pint of cream be taken not to whip your cream too much. There should be four Put both in wooden bowl. also the ham. Decorate your mould. carrot. If wine to come to simmer. and a pinch of cloves. in which one onion. and be Set in the ice-box a few minutes. two eggs whipped with a tablespoonful of When cold. ful of salt. nice roasted chicken.176 MBS. pound them to a paste. Make of two eggs and work in with a sauce of one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of Let both boil. Then weigh chicken. fine Then Scrape with a sharp knife. Set to cool. Add one-half teaspoonPut through a very puree sieve. firm and guard against the neglect of the cook in letting the water boil too fast. and the yolks of . flavor is wished. celery. chicken broth. make a boiling mixture of one quart of Champagne. seely's cook so as to fit it book This will keep the meat ham as close as a glove. and then add one cup of well-seasoned flour. dry in a clean towel. Set aside to cool. Take the breast of a and put through a sieve. whole pepper. Be sure you have it well flavored before you add the cream. add it to the meat. not boiling. one quart of Burgundy. good weight. it may separate. in its juice twenty-four hours. and blade of mace have been cooked.



Put buttered paper over it. in Russia. turnips. This mousse may be served hot or cold. and therefore a porcelain kettle had best be used. Roast Pig Select a pig about three cleaned. Thirty minutes before serving. Be sure of you weigh and measure correctly. thyme. weeks old. — carrots. bouillon. giving the mould a few knocks on the table to settle the well buttered so that the decorations stick to ice to it even so that it will not break when dished. etc. It can be done taste. — a season- ing of onion. After it is thoroughly and dried.MEATS sure it is 177 it. with all chicken or all ham. then harden. also often served with corned beef and beef au naturel. but do not boil. To make made of vegetathe soup. not forgetting a bouquet of majoram. washed. Measure your half-pint Sucking Pig a la Russe with Horseradish Sauce Boil a fat sucking pig in a soup you have bles. and poach until it is firm forcemeat to get Serve with princess sauce. mer — — Horseradish Sauce Grate the horseradish. and cook until tender. pour the horseradish sauce given below over it. use vegetables such as usually go to the making of vegetable soup. rub the inside with one teaspoonful . This delicious sauce is. fry in butter mixed with a little add several tablespoons of rich cream. put in your forceput on meat. cream before you whip it. Set off the stove. put your mould in pan of hot water. sprinkle with parsley. When well chilled. according to the to the touch. savory.. warm again. and serve. add the yolks of a couple of eggs. etc. sum- Vinegar should be added to the broth. When the pig is thoroughly cooked its tenderness is tested by a skewer or fork carve it.

Indiana Mock Goose Parboil a leg of pork and take off the skin. Place it stand for two or three hours. and place in a pan. then cook them in stock until tender. Serve with Espagnole sauce. Roast Pork Select four pounds of the loin of pork. Place some in the centre of the pork. with apple sauce in a almost white. Put it in the oven to roast with a little water in the pan. the centre with a mixture of sausage meat and bread crumbs moistened with Qgg. small onions until a light brown. About onehalf hour before it is thoroughly cooked remove the buttered paper that the ears and tail may become brown. and roast in a moderate oven for two hours. Rub the entire body with melted butter. Baste When done. and place a piece of wood in the mouth to keep it open. When cooked arrange on a platter. them from crisping. Serve on a hot platter. Fry in butter fifty whole. Strain and serve in a sauce-boat. Let it pan with a half cup of water. the meat should be often with the drippings. Skewer them in position. Rub well with two tablespoonfuls of salt and one teaspoonful of pepper. Bake in a moderate oven for three hours and a half. the rest used for a garnish. ping pan. place a red apple or a piece of lemon in the mouth. seely's jjook book Fill it with bread forcemeat and sew up the openPress the fore feet forward and the hind feet backward.178 of salt. basting it frequently with melted butter. and serve with ajDple sauce. dredge it with salt and a little white Cover the ears and tail with buttered paper to keep pepper. in a Crown Trim and shape ten Fill of Pork or twelve pork chops into a crown. Roast in a moderate oven for one hour and three-quarters. and baste often . 3£RS. ing. Make a thick gravy with the contents of dripseparate dish.

Take the mixture from the fire and let it Dip them in egg^ and get cold. bast- ing frequently. with enough milk to make a thick smooth batter. Make for it the same stuffing you would make for duck. and send to the table garnished with quarters of apple cooked without Walnut Croquettes Stir in a double boiler a pint of bread crumbs. Sew the tenderloin together. A goose stuffing may be inserted under the knuckle skin. sugar. and the Serve with dish may be garnished with balls of fried stuffing. and fry in deep hot fat. then in bread crumbs. sour apple sauce or with gooseberry jam a little sweetened. and roast. pepper. Before serving draw out the thread. salt. Serve with any sauce to your taste. then form croquettes.MEATS 179 with a mixture of butter. and stir in the wellbeaten yolks of four eggs. and finely minced onion. Mock Duck Have your butcher split lengthwise a pork tenderloin. minced or powdered sage. enclosing the stuffing. Moisten witli a couple of tablespoons of brandy or Sherry. and add a teaspoon of salt and a full cup and a half of chopped walnuts. . bread crumbs rubbed fine.

Then add a cupful of is Taste. Mix them well and let them steep for one hour. pepper. A pepper may be used. one can of the article may be substituted. to be sure there cream and one cup of boiled enough seasoning. Stew slowly for two hours. take Into the fat in which it up and put it into a large stewpan. when cold cut them up. and the juice of two lemons. is. add then hour. and if tliere When fresh okra cannot be obtained. and place them in a hollow dish with salt. Fifteen minutes before serving. When the chicken is cooked. — obtained brown by frying half a pound of salt pork slowly. drain. a sliced onion. Fry all fine. Marinade of Chicken Take two medium -sized boiled chickens. chopped parsley. and two sprigs of parsley. two glasses of oil. of boiling water and season with one-half teaspoonful of pepper and two scant tablespooiifuls of salt. 180 then dip each piece in a flour batter and drop them one by one . one-half an for slowly rather ingredients these half and dish a pint a into the Pour them to the fried chicken. five sliced tomatoes.CHAPTER VII POULTRY AND GAME Chicken Gumbo Cut two cliickens in pieces and fry until a delicate in half a cupful of salt pork fat. cut fry slowly for ten minutes. remove the skin. boil up once and serve. rice. The chicken may dash of cayenne instead of white be a year or more old. the chicken was fried put a large onion cut in thin slices and Then add one quart of okra.

and cold tlie water to desired thickness. season Avith pepper and salt. centre of each. Moisten them half their height with broth. sprinkle a little salt One-half pound sifted flour. Baste them frequently. place over a brisk fire. and cut two tender chickens in quarters. Beat the whites of stiff froth and thoroughly mix with the batter. Spread the meat on the table. 181 Give them a nice color. seasoned with herbs. yolks of three eggs. . and put in a saucepan with five ounces of melted butter. flatten slightly. dish them in a circle. in the an oblong or oval shape. Flour Batter for Marinade paper. place the cover on the pan. Cover.POULTRY AND GAME in deep hot fat. draw. Drain off most of the butter. and cook them slowly in the oven for half an hour. surrounded with fried parsley. Cover them with a glaze. mix Avell. with a braised lettuce between each one. Place and celery in a stewpan. Ballottines of Legs of eggs to a Fowls Cut open eight fowls' legs. sprinkle with one ounce of well-sifted flour. drain on brown over them. remove all the bones and sinews. remove. and serve with a bowl of tomato sauce. and add one and one-half . Crack the main bones. and put them in press between two dishes until they are cold. Fill the centre with a jardiniere of vegetables. a little salt. and place a tablespoonful of forcemeat. carrot. arrange the ballottines on them and cover with thin slices of fat bacon. When cooked. cover with greased paper. Trim them and place in a saucepan with a little broth and cover with greased paper let them simmer slowly in the oven for fifteen minutes. Pour Espagnole sauce around the entree and serve. and fry a light brown on each side. Fried Chicken with Cream Sauce Singe. Dish on a folded napkin. and white pepper. a in Sew them few slices of onion.

seelt's cook book Remove the cover and boil ten minutes. one cup of thick cream sauce. then stir in half a pint of Singe. If mushrooms are not at hand. or more if the thickening will it. and a little salt. wash. a teaspoon of finely minced onion. Then shape the chicken in the Set away to cool. sprinkle juice of half a lemon. one-fourth cup sliced mushrooms. with chopped parsley. Drain off part of the fat. Chicken Cromeskies To a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan add a teacup of milk thickened with a tablespoon of flour. Chicken a tender chickens. white pepper. Chicken Croquettes Chop and pound white meat. MRS. add a tablespoonful of chopped shallots. form you wish. roll portions of the chicken mixture in them. Take slices of a boiled ham or slices of uncooked bacon. a dash of cayenne. absorb to a powder one cup salt. chicken and to the sauce add two small pats of butter and the Pour this over the chicken. then in beaten egg^ then in bread crumbs.182 pints of cream . and dry thoroughly . and let the whole cook up. la Marengo two good-sized fat and Cut them up as for fricassee. and a little grated nutmeg. Put the pieces in a pan with two ounces of butter and one gill of olive oil. Fry three minutes longer. and fry in deep hot fat. fry in deep hot fat. Garnish with sprigs of parsley and serve hot. and a bruised clove of garlic. Fry over a brisk fire until slightly brown on both sides. roll the croquettes in fine bread crumbs. To this add a large cup of minced chicken. a little catsup may be used instead. seasoned with minced mushrooms and parsley. and cayenne. salt. fixing each piece with a skewer or tying each about with fine Dip in a frying batter or in the white of an egg and twine. of cold chicken — the Add Season with celery salt. and serve very hot.

Trim the pieces and place them on a dish. Put the sauce in a double boiler. eight eggs. singe. add a liaison of four eggs. add a teaspoonful of chopped onion and let it boil for two minutes. inside the legs When cold. Dish in pyramid form. then add one ounce of flour and let it come to a boil. and bone a nice young fowl and with the and rubbed through a sieve. put the forcemeat centre of it. Two ounces of raw veal also rubbed through a sieve. with a puree of chestnuts in a plain border or in rosettes the dish. sew up the back. four mushrooms pounded well and put through a sieve. Also serve a rich brown sauce with it. Make a sauce of the following Melt one ounce of butter in saucepan. half a pint of Espagnole sauce. Put all in a mortar and pound to a pulp. two wine-glasses Cover and let all simmer gently of Sherry. Then put it in the oven to brown. away to cool. add eggs and cream. a delicate them on cloth. in for fifteen minutes. and braise it one hour. Do not let it boil. Drain them round the chicken. Poulade a la Royale stuff it fine Drain. Draw in the allowkettle Serve round Fricassee a la Dauphine Prepare and cook a chicken for a fricassee. giving it its full shape and Put the fowl in a ing room for the forcemeat to swell. salt. one-quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper. Add half a pint of chicken broth. two ounces of raw ham also rubbed through a sieve. . and a little broth. Reduce the stock or sauce to the consistency of Allemande sauce. add it to the forcemeat. but Remove at once and set continue stirring until it gets thick. Mix with the whites of two eggs.POULTRY AND GAME 183 tomato sauce. and wings of the fowl. Fry separately. a pinch it Let boil five minutes. Whip the yolks of two eggs with two tablespoonfuls of cream. very hot sweet oil. and serve. place brown and soft. half a teafollowing forcemeat : One sweetbread minced : spoonful of of cayenne.

Drain off the broth and set the saucepan where the chicken will keep warm. white onions. Season with salt. pieces into a saucepan with enough hot water to cover them. the yolks of four eggs. a little grated nutmeg. wash well and soak it in cold water Drain and cut into square pieces. Do Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve not let it boil. and six small. then in beaten egg^ and again in fine bread crumbs. Garnish the dish with a border of boiled rice. After singeing and cleaning. a bouquet. immediately. Arrange them on a napkin. Peel one pound of mushrooms and quarter them. Chicken CurrySelect a tender chicken weighing about three or four pounds. Arrange in frying basket and fry in deep hot lard until a light brown. one of white pepper.184 butter. or else arrange on a platter without the napkin and pour Bechamel or Allemande sauce over them. and a little lemon juice. Take one tablespoonful of curry which is blended with water. and the juice of half a lemon. pinches of salt. When done. each weighing one and one-half pounds. add one tablespoonful of . Dip each of the pieces of chicken in it and replace them on the dish. drain on brown paper. Cook over a moderate fire for forty-five minutes. SEELT'S COOK BOOK and cream. Serve with white Italienne sauce in a separate dish. When the sauce has become set. Put the for ten minutes. roll the pieces in fine bread crumbs. Garnish with fried parsley. and put in a cool place until wanted. Make a sauce of the following: Melt one tablespoonful of butter. When this is thoroughly mixed. 3fRS. Add two — — Boned Broiled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Bone three young chickens. strain it through a wet cloth. keeping it well skimmed. Beat all together thoroughly and gradually stir it into the sauce. pepper. Put half a pint of white sauce butter and flour in a saucepan with all the broth and mix thoroughly.

102. ^^##t#^ Facing page 18k. CHICKEN TIMBALE. CSge p.) .BOXED CHICKEN.


Strain the broth the chickens were cooked in. mark out where the legs and wings are to be removed. Melt two ounces of butter in saucepan and stir in vegetables. trim these. then cut the back Steep the pieces in a pan of tepid water across in two pieces. singe them and cut them up in small members or joints in the following manner: First remove the wings at the second joint and the legs at the knotty bend of the first joint. let them simmer five minutes. rich consomme. twelve peppercorns. and then plunge in cold water. mixture come to a pint of clear. and put them on the toast around the platter. three cloves. sauce in the centre. After they have been drawn. butter. Wash and drain them upon a cloth. so as partly to detach. hand. Place the pieces of chicken in close and neat order upon the as to extract the blood. cut both legs and fillets. drain. cut the chickens in halves. and let the boil. Fricassee of Chicken with Mushrooms Select two good-sized plump chickens. for ten or fifteen minutes. When it boils. Keep the pan covered. a blade of mace. Trim and place them in a saucepan and set away in a cool place. Put the mushrooms and Serve very hot.POULTRY AND GAME flour. so they will steam as well as boil. and then add half a cup of rich Broil your chickens. Occasionally squeeze each piece. Remove the pieces with a skimmer. then take hold of the chicken with the left hand. — . if not at Moisten with a quart of boiling broth Let them boil gently for half an hour. and. or until sufficiently tender. and set them in a pan in the oven to keep hot. brush them over with melted cream. Garnish with parsley. and a bouquet. 185 and then add half a add mushrooms. with a sharp knife in the right. then remove the thigh bone. a little celery. or at least make two parallel cuts lengthwise on the back about an inch and a half apart. so Next sprinkle the bottom of a saucepan with thin slices of onion and carrot. Have some nice pieces of toast. separate the back and breast. water will do.

then set it it where it will boil slowly for half an hour. the Stir over the fire for tliree minutes. fire over the until it boils. Add Stir the sauce mushroom trimmings. Set your boiled . Remove from the range and stir in the Mix together until it is a smooth sauce. Let this also stand in its liquor.186 MRS. seelt's cook book but two ounces of flour. you use twice as much water as you have Qgg yolks Stir over the fire the butter keeps it from curdling the sauce. Dish it up as follows: First. chicken broth. and two tablespoonfuls of cream. the stems. the bones pointed inwardly. over the chicken which is in the saucepan and add half a Heat thoroughly. Then stir into it a liaison of four eggs. and then continue boiling until becomes the proper thickness. In making a mixed with a little butter and a little cream. place the legs at the angles. — back in the centre of the dish. Next place the fillets upon these. with eight or ten glazed croutons. do not let it brown. Arrange the mushrooms in groups. put the pieces of the it boil. liaison. and surround all chicken. To test: Try the wings with a fork. salt. Bring them to a boil and then let them simmer of consomme. thoroughly and let it stand in the saucepan. but do not let bottle of button mushrooms. that is. Have a nice beef tongue Have some boiled tender. seasoned well with Heat it pepper. Let them stand in the pot for fifteen minutes. When has boiled the full length of time. Tie two or three slices of fat pork or bacon over the breast and wrap them up in a Place them in a stewpan with one quart nicely floured cloth. Pour until it nearly boils. Boiled Chicken and Tongue Draw and truss two young chickens and rub them thoroughly with the juice of one lemon. Do not let them boil an}^ longer than is gently until done. butter. then Pour the sauce over the set the pieces of breast on top. fine spinach rubbed through a puree sieve. necessary. then strain it through a wet cloth. it skim it thoroughly.

if washed. more butter will be required. Cut the meat of a cold chicken in pieces as Heat in a double boiler a cup and a half for chicken of rich milk in this stir a tablespoonful of corn-starch. Let it heat and then thicken with a scant tablespoonful of flour dissolved in a small half cup of milk. and let them boil until done. When comes to a Let this come to a boil and add one tablespoonful of flour. or dipped in butter and browned in the oven. with the same quantity of butter. Season to taste with salt. . boil. stock in which the chicken was cooked. and salt and white pepper to taste. toes to Chicken Canapes salad. In this sauce simmer the chicken about ten minutes. Cut them in pieces not half more than two and a inches in diameter. and add one glass of Madeira wine. more) of sweet cream over the chickens. Pour a pint (or. boat. The chickens may be carved before you dish them. and fresh If the cream is not rich. To make it the sauce. Pour season to taste.POULTRY AND GAME 187 fowl in the centre of a platter and put the spinach around it. lay them on the chicken. rubbed smooth. Creamed Chicken Clean and cut up in neat pieces two chickens or fowls. then add one cup and a half of stock. and serve on slices of bread toasted or fried in hot fat. placing them together on the platter. pepper. Before they are done. butter. Serve the rest in a saucesome of the sauce over the chicken. Boil five minutes. or they may be sent to the table whole. half a teaspoon of minced onion and of minced parsley. Stick in each bit and of bread a tree or two of parsley. Put them on to boil. pare enough pota- go nicely with the chickens. melt one tablespoonful of butter. Then take up the potatoes in a dish by themselves. Cut the tongue in the shape of cutlets and lay tlie pieces on Make a sauce of the top of the spinach around the platter.

permit it to get brown. prepare the potatoes are cooked. breast down. Fifty minutes before Season with salt and white pepper. put in a saucepan. skim it. one tablespoonful of butter. free to cool in the water in which it was boiled. Put the seasoned chicken in a saucepan. all the water. serving time peel the potatoes. It is best to boil the fowl salt and pepper to suit the taste. add one-eighth stirring all the time. light. eight This dish is made of one large fowl. in suitable for serving. it in a saucepan. one sprig of parsle}^ one slice bay leaf. Place the milk in until mash the potatoes smooth and then add the milk. but not long enough to the flour. — the water in which the chicken was boiled. one — chicken in the following manner Put three tablespoonfuls of butter in a frying pan with the Cook slowly for five minutes. then add vegetables and herbs. Gradually add the cold chicken stock. — one table- spoonful of finely chopped onion. When it commences to boil. half a cupful of hot milk. or two rather small medium-sized potatoes. two generous tablespoonfuls of flour. two eggs. three cups of chicken stock. then set where it will keep hot until serving time. seelt's cook book Walled Chicken ones. strain the sauce over it. it pieces and cut it from skin and bone. four tablespoon- fuls of butter. Have a stone platter very . pour off a saucepan on the range. When the liquor boils up. When they have been cooking for of carrot. cover and simmer for ten minutes. When the fifteen minutes. Cover with boiling water. clean it and put the day before it is to be used. and simmer for five minutes. and set the kettle back on the stove where the chicken will simply simmer until tender Set the fowl away from two hours and a half to three hours. Stir until smooth and frothy.: 188 MBS. and cover them with boiling water. In doing this. Beat the w^hites of the eggs to a stiff stir froth and into the mixture. When cool. of a teaspoonful of pepper and one teaspoonful of salt. and a teaspoonful of salt.

lay them in the mould. Also have one-third of a box of gelatine. into the centre of the border. some hot and cold water. Wash the fowl. Jellied Chicken pounds after it Select a chicken or fowl weighing three has been cleaned. the bones of the chicken should be covered with water and simmered for several hours in order to obtain a the fowl becomes tender. take . skim it and pour one pint and a half of it in a saucepan with the clove. arrange the 189 mashed potato as a border around the centre Beat the yolks of the eggs with two tablespoonSpread it over the potato and phice in the oven fuls of water. fat. carrot.POULTRY AND GAME hot. game. Let the water again come to a boil. When the chicken liquor has become cold. one whole clove. and set away to harden. Garnish with bits of parsley. and salt and pepper in quantities to be determined by one's own taste. onion. Jellied chicken may be made of the remains of cold roast chicken or turkey or boiled fowl. put it into a deep stewpan with boiling water to cover it. At the end of that time pour the chicken for ten minutes. poultry. and bay leaf. Soak the gelatine in one gill of cold water for two hours. At serving time. season well with salt and pepper. and cut in thin strips. and bones. When supply. pour a thin layer into a mould. one bay leaf. then add a grain of cayenne and a level spoonful of salt and the soaked gelatine. After straining this liquid through a cloth. pour the liquid jelly over the meat and again set the mould away. of the dish. then skim carefully. one slice of carrot. When there is no stock on hand. . Let them simmer for ten minutes. Any kind of cold meat. When the jelly hardens. Free the cold fowl of skin. from the water and set away to cool also set the water where it will cool. dip it in warm water and turn out on a flat dish. or fish may be served in this manner. one slice of onion. and set the pan where it the water will only bubble until the meat becomes tender.

two onions. Wrap it in a clean cloth and tie at both ends. Disjoint it and Boil it in a saucepan with hardly enough water to cover it. then rub through a wings. When the chicken is refilled. fold it and sew up the back. and then a layer of tongue.190 MRS. and a little thyme. Keep in Unmould and serve with a garnish a cold place until wanted. with pieces of truffle. bottom and sides with hard-boiled egg and thin slices of lemon. Galantine of Chicken it. are soft. of quartered lemons and parsley. stock. Strain to free it from the bones. and celery salt. and some truffles cut in small pieces. Take three pints of the stock the chicken was cooked in. the same length as the chicken also have boiled tongue cut in the same manner. Add two carrots. Pack the meat. Boil until it is reduced one-half. white pepper. a little celery. . white pepper. Place in a pan and cover with good stock. puree sieve. and a little grated nutmeg. then a bacon. Pressed Chicken put Singe and clean a medium-sized chicken. lemon juice. Spread the chicken with a layer of forceSprinkle layer of meat. in. and put weight on top. Have at hand some nice thin strips of bacon. until the meat slips away from the bones and the gristly parts remove the skin and separate the meat Mix the white and dark meat tothe broth the chicken was boiled from Skim the grease gether. and fill and table the on remove pork fresh of fat with the following forcemeat: Take one pound and two pounds of veal and the meat from the chicken legs and Scrape and pound in a mortar. Butter a mould and decorate the and mix with the meat. While hot. Spread it flat . also the bones of Boil slowly for two hours and let it cool in the the chicken. into medium-sized pieces. Add the whites of two eggs and season with salt. Season with salt. Clean and split a nice chicken down the back. press it down. bone the legs and wings.

When the chicken is firm. Stir for a minute. until it comes to a boil. it . one slice of onion. At the end of that time remove the pan from the fire. Cover the bottom of a mould with the liquid. together slowly for ten minutes. add two tablespoonfuls of flour and stir until the mixture is smooth. pour in a little more of the liquid. Sprinkle all with one level teaspoonful of salt. After it has melted.POULTRY AND GAME 191 add one box of Cox's gelatine which has previously been disMix thoroughly and stir over the fire solved. Chicken and Rice Pie Clean and wash put in thoroughly. Then from one cupful of cream remove four tablespoonfuls. garnish with egg and truffles cut in fancy shapes. Beat the yolks of two eggs. Set the pan where there is less heat and gradually add one cupful of chicken stock. and cook all rest into the mixture. spoonful of lemon juice. Put three tablespoonfuls of butter in a pan. small dice or chopped. stir in four tablespoonfuls of Sherry and one tableMix thoroughly and serve at once. etc.. then place the chicken in the mould. and a dash of grated nutmeg. Cut into joints and a stewpan with three pints of boiling water. ought to cook tender in one hour and a half if you select a Select a fowl weighing about five pounds. Terrapin Chicken Cut one quart of cold cooked chicken in very small pieces and mix with two chicken livers and three hard-boiled eggs chopped rather coarse. and stir into the saucepan. one-third of a teaspoonful of pepper. and two whole cloves. When it becomes hard. fill the mould and place on ice until Unmould on a dish and garnish with the jelly cut in served. and one egg. It carrot. Place it over a quick fire and stir constantly for three or four minutes. add the four tablespoonfuls of cream. stir the Then add the chicken. one slice of Let it simmer until tender. Strain through a wet cloth.

Place the rest in a deep baking dish. season with salt and white pepper. Chicken Timbale With the quantity of material that will be given below a one-quart mould or twelve small moulds may be filled. Chicken Pie Singe and clean a chicken weighing about four or four and Cut into twelve pieces. If it is tough. drain. — Cut a hole in the centre. a bunch of parsley. then of chicken.192 MRS. finishing with the rice. Divide . two well-beaten eggs. of boiling water. moisten the edges with water. stantly until it boils. Skim often. and drain thoroughly. and then turn into a colander. Then mix it with one teaspoonful more of salt. Bake is in brisk oven for twenty minutes or until the pastry done. Brush over with a beaten egg. Stir in one pint of raw potato cut in pieces and four scant tablespoonfuls of flour blended with cold water. Stir conone-half pounds. white pepper and two teaspoonfuls of rice. Set aside until time for cooking with a half of rice. When it is cooked. Wash and it pick over one cup and Drain and put on to cook with three quarts When it has been cooked for ten minutes add two level teaspoonfuls of salt. Bake in a moderate oven for half an hour. it BOOK it young of may take three hours before cooks tender. then cook it for ten minutes. Wash. Remove the bunch of parsley. Place in a deep baking dish a layer of chicken. then a layer of rice mixture. and so on. Cover with water and let them soak for thirty minutes. and cover with water. Cook for three-quarters of an hour. cover the top with pastry some prefer the puff paste. half a cupful of butter. six small onions. and half a pint of milk. and five ounces of salt pork cut in small squares. add one-half teaspoonful salt. Serve in the dish it was baked in. SEELY'S COOK fowl. Cover the rice with one pint of the stock the chicken was boiled in. Cook ten minutes longer.



Then it fine. and always work from the outer edge until the centre is reached. Pour in enough warm water to come almost to the rim. Then remove the mace. flavor with a few drops of onion juice. and with a spoon work the bread and cream to a smooth paste. four tablespoonfuls of chopped mushrooms. There should be one pint of the prepared meat. Be careful to have the top smooth. then rub set away to cool. Boil for one minute. one pint of cream. If at all round it will not be steady when turned on a dish. one heaping teaspoonful of salt. Now almost fill the mould or moulds with the chicken preparation and cover with the forcemeat. Butter the mould or moulds. Cook for three minutes longer. To make the forcemeat use the white meat of four medium-sized uncooked chickens. one-eighth of a teaspoonful of white pepper. and pound Chop the chicken meat fine. being careful to have every part well covered. cream. then add the chicken and other ingredients. Cook slowly for twenty minutes. one blade of mace. one tablespoonful of salt. and mace together. pepper. one pint of cooked chicken cut in small cubes. To make the filling use three gills of cream. salt. put it in a through a puree sieve. Mix the bread. and meat. one-eighth of a teaspoonful of white pepper. Cover the mould with buttered paper and bake in a moderate oven for twenty-five . and finally add the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth. mortar. Beat the mixture until it is thoroughly blended. line them with the forcemeat.POULTBT AND GAME the 193 work into three parts. being careful to put in only a little at a time. one tablespoonful of flour. Reserve half Put the rest on to boil. six tablespoonfuls of butter. Place the mould in a deep pan. Blend the flour with the half cup of cream and stir into the boiling cream. side near the rim will require as thick a covering as of the The any part mould. one-half pint of stale bread crumbs. Add the butter. free of crust. and one tablespoonful of chopped a cup of cream. If desired. and after dotting the bottom and sides with pieces of truffle. truffles. and the it whites of four eggs.

brush lightly with the white of the egg. Add a little well-cooked and drained small macaLine a mould with good paste roni and two sliced tomatoes. good rich brown or white sauce. one small shallot chopped fine. and mix with the chicken and cheese. pepper and salt. It MBS. Cut two or three truflles in thin slices and with small fancy vegetable cutters stamp out stars and various shapes. put a flat Chicken a la Parisienne truffles. and make about half a pint of good rich white sauce with cream and consomme. one small can of slices of can of mushrooms. in. (six ounces of butter to eight ounces of flour or trimmings ©f Serve with puff paste will do). and bake about one hour. BOOK quite firm to the touch. Let this dry. When all are done. Brush a little on each of the large fillets and decorate them Curve them the same way. Pour three tablespoonfuls of pan and arrange the large fillets in the batter. one tablespoonful of salt. Take two ounces of Parmesan cheese grated. the white of one egg^ one pint of consomme. eight thin sauce. one pint of supreme fillets of Use the four chickens. Timbale a Boil a la Hyde young fowl. Beat the white of the egg until well broken. the same way. one gill of glaze.194 minutes. and cut it in pieces. one red tongue. clarified butter into a frying with the fancy shapes of truflles. fillets Fillet the chickens and separate the under from the large ones. fold the paste over the weight on. half a cupful of clarified butter. and curving them all Arrange the under Sprinkle them with salt. and one pint and all a half of chicken liver forcemeat. put the mixture top. but not light. Cover with a sheet of buttered paper and set in cool place until time for . When turn on a hot dish and serve with Bechamel sauce. having the smooth side up. fillets in another pan with clarified butter the same way as the larger ones. take off the meat. SEELY'S COOK must cook slowly.

the border of forcemeat on a flat dish. cooking. slice. Open place. add them to the sauce. Half an hour before serving put the mould of forcemeat into a pan with water two-thirds as high as the mould. the chopped truffles with the remainder. Cook Reserve one gill of the supreme sauce and mix for ten minutes. and place in oven with the Cook twenty minutes. Pour the mushrooms and sauce in the centre and arrange the under fillets on top. Strain the liquid from mushrooms. open the oven door. Pour the consomme from the pieces of tongue. While these are cooking put the pieces of tongue into a small stewpan with half the glaze and half a gill of consomme. Put the and plain buttered border mould. While this is cooking turn four minutes. Add tlie remainder of the glaze Arrange the large fillets and the tongue alternately to them. Roast Capon with Truffles truffles meaty capon. Stir while the butter is melting. around the border of forcemeat. two sliced shallots. leaving the oven door open. Cut seven slices time for cooking. Take the paper from the fillets and baste them with three or four tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Make supreme sauce. Do not let it boil. arrange in pans. the Chop the mushrooms. bay leaves. Rub through a col- . three juice. Serve at once. 195 the same way. using red liver forcemeat in a small in cool place until Set of it tongue in fillet shape. Replace the papers. forcemeat. Cover with In ten minutes buttered paper and place in a moderate oven. and remove the stringy Let them stand in their own part from one quart of truffles. a clove of garlic. prepared as follows : thyme. singe and clean it. Drain the butter from the Remove the papers and pour half of the reserved supreme fillets. some in a cool Put these remainder of the truffles rather fine. and a sprig of Select a nice. Cook this on top of the stove for sauce over each pan of fillets. and fill it with Peel.POULTRY AND GAMS Treat the small fillets in tongue in place of truffles. Melt one pound of butter with salt and pepper.

pepper. paper which is well oiled. Chicken Liver Cromeskies livers in two and season with salt and pepFold each piece of liver in a slice of bacon. liver upon the toast. Calf's liver may be cooked the same way if it is especially delicate and tender. and salt. Cut the chicken per. and bake in an oven for one hour and Remove paper Baste frequently with melted butter. When the livers are tender. Mix them and let them stand until thoroughly cold. Fasten with a small skewer and broil over a good fire for ten Serve hot on a piece of hot toast after drawor fifteen minutes. and stuff with the following mixture Four breakfast cupfuls of oyster cracker crumbs mixed with four breakfast cupfuls of bread : crumbs. wipe dry. pound of Stir in the liquor from five dozen oysters. Cover with Wrap in a thick sheet of white thin strips of larding pork. Return them to the saucepan and stir in the yolks of one or two eggs. and two beaten eggs. a Jewish Dish Take the livers of chickens or any other poultry and stew them gently in a little good gravy seasoned with a little onion. Fill the capon. Roast Turkey with Oysters Singe and clean a medium-sized tender turkey. make it a good shape. mushrooms. SEELY'S COOK BOOK ander over the truffles. mince them on a pasteboard or in a mortar. to the quantity of liver. ing out the skewers. cut very thin. according By the time the mixture is thick have rounds of toast ready on a hot dish and serve the minced Garnish with parsley. Serve with a gravy made of the strained liquid the capon was cooked in and a little broth. one-half melted butter. and pork. a half.196 MRS. Put in the oys- . and sew both ends so the truffles will not come out. Descaides.



and add the fat. and pepper. then another layer When you think of bread crumbs. it Put the mixture in a hot oven. Prepare some brown sauce with the place it on a hot dish. if you have any. thickly spread fine bread crumbs moistened to a thick paste Cover with another dish. the bones have boiled enough. then a layer of turkey. put in a layer of fine bread crumbs. 197 season to taste. salt to a Broil over a clear fire. When a nice brown. Then flour and season to taste. page 282. sprinkle with ing the bird from the oven take flour and baste with butter to brown it. Rub them with some mustard and oil mixed paste. Turn often. with the gravy over the entire dish. and so on until all is used. serve the rest in a separate dish. serve.. Pour some around the turkey and liquid in the dripping pan. strain. Remove fine. then some bits of butter and bits of the turkey dressing. in loosely so of it will absorb the gravy. and when the top is a nice brown. off Baste About ten minutes before removthe paper. Wrap the turkey in a piece heavy white buttered paper and roast often with melted butter. Scalloped Turkey all the meat from a cooked turkey. skin. serve with a rich brown gravy poured over them. and salt.POULTRY AND GAME ters. and chop it very Break up the frame and bones. When cooked. Devilled Turkey Legs Season them with Score and trim cooked turkey legs. and thicken with browned Pour some into the dish. and cover with cold water. etc. Remove the extra dish. . and stuff the turkey. Butter the inside of a deep baking dish. and bake for thirty minutes. Virginia Boned Turkey Have the bones carefully removed and fill with the force- meat given under Virginia Boned Turkey Stuflfing. Cook down slowly.

a little salt and pepper. seelt's cook book Broiled Turkey Giblets Clean and wash two turkey livers and cut them in medium- Open and clean the gizzards and cut the heart two lengthwise. Cover the saucepan and boil slowly for one hour. put them on a gridiron. When sized squares. Run a thread through them and boil for three-quarters of an hour in enough stock to cover them. Fry carefully over a hot fire until the livers are quite firm. Rub all through a fine sieve. and cut them the same size as the liver. Wrap the giblets in the bacon. Season them with salt and black pepper. put the skewers on a folded napkin on a dish and serve at once. and broil over a bright fire. two whole eggs. and moisten all with a little olive oil. two or three blades of mace. roll them in finely grated bread crumbs. trimming off all the hard skin. cool. Gradually add the yolks of eight eggs. Drain. Have ready as many squares of bacon as you have giblets. small tied bunch of parsley. Remove the parsley and let the livers. in nicely browned. Add one glass of Sherry and cook until nearly dry..198 MRS. put them in a pan with one-half pound of fat pork sliced thin. and a ladlef ul of Espagnole sauce. Turn them often. Then pound them in a mortar with one-third of the quantity of bread mixture given below. and three ounces of butter. . Mix thoroughly and put in a well-buttered round mould. finely chopped parsley. Timbale of Turkey Livers with Bread Mixture Clean and wash eight or nine turkey livers. Put them on skewers one after the other. Cover with a buttered paper and place in a saucepan with boiling water half as high as the mould. two or three finely chopped shallots. Ten minutes before serving turn the mould on a dish and drain the liquid that may come from it. etc. Then add one and one-half cups of white turkey meat cut in small squares. Cover with Madeira sauce and serve.

and wrap in heavy white buttered paper. and a teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley. Let it come to a boil. cold. thoroughly. Also serve apple sauce with the above. and whole. Skim the fat from the drippings. Cut an onion in pieces. Roast Goose stuffed with Chestnuts Select a tender goose weighing about five pounds. Roast in moderate oven for one hour and a half. not too small. When Sew both ends. Strain into a sauceboat and serve. Cover with paper well oiled. sausage meat. Then add twelve finely chopped mushrooms and twelve cooked chestnuts which have been peeled and pounded in a mortar. stuff the goose with this mixture. Mix well and turn on a plate to cool. Sew it up and . one-eighth of a teaspoonful of powdered thyme. being careful to keep the chestnuts whole.POULTRY AND GAME Bread Mixture for 199 Timbale Four ounces of stale white bread crumbs soaked in cold water for ten minutes. Baste with the drippings. draw thoroughly. Singe. Mix truss. add one gill of white broth. of four eggs. dress on a hot platter. Let all come to a boil and add one ounce of fresh bread crumbs and twenty-four French chestnuts cooked. one-half pinch of white pepper. Squeeze out dry and put in a saucepan with two ounces of butter. wash and dry. with chestnuts preChop one shallot very fine and put it in a Stuff it Cook five minutes. : pared as follows Cook for saucepan with two scant tablespoonfuls of butter. Then add one-quarter of a pound of two or three minutes. Stir over the fire until the crumbs Stir in the yolks get pasty and do not stick to pan or spoon. shelled. Add one pinch of salt. Baked Wild Goose Clean and prepare the goose as for roasting and soak it in salted water for five or six hours. and put in the inside of the goose.

Drain and spread them over the ducks. measure three pints. thoroughly. stir together and place it in a pan with a teacupful of stock. Let it boil twenty minutes. The quicker the cookServe currant jelly in a separate dish. : Roast Canvasback Duck Singe. wash. Sprinkle with a little salt and roast in a brisk oven for eighteen minutes. Select a fat thoroughly. Leave them whole and put in casserole or stewpan. Truss it securely. cover securely. a little chopped onion. Press in the head from the end to the back. Steamed Duck with Turnip Singe.200 place in MBS. Sew up the opening. clean. Scald them with boiling water. Rub Serve on a very hot dish with sliced fried hominy as a garnish. and steam in slow oven for two . and bake in moderate oven. One small grated turnip. then season to taste with salt and white pepper. Pour in the bird about two tablespoonfuls of white broth. Prepare redhead ducks and mallard the same way. place it on platter and pour a little mushroom sauce or celery sauce around it. truss the goose. SEELT'S COOK BOOK pan of boiling water. Take it out. a tablespoonful of salt. four hard-boiled eggs. and dry in a two medium-sized tender ducks. cover with greased paper. Brush it over with melted butter. inside lightly with a little salt. Place pan with a little butter and roast in a hot oven for fifteen minutes or until brown. and stuff it with the following One cup and a half of mashed potatoes. Cut white turnip in strips one-half inch square and two inches long. ing the finer the flavor. Pour in two cups of bouillon. and half a pound of salt pork also chopped very fine. Ducks should not be overcooked. and a little pepper. When cooked. a small forcemeat head of celery chopped fine. and wipe canvasback duck. remove the onion. one of Moisten the mixture slightly and vinegar.

Let them soak for two or three hours. season with coarse white pepper. Separate the breasts from the legs and backs by running the knife just above the thighs and cutting through the upper part of the back under the wings. one teaspoonful of pieces of fried boiling-point.POULTRY AND GAME hours. Cut the duck into medium-sized pieces and place in a saucepan with the salt and pepper. one tablespoonful of lemon salt. onehalf pint of clear stock. one gill of Sherr}^. Arrange the duck in a mound on the dish. thyme. Garnish with the turnip. and scoi'e them. About threequarters of an hour before dinner arrange the fillets on a skewer and place the seasoning over them. and three tablespoonfuls of salad oil. Fillets of Ducklings Draw and singe some fat ducklings. Place the breasts in a deep earthen dish. Remove the fillets. Then add the Sherry and lemon juice. Cover with a big sheet of greased paper and cook in an oven for about twenty minutes. Then put them in a saucepan with some of the sauce and allow . the juice of one lemon. a little cayenne. salt. Skim off the grease and pour broth over the duck. Pour the sauce over the duck and serve very hot. At the end of that time remove the paper and seasoning and brown them. it Now add the Spanish sauce and cook until comes to a boil. This is enough Cook for twelve people. one pint of Spanish sauce. trim them. Cover with the stock and let it come to the juice. Then add the olives and mushrooms and boil for five minutes. Roast the backs and use them for making the bigarade sauce. bay leaf. Surround it with a border of fried bread. and twelve bread cut in triangles. Salmi of Duck Use two medium -sized cold roast ducks. 201 Remove the duck to a platter. sixteen stoned olives. a minute or two. one can of mush- rooms. chopped parsley.

five or ten minutes. with a fried crouton of bread between each fillet. sauce around them. until a delicate brown. cover with a buttered paper. Roast Quail After the desired number of quail have been cleaned. and a bouquet. Then remove in their liquor until they are partially cooled. accommodate enough to Sprinkle in boiling water. Pour the bigarade sauce over the entree and serve. them and set away to become cold. Add one pint of white broth. currant jelly. and wrap each bird in Place them in a saucepan just large of larding pork. an onion with two cloves stuck in it. and let them cook slowly at the Leave them side of range for about three-quarters of an hour. Take the which they were boiled. strain it. arrange the joints. Also serve cold Serve the birds when they are very hot. then in beaten egg^ and then again in bread crumbs. SEELT'S COOK BOOK them barely close circle Dish them in a to simmer until warmed through. Place them in a stewpan with a few slices of carrot. a cloth. Quail a la Royale Bone eight quail. put the lid on. A short time before serving Fry place them in a frying basket and plunge in hot lard. off the some salt and white pepper.202 3IES. . Remove Rub them thoroughly with brown little Place them over a hot fire for the pork and dry each bird with butter and roast them until a nice in a very hot oven. and mix with an equal quantity of melted currant jelly. Baste two or three liquor in times with a melted butter. cut heads and feet. When cold remove the strings and roll each bird in bread crumbs. with Cover them side by side. Serve in separate dish. stuff them with chicken liver forcemeat. and truss them in the usual way. piece a They must be packed tightly them. Allemande Pour Serve on hot platter.

Facing j)<'Q^ ~02.LARDED QUAIL. GAME PATE. .


Serve hot with Italienne sauce. season. Fill the centre with the stewed peas. some herbs. Form are required them with each squab into a nice shape and sew up on the back. Split in two pieces. six sliced hard-boiled eggs. and one ladle of Espagnole sauce. Cover with a buttered paper.POULTRY AND GAME Quail with Stewed Peas trussed for boiling. Mix a little of the quail stock with Espagnole sauce. make a few incisions. trim and flatten them. Put a ruffle on each leg and garnish with water cress. Place the pan in the oven for fifteen minutes. Cover with thin layers of fat bacon and moisten with good stock Let them stew gently for threeseasoned with Sherry wine. mix them with a little of the quail stock reduced to a glaze. pour it around and over the quail. and serve. Prepare one pint of stewed peas. slices of sirloin beef in the Arrange thin flat-edged earthen baking dish. wet again. and one ladleful of Espagnole sauce. and serve hot. 203 Clean and truss eight quail in the same manner chickens are Place them in a stewpan with half a pound of bacon streaked fat and lean. Season with Ballottines of Squab and stuff Bone a chicken as many squabs as forcemeat. Arrange the quail in a circle with their breasts placed outwards and a thin slice of bacon between each one. . pour a little Espagnole sauce through the hole. salt and pepper. quarters of an hour. and cut a hole in the centre. and trim and press the edges. and cover the whole with a large thin Brush the surface piece of paste. a bouquet in the centre. four or more squabs. and arrange over the beef with more fine herbs. Bake in a moderate oven for one hour. with egg. Pigeon Pie bottom of a deep. chopped fine. lay an inch wide flat rim of puff paste on it. Wet the edge of the dish. Place them in a buttered pan and season to taste.

and the juice them in a triangular form. add a tablespoon Boil all together for two minutes. . two good glasses Madeira or Sherry wine. seelf's cook book Partridges a la Malaga Clean and truss four or six partridges as for boiling. vegetables until they are a light brown. carrots. Arrange vegetables a la Fillet three partridges the larger ones. ham. The liquid should be reduced about one-half. Pour it over the partridges and serve.204 MRS. When of the partridges are cooked. The large fillets ought to cook in six minutes. Serve very hot. Have at hand one fry pound of ham that has been soaked and parboiled and cut it in small pieces about the size of an olive. dip them in two well-beaten eggs. and one tablespoonful of thin tomato sauce. dish liquid and Espagnole sauce. Place the and onions in separate groups around the partridges. Cover and set the stewpan where the contents will simmer slowly for three-quarters of an hour. in another stewpan. Strain the sauce through a wet cloth. Remove and set aside on a plate. Let the butter cool on them. The centre of dish may be filled with boiled of half a lemon. and them in four ounces of fresh butter until they are a light brown. Skim the grease from the vegetables. peas. Season with Jardiniere in the centre of a large dish. and fry in hot fat. Drain them on brown paper. Fillets of Partridge a la Jardiniere and separate the under fillets from salt and pepper. one tablespoonful of lemon juice. Have also ready twenty- four small pieces of the red part of a carrot cut with a small scoop and also as many very small onions. Rest the fillets against them. Add a bouquet. Then dip them in a mixture consisting of one tablespoonful of chopped parsley. a of a dash of cayenne pepper. then in fine bread crumbs. and the small ones in four minutes. Fry the ham and Remove them and mix with the partridge little salt. and pour Bechamel sauce around the base. and half a cup of melted butter.

POULTRY AND GAME Fillet of Fillet of grouse 205 Grouse may be prepared the same way as fillet of partridge. cooking in it minced or sliced mushrooms. and serve the birds hot between two of bread toasted a light brown and buttered. well seasoned with pepper and salt. and let it upon the leg be well wet with the liquid in which it is cooked. Add a little butter if it is necessary in making strix)s the gravy in the pan. When serving remove the pork. but the time of cooking the large ones. Cook half an hour. The flesh will be dry if it is not well basted. and stirring in fine before serving. and pepper. Place them in a row in a porcelain dripping pan. lay the chicken in a bed of parsley. All the small birds is may be filleted in the same way. in a quick oven. . salt. and bind it Baste it often while baking slices of fat salt pork. fastening the blanket with the bill of the bird. with thin a lump of butter. The basting liquid should be of water in the bottom of the pan. truss it. pepper and salt. adding a bit of butter. Round each fold a thin piece of pickled pork. bast- ing frequently. tie paper frills bones. Roast Snipe or "Woodcock Draw each bird neatly and fill in with a piece of bread and bird butter. Prairie Chicken Roasted After preparing the bird for cooking. chicken. the juice of half a lemon. and nearly cover with port wine. only two-thirds as long as for Prairie Chicken Fricassee Follow the directions for chicken fricassee or for creamed A sauce may be made to stir in the fricassee by taking a little of the liquor in which the chicken is boiled.

. Put it in a pan. As the flesh takes on a brown. Skim off the fat and strain over the venison. let it soak for a couple film good brine. drawing the fat through the flesh of the hare in spaces of an inch apart. lard very finely a saddle of venison weighing about it around three or four times. and add water). Stir until thoroughly disStir until it solved.206 MBS. and quently with a half pint peppered. Pour into the drippings and let all come to a boil. and spread one Roast in brisk oven for forty -five minounce of butter over. Serve with the Tie following sauce in a separate dish : — One wine-glass of Sherry. Remove the string before placing it on utes. well absorbed baste fre- cream which has been salted and Cook the hare until tender. Let it come to a boil. a you use an acid put two tablechopped bacon. Mix one-half glass of Sherry with one gill of white a dish. sebly's cook book Roast Saddle of Venison with Sauce Trim and six pounds. Then add one-half pint of currant jelly. since little spoons of butter. broth. Serve with sliced of lemons and parsley. Baste it often. then add one gill of Espagnole sauce. celain-lined one is In your dripping pan best. Roast Belgian Hare After the hare of hours in a is thoroughly dressed. pour over a third of a cup of weak vinegar after this vinegar is very sour use less. comes to a boil and serve very hot. and the hare slightly (if is — — a por- dredged with it flour. By this process you loosen the it and stringy skin that covers the flesh of the rabbit family. and sprinkle one tablespoonful of salt over it. the end of the two At with hours wipe the flesh dry and lard narrow strips of bacon.

VIII AND ASPICS Allemande Sauce ounces of flour and two ounces of melted butter. Dilute with three pints of well-skimmed and strained chicken broth. season with salt. and serve. Skim. and lemon juice. one tablespoonful of salt.CHAPTER SALADS. few minutes on the fire without allowing it to brown. veal or chicken broth. and a grating of nutmeg. Put in a covered saucepan 207 and cook until the vine- . finish Avith four egg yolks mixed with a little water. Stir a Take two Asparagus Sauce with asparagus is made in this manner Mince one small onion and cook it in one tablespoonful of butter for five or six minutes. add some butter in small pieces. and nutmeg. Remove the saucepan containing the sauce from the fire and beat in the egg yolks gradually. but do not brown it. four ounces of butter. and boil half an hour. a little cream. Add two tablespoon fuls of flour and a seasoning of white pepAdd one pint of either per and cook a few moments longer. SAUCES. Stir to a boil. Beat up the yolks of two eggs and a little lemon juice. Stir on the fire long enough to cook the eggs without boiling the sauce and press immediately through a wet cloth. Strain the sauce. One of the best sauces to serve : Bearnaise Sauce ]\Iix one gill of vinegar and two ounces of finely chopped shallots. pepper.

one small glass of white wine. strain through a wet cloth. All butter may be used. and serve hot. Add a little lemon juice. of milk. Boil. Boil all together for five minutes in a double boiler. and the rind of two others entirely free from the white pith. it is Boil until of a strong flavor. the juice of one orange. To of thick White Bordelaise SaucB Take one tablespoonful little butter. a little salt. salt and white pepper to taste. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Set it away until cold. This sauce Bechamel Sauce and two ounces of flour mixed Add one quart let it brown.208 gar is 2fES. Cook over a slow fire. stirring all the time. of two or more roasted ducks with water. finely chopped parsley. Mix well and serve hot. stirring constantly for ten minutes. i\lix thoroughly and ounces of butter and one pinch of sugar. this add one small cup Espagnole sauce. and gradually adding one and one-half ounces of clarified butter and the same almost all reduced. Strain through a cloth. grated nutmeg. and blanch them in boiling water for three minutes before adding to the sauce. . and one bay Then add four leaf. Stir mixture finely wire whisk. and reduce to a demiglaze. and a small pat of butter. of finely chopped shallots fried in a half a pint of veloute sauce. Cut the rind into small diamond shapes. the yolks of four quantity of olive \vith oil. white pepper. and season with salt and white pepper. Take two ounces of butter together over the fire. Then strain. should be as thick as a mayonnaise dressing. stir in some chopped tarragon and parsley. clarify. Do not Bigarade Sauce Cover the carcasses season to taste. then stir in raw eggs. and boil five minutes.

catsup. one-eighth of a teaspoonful of Simmer for five minutes longer. Bread Sauce Boil half an onion. Add one until thick and smooth. stir in one wine-glass of stir Place the saucepan in pan of hot water and the comes Serve hot in a sauce-boat. to a of powdered sugar. onion and celery cut in inch squares. one clove. it.. one-half teaspoon of salt. one piece of carrot. Blend two level tablespoonfuls of corn-starch with five tablespoonfuls of water. light. Drawn To one heaping spoon of flour.SALADS. Sea- son to taste with salt and black pepper. one tablespoon of butter. SAUCES. Butter tablespoon of batter take one heaping table- and enough hot water to dissolve this . and a dash of white pepper. Strain. Brown Sauce See Fried Chops. and cook pepper. 164. for fifteen minutes. Beat until very mixture until it Then gradually to a boil. cream and moisten with one tablespoon of cream. two tablespoons of flour in a Stir over the fire until a brown wine. AND ASPICS 209 Brandy Sauce Take one cup Rub them brandy. and half a cup of fine white bread crumbs in one pint of milk until the desired consistency. Then add two tablespoonfuls of butter. Reof move the onion without breaking add one tablespoon butter. pint of water or of butter. directed. stir with the stock. Lemon juice. and use as Brown Sauce Put two tablespoons saucepan. p. or etc. currant may be used to flavor. stir dark brown. a little salt. one teaspoonful of salt. Stir over the fire until they come to a boil. jelly. stock. Brown Sauce Take one pint of clear brown stock.

MBS. one-fourth teaspoonful white Mix well until light and creamy. p. See Cheese Timbale. Chops a la Sig-nora Sauce. Wash Cheese Sauce Mix two flour. Stir in three tablespoonfuls of Swiss cheese. Butter Sauce See Artichokes. half a Mix pint of water. 167 Puree of Chestnuts Pour boiling water over one quart of chestnuts and let them cook for ten minutes. . Put them in kettle and boil until they are tender. a little white pepper. Then drain and Let the broth place in a pan with half a pint of white broth. thoroughly and parboil for live minutes. add one cup and stir over the fire until all begins to thicken. p. be added to Let it stand (covered) in the hot water until ready to serve. that the celery tender. Chopped parsley or the crushed yolks of hard-boiled eggs may this. an ounce of butter. Celery Sauce Cut the white parts of four heads of celery in small pieces. almost dry. Strain. one teaspoonful salt. cupful of milk or cream. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Thicken by standing the saucepan in hot water. tablespoonfuls of butter and one tablespoonful of of cream. See is Then mix boil until with the desired amount of AUemande sauce. Then rub them through a fine sieve and season with one tablespoonful of butter. Then add one-half pepper. 277. and salt. and remove the outside skin.210 cream. and boil five minutes. 233. Clam Sauce Take one quart of freshly opened Little Neck clams. p. Serve hot.

and cloth. Creamy Sauce half a cup of j)owdered Beat in slowly two tablespoons of wine or rich fruit syrup and two tablespoons of cream. white pepper. Cream one-fourth cup butter and sugar. and one ounce of chopped raw ham. two ounces of butter. and add one-lialf pint of boiling water. Stir in one and one-half pints of white broth. six nice cucumbers. without boiling. and serve hot. stir over steam until the sauce is heated through. little Add one ounce of butter and serve hot. add two egg yolks. Serve cold or hot. kneaded in butter. . Mix well. flour. Then mix put them in the sauce. SAUCES. Stir until the mixture boils. drain. twice as little much water lemon juice. then add a thickening of two egg yolks. Parboil. Boil fifteen minutes.SALADS. If served hot. and put fire saucepan with one ounce of butter. and a Dilute Avith a pint of milk. pint of clam liquor. and serve. two. Puree of Cucumbers Peel and slit. and thickened. each in four pieces. together. Add two ounces of sugar. and a tablespoonful of curry powder. stir Rein a move the seeds and cut in slices. nutmeg and one-half boil a minute or as egg yolks. one ounce of flour. Cook over a slow fire until the onion is soft. on the until salt. Rub through a fine sieve. remove. Strain through a wet in four ounces of butter. a Stir with egg-beater. boil again. and rub through a sieve. drain the clams. two ounces AND ASPICS and a little 211 of butter. a small bunch of parsley. add one tablespoonful of flour. Curry Sauce Put two ounces of butter in a saucepan with one finely chopped onion. mix well.

two ounces of flour. add one-half pound of wheat flour. Egg Sauce Mix a little together three ounces of butter. and one bouquet. until the mixture etc. vegetables. then set at the side and broth if boil slowly for one hour. of milk in a saucepan with a small bit of va- Stir over a slow fire until the milk comes to a boil. chopped fine. press through a cold. Do not melt the butter. Add nutmeg. Stir over a slow fire until a light brown. and pepper. Skim. When partially cool add gradually the strained preparation of meat. Stir let it comes to a boil. one-half pound hock of ham. using wooden spoon. Add more the sauce is too damp cloth. until it is exactly. and taste. and place in a saucepan butter. four ounces butter. Espagnole Sauce Cut of veal. Press through a wet cloth and add two hard-boiled eggs. a few peppercorns.212 MRS. Remove the bean and add three eggs. Drain the butter off and moisten the mixture with half a pint of Sherry wine. granulated sugar to Stir constantly over the fire until the sauce becomes of the desired consistency. — no in small pieces. and stir with whip to get sauce smooth. Then boil for a moment. one pint of boiling water. and three-fourths pint of tomatoes. SEELT'S COOK Custard Sauce BOOK Put one pint nilla bean. and a little lemon juice. Stir in the yolks of two eggs. thoroughly beaten. Melt seven ounces of butter. . and salt. six quarts of beef broth. Boil one hour and skim and strain. until a light brown. fat. A smaller quantity can be made by reducing the proportions thick. — one with four ounces of Stir over a hot fire two carrots. and stir occasionally The above makes four quarts of liquid. two onions.

Ham See Baked Sauce Ham. SAUCES. 113. two tablespoonfuls of Chutney Indian Club. to make Glaze until it consomme becomes a thick. one small glassful Madeira wine.SALADS. demiglaze is made with one quart of consomme. . meats. Demiglaze Sauce One glassful small of mushroom liquor. AND ASPICS 213 How Boil one quart of rich gluelike substance. . one pint Espagnole sauce. one bouquet. Sauce for Devilled of Ham. — — Strain and use when needed. the juice of one- four eggs. should have about half a pint. Blend one tablespoonful and a small glass if of claret. 174. p. one scant teaspoonful pepper. Hollandaise Sauce Rub one-half cup of butter to a cream and add the yolks of first mixing one in before adding the other. As you add each egg. etc. sauce will keep for a long time Strain and serve hot. it should be melted over a pan of boiling water and applied with a brush. in a cool place. Herb Sauce See Broiled Shad. add a little lemon juice in all. 177. two ounces of butter. two tablespoonfuls of Worcestershire sauce. p. shiny surface to cooked You A When used. Remove the fat carefully and cook for thirty minutes. The glaze gives a smooth. Horseradish Sauce See Sucking Pig a la Russe. p. Coleman's mustard with two ounces of granulated sugar. Let all simmer This slowly on range for five minutes. boiled down to one pint.

quickly until thick. 135. together for two minutes. five Add minutes. one teaspoonful of onion. 157. Strain and use the broth to ster Broiled Lobster Sauce. butter. of butter in a saucepan with one tableBoil all spoonful of chopped parsley. Do not put on the fire again. Devilled Lobster Sauce. Stir in well and it will make it all right. then add one tablespoonful of flour. 141. Italienne Sauce half a Put one tablespoon very fine. p. boil the shells in one scant quart of water for twenty minutes. Mix well again. make a cream sauce. without being whipped. Should it happen to curdle. Cook eight minadd more utes. Add a dash of cayenne and two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. p. Then add one cup of white stock and let all boil Boil a small cup of white wine. 136. stirring often. Do not let it boil. Set in pan of hot water and cook until thick.214 lemon will do. too thick Lobster Sauce After removing the meat from a good-sized boiled lobster. Boil one minute. Have one-half cup of good clear consomme and add by degrees. Lobster a la Brooklyn Sauce. p. Lemon Sauce Mix three heaping teaspoonfuls of corn-starch with one cup stir in sugar and two cups of boiling water. p. Cut the lobmeat in small pieces and powder the dried lobster coral. When well mixed add salt and pepper and pinch of cayenne. . Stir both into the sauce. drop the white of an egg in. chopped and one tablespoon of chopped mushrooms. Set aside until ready for use. Add the grated rind and juice of one If lemon and one tablespoonful butter. Jardiniere Sauce See Sweetbread Jardiniere.

AND ASPICS 215 Lyonnaise Sauce Fry four gar. added and letting it is done the butter Simmer the sauce for a few it is minutes. Madeira Sauce Put in a saucepan the yolks of six eggs. small piece at a time. Maitre d'Hotel Sauce Thicken a couple of flour. Then remove from fire and add a little lemon juice or tarragon vinegar. one tablespoonful of flour. one teaspoonful of chopped onion. Then pour boil is to it in small portions half a pint of rich veal broth or gravy. Serve hot. three teaspoons of of a small lemon. salt. Stir and boil five minutes. and the juice Martinet Sauce for Pish Cook one tablespoonful of butter. one-half teaspoonful of sugar. stirring it of ounces of butter with a small tablespoon fire for over a gentle ten or fifteen minutes.SALADS. Beat the mixture over the fire with an egg-beater until it is thick and frothy. . one-half can of tomatoes. minced parsley. Strain through a strainer and then add a little whipped cream. for unless this apt to float on the surface. and one-half pint of Madeira wine. Set over the fire and stir until smooth. Add a tablespoonful of white wine vine- Add and one pint Espagnole sauce. one-half teaspoonful of salt. one pinch black pepper and a little chopped parsley. finely chopped onions in two ounces of butter until a light brown. Set the pan in hot water and add four ounces of butter. mixing the whole well as up between each portion. Strain into another saucepan and add the yolks of four eggs with one tablespoonful of cream and a little nutmeg. all together for ten minutes. SAUCES. three ounces of granulated sugar. then add a dash of cayenne.

p. much water over the fire until the sauce . one tablespoonful butter. before sending to the table add some finely chopped parsley and a little lemon sauce. wash. Remove warm. Knead four ounces of butter with two ounces of flour. add some white pepper. the meat from the shells and place where it will keep Reserve the liquor in a basin. Stir in one-half Mint Sauce Mix one cup and two cups the mint. Mushroom Sauce See Boned Boiled Chicken. Stir in the liquor from the mussels Then add a mixture of four egg and half a pint of cream. Mussel Sauce Cleanse. one-half cup is of fresh mint leaves. yolks and twice as Stir as you have egg liquid. one-fourth teaspoonRub until mixture ful of white pepper. one glass of Sherry. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Maryland Sauce In a mortar put the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs. cup of consommd. 184. and salt. Then add a scant tablespoonf ul of flour. 148. strongly flavored with Mushroom Sauce See Fillet of Beef. a dash of grated nutmeg. and let them of stand one hour. comes to a boil. Mix well. finely powdered sugar. one-half teaspoonf ul of salt. and blanch or stew two quarts of mussels. or until the vinegar Serve with roast lamb. becomes the desired consistency. Just Strain through a wet cloth and pour over the mussels. stir in one cup cream. glass of When all Madeira wine. p. and a pinch of cayenne. chopped. is smooth. of vinegar. and one tablespoonful of brandy.216 MRS.

Moisten with one pint of white broth. Puree of Potatoes slices. Peel and wash eight potatoes. a sprig of parsley. pepper and then ready for use. one bay all clove of garlic. a few capers. then spoonfuls of flour. By in one-half Stir pint that time the potatoes are done. a head of celery. and let it boil until the broth is reduced. Heat thoroughly and stir in one lump of butter. Then add one tablespoon It is of salad oil. and one tablespoonful of chopped ham. cut them in in a them Shad Sauce See Roast Shad. salt to taste. Rub through Princess Sauce Melt one tablespoonful tablespoonful of flour. a little salt and white pepper. 115. Shrimp Sauce Beat a scant cup of butter to a cream. a this comes to add a pint of chicken broth. Then add a tablespoon of Madeira wine. consistency of mashed potato. together for ten minutes. a sieve. Do not cook after adding Avine. of cream and with a wooden spoon reduce the puree on the fire to the Rub it through a wet cloth. SAUCES. put the lid on the pan. salt and pepper to taste. p. AND ASPICS 217 Prince of 'Wales Sauce Place in a mortar and pound thoroughly the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs. of butter in a saucepan and add one boil. one-fourth teaspoon of mustard. one teaspoon- ful of tarragon vinegar. Cook Then strain. one teaspoonful of finely chopped chives. then pour stir in two table- in one and a half .SALADS. the yolk of one raw egg. Add a teaspoon of beef extract and cook a few minutes longer. Beat until light. Serve very hot. and place stewpan with two ounces of butter. When leaf.

Then add the flour and cook until it is brown. Cook fifteen minutes longer. p. one tablespoonful of finely chopped celery. one ounce of lean ham. Pur^e of Spinach Pick and wash one peck of spinach and boil it until tender. Set the mixture where it will simmer for two hours. this stir Mix over the Let the sauce get very hot and serve at once. Twenty minutes before serving. and. two whole cloves. see that it is just Then . Stir constantly. Soak the gelatine in one gill of consomme for one hour or two. When thoroughly heated. salt. seely's cook book tablespoonfuls of anchovy and one tablespoonful of lemon juice. Set the saucepan at the side of range and gradually stir in the consomme. two tablespoonfuls of finely chopped onion. drain it in a colander and chop and pound it until it becomes a soft paste. Sole Sauce See Sole Normande. Stir in two gills of fresh shrimp with the tails split and add a dash of cayenne. Place it in a saucepan with four ounces of butter. stirring all the time. a little grated nutmeg. If not used at once set in cool place. and pepper. Cook for eight minutes. Do not let them burn. Spanish Sauce Have at hand one generous pint of consomme. Skim off the grease and strain. Serve hot. with a pint of boiling water. Mix thoroughly and fire until it is just about to boil. three table- spoonfuls of gelatine dissolved in four tablespoonfuls of flour. then stir in one ladleful of veloute sauce and one quart of white broth. if desired. rub it through a wet cloth. one tablespoonful of finely chopped carrot. Then add the gelatine liquid.218 MRS. one bay leaf. Cook the butter and vegetables for ten minutes. one sprig of parsley. four tablespoonfuls of butter. a little mace. salt and pepper to taste. 118. Boil for three minutes.

vinegar. but not brown. then of fine sugar. two teaspoonfuls of salt. put in a pan with the cold water. Add this stock. then skim and strain through a fine sieve. a bit of mace.SALADS. one-third of a teaspoonful of white pepper. Cook slowly for four hours. p. then add the mushrooms. Supreme Sauce Take one pint of chicken stock. Stir until this then gradually add the chicken and veal stock. Tomato Sauce Stew one-half can of tomatoes. and half a pint of chopped mushrooms. to the chicken stock. salt and pepper. at the boiling-point. If too thick. SAUCES. chopped onion in one tablespoonful Cook one tablespoonful of butter until it is of yellow. a shin of veal to weigh about two pounds. Tongue Timbale Sauce See Tongue Timbale. which should be jelly. one slice of carrot. and put away to cool. Cut the veal in small pieces. Strain spices. skim. capers. When hot. one sprig of parsley. Stir until smooth and frothy. five tablespoonfuls of flour. When cool. 150. a dash of grated nutmeg. and vegetables. saucepan back where the heat is sufficient to keep the sauce bubbling at one side of the pan. one bay leaf. . one small onion. It must cook slowly. two cloves. Tartare Sauce Season mayonnaise dressing to taste with finely chopped and vinegar pickles. AND ASPICS of butter 219 add a lump and a little bit Mix all very thoroughly and serve hot. one teacupful of butter. Move the boils. thin it with shallots. This sauce should be clear and velvety. one quart of water. add flour. Let it cook for two hours. Set the pan back and stir until it is slightly cool. Put the butter over the fire.

seelt's cook book Blend one tablespoonful of corn-starch with a little water and Cook until stir into your tomatoes. Veloute Sauce Cover with water one knuckle of veal cut in small pieces. Vinaigrette Sauce a pint sweet oil. if desired. Skim Venison Sauce See Roast Saddle of Venison. two leeks. and a little chopped chopped salt. Water or stock may be used with the tomato. a little grated nutmeg. and. In another saucepan mix three ounces of flour with two ounces Add two of butter. a spoonful of tarragon vinegar. parsley. some chicken parings or a fowl. Mix half . and a few peppercorns. p. the mixture thickens and strain before serving. a bunch of parsley. pepper. Just before serving add a good spoonful of blanched tarragon leaves. one onion with three cloves stuck in it. Tomato Sauce See Crab Farcie.220 MRS. hours. quarts of the stock and boil slowly for one-half hour. cut into diamond shapes. 206. two tablespoons of vinegar. Venitienne Sauce Prepare a sufficient quantity of AUemande sauce for the purpose required. Skim off the fat and strain stock through a damp cloth. stalk of Cover and boil slowly for two celery. shallots to the taste. and season with salt. adding onions and butter. Add one carrot cut in quarters. 132. and a small lump of butter. and Beat well with wire whip and serve immediately. p. and cook a little without browning. stir. Boil and skim well. and strain through a napkin.

chopped hard-boiled eggs. . Flavor with Sherry wine and vanilla to taste. and constantly as it thickens. stir once into the flour. of butter lemon juice. Set away carefully covered. one-half cup of wine or fruit juice. then add the well-beaten yolks of two eggs. Stir until it thickens. add one-third at a time. chopped parsley. AND ASPICS 221 White Sauce Melt one tablespoonful of butter and stir in one tablespoon- ful of flour.SALADS. Put all over the fire and stir constantly till the mixture thickens. cooked celery. etc. celery salt. One may If use capers. When used. Heat of salt. thin with good cream and season to taste. for one desires a thicker sauce. Beat well the yolks of five eggs and over them pour the hot vinegar. one saltspoon of ground mace. . Place the bowl of sauce over a pan of boiling water and stir until it becomes a thick cream. Stir over hot water until liquid. flavoring. one-eighth teaspoon of white pepper. Cream Salad Dressing to a boil five tablespoons of good vinegar. at once. stir it all at If the liquid is cold. oysters. Wine Sauce powdered sugar. strain before using. half teaspoonf ul of salt. wiien you add two tablespoons of butter. Stir in about three tablespoonfuls of boiling water. If liquid is hot. add the well-beaten yolk of one egg beat the white of one egg and add to the mixture. one teaspoon and half a teaspoon of whfte pepper. If not smooth. Serve beat it Mix one-half cup of butter and one cup of to a cream. SAUCES. Yellow Sauce Cream one-half cup of butter with one-half cup of light brown sugar. stirring well until each portion has thickened. double the quantity and flour. one cup of milk or white stock..

French Dressing Six tablespoonfuls of oil. the white of one egg. add a teaspoonf ul each of salt and sugar. stir smooth with to these ingredients add the oil and vinegar. Add salt and white pepper to taste. one tablespoon of vinegar. French Dressing Six tablespoonfuls of oil. add three-quarters of a cup of whipped cream and serve. add vinegar. add slowly four tablespoonfuls of hot tarragon or plain Remove from fire.222 MBS. and a sugar. trifle of Mix salt. a oil . and when perfectly cold. one-half tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar. three tablespoonfuls of malt vinegar. asparagus. French Salad Dressing Three tablespoons of olive little oil. beat thoroughly. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Cream Salad Dressing A delicious cream boiled dressing for salads that may be used where oil is not liked. etc. and white pepper and four tablespoonfuls of cream. three tablespoonfuls of malt vinegar. Mayonnaise Dressiiig A mixed scant half teaspoonful of mustard and to a thick paste. cold Mix well together with wire whisk. a little water olive oil — a teaspoonful Stir in the yolk of one egg. red pepper. one-half teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar. the seasoned butter. etc. Stir constantly with a fork. cold asparagus. half a teaspoonf ul each of mustard and paprika. Serve with lettuce. or a dash of cayenne in place of the latter. Cream two tablespoonfuls of butter. Mix well together. beating constantly until thick. Serve with lettuce. Put the yolks of two eggs slightly beaten in a double boiler. mustard. . salt to taste. then or two at a time until add you have the Season with desired amount.

Should it curdle. celery. and pour over a liberal French dressing. tomatoes. one small garlic. Serve with lettuce. and then add six tablespoonfuls of oil and two of tarragon vinegar. add olive oil very slowly not more than a few drops at a time. Add salt. and malt and tarragon more malt than tarragon. vinegar. Keep stirring and adding the oil until the mixture becomes thick and creamy. and chives very fine. one-half an eggspoonful of mustard. salt to taste and a dash of red pepper. Serve thoroughly cold. and garlic. one-half a teaspoonful and a little white Mix the yolks and mustard together with a fork. . Take the white of one egg and mince it very fine you can do this with a fork. Should the dressing thicken too quickly. onion. — Asparagus Salad Lay large. one small bunch of chives. etc. AND ASPICS 223 salt. The vinegar will serve to vinegar at of of salt. commence again with a little mustard paste. so use it accordingly. Serve with lettuce or water-cress in place of French dressing. Keep on ice until served. yolk of another egg. Rub the yolks of two eggs through a sieve. chives. — very hard. having all the heads one way. Mayonnaise Dressing two eggs. then pepper. onion. well-cooked asparagus in a salad bowl. mix with the white of egg. one-half a small onion. dash of cayenne. thin it with vinegar. and lemon juice if desired. and gradually stir in the first mixture.SALADS. SAUCES. — two pi- mento peppers. white pepper. garlic. also the fresh tarragon. and three or four sprigs of tarragon. Chop the peppers. Be sure to have it properly mixed and it will be quite thick. Union Club Dressing Have at hand two hard-boiled eggs. Have hand the yolks — — make it thin. the chopped peppers. Stir briskly for five minutes or more.

Add a small cup of oil and vinegar to make it of the right sourness. and garnish to taste. an egg well beaten. eggs. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Cabbage Salad Pour a little boiling water in a saucepan. and one teaspoonful of Coleman's mustard. and serve with a dressing made as follows Mix one egg well beaten. shave in long. thin strips. two teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar. Mix well. one tablespoon of vinegar. Arrange the strips tastefully in a salad bowl. dry thoroughly. . butter the size of a walnut. and having well washed and drained them. mixing it in well. and a teaspoon of sugar. three tablespoons of cream. bages for In making this salad the Germans sometimes boil the cabfive minutes (in separate saucepans) and then put till the cabbages in cold water used. Serve at once. which should be thoroughly cold. a tablespoon of finely minced onion. and pour over the cabbage. one tablespoon of Stir thoroughly and pour sugar. adding salt and white pepper to taste. Soak in cold water to make and mix with the dressing. Dry thoroughly White and Red Cabbage Salad Take a red cabbage and a white cabbage. stir in the well-beaten yolks of three Shave one head of cabbage in small Set away to cool. and half a tablespoon of mustard. add one and a half cups of vinegar.224: MRS. When the mixture comes to a boil. A dressing good for the cabbage is made of the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs rubbed smooth with a teaspoon of mustard. either in diameter strips or in tufts of red in a bed of white. Cold Slaw Shave a head of cabbage in small strips. soak in cold water to make it crisp. and salt and pepper to taste. and salt and pepper to taste. it crisp. strips. two tablespoons of sour cream. : over the cabbage.





Cold Slaw Shave or chop the cabbage (not too
dressing as follows
of sugar, a little


and make the


eggs, a scant one- third of a cup of

vinegar, one heaping teaspoon of salt, one heaping teaspoon

cayenne pepper.

Stir all well together, addall

ing the vinegar slowly and stirring

the time.

Set the

saucepan into another of hot water to thicken the dressing. Boil the water very slowly under it and stir constantly to preDuring the thickening raise the saucepan that vent lumps.
contains the mixture from the water occasionally and stir and
set it back.


the dressing


quite thick and smooth
If wished,

remove, and add a teaspoon of butter and cream.

add a dessert or tablespoonful

of olive


Cheese Salad


one cup of minced chicken add half a pound of soft

tender American cheese and half a cup of pickled cauliflower

chopped coarsely together.


soft the yolks of

two hard-

boiled eggs, add one teaspoon of French mustard, three table-

spoons of vinegar, four tablespoons of

oil or melted butter, and cayenne and salt to taste. Pour this sauce over the salad and garnish with the white of the egg cut in rings and branches of pickled cauliflower.

Cream Cheese Salad
Color the cream cheese a delicate green, using either the
juice of boiled spinach or vegetable coloring,
balls or eggs

and form



the size of a walnut.

Take a

salad dish

and make nests of the tender leaves

of lettuce,

and in each
these serve or

nest put three or four eggs of the cheese.










Chicken Salad


the meat from a chicken that has been boiled in

and cut into pieces about one inch square. Wash and scrape some nice celery. Soak in cold water to make it Dry thoroughly and cut in pieces about the same size as crisp. the chicken. Have about three-quarters as much celery as you have chicken. Mix both together and make very moist and rich with a mayonnaise dressing. Arrange on dish, shape nicely, and Garnish and trim with white celery cover with more dressing. leaves, hard-boiled egg, and a few capers sprinkled over the top.
salted water,

Halibut Salad with Cucumber Spirals
Halibut salad is an appetizing, warm weather dish for luncheon or Sunday night's supper. Steam a slice of halibut three Its flavor is improved if a soup bunch is thrown inches thick. It is done when tender enough to into the steamer with it. remove the skin and bone, which should be accomplished while
it is


hot without disturbing the shape.

Pour over



French dressing made and pepper to taste. When cold arrange on a bed of lettuce hearts and fill the cavity from which the bone was taken with the best of them. This dish is prettily garnished with curls, spirals, or cups of cucumber, made as follows Cut a cucumber crosswise in secCut each section round tions three-quarters of an inch thick. and round in one long, thin paring. Mayonnaise dressing fills these cups, or is served with the fish in a separate sauce cup
of four tablespoonfuls of olive


of vinegar, with salt



the cucumbers are served in the usual way, that



with a French dressing.

Lobster Salad

Cut the meat of the lobster in pieces about one inch square. Place them in an earthen bowl and season with a French dressing of olive oil, vinegar, and a little salt and white pepper.




thorouglily dry the white leaves of lettuce. Arrange on a flat dish in the form of shells. Drain the lobster and mix with enough mayonnaise dressing to make it rich and creamy. Fill each shell with it and pour a little mayonnaise on top of each one. Garnish the dish with lettuce leaves.

Wash and

Cold Meat and Potato Salad

Cut one pound of cold meat into inch squares and mix with one pint of chopped, cold boiled potatoes. Put a layer in the bottom of a salad bowl, sprinkle with a little parsley, celery, and onion chopped very fine, and moisten with a salad dressing



layer of meat and potato,

and white pepper. and so on till

Then spread another
all is


This dish

should stand for two or three hours before serving.

Oyster Salad
Scald oysters until they are plump, and then put them in
cold water while they are boiling hot, so as to

Put them
long dish.

to one side


boil five

make them firm. eggs hard. Take off the

whites and chop very


a bed of white lettuce in a

Cover the oysters with Over them place the yolks of the eggs, which have been mashed very fine, and lastly the chopped
Place the oysters in

a mayonnaise dressing.

whites of the eggs.



let it

stand very long before servwill


do, the oysters

and mayonnaise

become watery.

Be sure the


thoroughly dried.

Pineapple Salad
Select a large, ripe pineapple,


after cutting off tlie top,

remove the

inside, leaving only the shell.

Next remove the

skin and seeds from a few grapes, then take two ripe bananas,
skin them, and cut into small pieces.

Also cut the pineapple

and grapes

in small pieces.



with mayonnaise dressing,

replace in the pine shell, and serve.


MRS. seely's cook


Russian Salad

Cut in thin slices some cold salmon, chicken, and partridge. Arrange them in a dish and mix with them in small quantities some cooked turnips, carrots, cauliflower, and asparagus tops, a few capers, shrimps, each vegetable cut in small pieces, and a small portion of caviare. Make a dressing of mustard, one tablespoonful of oil, vinegar, a dash of cayenne, and minced shallots. Pour the mixture over the contents of salad This salad should be made dish and set on ice until served. and article can be tasted, but none should so that each every

be pronounced.

Aspic Jelly
Soak one box of gelatine in half a pint of consomme for two At the end of that time put one pint and a half over As soon as it reaches the boiling-point add, with the the fire. liquid gelatine, a gill of Madeira or Sherry wine, two tablespoonfuls of tarragon vinegar, two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, and one teaspoonful of salto Place the pan on a cool part Stir constantly for five of the range where it will cook slowly. minutes. Strain through a flannel bag or cloth. The jelly

should be as clear as crystal.

Aspic of Chicken



half the rule for aspic jelly, one pint

cooked chicken free from skin,
three slices of the red part of

and a half of tender, and bones, and cut into dice, a cooked carrot, and three slices

of cooked beet, the white of one hard-boiled egg^ one teaspoon-

and one-third of a teaspoonful of white pepper. Prepare the mould as for foie gras, but decorate it with beet, carrot, and the white of egg. When the layer of jelly which completely covers the vegetables is hard, season the chicken with salt and pepper and arrange it on the top, being careful
ful of salt,




between the With a spoon sprinkle a gill of the chicken and the mould. Let it stand about half an hour to liquid jelly over the meato

to leave a space of about one-third of an inch


the end of that time pour the remainder of the

jelly into the space

between the chicken and the mould. Let At serving time turn on a flat dish. it stand several hours. mayIf a border mould, fill in centre with celery salad, Be careful not to drop onnaise and small pieces of celery. Garnish the border with sprays of anything on the aspic.

white celery.

Aspic de Foie Gras


small round or oval border

any shape will do.



mould hand one


preferred, although

of the smallest jars of

and the white of one hard-boiled egg. Place the mould in a pan and surround Pour the liquid jelly it with cracked ice and a little water. Let this stand into the mould to the depth of half an inch. Then decorate it with the white of an egg until it hardens. and the truffle, which has been cut in thin slices and stamped with a fancy vegetable cutter. Moisten them with a little liquid jelly and let them stand about ten minutes so that the Next, gently pour jelly may harden and hold them in place. in another layer of jelly about one-quarter of an inch thick. Let this harden. Scrape all the fat from the foie gras. Dip it for half a minute in hot water. Wipe it dry and cut in thin Spread a layer of sliceJi, then in pieces about one inch square. Cover with the liquid jelly and these over the congealed jelly. wait until it hardens before adding the second layer of foie gras. Continue until the mould is almost filled. Finish with
foie gras, half the rule of aspic jelly,


a thin layer of liquid jelly.

Set in cool place for three or four
If a


Serve on a

flat dish.

border mould has been used,

in the centre with Tartare sauce garnished with stuffed




Aspic of Trout

Clean, wash, and dry a good-sized fresh trout. Fill the cavity with veal forcemeat for fish and truss the head. Place it in a saucepan, cover it with broth, and boil it until it is done. Have ready a long piece of fried bread as long as the fish, cover the bread with paper, and when the trout is cold, drained, and thoroughly dry, place it on the top with the butter beneath it. Glaze with a half set aspic jelly, decorate the edge with jelly Garnish the base with halves of hard-boiled eggs croutons. and small heads of lettuce cut in half, and serve with a mayonnaise dressing.
Calf's-foot Jelly

Bone and soak four calf's feet in cold water for one hour. well, parboil, and then boil with four quarts of water Skim off all the fat, pass the liquid through a wet until soft. Put some in a saucer and set on ice to cool so as to test cloth. if too soft, boil a little longer. If too hard, add water it. Put three pints of the liquid in an earthen saucepan with four cloves, a little ginger and cinnamon, the juice of two lemons, twelve ounces of granulated sugar, and a gill of Madeira wine. Beat two eggs with a little water, mix into the preparation, and stir over the fire until it comes to a boil. Strain twice through a jelly bag. Pour into eight or more crystal jelly




Cool thoroughly, serve one to each person.

Chicken Jelly served with



Take one fowl chopped in small pieces, use feet, head, and all the bones, one quart of cold water, one bay leaf, and season well with salt and white pepper. Put over fire and let come to a boil. Then push the kettle back on the range where the mixture will simmer slowly for five hours. Strain and set away to cool. After removing all the fat, replace it on the stove and add the white of one well-beaten egg to clear it.




is well seasoned. Then pour in a fancy mould. When it begins shaped to set, stand a cup or glass in centre, and when the jelly is cold carefully remove the cup. Fill the gap left by the cup with cream and Philadelphia cream


sure the whole

cheese whipped together.




serve turn the jelly on a dish.

with a little of the jelly. Garnish with small sand-

wiches of Graham bread.

Instead of cheese and cream, one


use pate de foie gras or any filling desired.

Boiled Artichokes

for a

the artichokes well in several waters and soak
in salted


water to remove any insects which may be in the leaves. Trim away the leaves at the bottom. Cut off the stems. Place them in boiling salted water and Leave the saucepan uncovered while they boil until tender. To two quarts of water add one tablespoonful of are boiling. The salt and a pinch of washing soda about the size of a pea. They are last-named ingredient tends to keep them green. sufficiently cooked when the leaves can easily be removed. Drain them and serve with a little white sauce poured over them. Serve melted butter in a separate dish. This vegetable will cook in less than half an hour.

few hours

Artichokes a



Pull off the leaves without damaging the bottoms of the

which must be turned smooth with a knife. Cut the artichokes into quarters, and, after removing the fibrous parts, parboil them in salted water for about five minutes. Then drain in a colander and plunge them in cold water. Drain them on a cloth and arrange them in a circle in a saucepan which is thickly spread with four ounces of butter. Sift a Season with dessertspoonful of powdered sugar over them. salt and coarse white pepper and moisten with one glass of white wine and a tablespoonful of rich consomme. Place them on a slow fire and let them simmer gently for three-quarters of

(See p. 198.)

Facing page




Remove from the fire Let it cook slowly for fifteen and gradually add one-half If the sauce pound of fresh butter and the juice of one lemon. When done. showing the bottom of the artichokes only. mixed with the sauce. pour over Artichokes a I'ltalienne These are prepared the same as above. and half an ounce of butter. sized pieces of butter. Melted butter with a little lemon juice mixed with it may be used in place of the sauce. add a little salt. Butter Sauce Mix one heaping teaspoonful of flour and one gill of cold water. and serve with some of the sauce in a separate dish. and a little lemon juice. cut off the tips of the and boil them in salted water for three-quarters of an hour. When it the butter has been thoroughly the artichokes and serve. drain them on a sieve and then soak them for five minutes in cold water. one. Let this simmer over the stove and stir constantly with a spoon. taking care they do not burn. Stir over the fire until it comes to a boil. two mediumsaucepan. a dash of grated nutmeg. a clove. Remove any leaves that may have broken off in the Add a small cup of Espagnole sauce.VEGETABLES AND FAEINACEOUS FOODS 233 an hour. Remove the fibrous portion from the inside with the handle of a tablespoon and put them back in some hot water for a few minutes. except brown Ital- ienne sauce must be substituted for Espagnole sauce. two peppercorns. the shape of a dome. Pour a little butter sauce inside each leaves. putting them on a cloth to absorb the moisture. When warmed through. Artichokes with Butter Sauce Trim the bottom of six artichokes. When cooked they Dish them in should be a nice yellow color and nicely glazed. . minutes. drain them upside down.

Have the following sauce prepared Mix a scant pint of thick Bechamel sauce with three egg yolks and three ounces of grated Parmesan cheese. Brown delicately in a hot ful of butter in the frying pan.. all the heads one w^ay. When tender. and last of all some fine bread crumbs. Put small pieces of butter on top. Baked Asparagus Scrape. Melt one tablespoon- First cook the asparagus in water in a and when it is quite hot fry chopped onion till brown. and a few fresh bread Do not have any Cover the stalks with a curved tin sheet so that only the mashed part will be exposed to the heat. . add a little through a wet cloth. of this mixture on the stalks. two tablespoonfuls of oven. then drain on a cloth with- out cooling. and then put baking dish with about one tablespoonful of the grated Parmesan scattered between each layer.234 MBS. SEELY'S COOK BOOK more water. Strain should become too thick. Finish with the sauce. and bake to a nice brown. cover the eating part only with some of the sauce and a little grated cheese. serve. Pour this over the asparagus. drawn butter sauce or sauce HollanGrate a good cheese Parmesan is the best over the top and brown. drain and boil them slowly in and arrange in a baking pouring over a rich. Take off the tin sheet and crumbs. wash. required. boil. and bunch as much white asparagus : as Boil until rather firm. Stir over the fire until it In an oval buttered baking dish range a layer of asparagus. comes to a — — Add another layer of asparagus. Baked Asparagus Cut the dish. add another sprinkling of the cheese. — — Baked Asparagus it till tender. grated cheese. stalks into inch lengths salted water. etc. daise. until the whole is used.

238./:i *Va''> '•/•^>i "*"-nfS*JKS^*©* BAKED ASPARAGUS.) ' '-'h . BAKED (JAULIP^LOWEK. Facing page 23U. (See p.


then dip in beaten egg^ and roll in sifted bread crumbs. but not softened to lose their shape. using one quart of sprouts to two quarts of boiling water.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS Pried Asparagus 235 from the canned Drain the asparagus on a cloth. Lay on the plate. Serve on a hot dish. the bunches. it. Drain off the water. when bunch half done add a little salt. the whole being strictly limited in quantity. Toward the end of the boiling add a tablespoonful of salt. put them in cold water. sprinkle Lay the asparagus on this. to serve on separate plates. When this done prepare each slice of toast. pour a small quantity of melted Remove the string from Sprinkle a little more salt over it and over this also pour melted butter. Fried asparagus is made just exactly as well variety of the vegetable as from the fresh. The best plan is to use half butter and half lard. in the Let the sprouts simmer cream and serve. boil until the stalks are tender. Dust it lightly with flour. Fry it in hot fat. season it with white pepper and with salt. and a small cup of cream in which a teaspoon of flour or corn-starch has been stirred. Brussels Sprouts in Cream Take off any loose leaves hanging from the sprouts. Take a dip quickly in the asparagus water. and let them stand half an hour so that if any insects are in them they will come out. add a dash of pepper. Have them well cooked. Then put them on to boil. They will probably be done in twenty minutes or half an hour. a very little salt over butter. Asparagus Canapes Scrape lightly the stalks. five or ten minutes .

Fritters Beat three eggs. lengthwise. and a few grains of salt. add two ladlefuls of brown sauce to the saucepan to . Cover and cook slowly for two hours and till the liquid is reduced to a glaze. cut and crosswise. Take off the fat from the glaze. two medium-sized solid cabbages. Fry three or four minutes. drain on paper. Serve very hot. lean veal and one-half a forcemeat with pound of fat pork. and flour enough to make add one teaspoonful of baking powder. Dip each one separately in the batter and drop in boiling fat. Fill a in halves. one of lemon juice. one of sugar. pound well. Dish up the cabbage. Stuffed Cabbage Select leaves. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving. and rub through Season with salt and white pepper. and mix well. one teaspoonful of melted Baste butter. and chopped parsley. and fill with Place them together and wrap them in thin the forcemeat. often and cook slowly a half an hour or till the bananas are red and syrup thick. and serve with wine sauce. add the yolks of four eggs. Cut them in four pieces. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Baked Bananas baking dish with bananas which have been peeled. Slit the cabbages. Remove the loose wash carefully. grated nutpuree sieve. one pint of milk. Banana stiff batter. and drain. To one banana allow two tablespoonfuls of water. Chop fine. Peel the bananas. Make one-half pound of raw. press the water out. untie the strings. Then parboil for fifteen minutes. Cool in fresh water.236 MRS. and set them on a cloth to drain. meg. saucepan with a quart of broth and one glass of Sherry wine. Tie them with strings. cut out the cores. remove pieces of pork. Put them in a slices of fat pork. and soak them in salted water for one hour.

and serve. two ounces of loaf sugar. At or last. a small tablespoonful will commonly and do. stir it in thoroughly. If your cabbage head is large. you may need more vinegar. up so that the cream will cook into the cabbage. fried. a let all large cup of thick sour cream. add a tablespoonful of vinegar more if the vinegar is weak. it in a saucepan with a little hot water. seasoned with salt and pepper. The cream should be enough to whiten and oil all the cabbage. Drain them again and lay them on a napkin. During the cooking the cabbage may need more water. allowing two eggs to a head of cabbage. and plunge them in cold water. Then place them in a deep saucepan with two ounces of fresh butter. Sour If sweet cream is used. cream is best when obtainable. If so. a dash of pepper. Put the lid on and let them boil .VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS dilute it. just before serving. and finally mixed with half their quantity of boiled rice and eggs. and about nal shape. and let it add boil salt to taste. keeping their origimaking them all equal in size. Parboil them in Drain them in a colander salted water for about ten minutes. you may need more than a cup of cream. 237 Pour the sauce over the well-drained cabbages hot. but one pint of good consomme. chopped. and serve Mushrooms make a delicious stuffing for the cabbage when they are boiled. add boiling water and so little of it that when it is time to add the cream the water will be almost cooked out. Carrots a TAllemande Prepare two bunches of spring carrots. juice for four or five hours. Colonial Dutch Sour Cabbage Carefully shave or chop the head of a white cabbage and put Cover closely cook slowly on the back of the range in its steam and A little before time to serve.

and one-half cup cream. Drain. inside Put in dome form on a buttered baking dish. Baked Cauliflower Pare off the green leaves and boil two heads of cauliflower and a small piece of butter. Mix one scant pint of thick Bechamel sauce with four egg yolks and four ounces of American or Parmesan cheese. cover the cauliflower with it. Pour the remainder of the glaze over the carrots and serve very hot. Then examine it thoroughly and wash it in fresh water. more grated cheese. Let all boil a minute. and one ounce of butter. Bake to a nice color twenty minutes. and smooth with the blade of a knife. is them Serve to boil briskly until their liquor reduced to a glaze. Cream Sauce new carrots in one-sixth of an inch Put them in a saucepan with one-half pint of water. building Carrots with Peel and cut enough slices. tablespoonful sugar. seely's cook fire for book Then set very gently over a slow half an hour. one ounce of butter. Garnish with Allemande sauce mixed with a little finely chopped parsley. Serve a little — — at once. it in salt . and chopped parsley. Mix carefully by tossing in the saucepan. and a few bits of butter. salt. Then sprinkle with fine bread crumbs. Add a liaison of three egg yolks. tossing occasionally. Cover and cook about one-half hour.238 Mrs. and enough water to cover Select a medium-sized cauliflower. white pepper. Place it in a saucepan with a small handful of salt. grated. in a round-bottomed dish. the liaison including twice as much cold water as you have liquid yolks when beaten. pepper. and a little grated nutmeg. season and out with salt. them up in a perfect dome. in salted water Boiled Cauliflower Trim neatly and soak and water for two hours.

Dip each piece of cauliflower in this batter and then drop one by one in deep hot fat. Drain on brown paper and serve on a folded napkin. a little lemon juice. After making the it cauliflower with this sauce. and with a coating of Parmesan cheese. with beaten yolks of four eggs. in a few minutes invert on the dish it is to be served on and entirely cover it with the following sauce Mix one cup of veloute sauce with four ounces of Parmesan cheese. flowerets down. Beat with an egg-beater until very smooth. place on a dish. for one hour. When cooked tender. Fried Cauliflower Parboil two cauliflowers in salted w^ater. three and one glass of milk. in a deep dish. Then there is no danger of the cauli- flower spreading. Do not let it boil. . drain on a sieve. smooth the top. Drain and break them eggs. Arrange cauliflower.VEGETABLES AND FAUINACEOVS FOODS it. and coarse white pepper. Garnish with fried bread cut in fancy shapes. and cover with a rich white sauce or a HoUandaise sauce. : over the cover fire until it is well mixed. Wash and soak in salted water Then place in hot water with a lump of butter. The bread may be arranged in the shape of a cornucopia and the cauliflower placed in it before it is masked. in small bunches. Place in the oven for fifteen minutes until it is a nice brown. salt two tablespoons and white pepper. Fry until crisp and light brown. Drain in a colander. Stir this a little salt. a good-sized lump of butter. salt and white pepper to taste. Make a batter of of olive six ounces of flour. oil. 2B9 Boil until tender for one-luilf hour or more. Cauliflower with Parmesan Cheese if Remove the green stalks and large divide into quarters one or more fresh cauliflowers.

To one cup stiff. Season with salt and pepper and let the whole boil up. and. in which a butter melted. pepper and salt. Drain them on a sieve and afterinches long. Put them in a saucepan and cook gently till tender in a broth of chicken or Water may be used instead of the broth. and then scrape out the pulp. stir a little flour in the cream. Celery a la Creme Wash and cut the celery in small pieces. basket and fry in hot lard until they become a light brown. running a sharp knife down the centre of each row. one and a half cups of milk. Do not cut the kernels off the cob. and fry a golden brown. just before frying. Drain on heavy brown paper and serve very hot. Arrange in wire in beaten egg^ then in bread crumbs again. one tablespoonful of melted butter. drain on a cloth to free them from all the moisture. the white beaten little Drop from is a spoon into a hot frying pan.240 MBS. ward place them on a saucepan with enough white broth to Let them cook over a slow fire for one hour. one-half cup of flour. cover them. When done. Buffalo Corn Oysters Cut down each row of kernels on fresh sweet corn-cobs. Corn Fritters One pint of grated sweet corn. then dip away until cold. Add cream veal. in the proportion of a cup of cream to two cups of the chopped celery. seelt's cook book Celery a la Villeroi Clean six heads of celery and cut them in pieces about six Parboil them in water for ten minutes and then immerse them in cold water. If a thickening is wished. Cover them with some reduced Allemande sauce and set Roll them in fine bread crumbs. of the pulp add the yolk of one egg^ a seasoning of butter. two .

then the flour and baking powder sifted together. For six or eight persons peel four off After cutting the ends. one-eighth of a teaspoonful of pepper. off the peel and both ends of some large cucumbers in lengths about two inches long. teaspoonful of salt. and one teaspoonful of baking powder. See that there is of veal in fine pieces. Cook until it becomes a smooth paste. then cover Moisten them for half an When they have become quite tender. Drop by the tablespoonful in hot fat. a little salt and pepper. Mix the milk and well-beaten eggs together. Remove the cucumbers from the water. dry thoroughly and fill with the forcemeat. set liquid of a fat. Remove salt in the seeds with an apple corer. no gristle or Mix one gill of milk and one-third of a gill of fine bread Ten minutes crumbs. an eighth of a teaspoonful of thyme. one teaspoonful of butter. Drain on brown paper and serve very hot. Stuffed Cucumbers Pare and cut seeds. lastly stir in the grated corn. drain them on a hour. fill Then each piece of cucumber with chicken forcemeat. cloth and serve them with Espagnole sauce. slices of them with bacon. Pack them solidly and be careful to have the ends of the cucumbers smooth. in a saucepan Arrange them with a little which is lined with thin slices of bacon.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS 241 eggs. cut each cucumber into two parts. one quart of cold water. Then add the veal. Pour over them one pint and a half of boiling veal . one-half will probably be long enough. beef broth and cook over a slow fire Stuffed Cucumbers with Sauce cucumbers of good size. and pound away in a cool Put a tablespoonful of Put the cucumbers in the Chop about one-quarter place. one-quarter of a teaspoonful of onion juice. add the melted butter and seasoning. Lay them in a stewpan. Remove all the Parboil them in salted water and drain thoroughly. and one well-beaten egg.

heavy weight Dip each slice in beaten egg. one prefer. Fried Egg Plant Prepare a medium-sized egg plant two or three hours before Peel and cut it in even slices about one-quarter of an Place them on a dish. a bit of carrot the size of a quarter of a dollar. one salt. sprinkle each slice with a inch thick. on thin slices of toast. Fry the Then take two ounces of butter. and cooked in the Stuffed Egg Plant plants. slit lengthwise in halves. place the cucumber three-quarters of an hour. little salt and pepper. tracing the incisions inside. . Add one teaspoonful of lemon juice. of finely chopped pork. SEELT'S COOK BOOK If the stock has stock or chicken stock. Cover with the following sauce and serve at once : — Sauce Rub together until smooth three tablespoonfuls of butter. Cut off the stem. Stir and cook ten With a tablespoon take up most of the fleshy part of minutes. add one-half teaspoonful of salt and one-fifth of a Cover and let them simmer for teaspoonful of white pepper. cooking. Take two medium-sized egg plants until soft. When served.242 MRS. Season with a hot. then in fine bread crumbs. then drain. adding one bay leaf. and serve very same way. no seasoning. a sprig of parsley. two ounces shallots. Strain and serve. a clove. of onion the same size. Simmer for half an hour. half a teaspoonful of a fifth of a teaspoonful of white pepper. If little salt. two ounces of finely chopped one pint of chopped mushrooms. a bay leaf and a little grating of nutmeg. Fry in hot fat until a nice brown. This will extract the bitter taste. one generous tablespoonful of slice then add three gills of Avhite stock. drain on brown paper. Put them all in press with a on top. flour. the egg plant may be dipped in thin batter instead of egg and crumbs.

put with the 243 above preparation. Mix thoroughly and put this stuffing in the egg plants on a baking dish. and chopped parsley. Drop a little sweet oil over and bake light brown Slide on a dish. Drain them on a sieve. Drain them on a cloth. Lima Beans Put three pints of shelled Lima beans in salted boiling water and cook until they are tender.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS the egg plant. Turn the ends of the leaves so as to give to the lettuce a smooth. pour a ladleful of brown in a pretty hot oven. Sprinkle Parmesan or with fresh bread crumbs and grated cheese American. and scald twelve white heart cabbage lettuces. pepper. and serve. Strain the liquor they were boiled in. one cup of white homin}^. and season with salt. place in Add one teaspoonful of salt and one quart of Boil moderately for one hour or until tender. wash. Drain thoroughly and put in a saucepan with four ounces of melted butter. boiling water. fifteen Add it to the lettuce minutes before they are required Fried set them in and the oven to get warm. rounded end. Boiled Hominy Wash a double boiler. and an onion with two cloves stuck in it. Boil slowly by the side of the fire for fifty minutes. Remove every particle of grease and boil down to the consistency of a half glaze. quet. and after draining. Cover with a buttered piece of paper and moisten with the toj^pings from white stock. — sauce round it. Press them neatly in a cloth and open each lettuce head with a knife. cut and spread them open. Cut off the stalk and place each lettuce head carefully in a saucepan. Then remove the strings. and place in Add a carrot. season with pepper and salt. salt and . Braised Lettuce Trim. a small boua pan on thin layers of fat bacon. tie each one up with a string.

wash and Macaroni Croquettes Cook a quarter of a pound of macaroni in salted water. colander to drain. Have ready ten ounces of rich. salt and white pepper to taste. Macaroni a Reine break it in Take eight ounces lightly of macaroni. Let it boil until the pipes are tender. and serve. which may be in about fifteen or twenty minutes. drain and put in a saucepan with two ounces of butter. it pieces three or at once drop it and by degrees into a pan of boiling water. The cheese should be sliced very thin and be quite free from the hard part next the rind. roll each piece in grated cheese. As a matter of precaution. four inches long. When cold. SEELT'S COOK BOOK fire for Shake the pan over a brisk all a few juice. turn it upon a sieve or free from the bottom. 3IRS. Add to the cream and cheese a little salt. to mix together. a rather full seasoning of cayenne. It should be stirred in the cream without ceasing until thoroughly dissolved and the whole is perfectly smooth. it is well to boil the cream before the cheese is melted in it. well-flavored white cheese. one ounce of grated Parmesan cheese. Mix thoroughly and turn into a small buttered square tin pan. add finely chopped parsley and a little lemon Shake thoroughly. When it is half done. turn it on the table. strew it thickly with cubes of fine white bread fried a pale gold color and dried perfectly. dip in beaten . add a tablespoon of salt. Lay the macaroni in a dish. and shake the pan now and then to keep the macaroni When cooked. in cold water. then with another pan and a light weight. minutes. divide with a knife or oval pastry cutter. and a couple of ounces of sweet butter. and a ladleful of Allemande sauce. dissolved in a pint of cream. la and serve. pour over it the cheese sauce.244 pepper to taste. Cover it with a buttered paper.

) -'> ^ . 253. (See p. POTATO ROSES.MACCAROXI TIMBALE. V % 1^^!^"^^'"^^^^ Facing page 2UU.


and just before serving sprinkle the whole with four or five tablespoons half a of macaroni. Boil water with a small lump of butter. Then spread the macaroni again. Put a layer in a deep dish with salt. Mix fine bread crumbs with one Boil the macaroni in a cloth to keep egg well beaten. and fry in hot fat.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS egg. place in hot oven for five minutes. a little salt and white pepper. Boiled Macaroni or Spaghetti Into a saucepan nearly full of boiling Wt^ter drop the macaroni gradually. Macaroni a I'ltalienne Break the macaroni in pieces about four inches long. Strew grated Parmesan cheese over the top. roll in fine bread crumbs. prepare the following sauce sauce in a saucepan and add two lumps of butter. Moisten the mixture with tomato sauce. drain it on a napkin. and so on until the dish is full. boiled in To pound strained. When half done. drain. Sprinkle a layer of macaroni in the bottom of a dish. a slice of raw ham chopped fine and browned. then a layer of medium-sized oysters seasoned in the same way. Keep . and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. add a little salt. As soon as Place one pint of tomato it is dry. spread over the top. and serve while quite hot. cover with the sauce. it in hot : Macaroni a la Solferino water and well add half an onion. 245 Drain on in heavy brown paper and serve with grated Parmesan cheese a separate dish. and bake in moderate oven. When done. then another layer of macaroni. Mix the whole well together. white pepper. Oyster Macaroni it whole and when thoroughly cooked. of grated cheese. and butter. and so on until the dish is full.

a scant tablespoonful of salt. and grated nutmeg. and of flour.246 MBS. and fry until almost dry. and one clove of crushed garlic. fork. . little dry Coleman's musAdd grated cheese. pepper. Put them in an earthen bowl and pour over them one tablespoonful of olive oil. Put two ounces of butter in a saucepan with one tablespoonful of chopped shallot. Fry a little. pepper. drain thoroughly. and with a fork turn the seasoning. of Put it the Sprinkle with salt. When tender. and cut them in small squares. seely's cook book moving it the macaroni from sinking to the bottom by meat drain. one-half teaspoonf ul of finely chopped chives. wash with the parings. Squeeze out the water. and mushrooms as large as possible. Serve without baking. When half it is very tender. Cut off the wash them. and let them stew in their own liquor for five or six minutes. oil. spoonful of white pepper. little chopped parsley. place them on dish and pour the Take three tablespoonfuls of olive following sauce over them : one teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley. Stewed Mushrooms Take one pound of large and dry mushrooms. and stir over the fire until thoroughly heated. Mix all. and a teaLet them soak for three hours. Remove them. pour into a colander with a and macaroni into a vegetable dish. Place this mixture is partially cool. also a When Stir and boil until quite thick. fill the mushroom heads. Then lay on the other half of the macaroni and add the same Pour on melted butter. Peel and wash them. pare the edges. and over this pour melted butter. tard. season to taste with salt. Stuffed Select twelve Mushrooms heads. and a macaroni over in the butter. then stir in the chopped mushSprinkle with one-half ounce rooms. Clean the stalks. and chop very fine. Then mix well and moisten with a little broth.

then add two table- spoons of chopped shallots.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS tliem in a baking-disli. Mushrooms with Tomato Sauce of fresh Take two pounds in mushrooms. of a pint of heated olive Drain. add two ladlefuls of tomato sauce and a little melted beef extract. taking care to have the largest and whitest mushrooms on top. and white pepper to taste. Add four ounces of butter. and wash them water and a little vinegar to keep them as white as possible. and a dash of cayenne. . remove the inside. arrange the crusts. and wash them. Pour a little of this sauce in a the mushrooms in the sauce. Have one-quarter oil. on the dish. crumbs and a moderate oven about fifteen pour Espagnole sauce round them. and the chopped stalks. four ounces of butter and the juice of two lemons. heat thoroughly. salt. Mushrooms a la Bindley Have at hand two pounds of fresh and firm mushrooms. sprinkle each with bread 247 small piece of butter. French rolls. Cook for five minutes over a brisk fire. then slice the heads in two or three pieces. pare the heads. Put in a saucepan with a little water. the yolks of four eggs. put fill each crust. peel. Take the upper crust of four occasionally shaking the pan. Cut and trim the stalks. shaking the saucepan all the time. in and garnish with quarters Fried of lemon. Drain most of the oil off. two bruised cloves of garlic. Mix the gravy the mushrooms were cooked in with three pints of veloute sauce. Mix thoroughly and rub through a wet dish. and chop up the stalks. white pepper. add the heads and fry until a light brown. Place on a dish. Bake minutes. Season with Boil two minutes. then hollow side uppermost. cloth. Add a little lemon juice and chopped parsley and pour in a deep dish. and fry the crust in clarified butter.

Add one teaspoonful of sugar and half a cup of beef broth or stock. if they are of .248 MBS. changing the water twice while they Drain them on a sieve. Glazed Onions See Baked Calf's Liver. Dish carefully without breaking the okra. cook them in salted water till they are quite done to the core. When the extract melts and a nice glaze forms on the top of the onions. and one-half pint of Espagnole sauce. salt Glazed Onions Peel twelve medium-sized white onions and soak them for one hour in cold water. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Oatmeal Place one cup of oatmeal in a double boiler. may be thinned with boiling water. the sauce they were cooked in may be poured over them. Cook over a slow fire until they become tender and the outside is brown. Put in a saucepan with and pepper. which will be. or until the flakes are tender. a ladlef ul of rich broth. it hour. 161. If served as are soaking. Cover and stew slowly for one-half hour. Arrange the onions in the pan so they do not touch. p. add one tea- spoonful of salt. put a very little beef extract on top of each onion. and half a pint of tomato sauce. they are ready to serve as a garnish or vegetable. Put two ounces of butter in a saucepan. Sprinkle with parsley and serve. Then place the pan in the oven for five minutes. a vegetable. Stewed Okra with Tomato Sauce Pare both ends and wash the okra. Creamed Onions Having peeled the onions. Remove the cover from the saucepan. moderate fire for half an If too thick. Stir occasionally while it boils over a and one quart and a pint of boiling water.

with a spoon lay each onion in the vegetable dish. and finish with a dash of pepper. Sprinkle each one with bread crumbs.VEGETABLES AND FABINACEOUS FOODS medium out. Boil up. in 249 half. and bake in slow oven for one hour. dish to reach to their middle. and pour over the hot cream and serve. drain. Pried Parsleywater for two hours. half an hour in cold water. salt Sift over each one. Boiled Onions Peel off the whole thick outer skin and lay the onions one- Pour hot water over them and Pour off this water. one egg^ one-half teaspoonful salt. Turn into a colander. and boil until tender at the core. an hour. one-half a teaspoonful of butter on each onion. ice Soak parsley in Plunge in fat once more. which will take one hour or one hour and a half. Serve with cream sauce. shake it. leave for a second. size. or perhaps an hour and a as they lie in the By the time they are tender the water should be pretty well cooked Pour over them saucepan enough cream necessary. salt if by tak- ing the onions out one by one with a cooking ladle. of finely Remove from the water. and pour over all a small quantity of melted butter or hot cream. one tablespoonful of butter. arrange in frying basket. add fresh water and a teaspoon of salt. drain on brown paper. Fill with this mixture the spaces cut in the onion. and serve. remove basket from fat. three tablespoonfuls of milk or cream. Spanish onions are the best to use. Stuffed Onions Boil six large onions slowly for one hour in plenty of clear water. and a grain of cay- chopped ham. Dry thoroughly. and with a sharp knife cut a piece from the centre of each. . Mix together two tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs. plunge in boiling hot fat. three tablespoonfuls enne. having care not to break them. boil ten minutes. so it will be crisp. Place on earthen plates.

the peas into a stewpan with two cabbage leaves shredded small. When done. roll the mixture into the mixture together. and press through a fine colReturn to the saucepan. boil it down Knead two ounces of fresh butter with Put this into the peas and toss of flour. balls. let them get cold. ander. Fry until a good brown. add salt. quickly over the one dessert-spoonful much liquid. and drop in deep boiling fat. pork chop. adding sufficient flour to bind Flour the hands. drain on brown paper.250 MRS. cut in pieces. When tender. grate them. a small bunch of parsley and green onions. fire until the whole together over the well mixed. Rub the peas and butter together Then drain off the water and put until they are well mixed. a little white pepper. Then turn on fire for five minutes and put on a plate to cool. until light brown in very hot lard. Serve very hot. then peel and Beat two eggs until very light and mix thoroughly with the grated parsnips. one dessertPut the lid on spoonful of powdered sugar. and stew the peas gently over a slow fire for about half an hour. drain thoroughly. Stewed Peas Put one quart of young peas in a pan with plenty of water and four ounces of butter. if there seems to be fire. and a little salt. Stir on the a little flour. seelt's cook Parsnip Cakes book in Peel. chop fine. Parsnip Balls Parboil six large parsnips. . and serve hot. These are very good with garnish with parsley. Fry fish ball. a floured table and divide in the shape and size of a small codDip in beaten Qgg^ then in cracker crumbs. and the beaten yolks of three eggs. Drain on brown paper. and cook some parsnips in salted water which a tablespoonful of flour has been mixed.

and cook half an hour. . with a tomato stuffing. and serve. They should bake in a hot oven from thirty to forty five minutes. and bake in moderate oven for half an hour. baste frequently with Place olive oil. and a pint of chopped mushrooms. and one Mix thoroughly. and to boil have enough boiling salted water to cover them. Cook three tablespoonful chopped parsley. yolks of four eggs. Set away to cool. except for salad. cover. and one of tomato sauce. pour a tomato sauce round them. one ladleful of Espagnole sauce. salt. enough and a lump of butter. of hot a little sugar. on a platter. Fill Tomato Take two ounces two of finely chopped Stir Stuffing of butter. rub them with a towel to remove the Cut round the stem or core. pepper. remove it and the seeds. two tablespoonfuls of olive oil. Rinse by pouring through Add three large iron spoons of cold water. Potatoes Potatoes for baking or boiling whole should be of the same thoroughly washed and scrubbed with a brush kept for the purpose. a minutes longer. Set the saucepan in another water. Then add three handfuls of fresh bread crumbs. Pare before boiling. onions. seasoning with salt. 251 in a colander. and a dash of cayenne. Peppers with Tomato Stuffing Immerse peel. according to their size. and fry about twelve minutes. and boil about thirty minutes.- VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS Canned Peas Pour the peas plenty of water. size. as many medium-sized peppers as desired in boiling fat for one-half a minute. so they will taste like a sweet pea. white little nutmeg. put in a pan.

boiled ten or twelve minutes. and dressed with melted butter. with a little chopped onion and parsley. crescents. Stewed Potatoes Chop cold boiled potatoes rather fine and salt carefully. balls. dice. or fried. and a large tablejust even with the potatoes spoon of butter. Cold boiled potatoes are cut in dice or thin slices. hour until milk Add — — . seasoned with salt and pepper. and fried brown in very hot drippings or butter. The skins are then refilled. and milk. and served in mass or in Parisienne potatoes are cut in balls with a French ball-cutter.. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Plain boiled potatoes are served whole or rubbed through a fine colander and served like rice. and fried in deep hot fat. introduced by many of our German In making it grate the potatoes raw. Set it in another pan of boiling water. etc. salt. add butter to families. eggs and flour to hold the grated potato together. and served as hard-boiled egg yolk. enrich it. mashed. white pepper. butter. curls. placed in the oven until brown. souffle potatoes. Place this in a saucepan and cover. or mashed and seasoned with salt. and season with sugar and cinnamon to taste. cut lengthwise. and minced parsley. The till cakes are fried in butter on a griddle or in a flat saucepan brown. Stir occasionally and cook one creamy. white pepper. German Potato Cakes This well-known German dish has been made a part of the cookery of our country. fancy shapes and browned.252 MRS. seasoned. dry thoroughly before dropping in hot fat. a little salt. Raw potatoes are sliced thin or cut in straws. All peeled potatoes should stand in cold water until they are boiled If fried. and made light with whipped egg white or cream. or sifted Baked potatoes are often removed from the skin.



not too fine. dip them in the beaten yolk of eggs and then into bread crumbs. Drain and plunge in hot fat.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS Potato Ribbons 253 Peel the potatoes. and two well-beaten eggs. After you have packed the salpithis salpicon in dice size. con in the potato ing. Pockets of Gold Prepare the potatoes as for croquettes in the receipt given Scoop out the centre of each croquette and fill in with : above. Drain them on paper and serve them hot. Garnish with parsley and serve hot. a trifle of onion. using a frying basket. and of some aromatic wine. Cover them. pint of Then mashed sweet potatoes with one-half cupful stir in two tablespoonfuls of butter and one . a few drops of lemon juice. Let them to the boiled Add drain a moment before serving. Thicken this salpicon with the yolk of egg in which has been stirred a dash of sugar. and seasoning of salt and pepper. with salt and pepper for a flavoring. and let them stand for an hour or Dip them again in the egg and bread crumbs and fry in so. Mince cooked chicken. then peel round and round very thinly. Sweet Potato Croquettes Mix one of hot milk. press a little of the potato over the open- Dip the ball in the beaten yolk of egg. Potato Croquettes and mashed potatoes half their weight of butter. deep hot fat. minced Form them in egg^ ball. or fine. but rather Heat it with butter and add cooked mushroom dice and cooked pickled tongue dice. and fry in deep hot fat. Drain off the fat on paper and serve hot. then into bread crumbs. ball. cork shaj^e. Let the ribbons lie in cold water for an hour.

Sauce starch. cork-shaped croquettes. the covering dish. roll in powdered sugar. take off After the potatoes are thoroughly heated. Next shape them Dip in beaten egg. Remove the lemon. then roll in bread crumbs. egg. add then cover. then another layer of potatoes. and fry light brown in deep hot fat. mixture. turn the rice on them. until a delicate brown. and slice them. and cook one-half hour. Mix thor- . Stir until it comes to a boil. "Wined Sweet Potatoes Boil the potatoes and set them to cool. having laid on Put a little water in the dish top a plentiful supply of butter. When cold. sprinkle with butter. Drain on brown paper. sugar. and a little salt. the yolks of four eggs. and serve hot on a folded napkin with sauce in separate dish. let before taking from the oven pour over flavor agreeing with the potatoes. them brown them a trifle.254 teaspoonful of MRS. for Rice Croquettes Yolks of four eggs. and set to bake in a moderate oven. divide and Dip in beaten roll in a dozen large. invert over the baking dish another dish and so continue the layers until the dish is full. and fry in hot fat Drain on brown paper and serve hot. two ounces of and the rind of a lemon. peel In a w^ell-buttered baking dish spread a layer of the potatoes. and other ingredients. Sprinkle fine bread crumbs on a board. that will hold in the steam pretty well. one pound of rice and put it in a saucepan with three pints of milk. six ounces of granulated sugar. butter. mix well. a little and just wine of a Rice Croquettes with Sauce Wash butter. to prevent dryness. SEELY'S COOK salt. and partially cool. one ounce of cornand the finely chopped rind of one lemon. four ounces of sugar. BOOK Beat one egg very light and add to the in the desired sized croquettes. roll in fresh bread crumbs.

dash cold water over the vegetable. chop it fine and put it in a saucepan. The dish may be used as a garnish for boiled ham or mutton. one tablespoonful of butter. the same quantity of butter. Rice Fritters is soft and and add the yolks of three eggs.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS ouglily. Take from the fire the whites of the eggs beaten stiff. Cook slowly until the sauce is about absorbed. bend and coil it round in the keton and cook fifteen or twenty minutes. or until tender. Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce Place the ends of a handful of spaghetti in a kettle of boiling salted water. one tablespoon of sugar. Mix with the rice and serve. Boil Pour into a fine sieve. and having wiped it dry. fire Stir with an egg-beater over the until the sauce thickens. 255 add one pint of boiling milk. a third of American or Parmesan. and two tablespoons of butter. boiling water and steam the rice for thirty minutes. Place the sieve over fifteen minutes. When the mixture grows cold. Drain in a colander. Chop of rice in One cup one-half can of Spanish peppers very fine. Make a sauce of one tablespoon of flour. Then return to the kettle with enough tomato sauce to make it quite moist. tle. it As Put a cover — — Spinach on Toast Boil the spinach in salted water until half done. Pour off the hot water. a small spoon of salt. add Boil a cup of rice in a pint of milk until the rice is the milk absorbed. and a dash of paprika. a cup of grated cheese. Spanish Rice two quarts of boiling salted water. softens. . Drop in large spoonfuls in hot fat and let them cook until they are a golden brown.

and one carrot. added. garnish with the glazed vegetables. Boil two potatoes. of the cut corn. Succotash Cut tender. The water in which the cobs pepper. Spinach Timbale Boil one peck of spinach in just enough water to cover it and add two tablespoonfuls of salt. the well-beaten yolks of two eggs. and more salt if necessary. and cream to your taste. Spinach mixed with sorrel or young nettles is prepared in this way. Mix this sauce well with the Cover the saucepan and cook until it thickens. . one turnip. Serve on small slices of buttered toast. Cover with a buttered paper mould and set in a pan of water. chop very fine. cut them in fancy Invert timbale on platter and shapes and cover with a glaze. When tender. and beans boil should not be plentiful when the corn is added it should be allowed to boil away so there is little liquid in the Butter and milk may be used instead dish except the cream. and bake in oven for forty-five minutes. SEELY'S COOK BOOK and a cup of cream or bouillon. quart of corn you set aside and at the same time add salt. drain thorThen put it in a oughly. Break in small pieces the cobs of the corn and put them to boil with a After the flavor is extracted from the cobs. juicy corn from its cobs till you have a quart Cover the corn and set it away. and set away to cool. of cream. and two ounces of butter. a little black Place in a well-buttered pepper. Then add the take them out and let the beans cook till done.. When cool. mix this with six ounces of veal for five minutes. one-quarter of a Let this simmer slowly pint of stock. saucepan with one-half pint of Bechamel sauce. pint of beans. 256 MRS. When tender. except when sorrel is used some sugar is also spinach. forcemeat.

Heap the tomato shells with this mixture. or fried onions chopped fine. arrange in a frying basket. of very fine ghetti. Do hand a kettle of boiling fat. Season with salt and baste with a little oil. pepper. one can of Spanish peppers. not lengthwise. onion juice. dip in beaten egg. Have at Stuffed Tomatoes Wipe clean and remove a thin slice from the stem end of six smooth. then in bread crumbs. Put them on a double broiler and broil over a slow fire. Baste them often with olive oil. Remove the skins and place where they will become cold and firm. again in egg and bread crumbs. Then to the . or chopped oysters. Take out the seeds and pulp. and fry in the butter until a light Chop the onions brown. two me- dium-sized onions. Rub the pulp through a fine sieve. chopped meat. or cooked spaSeason highly with salt. Drain on brown paper and serve very hot. two tablespoons of butter. serve on a hot dish. as — Fried Tomatoes Pour boiling water over some not let large. being Turn upside down to drain. Remove the skins. season with salt and pepper. cover with buttered crumbs. Spanish Tomatoes One can fine of tomatoes. When done. Slice the tomatoes. and plunge it in the hot In a minute or two they should be a light brown and suffat. them stand too long. ripe tomatoes. one-half the amount careful not to break the skin. ficiently cooked. cut them in two across. and bake twenty minutes. and mix with an equal amount of fine buttered cracker crumbs. ripe tomatoes.VEGETABLES ANt> FARINACEOUS FOODS Broiled Tomatoes 257 Pour boiling water over as many good-sized ripe tomatoes you desire.

258 MBS. Place in hot dish and pour the sauce over them and serve at of once. Chop mushrooms and mix them with the sweetbreads. add thoroughly and cook over a medium salt tlie Mix all fire five minutes. and a little salt. Make a sauce of the following One tablespoonful of butter of white stock and let and the inside of the tomatoes. Stir all over the fire until it is scalding Remove to one side. spoonfuls of vinegar. add two well-beaten eggs. seely's cook book tomatoes. Mix the forcemeat w^ith Bake until tender. fresh tomatoes. adding and white pepper to taste. Then gradually stir in three tableof butter and rub it in. Pour in baking dish in medium oven three-quarters of an hour. Stand the over the fire until the mixture begins to thicken. and stir hot. and season to taste. Spanish peppers chopped fine. . small. and set them aside. Add chopped truffies. Tomato Parcie Select six nice. some chopped parsley. scoop out the an ice-box. saucepan in hot water to keep warm while you slice one quart ripe tomatoes about half an inch thick and broil them. fine two truffles . and set in Remove the skin. and serve the sauce and stuffed tomatoes. and bake Green peppers may be used in place of Spanish peppers. on rings of toast which are cut with biscuit cutter and fried of flour put in a saucepan and one tablespoonful come to a boil. Cook some sweetbreads and Also chop fine some put them through the meat machine. a dash of cayenne. inside. Devilled Tomatoes Powder the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs and mix with one teaspoonful of mustard paste. Let all boil well ten minutes. Then add one cupful in hot fat. one teaspoonful of powdered Melt three ounces sugar. and scald by pouring boiling water over them.

or if they are in season stew the tomatoes fresh for the dish. or even twice . Cook and flavor with pepper. a heapall to ing teaspoon of corn-starch wet with milk. pressing them tenderly with a large plate to free them as much as possible from water. but to insure their being free from lumps you may pass them through a colander or sieve. Butter mushrooms and over each sprinkle pepper if your taste demands it. They take some time longer than potatoes to cook. stale salt. pour off the water. oughly fifteen or twenty minutes. On each place a Sprinkle over with bread crumbs good-sized piece of butter. and butter. a can of mushrooms. Then add a teaspoon of grated or finely chopped onions. slice white bread. split them if they are large. Take out the Tomato Toast with Mushrooms Empty in a porcelain saucepan a can of fine tomatoes. When they are young. salt. and upon the it lay a peeled mushroom.VEGETABLES AND FARINACEOUS FOODS Baked Tomatoes 259 core of the tomato and season highly with and one-half teaspoon of sugar. butter. they may be mashed smooth without once. Tomatoes and Mushrooms Take a can of tomatoes. pepi3er. and a good tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. Mash them as you mash potato. cover each Toast thin slices of with the stewed and seasoned tomatoes. When boiled. and bake an hour. a dash of cayenne pepper. and boil them till they are very tender. and allow sim- mer till the corn-starch is cooked. Cook together thor- Mashed Turnip Pare entirely from the turnips the stringy rind. Protect them with a pan of water in the upper oven.

and set them where they will boil rapidly. one quart of the balls or cubes will be required. In each saucepan place one-third of the sugar. and peeled the turnips. French peas or one quart of fresh and one pint of turnip cubes. and serve. if so. if you wish. a pint of carrot cubes. MRS. put them in a strainer and pour over them one quart of cold water. and teaspoonfuls of salt. slice them half an inch thick and cut the slices into dice. pound of the turnips. . Spread the turnips on a platter. then flatten the top of the mould. three heaping teaspoonfuls of butter. and place in a saucepan. After you have washed. Dissolve an ounce of butter for each half them in the butter.260 this. making the border rather thick. and stew them very gently from three-quarters of an hour to a full hour. Season with salt and white pepper when they are half done. seely's cook book Put them in a saucepan and stir them constantly for some minutes over a gentle fire to dry them. If French peas are used. Cook the vegetables until tender in separate saucepans. and heap the peas upon it. continue the cooking until all the stock has been absorbed. three three teaspoonfuls of sugar. mild. Serve as a vegetable or piled on broiled mutton chops. a bit of fresh butter. Turnip Dice For this method of cooking. three any kind of stock. drop Vegetables a la Jardiniere Have gills of at hand one can of ones. Drain the water from the carrots and turnips. Occasionally shake the pans. potato balls or cubes may be used in place of the turnip . and stock. dash pepper and lay bits of butter over the top. salt. Mould low in a vegetable dish. and. drain. If desired. then add salt. Heap the carrots on the turnips. They should be simmered until the liquid is dried out. butter. the turnips should be young. a little cream or milk. and fine-grained. dried.

After cutting. and horseradish are all used. parsley. prefer Graham bread in place of white bread. Fillings for Dainty Sandwiches first rub with the flavor wanted In making butters of various kinds for sandwiches. each half in quarters. Cut your sandwiches in half. first to make Good Sandwiches place have bread which slice day of an inch thick. it from the loaf. Each is close-grained and one should be cut evenly and about one-eighth Spread each slice with butter before you cut Trim off all protruding edges of filling. Cut off every bit of crust and press the sandAviches together firmly. Reduce to by pounding the anchovies and the yolks of three 261 . Wash a fineness a dozen anchovies and remove the bones. chives. cheese. spread the slice with any mixture you may desire and cover it with another slice. sardine. use best creamery Many people when eating a sandwich spread with fish butter. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES. A few drops of chutney. and each quarter diagonally.CHAPTER X SANDWICHES. With an anchovy sandwich also add a few olives stoned and minced very fine. If not obtainable. chili. Cover the sandwiches with a cloth wet with a very weak solution of brandy and water and pack them in a tin box until ready for use. anchovy. lemon juice improves any kind of fish sandwich. then blend it — caviar. AND FORCEMEATS How In the old. lobster. Fresh butter is preferable for sandwiches. as it is more dainty and delicate. cress. the butter to a cream.

mixing them with mayonnaise and with cream. prika. the sandwich appetizing. Lay in between a slice of beef or mutton and a thin piece of seasoned When the bread is spread with some savory butter tomato. and finally add the other piece of bread. Still another variation may be obtained by finely mincing some olives. butter. also spread with the horseradish. tablespoonfuls of fresh butter and add. needs two tablespoonfuls of fresh butter which should be creamed. a sprinkling of cayenne. Parmesan good thick cream clieese. thin slice of cold roast beef over. . Curry butter Saris made by creaming one tablespoonful of curry powder. and spreading them over nicely sliced bread. seely's cook book powder. Pound them to a smoothness and add a little lemon juice. two tablespoon- Mix in a little curry Spread on slices of to make a smooth paste. cayCream two enne. all filling by dine butter makes a good sandwich make it. Savory butters are most easily prepared. and one teaspoonful of chopped parsley. demand and three tablespoonfuls of caviar paste. then mixed with one teaspoonful of lemon juice. fuls of MRS. which is then used on the bread. the sandwich filling proper being composed of sardines boned and skinned and flavored with lemon juice. remove the skin and bone from three large sardines. then a slice of seasoned tomato. mixing all together very Sometimes some chopped olives are added to this thoroughly. bread lightly buttered. and enough Another idea in the way of sandwiches is to make the filling grated and mixed with mayonnaise and thick horseradish of Spread this on the bread in the place of butter. a dash of pathe fresh butter. To itself. and the result will be some very acceptable sandwiches. for instance. Many of them Caviar butter.262 hard-boiled eggs. and covered with sliced cold roast beef and with either a small leaf of lettuce or is with a bit of sliced cucumber. lay a cream.

Caviar Sandwiches Take a one-quarter pound box of Russian caviar and the lemon and as much olive oil as you have lemon. Spread the caviar quite thickly on the Cheese Sandwich Pound one-quarter of a pound of American cheese in a mortar with two ounces of butter and one teaspoonful of dry mustard. but do not juice of half a butter the bread. Dates and chopped very fine and moistened with hot and lemon juice may be spread on thin slices of bread and sprinkled with finely chopped nuts. Finely minced ginger and candied orange peel may be sprinkled on Neufchatel cheese which has been moistened with a little butter or rich cream and spread on buttered slices of bread. Another filling for sandwiches is Oriental preserved ginger chopped fine and softened by mixing with a little cold cream. Spread on thin slices of bread and it is ready to serve. Alternately drop the oil and lemon juice into the caviar until all is used. bread. — equal parts figs Stir tliem together A of these with a seasoning of capers. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES 263 Peanuts mixed with mayonnaise dressing are much liked for afternoon sandwiches. Follow general directions for making a sandwich. Candied orange peel and candied cherries may also be used in this way. Avater that is sought.SANDWICHES. add a little tarragon vinegar. with a thick mayonnaise and spread on the vegetable coloring made from spinach will give a if — green color to the sauce. Another excellent sandwich spreading for white or brown is made by mixing chopped olives and small crisp cucum- ber pickles bread. Then whip it until you have a firm white paste. . When thoroughly blended. Take the chop or bread roll them very fine before freshly roasted nuts and mixing with the dressing.

Use enough mayonnaise to make a chicken paste. chop it very fine. etc. and the juice of half a Cut some thin slices of bread with a circular tin cutter about one and a half inches in diameter. two teaspoons of salt. Whole wheat ingredients until you have a smooth paste. it Chicken and Almond Sandwich Chop the white meat of a chicken very fine and add half a pound of finely chopped almonds.. Cream some grated Para paste. Spread the mixture between evenly sliced pieces of buttered bread. tin sheet. . Mix all into a paste little salt. thick cream. Fry them in clarified Then add butter until a light brown. spread Place one-half of the pieces on a Then cover with the pieces of bread. a pepper. bread is best for these sandwiches. Indian Sandwiches Cut the white meat of a cooked chicken in small pieces. a little olive pepper. and a dash of red and spread on thin slices of but- tered bread. roll into mesan cheese and butter before serving place Place one on the top of each sandwich. Chopped Chicken Sandwich Take the white meat of chicken. of butter. and mix with mayonnaise dressing and a few olives chopped very fine. Mix two cups of veloute sauce with one dessertspoonful of curry powder which has been blended with a little water. the chicken. About round balls.2Q4: MRS. five minutes them in the oven and warm thoroughly. one gill Mix these of sweet. Take almost as much cooked ham and four freshened anchovies and cut in small pieces. lemon. Stir over the fire until it becomes a thick sauce. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Roquefort Cheese Sandwich To three parts of the green of Roquefort cheese use one part oil. to with a thick layer of the chicken mixture. and a saltspoon of pepper.

Salmon Sandwiches Take a nice solid piece of boiled salmon. You may prepare your bread spread with salmon onehalf or three-quarters of an hour before serving. and lemon dishes. Serve as soon as possible. salt. mince taste it very fine. or Salmon Cook the press between fillets of sole in a saucepan with a little clarified juice. moisten the bottom of each roll with a little of the dressing. butter. and then the mayonnaise.SANDWICHES. Sandwiches of Fillets of Sole. place a piece of sole on this. pepper. add a little mayonnaise sauce. a highly seasoned French dressing of vinegar. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES Lettuce and Mayonnaise Sandwiches 265 Season the yolks of seven hard-boiled eggs with salt and mix with enough mayonnaise to make a thin paste. use the butter sparingly. When done. If it is. powder them. Have slices of bread sparingly spread with pepper. salt. cut off the tops and remove the crumbs. Over the lettuce spread the egg Follow directions about cutting them. and pour over cucumbers which have been peeled and Then set them on the ice for fifteen or sliced very thin. and a little WorcesterMix all into a paste with melted butter. Lobster. cover with the tops. and serve. cover each one with some of the small leaves mixture. Have some small oval rolls at hand. Sandwiches of lobster and . but the cucumbers should be added at the last moment. vinegar. Put a slice of cucumber between them and shape sandwich according to the general rule. and put in a bowl with a French dressing made of white pepper. and oil. salt. oil. trim. divide each fillet into four pieces. twenty minutes. Canned salmon may be used. from the heart of the lettuce. pepper and salt. Evenly spread two thin slices of unbuttered bread with the salmon mixture. and season to with pepper. put them in two When cold. Make shire sauce.

on a folded chicken. flavored with a few chopped chives. a quarter as much ham and of the whites chicken. Next a piece so that the Qgg will stand. When they have broiled a little on each side. open each one lengthwise. you purpose . being careful not to break them. to make Fill each roll. have almost as much ham as you have chicken. and cut used on the bread. and serve a thick paste. Ordinary canned may be used without broiling. If desired each one a little finely chopped onion sprinkled over it before is the mayonnaise added. replace the ends. SEELY'S COOK BOOK may have salmon are prepared in the same manner. When cold. round rolls. little salt If fresh over the sar- dines while they are hot. butter to help the paste. Sardine Sandwiches Take as many boneless sardines as are required. and place the halves on a fine wire broiler. squeeze a little lemon is butter juice over them. Chop all very fine and mix thoroughly. but they are apt to be Sandwiches a la Victoria very oily. bread. and freshen eight anchovies and drain them. Lobster may be used in place of the napkin. and Allow two halves to a triangle of sardines make according to directions. and the yolks to use as baskets. cut a small piece from the end of each one. set them away to cool. Add enough mayonnaise. hand one dozen or more very small. pound to a paste in a mortar the flesh of olives. Remove the white meat and fill with the following mixture Have at : from one good-sized cooked chicken. Baskets of Olives First have hard-boiled eggs from the end of which you chip Halve the eggs. remove the crumbs. sprinkle a off the tails.266 MBS.

While they are browning. and fill the hollowed whites. one-half teaspoonful of ground mace. and put in the oven to brown. one-half cup of finely chopped of finely Mix . serve the eggs on the squares of ham. Heap in pyramid shape. salt to taste. Make cream a sauce. dip in beaten egg. brush over with yolk of raw egg.SANDWICHES. heaping Baked Eggs Take six eggs. and roll in cracker crumbs. and pour the sauce round them. chopped parsley. Chop four hard-boiled eggs very fine and season them with a little salt and white pepper. mix thoroughly. then in egg and cracker crumbs again. Add all the other ingredients. Form them in the shape of good-sized lamb chop. Place one on the top of each ham and chicken chop. broil a slice of ham and cut it in as many squares as you have eggs. In the mixture allow about three olives to two eggs. drop over the baskets any piquant sauce you like. Egg Chops with Tomato Sauce ham and one-half cup chopped chicken with enough white sauce to keep them together. and serve. cut them in half. Have extra tomato sauce in sauce-boat. remove the shells. When brown. two tablespoonfuls of chopped chicken. drain on brown paper. Mix with enough white sauce to make them the same consistency as the chicken and ham and give them the same shape. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES Having well mixed these. their hollows with the mixture. two one tablespoonful of tablespoonfuls of chopped mushrooms. Boil the eggs fifteen minutes. and a very small dash of cayenne pepper. remove the yolks. and mash them fine. Arrange on platter. stand the whites in a dish. Pour tomato sauce round the edge and serve. it 267 fill up high and rounding it over mountain form with a spoon. Fry in deep hot fat.

and cook five or six minutes more. replace in the Serve with a cream oven. chop them very fine. of water-cress or salad. one-half pepper to taste. cut lengthwise. season with and pepper. in sauce ley and serve white Devilled Eggs Take twelve eggs. chop salt very fine. Spread the spinach on the bottom and sides of each one. spread over the top. onion of teaspoonful of olive oil. sauce. Mix this mixture. deep hot fat. Garnish with parsin fry and crumbs. Place in the oven. Mix them with enough white sauce to make them keep together and form Roll them in beaten egg. mix it with a Do little butter. Take the shells. Mix the chopped ham and veloute cook for a few minutes. ham and some veloute sauce. Rub the yolks to a smooth paste with the mustard and salt. Eggs in Nest of Spinach it Boil four quarts of spinach. and add more salt and pepper if necessary. Break an egg in the centre of each one. cracker sauce-boat. rub it through a puree sieve. then in them into croquettes. one teaspoonful of French mustard. with and red pepper. sauce to a very thick cream. . and remove the yolks.268 MES. this prevents off them from turning dark. thoroughly. seely's cook book "Egg Croquettes Cool six hard-boiled eggs. and serve on a bed then add the chopped tongue. cooked finely very hand some Have at not have it too moist. Cut some rings of bread. fill the hollowed whites oil. tongue chopped in cold water. and season them with a little salt and white pepper. two tablespoonfuls of cold one tablespoonful and salt and red juice. being careful not to break the white. Boil the eggs fifteen minutes and place them fine.

garnish with parsley. cover this with thin slices of Gruyere cheese. slip them into the boiling milk. then pour a scant gill of very thick cream on the surface. Stir until the mixture thickens. season with salt and white pepper. lay each on a bit of it toast neatly trimmed. that a good ladleful of the curry is. Place the mould in a pan of water and then in an oven. add one gill of cream. for the toast to absorb. Let them cook until the white sets. a pinch and two teaspoons of curry to a smooth paste with a little milk. the same as for poaching. and pour into one scant quart of boiling milk. and poach the eggs until firm. Poached Eggs The beauty of a poached egg is to have the yolk blushing through the white. — and serve hot. Balls p. pour over and milk. thin pieces of dry toast. Egg See Mock-turtle Soup. and serve with Bechamel sauce. Egg Timbale Break six eggs in a bowl. and bake in hot oven for Rub a salamander over the top. Mix two Then lift the eggs out with a ladle. whip until very light. Curried Eggs tablespoons of corn-starch or wheat flour. and pour in small buttered timbale moulds. 82.SANDWICHES. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES Eggs a la 269 Suisse Spread the bottom of dish with fresh butter. sprinkle with Gruyere cheese. break . — enough. Invert the moulds on hot platter. break eight eggs over the cheese. season with salt and white pepper. serve with fifteen minutes. utes. Have a pan of fresh boiling water. Then having carefully broken your eggs. which will be about two and a half minof salt.

according to Directions issued by the Department of Agriculture of the United States "The directions given for preparing soft-cooked. espeIt must be cially with soft-cooked and medium-cooked eggs. the eggs are done. seely's cook book As off the egg in a saucer. After the mixture has cooked slowly for fifteen minutes. and hard-cooked eggs vary. Again. and a tablespoon of butter. trim the ragged edges. and Put a quarter pepper. The chief difficulty encountered by most cooks is to secure uniform results. drop in the eggs. and the kind of vessels used are important factors.270 MBS. size. Poached Eggs with Mushrooms pound of mushrooms in a saucepan. in standard mediumThe methods described cookery books without doubt give the desired care is results if sufficient exercised. To boil and poach Eggs. the number. add a third of a wine-glass of wine and a gill of Bechamel sauce. remembered that such results cannot be expected when condiThe time of cooking. mushrooms are of the button variety. one at a time. and serve on hot buttered toast. pull the pan to one side. a button may be placed in the centre of each egg. a of a salt. little boil for a moment longer. in the midst of ten or twelve freshly Pour the sauce eggs. eggs which have been kept in an ice-chest require more heat to warm them before cooking begins than do those which have been kept at room temperature. tions vary. Then stand the pan over a moderate fire. cooked. and freshness of the eggs. heaping the poached If the mushrooms in a mound in the centre. so apparently trivial a detail as the sort of vessel used (whether earthen or metal) or the place where the vessel stands during cooking may produce very dif- . the amount of water used. Thus. soon as the water boils. Remove. Add lemon juice.

when heat is applied. " The same changes which have been noted above as taking place in egg yolk and white. Bearing clearly in mind the end desired. the temperature fell almost at once to 185° P\. As shown by tests when the egg was dropped into the water. 271 have eggs cooked at table In such cases the conditions may be controlled with comparative ease. one pint of water was heated over a gas flame when the water boiled the gas was turned off. though they are not always apparent. to Many persons prefer in a chafinQf-disli or other suitable vessel. "The following methods of preparing soft-cooked and medium-cooked eggs have been found to give uniform results in laboratory tests at the University of Illinois Using a graniteware stewpan of one quart capacity. egg remained in the water eight minutes. Without disturbing the vessel it was covered closely. as it is impossible to give directions which will apply to all cases. that acetic acid (vinegar) tends is. If the cooked. and uniform results obtained with a little practice if sufficient care is observed. in preparing boiled eggs." .SANDWICHES. each cook must experiment for herself. perhaps. it was mediumIn this case the temperature of the water at the end of the cooking period had fallen to 162-164° F. Flavor may also be one of the objects sought. Thudichum recommends the use of salted water to which a very little vinegar has been added. " Uniform results can be obtained in the kitchen as well as in the laboratory if sufficient attention is given to detail. take place when other methods of cooking are followed. : . EGG AND CHEESE DISHES ferent results. and then slowly to 170-171° F. It was then soft-cooked. and an egg which had been kept in a refrigerator was dropped into the water. and the egg allowed to remain in the water six minutes. that of the to prevent a loss due to some egg being dissolved in the water. The reason for this is. " Poached or dropped eggs are removed from the shell and then cooked in water. to precipitate albumen.

Drain off all the liquid from the peas. adding one tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley. Then mix them together thoroughly. Break the eggs in a pan and stir till the mixture thickens. and serve hot. The mixture must be in small pieces and cooked quite rare. and one-half pint of cooked peas. Heat the butter and milk in an omelette pan. Stir constantly. Season with half a saltspoonful of salt and one-quarter of a saltspoonful of white pepper. and when it has melted add one teaspoonful of finely chopped green onions. Add the chopped mushrooms and cook two or three minutes more. and half a one of pepper. Remove from the range. one tablespoon of butter. as the eggs must be served as soon as they are Select four large. This dish must be served very hot and the mushrooms must be cooked first. salt Plain Omelette Beat separately the yolks and whites of eight eggs until very light. peel. Cook slowly for three minutes. and chop them very fine. Arrange the larger of the broiled mushrooms on thin slices of warm bread. then add six eggs. Put one tablespoonful of butter in a pan. Have the peas very hot in another pan. Stir them in the eggs. Have ready the eight mushrooms broiled. add a little . but do not let them brown. Pour in a hot saucepan with half a tablespoonful of butter and stir constantly over a slow fire for three or four minutes. one saltspoonful of salt. three tablespoons and pepper to taste. of milk. Scrambled Eggs with Peas Take six eggs.272 MES. stir in a small piece of fresh butter. smaller. Beat briskly for one minute. Remove cooked. Cook for a few minutes. Fill each one with the egg^ cover with the smaller boiled mushrooms. Mix thoroughly. seely's cook book Scrambled Eggs on Canapes heavy mushrooms and four a little the stems. season. wash and dry.

Heat and. the omelette from the pan. or until the tomatoes are done. and. over the omelette. as the eggs set. it and serve at once. the omelette pan. Break six eggs in a bowl. sweet cream. having the brown the omelette uppermost upon the dish. Cook all for ten minutes. for half latter to a solid froth. cut up and add to the mixture. to prevent be done. Be sure both are chopped very fine and cook them until they are a delicate brown. . and one tablespoonful it of cream. fresh oysters in small pieces. sprinkle half a teaspoonful of salt over them. Serve without delay.SANDWICHES. bottom upward. pour in the egg mixture. pepper. when it is thoroughly melted and begins to fry. fold double lette stands. stiffen. and let them an hour. own smooth paste. Scald and remove the skins of three tomatoes. the yolks and whites apart. side of and dexterously turn the pan over. Spanish Omelette Take one teaspoonful of chopped onion and one tablespoonful of green pepper. pnt a good-sized piece of butter when has become boiling hot. pour in the eggs. Put one tablespoonful of butter in an omelette pan and let it come to a boil. Beat six eggs. the Add to the yolks a tablespoonful of rich. Slightly shake the pan until the eggs begin to ciently brown. Put an ounce and a half of butter in a hot frying pan. Oyster Omelette Chop one dozen stand in their large. and then lightly stir in the whites. in. but with a long-bladed omelette knife lift. and onion. in a cool place. its scorching. Do not stir. and add as quickly as possible the oysters. Put in the egg mixture and when it begins to set. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES salt 273 and white pepper. pepper and salt in sufficient quantity. beat them well and season. the former to a liquor. Mix in about one-half of the tomato. When suffiWhen an ome- becomes heavy. put . In five minutes it will Place a hot dish.

break an egg in each one. Chop the shallots and onions very in fine. then cover with the mixture. and bake in a hot oven for four minutes. Drop over the other side of the omelette and serve at once. spread one-half the omelette thickly with the tomatoes. Egg Marmalade. Put one tablespoonful of the mixture into a baking shell. Just before turn- ing. Tomato Omelette Make pan the omelette as above directed and have at hand a of finely stewed and seasoned tomatoes. turn on to a hot platter. Cook slowly for five minutes. Wine or brandy might be used for flavor. one onion. Take When well mixed. parsley. a Jewish Receipt Clarify one pound of sugar in half a pint of water till it While clarifying it. one-half cup of bouillon. Flavor with vanilla or what you please.274 MRS. two tablespoonfuls of butter. Eggs en Cocotte Take two shallots. and then stir in gently the yolks of twenty eggs. and boil five minutes more. blanched and pounded. being very careful not to break the yolk. round it and garnish with Fold it over and Pour some of the tomato sauce fried bread. Take as Nested Eggs many eggs as you want nested and strain off the whites. and when it is melted. and bouillon. two tablespoonfuls of mushrooms. Add the mushrooms. Put butter saucepan. which you . care to stir continually the same way. becomes a thick syrup. which have been previously well beaten and passed through a sieve. stir in shallots and onions. add one ounce of Let the mixture cool sweet almonds. SEELY'S COOK BOOK in the centre the rest of the tomato mixture. stirring all the time to prevent burning. one tablespoonful of parsley. place over a slow fire.

256.) \ PUBLir- ) .XESTED EGGS. SPIXACH TIMBALE. (See^. Faciiig page 'Zlh.


Take as many rounds Spread with pounded chicken livers. one pint of tarragon vinegar. a piece of butter. and send to the table garnished with parsley. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES leave in the shell. Take out the yolks and mix them with cold chicken. Set in a very hot oven for three minutes. allowing a tablespoonful of the meat to a yolk. stir cream or rich milk. of toast as you have nests Egg Baskets From hard-boiled eggs cut a thin slice off either end so that the halves will stand upright. pour over the eggs and Eggs en Marinade Take whole six eggs. Make serve. pepper. a sauce of the yolk of an egg. twenty-four Boil the eggs fifteen cloves. Carefully drop in the yolks. thickened with flour. set in the oven for a few moments. chopped very fine. and lay in the hard basket-form whites. beat the whites to a very stiff froth. half a teaspoonful of pepper. heap on the toast. then make a hollow in the centre. and mix smoothly together with salt. . finely Stuffed Eggs Let the eggs boil until they are hard and cut them in half. Place the mixture in the hard whites. or chicken. mix the yolks with some chopped ham. and parsley. if you choose. 275 Set the shells holding the yolks in a cool to make. or tongue. uniting the two roll in the white of an egg and drop into hot fat and parts fry till light brown. Pour over all a white sauce. mustard. or until they are a very light brown. pepper. half a teaspoon- ful of salt. add till smooth. Sprinkle a little chopped parsley over each one and serve. half a teaspoonf ul of mustard.SANDWICHES. which will be about the size of the original yolk. . place until you are ready to use them. and melted butter. Having halved the eggs. Form the paste into balls. Take them from the fat and drain. salt.

then set in the celery and apple already mixed with the mayonnaise. one red to harden. cook one to a paste. and a very little Put in a mortar one-half pound of cream cheese. cut the same way. crisp leaves of lettuce round your bowl. rub the mustard. move the shells and put them in an earthen jar. pour over the boilminute. and pepper When boiling. Set away to cool. allspice. Place on the fire to let it ful of flour come to a boil. Season to taste and stir in the beaten yolks of Mix one two eggs. and add to the vinegar.276 minutes. and one teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar. Put in the ice-box into long strips about an inch in thickness. and let them stand twenty-four hours before using. or merely use plain. Cheese Croquettes to serve with Salad tablespoonful of melted butter and one tablespoonwith one teacup of milk. mix . When thoroughly cold. salt. cardamom. a dash Work of cayenne. With scissors cut the cheese mixture into little balls all round the dish. These are ing vinegar. green pepper. to serve with Salad fine one small. cover and let stand for two weeks. MBS. nice to serve as an accompaniment to broiled steak. one cup of mayonnaise dressing. finely shredded celery. which has been and core and seeds removed. ReCover them with hot vinegar. Have some nice. pimento. Creamed Cheese Balls Chop very parboiled. Pat the vinegar on to boil. apple Arrange nice. coriander seeds. seelt's cook book Remove the shells and stick four cloves in each egg. then add the chopped mixture. Pickled Eggs Boil the eggs from twenty minutes to half an hour. in which has been boiled peppers. work until it is creamy. Put the eggs in a glass fruit jar. hot vinegar. and cloves (half an ounce to two dozen eggs).

Stir over the fire until it boils. mix in a small quantity of salt. Pot Cheese Place over the thickened. Work it quickly with the spoon until it is perfectly smooth. . Fondue of Parmesan Cheese little salt of flour with two ounces of butter. in a glass dish. Decorate the inside with truffles. Bake in quick oven and send to the table as soon as it is Mix two ounces ready. then set in pan of water. and bake in hot oven for ten minutes. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES 277 with two tablespoonf uls of grated cheese American or Parand a dash of cayenne. in a cool place. or roll in balls. in. and fry in hot fat. work well with the hands. and hang up the bag to drain for an hour or two. Pour the mixture moulds. and stir over a moderate until the mixture comes to a boil. Strain through a puree sieve and set away. Then take the curd from the bag. Fill a souffle case with this mixture. moisten with thick cream. — — Cheese Timbale Mix one cup of cream. and either form in a mound. Serve with cheese sauce.SANDWICHES. fire it a pan of milk which has soured and When has become scalding hot. When cold. a very and white pepper. stir in three well-beaten eggs and Grease some small timbale salt and white pepper to taste. dip into beaten egg. and serve cold. one tablespoonful of butter. then stir in five tablespoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese. then add six ounces of Parmesan cheese and the well-beaten yolks of six eggs. and two fire tablespoonfuls of flour together. and half a pint of milk. Whip the whites quite firm and lightly stir them in. Keep well covered. roll in fine cracker crumbs. ladle the curd and whey into a muslin bag. Form mesan into croquettes.

one-fourth salttoast. a Jewish Dish Mix together three eggs. putting two poached eggs on each slice of Serve at once. spoonful of butter. and some slices of and beer in the chafing dish. Serve hot. Gherkin Buck Convert into a soft pulp. butter. pour over hot toast. one gill of beer. spoonfuls of milk. a dash of cayenne pepper. and five tableToast five slices of bread. which will be in from over a three to five minutes. a half pound or so of good American cheese well sprinkled with pepper and wet with ale. Add to it five ounces of American cheese broken in small bits. the butter it is is add the cheese cut — to grate When melted. one level tablesalt. warmed butter. by a constant stirring in a saucepan fire. spoonful of cayenne. toast. — stir . Welsh Rarebit One pound butter. salted water. and two ounces Bake in small patty pans. arrange on a warm dish. one-half of soft American cheese. and upon the top of each piece of toast lay a thin slice of broiled bacon. Set the pan where the contents will keep warm and Poach or drop ten eggs in boiling Spread the cheese mixture on the toast. yet not cook any more. in small dice.MBS. Place the saucepan containing the cheese mixture into another of boiling water and stir constantly until the cheese is almost creamy. Ramekins. Put the seasoning. one-third of a teaspoonful of a level teaspoonful of mustard. SEELY'S COOK Golden Buck BOOK soft Heat one egg in a small saucepan. better. one tablespoonful of teaspoonful of dry mustard. To a pound of cheese allow a teacup of ale. one ounce of of a fine cheese grated. keep them warm. When very hot. one tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce.

and is add a little more beer if it is needed. it Dip Swiss Rarebit Take as many eggs as you wish the number being based on the number of your guests and weigh them. beer. and serve. Squeeze it dry and put it in a bowl with three raw eggs. Make a slice of rather thick toast. Milk may be used in place of beer. This is best cooked in a double kettle. porter. ale. a fire until the and then add the butter. a scant half teacupf ul of grated nut- . serve at once on the toast. Forcemeat of Bread chopped onions with one ounce of butter for Soak one loaf of stale bread in water for half an hour. two teaspoonfuls of white pepfinely five Cook two minutes. then heat up quickly and pour upon the toast. Transfer the prepared cheese mixture to a saucepan and stir over a gentle heat until melted. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES all 279 the time. Welsh Rarebit ful of Take four ounces of cheese. When the cheese melted and creamy. For your — — cheese take a third of the weight of the eggs and for butter a sixth of the weight of the eggs. two tablespoonfuls of cream. a tablespoonful of sage. per. an instant in boiling water and place in the oven. adding a tablespoonful of milk. Stir well over a mixture is thick and smooth. stirring all the time. grate or cut in small pieces the cheese. half an ounce of butter. one tablespoonful of salt. Beat the eggs in a saucej)an. the ingredients to a uniform paste. Add little large dash of pepper. a spoonmade mustard. cayenne and Grate or chop the cheese in a bowl and rub all black pepper to taste.SANDWICHES. good salt. and serve in a hot dish. add that to the eggs. or Champagne.

one-half pint of stale Have at hand six chicken livers. one-sixth of a teaspoonful of pepper. quenelle. with boiling water. . When cold. 198. chicken stock. Bread mixture for Timbale of Turkey Livers. the raw white meat from a tender fowl weighing Mortar the meat well and rub through a There should be about half a pound. three eggs. and one-eighth of a teaspoonful Wash the livers. — three skinned links of sausage. the beaten whites of four eggs. See Mock Turtle Soup. season- and the eggs which have been well beaten. pound to a smooth paste and rub through a puree sieve. Mix well and put on ice for one hour. salt. Then add one pint of whipped cream. spoonfuls of butter. Have this mixture moist. Place it in a mortar and in small portions rub in two tableThen add Stir until it is well mixed. 80. Forcemeat of Chicken Remove fine sieve. Forcemeat of Chicken Liver one pint of cream or bread crumbs. seely's cook book meg. set Mix thoroughly and away to cool. one tablespoonful of salt. Add the onions. butter to the paste. This forcemeat may be used many ways. Mix all thoroughly.280 3IRS. covering chops. eight tablespoonfuls of butter. then add the liver. a little finely chopped parsley. Mix the bread crumbs and cream together and cook them slowly Remove from the fire. one teaspoonful of of a teaspoonful of white pepper. — for borders. and cover of ground mace. let ing. a quarter and a dash of cayenne. Weigh it. Chicken Forcemeat Balls or to stuff boned squab. about four pounds. put them in a pan. it cool slowly. p. measuring it after it is whipped. — if it is desired. add the until a smooth paste is formed. p. Let them boil for half an hour. tongue.

p. Stuffed with. Forcemeat for Baked Red Snapper. chop them. and cooking them slowly in butter for ten After they are cold. p. Stuflang of Mushrooms See Stuffed Cabbage. p. salt. 251. p. 101 Veal Forcemeat. p. Oyster Stuffing for TurkeySee Roast Turkey. either for serving with Fish Forcemeat. mix them or fifteen minutes.SANDWICHES. 116 p. if Season with salt. eggs — enough you wish. 236. as a Roll it in any agreeable form. and parsley to taste. 109 Tomato Forcemeat See Peppers. and then add half a pound of minced bacon and a . 102 Forcemeat for Baked Trout. and some spice like nutmeg. p. of Form boil fish the forcemeat into balls with the aid uncooked egg and soup or for garnishing them in stock and meats. pepper. garnish for poultry or game. and mix and use it in to it make the stuffing plastic. Forcemeat of Mushrooms Prepare the mushrooms of the button variety by skinning and pounding them. with their proportion of last the yolks of fine bread crumbs. fry in butter. pepper. 196. EGG AND CHEESE DISHES Forcemeat of Hard-boiled Egg 281 Mix well in a mortar the yolks of six or eight hard-boiled eggs. and a little flour — say a teaspoonful. Forcemeat of Truffles Fry gently for a moment in a little butter half a pound of truffles.

Stuffing for Chicken A forcemeat for chicken is made of stale bread crumbs soaked in milk or water butter. salt. Four slices of one tongue boiled and sliced. seely's cook book and pepper. fine. Celery seed may also Poultry Forcemeat a la Constantinople Take equal quantities of rice (which has been cooked). roasted and freed from their skins. grind well in a little salt mortar. thyme. salt. mixed with three times their quantity of fine bread crumbs. peeled and cut in small pieces. Stuffing for Goose sage. Mix them well and pepper. red pepper. roasted chestnuts. When all are well mixed. Take six eggs. and salt. ham chopped sweet marjoram. and seasoned with mint. onion. sage. and half the quantity each of currants and pistachio nuts. be added. and A stuffing for goose is made of chestnuts which have been the chestnuts are of the goose. butter. and enough of the forcemeat well together. boil hard. egg to hold seasoning of herbs. Stuffing for Ducks A forcemeat for ducks is made of an onion and sour apples chopped together.282 MRS. pounding in with the meats a half a cup of softened bread crumbs. if liked. and. Virginia Boned Turkey Stuffing lean and chop fine. and seasoned with mint. some slices of pickled pork and bread crumbs to complete a plentiful filling. salt. pepper. Season with butter. together with butter. With mixed the boiled and finely chopped giblets and . pepper.

Stuffing for Goose under Baked Wild Goose.EGG AND CHEESE DISHES the whole is 283 little seasoned liberally Avith butter. 199. A goose sometimes stuffed with fine mashed and well- seasoned potatoes. pepper. p. 199. and parsley. a onion or garlic. is salt. Chestnut Stuffing for Goose under Roast Goose. p. .

half an ounce of bitter almonds. strew powdered sugar fied sugar with orange -flower water. hold to apples in a porcelain -lined stewpan just large enough them in a single layer. Set the the outer flesh and fill in the centre with fresh butter. a Jewish Receipt yolks of ten eggs and the whites of seven. claripour over or top. turning them if necessary. Buttered Apples Pare six or eight apples of a firm flesh but of a good cooking Cut out the core without piercing sort and an agreeable tart. sift over sweet. Before well-buttered pudding dish and bake in a brisk oven. Beat up the half a SOUFFLlSS. them with an apple corer.CHAPTER XI HOT PUDDINGS. adding a teaspoonful of powdered cinnamon. pound of sweet Baked Apples Wash them the apples and core in a deep pan. Add almonds pounded finely. half a pound of white sugar. over the serving. When they are tender and quite done through. CUSTARDS. Set them sugar enough to make quite Turn them over after full of water. put in a ful of orange-flower water. 284 . and fill the pan half baking a short time and bake slowly in a steady oven an hour Set a pan of water in the upper oven to an hour and a half. strew upon them as much sugar as will sweeten the dish highly. add a little water and stew them gently. ETC. when you put the apples in the stove. Almond Pudding. and a tablespoonWhen thoroughly mixed.

Put them in an earthen baking dish. line the inside of a deep pie dish with puff paste. Old-fashioned Boston Apple Pudding: Peel a dozen and a half of good tart apples and take out the them small and put them in a porcelain stewpan that cores.HOT PUDDINGS. Butwith four ounces of raisins and two . a quarter of a pound of good butter. and bake will just hold cloves. Stew over a slow fire till quite soft. sweeten and spice to taste. a little cinnamon. core. Lay a cover on the baking dish and bake the apples till tender. Utica Baked Apple Sauce Pare. SOUFFLES. half a nutmeg. shape in a dome form and cover with meringue. then sweeten with sugar and pass through a sieve. the peel of a lemon grated. half an hour. put in the pudding. Decorate with currant jelly. Apple Meringue. When thoroughly cooked. and the juice of a lemon. Add the yolks of four eggs and the white of one. cut them with a little water. core. two and the peel of a lemon. two ounces of butter. Beat all well together. Fill a pastry bag with meringue and decorate the surface. and the chopped rind of a lemon. and slice ten or twelve good-sized apples. until they are of a them Bread Pudding Take ter a loaf of French bread and cut slices and mix the it in thin slices. CUSTABDS. Plain Peel. pour the syrup from the pan round the apples and lay serve. 285 Stew gently a few minutes longer. Sprinkle with sugar and bake in a moderate oven until a delicate brown. lift the apples to a hot dish. upon each apple a spoonful of apricot jam or a few blanched almonds. cover with water. ETC. and quarter nice tart apples. Cook good consistency with three ounces of granulated sugar.

Strain the mixture over the bread. Pour into a well-buttered pudding dish. sauce. Boil a pint and a half of milk with six ounces of granulated sugar. Strain and pour into the mould. Then cut the orange and arrange in the bottom of the mould.286 MRS. Serve set the dish in a pan of hot water. and flavored with vanilla. let it stand for ten minutes. Rub mould with melted butter. which should be quite full. with a cream either whipped or not whipped. and a few slices of sponge cake. Remove from the fire and add the well-beaten yolks of six eggs and a little finely chopped lemon rind. sugar. four eggs. and when soft add three tablespoons of cocoa well mixed with a little To another pint of milk add half a cup of sugar and water. tightly in a cloth. SEELT'S COOK BOOK ounces of citron cut in fine shreds. and cook for one hour. four ounces of currants. Mix the milk with the grated lemon rind. manner until the mould is nearly full. plunge it into boiling water. Bread Pudding Soak a pint of fine bread crumbs in a pint of milk. three tablespoonf uls of granulated sugar. Tie a piece of buttered Then tie it paper over it and let it stand for two hours. Blend all the ingredients and add half three well-beaten eggs. Remove from the water. four dozen sultana raisins. and bake an hour. one pint of milk. and sprinkle them with currants. Arrange a few Fill in the spaces with raisins and currants. a teaspoon of salt. a pudding peel into thin slices and a little bit of grated nutmeg. let it stand a minute or . which should be well beaten. and bake in pudding dish for half an hour Serve hot with any kind of pudding until it is light brown. the eggs. Cabinet Pudding Have at hand one and a half ounces of candied orange peel. the grated rind of one lemon. moisten them with a few drops of melted Proceed in this butter. slices of sponge cake.

% /v . CHESTNUT PUDDING.Facing page 286.





Invert it on a disli, and serve two, and then remove the cloth. with sweet sauce in a separate dish. In place of the lemon rind, any desired flavoring may be used, and it will be much richer if cream is used instead of milk.


of Chestnuts with

Caramel Sugar

enough water to cover them, one pound of and peeled chestnuts with a scant one-quarter of a vabean. When cool, pound them in a mortar and rub through
tender, in

a puree sieve.
five entire

Mix with

the well-beaten yolks of four eggs,

eggs well beaten, half a pound of granulated sugar, and one pint of milk. Mix thoroughly and again rub through

a puree sieve.
gill of

Cover the bottom

of a timbale

mould with one

caramel sugar.
fill it



butter the sides of the

with the chestnut mixture. Set the mould in a pan with hot water to half its height. Place it on top of the range, and when the cream comes to a boil, cover it with a paper, and set the pan in a slack oven where the mixture will cook without boiling for one hour, or until it is firm to the touch in the centre of mould. Serve, pouring over it the cara-

mould and

mel sugar, which


in the

bottom of the mould.

To make Caramel Sugar

Mix one pound

of granulated sugar

with a

gill of

cold water,

boil over a brisk fire until

has passed the clear brittle state,
as soon as possible.

a light brown.

Place in a pan of cold water to prevent

turning any darker.


Chestnut Pudding
Boil twenty-five chestnuts, remove the shells, and rub the
alp through a sieve.

Mix with

one-half pint of cream two

unces of butter, three ounces of granulated sugar, and a

and vanilla

to taste.

Stir these ingredients over the fire


MRS. sei:lt's cook


until the preparation begins to thicken, then stir it briskly to

from sticking to the pan. As soon as it leaves the remove from the fire, and add the well-beaten yolks of four eggs and the whites of three eggs whipped firm. Butter a plain mould and fill it with the mixture, fastening the Steam for one hour and a half. When cover on securely. dish, pour some warm diluted apricot jam a cooked, invert it on

sides of the pan,





Chocolate Blanc-mange

Soak seven sheets

of sheet gelatine in half a

cup of cold

Boil together for five minutes one quart of hot milk,

one cup of sugar, two ounces of grated chocolate, and a little salt. Flavor with vanilla after adding the dissolved gelatine, stirring Wet the mould with cold water, pour in, and set constantly.


to harden.

Chocolate Pudding

that the bread

Soak one pint of bread crumbs in one quart of milk. See Mix one ounce of is thoroughly dissolved.

grated chocolate with three tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar and one tablespoonful of boiling water. Stir constantly over a Remove from the fire, stir brisk fire until it becomes smooth. Stir until it is smooth, milk. and bread in a few spoonfuls of

and then mix with the rest of the bread and milk. Beat the yolks of four eggs and the white of one egg together, and mix with one-quarter of a cup of granulated sugar and one teaspoonPour into a pudding Stir into the bread mixture. ful of salt.
dish and bake in slow oven for forty minutes.

Beat the whites

of three eggs to a stiff froth, stir in three tablespoonfuls of

powdered sugar, and flavor with vanilla extract. Spread this over the pudding and bake twenty minutes longer with the oven door open. Whipped cream is very nice served as a This pudding may be served hot or cold. sauce.

Chocolate Pudding



more than a pint of milk add three tablespoons and beat together in a double boiler. When thoroughly heated, add two tablespoons of corn-starch wet with a little cold milk. Take from the fire and add the yolks of four eggs in which a cup of sugar has been beaten, put in a pudding pan, set this pan in another pan of hot water, and bake in the oven till the eggs are set. Make a meringue of the whites of the eggs and one cup of sugar, spread over the Vanilla flavoring should be used in the pudtop, and brown. ding and meringue.


a little

of grated chocolate

Cocoanut Custard
Boil one quart of milk, and at the boiling-point add three

tablespoonfuls of corn flour, blended in a




the saucepan from the
of butter.



stir in

one-qaarter of a pound

Beat up sepastand until perfectly cold. and whites of six eggs until very light. To the beaten yolks add three-quarters of a pound of sugar and the grated pulp of one cocoanut. Put this mixture into the milk

rately the yolks

with the whites of the eggs. Line a dish or dishes with pie Serve hot. pastry, fill with the custard, and bake.

Cocoanut Pudding
In one boiling quart of milk gradually stir a scant threeLet this boil fifteen minutes, then quarters of a cup of farina.

add one cup

of grated cocoanut

and three well-beaten eggs.

eggs curdling. Butter a melon mould and line with very fine bread crumbs. Pour the mixture into it, place the mould in a pan of water, and bake in a
Stir briskly to prevent the

moderate oven for three-quarters of an hour. wine sauce. u

Serve hot with




Cottage Pudding with Fruit

Cut fresh rhubarb in small pieces and half fill a pudding dish, sweeten it, and then pour the following pudding batter on


egg^ one cup of milk, one tablespoon of butter, one

pint of flour, one teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a




moderate oven. Serve this pudding with hard sauce. kind of fresh fruit may be used.

in a basin


and work well with a wooden spoon the yolks of three eggs, three ounces of granulated sugar, and the rind of half a lemon chopped very fine. Beat the whites of Mix with the yolks, add two ounces three eggs to a froth. Pour this of sifted flour, and half a pint of whipped cream. preparation in six paper cases, sprinkle with sugar, and place on baking sheet. Bake in brisk oven for nearly ten minutes.
Serve hot.

half a

Puffs with



cup of melted butter in one cup of hot water, set on a stove, and when boiling stir in one cup of flour. Remove from the fire and let it cool. Then stir in three eggs, one after the other; do not beat them. Drop on buttered tins, bake in hot oven twenty to thirty minutes.



and a half of milk, two eggs, half cup of granulated sugar, and two tablespoonfuls of corn -starch which has been dissolved in a little water. When the milk is boiling, add the eggs, sugar, and corn-starch. Keep stirring and beating until
it is

A pint

a thick cream.

Cream Croquettes
six eggs, half a
of one


of sifted flour, a pinch of salt,

and the rind

lemon chopped


well with a

wooden spoon
until very smooth.



Dilute with one quart of
boil fifteen minutes.

Stir steadily over the fire



stantly stir in the yolks of four eggs and four ounces of


pour into a slightly oiled tin pan, and When cold, sprinkle dry crumbs on a table, cool thoroughly. turn the cream over, divide in pieces about two inches wide by Dip in beaten egg, roll in fine bread crumbs, three inches long. fry in hot fat until a light brown. Drain, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve hot.
dered sugar.


Baked Custard
Let one quart of milk come to a boil. Cool the milk pour it gradually over six well-beaten eggs, stirring all the while. Add a pinch of salt and sugar to taste. Pour into a deep pan. Grate nutmeg thick over the top. Set the pan in the oven in another pan in which is water. Set a square pan of water in the upper oven. Bake in a moderate heat a light brown. When done, a knife will come out clear.

Custard Caramel

Mix one cup
two teaspoonfuls
in cold water,

of granulated sugar, half a of vinegar together.

cup of water, and

Boil until,





partially cool, line an oval

mould with the mixture.
six eggs,

a custard of one quart of milk,

and vanilla to


erate oven

firm to touch.

lining the mould, thin

Bake in modFill the mould. Save the caramel that is left after with water, and when the custard is

inverted on the dish, pour the liquid over

Compote of Green Currants
the stalks) in a syrup

Simmer until tender one pint of green currants (stripped from made of half a pint of water and five
Boil the syrup before adding the currants.

ounces of sugar.



Serve with boiled rice and a dish of pulverized sugar,



Compotes of other fruits may be used in this way, such as The sugar must be green apricots cherries, damson plums.
in proportion to the tartness of the fruit.

Fig Pudding


half a




suet, four

eggs well beaten,

one pint of milk or cream, half a pound of one pound of

cut in small

eggs, one

Sift the flour

teaspoon of with the milk and two tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar. The batter should be quite stiff. Put it in a well-buttered pudding mould and boil two hours. Serve with rum sauce.

and three teaspoonfuls of baking and baking powder together, add suet, salt, the figs, and mix all thoroughly

Fig Pudding
fine, one-half pound of bread crumbs soaked in one pint of milk, one pound of figs chopped fine, one-half pound of granulated sugar, one-half cup of molasses, two tablespoonfuls of flour, one-half teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water, one-half cup of Sherry wine, one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, one teaspoonful of grated nutmeg, and five eggs. Mix thoroughly and fill a mould. Cover securely and boil in kettle of water for four hours. Serve with a wine sauce.

One-half pound of beef suet cut

Dessert Fritters
Boil one pint of water five minutes with four ounces of butter, one tablespoonful of sugar, and the rind of one lemon. Remove the lemon and at once add ten ounces of sifted flour, mixing

thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Stir over the fire until the dough does not stick to either the spoon or saucepan. Remove from the fire and one by one stir in ten eggs. The dough ought
to be of the consistency of

thin paste.

Ten minutes





serving, have a large deep pan filled with very hot fat. With a spoon and the forefinger of the left hand drop large nutmegsized bits of the paste into the fat, fry slowly until crisp


expanded four times the original



dish upon

folded napkin, sprinkle with sugar, and serve hot.

slices of cold


fresh bread crumbs,

marrow pudding in a beaten egg, roll in and fry until light brown in deep hot fat. Sprinkle with sugar, and serve separately on a folded napkin with Madeira sauce.
Strawberry Fritters


large, ripe strawberries, roll



melted peach mar-

malade or strawberry jam, then in powdered macaroons. Dip Drain on in sweetened flour batter and fry in deep hot lard.

brown paper, and serve.

roll in

powdered sugar, place on a folded napkin,

Sweet Flour Batter


half a


of sifted flour

with the well-beaten yolks

of three eggs.

Add enough

water to


a thin batter


powdered sugar

to suit the taste.

Lastly, beat the whites of the

eggs to a froth and mix with the batter.

Graham Pudding

sweet milk, one of molasses, one of seeded and chopped, two of Graham flour, and one Pour into a teaspoonful of salt and two teaspoons of soda.

Mix one teacup

well-buttered pudding boiler and boil three hours.

Cream and sugar may be served

as a sauce, or a

branded sauce


be used.

Hard Sauce

To one heaping tablespoon of make it creamy say half a cup

— and one


add enough sugar


teaspoon of boil-

ing water.


flavor Avith

it is


and smooth, and

vinegar to taste.
top, covering well.

Place in a dish and grate nutmeg over the

Indian Meal Pudding, Baked

Take one pint of new milk, half a pint of water, and mix and Turn the hot mixture gradually on six tablespoonf uls of medl. Put in a bit of butter the size of an Qgg^ a little salt, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, two of molasses, and one Qgg, Beat all together and bake in a slow oven two or more hours.

Indian Meal Pudding, Boiled

cup of wheat flour, two eggs, salt, and sour or buttermilk to make a batter, which should not be too thick, but rather thin, to allow for the swelling of the meal. Boil about three hours in a pudding boiler. The best sauce for this pudding is scraped maple sugar and By some a thick sour cream is preferred. cream.
of Indian meal, one

Take two cups

Lamplich, a Jewish Receipt


together half a pound of currants, the same quantity of
little citron,

and sugar, a



and cinnamon,

and eight apples

finely chopped.

Have ready

a rich puff paste

cut in small triangles.

Fill the pieces

with the


the edges of the paste together, and lay


like puffs in a

deep dish, putting them closely together. When the dish is full, pour over one ounce of fresh butter melted in a teacup of clarified

sugar and flavored with essence of lemon. oven not too brisk.




Lemon Pudding

quart of rich lemonade, four tablespoons of sugar, six

apples pared and cored, and a pinch of


in a


Marrow Pudding with Sauce



one pound and a half of beef marrow and twelve Mix them thoroughly with half a pound of granulated sugar, half a pound of candied citron,



ounces of fine bread crumbs.

candied lemon and orange peel cut in fine shreds, half a pound
of currants, four well-beaten eggs, half a gill of brandy, one

Madeira wine. Butter a large round mould not too high, with the mixture, and bake on a baking sheet, in a moderate oven for one hour. Invert on a dish, cover with the following sauce, and serve very hot
gill of
fill it

Yolks of six eggs, three ounces of sugar, half a pint of Madeira wine. Beat the mixture over the fire with an eggServe at once. beater until it is thick and frothy.

Fill a

England Pandowdy

deep pudding dish (the dish should be earthen or

porcelain lined) with well-peeled and cored apples of a variety

Put in water soft and retain a pleasing tart. during cooking of apples and give a the the enough to last "juice" for the eating, but not enough to make the compote Over the apples lay a baking powder biscuit crust watery. a crust well shortened, but not so saturated with baking powder
that will cook


as anxious or careless cooks are apt to




in a

moderate oven


the apples and crust are done.

If the crust

cooks before the apples, invert a pan over the dish, not forgetServe with a sauce of ting a pan of water in the upper oven.
thick cream into which a cupful of sugar has been beaten, or

maple sugar
on the crust.



Some cooks dust

the apples with sweetening before putting



be used instead of apples,




Baked Pears With plenty
of water stew the pears



them making the pan more than half full. Set quite soft, turning them once, and always
in a pan. in the upper oven to protect the fruit.


the juice in which they were boiled,
in the
set the

oven and bake pan of water

Plum Pudding
Three pounds


suet, three





three pounds of currants, three pounds of sultana raisins, three

lemon and orange peel, three teaspoonfuls mixed ground spices, three pints of brandy, one pint of black molasses, one pound and a half of bread crumbs, one pound of flour, and twenty eggs. Butter the moulds, tie in cloths, and steam six hours. The above
of candied


of salt, three ounces of

receipt will


twelve good-sized moulds.
be used.


half or less

that quantity


After being steamed the puddings

will keep a long time,

set in a cool place.

Plum Pudding
One pound
half a

of currants, one

pound of

brown sugar, one pound of raisins, one pound pound of sultana raisins, one pound of suet, citron, half a pound orange peel, six large apples,

five eggs,

one large cup of milk, one large cup of


small cup of bread crumbs, one pint of Sherry, one pint of

brandy, one tablespoonful of ground cinnamon, one tablespoon
ful of


cloves, one grated

nutmeg, and one teaspoon

of salt.


the suet and apples, which have been peeled, in

small pieces, cut the large raisins in half, the orange peel in
small pieces, and slice the citron as thin as possible.



eggs well beaten.

Stir all the ingredients in a stone jar.


make more than one mould.

Butter as

many moulds


Facing page






core them. water. or a sauce made of little sugar added Pennsylvania Quinces Rub the fir thoroughly from the quinces. Let it stand in warm place till it rises very light. Work them together thoroughly. with a pudding. and one wine-glass of rum. ETC. Cream may be eaten with while cooking. SOUFFLES. Fill a well-buttered mould about half full. this the yolks of the eggs. and bake ten minutes. Serve hot with brandy sauce. Add one ounce of currants with three ounces warm milk which of raisins and half an ounce of citron cut in small pieces. baste and Serve with a sauce of cream cover them with an inverted pan. Cook steadily for six hours. fasten the cover on securely. Bake in a . and put in kettle of boiling water. one after the other. stuff little the centre with sugar. add four ounces of flour and more water to make it a soft batter. Prune Pudding Stew one pound of prunes. and bake till tender. wine. six ounces of butter. 297 required. Mix well. If they tend to dry on top. put in a baking pan with a water. has been boiled and partially cooled. and add two cups of sugar. Let this mixture stand one hour before adding the yeast batter. allowing the dough room to swell. beaten in milk. or vanilla. Next add the three eggs. pour into a pudding dish. Beat the whites of five eggs and stir with the prunes. press through a colander. flavored with brandy. and then stir in a pint and a half of sugar. In another bowl place one pound of flour. When a a little the yeast floats to the top.HOT PUDDINGS. and two ounces of Mix thoroughly. CUSTARDS. Raised Rum Baba Dissolve one compressed yeast cake in half a cup of warm Let it stand in a warm place for thirty minutes.

sugar and serve with brandy sauce. one-half cup of flour. one-quarter of a cup of butter. into the boiling milk. Serve hot with the following sauce : — Sauce Cream one-quarter of a cup of butter with one-half cup of powdered sugar.298 MRS. beaten to a and pour into a buttered mould. mix half a pint of milk with a generous half heat. Place the mould in a pan of hot water and bake in a hot oven. a quarter of a cup of sugar. place the bowl over boiling water. Cook four or five minutes. stiff Add the butter. Add this to the milk when it begins to boil. froth. wet it with a until little cold milk. the yolks and whites of five eggs. one pint of boiling milk. then stir is Cook when lastly. add two tablespoonfuls of wine and two tablespoonfuls of cream. seely's cook book moderate oven for forty-five minutes. and the Let it get a little cool. over it two liquor glasses of rum. the whites. Put half a pint of milk in double boiler and put it Sponge Pudding with Sauce One-quarter of a cup of granulated sugar. and ]Mix thoroughly well mixed the well-beaten yolks of the eggs and. Set the buttered dish in a pan of water and bake in quick oven for an hour and a half. whites of three eggs to a stiff froth and add to the mixture. Beat the beaten yolks of three eggs. making a smooth paste. Mix it the sugar and flour. Just before serving. it thickens and stir in smooth. cup of flour. Just before serving. . pour Sprinkle with powdeued Sponge Batter Pudding on to Meanwhile. add three tablespoonfuls of butter. Stir until it becomes creamy. Put it in a buttered dish.

Melt four ounces of butter in a saucepan and pour in the egg mixture. Place in an earthen bowl and cover them with powdered sugar. ETC.HOT PUDDINGS. apply a lighted match. wash and drain thoroughly in a colander. When this is done. Do not mash them to a pulp. roll the omelette. Omelette two ounces of sugar. . Roll the dough on a lightly of baking powder. Crush the berries with a potato masher so that they may be thoroughly mixed with the sugar. treat this in the same manner Garnish the dish also the third layer. turn it on a dish. pour it on each side of the dish. floured board until it is half or three-quarters of an inch thick. butter the top of each layer. 299 Rum To two add one glass of Jamaica rum. a quick oven for eighteen minutes. the same as for layer cake. cover with another layer. it Cut it the same size as the pans and place in them. and serve when the alcohol has almost burned eggs. Prepare two quarts of nice ripe strawberries as follows If necessary. with whole strawberries and serve with plain rich cream or whipped cream. Have a glass of Jamaica rum at hand. When done. sprinkle with powdered sugar. stir in enough rich milk to make a soft dough. SOUFFLES. Bake in . and then cream it with two heaping teaspoonfuls of butter. spread it with the strawberries. beaten thoroughly with itself out. add one-half teaspoonful of salt and three heaping teaspoonfuls Mix thoroughly. Remove from : the pans and when partially cool. It depends upon the sweetness of the berry as to the quantit}^ of sugar to use. CUSTARDS. Place one layer of cake in a deep round dish. Butter three round pans. Strawberry Shortcake Put one quart to it of sifted flour in a large earthen bowl. and send to the table. Stir on the fire and cook. .

for shortcakes should be served with the quickness of griddle cakes. stirring with a spoon. dish. add a tablespoon or so of water. — Peach Shortcake Make precisely as the above. salt. and over it spread the strawberries which have been previously sugared. Work fast and don't lose a minute. make your cake of four layers rather than of two. peeled and quartered. Baked Apple Shortcake Pare and quarter tart. using instead fine luscious peaches. If your crust is in small cakes and you have two. aiding by patting with the hand if necessary until the dough is about Bake slowly at first till the cake rises a half an inch thick. easy-cooking apples. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Strawberry Shortcake of the Oneida Community With a quart of flour sift thoroughly three teaspoons of baking powder and rub in one ounce of butter and a pinch of Wet with a pint of sweet milk. Do not roll out the paste. Sweeten the fruit before you begin making the dough say an hour before use. quarters on carefully. Having well covered one-half of the crust. Red Raspberry Shortcake Follow the directions for strawberry shortcake. and mixed with cream. lay on the other half and spread berries and cream over it as upon the first. mashed a little. half a . allowing in all about twentyWhen it is thoroughly five minutes for the biscuit to bake. done. take a sharp knife and split it and spread each half upon Lay one-half on a generously large its soft side with butter. enough to make Lay the a couple of layers on the bottom of a pudding dish. little and then hasten the baking.300 MBS. but spread it on tin pie plates.

. cup of sugar. Bake in a slack oven about ten or fifteen minutes. Separate into little squares and serve with scraped maple sugar and cream. one pound of granulated sugar. Apricot Sauce Stew some apricots. Do not have the mixture any thicker. add sugar to taste. mix in three-eighths of a pound of finely grated Swiss cheese and Parmesan cheese. and then add a little maraschino or other liqueur to fancy. Slowly stir in stir in the well-beaten whites of three eggs and then Pour into the souffle pan and put the pan on a flat sheet of tin. Upon this spread a paste Souflae with Apricot Sauce Twelve eggs. Strain the syrup. butter. CUSTABDS. Loosen the crust. When it is creamy. take it from the fire and of six eggs. Beat the eggs till firm and white. then add the sugar. Divide the whites of the eggs from the yolks. a little salt. 301 any spice you wish. turn the pudding dish upside down over a plate or platter. When thoroughly Serve cooked. Bake taste. and with a spoon carefully stir them with the whites. Have the yolks well beaten. Beat thoroughly. rub them through a puree sieve. ETC. and have the crust and apples inverted. vanilla to and one teaspoonful of corn-starch dissolved in a little cold milk. corn-starch. Serve at once. melted with the yolks Season with pepper and cook it over a moderate fire till it becomes creamy. and vanilla. in souffle dish in a moderate oven for fifteen minutes. Bake until the apples are done and the crust is a light brown. Cheese Souffle Beat a quarter of a pound of butter. SOUFFLES. and a few bits of made as you make a strawberry shortcrust. oven. sprinkle well with grated cheese.HOT PUDDINGS. with the souffle. Before removing from the two spoonfuls of whipped cream. Be sure to stir it all the time and do not let it boil.

seely's cook book Chocolate Souffle Have at hand four eggs. else it will fall. Souffle Boil one cup of milk or cream with half a tablespoonful of Mix one cup Stir it of sifted flour with one cup of boiled milk. Prune Souffle Stew one pound of prunes till very soft. which has been grated very fine. Beat the whites of the eggs till they are stiff and lightly stir them with the yolks. thoroughly. Lemon butter. Then rub them through a colander and sweeten to taste. and the chocolate. stir in half a tablespoonful of butter which has been creamed. Lemon To ful of Souffle the well-beaten yolks of six eggs add a scant tablespoon- Beat twenty minutes. It must be served as soon as it is cooked. flour. Mix lemon. three teaspoonfuls of pounded and rolled lump sugar. Beat these together for five minutes. quick oven.302 MBS. one teaspoonful of flour. serve at once. beat the whites of six eggs until they are light and add to the Mix thoroughly and pour in a baking dish. When the mixture is smooth and light. Beat the whites of . When cool. and grated rind of one lemon. Keep stirring till all is from the bottom of the saucepan. sprinkle with granulated sugar and powdered sugar. AVhen cooked. pour it into a buttered tin and bake in a quick oven. to the yolks Separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs and add the sugar. Bake in a yolks. and bake for thirty minutes. stir in the juice Ten minutes before serving. free into the boiled milk. pour into dish. and the yolks of eight eggs Flavor with wine and the juice of one stirred in one by one. six tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar. and three ounces of chocolate. Then add the stiffly beaten whites of eggs.

Unmould and serve hot. and bake in a buttered dish in a moderate oven. six eggs very stiff ETC. and steam three hours. add two Separate to cool. Beat the yolks with two tablespoons of sugar. and two tablespoons of cream. half a cup of pulverized sugar. Place in buttered mould. of finely chopped suet with one cup of sweet little milk. SOUFFLES. tablespoons of flour. Custard Soufifle Rub Cook two scant tablespoons of butter to a cream. with hard sauce. and just before serving place the bowl over hot water and stir till smooth and creamy. Cream Sauce A quarter of a cup of butter. two tablespoons of wine. one cup of molasses. add to the milk. three cups of flour. prunes. 303 and add one teaspoonful of vanilla. and set away Thirty minutes before serving. and three and a half cups of flour. cover tightly. the yolks and whites of four eggs. CUSTARDS. two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. one teaspoonful of salt. stirring often. Now add the strained prunes and beat together very thoroughly. eight minutes in a double boiler. one cupful of raisins. Suet Pudding Mix one cupful flour. and ginger to taste. one small teaspoonful of soda dis- solved in one cup of molasses. Pour it into the dish you are to serve it in and bake in moderAny fruit may be used instead of ate oven for ten minutes. and pour in gradually one cup of hot milk. one cup of seeded raisins dredged with flour. seeded and rubbed with a one teaspoonful of salt. Put . Suet Pudding Mix one cup of finely chopped suet with one egg and one cup of sweet milk. cut them lightly into the custard.HOT PUDDINGS. Cream the butter and sugar well. beat the whites very stiff.

stirring it occasionally. sugar to make quite sweet. — may and that moment add three eggs well beaten and Any flavoring bitter almond. and boil three hours. sweetened to taste. fifteen When . until the tapioca is transparent. and sift sugar over them. which should have been well soaked in water. Invert the boiler. vanilla. minutes. cover to exclude all steam and water. Serve with cream for a sauce. pouring Bake five or ten over them the tapioca. Let the tapioca remain rather thick. Cook salt. and scalded moment or two. and salt so that it will not taste fresh. Take one can of peaches. lay the peaches in a pudding dish. take the mixture the sugar to taste. SEELY'S COOK BOOK pudding boiler of tin. Strawberry Tapioca Is prepared after the berries should be set only a manner of peach tapioca. and serve hot with hard sauce or liquid brandy sauce. fire. the strained juice of the peaches with the tapioca to a proper consistency and pour over the peaches. Place them in a pudding dish. a cup of granulated tapioca enough cold clear. Add to a quart of water in a double boiler it is the dissolved tapioca and boil until fire clear. Tapioca Cream Boil one quart of milk in a double kettle and add four table- spoonfuls of tapioca. The strawon the stove.304 in a buttered MBS. When and flavor with a little fresh lemon. Tapioca Pudding Wash three ounces of tapioca and boil it slowly for minutes with one quart of milk. adding a good is pinch of off When the tapioca cooked. Peach Tapioca Pour over one-third of water to soften take from the it. covering make them Set in a moderate oven and bake five or ten minutes. lemon — be used. Mix well.

cream (or an ounce Reserve the white of the eggs for the hard sauce. cover the edge with puff paste. partially cool. gill of and a little salt. Bake slowly one . and bake in moderate oven for half an of granulated sugar. ETC. one of butter). Virginia Pudding Five eggs. three tablespoons of flour. 305 add two ounces of butter. Butter a deep dish. hour. one pint of milk. SOUFFLJ^S. Season with vanilla. hour.UOT PUDDINGS. CUSTARDS. put the pudding in it. one-quarter of a pound and three well-beaten eggs.

Cover the top and bake all in moderate oven until the eggs. MERINGUES. slice three bananas. arrange in a pudding dish. cups. one tablespoon of corn-starch. add the well-beaten yolks of three and granulated sugar to Thinly Boil long enough to make a nice thick cream. Wipe the cups clean and dry. then pour the Make a meringue of the whites of boiled liquid over them. Bavaroise with Chestnuts Remove the shells from one pound of fresh chestnuts.CHAPTER XII COLD PUDDINGS. fire to keep the mixture warm. but do not let height. three ounces of granulated sugar. small piece of paper. Put fire them with some water in a saucepan 306 and cook over a slow . if desired. and pound very fine three ounces of almonds Mix thoroughly with eight and only three bitter almonds. blanch. Mix it well over the boil. taste. Pour into custard Set the cups in a pan with boiling water to half their Take the froth from the surface with the edge of a utes. Serve when it is quite cool. CREAMS. and. Cover and cook slowly for twenty minLet them cool in the pan. eggs. a nice brown. Banana Pudding Scald one quart of milk. custard cups of boiling cream. AND ICES Almond Custard Scald. serve with a dish of roasted almonds. Place in a saucepan with the yolks of eight eggs. and one teaspoon of orange-flower water.

and four ounces Mix ice. Let it stand for two hours. invert on a pounded loaf sugar. it is like snow. and bake in an oven. reduce to a paste. When the chestnuts are tender. and garnish with chestnuts glazed in the following stirred in. not to overdo strained. and pass through a pur^e sieve. CREAMS.COLD PUDDINGS. else it will be butter. When the water becomes black. MERINGUES. strain it manner slit : Select the necessary number of chestnuts. skin. it gill of when tested in cold brittle. Remove and add an ounce and a half of Place over the gelatine. begins to remove the bean and pour the milk on the eggs fire and beat with a whisk until it thicken. is When this through a sieve and add it to the chestnuts. and sugar. sprinkle with salt. replace it with clean boiling water. Maraschino Bavarian Cream Whip one pint of cream until it. well together and pour the cream into a oiled slightly with sweet and. arrange on a tin sheet. oiled prevents the necessity of dipping in warm . AND ICES for 307 two hours. the Take care and a half water and then juice of one lemon. and pound them in a mortar with two gills of sugar syrup. When tender and cooled. it The mould being water. previously dissolved in a little cold water. then pour it into a fancy mould packed in ice. drain. remove the shells and skin. boiled until. Drain the chestnuts and arrange on oiled paper to dry. vanilla bean. Just before serving. mould previously Set the mould in cracked of dish. Stir in one ounces of gelatine which has been dissolved in Add one gill and a half of genuine maraschino. dip in hot water and invert the mould on a cold dish. sugar and one water. when almond oil. Place the yolks of four eggs in a bowl and beat them up with four ounces Boil one pint of milk with half a split of granulated sugar. Dip is in a syrup composed of one cup of granulated water. the cream has become firm. Place the mixture on ice and beat well until cold. cut a small in each one.

of maraschino. and sprinkle each one with pow^dered macaroons. covering the pie dish. and when cool add two wdne-glasses Freeze in the usual way. ten ounces of granulated sugar. cold dish. pass the whole through a fine wire sieve and let it cool on the ice. seely's cook book Vanilla Bavaroise Boil one pint of milk with one-half of a split vanilla bean. take out the vanilla bean and stir in one ounce of gelaWhen this is tine which has been dissolved in a little water. fasten At the cover securely. and pack in ice for two or three hours. round earthen basin Pour the jelly into the basin. Just before serving. mix in three pints of cream whipped and thoroughly drained. Strain through a wet cloth. one that will hold about two quarts. little adding two ounces of chocolate dissolved in a before the mixture is strained.308 MRS. Fill small paper cases stir in one-half pint of whipped cream. add boil. fire without its comand as soon as it begins to thicken. melted. cover with a paper the same shape as the top. the last moment dip the mould in hot water and invert on a the boiling milk. Biscuit Glace water just Mix the yolks of eight eggs with one pint of rich cream and four ounces of powdered macaroons. Fill a mould with this mixture. As it commences to thicken. Stand it Next cut the orange peel in very in a cool place to harden. Chocolate Bavaroise A chocolate bavaroise may be made the same as above. and a very little pinch of salt. and stir over a moderate ing to a Remove from the fire. Stir the whole in a stewpan over the fire until the Qgg is sufficiently set or is quite thick. Mix four well-beaten Qgg yolks with six ounces of sugar. Birds'-nest Pudding in a Invert a moderately deep pie dish jelly. Make an orange — .

boils and until it thickens. flavor it with . Bake in a moderate oven twenty to twenty five minutes. Add two gills of flour which has been sifted twice. Pour in the mixture. MERINGUES. drop a little in orange peel in this syrup and place on greased paper to harden. from the corn-starch eggs and arrange these serve. it 309 Boil one cup of granulated sugar in half a cup to test. AND ICES narrow strips. allowing it room to rise. of water until hardens when tested strips of cold water. Scald one pint of milk and . and Chantilly Pudding Beat the yolks of four eggs with one cup of powdered sugar until they are very light and creamy. Dip the stir in four tablespoons of corn-starch blended with a Stir constantly while of a it little water. carefully remove the pie dish. Fill the space inside the strips with the whipped cream. They should pan of meal or flour. Pour the rest of the whipped cream into a bowl. Do not stir more than necessary. Use a wire whisk and cut through the mixture. and flavor with one tablespoon of Madeira. then gradually stir in the yolks.- COLD PUDDINGS. Whip the whites of the four eggs until they are very stiff. sweeten with a tablespoon of powdered sugar. each one with the liquid and rest in a away to harden. Carefully remove the shells in the centre. filling the mould about three-quarters full. Turn the jelly out on a round glass dish. Turn it out of the mould and set away to cool. giving it the shape of an individual charlotte. and garnish around the space left by the pie dish with the strips of orange peel. Then fill up the hollow of the pudding with the very stiff whipped cream. vanilla. then add the grated rind of one lemon. so as to be upright wdiile hardening. Butter a cylinder mould and dredge it with sugar. Have ready one pint of whipped cream. Whip one pint of rich cream. then add one-quarter cup of granulated sugar and flavor with Have ready sorue eggshells that have been emptied fill from a small hole set in the top. CREAMS.

and mix it with a pint and a half of whipped cream. it. fine strainer. set it away until it is slightly thick. Fresh strawberries may be passed round with Charlotte Russe the sides with lady's fingers. instead of several. and pound cake instead of sponge cake. and. . Charlotte a la Parisienne Cut horizontally. add to the gelatine and sugar. candied cherries. moistened in a little cold water and dissolved in oneRub the whole mixture through a half gill of boiling water. slices in their original with a different kind of preserve. and cover each stiff icing. gelatine. Have a cover for the top made of the lady's finger pastry. SEELT'S COOK it BOOK Put the cream into strained strawberry juice to color a paper cornucopia and form ding. if desired. Pour into the charlotte mould. and set on the ice for an hour or more. Line the bottom of a charlotte mould with white paper and Boil half a pint of milk with Beat the yolks of three eggs one-quarter of a vanilla bean. may be used for this charlotte. or in a fourth of a cup of two teaspoons. in half-inch slice slices. of gelatine cold water. decorate it with icing. it pink. Remove the vanilla bean and add one sheet of clear boil. invert on a dish.\ 310 MBS. When ready to serve. etc. and stir in Flavor with vanilla. cover the top with paper. and add it to half a pint of milk heated and three-quarters of a cup of sugar. Charlotte Russe Dissolve a fourth of a package. with three ounces of sugar and add the boiling milk. Pile the form. and spread over the whole cake a One kind of preserve. later the beaten whites of the eggs. into rosettes around the pud- Place in ice-box for one hour. Stir Do not let it over a moderate fire until it begins to thicken. Whip half a pint of rich cream. a sponge cake.

Facing ipage 310 WINE JELLY WITH (See p.CHARLOTTE KUSSE. . 316.) GRxiPES.


stir in one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Remove from the fire. two tablespoons of water. which has been warmed. half salt. Butter some tin sheets. Spread the mixture very thin and a spoonful at a time on the sheets. stir Place this in a saucepan over the and constantly until it boils. .COLD PUDDINGS. Caramel Custard with Sauce Half a cup of sugar. each one with whipped cream. and sprinkled with granulated sugar. add the salt vanilla. AND ICES Chocolate Blanc-mange 311 Soak one ounce a quarter of a of gelatine for fifteen minutes in one cup of cold milk. they should be the size of a saucer. Serve with liquid cream sauce. Cornucopias Set in cold place until One egg will make twelve cornucopias. When baked of in a quick oven. a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix with it just as much powdered sugar and just as much flour as the egg measures in a cup. To find out if the custard is done. One rapidly. Set the mould in a pan of warm water and bake a teaspoon of . Add the water and stir into a part of the milk. Put the sugar in a pan over the fire and stir until it melts and is a light brown. Allow sufficient space for them not to touch. six eggs. MERINGUES. and when cooled pour into the moulds. and one quart of milk. Stir until smooth. Mix pound cold milk and add it of grated chocolate with half a cup of fire to the gelatine with six tablespoons of granulated sugar. CREAMS. else the cake will harden. and and the rest of the milk strain into the milk which has been combined with the sugar and pour into a mould. thirty or forty minutes. then add two cups and a half of boiling milk. Remove from must work the sheets and quickly twist them in the shape Fill a cornucopia. which have previously been rinsed with cold water firm. Beat the eggs.

Coffee Flummery Soak four sheets of gelatine in two scant pints of water over night. If the knife BOOK clean. When the pieces of orange are arranged and the sugar has become firm by cooling. when it begins to boil up in big bubbles. Serve cold. it is sufficiently boiled and will easily snap Remove from the fire. beat the whites of two to taste. must be slightly dipped in the sugar and arranged at the bottom and round the sides of a plain circular mould. stuck on the point of a small wooden skewer. The pieces of orange. comes out Serve cold. just before sending to table fill the inside of the croquante with whipped cream. it is done. Invert on a dish and serve. which has been rubbed lightly with olive oil. then beat all until solid and white. To test it. and boil it down until it becomes brittle. Croquante of Oranges the peel and white skin from six oranges. Add half a cup of boiling water and simmer ten minutes. taking care not Put half a pound to break the skin which envelops the pulp. in breaking. If the sugar becomes set. eggs and a small half cup of sugar and add it to the jelly. take a little on the point of a knife and instantly dip it in cold water. of the finest lump sugar into a sugar boiler. Caramel Sauce Put till half a cup of sugar into a pan and stir over the fire brown. Remove divide . having sweetened spoons of ground coffee. sugared and flavored with a glass of maraschino and some whole strawberries. Then them by pulling them in small sections. When the jelly begins to set. made of the strength of two tableSet away to cool.312 cut in it MRS. SEELY'S COOK with a knife. with just enough water to cover it. The next morning set the gelatine over the fire to melt and add a cup of coffee.

taste little and stew them water in an earthen dish till they are plump and Put them through a fine sieve and sweeten the jam to stalk a quart of green gooseberries it and put in the dish in which you wish to serve nutmeg. into the stiffly beaten whites of four eggs. a pint of each. and to every pint of pulp add one pint of milk. little Heap the cream Another Kind of Fool Another kind of fool may be made by taking a quart of strawberries and raspberries. ripe gooseberries and put them in a jar or bowl with a little water and a little moistened sugar. Sweeten it to taste. Whip of a quart of thick cream till it is stiff. stir in a wine-glass brandy and. Line a mould with blanched almonds and fill it with the mixture. stir in four finely half a lemon. Gooseberry Pool Top and with a tender. MERINGUES. crushed lady's fingers. Add the juice of AVhen thoroughly cooled. sweetening beating this the it them. not cooking the pulp. but with cream. it. if you wish. after the manner of strawberry fool. In brandy may be omitted. mashing them. invert it on a dish and serve with custard sauce.COLD PUDDINGS. AND ICES Fanchonette 313 Crush two cups of red raspberries and cook them with one cup of granulated sugar until they are thick. a upon the jam and serve cold. . straining them. When cool. Gooseberry Fool Cut the ends and stems off large. a spoonful at a time. CREAMS. Beat this mixture. or milk and cream mixed. Set this mould in a pan of boiling water and bake in the oven for twenty-five minutes. Then rub it through a colander. Set the jar or bowl in a saucepan of boiling water and cook the fruit until it is soft enough to mash.

pint and a half of strong coffee. Pack a round jelly mould in a pail of broken ice. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Apple Jellyit Take syrup. Pour into a mould or moulds and when cold and firm serve with whipped cream. This jelly need not be cleared. Serve piled high and set about with whipped cream. more — — Coffee Jelly Make one strain it. and strain through a wet cloth. sweeten to taste. As soon as it boils. . jelly. plums. as moisture would prevent the jelly from congealing. put in a porcelain kettle with a pint of cold water. it takes about two dip the mould in tepid water and invert on a dish. When all is well set. Continue until the mould is full.314 MRS. skim off the froth. and alternating with different kinds of fruit. pour into a mould. a pound of granulated sugar. and when that has set add a layer of preserved Then cover with etc. Fresh fruit may be used. a dissolve one-quarter of pound of sheet gelatine in water. fruit. Mix in a saucepan with the whites of two eggs which have been well beaten. apricots. When partially cool. taking care to have each layer of jelly set. Stir over a slow fire until the mixture comes to a boil. such as peaches. add a few drops of cold water. Pour in a little jelly. add three-quarters of a pound of granulated sugar. and set on the ice. The preserved fruits should be well dried before putting into the jelly. and let it boil till it is a rich Into this syrup drop as many quarters of apples as the sugar will absorb. hours. Jelly a la Macedoine Dissolve an ounce and a half of gelatine in one quart of water. add one pint of Sherry. adding also the juice of two lemons. and mix with the coffee liquid. Boil until the whole is quite thick. and the juice of two lemons.

add this mixture to . MEBINGUES. frothy. stir in the mixture. a dozen cloves. Beat the whites of tw^o eggs with the eggshells. strain. one lemon. pour the jelly into it. and about half cold. water and Into a separate vessel put one pint of Sherry. and set in cold till it place becomes cold. Mix three teacups of orange juice with one teacup of lemon juice. Sweeten to taste with loaf sugar and boil five or ten minutes. and add to the gelatine. Dissolve one ounce and a half of gelatine in a scant half then strain. but omit the wine flavoring. AND ICES 315 Lemon Jelly- When lemon jelly is desired. Wine Mix one box and let it Jelly of Cox's gelatine with one pint of cold water stand ten minutes. the rind cut the white and shell of one egg^ a little is up as for lemonade. the lemons. gelatine Stir over the fire until the sugar are thoroughly melted and the liquid is and lukewarm. and one ounce and a half of gelatine. and substitute the grated rind of two lemons before cooking After it is strained. When the gelatine nutmeg. When it is the jelly begins to congeal. Jelly- Orange pint of boiling water. add the strained juice of five the liquid. Serve very cold. Whipped Lemon Mix one quart of Jelly water with half a pound of granulated juice of six large sugar.COLD PUDDINGS. and strain through a jelly bag. Rinse a mould with cold water. CREAMS. previously dissolved and strained. it Strain through a fine sieve. then pour into a beat it with a wire whisk until it mould and pack in cracked ice. make the same as in the first wine jelly receipt given below. lemons. the grated rind of four lemons. then pour in one quart of boiling stir until all is dissolved.

For serving. three ounces of butter. Pour into a mould previously dipped in cold water. the w^hites shells of three eggs. one pint and one- quarter of Sherry. and when cold and firm invert on a dish. lessen to three and cups of sugar and taste. make a hollow in the of centre. Wet a dish with cold water and pour in the jelly when cool. Stir all together and boil ten minutes without stirring. and fire until it is nearly boiling. Place it on a . the juice of three lemons. Stir Add constantly over a clear the side of range. and one tablespoon of cream. pour and set in a cool place. SEELY'S cook Boil it five BOOK Remove from the then strain through minutes without stirring. If this receipt is too sweet. lay a wet piece of cheese-cloth over pour the jelly in and let drip through . and two quarts of water.316 it. settle. Mix it all to a firm paste. Lady Washington Pudding Sift four ounces of flour into a bowl. it Place at through a wet cloth. Add and work with a wire whisk for minutes. two ounces of gelatine soaked in the water. and set it on ice till it hardens. it. never squeeze it. cold strain when nearly Wine Jelly- Four pints and three-quarters of water. MRS. a flannel bag. three and a half cups of sugar. and put in the yolks two eggs. Mix five four ounces of almond to the other mixture paste with the whites of two eggs. the whites of two eggs. the finely grated peel of half a lemon. three sliced lemons. Wine Jelly- Soak half a pound of gelatine in enough water to dissolve it. Flavor to taste with Madeira or any wine you desire. take out the jelly with a tablespoon and slightly break it and pile in the dish. to it two pounds of granulated sugar. it fire and let it stand five minutes to into moulds. it Set a colander over a crock or pan.



add one ounce of gelatine which has been soaked is is in half a pint of water.COLD PUDDINGS. When it is cold. bake in a medium hot oven till it is a fine golden brown. Add five the peel of one lemon and the juice of three lemons. Whip one pint of cream and color it with strained strawberry juice. . Put a part of each in separate cornucopias and make a border of fancy rosettes. with pink cream round Lemon Fromage Dissolve one cup of granulated sugar in one pint of water. in fancy shapes all over the straw- you go along. making even waves as plan to cut the cake before decorating. put one quart of strawberries in the centre. stir in a pint of place on ice for whipped cream. put on. pour into two hours or more. first one of white. It is a good berries. Put the rest of the cream. as the effect if is is spoiled the cake is cut way through after the decoration filled Place some small meringue shells the edge of the dish. Form it an oblong ball and place the paste it on the ice for Tlien roll out till it is one-fourth of an inch thick and cut it into a as large a piece as you wish. MERINGUES. round piece Lay it on buttered Brush over with beaten egg and paper on a baking sheet. cover them them stand three or four hours. Avhich has been sweetened with three tablespoons of sugar and — flavored to taste Avith vanilla. Boil minutes . and Matrimony thickly with sugar. CREAMS. thicken. then strain. When the liquid cold and begins to a form. Whip another pint. one hour. Beat them in a quart of sweetened cream and freeze. By using these waves the cake can be cut evenly and neatly. AND ICES pastry board and work it 317 in for a few minutes. and let Pare and cut in small pieces two dozen peaches. Stir all together until the gelatine dissolved. then one of pink round the edge. Sprinkle four tablespoons of powdered sugar over them.

At or a pastry wheel cut out the top. and peel. one pint to taste. dredge it with sugar. . of cream. and rub them through a sieve. and cover with some of the whipped cream colored with strained strawberry juice. one The whites fourths of a cup of flour. Put in a cool place or on ice for one hour. then add the cream of tartar dissolved in a little warm Stir in the flour. Soak them in maraschino for one hour. seely's cook book Melrose Pudding cup of powdered sugar. when they are done pound in a mortar. Put and this pulp in a stewpan with the yolks of eight eggs. half a teaspoon of cream of tartar. the bottom put some marmalade or strawberries that have been Then pour in your cream mixture. Take your cake. and four ounces of raisins. which has been sifted twice. ten candied cherries. three candied plums. Make the following filling Cut very fine three marrons. Whip half a pint of cream very stiff and stir in the candied fruit. then strain it through a wet cloth.318 MRS. of six eggs. mixture constantly over the fire until the eggs are sufficiently set. teaspoon of vanilla. crushed and sweetened. six ounces of six ounces cooked in the syrup above alluded to pineapple vanilla Stir the — — of candied cherries. Dip a fancy shaped cake pan in cold water. and pour in the cake mixture. and with a fancy cutter Scoop out the inside. Pour the cream through a paper cornucopia and give it fanciful shapes. lightly stir in the sugar which has been sifted. a little bit of salt. and one slice of candied pineapple. : Nesselrode Pudding Boil three dozen French chestnuts. Cut in small pieces four ounces of citron. one pint of pineapple syrup. and one water. replace the top of the cake. Spin a little sugar and put round the dish. Bake in a slow oven thirty minutes. threeBeat the whites very stiff. Soak them Freeze in three or four hours in two ounces of maraschino.

carefully remove each meringue from the paper. When the pudding is thoroughly frozen. AND ICES the usual manner. at the same time drawing the edge of the spoon round the outer base of the meringue.COLB PUDDINGS. Treat each band the same way. flavor it with sifted powdered it a — near as possible. place it close beside the others on the table. Great care must be taken not to brown them any more. so as to give side of the smooth and round appearance make it resemble an egg as Place each meringue at least two inches and a half apart. As each band is filled. Take hold of one of the bands at each end. and place the band on a board. MERmOUES. shake some rather coarse sifted sugar over the meringues and let them stand three minutes. the better shape the meringues will be. CREAMS. add half a pint of whipped cream and the fruit. shake off the loose sugar. When all the mixture is used. until they of sifted powdered sugar and the Beat the whites with a wire whisk become a perfectly smooth. or boards. else it will become soft and the meringues will be difficult to mould. Cut some heavy white paper in strips about two inches wide. Then take a tablespoon and gather it nearly full of the mixture by working it up at the bowl in the form of an egg. w4th a desert-spoon scoop out the white part inside. side by side in a veri/ moderate oven and bake slowly until the meringues are a light fawn color. Just before serving. keeping them nicely smooth. Place the board. When done. Do not work the mixture any more than is necessary. This will probably take fifty minutes. pack it in a mould and keep it covered with cracked ice until served. Then with a spoon lightly mix in the sugar. Meringues Have at hand one pound whites of twelve eggs. substantial froth. 319 When about half frozen. Arrange them on a tin baking sheet and put them in the oven to dry. The firmer the mixture. whip some cream very stiff. Drop this slopingly on one of the strips of paper. .

and a When this comes to a boil. of water. to color Put them in a slow oven for thirty minutes or more them a light brown. Mount a strawberry on top and serve on fancy papers. two whole cloves. The syrup the apples were cooked in may be used for bread pudding. will spoil. a very stiff froth and whites down and folding sugar is mixed in. cover each one with meringue.820 MES. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Put a spoonful in sugar and vanilla. put in the Test them with a apples and cook them till they are tender. When add the sugar by degrees. When the granulated add four tablespoons of powdered sugar. Do not take them out till they Should the oven be too hot. its size proportioned to your oven. take them out of the syrup and set them away to cool. and arrange on a napkin in the form of a pyramid. and when thoroughly cold with a long-bladed knife turn the shells apple side up. When one side is done. broom whisk. cutting the them over. Instead of the whipped cream you may use any kind of preserve or ice-cream. each meringue. one Peel and core six nice greening apples and make a good-sized In a saucepan put two cups cup of granulated sugar. fill the centres with strawberries which have been sprinkled with powdered sugar. the meringue are thoroughly dry. ample room for turning the boards about. Whip a pint of rich cream. baked apples. or deep apple pie. Take them from the oven. Put your apples in a baking dish. When they are cooked. Strain the syrup and save it for further use. turn the apples and have care not to break them. and form a rosette on each apple. or any kind of liquor. put it in a pastry bag. join two together. . Into a bowl sift half a Beat the whites of two eggs to pound of granulated sugar. the apples are filled with the strawberries. sauces. You must have Apple Meringues space in the middle of each apple. tioned above should be of well-seasoned The board menwood and about one inch thick. little dash of nutmeg.



Butter a two-quart pudding dish and line the bottom with meringue. so they will not adhere to each other. Put a sheet of white paper over fuls. add one cup of sugar. serve as above. and till it constantly begins to cool. the beaten yolks of four eggs. a spoon gradually beat the . served strawberries. Strawberry Meringue The whites of seven eggs. This pudding may be served cold or hot. or until firm. and Lemon Meringue Dissolve two cups of stale bread crumbs in one quart of milk. either large or On this drop the sugar in spoon- small as you wish. Place in a quick oven and bake to a light brown. the grated rind of one lemon. the four eggs with four tablespoons of powdered sugar and the juice of one lemon to a stiff froth and spread over the pudding. Put them one inch Bake in a slow Fill with cream. AND ICES Boiled Meringue Shells Boil half a 321 pound of granulated sugar and a quarter of a pint of water for ten minutes until they form a large ball. if Then by taking it the sugar between your fingers you find it forms a ball. CBEAMS. then with powdered sugar and salt into the froth. a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. Add stir the well-beaten whites of three eggs to the hot sugar. has cooked to the right degree. oven until they are a delicate brown. Then set it on the oil. Drop in the preserves by the half spoonful. then pour in a buttered baking dish and bake in a modBeat the whites of erate oven for half an hour. Have a board well oiled with olive it. powdered and half a cup of pre- Beat the eggs to a stiff froth. seven tablespoons of sugar. MERINGUES. and Beat all together until very light.COLD PUDDINGS. ice for ten minutes. You test the taking a little of sugar by dipping a spoon in cold water and then the boiled sugar and dropping it into a bowl of cold water. apart.

mix in one pint of whipped cream and vanilla too taste. Dip a melon mould in cold water. half of each slice with pound. and sweeten to taste. two ounces of raspberry jam. and four tablespoons Mix thoroughly and strain through a . already dissolved in milk. Press over On it the jelly strew thickly fresh the other half of the slice and grated cocoanut. two ounces of mixed ounces of apricot jam. Use a double boiler. six ounces of beef chopped apples. sponge. drain. or currant jelly if wished. Pile the slices in mountain form upon a dish covered with a white napkin and garnish with trim the whole to a good form. four la Prancaise Six ounces of crumbs. Pudding a marrow. While the rice is hot. Porto Rico Witches Cut in thin slices. and serve with liquid brandy sauce. stir in a quarter of a box of gelatine. or with straw^berry. seelt's cook book all is alternating the fruit and froth until used. fectly smooth. raspberry. of granulated sugar. five eggs. and spread guava jelly. Serve very cold with whipped cream. add the yolks of two eggs. Creanied Rice Boil one cup of rice in a little milk until it is well cooked. chopped six ounces of peel. Rice Timbale Line a timbale mould with puff paste and set on the ice to Cook two ounces of rice in one cup of milk until percool. boil for three hours. or other cake. four ounces of flour. Bake in a moderate oven twenty-five minutes.322 MES. Mix well. sprigs of myrtle or other tropical green. and half a pint of milk. Set on ice five or six hours. When cold. and fill it with the rice mixture.

or until the Chill it thoroughly. Preture in a fancy mould with a hollow centre and freeze. and a little Sherry. Set in a cool place. this mixture is cold. fill with the oranges and syrup. a Boil over a slow it and vanilla fire until the grains are almost disit is solved. paste is a nice brown. mould in the oven and bake for thirty minutes. place in a saucepan with two gills of water and four tablespoons of powdered sugar. Peel and quarter and remove the cores of two nice apples. then place the the top. six ounces of granulated sugar. leaving Place them in a saucepan with half lated sugar pound of granuyou have a smooth syrup. Spread more rice on top and cover all with puff paste cut to fit Place in an ice-box for half an hour. it parboil a quarter of a pound of rice. and serve. Boil until the apples are tender and stir in six or seven preserved apricots. and three tablespoons of apricot jam. half a pint of little salt cream. made as follows: Cook half a till and a scant half pint of water . When done. Drain it. In this boil the oranges three minutes. line the mould. which has already been lined with with rice. a pint of syrup remove the core and seeds. cool. turn it on a dish. Mix thoroughly and pour over the oranges. stir in two wine-glasses of curaQoa. stirring lightly at times while cooking. cut the fruit in half. add the yolks of three eggs and stir thoroughly to mix in Pack the mixthe eggs and to break up and smooth the rice. and when paste.COLD PUDDINGS. AND ICES puree sieve. then drain them on a sieve. Invert the mould on a plate. place in the centre of the mould. Boil the syrup down to half its quantity. MERINGUES. When and serve with whipped cream. only the transparent pulp. Stir in the well-beaten whites of the 323 two eggs. six spoons of marmalade. in a saucepan with one pint of milk. Iced Rice Pudding a la Cerito Wash and and put to taste. pare oranges in the following way: Remove the rind and white pith. CREAMS.

324 MRS. add them to the Mix thoroughly and then strain through a wet cloth. Put the milk in a saucepan with enough sugar to sweeten it and add the rind of half Let this steep slowly at the side of the range for half the peel. one large cup of flour. This mixture will make two medium-sized cakes. They should rise to the surface. or until there is no liquid remaining. a keep turning them until sufficiently cooked. and the juice of two lemons. else it will curdle. Do not allow it Stir it one way until the mixture thickens. Cream the butter and sugar. seely's cook book Snow Eggs Have at hand four eggs. or until it sets. Savarin a la Creme One-half cup of butter. three gills of milk. three eggs. Sift the flour and baking powder together and add to the mixture. sugar to taste. cut out the top crust. boiling point. Separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs and whisk the whites to a perfectly stiff Bring the milk to froth. Set in a cool place until served. Beat up the yolks of the eggs. Flavor with a little rum. and set the bowl in a saucepan of boiling water. Then remove — — to boil. Lastly. a lemon. and flavoring of lemon rind or vanilla. Pour this custard over the eggs. Beat the whites of two eggs. and one teaspoon of baking powder. half a cup of milk. drop the tablespoon and snow. Then place them in a glass dish. a at a time. an hour. remove the inside of . Bake in a round buttered pan in a moderate oven forty minutes. add and beat the whole mixture half an hour. Put into a bowl. add one pint of hot water in which one cup of sugar has been dissolved. add the well-beaten whites of the eggs and the rum flavoring. one cup of granulated sugar. When baked and thoroughly cool. Snow Pudding Soak two teaspoons of gelatine in a little cold water. milk. mix thoroughly and stir in the milk. then the well-beaten yolks of the eggs.

three tablespoons of maraschino. or until it will thread when pulled. Decorate with whipped cream and some of the fresh fruit. and one teaspoon of vanilla. two tablespoons of powdered sugar. and two tablespoons of Madeira. or until it begins to Then set it away in ice water to cool. waffles to join Waffles fire Place one cup of granulated sugar over the with three Cook hot. When all are baked. place until wanted. Turn every minute two until both brown. fill in with the Tortoni mixture. set aside for future use. one in the middle. half a teaspoon of salt. one at the bottom. fire and stir five minutes. Put over the thicken. Make the following preparation: Put in a double boiler the yolks of six eggs. and pour on the waffle sides are a delicate iron.COLD PUDDINGS. When firm on the dish. Set in a cool and dip each side Lay one waffle in the bottom of the dish of the waffle in it. CREAMS. When well mixed. AND ICES the cake. one after the other. MERINGUES. pour your mixture into a pitcher. and one on the edge. thoroughly mix it with a pint of whipped cream. two tablespoons of granulated sugar. Dip in edges of the and join while . Set Take a glass of red currant jelly. stirring a batter of the following: Sift in one thoroughly before the next is Make added. cook for away to cool. When cold. add one cup of milk. and pieces. 325 fill with fresh fruit of all kinds cut into small and mixed thoroughly with half a cup of maraschino. three eggs. ten minutes. twenty minutes. Waffle Charlotte a la Tortoni with Glaze /^ two cups of flour with one heaping teaspoon of baking powder and rub into it two tablespoons of butter. To make Glaze teaspoons of water. you are to serve it in and make a circle all round the dish. Have your or waffle iron hot and well greased. Pull while it is hot into wicker and work round the waffles three rows deep. a glaze of sugar Make giving the appearance of a basket.

Dilute the syrup . Be careful to stir lightly and not break the froth of the cream. monds chopped fine. with the gelatine. Drain and rub through a puree sieve. Chestnut Ice-cream Peel and roast eighteen large chestnuts and boil until thoroughly done in the syrup made with half a pound of granulated sugar. and when ready for freezing add a pint of rich cream and eight *or ten powdered macaroons. or any shape your fancy directs. and pour the mixture into punch glasses. exercising the same care. colored a rose color or green by the use of vegetable coloring. The cream may be Set on ice till thoroughly chilled. eighths. stir in also four tablespoons of Sherry and a small Add two-thirds of a cup of blanched alteaspoon of vanilla. saytill four tablespoons. Cantaloupe a la Buo Having washed and thoroughly chilled fine cantaloupes. Biscuit Glace pound of sugar in a pint of water and boil five Let it cool.326 3IBS. and serve at once. garnish with cold peaches cut in quarters. cut them in halves and remove carefully all seeds and stringy part clinging to the seeds. Pack the halves with ice-cream. and serve. Other fruit may be used instead of peaches. Serve in lemonade glasses and garnish. with canpunch or you died cherries and other fruit. seelt's cook book Reform Syllabub Soak a quarter is of a box of gelatine a pint of rich in a little cold water. the seasons and the interchange of markets sometimes permitting strawberries. setting the cup in hot water well dissolved. Dissolve one minutes. if wish. it the gelatine Whip cream to a froth and stir in three ounces of powdered sugar. circles. and as the syllabub thickens. Strain in the gelatine next.



stir in one quart of cream. Mix well and freeze in the usual way. of ten eggs in a basin with twelve ounces of sugar. Freeze with and ice. Grate one ounce of chocolate and place over the fire with three tablespoons of sugar and one tableit. Chocolate Ice-cream Put a pint and a half of milk in a double boiler and scald Beat two cups of sugar and four eggs together.COLD PUDDINGS. then mould and serve. stir this into When cool. mix it with sweeten to taste with granulated sugar. . put over the fire and stir steadily Coffee Mousse little Dissolve half a box of gelatine in a milk. Strain at once through a fine sieve and stir at times while cooling. When it begins to stiffen. CREAMS. When cool. Freeze in the usual way. add to the scalded milk. Mix thoroughly and fill a fancy shaped mould coffee. Invert on a platter and serve with whipped cream. one cup of strong and set on the ice until hard. spoonful of water. MERINGUES. the yolks of sixteen eggs. add a pint of raw cream. Mix with a wooden spoon until the preparation thickens. then add a pint of whipped cream. salt When thoroughly smooth. Stir constantly and cook for fifteen minutes. Pack in the mould and salted ice for two hours before serving. and a pint of milk. AND ICES 327 with one pint of milk. Serve either moulded in form or rocher-like on a folded napkin. Add t\^lve ounces of powdered sugar and a vanilla bean cut in short pieces. Rub through a at least fine sieve and stir in one quart of raw cream. Put over the fire and stir until the mixture thickens. When they are light. the milk. and strain. Set away to cool. a pint of good extract of coffee. beat it up with an egg-beater till it becomes a froth. Coffee Ice-cream Put the yolks well.

raspberries. steep them in maraschino for a few hours. SEELY'S COOK Cafe Prappe BOOK Boil one quart of water with half a cup of sugar. and when cold add the white of one egg. add four ounces of ground coffee. Boil one cup of sugar and half a cup of water until they form a soft ball. and then add a pint whipped cream. Whip one pint to the meringue. cream stiff. and mix all well together. large on their stems. add that. and set at the side of the stove for ten minutes. over the set the fire Put the coffee cream in a saucepan with one cup of granulated sugar and the yolks of Stir until nearly boiling. eight eggs. fill with the preparation. Cut some candied pineand angelica in small pieces. and serve in individual glasses topped with whipped cream. stand well covered ten minutes. and gooseberries. Strain. Pack in a mould and freeze. or strawberries with the hulls on. Remove from the fire. Freeze. drain the fruit. candied cherries.328 MBS. Have your mould containing the strawberry ice well chilled. saucepan in cold water. pack well in salt and ice. of Beat constantly until it is cold. fasten on the cover securely. in the syrup. Beat up the white of an egg . Plombureaux Cafe Pour a pint and a half of boiling let it cream over three table- spoons of ground coffee and Strain through a cloth. and freeze four hours. add Our Grandmother's Fruit en Chemise ripe cherries or Perle Choose very fine bunches of red and white currants. Place in a of freezer and freeze until it thickens. then add some pistachio nuts. Beat the whites of three eggs to a stiff foam and stir Line a mould with strawberry apple. and stir until cold. Frozen Jardiniere ice.

and the juice of two lemons. Maple Ice-cream Put on to boil a cup of maple syrup. a pint of orange juice. Strain. and add to the sugar and water. cut in pieces about the size of a eggs. warm room in two or three hours. AND ICES 329 with a trifle of cold water. CREAMS. Prepare and have it frozen half an hour before serving. The above Lemon Sherbet Mix a pint and a half of sugar and three pints of boiling water and boil together twenty-five minutes. half cherry. MERINGUES. add the yolks of two eggs. cool. freeze. drain for an instant on a sieve. or French chestnuts. Add the juice of ten lemons. very light add the well-beaten yolks of eight enough finely sifted powdered sugar to taste. and when nearly frozen add three dozen maraschino cherries cut in half and one dozen marrons. It will dry gradually in a cold. Serve ice Lalla Rookh in To one quart until it is of heavy cream whipped an earthen bowl very. Orange Ice together twenty minutes. and lay it on white paper to dry. . Put in a freezer. and freeze. and cook until the mixture thickens. is enough for twelve persons. Then add one cup of cream well whipped. When cool. Freeze.COLD PUDDINGS. dip the fruit in the mixture. roll it in fine sugar until it is covered. Over each cup of this ice as it is served may be poured a spoonful of Roman punch. See receipt on page 403. and half a teacup of Jamaica rum. shake it gently. Let one quart of water and one pint of granulated sugar boil Mix the grated yellow rind of two oranges. Freeze till about as stiff as a mousse.

a Jewish Dish Wash and quarter some fine oranges. raisins.330 3IES. and let it stand two Orange Sherbet Take two tablespoons water. Add the gelatine and freeze. finely flavored peaches and arrange them in graceful order in a glass dish. Garnish the dish with preserved citron cut in flower and leaf designs. cover with salted hours before serving. Wined Peaches Pare and slice half a dozen large. Place the oranges in a freezer. it of gelatine. etc. Cover with the Cover the freezer with salted ice at least two hours before the oranges are served. small pieces taken out. pack in a mould. . wine harmonizing with By some a Set on the ice. Any peach. fruits Soak the skins in cold water. let water. of a teaspoon. in small Mix these with enough orange pieces and soak in maraschino.. and serve Champagne. and scrape Cut candied such as citron. Fill each orange. and then pour over a little boiling Mix the juice of ten oranges with one pint of sugar and one quart of cold water. well chilled. and just before serving pour over them a sugar syrup in which the rind of a grated orange is mixed. SEELT'S COOK BOOK ice. serve. ice to fill the oranges. pour over them two or three glasses of Champagne. dissolve it in a little cold it stand an hour. angelica. drain. arrange the quarters neatly in a dish. taste fruity may be is substituted for the brandy preferred to wine. Arrange each one whole on a folded napkin and Compote of Oranges. orange peel. In eight even-sized smooth oranges cut an inch wide round Take out the pulp with the small end the inside smoothly without injuring the peel. and serve. Frozen Oranges hole on the stem side. Put over them enough sugar to sweeten them well.

Creamed Pineapple Chop. molasses and water in which they cook. and arrange them in a Pour a little water over them and enough good molasses to sweeten them If baked Bake in slow oven several hours. iron pears a cover over the dish while they are baking. stirring it in a little at a Put the syllabub in punch or lemonade glasses. thoroughly. — necessary — and pour if till which you a trifle Then add the beaten whites of four eggs. stiff. and serve. ice till well chilled. a spoonful at a time. fresh-grated pineapple. MERINGUES. a the juice of a lemon.COLD PUDDINGS. GEEAMS. sweet. will be slowly. or. and to them add gradupowdered sugar and a couple of teaspoons of Sherry. they the with and then now They gain in flavor if they are basted put If the oven is hot. Instead of the pineapple. while peaches may be cut small with a silver knife. After you have mixed the cream and eggs. or better grate. flesh in and tender juicy. fine fresh pineapple and add to of gelatine it Take half a box have thoroughly dissolved in a cup of cold water by setting the cup in a dish of hot water for a time Stir it well and set it on ice over the pineapple. the If you use the berries. a teaspoon of Sherry and one of vanilla or orange juice. if you prefer. the eggs and sugar. Pineapple Syllabub stiff. sound. Have ready a fine. and skin. or red raspberries. Beat the whites of three eggs ally three tablespoons of . Whip a pint of cream to a stiff froth and fold in. crush them. add the grated fruit. Chill thoroughly and serve. Mould and serve with whipped cream sweetened and flavored to taste. Wipe some large. strawberries may be used. Set on time. or peaches. AND ICES 331 Baked Pears porcelain baking dish with the stalk ends upward.

Rub through a puree sieve and prepare the following: Dissolve an ounce and a half of gelatine add half a pound of powdered sugar. and a tablespoon of thick Whip until it becomes stiff. and when nearly frozen add the whites of six eggs whipped to a ing. fifteen drops of lemon juice.332 MES. When frapped. and add the juice of one orange and As the Strain through a sieve. and then the plum pudding and pack. stir constantly. and the whites of two eggs well beaten. Roman Punch Boil one pound Set of granulated sugar and one quart of water ten minutes. Put all in a freezer. liquid gelatine. and as it thickens stir in four tablejuice. mixture cools. — to crumbs. — freeze Have ready an ice the cream. stiff froth. add the strained juice of twelve lemons and one jelly tumbler of Jamaica rum. the juice of one lemon. serve in individual glass cups and ornament each cup with cream prepared as in one gill of water. Freeze. and gradually add the strawberry Place it on the ice. . then finish freez- and servCo Strawberry Bavaroise Mix one quart of large. Raspberry Ice Mix one quart of water. it is best without flavoring of stir in any kind. away to cool. Place in a mould and cover with spoons of whipped cream. dip the pieces cream. and break them fruit cake in slices. one pound of sugar. follows : — Mix a pint of cream with four heaping teaspoons of sifted powdered sugar. ripe strawberries with four table- spoons of sifted powdered sugar. When thoroughly chilled. when thoroughly dissolved. cracked ice and rock salt. seely's cook book Plum Pudding" Ice-cream in Cut plum pudding or rich brandy. the juice of two lemons. one box of fine raspberries well crushed.



— and — In all . white. and three tablespoons of strawberry syrup. pistachio nuts. and cherries. moistening with a little cold water and adding a scant pint of boiling water. In a saucepan put one cup of granulated a few raisins. bowl and over them Let them stand two add the juice of two lemons. press of fresh strawberries in a sprinkle two cups of powdered sugar. some candied plums. CREAMS. the juice of three This lemons. some candied pink. and strain and freeze. MERINGUES. AND ICES Strawberry Ice S33 Dissolve two sheets of gelatine. according to taste. Add the juice of one lemon. Mix a gill of thick strawberry syrup with a pint of good Sauterne or Marsala. Add a quart and a half of cold water. one orange. Strawberry Ice Put one quart hours. quantity will make a three -quart freezer full. Iced Compote of Strawberries Pick and put on the ice in a large crystal compote dish three pints of red ripe strawberries. and set it in rock salt and ice until the following preparation is made: Cut up in fine pieces a slice of candied pineapple. Serve at once. Strawberry Ice Cook a cup and a half of granulated sugar for five minutes and let it stand until it gets cold. Set in a cool place until it is time to freeze. Strawberry Nesselrode Line a mould with strawberry ice. cover it tightly. Let them stand two hours. them through a fine sieve. four cups of sugar. and two boxes of fine ripe berries. well crushed. freeze in the common way. Cover them with maraschino or Sherry.(JOLL PUDDINGS. and spread it over the berries. Put this in a freezer. have four ounces. green. a pint of water.

and set them away till the sugar has drawn out Then put the sj^rup their juice. also some . which have been soaked in maraschino. Pour into a freezer and freeze until the mixture becomes creamy. Boil the milk. Have the whites of three eggs beaten so you can cut them with a knife. and one pint of milk. Serve in punch or lemonade glasses. Tutti Frutti Ice-cream The yolks of six eggs. cherries. Whip a pint cream until it is stiff and flavor with one tablespoon of vanilla. and turn your cream on a dish. When you can form it into a soft ball. water. stirring constantly. Put some more strawberry ice on top. Drain your candied fruits and stir them into the whipped cream. and flour together. Strawberry Punch Hull a quart of fine fresh strawberries. one cup of powdered sugar. slowly into the whites. Let When wanted. Have at hand some candied fruits. and berries through a fine sieve and add a claret glass of sweet wine and a cup and a half of water.. the syrup has reached the right degree. Put this mixture in the mould you have lined with strawberry ice. cold water and stir the mixture until of it is Pour the hot syrup Place the bowl in cold. Beat the sugar. cover them with three cups of sugar. dip your mould in tepid it stand four hours. one pint of rich cream. Cook When cold. egg yolks. remove the cover.33^ MRS. Stir well together and freeze. cold water. and the pour all into a double boiler. Cover it securely and pack closely in rock salt and ice. Put a garland of candied fruit around the edge. etc. mix thoroughly with other ingredients. and they stand in a red syrup. seely's cook book sugar and half a cup of cold water and cook steadily over a slow Test it by dropping a little of the syrup in fire ten minutes. stir in to a thick custard and set away to cool. one tablespoon of flour.

place your eggs in Spin some sugar. turn the freezer a few minutes longer. Walnut and Pig Ice-cream Heat two and a half cups of milk. heating in a double boiler. and a teaspoon of vanilla. having reserved cold half A part of this half a cup to mix with the other ingredients. After you have frozen the mixture. then roll it in the shredded cocoanut. mould it into the shape of an egg. 335 When When the mixture is nearly frozen.COLD PUDDINGS. Sweeten to Freeze so that taste. will be perfectly smooth. time. AND ICES rich raisins. and egg. add the meats of pound of English walnuts (weighed in the shell) and a quarter of a pound of figs. MERINGUES. then until wanted. When it has come to a custard. The walnuts and figs should be well chopped. half a . have at hand a large flat Take a spoonful of the cream at a dish of shredded cocoanut. marrons or chestnuts Vanilla Ice-creani To one in too pint of whipped cream add one pint of milk and a tablespoon of vanilla. add the dissolved gelatine. sugar. CREAMS. fruits. Into the milk. Beat them well in the custard and pack. This cream may be made with plain in place of the candied fruits. form into a nest. and it. a cup of rich cream. and with the rest mix two tablespoons of flour. stir gradually the flour. add these let it stand ready to serve. an egg. and a cup of sugar. cup of cold milk use for dissolving a tablespoon of gelatine. it taking care not to put much sugar.

CHAPTER CAKES. required. Clear Icing Sift in a bowl half a pound of powdered sugar. ten minutes. Stir a few minutes. then work with the hands until it is a creamy substance. pour it on to a well-oiled marble slab. XIII AND ICINGS Icing for Cakes Let it boil becomes a small ball. lemon. Press with the right hand and guide with the left. When nearly cold. the funnel down close to the work. add a little lemon juice or any other flavoring. Remove at once. It will settle into a smooth and glossy surface. Stir in the powdered sugar until it becomes of the right consistency to spread upon warm cake. or until it One pound of sugar in half pint of hot water. of Royal Icing Place the white of an egg in a bowl. FILLINGS. Color any shade Pour over the cake while it is liquid and hot. How the to use a Pastry Bag Hold the top of the pastry bag in the right hand and with thumb and first finger of the left hand hold the funnel or Hold end. add the whites two eggs. Place in double boiler and stir over the fire until it is dissolved. Pile in the centre of the cake and with a wet knife smooth over the top and sides of the cake. and a few drops of water. work it with a wooden spoon until it becomes white. . then add the juice of half a Stir until perfectly clear and smooth.

When done. Pour into a buttered pan. then put at Have hited sugar. the yolks of three eggs. blanched. seven eggs. and lastly the sifted Bake in a hot oven. Have the dough one inch thick.CAKES. one-quarter of a pound of butter. eggs. flour and baking powder. Beat for two minutes. one ounce of — — the cake back again in the oven to finish baking. alternately adding the almond paste. AND ICINGS 337 Almond Cake Take one pound of powdered sugar. and flavored with one teaspoonful of rose water. two ounces of chopped almonds mixed with one ounce of powdered sugar. four ounces of granuground or finely pounded almonds. Almond Cakes hand three ounces of flour. pounded. Set them in the sun or an open oven to dry and crisp before they Add the essence while they are are pounded in a mortar. When nearly done. Cream the butter and sugar. . Then lightly stir in the whipped whites. then add the yolks. half a small glass of good brandy. essence of bitter almonds. and salt. Bake until a light brown. Cream the butter with a wooden spoon. one quart of flour. the whipped whites of two and one whole egg. sugar. a little salt. beat the To blanch Almonds Pour boiling water upon them. almonds. one large cupful of almonds. and quarter of the white of an egg. then gradually add the flour. brandy. and slip off the skins. Flavor the icing with rose water and a little being pounded. whites and yolks beaten separately. ground almonds. spread the prepared chopped almonds over the top. FILLINGS. and one-half teaspoonful of the essence of bitter whipped whites into the mixture. a few bitter ones may be pounded with them if desired. sifted twice with two rounded teaspoonfuls of Cleveland's baking powder.

whites of eleven eggs. When cold. then it.338 MRS. one cup of flour. Cut the bands into diamondPlace some whipped cream in the centre of a Angel Cake The whites last of eleven eggs beaten to a stiff froth. f ul of of nine fresh eggs. half granulated sugar. next of tartar. shaped cakes. then the flour very lightly. which will be in twenty or twenty-five minutes. the flour with the cream of tartar in Put in a round pan with a tin roll and without paper in the bottom. an even teaspoon of cream To the whites add the sugar. one tumbler of flour. then sift and measure one cup and a Beat the whites of the eggs quarter of granulated sugar. cut it in bands about one inch or inch and a half wide. and it may be flavored with any essence or liqueur in place of the brandy. one cup of sifted teaspoon- cream of tartar. vanilla flavoring. sift in the flavoring. add the cream of tartar. one . raisins may be added to the above cake. added to the eggs before After sifting the flour four or five times. the time sifted into the mixture. about half. seely's cook book Carefully turn the the almonds should be a light fawn color. a pinch of salt. Bake in a moderate oven till a straw comes out clear. cake out of the pan. one tum- bler of white sugar. Currants or sultana dish and arrange the cakes around it. one teaspoonful of cream of tartar. The cake will bake in thirty -five to a moderate oven at once. Angel Cake One and a half cups of granulated sugar. and put aside one cup. It should be very light-colored and delicate. measure beating. Do in the centre Angel Cake The whites sifted. one cup and a quarter of flour. and beat until very stiff. not butter the tin. fifty minutes. Put in a pan in Stir in the sugar. sifted four times.

ANGEL CAKE. "*1a. . BIRTHDAY CAKE. Facing page 338.


to your taste of caraway seeds. AND ICINGS 839 Beat the whites of the eggs to a very stir in the sugar. dry it in a towel and add it to the sugar. Bake in moderate oven forty minutes. one heaping teaspoonful of partially cool. Wash the butter once in ice water until it is white and creamy. Butter a large round cake tin and line the bottom with paper. Pour in your mixture and bake in moderate oven for one hour. Stir the cream of tartar and flour together and sift three times and add to the above mixture. sieve until the cake is of flour. then add the milk. and bake a delicate brown. two teaspoons of ginger. the cake is done. five eggs. Test it by putting a fine broom whisk through the centre of the cake. When well mixed. Beat all until light and foamy. be sure it is thoroughly cooked. teaspoonful of vanilla. add the well-beaten whites and the rose water.CAKES. then gradually Betsy Cream one pound sugar. Mix well and stir in the last cup of flour which has the baking powder sifted with it. and half a teaspoon of saleratus. When you remove it from the oven. one by one. FILLINGS. three cups baking powder. one teaspoonful of rose water. then measure it. cut in long strips. Stir in one cup of sifted flour. two cups of sugar. Stand the pan on a wire of milk. which has been sifted. two and a half pounds of flour. and add vanilla to eggs and sugar. Rub both to a creamy substance and stir in the yolks of the eggs. of butter and one pound and a quarter of Add four eggs. : top of the cake as follows — Make a glaze for the . stiff froth. then another cup of sifted flour. Roll very thin. If the whisk comes out dry. Birthday Cake with Glaze One cup of butter. one cup Sift the sugar.

for Birthday In a saucepan put one cup of granulated sugar with four Boil ten minutes slowly. so the tracing of icing will harden before the decoration is filled remainder of the icing pink and put on the not in. pour it it slowly and thinly over the cake. How to write the Initials on Birthday Cake icing. dip them in sugar syrup to make them stick. Make a three-cornered paper funnel. Let which will be almost immediately. Put a fancy tube in a pastry bag and fill the bag with the icing. Color the initials or date. You must work rapidly. Make a paper funnel with a ver?/ small opening and fill also with icing. With the paper funnel trace any design you desire on the cake. stir in a Reserve about one-quarter of your cochineal to color it drop of pink. a little larger than the cake. so the icing will be thoroughly smooth. stirring constantly. as for decorating make the surface rough. Have some pink and white candied rose leaves. : — Make the following icing To make Icing for Birthday Cake Half a pound of powdered sugar. place it on a round board. Leave space in the centre for the initials or date. utes with a Dover egg beater. and slowly pour the hot sugar into it. whites of two eggs. and put them round the lower edge of your cake. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Cake To make Glaze tablespoonfuls of water. Before you begin to decorate the cake.340 MBS. While hot. Have the white of one egg whipped very stiff. will Do it not dry. juice of one lemon. and cov- ered with a fancy edged paper. or until it reaches a large ball. Follow up the paper funnel with the pastry bag and with this fill out the design. commencing at the extreme edge. use a knife. beat well for five minegg-beater. Beat the eggs for two minutes until stiff and by degrees add the sifted sugar. . stirring all the time with a wire When all the sugar is used.



the yolks and whites of which have been beaten separately. one Take one pound of butter. then the brandy. Bake in a moderate oven two and a half or three hours. and the last thing two pounds of currants. The fruit should be rubbed in the flour before adding. citron. ten eggs. Put the spices in the brandy over night. a pen. a teaspoonful of cinnamon. four Bake hours. a grated nutmeg. Stir the butter Black Fruit Cake of Cream three-fourths of a pound of butter with one pound brown sugar and add ten eggs. Take it in your hand as you and press with your thumb as you make the The size of the mark depends upon the size of the opening in the paper funnel. pound pound of of butter. half a pound of citron. add the eggs. Dissolve half a teaspoonful of soda in a part of the wine. add one pound of and the whites of sixteen eggs In baking. Afterward put in one cup of molasses. one pound of flour. half a teaspoon of cloves. fasten tightly. and two wine-glasses of and sugar to a cream. and lastly the raisins. four teaspoonfuls of cinnamon. flour. four teaspoonfuls two wine-glasses of wine. . creamed. seven pounds of raisins. and a Then add one wine-glass of brandy. The raisins must be chopped and flour rubbed through the currants.CAKES. half a teaspoon of allspice. brandy. pound of flour. AND ICINGS 341 would letters. ^' Bride's Cake To beaten one-half sugar. Black Cake (An for "Weddings old colonial receipt) of sugar. and mix thoroughly. two pounds of raisins. put in the icing. four nutmegs. of cloves. FILLINGS. one pound pound of citron. the whites and yolks of which have been beaten separately. take care not to jar the oven. one stiff. wine.

seelt's cook book Bread Cake Two cups of dough that has risen. all together. Beat hard for five minutes. and of flour. place on a floured board. one teacup of sugar. about three fingers wide and two inches long. then the beaten whites of the eggs. and lastly the fruit. Chocolate Filling for Plain Layer Cake Two squares of Baker's chocolate. then add the creamed butter. Make an icing as follows : Mix — Icing for Cinnamon Sticks Mix sugar. and dough. milk. the whites of two eggs with half a pound of powdered add half a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and a few Stir five minutes. half a pound of currants. one-third of a cake of chocolate melted. two cups Add vanilla to taste. Lay them on buttered tins and bake in moderate oven. two eggs. then put in two buttered pans and let it rise for twenty minutes. Beat the yolks very light. Chocolate Loaf Cake One little large cup of sugar.342 MRS. Cinnamon Sticks with Icing Four ounces mon. one teaspoonful of nutmeg. one teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a hot water. one-half cup of butter. one teaspoonful of ground cinna- very thin. sugar. one even teaspoonful of baking soda. Use one-third of the water to dissolve three . spices. three eggs. of paste. and roll Cut the paste into long strips. one cup of butter creamed with the sugar. Bake half an hour or more. the white of one egg^ four ounces of powdered sugar. and one teaspoonful of cloves. half a cup of sour milk. then cover the strips drops of lemon juice. of almond j)aste. one teacup of water. two tablespoonfuls of milk or cream. soda. two cups of white sugar.

AND ICINGS 343 Boil the sugar and chocolate with the remaining two-thirds of the cup of water for ten minutes. one teaspoonful of soda. two teaspoonfuls of soda dissolved in a little hot water. one cup of milk. Cocoanut Cake One pound of granulated sugar. a cup of grated chocolate. teaspoonfuls of corn-starch. a pinch of salt . one well-beaten egg.CAKES. two cups of chopped raisins. Rub the raisins with a little flour to Bake in prevent them from settling to the bottom of the pan. and flavor with lemon extract. then stir in one finely grated cocoanut. and one pound of flour. and stirring the mixture all the time until thick enough to spread. four cups of flour. standing the vessel in it is another. Coffee Cake Cream two cups of brown sugar with one cup of butter. Coffee Cake Cream Add one-half cup of butter with one-half cup of sugar. cools. Cream the butter and sugar. and one cup of strained coffee. Thicken by cooking in hot water. moderate oven. one teacup of milk. FILLINGS. Add it a lump of butter the size of a hickory spoonful of vanilla. ground spices to taste. add one cup of molasses. four eggs. and add the milk and other ingredients. Stir in the dissolved corn-starch and let all come to a boil. one egg. Bake in moderate oven. four well-beaten eggs. Beat all well together until creamy. two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar. half a pound of butter. sugar to taste. nut and a half teaStir well and spread over the cake before Chocolate Mixture for Cake Put together half a pint of milk.

milk. The eggs The yeast should be added before the fruit. then a quarter of a pound of sugar. Twenty minutes or half an hour is enough to bake them. thoroughly together. three-quarters of a pound of pound of butter. three ounces of yeast. to let the heat cook it thoroughly. . half a Take one pound of flour. and eight or cardamom seeds well pulverized. and flour should be stirred may be omitted if wished. Mix Westphalian Coffee or Butter Cake Take three pounds of flour. butter. When ready for baking. The sugar. SEELY'S COOK two teaspoonfuls of BOOK baking powder and two cups of all thoroughly and then stir in one-half cup of currants which have been mixed with a little flour. The cake is baked in a round (snake) form. four eggs. four tea- cups of milk. as much ten citron as you wish (or it may be omitted).344 sifted with flour. Bake in moderate oven three-quarters of an hour. Drop the cakes from a spoon on tin sheets and bake them brown in a rather slow oven. and small pieces of butter. probably take three or four hours to rise. just enough to keep them from sinking to the bottom of the cake. on a large tin. — New England Caraway half a Cakes sugar. pour over the cake one-quarter of the butter. three eggs. one pound of butter. three-quarters of a pound of raisins. one-quarter of a pound of sugar. Rub the materials well together and beat up. and strew whatever spice is pleasing cinnamon is commonly used. or in a pan with the centre cut out. sprinkle the top with ground cinnamon. MRS. a glass of rose water. two ounces of sweet It will almonds chopped fine. Pour into a well-buttered pan. teacup of caraway seeds. powdered sugar. .

having first beaten in the soda. one teaspoonful of soda. one-half a teaspoonful of baking soda dissolved in a little boiling water. Drop the dough from a tablespoon upon buttered rather fine. When the cookies are cold. and then stir in one pound use the cup the molasses was in. and Place in slightly greased pan and bake in quick oven. Inauguration Cookies Stir to a cream three-quarters of a pound of white pow- dered sugar and half a pound of butter. slip them from the paper. Turn roll the mixture on a until very thin. and a glass of orange juice are well Have half a pound of blanched almonds chopped mixed in. flour. Cream the butter and sugar.CAKES. add salt. dissolved in a little water. flour. two eggs. one cup of milk. FILLINGS. then the eggs. a grated nutmeg. four ounces of chopped orange peel. and a pinch of Mix one-half . AND ICINGS 345 Garfield Cookies One cup of butter. — — of sifted fiour. Add six eggs. stirContinue the gentle ring them in gently. one cup of sugar. one-third of a cup of sour milk. stirring till a pound of flour. and bake in a quick oven. the grated nutmeg. Molasses Cookies Boil one cup of molasses. and lastly the board lightly sprinkled with cut the desired shape and size. and twist them in delicate lace papers. Sprinkle the chopped almonds upon the little rounds and bake a delicate brown. Roll very thin. mix it with two eggs. add the milk. flour enough to roll the cookies soft and thin. paper. put together with a fruit jam or icing. one-half of a nutmeg grated. four eggs. cut the desired size and shape. one at a time. Sugar Cookies Cream three cup^'^'of sugar with two cups of butter.

the . gradually stir in one cup of granulated sugar. and bake in quick oven. one cup of milk. and while hot sift over them powdered sugar. four cups of flour. and enough flour to make a thin dough. Bake in hot fat. one small teaspoonful of two small teaspoons of cream of tartar. two little salt. ing. a piece of butter the size of a walnut. teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a cups of sugar. Do not mix it hard. vanilla to taste. hot oven a very light brown. Roll out thin. a little grated nutmeg may be added to the above receipt.346 MRS. cups of sugar. a nut- meg and more to extract of lemon. Sugar Cookies Two milk. lemon extract. cut the desired shape and Put them on baking sheets and bake in a quick oven. Crullers Cream half a cup of butter . three teaspoons baking powder. Bake quickly in a powdered sugar over them Crullers Two and soda. while hot. Cut the roll in strips and twist the pieces. one cup of sweet two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. SEELY'S COOK BOOK stir size. Sugar Cookies One cup butter and lard (more of butter than lard). enough flour to roll broad and flat. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with sugar while they are warm. one ^gg^ one-half little water. teaspoonful of baking powder with seven cups of flour and in the mixture. Roll very thin. one nutmeg. then the beaten yolks of three eggs. three eggs. lay each cruller when done separately in a colander or on a sieve. a half cups of sugar. one cup of butter. a little salt. If desired. cut the desired shape. brown In frylightly. and as much roll out as will make them Sift delicate.

LEMOX CAKES. .v ^. ^'^PA^ i .-V.-^ Facing page 3U6.--. CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS.


vanilla. four eggs. Mix thoroughly the butter. Cup Cake One cup of butter. Beat the whites of three eggs very stiff and add to the mixture. Pour into thin pans. of flour. roll out to a thickness of Cut with biscuit cutter. one tablespoonf ul of ful of corn starch Filling large coffee cup of milk. one cup of sweet milk and the whites of six eggs stiff froth. three cups and one cup of milk.CAKES. Decorate the top layer with icing. or any flavor- ing extract to taste. and milk. FILLINGS. Delicate Cake Cream one cup and stir in of butter and two cups of granulated sugar. beaten to a Sift three cups of flour and two table- . egg. and bake in a moderate oven. Cream Layer Cake with Filling Seven tablespoonfuls of melted butter. one teaspoonmilk. one cup of granulated sugar. two cups of granulated sugar. Pour the cream filling given below between the first and second layers. one teaspoonf ul of cream of tartar. Place on a floured moulding board. on brown paper and dredge with powdered sugar. half an inch. Drain the centre. a little at a time. one cup of flour. Flavor to taste. sugar. one cup of corn-starch. half a cup of milk. any shape desired. AND ICINGS 347 grated yellow rind of a lemon. yolks of two eggs and white blended in a little powdered sugar. also cut a round hole in Fry in deep boiling fat until a good color. and half a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little boiling water. four eggs. or any way you wish. and lastly beat in three cups of flour. Sift all into the mixture and lastly stir in the baking soda. Then mix the corn-starch and cream of tartar with flour. and a little grated nutmeg. Cream One of one egg.

a quarter of of flour. Genoese Cakes Have at hand a quarter of a pound pound of granulated sugar. into well-buttered a thoroughly mixed. Cut the sifted flour so the mixture can be rolled and handled. two eggs.348 MBS. water. one-half teaspoonful of ground cloves. ground cinnamon. Do not pan. Drop them and fry until a nice brown. add half of a compressed yeast-cake disSet in a solved in half a cup of water. well buttered. and a little salt. and add four beaten eggs. Pour oven. brandy. one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon. and bake in a moderate Doughnuts Warm make two quarts of milk and stir in enough sifted flour to a soft batter. and three cups of flour sifted with two teaspoonCut one-half pound of figs and two baking powder. Cream one cup of butter and two cups of brown sugar. eggs. one half of a small glass of good brandy. and salt together with a Soften the butter a little at the side of the When it is range and add it to the other ingredients. into two long tins. warm place where the of a tea- When light. a scant half cup of one cup and a half of granulated sugar. one fuls of cup of water. two eggs. Pour into a well-buttered pan and bake in a moderate oven for two hours. a quarter of a a pound of butter. desired shape and let in hot lard them stand awhile to rise. cupfuls of raisins in small pieces. wooden spoon. a little Then add enough grated nutmeg. and salt. dredge them with onequarter of a cup of flour and add to the mixture. Mix thoroughly. sugar. Mix the flour. batter will rise. spoonfuls of baking powder together. Sprinkle with sifted Pig Cake sugar. pour it . SEELT'S COOK BOOK Stir into the mixture. mix with one-quarter little spoonful of soda dissolved in a lard.

LOG CABIX. smaS^ Facing page 3U8. LADY S FINGERS. .


Mix the butter and sugar lasses. dredging with a prevent settling. is Bake moder- ately heated oven.. and put together with icing made by stirring sugar with orange juice and beating thoroughly: — powdered of sugar. etc. of the eggs. one tablespoon of cloves. One cup together. FILLINGS. leaf. When the cake done. When cut in the shape of leaves. Add a .CAKES. diamond. Lady's Fingers Five eggs. oblong. place the meringue in a cornucopia and decorate them. and lastly the raisins. one tablespoon of cinnamon. having creamed separately the sugar and butter. the cup of coffee and little flour to spice. turn out on a it in circular. bake in lady's finger pans. Then sift some powdered sugar over them and dry them at the entrance of the oven. and last of all the stiflly beaten whites sugar. sheet of paper and cut Darky Fingers Make the following coffee-cake receipt. one cup of moone scant cup of butter. Then finish decorating them by placing on them some strips or dots of any bright preserve. four ounces of powdered Beat the yolks of the eggs and the sugar together. or any shape the taste may suggest. Put through a pastry bag on a brown paper and baking sheet and bake in moderate oven. one cup of raisins. then gradually add the flour. four ounces of flour. have it AND ICINGS 349 in a it more than quarter of an inch thick. These cakes may be decorated with meringue or icing. one cup of cold coffee. rings. four cups of flour. add the soda. Lady's Fingers Beat separately the yolks and whites of one pound of eggs and add them to one pound of sugar and one pound of butter. three teaspoons of baking powder.

Ginger Snaps one-half pound of butter with one and a half cups of add three eggs and one-half teaspoonful of baking soda dissolved in a little boiling water. large tablespoon of vinegar. half a cup of hot water. and while warm stick brandy. one heaping tablespoon of butter. fingers. half cup of sweet milk. sugar thoroughly. of eggs. Cream the butter and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. SEELY'S COOK BOOK wine-glass of brandy and a teaspoon of mace and then.350 MRS. and bake Soft Gingerbread A half cup of brown meagre cups of sugar. one heaping tablespoon of lard. ginger and cloves to taste. and stir Mix in the milk. and then the . a little salt. teaspoons of mace. and vinegar. gradThis receipt makes forty-eight lady's ually. a scant half cup of butter. together with the white of an egg. one even teaspoon of soda. two eggs. two flour. Bake in tube pan in moderate oven. rest of ingredients. a cup and a half of flour. thoroughly. Gold-leaf Cake Yolks of eight eggs. half cup of molasses. one pound of flour. ginger and desired size stir in Roll very thin. Lady May Fingers one pound of butter. beat the yolks to a stiff froth. and stir hard. . one cup of granulated sugar. Season to taste with ground Cream sugar. cut the one pound of flour. soda. quick oven. See also under Silver Cake. one pound of sugar. Cream the butter and sugar together hot water. in a and shape. one wine-glass of two one pound Bake in lady's finger pans. One pound of flour. then the flour. add the molasses.

FANCY CAKE8. (See [).) . Facing page 350. 352. CURRANT JELLY CAKE.


and lastly spoons of sour milk. Mace to taste may be used. one cup of molasses. half a cup of milk. Add cup and a half of dark brown sugar and half three eggs well beaten. the whites and yolks of the eggs are beaten — — stiff separately. Jam Cake Mix one cup of sugar and three-fourths of a cup of butter to a cream. one cup of flour. Pour in the batter and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. one Take one pound of flour. one cup of raisins . The lightness of this cake depends wholly upon and there there is no soda or baking powder. two Cream cups of flour. and one wine-glass of rose water. place paper on the bottom. then add the ginger and molasses. FILLINGS. beat well. and then the rest of Butter your cake pan. and mixed with the molasses. one teaspoon of soda dissolved in three teaBake in layers and put together with Kids Stir together a a cup of butter. two eggs. one pound of almonds blanched and split. the butter and sugar. add three eggs beaten separately. half a cup of milk. one pound of sugar.CAKES. The sugar and butter are creamed together. one teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda. and the other ingredients added in the usual order. one wineglass of brandy. It is best to Add have shallow pans. icing. ten eggs. three-fourths of a pound of citron. half a cup of sugar. the flour. then one cup of Spice should be added to fruit jam. Imperial Cake butter. and two cups of flour. taste. should be no lack of patient beating. having dissolved the soda in a little warm water. one tablespoonful of ginger. one pound of pound of raisins. AND ICINGS 351 Gingerbread Sponge Half a cup of butter. add the well-beaten yolks of the eggs. the stirring.

Add of a the whites of sixteen eggs beaten three- pound of flour. long and flour enough to roll in a soft blanket. add the Whip the grated peel of two lemons or any other flavoring. one cup of sugar. and add the sugar and flour and cream. Layer Cake or Small Cakes One and a half cups sugar. also the yolks of the eggs. SEELY'S COOK BOOK seeded and chopped. of flour (scant). Lemon flavoring. and bake in buttered tins. two ounces of blanched and pounded with rose water to a fine quarters bitter almonds. a little salt. or any form you please. and finally Cut in strips. Lay the cakes scant cup of milk.352 MRS. thin. Bake in cake tins lined with buttered paper. Mix half a pint of apricot jam with a little maraschino or Sherry and rub well till smooth. a teaspoon of soda dissolved in a little boiling water. add a pinch of soda. with royal or water icing and decorate. one flour. Lady Cake Cream well together one pound of butter. one cup of washed butter. paste. Beat fifteen minutes. Layer Cake Three eggs. a teaspoon of cinnamon. two-thirds of a cup of sweet milk. two cups of together before quite cold with the mixture between. Beat the butter to a milk a little at a time. two and a half cups Just before baking. whites of the eggs and add at the last also two scant teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder. one heaping iron spoon of butter. three even teaspoons of baking powder. Ice over . of sugar and half a pound stiff. three eggs. half a nutmeg. Bake in shallow tins in a moderate oven.

then add one-quarter of a pound of grated almonds. turn the papers over and moisten with a little water. Spread a piece of white paper on a tin sheet. AND ICINGS 353 Layer Cake Cream one pound of butter with one pound and a half of powdered sugar. the macaroons can then be easily removed. gradually adding the white of one egg. Then add one pound and a half of powdered sugar. remove the skins before grating. remove Drain thoroughly the skins. form your mixture in little rounds. Add the yolks of three eggs and stir for half an hour. Chicago Loaf Cream one pound eight eggs beaten a glass of and half a pound of butter.CAKES. pound them in a mortar until they become a paste. stir in the yolks of two eggs and the white of one. When dry. Macaroons Pour boiling water over half a pound of almonds. When they become cold. Place them on the paper about one inch and a half apart. and plunge them into cold water. and the grated rind and half the juice of a fine of sugar stiff. Add flour. Again pound thoroughly. and spread each layer with any filling — — that is desired. one pound of lemon. round or square. Maple Sugar Cake with Cream one cup of granulated sugar Filling with a lump of butter the size of an egg. Remove from the oven. gradually adding the whites of two eggs. and then add two small cups of flour with two teaspoon- . Bake in four buttered tins. at the end of that time they should be well colored. two scant cups of flour. Bake them in a slow oven for about twelve minutes. and put in the oven. and the well-beaten whites of two eggs. FILLINGS. a little smaller than a twenty-five cent piece. wine. one pound of raisins.

one teaspoonful of baking soda dissolved in a little water. and bake in quick oven. The thickness of the dough depends upon paper and baked. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Bake in round layers. Oatmeal Wafers Cream one cup of sugar with one cup of butter and lard mixed. and five cups of sifted flour. add flour if too thick. the thickness of the syrup if it is thin. . Mix thoroughly. Spread the following filling between each layer : — Filling for Maple Sugar Cake it Boil one cup of maple syrup until hairs off the spoon. one cup of butter. two eggs.354 fuls of MRS. Maple Sugar Cookies Take one cup of butter. and bake in a hot oven. Then add the well-beaten white of one egg. Make the dough stiff enough with flour to drop off a spoon. a pound and a half of maple syrup. a pinch of salt. three cups . and one teaspoonful of soda. three cups shaved maple sugar. three teaspoonfuls of ground ginger. add maple syrup till of the right consistency. Soft Molasses Cake boil- Three cups of molasses. Roll out. one teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water. half a pound of brown sugar. Stir until smooth. baking powder sifted in it. one cup of sour milk. one cup of boiling water. half a pound of butter. and a teaThese cakes should be dropped on greased spoonful of salt. two cups of ing water. add one egg. Green Mountain Boys of Two pounds of flour. .

two pounds of mixed fruits. Cream the sugar and butter and beat the yolks and whites of the eggs separately. one by one. half a pound of powdered of a sugar. Just before mixing. of oatmeal. Test the oven with a bit of letter paper before putting the cake into it. in a steady oven. I<et the very thin and bake in a hot oven. using a wooden spoon. a tablespoonful of brandy. the oven is all right. put in the fruits and brandy Beat the egg whites to a hard froth. A pound-cake batter should be stiff er than that of a cup or a sponge cake. . such as sultana raisins. pour in the mixture. Add the whites of the eggs and flour alternately. AND ICINGS 355 and enough then roll flour to dough get cold. and one-half teaspoonful of mace. one pound of granulated sugar. Stir again for five Add sugar and six stir for ten minutes. Do not stir the batter after these are added. and orange peel. currants. and then. and ornament with white sugar icing. If in five minutes the paper is a light yellow. one wine-glass of cognac. Line a buttered mould with a well-buttered paper. whip the brandy and spice into the sugar and butter. mixture. and mixed. add to the this is thoroughly with the rest of the flour and a little salt. and cook in a moderate oven for one hour stir all and a half. one pound of eggs. Then stir in the yolks and beat hard for two min- utes. peel off the paper. Plum Cake Six eggs. a scant pound of butter. FILLINGS. a quar- ounce of ground allspice. twelve ounces of flour.CAKES. flat pans. When and mix again. The heavy work is done before these go in. stir in the egg yolks. the finely chopped rind lemon. Bake in small greased tins. Cool. Stir the butter to a cream the in a warm earthen bowl. Pound Cake One pound of sifted flour. make a soft dough. sliced citron. whip- ping with long side strokes lightly and quickly. half a ter of an pound of butter. or in square. minutes and then add half of the flour.

of granulated sugar. Have it about one-eighth of an inch thick. This paste must be very stiff. half a One pound three-quarters of a . a piece of butter the size of a walnut. Sprinkle you by pushing it with a few drops of water and knead it into a ball. Finish working the paste the ingredients between the hands. make a hollow in the centre. add flavoring. In another bowl put one pound of granulated sugar and half a pound of butter. and shred them very fine. When all is light and foamy. Spread these shreds on a sieve to dry for a short time. and add the yolks Work the whole well together. Bake in a moderate oven until a deep yellow. and then put them into a saucepan with half a pint of boiling cream. and half a small glass of brandy. and then cut them with a tin cutter in small fancy shapes. Sift mix your flour twice.356 MBS. Cover the pan with a lid and boil the contents very slowly until the shredded paste has absorbed the liquids. Add the sugar and work well for five minutes. pound of flour. add the well-beaten whites and mix well. stir it into the mixture. and stir in two drops of rose water. one teaspoonful of bitter almond or lemon flavor. well. cover with the other layer. cut into bands. three ounces of granulated sugar. SEELY'S COOK Princess Cakes First BOOK make a paste as follows : Place half a pound of flour on a board. the whites of ten eggs. With a wire whisk beat to a cream. Stir the together and then put the preparation in two buttered tins. at first rubbing of four eggs. Put the butter in a bowl and work it with a wire whisk until creamy. Silver and Gold Cake together pound of butter. fire Remove from whole well the and add the yolks of three eggs. Spread one layer with jam or any desired filling. from with the palms of the hands. Roll it out very thin. and put in it half a teaspoonful of salt with a little water to melt it.

three cups of granulated sugar. All the spices must be ground. and to them add the juice of two lemons and the grated rind of one orange. then. a spoonful at a time. measure. one teaspoon of soda dissolved almonds chopped fine. and so on. These leaves can be made by taking white rose leaves. eggs.CAKES. half a teaspoon of allspice. Grate the rind of one orange into the mixture and add two cups of floiir. AND ICINGS 357 Beat the yolks of ten eggs very light. Beat the yolks of the eggs thorwashing the beater. Stir in the . covering the surface of each with orange icing. after . half a teaspoon of cloves. Ice with a little orange paste to some of the and ornament the border of the cake with it. and sugar. on top. or until thoroughly baked. Spice Cake Cream one cup add one cup of butter with three cups of brown sugar. Sift. three-quarters of a pound of flour with one scant teaspoonf ul of dry baking soda. first the white and then the yellow. put a piece of heavy white paper over it. INIix thoroughly and then pour into a buttered cake pan and bake in a moderate oven for one hour and a half. one teaspoon of cinnamon. six eggs. in boiling water. dredge it with flour. and beat until very stiff. Put orange leaves in the centre. one teaspoon of nutmeg. beat the whites about add cream of tartar. of milk. Beat Sift twice all thoroughly and stir with the butter and sugar. light. Add tions in birthday cake. add to the mixture. Bake in If your cake gets too brown a moderate oven forty minutes. three cups of one teaspoon of cream of tartar. put your mixtures in. FILLINGS. one-quarter of a of pound Sponge Cake Ten flour. according to the direcicing. and set aside the flour oughly half. till your cake pan is full. and beat all till very Butter a square or a round tin. clear white icing. and laying them in the crystallized sugar.

one cup of sugar. mix with the above. then add the flour. of the six eggs to a meringue. stir in stir in spoonful of water. Add the lemon to the yolks and sugar.358 MBS. seely's cook book sugar lightly. six eggs. Sponge Cake One pound of powdered sugar. Beat the yolks and sugar to a stiff froth in which the Beat the whites of the eggs very juice of the lemon is mixed. then the whites. the whites and yolks beaten separately. the grated rind of sifted flour. one teaspoon of lemon juice. . Mix flour the sugar and egg yolks. half a cup of boiling water. and lastly Pour into buttered pan and bake in quick oven. Sponge Cake Beat the yolks of six eggs. and lastly the Mix quickly and bake half an hour in a moderate oven. flour. three- quarters of a pound of powdered sugar. See that the whites are well beaten. then the beaten yolks thoroughly. half a pound of flour. Beat the sugar and the yolks of the eggs to a froth and the whites to a stiff froth. Bake in moderate oven for forty minutes. and half a lemon. the grated rind of half a lemon. and the juice of half a lemon. then add the boiling water. Pour into a buttered pan and bake forty minutes in a moderate oven. Put into a tube pan and into a moderate oven at once. six ounces of flour. then the lemon add the and the whites alternately to the sugar and yolks. add them to the mixture. stiff. and the juice of one lemon. Sponge Cake Ten eggs. ten one lemon. juice . Hot Water Sponge Cake Two teacups of sugar. and then gradually add the eggs. one Beat the whites one cup of sifted flour.

teaspoon of cream of tartar. and beat till Stir in the sugar lightly. and set aside the flour and sugar as for angel cake. then the beaten yolks very stiff. beat the whites about half. two cups of sugar. between the layers and on top of the cake use thin icing (not the boiled icing) with fresh cocoanut on the icing. a little salt. two-thirds of a The whites of seven small eggs and the yolks White Cake One cup cups of of milk. of granulated sugar. FILLINGS. add the cream of tartar. Bake thirty-five to fifty minutes. three flour. AND ICINGS 359 Sunshine Cake of five. and a pinch of salt. one cup of butter. Beat the yolks of the eggs thoroughly. then add the flour. Put in a tube pan and in the oven at once. the whites of eight eggs. two teaspoons of baking powder. bitter almond flavoring. thoroughly. . one cup cup of flour. then after washing the beater. measure.CAKES. one-third of a Sift. When this receipt is used for layer cake.

one tablespoon of sugar. Mix well with the Make a hole in the centre and add the milk. not chilled.CHAPTER XIV BREADS. Put it back into the pan and let it rise over night. When your bread is thoroughly mixed. so that you can work it well. Put it into pans and let it rise well. A good baker can always tell when bread is well baked First of all sift — — . the sweeter and more wholesome it is. and surface. and feels like velvet in your hands. does not stick to the hands or board. adding flour so that you can handle Take it out. Always measure your milk. and one tablespoon of salt. The longer the bread bakes. and be sure you do not leave it it stand for an hour before you begin to damp place. if your yeast is good. and in water and let it stand in a warm place about fifteen minutes. lay it on a board. one-half tablespoon of lard. Boil your milk and let it stand until you are ready to use it. it will come to the At this point add a tablespoon of flour. and work well until it it easily. AND PIES Bread your flour. or three if the yeast is good and fresh. To one yeast-cake you can safely add two quarts. Mix all well the yeast which you have in the cup to the milk. PASTES. Have your flour sifted in a pan let it get cool. In the morning form it into loaves. not too much. next add flour. To the flour add one tablespoon of butter. Let in a make your bread. there will appear little bubbles in the dough. mix well. together in the bread-pan. Bake in a moderate oven one hour and a half. without using any flour or kneading it. Put one yeast-cake into one cup of tepid not too hot.






by the sweet odor which comes from the bread on opening the oven door or if, by taking it in your hand and putting it to your ear, you do not detect any hissing, then your bread is thoroughly baked. The secret of making good bread is, first, have fresh yeast second, have your milk of an even temperathird, kneading it well ture, neither too hot nor too cold not forcing it to rise and fourth, keeping it in a warm place, fifth, having your oven moderate, so that it bakes slowly and
; ;




way through.
French Rolls


pint of milk, one yeast-cake, whites of two eggs, one

tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of Put your salt, two pounds of flour, or about that quantity.
yeast-cake in one cup of tepid water and let

stand one hour.
to the top,
it is



a good


to test yeast



it rises

At this j)oint add one heaping tablespoon of flour and good. Scald the milk and let it get let it stand until it is required. Sift the flour into a bowl, pour the milk cold, but not chilled. It is a good in the centre, then add salt, sugar, and butter. Next plan to add the butter to the milk when it is nearly cold. add the whites of the eggs, which must be whipped very light. Mix well without adding any extra flour, and lastly add the Mix all together with a wire whisk until it is so that yeast. you can work it with your hands. Then take it out of the bowl and work well on a board until it will not stick to the hands or board. Put back into the pan and let it rise. When light, take out small pieces, roll with the hands on the board, and put them in pans close together, so they will keep their shape, and let them rise until they are very light brush them with egg and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. Before you take them out, brush off with melted butter, and give them a few

minutes more in the oven.

S^ryQ hot.




be tied



may be
served in

with ribbon before going to the table, or they
log-cabin style.

Parker House Rolls
a half of flour, one tablespoon of lard, three milk cooled, one-half cup of granulated sugar, and three-quarters of a cake of yeast dissolved in quarter of a Make a hole in the centre of the flour and put cup of water. Mix as if making sponge and let it in the other ingredients. In the morning rise over night, keeping it moderately warm. knead thoroughly and leave it to rise till noon, then cut with Spread one-half of each biscuit with butter, a biscuit cutter. and fold over. Place in a pan and leave to rise until nearly time to serve. Bake in hot oven for twenty minutes.
gills of boiled

One quart and


tablespoon of lard.

Half a yeast-cake, one pint of milk, one quart of flour, one Mix thoroughly and set in a moderately warm place until very light. Then knead the dough a little, make it into rolls, and place in pans. When they have risen, bake in quick oven.

Potato Yeast

One quart

of potatoes sliced,

two quarts and

a half of


water, a small bag of hops tied in a cloth.

Boil slowly until the

potatoes are soft.

Place in a colander three heaping iron table-

spoons of flour and over

it pour the potatoes and water boiling through the colander, strain, and mash again through the colander to avoid lumps. Pour this into a pan or crock and add to it one cup of white sugar, one iron tablespoon of salt, and one teaspoon of ginger. Let this cool until just tepid and add one cake of Fleischman's yeast dissolved. Set to rise in a warm place. When very light, bottle.




Facing page








Oneida Rye and Indian Bread


a sponge over night with a yeast-cake soaked in a cup
of water

and a half
it stir

and mixed with wheat


Next mornthis is cool,

ing scald a quart of water and a pint of molasses together and
four and a half pints of corn meal.


sponge and also add a heaped pint of rye meal, one pint of bread crumbs well soaked and mashed, and an even Mix all thoroughly and set to rise. When teaspoon of soda.



to the

the dough
rise a little

is light,





in a

in two loaves and put in tins to moderate oven for three hours.

Boston Brown Bread

One cup of white flour, one cup of yellow Indian meal, one cup of Graham flour, two cups of milk, one and one-third cups
of molasses, one ^^^,

one teaspoon of soda, and a pinch of



the white,


Graham flour, and Indian meal, and sift into a bowl. Then stir in the other ingredients, adding the soda Pour into a steamer and boil for three hours. Be sure

the lid of the steamer

tied tightly so no water can get to the

Raised Muffins


one-half pint of water with one-half pint of milk.


solve one-half cake of compressed yeast, stir with the milk and

water, and add a little salt, one teaspoon of granulated sugar,

enough to make a stiff batter. Mix at night. The next morning arrange muffin rings on a griddle which is parFill each ring half full with the batter and tially warmed.
let it rise till

griddle over a good
light brown.

even with the top of the ring. Now place the fire and bake the muffins until they are a Turn with pancake turner.

Beat three eggs, add three cups of
flour, three

cups of sweet

milk, one tablespoon of melted butter, and a

little salt.




in a hot

well together and pour into buttered moulds.


English Muffins


pint of flour, half a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon

and two eggs.

one teaspoon of baking powder, half a pint of milk, Sift the flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder


the yolks of the eggs with the milk and gradu-

ally stir into the flour.

Last of


add the whites beaten


Bake on a griddle

in muffin rings.

French Popovers

of salt.

cups of milk, one cup of


four eggs, and a pinch
of milk,

Put the

flour into a bowl,

add one cup


then the eggs, one after the other.


not beat the eggs.

all the eggs are worked in, add the other cup of milk. with a wire whisk. Little mixing is required. Put popover pans on top of the range, having rubbed a small piece of Fill the pans three-quarters full and bake butter in each one. in a moderate oven thirty minutes.


Simple Popovers
Sift two cups of flour with half a teaspoon of gradually two cups of milk and mix very smooth.


Then add

after mixing thoroughly, a teaspoon of melted butter. Beat all well together and with the batter fill half full stoneware popover cups which have been well buttered with cold butter. Have a good hot oven and set the cups in it. There will come out a rich brown puff which may be eaten with cream and sugar, with a golden syrup, or with

two eggs unbeaten and,

butter and berries.

Maryland Biscuit


a teaspoon of salt

and two tablespoons

of lard into


quarts of flour and


in a couple of cups of cold water








Facing page






you have a
over until







until thoroughly

then beat with your rolling pin.


mixed and dough over and
for form-

and puffs


It is

now ready

ing into biscuits, which you do by pulling off a small piece,

forming in any shape you choose, pricking with a fork, and baking in a quick oven fifteen or twenty minutes.
Virginia "Wafers

One quart of flour, a piece of butter the size of an egg, the yolks of two eggs, and milk enough so that you can roll the
dough very

or more, until

it blisters,

out the biscuit,

Beat the dough with a rolling pin half an hour and then roll it as thin as paper. Cut prick them with a fork, and bake two or three
Philadelphia Muffins

Boil and

mash four

potatoes, rub


into a quart of flour,

add one tablespoon
of yeast, four eggs,

of butter, a little salt, half a small teacup

and half a teaspoon

of fine sugar.



night and drop the dough from a spoon into muffin rings or

pans aL

3t to rise till


half an hour.

Take two pounds
of flour,


two eggs, two ounces

of butter,

one pint of milk, and a

little salt.

Raise over night with yeast,

and mould in the morning for breakfast.

of salt,


Three cups of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a teaspoon yolks and whites beaten two cups of milk, four eggs, Sift the flour one teaspoon of baking powder. separately, Stir the into a bowl and add the salt and baking powder. beaten yolks with the milk thoroughly and then add the flour.



Melt the butter and add to the mixture and whip thoroughly. stir in the well-beaten whites and whip together \yith a Dover egg-beater. Bake in gem pans from fifteen to twenty


Dutch Puffet

Mix one quart of milk, three eggs, one cup of sugar, one cup of butter, half a cup of yeast, and flour enough to make a spoon stand in it. Let the mixture rise several hours. Bake in long tins three-quarters of an hour.

Dissolve four ounces of butter in one pint of


in the

add two pounds
night and knead

of flour, eight ounces of sugar


and a teacup of yeast. Set the sponge at Let it into a light dough in the morning. Roll the dough half an inch thick, cut out the rusks, rise well. and let them rise again. Beat an egg and brush over the top with a feather and bake in a hot oven.
flour, a little salt,

Velvet Cakes

Mix two teaspoons of cream of tartar in one quart of flour and one teaspoon of soda in one pint of milk. Add one cup of sugar and one-third of a cup of butter. Mix thoroughly and bake in hot earthen cups half an hour.
Corn Bread

One cup of Indian meal, one cup of flour, one cup of milk, one teaspoon of baking powder, two eggs, one tablespoon of Sift the meal and flour into butter, one tablespoon of sugar. baking powder. Beat the sugar, and add the salt, bowl, then a yolks of the eggs, add them to the milk, and mix them with the

and beat pans.BREADS. then the well-beaten Butter your pans. one teaspoon of salt. cut into squares. making the batter quite Set a tin baking pan on the stove. melt in it . Stir in the whites of eggs. half a pint of a cup of granulated sugar. all thoroughly. butter the size of a walbaking nut. and when till nearly baked. oven not too hot. Add one tablespoon and four eggs well beaten. one heaping teaspoon of salt. one cup of sour milk. butter the size of an egg. one teaspoon of salt. the yolks of two eggs. Stir thin. together with the buttermilk. heat hot. half two eggs. etc. Nantucket Corn Bread Scald one pint of meal in one quart of sweet milk. Corn Bread Take one cup of flour. AND PIES 367 melted butter. and the white of one. two tablespoons of melted butter. of sugar. flour. flour. two teaspoons of powder sifted with the flour. a nice brown. Cut in squares before removing it from the pan. and add one egg not beaten. Mix well and bake in a buttered pan in a hot oven. half a teaspoon of soda. Bake in a buttered pan in a hot oven. When about to serve. and bake from The batter can be put in shallow fifteen to twenty minutes. Put back into the oven squares. and Mix with enough milk to make the batter quite a little salt. PASTES. Mix well and bake in an Louis Corn Bread Mix one pint of corn meal. fill them two-thirds full. half a cup of meal. thin. one heaping teaspoon of sugar. break into Corn Bread Half a pint of yellow Indian meal. St. dust off with flour. one-third of a cup of molasses.

Place the saucepan tin for lightness. and with a fork lightly is stir in Bake in a steady oven. not too hot. as manage. larcl. Waffles Three eggs. Waffles pound of butter. one even teaspoon of soda. and a little salt. Serve Batter Cakes Two pints of flour. hot. brown. Add one tablespoon of flour and one egg. stand the tin on an inverted or six minutes longer. drop in the melted butter and beat the mixture hard and smooth. then add another tablespoon of flour and one egg. as the whites of the eggs will thin it still more. and with a handle. one teaspoon of melted butter. two teaspoons of baking powder sifted in the mixture. finishing it by leaving the batter rather flour in a — easier to thick. half a cup of butter. Then add the soda. way. When the bread five pie plate and bake bread will brown. Continue this Cream one-half till eight of each have been stirred in. Mix thoroughly. then stir in the buttermilk. one pint of milk. a little salt. without beating. Mix well and bake on a well-greased waffle iron. dissolved in cold water. Separate the whites and the yolks of the eggs and add the yolks. or the crack. See that the iron is hot before pour- ing in the batter. three eggs. Drop the dough and bake Sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Add more buttermilk. When half mixed. seelt's cook book Pour the mixture the butter and one tablespoon of butter and one of into the hot fat lard.368 MRS. Always beat the same Have the waffle iron to a light hot and well greased. mixing slowly. stirring one way. to the flour. Flavor with a little orange juice. and lastly the beaten . flour enough to make a thin batter.

Add enough well. it and enough buckand set the will rise. Wheat Mix one Sift Flour Griddle Cakes pint of milk with three eggs. add a tablespoon of molasses make the cakes brown. Add four tablespoons of melted butter. requires all night to lighten. one and a half cups of flour with one and a half teaspoons Add to the above and bake on a hot of baking powder. salt. AND PIES 369 Take out the spoon and stir in by lightly beating the whites in the batter with a fork. lay the spoon on a plate. that is. When baking.BBEABS. a pinch of flour to salt. stir it in well. wheat make a stiff batter. do not lay it again in the batter. Bake on a griddle greased with beef suet. Mix at night. add water to thin it. PASTES. dissolved. Be sure the batter is not too thick when you are ready to bake. If it is. the yolks and whites beaten separately. place. Buckwheat Cakes Dissolve half of a compressed yeast-cake in a cup of water. hard. batter in a moderately warm place where In the morning to stir the batter briskly. as it will make is the cakes heavy. being heavy. half home-made yeast. one handful of Graham flour. and one tablespoon of molasses and stir well. Buckwheat. whites. Louis Buckwheat Cakes One a cup of pint of buckwheat. 2b . dissolve one-quarter of a teaspoon of soda in a little warm water and St. For the griddle use beef suet which has been tried out and Waffles are made by this same receipt. tepid water to make a moderately thick batter and beat Set this to rise early in the evening in a warm In the morning add a pinch of soda. mix it with one pint of water. griddle. Should the batter be a little sour.

and a pinch of salt. or merely On a floured salt and enough hot milk to make a stiff paste. pour enough boiling water to wet it. and bake on with a spoon Drop well. or again with butter and maple syrup. piece of fat bacon over a hot griddle. If the corn meal swells a great deal and absorbs the receipt. and beat oughly again added to this An Qgg or two is sometimes a hot griddle. add more milk. Bake in a quick oven or on a hot griddle upon which fat has been rubbed. but not enough to make The water should be boiling. or lard. and gently flat the cake till it is not more than Cook to a golden brown on both sides. Kub a Stir well one way. Serve hot. A half an inch thick. and two teaspoons of sugar. Hoe Cakes Mix teaspoon of together a pint of freshly ground yellow corn meal. milk so that the batter is too thick. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Corn Meal Batter Cakes Mix thoroughly two teaspoons of a pint of meal. sugar and cream. small piece of butter may be laid upon the cake as it is turned.370 MES. proceed as in making cream mix fine fresh barley meal with a teaspoon of scones. baking powder. Barley Meal Scones In making barley meal scones. and buttered if you choose. a Over the mixture salt. dripping. swell and absorb it if it is hot. and the meal will it spread. . Pour over this gradually and stir in a quart of fresh milk heated and Mix thora heaping iron spoon of butter. drop the batter on it from a spoon. board roll out this paste and cut it in cakes. or the butter may be omitted and the cakes sent to the table Such cakes are often eaten with scraped maple for dressing. half that quantity of flour.

Spread in spoonfuls on well-greased hot griddle and brown on both sides. dough by stirring together oatmeal. Rye Drop Cakes Beat separately the yolks and whites of five eggs.BREADS. cut in small cakes. sift in flour to the boiling-point in a saucepan a pint of teaspoon of salt. hot Take the batter on a well-floured board. are tender. ter : scald one cup of rice and drain. it. and cook on a hot griddle ten or fifteen minutes. cut out in round and cook them till brown and crisp on a griddle. PASTES. When they have browned on one side. Stir them together and then stir in one pint and a half of rye flour. Oatmeal Wafers Make a batter or little water. . they should be turned lightly and browned on the other. or until the grains Drain in a colander. roll it to a quarter of an inch. Prepare the following bat- one teaspoon of baking powder with one cup of flour and add a pinch of salt. and a salt. a folded napkin. one pint and four spoonfuls of milk. the thickness of enough to make a thick batter and add a Put the paste upon a floured board. turn them lightly and brown on the other. roll it as thin as possible. AND PIES 371 Cream Scones Having brought cream. Rice Griddle Cakes Wash and boiling water. Put in hot earthen cups and bake. and just before baking stir in the rice. When brown on Serve on one side. and a piece of soda as large as a pea. knead cakes. With this mix one pint of milk with three well-beaten eggs and add three tablespoons of melted Sift butter. a pinch of salt. and cover with Cook about half an hour.

of hot milk over two ounces of butter. one pint of cold milk. seelt's cook Flannel Cakes book Pour one pint batter. then from the left. Weigh the flour and sift it into a bowl and add salt. Butter a griddle and drop on in small cakes. Fold it up. and with your hands draw it out a little longer and wider than your butter. one salt. it is well chilled. then next to you. folding as before. taking care that the butter does not come out. half a of butter. The best way to work it is to slap it well on the board and to pound it with the rolling pin. one teaspoon of salt. Cut the it patties the same Take one piece of paste and brush ice water.372 MRS. put it on the ice again for twenty minutes. then take the second piece and with a small . put it in cheese cloth. cup of ice water. Lay the butter in the centre of the paste and fold up. Put your pastry on a board and work well for ten minutes. giving it three folds. Mix well and then add water gradually. — Put with it away in the ice-box until size. or until it is tough and will not break when pulled. This makes the fourth rolling. and lay flat on the ice. roll out twice more. add five eggs. By the time your paste is well pounded little puffs will appear this is a very good way to test it. Roll out twice more and fold up as directed. using up all your flour. Set the batter in a warm place and let it rise for three hours. Dust your board lightly with flour and turn the folded side of the paste on the board. flour enough to make a stiff and two tablespoons of yeast. until strip it is of a creamy substance. then from you. Puff Paste One pound flour. one pound of teaspoon of Wash the butter in ice water Pat it out in a long narrow with the hand. Mix well. first from the right. then put it on a board. and put it on the ice for twenty minutes. Roll it out. Put your paste in the ice-box for twenty minutes.

) ^-i^^AS^' Facing page iS72. 'ATE SHELLS. (See p. .TIN MOULD FOR MAKING PASTE. OR HOMINY. 375. RICE.


add a in a dish lined with puff tablespoon of sifted bread crumbs and half a pound of grated Mix thoroughly and bake Cream Cannelons Roll out puff paste very thin. fold the paste over. and a dash of cayenne. cut three inches. Cheese Straws two ounces of grated American and one egg. cutter cut a hole in the centre . well rolled out.PASTES. salt and white pepper to taste. Dash upon the cheese roll a slight dust of cayenne. Work the ingredients with your hand. out thin. piece. give them one hour in the ice-box before you place them in a hot oven. in a quick oven. cut in straws four inches long. say two by them round floured round sticks. stir half an ounce of melted butter When these are well mixed. light After you have cut the biscuit in the shape you choose. and bake on tin sheets of butter. they become a smooth dough. making the paste meet and forming a continuous paste the edges of . and roll it in strips. Cheese Biscuit Over puff paste. Bake about twenty-five or thirty minutes. brush them with a paste brush dipped in beaten egg and bake a brown in a quick oven upon a floured baking sheet. cheese. Roll the dough out thin. four ounces of flour. Care and judgment must be used while they are baking. grate as much and well-flavored cheese as will thickly cover the paste. paste. Cheese Pudding With two beaten eggs and half a gill of cream. Use two ounces cheese. AND PIES 373 place it on top of the first and brush the top and side with the yolk of a wellbeaten egg. After your patties are in the baking pan.

and after the baking and the canThe centres may then be nelons are cool. and heated again to form a glaze. log cabin style. cut in strips four inches long and one and a half inches wide. roll. remove the sticks. Brush the top with beaten egg. Pastry Roulade it Roll puff paste very thin. Take the other square. seely's cook book you may wrap it so that it will have the Bake. or cream and preserves mixed together. Metropolitan Cake Roll puff paste about a quarter of an inch thick and cut out two pieces each about eight inches square. and which you buy for the purpose. apple sauce. with Parmesan Cut with . When baked. Roll on sticks which are about as large in circumference as a five-cent piece. if you like. Press the edges of pastry together. Repeat this three times. Log Cabin Dessert Cut strips of pastry three inches long and one inch wide. sprinkle cheese.37-1 MES. and place it on the marmalade. To heighten their appearance. brush the under part with cold water. spread each strip with jam and place them on a Fill the centre space dish. Preserves and jellies are also used filled with whipped cream. with whipped cream. the cannelons may be brushed with the white of an egg. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. or. dusted with sugar. then fold it it over. Pastry Ramekins Roll some puff paste rather thin. Bake on baking sheet in moderate oven for fifteen minutes. twist of a corkscrew. . Take one square and spread the centre with marmalade of apricots or peaches. Place on a tin sheet and bake in a quick oven. as a filling. Fill with whipped cream.

put the paste on it. When done. and put between Cover the whole completely with whipped cream. and butter. so that it will become Lard may be omitted and all butter used if so. two eggs. Put one cup of the flour into a bowl with the salt. Surprise Pastry Roll puff paste out thin and bake in two round jelly tins. Use as little flour as possible on the mouldthree or four times. you should have a stiff paste. dip them in clarified sugar flavored with to rise. one two of sugar. brush these pieces with the yolk of an egg. a Jewish Receipt Take one pound of French roll dough. bananas. . with a floured rolling pin until it is about one-quarter of an Fold the paste over and roll it out again. and bake in a quick oven. Macro tes. . essence of lemon. lard. chilled. one tablespoon of salt. Pie Pastry- cup of lard. Slice peaches.BREADS. PASTES. of fresh Roll it in the cut off thin round slices. serve them at once. it inch thick. any kind of fruit. Sprinkle some of the flour from the half cup on a board. but butter gives it the good flavor. nearly cold. one of butter. six ounces butter. ing board. Chop until all are thoroughly blended and then pour in the water gradually. and as much flour as will be necessary these together. Do this Then put it on ice. and one cup and a half of cold water. knead form of a long French roll and Set them at a short distance from to the fire When and when light fry in the best Florence oil. you will need two cups and a half instead of one cup of butter. sugar. AND PIES 375 a paste cutter any shape desired. or the layers. and roll at Have hand two quarts of sifted flour. Lard makes the paste richer and more tender. When it is well mixed.

or two handfuls for an upper and an under crust. . sweeten to taste. add a goodSlice the apples and little sized piece of butter. and if desired. add water. and bake. When the lard is very firm.376 MBS. for Pies in a pie or a crust. Wet with the ice water just soft enough to roll easily. salt. Lemon and stir it into Pie little cold water Beat well the yolks Dissolve two tablespoons of corn. flour before putting To prepare Fruit Always stew the fruit before placing it Sugar and flavor and sprinkle over it a little on the upper crust. Mix quickly with a spoon and handle as little as possible. and when cold sift over the pie powdered sugar. and fold and roll the crust twice. Set on the sugar and stew until they are half done. that the heat of the hand may not affect it. without turning. take one heaping tablespoon of lard to each handful of flour. Apple Pie stove with a very rinse them in cold water. with a sharp knife remove the upper crust. Pastry is best baked as quickly as possible. Bake in a wellheated oven. nutmeg. Add the beaten whites of four eggs and a pinch of Flavor with nutmeg and bake without an upper crust. seely's cook Pie Pastry book Mix one very full hand of flour. Cream Pour one pint of Pie cream over one cup of sugar. When done. Some time before making the pastry. Use a good deal of flour in rolling and a heavy rolling pin.starch in a one pint of boiling water. Place in the crust. and a little salt. place lard in a bowl with a good piece of ice and water. Return the crust.

stirring constantly. yolks and whites beaten separately. one tablespoon of flour dissolved. Orange Pie Take two the seeds. two teacups of water. and the yolks of three eggs. Bake with an under crust. and into the corn-starch. . pour it cools a little. and set this mixture in a pot of hot water over the fire to thicken. of three eggs with half a AND PIES 377 cup of granulated sugar. and the Bake without an upper crust. one cup of sugar (or half a cup of molasses and half a cup of sugar). flavor with lemon. Make a meringue of the whites of the eggs Add and a little sugar. it over the chopped lemon. Bake in a deep pan with both upper and under crust. four eggs.BREADS. Spread the meringue over the pie and place in a quick oven long enough to become a delicate brown. take out the pulp and chop it with a chopping knife. three tablespoons of cream. Make a rich pastry for it. carefully taking out one cup of sugar. Lemon Pie Grate the rind and squeeze the juice of two large lemons. and bake in a moderate oven. four tablespoons of flour. PASTES. Then mix one cup of water. When well thickened. last thing the whites of the eggs. add the stir fill grated rind of one lemon and the juice of two lemons. Lemon Pie First grate the rind of a fine large lemon. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth with half a cup of sugar. After add one beaten egg. with the lemon mixture. add three cups of sugar. Line a pie dish with pastry. fine oranges and grate the rind and all except the all leathery dividing skin of the centre.

half a cup of melted butter. one bowl and a half of chopped apples. the whites well beaten. three pounds of good baking apples. six eggs. one bowl of stoned raisins. a quarter of a pound of butter. mixture. one and a half bowls of currants. Mix all these well with Boil a beef's tongue two hours. SEELT'S COOK BOOK Potato Pie Take one pound of Irish potatoes rubbed through a colander. ground cloves. the lemon. picked over. then skin small as possible. three well-beaten eggs. Bake in a hot oven. four pounds of currents which have been washed. Mince Pie One bowl of cooked beef. Let the hot potatoes fall from the colander on the butter and mix well. half a bowl of citron that has been cut thin and in small pieces. one teaspoon of ground cinnamon. and lastly the whites of the eggs This stirred in lightly. Pumpkin Pie Mix one quart of milk with two teacups of strained boiled pumpkin. two bowls of granulated sugar. Mix well and bake in pie paste. chopped fine.378 3IRS. one bowl of Port wine. receipt makes two pies. cleaned and stoned. and one pound of raisins. Chop very fine three . one cup of granulated sugar. one bowl of brandy. Add the yolks of the eggs and the sugar well beaten together. one pound of sugar. two bowls of sweet cider. and dried. and the grated rind and peel of one lemon. of Mince Pie it and chop it as pounds of fresh beef suet. and nutmeg to taste. one bowl and a half chopped suet. and Line pie dishes with pie pastry and fill with the salt to taste. Pour into a paste-lined dish and bake. cinnamon. one teaspoon of ginger.

AND PIES 379 one pound of powdered sugar. half an ounce of mace. The mince meat should be kept in an earthen jar when awaiting use. Do not add the citron or orange until you bake. and a quarter of an ounce each of add one pint of French brandy. Make cloves and cinnamon a rich puff paste. . and upon the meat spread bits of candied citron and orange peel and then cover with an upper crust and bake. half an ounce of grated nutmeg.BREADS. PASTES. . lay the mince meat on the under crust.

AND PICKLES Salted Almonds Shell the necessary quantity of almonds and pour boiling water over them. 380 . it is done. Put half a pound of cool — not cold. Candied Rose Leaves of granulated sugar. when tested. Syrup to Fasten Rose Leaves to Cake Boil one cup of granulated sugar and four tablespoons of water until. three drops of lemon. Remove from Stir and rub against the side of the saucepan until the fire. water in a saucepan. The constant stirring and rubbing make the rose leaf in this. While baking. Then remove the skins. Bake in moderate oven until they are a delicate brown. For each cup of almonds add one tablespoon of olive oil. When it will snap apart and stick to your fingers. and spread on a well-oiled board to dry. PRESERVES. a tablelet them soak for an hour. spoon to each cup.CHAPTER XV CANDIES. Mix them well and Sprinkle them with salt. occasionally shake the pan. roll liquid white and granular. Dip the ends of the leaves in this and with a brush moisten the cake where the leaf is to be applied. the syrup sticks to your fingers and forms a thread. Dip each round. Let the liquid boil to a and half a cup crack. Test by dropping a little in cold water.

> ^ Facinrj pofje 3S0. PASTRY CUTTERS. 376..) . (See p.


PBESEBVES. Cut in long strips. press together. and lay away to stiffen. then across in inch squares. Set the dish in another of cold water hard enough to make into balls. which to a boil. and dip in the balls. — and one tablespoon Let — sold by any grocer. When the liquid begins to melt. or all of chocolate in a saucepan with one pint made after receipt of vanilla. The outsides may be varied in looks to suit the taste. Chocolate Cream Caramels Put twelve ounces of chocolate syrup on page 395. Almond Creams Blanch the almonds and cover them with candy dough. Fold each one in oil paper as you cut it. and when it becomes a large ball Pour into slightly oiled — . come it begins to boil. equal quantity of water. first Melt the chocolate. AND PICKLES 381 Candy Dough In one glass put the white of an egg^ in another one put an Mix them slowly with half a pound of icing sugar and stir until it is dough-like. This caramel will take a long time to cool. Cream Dates From dough fresh dates take out the stones. pans or on a marble slab. Lay a roll of candy in its place. add one pint of rich cream and one pound and a half of granulated sugar. and stir till the cream is flavoring with vanilla.CANDIES. stir it constantly until will be in about ten minutes. Chocolate Creams Boil together for five minutes half a cup of cream and two cups of granulated sugar.

half a pound of pulverand the whites of four eggs beaten to a stiff froth. French Nougat Pour boiling water over half a pound stand for five minutes. the skins. Beat well together and drop on buttered plates in drops the size of a five-cent piece. You must have enough of the white of egg to wet the sugar and ized sugar. seely's cook book Cream Candies Melt four cups of sugar and two cups of water. and wash them. press on either side of a candy dough marble.382 MES. . Cocoanut Drops Take one pound of grated cocoanut. and bake. Drop on buttered Walnut Creams Take perfect half meats of walnuts. and the whites of two eggs beaten paper and bake in a quick oven. Cocoanut Drops One cocoanut grated fine. Cut each one in eight long then put them in the oven to dry. Add three heaping tablespoons of arrowroot and a pinch of cream of Boil up and pour into buttered moulds. Let them Remove strips. cocoanut. of almonds. half a pound of pulverized sugar. Hickory Nut Kisses Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth. to a froth. add one pound and one cup of hickory nut meats chopped rather fine. Drop from teaspoons upon buttered paper and bake fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. tartar. and set away to harden. of granulated sugar.

teaspoons of vanilla and the fire. a little salt. it is fudge. To test it. Fudge Two cups of granulated sugar. you may add a teaspoon of vanilla and some walnut meats. Cut into pieces about four inches long cold. and seven tea- spoons of Baker's cocoa. Boil for twenty or thirty minutes. mark off into squares. receipt take a cup . AND PICKLES 383 In a copper or enamelled saucepan put five ounces of granulated sugar and stir carefully over the fire until colored brown. If it hardens when cold. When it is once off the Either with or without. just as you please. three minutes. fire. half a cup of milk. which should be slightly brown and very hot. then add your almonds. Boil twelve minutes. Add three stir for Remove from Pour. it is fudge. mark off in squares. As you take Maple Sugar Fudge Follow the above receipt except in case of sugar. In this and a half of maple sugar and half a cup of granulated sugar. a piece of butter a little larger than an egg. stir the mixture till it begins to stiffen.CANDIES. and set away to cool. and two inches wide. When partially cold. stir a little in a it saucer. caramel thickness. When they are ready for use. A College Take two cups Girl's Fudge and one cup of milk. and proceed as above directed. PRESERVES. from the fire. into buttered tins. the mixture. pour it in shallow buttered pans. Rub a little oil over a pan and pour in INIix all well together. say a cup to the above proportions. or not. of granulated sugar and after heating add two heaping tablespoons of chocolate and a piece of butter the size of an egg.

add tablespoons of water in a kettle. then strain both into a porcelain kettle containing a pound and a half of granulated sugar wet with the juice of two lemons. set Melt together two tablespoons of sugar. pour also enough boiling water to cover. . SEELY'S COOK Butter Scotch BOOK one of water. butter. gill of whole flaxseed half a pint of boiling In another dish. holding a cup of slippery elm. according to test. then the popped corn. St. and it then pour on pans on which buttered paper has been spread. and three cups of molasses together until the mixture hardens in water.384 MRS. Louis Molasses Candyof and two When the mixture boils. or half a cup of molasses. Pour in a buttered dish and away to cool. Put one tablespoon butter. one cup of sugar. Let these stand for two hours. two cups of sugar. Candied Popcorn Cook one cup stir in of butter. Sugared Popcorn Take one cup and a lump of of brown sugar. and two of butter. Let the mixture boil until it holds Then add three quarts of popped corn and together in water. Boil fifteen or twenty minutes. in buttered tins. Spread it as thin as possible. Care should be taken to use a kettle large enough stir well. Old-fashioned Cough Candy- Pour over a water. Press the strainer holding the seed and the elm in order to get Boil the mixture till it candies. three of molasses. Add nut meats just before pouring longer. to hold the corn. three tablespoons of water. their healing substances.

The moment the liquid has cooked ten minutes. The time during which an coming to the boiling-point cannot be counted by any rule. Then lay them on a dish rubbed with a little olive oil. Shake the saucepan back and forth on the range. Then rub through a fine sieve and add the Cook ten minutes longer. Cranberries should always be cooked in porcelain. PRESERVES. Do not add more or less of It the liquid or sugar. Cranberry Jelly One quart of cranberries. or until the sugar boil. and the syrup is a bright red. AND PICKLES 385 Glazed Fruits Put two pounds large bubbles. and carefully pick over Drain thoroughly. and half a pint of water. Remove the boiler from the fire and dip the fruits in the sugar. or the jelly will not mould.CANDIES. of cut sugar fire it and two gills of cold water in a sugar boiler over the Test it is and boil until the top is covered with by dropping a little into cold water. one pint of granulated sugar. sugar. all should boil article is the time it is cooking. Do not let them Be careful not to stir them. Put them in a . turn it into a mould and set it in a cool place for twelve hours or more. not the stems. and wash the currants. When it snaps. sionally to Cranberry Jelly a la Cereal Put one quart slow fire for of cranberries with three cups of sugar and is half a cup of hot water in a porcelain-lined saucepan over a ten minutes. When the sugar is dissolved. Wipe the sides of the boiler occa- remove the sugar that is apt to collect. Currant Jelly Remove 2c the leaves. Cook the cranberries in the water for twenty minutes. done. The berries must be whole. pour the jelly in moulds to jell. thoroughly melted.

Boil the juice eighteen minutes after it begins to boil. When this syrup boil till is thick. Pour into jelly glasses and set in a cool place. seelt's . it Dissolve the sugar in a little on the stove and let it come to a boil.cook book porcelain -lined preserving kettle and stew until they are reduced to a soft pulp. you can test them with a broom straw. Rub the pulp through a colander. The second or third day. while have boiling two pounds of sugar. core. Remove. and to one pint of juice quarter of granulated sugar. Measure it. and cover the glasses with paper or tin cover. and chop two pounds of ginger. Then strain twice through a flannel bag. and boil until tender in White Heath peaches. stir in chopped apples and the apples are Brandied Peaches Select ripe clean. and to each pint of sugar syrup add one pint of fresh brandy water. place . brandy. drain them and ascertain their weight. soak pieces of white paper in alcohol. of of fine acid apples. When they have cooled. cover them with pure spirits or white brandy. or whiskey. When the peaches are cooked. rub each one smooth and syrup made as follows A pound : and a half of granulated sugar thoroughly dissolved in one quart of hot water. or when it jells the sugar come to the top.386 3fRS. three and two ounces the two pounds thick and clear. on the shelf over the range is a become thoroughly warmed. skim it. Be sure to get all the juice. put them on the jelly. gills of Meanwater. Place them on a dish to cool. and gradually stir in the warm sugar. good place. If you desire them extra strong of spirits. Stir until the sugar will is — have one pound and a Put the sugar where it will thoroughly dissolved. Preserved Apples Peal. To one pound of fruit have half a pound of granulated sugar.

mixed. PRESERVES. and. crush one-half. jam is thick. Add the liquid to the other half of the berries. fill 387 Place the peaches in ghxss each one with the hot syrup. dividing them. one tablespoon of alland one tablespoon of cinnamon. set them over the fire. Crush them slightly and boil one minute in a quart of vinegar and a pint of sugar spice. Brandied Plums Prick the plums and proceed as for brandied peaches. Brandied Pears Peal the pears and follow the receipt for peaches. stone jars. The jars must have air-tight covers and be sealed while the contents are very hot. Put in glasses. and then put them through a sieve. taking out and finish them not too soft. Black Raspberry Jam Take one crate of berries. halve them. Are made the same as spiced pears. Cover them well with syrup and place them in small. boil in water until nearly tender. AND PICKLES jars. and fin. Spiced Pears Take one teaspoon of whole cloves. heat in a preserving kettle.CANDIES. . or spirits. cover with paraset and away for use. Select a fine variety of pear. Tie a cover the seeds. boil till the add a quarter of a pound of sugar to each box of berries. cooking over the jar. cooking the fruit less. them them in the syrup. except that they are not The syrup will cook them sufficiently. Spiced Peaches boiled in water.

388 MRS. drop in . Strawberry Preserves Weigh one pound essary. enough water to prevent the sugar sticking to the bottom. Add a bit For every of lemon peel and cook slowly for ten minutes. Put and then Add to the rhubarb with dissolve it in a little hot water. to — — a pound of sugar. seelt's cook book Red Raspberry Jam Take twelve boxes kettle of berries. the thinnest possible shaving of lemon peel. in a baking dish with one cup of sugar. ripe strawberries. When the syrup is thick and clear. add half weighed before it is cooked pound of the rhubarb pieces. as in above receipt. and Skim off the scum that boil until it becomes a thick syrup. Add gelatine enough to make a good. if it is nec- wash them before hulling. cool. with just dry them. and drain and thoroughly Place the sugar in a preserving kettle. cut in small cook in just enough water to cover it. and set aside to two tablespoons When quite tender. Rhubarb Wash and Put cut in small pieces one pound of fresh rhubarb. a cup of water. firm jelly when cold. the juice of seven fine lemons. comes to the top. harden on the ice. Serve with whipped cream. in a preserving and ten pounds of sugar. of granulated sugar to one pound of large. remove from the oven bits of removing the lemon peel. of gelatine to soak in cold water Rhubarb Rhubarb Jelly- jelly is made by putting the rhubarb. Cook thoroughly and put in glasses. and a bit of ginger. and. Cover and bake. Hull the berries. Pour into a mould and let it a tables^DOon of lemon juice.

While hot pour in bottles and Chili seal hermetically. six onions. and salt to taste. . but not to crowd them. sauce becomes thick. not break them Boil the syrup for half an hour and while hot strain over the berries. two cups of vinegar. Seal the jars and set them in a cool place. boil together two hours dozen large. nine tablespoons of sugar. tablespoons of twenty-four tablespoons of brown sugar. the sugar and salt.CANDIES. one dozen white onions. do and put them in air-tight jars. scald them for a moment. and cook in a porcelain kettle until the berries are clear and transparent. cloves. as in cooking all acids. Sauce Have at hand eighteen ripe tomatoes. should be porcelain. Chop all very fine. — — Wintergreen Berry Jam a la Polonaise After cleaning the berries. twelve teaspoons each of ginger. and cinnamon. Grate orange rind very fine and add as a flavoring to taste. The berries should be stirred while cooking to prevent burning. six small red peppers. Pepper Hash Take one good-sized cabbage chopped fine. ripe toma- one dozen green peppers. PBESERVES. AND PICKLES 389 enough berries to float on the top. remove the seeds and core from twelve green peppers and two red peppers. Chili Sauce six Chop and toes. The kettle used here. Remove them carefully Let them boil twenty minutes. then take half a pound of sugar to one pound of berries. twelve salt. add and boil in a porcelain kettle until the While hot pour in air-tight jars. Peel the tomatoes and onions and remove the seeds and core from the peppers.

two ounces of whole cloves. Press all the water from them through a colander or sieve. pour Make a brine strong it over the cucumbers. place in the middle a small quantity of whole spice (less of cloves) — tied — cinnamon. in a cloth. Place in a stone crock or glass all jars. Remove the cores and nearly the seeds from the peppers. Stuffed Cucumbers Pack medium-sized cucumbers in dry salt. Let them stand one hour. two ounces of white mustard seed. While this mixture is boiling hot. Without rinsing. changing the water each day. red (Chili) pepper. for the liquid would burn the hands. Drain. When the kettle is half full. strips of horseradish. After chopping the peppers. half an ounce of celery seed. . and a small quantity of sugar. Let them pers. between each layer add sliced onion. Sprinkle the chopped cabbage with salt. heat fresh vinegar. When boiling hot. and about two quarts of cider vinegar. one ounce of cinnamon sticks. and cloves Cover with cold vinegar. and four tablespoons of whole celery seed.390 MRS. Then with the hand squeeze out all the water. soak them three days in fresh water. seely's cook book chop them. place them in a kettle in layers. In two weeks take them from the brine. Mix all together and cover with vinegar. and stand for twentyfour hours. Cucumber Pickle enough to hold up an egg. half a pint of whole mustard seed. and add the following ingredients to it: One ounce of whole cloves. then cover with boiling vinegar. one ounce of whole allspice. pour over six hundred pickles and four green pepThe pickles must be covered with the brine. also two small teacups of grated horseradish. Drain and thoroughly dry each one. using a spoon. Let it stand for an hour. allspice. stand for twenty-four hours. two quarts of brown sugar. cover them with salt.

Oil Pickle Peel and slice rather thick one hundred large cucumbers. Mix one-half pound of Coleman's mustard the same as you would for table use. onions. once take them French Pickle Three quarts of sliced green tomatoes. You will need one quart of oil for the above quantity. AND PICKLES 391 Stand on the stove and let them slowly come to a boil.CANDIES. and treat in the same onions as you have cucumbers in a manner as the cucumbers. Spread a layer of cucumbers in the bottom of a stone jar.. and three quarts of peeled and sliced cucumbers. then moisten with olive oil. and at off and place in jars. then drain off the water and add half an ounce of celery seed. Spread another layer of cucumbers. cucumbers lengthwise. Serve after cutting and removing the binding. Put one-third as many white colander. Blend one tablespoon of tumeric with a little water and two tablespoons of ground mustard. cut a small piece out of Open the each half. them stand . wet with olive oil. Tie a cloth over the jar and set in a cool place for a month or six weeks. Put the two halves together and tie with narrow strips of cheese-cloth. Let them stand twenty-four hours. etc. a quarter of an ounce of cloves or mace. Add to the pickles and cover with one gallon of the best cider vinegar. one teacup of white mustard seed. fill the opening with strips of horseradish and black and white mustard seeds. Put the cucumbers back in the vinegar to keep until needed. and continue until the jar is two-thirds full. and half a cup of black pepper. Cover all -with cold vinegar. one quart of sliced white onions. PRESERVES. Place all in a stone jar and sprinkle with one cup of salt. then mustard. Let for three hours. Place them in a colander with salt between the layers. then a layer of onions.

Cover with vinegar. seely's cook book Green Tomato Pickle Half a peck of green tomatoes. Sprinkle each layer lightly with salt and in the morning drain off the water. half a dozen red peppers. a scant cup of grated horseradish. Slice the tomajar and sprinkle salt between each layer. Place in a stone jar alternate layers of the tomatoes and the mixture of the mustard and celery seed. Remove the seeds and cores from the peppers. the sliced onions. mix with the other ingredients in a porcelain-lined kettle. four large onions. half a pound of white and two ounces of celery seed. peppers. cinnamon. Drain again. Cut the tomatoes in thin slices and them in an earthen crock in layers. Keep in a cool place. a dozen onions. and a tea- cup of brown sugar. .392 MBS. two large green peppers. half a dozen green peppers. chop the onions. a stone Green Tomato Pickle Take a peck of green tomatoes. mustard toes in seed. and tomatoes in small pieces. and white pepper. and stew gently until tender. and the peppers from which the seeds and cores are removed. Place in an earthen crock place or in glass jars. an ounce each of ground allspice. cover with cider vinegar. In the morning drain them thoroughly and scald them in a liquid made half of vinegar and half of water. Cover with boiling water and let them stand over night.

or the sugar makes it too sweet. piece of ice as large as possible. Barley Water two tablespoons of pearl barley. Champagne and any carbonated water should not be added until just before serving. Put it in lumps of sugar. these ingredients may be omitted or modified. Then In twelve hours cover it and let it stand until perfectly cold. 393 . to use in the pitcher or bowl intended for serving. except the wine^ ice^ and carbonated tuater. If the flavor of lemon is unpalatable to the invalid. and pour large piece of ice has just which a into the pitcher or bowl been placed. and a strip of lemon peel.CHAPTER XVI BEVERAGES Beverages Always Be observe the following rules : any cold beverage — when compounding Have one sure to serve it ice cold and not too sweet. except Champagne. Small pieces of ice melt quickly and weaken the beverages. a pinch or two Fill up the jug with boiling of salt. and all ingredients. water and shake the mixture gently for some minutes. The sugar. should be mixed thoroughly and placed in the ice-box for at least three-quarters of an hour before they are served. serving add the wine. fruit. Wipe very clean a quart jug with three or four Made in this way the barley water will it will be fit for use. be comparatively clear and soft and pleasant to drink. in Fifteen minutes before stir well.

A a long time before a slow Bishop it Stick cloves in the rind of a lemon or orange and roast fire. Add California brandy to taste. . Tie in a small bag the whole spice of cinnamon. berries. Barley Negas Boil two tablespoons of barley in a quart of water. seelt's cook book A off. the grated rind and juice and two ounces is until the liquor Boil steadily of seeded raisins. Sweeten. reduced one-half. Serve hot with the lemon and spice floating in it. a dash of nut- meg. and allspice. of well-washed pearl barley in a porcelain- lined saucepan with a quart of water. and mace into a little water. Boil fifteen or twenty minutes. and boil them until the whole strength is extracted. and strain To three pints of juice use one pound of sugar. Blackberry Cordial Heat the the juice. may be filled Barley Water Put two ounces of a lemon. allspice. Strain and sweeten while warm. Put equal quantities of cinna- mon. glass of calf's-foot jelly appreciated by some. press them through a colander. the jug added to the barley is much After the barley water has been poured a second time with boiling water. the juice of half a large lemon. and sweeten to taste. clove. and add the juice of half a lemon and grate in some nutmeg. Boil a bottle of Port or claret wine and put the roast lemon and spice into it. cloves. Use clove very sparingly. Add a pint of Sherry.394 MBS.

Stir well. and on it place three or four dashes of gum syrup. and strain into it. one wine-glass of Holland gin. twist a small piece of Shake well together.BEVERAGES Caudle 395 Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal in a quart of water with a Stir often. one wine-glass of vermouth. one wine-glass of brandy. three dashes of Boker's bitters. and two small lumps of ice. three tablespoons of scraped chocolate with one pint of boil three minutes. Brandy Cocktail Fill a small bar glass one-third full of shaved ice. Put two tablespoons a glass. and pour into a claret or cocktail glass. add two dashes of gum syrup. Manhattan Cocktail Take two dashes of curagoa or maraschino. boiling water. prefers it rather sweet. Chocolate Syrup Mix sugar. then add one pint of When cold. add one tablespoon of the syrup of vanilla. a cocktail glass. add two or three dashes of Boker's bitters. Shake. two dashes of Angos- tura bitters. put into a small bar glass. and Let the mixture boil up. Strain and sweeten. strain into a cocktail glass. blade or two of mace and a piece of lemon peel. nutmeg. and fill the glass with milk. and a little lemon juice. If one shake well. twist a small piece of lemon rind in and serve at once. and add a little white wine. and let the mixture boil twenty minutes. and one or two dashes of curagoa. and two of cracked ice Add two tablespoons in of whipped cream. and one or two dashes of curaQoa. and serve at once. lemon rind in it. one pony of rye whiskey. . Holland Gin Cocktail Fill a small bar glass one-third full of shaved ice.

one-third full of shaved ice. Let it serve. of ice in a small bar glass. spoon and when it comes to a boil. serve at once. Old Tom thoroughly Tom The same as Gin Cocktail cocktail. stand a minute or two after it has drained and then The coffee must be ground very fine and the water boiling. Pour over it three cups of boiling water. is beaten up and with a little cold water is mixed with the coffee before the boiling water is poured on. of coffee to one Black Coffee Place six tablespoons of ground coffee in the strainer of a drip coffee-pot. and replace The instant it boils. Place on the range. except the substituting Holland gin Tom gin in place of the Holland gin. wine-glass bitters. and one Twist a small piece of lemon rind in it and a cocktail glass. must be . Whiskey Take three filled Cocktail or four dashes of gum syrup in a small bar glass. and strain into a large cocktail glass. uncover and remove from the fire.396 MBS. and strain into of whiskey. SEELY'S COOK BOOK Martini Cocktail Put two small lumps dash of Boker's of bitters. add two dashes of Boker's Shake. add two dashes of gum syrup. This is to clear it. five minutes. add one Shake Put a If pre- two dashes of maraschino. remove and let it stand over the fire. and one wine-glass of vermouth. allowing one table- cup of boiling water. one pony gin. ferred very sweet. Boiled CoJaFee Use as much ground coffee as is needed. Sometimes an egg It is then ready to serve. then cover it. Let it stand two or three minutes. quarter of a slice of lemon in the glass and serve.

is 397 above name. two gills of red curaQoa. Strain into the Cold Cocoa To make one cup. and one bottle of Decorate the top with different kinds of thinly club soda. and the juice of five lemons. After mixing. Champagne and one quart of Apollinaris. Java and Three-quarters of a pint of cold water. set back.BEVERAGES Austrian Coffee receptions. and boil slowly ten or fifteen minutes more. Stir together the yolk and white of an egg. Cider Fill a pitcher Cup with cracked ice and over it pour one quart add one small spoonful of sugar. mix one heaping teaspoon hot water. little cold water to settle. Serve at once. with a tablespoon of ice cream added coffee of the is A a cold. one gill of green Chartreuse. of cider. and add a cups. add a pint and Stir a half of boiling water. . Mix well. sometimes served at teas and creamed and sweetened. A Three-quarters of Breakfast Coffee a teacup of ground coffee. strong coffee. and pour a third with a piece of the shell into the coffee. of cocoa with sugar to taste in a little Then fill the glass with rich cold milk or cream. to each glass after the coffee is put in. sliced fruits and a bunch of young mint. Mocha mixed. and boil quickly five minutes. a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar. It served in small glasses. Champagne Cup Two gills of brandy. pour into a pitcher in which Then add a quart and a half of there is a large piece of ice. the coffee.

in place of the soda. one quart of good claret. Do not put ice in the pitcher. and ice pour in its midst a tablespoon of BenedicLadle this in freely and then add a quarter of a tine cordial. sliced pineapple In place cucumber and mint use and any small Military Cup Into a tumbler put five small lumps of ice and over the ice squeeze a lemon. throw in two teaspoons is of fine sugar. At length when the punch bowl holds the claret. which has been it slightly dampened and sprinkled with powdered sugar give it a frosted appearance. the thin peel of a whole lemon. lemon juice. and after a few moments remove the cucumber rind. of a cucumber and a large piece of ice in a good-sized pitcher. a few slices of orange and pineapple. Mix one teaspoon ful of crushed mint juice with the juice of one lemon. sugar. Champagne may be used of the fruit. one orange and one Place the paring lime sliced thin. and over the sugar pour claret until the ice covered. The lemon should be a fine one and good After the lemon for six vigorous squeezes before it is dry. Shake the mixture and pour it in a punch bowl which you have close at hand. In the tumbler make the same mixture five more times. Then add one bottle of club soda and place a bunch of of mint in the pitcher. If you choose. also the club soda. two ponies of brandy. add also half a glass wine-glass of fine brandy. add one bottle of claret and one bottle of club soda fresh from the ice. stir thoroughly.398 MRS. and decorate the top with a bunch of When young mint. juice has trickled over the ice. Claret Cup Five lumps of sugar dissolved in water. thoroughly mixed in a glass pitcher. . and the juice of one lemon. one teaspoonful of sugar. seelt's cook Claret book Cup Ice the claret in the bottle. one liqueur glass Medford rum. two ponies of curagoa.

add one quart of Moselle wine. verbena on top just before serving. Pour all in a pitcher orange and one lime When thoroughly over a large piece of ice and place on ice. add half a serve hot. one both sliced thin. the pitcher. pint of brandy and half a gill of rum and Egg Lemonade tumbler. In a glass pitcher mix one glass of maraschino with one glass of Add one quart of Rhine wine and a bottle of club with thinly sliced fruits and place a bunch of Decorate soda. — chilled add one bottle of club soda. one liqueur glass of Medford rum. of the Serve by ladling a glass half full punch and then with iced seltzer. Bgg To Flip three beaten eggs add a quarter of a pound of sugar and a pint of boiling water.BEVERAGES of Sherry. stirring well. stems in the top of the pitcher. Moselle Cup To four small lumps of sugar dissolved in a little water. Place a paper straw or two in each glass. that is. Do not have any ice in curagoa. in taste wishes wanting a little in sweetness. and adding the water a little at a time. and then break into the tumbler Make a good New York Add — sugar enough to . lemonade by using one lemon to a make it of the sweetness your it gains by being on the side of sour. Stir well 399 if with the ladle and filling it you like float a half dozen berries on the punch. When the water is well stirred in. Place a bunch of mint Crush a leaf or two of mint with some sugar in the bottom of the pitcher before you pour in the ingredients. it should be put in with such force that will The seltzer mix with the punch. down Rhine Wine Cup Ice the Rhine wine and club soda in a glass pitcher.

and a large teaspoonful of powdered sugar. Egg Wine Break a nice fresh egg into a tumbler and beat it until it is smooth and thick. This may be made by using a wine-glass of either of the above liquors instead of both combined. or ApoUinaris. When wine is not allowed. SEELY'S COOK BOOK an absolutely fresh egg. and serve. Egg Nog Put a little shaved ice in a large glass and add one egg. half a wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum. grate a little nutmeg on the top. High Ball Put some cracked ice in a tall glass. a glass of new milk may be used instead. . having capped the tumbler with a metal shaker. Strain into another glass. Fill the glass with rich milk and shake it until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Fill the glass nearly full of Vichy. Bottle and use when needed. if the physician permits it. When the egg is well lost in the liquid. Add a tablespoon of pulverized sugar and stir in a glass of the best Port wine. add a half or full whiskey glass of Scotch whiskey. This is very strengthening for an invalid to take about the hour of noon. Twist a small piece of lemon rind in and serve at once. it is ready to drink cold. half a wine-glass of brandy. and then fill the glass with cold Gum Boil Syrup one generous pound of loaf sugar with one pint of water for five minutes. the desired seltzer water. and shake vigorously. or of pure cold water.400 MBS. Gin Rickey lime. Put two lumps of ice in a tall glass. add the juice of half a amount of gin. Fill the glass with seltzer. then add enough hot water to make it up to one quart.

substituting one and one-half pints of Apollinaris in place of soda water. . Insert two straws and serve. bottles of Pour into a club soda which glass pitcher over ice is and one large lemon sliced thin. Put one-half teaspoonful Handle the 2d glass carefully so as not to destroy the frosting on the outside of the glass. thirty lumps of sugar thoroughly dissolved in a little water. Add a few thin slices of orange and pineapple. little water and add the add two persons. Place these in an earthen pitcher and add this and Sherry glasses of the best Scotch whiskey. Mint Julep of orange bitters in a large glass with three sprigs of mint. Crush the mint in the bitters and then add one Sherry glass of Italian vermouth and one Sherry glass of rye whiskey.BEVERAGES Hot Scotch 401 Rub that all five the five lumps of sugar over the outside of a fresh lemon so oil is absorbed. and two or three sprigs of mint. Soda Lemonade Dissolve eight lumps of sugar in a juice of three lemons. stir Lemonade The juice of twelve large lemons. then fill the glass with fine ice. Pour all in a pitcher with plenty of ice. a few strawberries. Add seven glasses of boiling water and serve at once. thoroughly chilled and This will be enough for three Apollinaris Lemonade Make Apollinaris lemonade the same way. and three quarts of water. stir a little. Fill the glass about one-quarter full of finely shaved ice. This will serve ten or twelve people. Light continually until it burns out.

one pint of fruit crushed with a little sugar. Let it stand five minutes. pour over it wine. and then add one quart of Champagne. two of maraschino. Serve with care not to destroy the frost work on the glass. Finally pack the glass with the julep in a large glass with pounded ice. of tea steeped five minutes in one pint to cool. and two of Medford rum. Place a large lump of ice in a bowl and pour the mixture over it. Fruit Punch Three sca7it Sherry glasses of curagoa. Mix. add one which has been peeled. and one-half pint Rhine wine. then strain. The oily flavor of the mint is extracted by the particles of ice striking the leaves as they pass from one tumbler to the other. pour in one quart of Champagne and serve at once. and . one bottle of plain cold soda. two Sherry glasses of green Chartreuse. and one quart Jamaica rum. two liqueur glasses of brandy. add the juice of two oranges. Sweeten to taste and strain. seely's cook book Mint Julep Strip tender leaves of mint into a tumbler and add to as much wine. once. six lumps of loaf sugar. Slice them thin.402 MBS. Lastly. them Put the mint and Alexandra Punch fuls of Pour one generous pint of boiling water over four teaspoonOolong tea. When it is cold. two lemons. and continue to pour the mixture from one tumbler to the other until it is flavored with the mint to your taste. the juice of three large lemons. one spare pint of brandy. Pour in a punch bowl and serve at sliced orange. brandy. Champagne Punch Three teaspoonfuls of boiling water. five tJiin slices of pineapple. Remove the seeds from two oranges and one lime. Strain and stand away When cold. or other spirit as you wish to use. add to the above. pounded ice into a second tumbler.

Mexican Punch Mix one quart six lemons. Fill the glass glass. and the rum the lemon has been in. should you use the syrup. and add two and one-half pints of claret. them quarts of Champagne just before serving. milk. and then strain into another nutmeg in the milk and serve. one pint of Port wine. 403 Use either peaches or red raspberries with the above. and also the juice of the lemons. one pint of brandy. and one-half wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum. Do not use sugar. Add two in the mixture. Roman Punch The ingredients are four quarts of Jamaica rum.BEVERAGES half a pint of brandy. Cover. yellow of the lemons in thin the rum. you may substitute fruit syrups. five pints of boiling milk. Pour in a covered vessel (not metal) and set away in a cool place for four days. and sweeten to taste. Sweeten to taste. sugar. three quarts of water. and let the mixture stand one hour. . shake little it. Let these and the nutmegs infuse for twenty-four hours in a warm place in one quart of Put into a large vessel the water. It will curdle. and then filter it through a flannel bag till it is bright and clear as crystal. add the milk boiling. one wine-glass of brandy. twenty-four lemons. Mix. glasses of Jamaica rum. of Madeira. and two nutmegs. Three-quarters of an hour before using strain and pour into a punch bowl in which there is a big piece of ice. three pounds of loaf sugar. two Sherry and the juice of slice Peel and remove the seeds of eight oranges. Cut only the slices. rum. When the sugar is dissolved. If you cannot get the fresh fruit. Strain through a bag made of flannel and then add a quart and a half of Champagne and one pint of Apollinaris. Milk Punch Put two small lumps of ice in a large glass and add one with rich Grate a teaspoonful of fine white sugar.

Let them steep about half an hour and then strain. birch bark also. — is the best — Boot Beer This wholesome drink. is delicious as well as healthful. good whiskey. dandelion. and elecampane. Bourbon. and the aromatic spikenard. After three in an earthen jar and give it some hours to work. and.404 This amount will age. Add a pound of sugar and about twenty-five drops of the oil of sassafras or spruce. SEELT'S COOK fill BOOK It is better one dozen quart bottles. In springtime children went out with trowel and basket. and their intimate their brewing. add say six or eight tablespoons to the above quantity of water. it with A tablespoon of over lemon ice makes a delicious dish. knowledge of the growths about them helped to The To two Put the roots should be all thoroughly roots in the cold water washed and then bruised. when the brew is cool enough not to kill the yeast. . Whiskey Punch Have Pour a good-sized pitcher with in one pint of Stir four lemons. or a dry yeast-cake or two dissolved in a Stir the yeast in well and set the brew away tepid water. and hops used for its making were all products of the near-by woods and fields. burdock. and set them over the fire so that the heating will draw all the essences and flavors of the growths. Bark of the wild cherry was sometimes put in. which was made every spring in the households of our American forbears. two large pieces of ice in it. and the juice of the mixture thoroughly with a spoon and Cantrells' then add two bottles of ginger ale and six teaspoons of granulated sugar. MRS. and it is a pity that the use of genuine root beer is dying out. yellow dock. gallons of water take an ounce each of the ingredients. little or four hours it may be bottled or kept in the jar for immediate drinking without bottling. The sarsaparilla.

add a wine-glass of French brandy to each pint of the shrub. a wholesome and refreshing drink in Raspberry Shrub Pour one quart of vinegar over six quarts of red raspberries and let it stand twenty-four hours. white sugar. and. Scald twenty minutes.BEVERAGES Currant Shrub 405 Add a pound of sugar to a pint of strained currant juice. Bottle and cork tightly. . lukewarm. cork tight. Boil the sugar and juice gently together in a porcelain kettle. pint of syrup. To Raspberry Shrub To three quarts of fresh ripe raspberries put one quart of good vinegar. When cool. a pint of the juice of fine fresh lemons put a sugar. A couple of tablespoons of this mixed with a tumbler twois thirds full of water fevers. and keep in a cool place. Let the whole remain a day. add a wine-glass of French brandy to every Bottle. Put in clean bottles. Let them remain together in a porcelain dish for a day. it where it will cool. and keep in a cool place. Strain and add one pound of granulated sugar to one pint of juice. set When Lemon Shrub pound of Measure out for each pint of the syrup three tablespoons of French brandy. stirring up the lemon juice and sugar frequently. strain and boil and put to each pint of juice a pound of Boil the whole together for half an hour and skim it clear. The next day turn off the syrup and mix it with the brandy and lemon rinds. cork and seal tight. and soak the thin rind of the lemons in it. after boiling eight or ten minutes.

fruits are not at hand. one thin slice of lemon. and add sugar to make very sweet. Pour in half a pony of Jamaica rum and three pints of boiling water. Stone Pence Pour one wine-glass of Bourbon or rye whiskey in a large bar glass. add vinegar enough Raspberry Vinegar Is made in the same way. Leave it to . Tea First scald the teapot for each cup of boiling water. and two thin slices of orange. then draw the water off. Sherry Cobbler Put in a glass five scant tablespoons of Sherry with a half a tablespoon of powdered sugar. SJEELT'S COOK BOOK Strawberry Vinegar Place the strawberries without water in a preserving kettle. and fill scantily with crushed ice. Place the shaker over the glass and shake small fruits in season. it hard. Boil ten or fifteen minutes until rich. a few minutes and then serve. let them heat until the juice is well drawn.406 MBS. then to taste a trifle acid. Let it stand a minute. Let stand for and then allow one teaspoonful of tea and an extra one for the pot. Any still wine may be used if preferred to Sherry. English breakfast it is tea should stand at least five minutes before served. Russian Tea Pour just enough boiling water over three generous table- spoons of English breakfast tea to cover it. and fill the glass with sweet cider. add two or three small lumps of ice. Garnish with any Candied cherries may be used if fresh Serve with two straws.

and six wine-glasses of St. liquid with it a portion of the colored tissue lying next the skin and holding too sweet the aroma of Stir in sugar to sweeten — that Have especial care that is a fault of you do not get it inexperienced cooks and of the untried palate. which will carry the grape. Tom and Jerry- Beat together to a perfect froth four eggs. or Muscatel variety. six large tablespoons of pulverized sugar. and bruise or break them. and one pint of boiling water. In adding the water use judgment. of lemon. having grated nutmeg over each glassful and drink at once. beating to a glasses. the proportion is sometimes a .BEVERAGES steep for three or four minutes. both heated. then a large wine-glass of wine and a tablespoon of the extract of lemon. Melt the sugar thin with fresh cold water. half a pound of sugar. Delaware. stirring rapidly. and turn the mixture back and forth from one Serve in hot glasses. the whites of three eggs. half a pint of wine. Croix rum. Have ready two pitchers. with a wooden masher preferable. straining cloth in an earthen dish or jar. Serve in large-sized wine- Innocent Pick from their stalks fine Wine Lay them in a strong grapes of either the Concord. add sugar to make it quite sweet. and a decanter of Jamaica rum on a tray. Whips One quart of one lemon. 407 slices Serve in cups with thin powdered sugar. all the juice. pitcher to another. and the grated rind and juice Whips Take a pint of rather thin cream. Let this stand in a cool place while you are froth the whites of three or four eggs. of cream. stiff Add this to the cream. cloth to drain Hang them in the and squeeze out delicious it. Diana.

add a little boiling water. a pint of water Wine Whey fire in a porcelain saucepan a pint of milk. Set on the it boils. Serve hot. and as soon as the water boils turn it on the yolks and sugar.408 MRS. Add a pint of wine and stir in the beaten whites of the eggs. SEELT'S COOK BOOK third part of water. When pour in as much white wine as will turn it to curds. Beat the yolks of three eggs with a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Boil it up. Mulled Wine add a teaspoon of powdered cloves and To cinnamon and set where it will boil. and sweeten to taste. let the curds settle. ^ This is a wholesome and delicious afternoon-tea drink taken with biscuit slightly sweetened. . strain off. Set the mixture on ice and serve ice-cold in a glass pitcher containing ice.

Codfish. Baked. 381. 301. 123. aspic de. Tripe. Balls 181. 401. 276. 285. 110. 234. Aspic Chicken. Bacon — Alexandra punch. use of. Parsnip. 228. Bread. 68. 156. — — Cod. 409 . — Puree of. 301. Boston pudding. 284. Creamed y^gg. 20. 91. 105. Boiled. 232. Salmon Shad trout. Foie gras. Wild goose. Eggs. 199. 92. Broiling. 43. Calf s with glazed onions. Sauce. 232. 236. 306. Pudding. 236. Blanching almonds. Jelly. 3T6. Chicken forcemeat. — Canapes. Meringue. Apples. 114. — Whiteflsh. 267. 230. Salad. for cleaning. with forcemeat. Smelts. Frying. Apples Baked. Custard. 122. Time-table. 233. 68. 235. Apollinaris lemonade. Shortcake. Sandwich. Custard. Pork and beans. 880. 228. 69. 223. Sauce. Butter sauce with. Buttered. liver. 402. Legs of fowls. 264. 19. Creams. roe. 285. AUemande Almond — sauce. snapper. Salmon. 250. Curry of lamb with asparagus tops. Apartment duties of general servant. 120.INDEX Airing of beds. Sardines. 238. 338. Bananas — Trout. Anchovy sandwich. 236. 130. 291. 261. Boiled. 69. 320. 397. 251. 337. Bass. Squab. 162. trout. 103. Ham. Blueflsh. 300. Jelly. Fried. Pie. Tomatoes. Meat and nut. Ammonia. Apricot sauce. Pears. 158. 284. 82. 360. 284. cheese. 296. Eed Potatoes. Fritters. 106. 112. 331. 66. 207. Angel cake. Soup. A la Lyonnaise. 203. Ballottines 165. 207. 228. 68. Eels with tartare sauce. Soft-shell clams. 116. Artichokes — A ritalienne. Cauliflower. — Fish. 119. 32. 233. Cake. Sweetbreads. 259. 109. 314. 151. Austrian coffee. 235. 161. 234. Bananas. Souffle with. Asparagus. 337. 285. Brook 40. 82. 284. 174. 173. Baking — 69. Salted almonds. frying. Asparagus Baked. 102.

145. 146. making. 404. Gin. 30. . Eels fried in batter. 145. Beefsteak — Baskets Egg. Lima bean puree. — Beer. 404. 76. with dumplings. Egg. Larded. 122. see that title. Pearl barley. 401-402. 394. 393-394. 92. Batter Cakes. 399. Mint julep. stewed. 93. roast. see that title. Fried onions with. see that title. 144. Bavaroise Chestnuts. Roast. Birthday cake Glaze with. Moselle cup. Cuts for roasting. Barley negas. see that title. Soup. Shrub. Braised. 146. Rules for making beverages. 145. 143. 339. Broth. 208. 93. 401. Soup. Bigarade sauce. — Broiled. Eump. 65. Bechamel sauce. Beef— Eoot 66. 20. Olives. 266. Coffee. 144. Cocktails. 306. 394. Fillet of beef— 68. Mushroom "Wines. Barszcz. continued — Eoast. Sherry cobbler. Pie. 65. Caudle. 406. 19. 394. 206. High ball. sponge. title. Broiling. continued Pudding. Barley water. sauce with. 407. of barley. 66. — Benares brass. 308. Cream EoU of beef a la Printaniere. 39S. 207. 395. continued — Time-table for roasting. devilled. Boiled. 308. Chambermaid Cleaning. 147. 400. 306. duties. root. 151. 66. Chocolate. 76. 275. — 68. 370. 870. Corned beef. 93. Bedrooms — 208. Potatoes cooked with. 148. Kidney. Barley soup. Lemonade. 94. Birds'-nest pudding. Strawberry. 399. 143. 393. Tea. Barley water. 406. title. 173. 307. 339. Birds. Strawberry vinegar. 397. 69. 102. 68. 19-21. Lima beans. Bones. Corn meal. 406. 41. broiling. 298. INDEX — Beef. Flour batter for marinade. Whips. 395. 147. Airing. see that title. 92. Beans Baked. 400. Gum syrup. cream of. Blackberry cordial. Baking. 407. 94. see that title. Easpberry vinegar. Hot Scotch. making. Beets — — Boiling. Pudding. 68. Yorkshire pudding with. 94. 75. Selection of. Tom and Jerry. see that Military cup. 144. see that title. cleaning. A la mode. Chocolate syrup. see that Pork and beans. 69. see that title. Soup. 181. 368. making. 332. Betsy cake. Palmettes of striped bass. Stuffed. bavaroise witb. Bass Baked. Pot au feu. 393-394. 406. Bavarian cream. " Pur6e. see that title. — Bishop. Belgian hare. — Icing for. 143. 102. Cider cup. 173. 19. Punch. 93. Ehine wine cup. Stone fence.410 Bananas. Beverages Barley negas. Bearnaise sauce. Barley meal scones. 394. 308. Black bean. beer. 340. Vanilla.

311. Cheese. 198-199. Lamb's kidneys. Biscuit — 411 — Braising. Wafers. 110. 42. 396. 341. Cake. Bordeaux wine. 246. Peaches. 341. Boiled. 308. Bordelaise sauce. Plums. 68. Glace. 65. Potatoes. 68. 113. see that title. chocolate. 184. Mushrooms with. Brown bread. «6e that title. see that title. Black bean soup. 91. Blackberry cordial. — Bread — Baking. 337. . Hominy. Black raspberry jam. 363. Crab. 120. Bones. 116. Time-table. making. 143. Laplanders. 173. 184. 146. 67. — Brandied fruit — Baking. 863. Bouillon. 209. 290. Roll of. 197 stuffing. Blanching almonds. Boned leg of mutton. 387. 249. — Beef. 69. Biscuits.INDEX Birthday cake. Onions. Bishop. Fish. Forcemeat. Smelts. 285-286. Blankets. 360. 169. 232. 394. 394. 109. 67. baked. 143. Chicken and tongue. 841. Brook trout. Meat. Indian. 79. Brandy — Cocktail. Bric-fl-brac. washing. Steak. Coffee. Black cake for weddings. Boston apple pudding. 68. . see that title. Lobster. 93. 326. Boston brown bread. Popovers. 360. 171. 279. Court bouillon. 74-76. Brains — 101. — Oneida rye. Blanc-mange. 66. 87. de\illed. Eed snapper. 73. 126. Virginia. 363. Tomatoes. 243. 238. 69. Brass. Braising Beef. Broth — Calf brains. 116. Shad a rAbb6. 89. 197. 150. 67. Baked. Bride's cake. mending. Directions. Salmon. 87. 288. 116. 76. 365. Chicken. see that Pudding. Oysters. potato. Corn bread. 88. Black fruit cake. Brown bread — Boston. 362. Maryland. Cauliflower. 135. Breakfast coffee. Pot au White. 103. Mutton. cleaning. 386. Bluefish. continued Lettuce. 364. Polls. 2S2. making. 168. see that title. making. 43. Lobster. 252. 41. continued Initials on. Pears. Egg. Boned turkey. Time-table. Boiling Artichokes. Trout. 363. 257. Sauce. 285. 209. Macaroni. Eggs. 373. Broiling — Ham. Fish. 270. Oyster. 397. 65. 396. Muffins. title. Sauce. 115. See that title. 208. 143. 64. 363. 342. 340. 387. see that title. Benares. see that title. Boned chicken with sauce. white. Fish. 148. feu. Turkey giblets. Black cotfee. 387. Mixture for timbale. Cream. 243. serving. FiUet of beef. Brook trout — 198. 198-199. Yeast. 186. Directions for making bread. Bisques Clam. 396.

INDEX — Cakes. Preservation in earthen jars. Westphalian. A 369. 349. 348. Lady May fingers. service. Sweetbreads with. 250. Princess. " Buttons. Scones. 341. Eyedrop. Salad. see that title. 344. Crullers. serving. 872. New England caraway. 158. 262. roasting. Pound. 348. see that title. 286. iiile. Plum. Spice. 339. Betsy. 66. 341. cakes. 355. Lady's fingers. Parsnip. Brussels sprouts BoiUng. 356. 64. title. 344. 17. 240. 842. Cookies. 384. 348. 72. In cream. 58. 870. Drawn. ^ Sponge. 353. 355. 352. title. Butter. 252. 162. 843. 164. 162. 359. Buttered apples. Calf s heart. served by. Jam. Dinner table Dress of. 237. for. 328. Calfs liver Baked with glazed onions. Calf s brains — Bread. 368. Doughnuts." duties of. 224. Sandwiches. 347. see that title. 209. Gingerbread. Macaroons. - Metropolitan. St. Valeting done by. Cocoanut. Brown sauce. Louis. — Imperial. 49-58. 3! Cold slaw. Keeping. 13-15. 230. 78. title. 366. 874. 13. White. 351. Bride's. la vinaigrette. Colonial Potato. Icings. Mushroom sauce with. see that title. Fig. see that title.412 Brown bread. see that 354. 236. 353. Cup. Fillings. 61. cooking. DeUcate. 841. 284. Lady. 351. 161. Sunshine. see that Black. Buffalo corn oysters. Eusks. Griddle cakes. Darky. 371. 337. Fried chops with. 15. — 12. Wedding cake. 66. for. 15. 209. Butler — Genoese. 869. 344. 225. 356. 349. 164. 68. 353. Buckwheat St. 370. 356. Gold-leaf. 366. Hoe. 352. 163. see thai Gold and silver. 235. Butter Cake. Flannel. White and red cabbage. -> Chocolate loaf. Wafers. time-table Batter. Soft molasses. Green mountain boys. 342. Kids. Buckwheat. 343. cleaning. 351. Cakes — Almond. 224. 846. Black fruit. Birthday. Wine. butters Sauce. Cabbage — Dutch sour cabbage. Calfs head. 350. Stuffed. Brushes. 233. SUver. Caf6 frapp6. 359. Cabinet pudding. Fried. 357. 369. 344. Calf s-foot jelly. 163. Louis. Chicago loaf. 338. — . Butter Scotch. see that Corn meal. — Steaming. Boiling. Duties of. 369. 224. 847. continued Coffee. Baking. Layer. Burgundy wine. coniinued 69. 349. Velvet. Maple sugar. 354. "Angel. see that title. Brunoise soup.

with. Koquefort cheese. Sauce. 64. Chicago loaf cake. Canap6s — Dress of. Chestnuts — — Bavaroise. 262. Custard. Charlotte russe. 59. Cards. Goose. Cromeskies. 381. use of. 225. at dinners. 24. Chickens and fowls — Fried. 199. 310. 182. cream. 344. 239. Gherkin buck. 251. Soup. Celery la creme. 382. 240. 373. Boiled. Parmesan. Cooling. Parmesan cheese with. 240. 187. Hickory nut kisses. 397. Punch. Charlotte waflles a la Tortoni. Boned broiled chicken. Ballottines of legs of fowls. 96. Challies. Croquettes. 272. 32. 413 — Chambermaids — 30. Ice cream. 161. Almonds. 239. 182. 278. 66. Cream of. Chantilly pudding. A A la Villeroi. 238. St. 64.INDEX Calf s liver. skin. 381. Chef. 287. New England. roast. Golden buck. Cantaloupe a la Buc. 277. Curry. Popcorn. 195. 48. 63. 132. see that Dough. 882. duties of. 384. Cream of celery soup. Souflle. Eamekins. 278. 353. 66. 210. A la Prince of Wales. Pudding. 187. 264. Boiling. 380. Cream candies. 306. Scrambled eggs on. 373. Straws. 94. 96. Candies — 133. salted. cleaning. White House. Fudge. 187. Sandwich. 210. 200. 395. Capon. 382. 278. 228. 55. Candles on dinner table. 196. 54. . Stewed. Canned peas. Chicken. 238. 276. 19-21. Duties of. Chocolate cream caramels. Decanting. — Baked. 309. Serving. Caraway cakes. 66. Soup. 373. serving. 51. Canvasback duck. 182. Carrots A I'Allemande. 181. 45. Crab. 123. and butter. cream. Aspic of. 184. see that title. 119. Creamed. 95. 301. Glazed fruits. 48. Cocoanut drops. 291. Pudding. caramel. Fish. 238. A la Parisienne. Croquettes. 810. Caudle. 194. Cauliflower Puree of. 09. 384. 123. 44. 210. Pot cheese. 325. Boiling. 20-21. 311. Caramel — Soup. Timbale. Cannelons. see that Rose leaves. Sugar. Salad. 384. 326. Champagne — Cup. 55. making. 237. Cream sauce with. continued Fried liver and bacon. 263. roast with truffles. roast. Creamed cheese. Canap6s. 162. Chartreuse offish a la Hauraise. French nougat. Cheese title. candied. 380. 66. 326. title. Caviar sandwiches. 186. 58. Asparagus. see that title. Meat. Cough candy. Chamois 123. 287. 184. Louis molasses. Broiled. 373. Sauce. A la Marengo. — Bofled. 235. 402. Butter Scotch. see thai title. 277. Carving for dinners. Chaudfroid. washing. — Biscuit. 287. Serving at dinner. Charlotte a la Parisienne. stuffed with. 385.

Brown sauce with. Washing. Marinade. Jelly cloths. Chowder Clam. Iron rust. Egg chops with tomato Fried — Martini. China. Marble. Pudding bags. 15. Time for. Chocolate Bavaroise. 42. ^Mildew. 191. 87. Manhattan. 336. 42. Syrup. Clams Baked soft-shell clams. washing. Claret — Forcemeat. Liver Cromeskies. Almond and chicken. 164. 190. Meat. Ovster. 41. Sauce. removing. 288. Pans. Selection of. 41. 19. 396. Chili sauce. 125. Cut glass. skin. 19C. with 183. — Croquettes. 226. C5. '26S. Poulade a la Eoyale. cold. 41. 45. 210. 192. 398. Galantine of. 230. 395. 302. Silver. A la signora. Serving at dinner. 88. 41. Souffle. duties of. Sandwich. Cloth. mending. — Cocoa. Chops 264. 264. 188. 191. 129. — Blanc-mange. 87. Mushrooms Fried. Loaf cake. A la Hyde. ISO. Gumbo. Walled. Chopped chicken sandwich. Fluid for cleaning cloth. . 59. Forcemeat for. see that White paint. Custard. 280. 64. 343. Challies. Brushes. Coffee pot. 45. 66. 183. Eoasting — Benares brass. Descaides. 190. Chicken and rice. Salad. 62. 342. Terrapin. 40. 41. Creams. 189. 82. Chowder. 87. 167. 12. 40. 129. 180. Bisque. 205. 40. Decanting. 327. 41. cleaning fluid for. Fricassee INDEX — Cider — boiled in. Pressed. 395. 396. 342. 66. 44. 389. Whiskey. Caramel. 23. 897. 342-343. 130. 196. see that title. 194. Cup. Tinware. Cleaning — Bedrooms. Capon with truffles. Cup. Forcemeat of chicken. Soft clams a la Newburg. Cocoanut— Cake. Prairie chicken. 26-27. Chamois Coppers. 23. 289. 69. etc. 45. Jellied. Pie. 192. removing. 267. see that title. Filling and mixture for cake. 195. Time for frying. title. Clear icing.. Serving. 397. 68. co7iUnued Egg chops. Ham — A la Dauphine. 130. Gin. — CocktailsBrandy. Pudding. 308. — with. Clam. 129. 311. cream sauce. Teapot. 42. 68. 51.414 CMckens and fowls. Fish. sauce. Coachmen. Furniture. 185. Ice cream. 181. see that title. 41. Boiled. 129. Broiling. Cinnamon sticks ^vith icing. 280. 381. Polishes. 288. 23. 175. 282. 381. Prairie chicken. 264. Timbale. 69. Mahogany. 395. Cocktail. 289.

93. Hash. 354. Boiled. Black. Walnut. Corned beef Boiling. Cream sauce. 238. 236. 385. continued Drops. Corn — Buffalo corn oysters. 330. 106. Shredded cod with. Cream tapioca. 67. A la cereal. 89. 276. 225. 381. Chocolate. 345-346. 367. Salad. 289. 149. 366-367. Almond. Maraschino Bavarian. Coppers. 303. Potato. — Court bouillon.. 327. Colonial receipts Black cake. 221-222. Dutch sour cabbage. 41. Crabs — 101. Cream of chestnuts. 397. Brussels sprouts in. Gumbo of. Cream soups — 23. Baked cod's head. 235. Cream of corn. 290. 381. Tomato. Westphalian. 106. Timbale of. cocoa. Carrots with. 381. Fried soft-shell crabs. Cream filling. — Caramel. 105. Cream croquettes. Fritters. Batter cakes. Cream layer cake. 182. 106. meat. Canapes. Creamed chicken. etc. Soup. Garfield. Colonial codfish pie. Cough candy. cleaning. Cold Cold Cold Cold 327. 804. 104. 187. 104. 373. — 291. 883. 844. 384. pearl barley. Fried chicken with. Cream pie. 314. 225. Molasses. 96. Coffee pot. . Coflfee Cornucopias. 312. 92 . 131. Celery. slaw. 347. Orange. Balls. 224. Onion. cleaning. 97. Cordial. Cottage pudding. Baked. la SeviUe. Bisque. Hints about kitchen work. Spinach. 290. Codfish pie. Eice. 290. Ice cream. 341. time for. 345. 382. blackberry. Flummery. 897. Farcie. Sugar.— INDEX Cocoanut. potato salad with. Nantucket. 306-335. boiling. Cream cannelons. 343. 104. 103. Creamed cheese — Sweet corn. 307. French. Cookies — 80. 96. 105. 845. 106. Corn-bread. 90. 41. College girl's fudge. Consomme with vegetables. Boiling. 397. 97. 247. 23. 149. iced. care of. 370. 95. Dates. puddings. 28. Louis. Duties of. 382. Maple sugar. 97. 211. 881. Cake. Strawberry. 396. Compotes Green currants. 97. Cooks — Cream scones. old-fashioned. 345. 149. 394. 367. Breakfast. 67. 333. 131. 132. 287. 382. Barley. Cream puflfs. Cheese. 227. Pudding. 66. Cream biscuit. Cream candies. Copper utensils. 376. 396. 98. Austrian. 311. Balls. Jelly. Cream salad dressing. 240. Creamed corn beef hash. 67. 240. Corn-starch croustade. with tomato sauce. 290. Inauguration. Shredded cod. 99. 181. 290. 415 — Corn meal — Cod and codfish — A A la mode. 22-25. 32. St. Cream — Mousse. 385. Cranberry jelly. 871.

Crown of pork. 77. 48. Clam. 125. 241. Courses. 248. Soup. Cromeskies INDEX Custards — 306. 146. Caramel. 60-61 . Crystallizing Cucumbers — window glass. Butter for sandwiches. Snow eggs. and of dishes. Creamed rice pudding. Napkins. Eggs. 55. Large and small dinners. 56. Spirals. Souffle. 172. 140. Eice. 134. 170. 71. 197. 292. 212. Baked \vith green peppers. 381. 254. 52. Creamed pineapple. 211. 165. Lobster. Ten people and more than ten. 168. 291. Pur6e. Dice. 184. 385. Walnut. 54. Plates. 2S9. Ham. compote Jelly. Puddings. — Chicken. Smelt. 182. etc. etc. Shrub. removing from table. arrangement. serving. 253.416 Creamed onions. Mutton. 95. Delicate cake. 121. 46-59. Hominy. 48. 136. 58. 154. Cutlets 312. Decorations for table. Cup Currants — cake. 269. 51-56. 291. removing from Crust for pies. 268. Veal. 50. 114. 226. Sauce. Crumbs. Potato. 48. Six people. 41. 69. making. 347. Cut glass. 55. 260. 123. 58. Scallops. 303. roe. Almond. Dinner-giving. plan of. French service. Green. Corn-starch. Proportion of ingredients. 140. 159. see Cream soups. Creamed soups. 244. 178. Dessert — Fritters. 60-61. 106.. 47. 140. — Shad Croquante oranges. Dining-room. Pickle. 130. Dining-room suitable for dinner party. Creamed oysters. Frying. 60.] Devilled dishes names — Eggs. 68. 56. Sweet potato. 253. 61. . of. 46. cleaning. Chicken. Mutton. 126. 268. 134. 2T6. Sweetbread. 103. Creamed shi'iraps.. Crullers. 53. with sauce. etc. Oysters. 213. Quick service. cakes. 349. 374. 133. Turkey legs. 40-41. Oyster. 51. 47. turnip. Menus for. 196. Crumbs. Oyster. 127. Egg. 46. Croustades — 179. 182. Stuffed. 258. 321-312. 347. 211. 47. Curry and curried dishes — Guests. Lobster. 56. Darky Cream. Descaides. 213. 291. Chicken. Lamb. Dates.390. 56. table. Invitations. Croquettes Cheese. Log cabin. 46. see that title. Oyster. making. 173. 324. Decorations for dinner table. cream. Macaroni. Cocoanut. 331. 390. sauce for. with sauce. 57. [See also Iced desserts. Table service. table service. 54. Dessert service. 196. Soup. Baked. 126. Mutton. 346. Demiglaze sauce. Selecting dishes for dinner. 110. 290. folding. Sauce. Tomatoes. 405. Lamb's kidneys. Lobster. Roast beef bones. Decanting wines. 127. 262. — Salmon. 322. Carving. service for.. 375. placing.

Partridge. 2e . Don'ts for employers. Ice-cream. Mutton. 39. 200. Finger bowls at dinner. Espagnole sauce. 3-7. Earthen jars Eels Tomato. 83-36. or salmon. 290. 237. Silent service. Baskets of Beverages — olives. Eump of beef with. Don'ts for employers and servants. 899. 268. Canap6s. 835. 65. 69. Baskets. 46. with Tartare sauce. Fillings — Sole. Mock duck. 274. 400. 267. Forcemeat of hard-boiled eggs. 205. see that title. Balls. Maple sugar cake. with turnip. etc. 400. — Dropped. 209. Cream. 67. title. continued Marmalade.] Poached. Duck — Indorsement of manager of household. Devilled. of. 365. Employers Poached eggs. lobster. 151. Stufted. Veal potpie with. 265. Selmi of. 132. Fillets of ducklings. Dubarry soup. 42. see Poached eggs. — for storing supplies. 364. see that title. 50. Canvasback. see that title. En En Cocotte. Fish Baking. Sandwiches. Fabrics. 23. Farcie Crab. 270. 88. Epsom salts — making window glass opaque. with tomato sauce. Baked. Nested. 42. 267. Fig Cake. Dutch sour cabbage. 122. see that title. 417 — Eggs. — Drinks. 269. 152-153. 379. 52. 201. Eggs- Ducklings. 56. 95. 342-343. 848. Omelettes. cleaning fluid for. Eoast. 54. "Wines. Forcemeat for. 275.INDEX Dinner-giving. 268. Chocolate filHng and mixture. 200. Chops. 282. Croquettes. see names of foods. 212. — Dutch puflfet. 6. Curried. 146. [See also Servants. see 83. Dropped eggs. 166. 204. 399. [See also names of dishes. 261. 281. 275. see that Soup. title. 68. 6T. see Beverages.] English muffins. 69. Broiling. Felt. served. Scrambled. 266. Dish-washing. Biscuit. 292. Pudding. 348. 242. 258. Wine. 212. continued Serving-table in dining-room. 269. see that title. Eggplant — Fried in batter. Marinade. 123. 276. Nog. filling for. 48. 269. Stuffed. 68. 242. Relations of employers and servants. Grouse. 83. Timbale. 201. Frying. 46. 347. 201. Fried. Fried tripe with. Farinaceous foods. Salmon h la V6nitienne. sliape of. 66. Lemonade. — Table. Boiling. Selection Dumplings — Steamed. 111. see that Sauce. 866. 275. Drawn butter. 65. cleaning fluid for. 854. see that title. Balls. 123. A la Suisse. Fanchonette. 274. Pickled.. Setting the table. 179. Porapano a la duchesse. 47. 82. Forcemeat. — Baked. 40-41. 24. Entrees at dinners. 69. Doughnuts. Flip. Boiling. Sandwiches of sole. 313. Fillets — Beef. 107. Broth.

arrangement on dinner table. Gooseberry Footmen — fool. SS. duties of. 236. 282. Pickle. 222. 249. forcemeat for. 364. 293. Punch. Nougat. [See also names offish. INDEX continued — fish a la Haiiraise. 31. 30. 372. Fresh-water fish Court bouillon. 40. . Dessert. service. 258. 16. 49-53. 4S. Court bouillon. 101. 134. 82.418 Fish. 1S3. 215. Calfs liver and bacon. Flannels — Salad dressing. 281. 24T. 376. Marrow. 361. Tomatoes. Mock turtle soup. [See also names of fruits. Earthy taste. 181. Cottage pudding with. for fish. — A la Dauphine. 282. 102. Chicken. Maigre fish pie. 235. Peppers. Lobster. 109. Fresh-water Frying. 247. Egg plant. 65. Truffles. title. 282.. for porapano. 242. 313. Pies. 198-199. 149. stuffed. Fish. 280. 240. Beefsteak. 382. for. Wheat flour griddle cakes. 251. Cauliflower. 102. Calf s brains. 13. Onions. Ox tails. Selection of. 391. Rice. 279. 293. forcemeat for. 42. 74-76. Chicken. — Egg balls. 255. 369. Pot au feu. 50. 281. 162. stuflfed. 162. Chicken with cream sauce. 15-17. French dinner French dishes title. Oysters. see that Creamed corned beef hash. 56. 152. Goose. Serving at dinner. Chops. fish. tomato stuffing Ked snapper. stuflfed. Serving at dinner. Strawberry. 181. 119. 101. lemon. 55. Teal. Veal. 101. 257. Fondue of Parmesan cheese. Corn. 402. Valeting done by. 149. Fromage. 16. 125. Scallop. Fritters Flowers on dinner — Fluid for cleaning cloth. 249. see Chickens. "Washing. Dinner table Dress of. 122. see Iced desserts. Floor polish. black. table. Useful man. Banana. 108. 239. — service. 341. Sweet flour. 281. 69. 65. 282. Mushroom. Popovers. etc. Fruitcake. see thai Oyster. removing. see that title. for. Lima beans. 102. 277. stuflfed. 293. Flour Batter for marinade. Storing. 19. Onions with beefsteak. 43. making. 236. 53. 124. Forcemeat for. continued — Chartreuse of Chowder. S3. Bread. Virginia boned turkey. 293. Rolls. 292. trout with. Duck. 17. 69. 14. Fish. Parsley. 78. 101. 317. Forcemeat of. Chicken. A la Constantinople. Sweet. Hard-boiled egg. 124. Eels in batter. Flemish soup. Frying.] Frying Asparagus. Frozen dishes. preparing fruit for. Fricassee — Selection of. Chicken timbale. Martinot sauce for. 107. 82. Cabbage. Glazed. 144. 3S5. fritters of. Baked brook 282. Forks. 313.] Flannel cakes. Tomato farcie. 290. — 65. 144. 43. Fool. Mushrooms with sauce. 193. 29. Forcemeat. 243. 116. Forcemeat — Duties of. Fowls.

. Geese. 41. Hash — v French cr. of. Tripe with Espagnole sauce. College girl's fudge. 63. 68. mountain style. 851. arrangement on dinner table.• Half-pint measure. -f . Gems. 183. Galantine of chicken. Fudge. 84. etc. creamed shrimps baked with.] Garfield cookies. sauce. compote of. 206. decanting. 278. '' Gold and silver cake. 176. 164. 131. 382. Holland gin cocktail. — Soft-shell crabs. Hard 40. Goose. 395. 252. Opaque. baking. Green turtle soup. Trout. 47. 2^. of. Hollandaise Sauce. stuffed with chestnuts. 213-. Goose — Baked wild goose. Gum syrup. 66. 176. 113. r V — Cut glass. Puree Selection Fillet of. 180. 839-340. Garlic. > Tom Eickey. Genoese cakes. Grandmother's fruit en chemise or Perl6. 226. Glac6 biscuit. 389. 350. 350. Gingerbread ham boiled ip. Gin — Ham — . pockets of. Hard-boiled eggs. 82. Golden buck. Furniture polish. 325. 828. roast. 345. making window glass opaque. Hickory nut kisses. Guests at dinner. 85. Soft. 164. 69. 40. 278. Haricot of lamb. making. Hock. Furnace man. 869. Time-table Tomatoes. 371. 257. 49. x ) Onions. 348. Hoe cakes. General servant. 201. 396. .. Glaze. 267. 313. making. Glasses. 75.-. 253. 308. Heart. 293. Gherkin buck. Virginia. of. — Game — Wheat Grouse — flour. of. Egg chops. Pepper. "White-bait. 419 continued la — "scallops. Griddle cakes Eice. • . In pot au feu. 151. 65. 213. Birthday cake. 400. 281. Green currants. A la Chamberlin. sauce. 213. 55. ^ — Devilled.. 892. 116. Roast. duties of. Fruits. 175. 198. 90. 350. Giblets. Holland gin. Herb 356. 400. Dinner table decoration. cleaning. sauce for. "* \ » \ ' Sponge. Boiled. German potato cakes. Maple sugar fudge. Cocktail — gin. 46. ironing. 174. 248. Green peppers. Belgian. Gold. Selection 51. Gold leaf cakes. \_See also names of game. duties of. 79. Glass Mossse. 293. 38-39. 50. INDEX Frying'.pamed cornedl)eef. Baked. 120. Demiglaze sauce. — • "' ^ Soup. 109. Crab. roasted. Smelts u Parisienne. Yo. Halibut salad with cucu5it>er sp^^is. 326. 178. with hot sauc#5 174. Cider. continued Indiana mock goose. for. 354. forceme&t ^ ^ ^ . 66. •* High ball. 199. 383. seating. 205. ginger. Green tomato pickle. Gooseberry fool. % Snaps. 81. 282. 385. -^ «»^ *J 149. 370. Groceries. 8ut)stitute for. boiled turkey. Graham pudding. — ' 175. 184. Forcemeat. Waffles. Handkerchiefs. 190. Serving at dinner. Hare. Green mountain boys. keeping. 122. choice of. 3S3. 400. 213. see Goose. 161. 3S3.. Selection. Gumbo — Chicken. 395. storing. 39.

Sewing room for. Hot water Pan of. Rhubarb. d'ceuvres. 294. Jardiniere Frozen. 329. 388. 196. Lalla Rookh. 6T. Eice pudding. 62. mousse. 326. of. Imperial cake. 351. 334. 158. 814. — Sweetbread. 829. Croustade. Iced desserts — Cafe frappe. A la Cereal. stewed. 315. Broiled. — 151. Descaides. 849. Plum pudding Tutti Vanilla. Lady's maid Duties of. 330. 349. in cooking. 45. 363. using. 885. cleaning. 46. Wine. Ramekins. 315. Aspic. Knives. — Julep. 330. 71. Royal icing. Housekeeper. initials. 407. 280. Cranberry. Indiana mock goose. 25. 385. Icings. 330. arrangement on dinner Knuckle of veal. 136. Coflfee Orange. 172. Cinnamon sticks. 23. 278. Devilled. 228. 323. Currant. 401. duties of. Horseradish Sandwiches. serving at dinner. 375. 352. see Preserves. Sauce. Orange. — Baked. Whipped. Orange compote. Irish stew. Jelly cloths. 328. Ingredients — — Measures and proportions. Pastry bag. 386. 851. 274. 8-11. mint. of strawberries. Egg marmalade. 351. 828. 160. making. 70-71. Hors Jam. 26-27. Frozen oranges. 340. 284-305. 329. — k ^ Sponge cake. removing. Kale sprouts with corned beef. la Mac6doine. Birthday cake icing and Kidney Beef kidney. 316. Strawberry. Ironing handkerchiefs. Boiled. Lady Washington pudding. ice-cream. 177. Mixing. 327. Inauguration cookies. Iron rust. duties Ice-cream Chestnut. table. 173. 336. Maple. "Walnut and fig. Lemon. 814. Julienne soup. 335. Chicken. Frozen jardiniere. 79. Indian bread. 22. 885.420 Hominj' INDEX — — Innocent wine. Clear icing. 262. 264. 171. Macrotes. Horses— duties of coachmen and stablemen. 214. Italienne sauce. Apple. 333. Hotch potch. 156. see that title. Lady's fingers. Kids. Lamplich. Scotch. 332. 294. 336. Coflfee. 327. 173. making. icing for. 342. 335. 327. 328. 13. 11-18. Lady May fingers. 333. Grandmother's fruit en chemise or Perl6. Calf s foot. 50. 836. Jelly 71. . 243. peaches. Lady cake. 314. Invitations for dinner parties. 294. Indian meal pudding Veal kidney pie. Hot puddings. frutti. Hot Scotch. 329. 178. value of. Kitchen maid. 832. LaUa Rookh. 4. 815. 328. Wined Ices Sherbet. Jewish dishes — Compote Almond pudding. 284. 315-316. 230. Chocolate. Boiled. Indian sandwiches. 358. 845. Jam cake. with rice. 401-402. — Cotfee. 189. Lamb's kidneys — 149. Raspberry.

68. 91. salt. 165. 94. Egg. 401. 135. 265. 59. 243. Sandwich. 136. 395. Pudding. 154. of. 215. . 169. Maigre Fish pie. 107. . Boiled. Loin of mutton dressed London fashion of veal cutlets. 216. making. A la Newburg. 100. Cookies. 107. A la Brooklyn. 245. 352. 353. 155. Chocolate cake. Jewish recipe. soaking and cooking. 244. 64. C^ream. Curry. see that Laundress. 214. cooking. 354. see Lady's maid. Lemon — Eoast. 166 cold. Macaroni — Whipped. A la Maryland. title. Luncheons. 245. 421 Lobster. Martinot sauce. Liver — Broiling. A ritalienne. serving. Boasting. 171. 321. Stewed. Sauces. Madeira wine. 222. 226. 66. Macrotes. 274. Linen Care of. A la Eeine. Lyonnaise sauce. 302. 139. Croquettes. 294. Mayonnaise — 317. Meringue. making. 853. Oyster. 10-11. Lobster — Mashed turnip. 21-22. — Haricot of. 399. A la Solferino. 165. 164. Veal. 137. — Braised. Tomato soup. 135. 376-377. Lettuce — Macaroons. Salad dressing. Sandwich. 170. 396. Larded steak. Chicken. duties Layer cake. Manhattan cocktail. 347. Maraschino Bavarian cream. 363. 293. see that title. Marmalade. removing. 15. see that title. Martini cocktail. Maple ice cream. 69. Lamplich. see that title. serving. 295. Maple sugar — Puree of. Marrow — Fritters. 295. making. 315. 265. Calf's liver. 215. 108. Marble. Sauce. Marinade of chicken. Chocolate filUng 342-343. Maids. 45. cleaning. Devilled. Souffle. Leg of mutton — Boiled. Selection. 171. 41. Maryland biscuit. A la Portland. Pie. Fromage. 21-22. 215. in large establishments. Boiled. 140. 180. Fillets. 364. Mildew. 405. 329. sandwich for of. Timbale of turkey 198. 265. 58. Boned. egg. Sherbet. 215. Pudding. Apollinaris. Maryland sauce. Lima beans — Maitre d'Hotel sauce. — Cake. Madeira sauce. 137. liver with bread mixture. 3S3. Soda. Fudge. 245. 401. 329. 374. Broiled. 243. 315. 31-32. 140. LoafChicago. for. 143. Washing. Timbale. Log cabin dessert. Matrimony. Kidney. 168. 307. Mackerel. Jelly. like venison. 317. Laplanders. etc. 259. 244. 223. Parlor maid. Shrub. 245. with sauce. pompano. 140. Hind quarter of spring lamb. 138-139. Forcemeat Salad. Cutlets. 375. continued Bisque. Lemonade. 342.INDEX Lamb — Curry of lamb with asparagus tops. 401. of 65. 353. Fried.

65. 166. with sole Sauce. 408. for dinner. 42. Boiling. Mock Mock Mock duck. 68. \vith sauce. Cleaning. 285. 345. Menservants 30. St. goose. Pilau. . 327. 391. Mince pie. 71. rules for.] 16. 367. 96. Coflfee. Selection of. — Eoast. turtle soup. 178. 259. 3S4. sole. 170. 83. 354. 166. Mending — beef ^vith. 68. 318. 401-402. 259. 899. 31. 382. 170. 398. 4S. 318. Nougat. Wafers. 281. 147. Leg. Eaised. Philadelphia. Cold meat and potato salad. 320. 384. Meringues. 166. 216. 148. etc. Tomato toast with. vnih sauce. 246. Puree of. Nut and meat baUs. 166 cold. Mutton — 216. 37S. Canapes. Candy. 227. Cromeskies. 51. Devilled. for. 272. making. Strawberrj'. 45. Mixing ingredients. 54. Molasses Cake. Milk Keeping. Poached eggs with. 321. Soup. 185. dressed like venison. Boiled meringue shells. — 248. keeping. 184. Spinach nest. 50. Nantucket corn bread. table INDEX — of. boUing. 354. of. 72. stewed. for dinners. Carving. Chicken Egg balls with. 77. 168. Footman. 118. Louis. Napkins. 321. Indiana. Fricassee of chicken with. serving at dinner. 270. Salt meat. Soup. Stuffed. 162. Mint julep. 167. 67. 42. folding. Menus China. New England caraway cakes. removing. Breast. 295. 344. {See also Butler. Tomatoes with. — Duties of second and useful man. directions Soup. Nesselrode pudding. 179. Meat Mulled wine. 168. 363. 371. 67. Boiled. boiUng. 364. Metropolitan cake. Fillets. Bric-a-brac. 54. 65. 123. 150. . 379. 176. Mussel sauce. Oil pickle. Broiling.422 Measures. Mildew. Forcemeat of. 169. 246. Melons. Cookies. 17. — New England pandowdy. 68. Brains with. Old-fashioned cough candy. 365. Mince meat. Calf's brains with. 80. with tomato sauce. Mousse — — Oatmeal Making. 319. English. see that title. Old-fashioned Boston apple pudding. 69. Apple. 403. 171. Leg Loin of mutton. 374. rules for. Fried. Selection of. Scrambled eggs with. Military cup. 274. Okra. 52. BaUs. Mint sauce. Mexican punch. 403. balls ^vith. 82. 117. 172. Punch. 169. Eolled. 268. 156. Moselle cup. 285. 68. Serving at dinner. Lemon. French. 70. Mulligatawny soup. 248. * j^ Saddle. fillet. 247. Stewed. Ham. 321. Fillet of Melrose pudding. French. Normande. Muffins Baking. Croquettes. soft. 67. 82. Boned broiled chicken with. Nested eggs. Mushrooms — 84. 99. 247. Stew. 156. 60-61. 468. A la Bindley.

98. ii. duties Baskets Omelettes Sandwch — Paint. Scrambled eggs with. Pennsylvania quinces. 102. Salad. — Soup. 277. Parsley. — 29. 387. Stuffed. Rum. 125. — of. 203. Pie. duties of. 297. 315. 387. titles. 273. 40. 248. 2T3. Oneida strawberry shortcake. Pears 330. 245. of. Boiled. 272. Pandowdy. Creamed. 250. Croquettes. Fried. 240. 106. Canned. Stuffed. Cromeskies. 161. Tomato. white. 128. Sherbet. 23. 274. 296. 387. Oneida rye bread. Pastry — of. Creamed. Surprise. Bisque. Pay — i. 375. 196. 336. 39. 273. Broiled. 304. Keeping. Fondue Parsnips of. Spiced. Onions Parker house rolls. of. 149. 66. 374. JeUy. 127. 251. 124. 124. — Cauliflower with. Buffalo corn. using. Scalloped. Frozen. filling. 250. Cocktail. Pickled. 87. Shortcake. 86. 129. Fried onions with beefsteak. cream — Baked. Plain. 3S9. 249. 72. la Lincoln. Macaroni. Selection 204. Hash. Spanish. 67. Ox tail — Pastry bag. 159. 204. Stewed. cleaning. Split pea soup. 249. Omelette. Oysters — 77. 330. 127. 17. 67. 93. Tapioca. 129. — of onion soup. Stewed a la Baltimore. 68. A Boiled. 295. Patties Fried. Page. 150. 126. Peas — Boiled. Curried. Pigs in blankets. Boiling. 262. Fricassee of. 863. Macrotes. Peaches Brandied. Oyster. 375. Cream Balls. Baking. Spiced. Sweetbread. 266. 374. Parlor maid. 15. 329. FiUets of. 312. 125. Cleaning. Ornaments for dinner table. Patties. Parmesan cheese 300. Pie. Wined. 248. 250. 239. table from one day to one month. — of. 48. Porcelain-lined. 124. see those Ramekins. 51. Ox brains. 18-19. Palmettes of striped bass. Croustades. 374. Oyster. 40. 336. Roulade. 272. 127. 227. . — A A la Jardiniere. — Stuffed. mushrooms with. Pans — New England. Log cabin dessert. 299. 204. Serving at dinner. 127. 330. 127. fried.INDEX Olives 423 of. 249. Compote 330. 362. 331. Roast turkey with. 377. Glazed. 128. Brandied. 300. Puffs and puff paste. Pearl barley. 375. 67. Croquante Ice. 144. 125-126. use of. Peppers Creamed shrimps with. Partridges la Malaga. 133. 67. 251. Cakes. Opaque Oranges — making window glass opaque. 97.

of potato soup. 269. Pigeon. 386. 322. 152. 364. 205. 378. 384. 365. 145. 376-37T. 384. 252. see that title. 364. — Cucumber. Syllabub. 69. Potatoes Baking. 355. 65. Cream. 332. 375. 192. Pie. 205. Veal potpie with dumplings. etc. Salad. 40. Pockets of gold. Potato. Pie. — Candied. Raspberry. baked. mutton. Plombureaux cafe. Green tomato. 72. boiling.] Pound cake. Yeast. 297. Philadelphia muffins. Plain apple meringue. Oil. — . 107. 253. 227. 253. 152. of. 177. Brandied fruit. Sugared. 203. Maigre Mince. Boiling. Poulade a la Roj'ale. 68. Yeal. of. Croquettes. Potpie. Pastry. Chicken. 203. 270. Ribbons. Plain layer cake. 106. 366. 68 Salad. 277. plates for. 251-252. . 3T6. Pineapple — 169. Chicken and rice. 179. 253. Pickles and pickled dishes INDEX — Polishes Floor. 62. see that title. 67. see that title. making. Pompano — Eggs. 74-76. 156. 378. Potted. Roasting. selection of. Frjing. Planked shad. 65. 40. Fillets a la Duchesse. Serving. 285. Prairie chicken — Ice-cream. use Beef. 127. Stewed. Selection 68. 328. 67. 378. 217. Pot au feu. 391. 129. Poached eggs. 64. Mushrooms with. 391. Roasted. Puree of. 331. 252. 3T6. Furniture. 355. Cream Pigs in blankets. 253. pickled. 66. Pot cheese. 63. Plover. Pies Apple. Plums. [See also Chickens. 173. French. 178. Fricassee. 52. 145. 97. Pompton Popcorn — puffs. Stuffed with lobster. 178. 178. Lemon. — 113. Pork and beans. Preserves Apple. Simple. 342-343. Pilau. 55. Roasting. selection Plum cake. veal. 177. \\ith beef. Port — Decanting. Indiana mock goose. pickled. French. Cakes. 56. Pockets of gold. 155. 251. 227. Pumpkin. 66. 03'sters. chocolate filling for. 276. 253. pickled. of. 272. Yeal kidney. Colonial codfish. — Pigeon — la Eusse. 390. 362. Poultry — Plaw. 378. Placing and removing at dinner. 68.424 Pheasants. Plates Sweet potatoes. 107. Plain omelette. Salad. Directions. fish. PigRoast. Sucking pig a Porto Rico -witches. Popovers — Baking. brandied. making. German. 38T. Mock duck. with dumplings. 108. 270. 183. Creamed. Crown of. Porcelain-lined pans. Plum pudding. Pork — of. Forcemeat a Selection la Constantinople. 392. 331. 106. 191. Sweet potato. 160.

84. 374. 217. 332. 824. 284-305. Rice. Raised rum baba. 297. 145. 297. 290. title. Iced desserts. 202. Quinces. 818. Alexandra. 311. see that Nesselrode. Indian meal. Marrow. 70-71. Puffs. see that title. Suet. 294. 118. see that title. 326. 372. Pudding bags. Stewed peas with. Lemon. Pressed chicken. — 91. 278. 402. 363. Almond. Pennsylvania. 295. 218. 389. see that title. Yorkshire. Quail — Lady Washington. Selecting. Barley. 293. 305. table of. Cheese. Bavaroise. 332. 312. 217. Buc. Prune — Pudding. 804. 297. see that title. making. Raised muffins. Dutch puffet. 284. Spinach. Roulade pastry. Purees Asparagus. Fanchonette. 45. 308. Cold. Princess cakes. Puddings. — Boston apple. Making. Cucumber. Puff paste. Hot. 425 — title. Pressing ribbons. Cottage. 289. Ramekins — Ice-cream.• INDEX Preserves. 403. Pumpkin Punch pie. 278-279. Porto Rico witches. 404. 306. 285. 403. 313. 295. Cream of chestnuts. 287. Ramekins. croquante of. 55. 374. Meringues. 286. Cocoanut. see that Strawberry. 373. Roast. 313. sole fillet. continued — Savarin a la creme. Prune. 290. Lima beans. Mexican. title. Sauce. Plum. Prince of Wales Snow. 402. Fruit. 217. 312. 322. 69. — Sponge. 365. Cabinet. A la Royale. 297. Canapes ix la. 123. 375. Wintergreen. 874. A la Francaise. Game. 403. title. Cornucopias. Chestnut. serving at dinner. Shortcake. 295. 402. 302. 292. Milk. 203. Proportions. Whiskey. Champagne. 334. Chestnut. 190. 822. 92. 303. 388. 378. 324. Pompton. 297. Rarebit Swiss. continued Spiced fruit. Coflfee flummery. Frozen. Surprise pastry. 154. see that Steaming. Tapioca. 23. Puddings — MetropoUtan cake. Oranges. 297. Mushroom. Custards. see that title. Baking. 211. la Cantaloupe h Chantilly. 309. Chocolate. 356. 316. 287. Graham. 374. Fig. 279. Gooseberrj' fool. 66. . -svith Potato. see that Birds' nest. New England pandowdy. 210. 285-286. 94. 366. see that title. Roman. — Welsh. Strawberry. Raised rum baba. Melrose. 68. Banana. 202. Pastry. 306-335. Souffle. cream. Lamplich. Virginia. cleaning. 318. Bread. Princess sauce.

276. Mayonnaise. St. 68. 222. 227. 384. Oyster. 299. Pig. 297. — Boiling. Ehubarb — Cooking. 332. Eoasting. Eice Eye — Bread. St. 388. 336. 205. Snipe or woodcock. St. Salad dressings — Cream. Ked Eed Eed Eed cabbage salad. Halibut. see that title. rules for. 114. 404. Croquettes with sauce. 164. Prairie chicken. 380. Shortcake. 388. making. 367. Creamed cheese. 65. Eice water for washing challies. 362. Capon with truffles. 276. 322. Ehine wine cup. Creana of rice soup. stuflFed with chestnuts. 253. 225. icing. 206. Sandwich. Eussian. Eum omelette. 156. Eibs of beef. 111. 388. making. 68. Louis molasses candy. Eose leaves. Eoll of beef a la Printani^re. Turkey with oysters. 44. Cold slaw. Eoman punch. of beef with dumplings. Mousse a la Martinot. Ice. 300. Beef. Dressings. Potato. Kibbons. Mutton. Eump 146. 322. 109. Serving at dinner. 371. 201. Vinegar. 206. 332. French. 205. roast. 366. 199. 47. Eoquefort cheese sandwich. Fritters. Cabbage. 362. Eussian salad. 69. continued Baking. Oneida. Griddle cakes. 206. Cheese. Eeform syllabub. Boiled. 254. KoUs. Canvasback duck. 178. Quail. 255. Union Club. Calfs heart.426 Easpberry INDEX EoUs. — Ked. 110. 110. Cutlets. cuts for roasting. removing. roast. 226. 196. Parker House. raspberry skortcake. 322. 226. 388. raspberry jam. Knuckle of veal with. Eoot beer. French. 112. 44. see that title. 227. 111. — Eum baba. Chicken and rice pie. Lobster. Saddle of mutton. 56. Belgian hare. 177. Trout. 228. Louis corn bread. Chicken. Asparagus. 406. Steaming. 224. 200. Fillets a la V6nitienne. Eust. see that title. 68. 225. Shad with sauce. Saddle of venison. 300. — 223. Salmi of duck. 38T. 326. candied. Creamed cheese balls with. Time-table. 405. Eibbons. potato. 227. 221-222. 399. 167. 224. 45. pressing. Pork. . 195. 361. Cheese croquettes with. Spanish. 6T. Eusks. Salads Creamed. t)rop cakes. JeUy. 228. Eound Eoyal table for dinner party. 97. Broiled. Pudding. 191. Pineapple. 374. 148. see Shad. 225. Salmon — Baked. with cucumber spirals. Chicken. 369. 264. 1 Saddle of venison. 223. 371. 223. 363. 144. — Preserve — Black. Timbale. Plates for. see Salad dressings. 255. baked. raised. 403. Iced rice pudding. 323. 202. Eoe. 109. 110. 265. snapper Baked. Shrub. Louis buckwheat cakes. 112. 56. Eoulade pastry. see that title. Goose. 222.

210. Savarin a la cr^me. see that title. Bread. Prince of Wales. 212. 159. Cheese. Glaze. Celery. Marrow pudding. 158. 254. 159. 298. Velout6. 261. 208. 264. Tartare. 213. 220. 137. Saratoga soup. see that title. soaking and cooking. 293. 217. Fillets of sole. 295. Scales. 124. 266. 174. 262. making. Sole Normande. Turkey. — Hard. 217. 209. HoUandaise. 68. 123. Lobster. in cooking. Savory butters for sandwiches. Tongue timbale. Brandy. 214. Brown sauce. 131. 301. 265. 241-242. Clam. Demiglaze. Devilled. Drawn butter. Caramel. 261. 262. 177. Mussel. Asparagus. 218. 301. 107. Crab timbale. 125. 266. 184. Horseradish. 380. Salmon. 212. Maryland. 113. 213. 151. 119. Souffl6 with. 212. 136. Sweetbreads. Chicken. 261. Shrimp. White. Apricot. Lettuce and mayonnaise. 68. 207. Horseradish. Vinaigrette. Shad. 208. 218. 197. Crab farcie. Sponge pudding. 211. Bechamel. Supreme. Chops a la signora. Chili. Bigarade. Sweetbread croquettes. 210. sauces for la Brooklyn. continued — Mackerel. 132. Mint. 209. 167. stuffed. — — see that title. 55. Martinot. . Butter. Lobster. 221. Lemon. 215. 221. Mushroom. Oysters. 207. Cheese. 265. 215. Fritters. Poulade a la Eoyale. Italienne. 135. 183. Soaking. — A Caviar. Custard. 217. see that title. 140. Fried. — 'Egs. 115. 220. 216. Scalloped dishes Baking. Sardine. Fillings for. Broiled lobster.INDEX Salt fish 427 — Sauces. Madeira. 140-141. Scallops Devilled. Directions for making. 219. Anchovy. Sandwiches. 214. Sauces Allemande. B^arnaise. Espagnole. 208. 220. Wine. 311-312. 72. 134. Yellow. 117-118. 216. V^nitienne. 233. 150. necessity of. Almond. 99. see that title. 389. 264. Boast saddle of venison. 210. 263. Salted almonds. Tomato. Devilled ham. lobster. Curry. 266. Eice croquettes. 216. 265. 262. Spanish. Cream Cucumbers. White Bordelaise. 215. 262. 207. Savories. 221. 215. Princess. A la Victoria. Maitre d'hotel. and salmon. Timbale u la Maryland. Butters for. Sandwiches — Jardiniere. Sardines Baked. 65. Lyonnaise. serving at dinner. 219. boiling. 213. Indian. Salt meats. Oyster croquettes. Herb. 206. Curry. Baked ham with hot sauce. 324. 214. sauce. 209. see that title. 184.

Black bean. 6. 118. 32. 100. 4T. 354. [See also names of servants. 15. 49. 73 court bouillon. 37-33. Cream. 48. 205. Cauliflower. Cheese. roast. 118. 92. Bisques. 300. Souffles 117. Peas with. . 114. 133. Soda. 300. hot. 324. 303. 119. Bouillon. INDEX — Shrimps Creamed. 59. 406. 172. 24. 32. 401. Prune. Sorrel soup. SUver — Dinner table Cleaning. 35-36. Baked. Consomm6 with vegetables. Broth. Bean. 42. 42.428 Scones Barley meal. Eoe — Planked. Snow eggs. Peach. Oneida. Large establishment. 364. Scotch hotch potch. Baked with green peppers. 301. — Servants' hall — Fillets of. — Apricot sauce with. Chartreuse offish a la Hauraise. 53. Dout's for servants. Sole Soft molasses cake. Soap jelly. Cook. see that title. 299. Asparagus. 401. 330. 94. indorsement by head. 37. duties of. Brunoise. 405. Beef. 33. Snipe. 4-5. Servants — service. Soups 302. Eed raspberry. 113. Shallots. Scrambled eggs Canapes. Necessity of. 23. meats. 272. 58. 120. 302. 114. and gold cake. Management of household. 324. 300. 3-7. Scullery maid. Easpberry. A la Venitienne. Eeferences. Chestnut. Sherry cobbler. 80. Shad — Broiled shad a l'Abb6. — of. Chocolate. 93. Smelts Baked. Sandwich. 25. 47. 63. Broiled. 78. Meal hours in. Silver Discharge regulations. 356. see that title. 120. Simple popovers. 405. 101. Duties of. and game. Silk. 116. 4-5. 6. Cromeskies. . 8-27. Clam chowder. Leisure time off duty. — Barley. 57. Scotch whiskey. Lemon. 94. Croquettes. Stuflfed. 52. Fried a la Parisienne. — 134. etc. — Lemon. keeping. 115. Sherry Decanting. 405. Sink. Sauce. with cream sauce. 217. eggs on. Household of two servants. of. Sauce. regulations. Sideboard in dining room. 302. 272. 3-38. 121. see that title. care Household of six servants. 301.] Soda lemonade. 121. 46. cleaning fluid for. 43. Snow pudding. Custard. Storing. 5-6. 370. Shortcake — Baked apple. Shredded cod. 120. 6566. Lemon. poultry. Butler. 28-31. 38. 64. Selection of fish. Roast. 95. 39. Normande. Orange. General servant. 41. 104. Beet. 76. with sauce. making. 18. Engagement of. 87. Exactions toward one another. Serving. baked. Strawberry. — Shrub — Currant. 114. 371. duties of. 300. cleaning properties Eights of. Leaving situations. 6. see that title. 265. Sherbet — 329. Serving-table for dining room. 3-4.

— Stock. 300. — Bavaroise. Broiling. see Beefsteak. 357-858. 388. Serving. Stews and stewed dishes Beef kidney. Steaming Duck. Omelette. 333. continued Corn. 67. see that Saratoga. Earthen jars for storing. Sauce with. 273. 95. 83. 252. Irish stew. 39. Fritters. 77. Vinegar. 257. see that Square table for dinner party. 218. Sudden call. title. Tapioca. Shortcake. Pot au feu. 250. 99. 299. 151. 887. 98. Oysters k la Baltimore. Fish chowder. title. 429 — title. 74-76. Curry. 72. Puree of. 100. Mock turtle soup. Spirits. Flemish. turtle. Mutton. see that title. Pudding — Batter. Oneida. duties of. 86. 321. names of spirits. Spaghetti Okra. Milk. 168. 96. spinach on. Tripe with tomatoes. 50. making. Spice-box. Potatoes. 88. Silver. 69. contimied Gingerbread. White broth. 298. Tomatoes. Spinach Boihng. Ice. Steak. Mushrooms. 43. boiling. 255. 246. 57. 368. Sponge — Punch. . Preserve. Kale sprouts with corned beef. see Iced comp6te. Oatmeal. 95. — Vegetables. Split pea soup. 338. 42. 46. with turnip. Cream of spinach soup. 268. Baking. — Boiled. Peas. 149. boiling. 171. 79. 67. 135. Mushroom. 98. 79. French mock Green turtle. 84. 78. 38-39. 95. 72. Tongue. Dubarry. 66. Ox-tail. — Cream soups. 332. 161. 203. 255. see that Ballottines of. directions for. 152. 68. — with. 333. Julienne. Toast. Spoons. Sorrel. Hot water. 98. Starch. Spiced fruit — Pears. 77. inconvenience of. 245. Strawberry 67. arrangement on dinner Sprouts — table. 85. 248.INDEX Soups. 150. Squash. 298. — of. 88. 77. supplies for and care Storing Butter. Nesselrode. 387. 304. Brussels sprouts. Sour cabbage. Stone fence. 44. title. 333. Store-room. Mulligatawny. colonial. — 200. Lobster. replenishing. 406. Split pea. 89. Time-table for. 237. 68. steamed. Sponge. Peaches. 350. Terrapin. 406. 23. Tomato sauce Spanish dishes Kice. Calf's liver. Stablemen. 218. Flannels. Spice cake. 379. 52. 293. Eggs in nest of. Timbale. 141-142. Sauce. Purees. 69. see that title. beverage. 26-27. see that Cucumber. 357. 255. Hollandaise. Egg. 79. 203. 98. Boiling. Squab — Gumbo. Meringue. Tomato. 91. 256. Making. Mutton. Cake.

59. Onions. 279. see Forcemeat. Sugar — title. Boiling. 41. 359. Egg plant. 144. with. Mushrooms. Crab farcie. Patties. Smelts. 159. 293. Swiss rarebit. 160. Sudden call soup. 121. Hyde. Tongue. 259. 242. Green tomato pickle. with sauce. 304. 139. 331. Surprise pastry. Lobster. 396. 219. cooking. 69. Sweetbreads Baked. 150. Stuffed dishes — — Cabbage. Time-table for cooking Baking. Broiling. 267. Eggs. Sunshine cake. — Sweet potatoes — Croquettes. Supreme Sweet sauce. 123. Russian tea. 269. Eoast goose. Oysters. Chicken. 257. — Tomatoes Baked. 246. 390. 275. Jardiniere with sauce. Tom Tom and Jerry. Chocolate. 257. 199. with mushrooms. Toast Spinach on toast. — sauce with. Timbale. Tapioca Cream. 219. 395. Rice. Rose Fried. Strawberry. Mushrooms Tables Decorations. 407. 326. Cucumbers. 137. 256. Syllabub Pineapple. 46. Stuffing. Tomatoes. Suet pudding. 253. Luncheon table. Eeform. 892. 304. 277. Striped bass. 191. cleaning. 406. Spaghetti with. Wined. 69. Turkey livers. 255. 158. A la Egg. Terrapin A la Chamberlin. Chicken. 304. 131. . Timbale — — Succotash. Cookies. see that Sugared popcorn. — Scalloped. Teapot. Broiled. Croquettes with sauce. INDEX Table service at dinner. 50. 198. Setting for dinner. 52. 256. 67. see dinner-giving. 345-346. Sauce. 69. 66. 108. 255. Steaming. Steeping tea. Spinach. with bread mixture. Pudding. 248. 258. 159. Tinware. 274. 159. 236. 375. 322. 257. 247. 259. Beefsteak. see that Baked title. Fried mushrooms with. 287. — 259. Egg chops with. Sucking pig a la Russe. Gum. 142. Stewed okra with. Maple sugar. 303. Roasting. 125. making. to cake. A la Maryland. 67. flour fritters. 102. Crabs. 194. 68. eels with. 158. 406. Peach. Sweetbread. 241. Forcemeat. 48. Farcie. 219. 141-142. — Omelette. 304. 47. 41. 91. Boiled. cleaning. 384. Stewed. gin cocktail. fastening syrup for. boiling. leaves. Serving-table. 249. Caramel. Syrup — 400. 177. Tartare sauce. 132. 48. Devilled. 160. palraettes of. 258. Brown Frying. 68. Tea. 192. Pompano. 254. Cheese. Tomato. Suitable for dinner party. 66. 157.430 String beans.

200. 152. 825. Tlmbale with sauce. 23. 112. 13. 335. with. Virginia boned turkey. 116. Turtle. Venison. 365. 156. 49. 24. making. Veal — Starch. 220. Steamed duck with. Cutlets — A la London Polonaise. 305. 198. 150.. Bavaroise. Useful man. 21-22. 2S1. table. Vinaigrette sauce. 152. 154. 17. . Stuffing for peppers. 153. Velout6 sauce. Tumblers.] Truffles — mountain style. duties of. Valet Duties Vanilla — 81. Virginia pudding. Boiling. A la Jardiniere. roast saddle of. 334. 195. Roast. Croquettes. 82. Brook Fried. of. 382. 121. with tomatoes. {See also names of vegetables. 406. Charlotte a la Tortoni. 188. Ice-cream. Vu-ginia wafers. 196. 154. Washington. Waitresses — Dinner table turtle. 66. . arrangement on dinner Turbot a la creme. and Ter- Duties of. Selection of. stuffing. 257. 155. 155. 198. 152. continued — 155. 54. Flannels. — Flaw. Virginia boned turkey. 179. Pickled. 69. see Green turtle. 43. 67. 282. Turkey — Broiled turkey giblets. 99. 197 stuffing. duties Linen. 13. Glaze for. 257. ChaUies. 371. 116. fashion. Tripe Baked. 80. 431 — Veal. pudding. 151. Venitienne sauce. 316. 67 Stew. making. 154. 24. Vinegar. Wafers . 4. Knuckle of. 808. "Washing. 67. 220. Utica baked apple sauce. Forcemeat for fish. see that title. Puree of cucumber with. Cream of tomato. Waffles. Stewed tripe with. 335. 176. of. Union Club salad dressing. 366. Ice-cream. 220. Lady. Fricasseed. 68 with oysters. with Loaf. Vegetables. — Boiled. Broiled. Consomme Keeping. 206. . Fried. 65. 260. 259. — Timbale of livers with bread mixture. Scalloped. Laundress. Devilled turkey legs. Mock rapin. 44. with chicken. raspberry and strawberry. 150. 365. 197. 100. A la Cadet. 99. Kidney pie. Maigre. Forcemeat of. Virginia. 50. Baked salmon Broiled. Stuffed. 259. Velvet cakes. 30. Potpie with dumplings. Walnut — Creams. trout. 17-18. Koast capon with. rice. 31-32. Aspic 230. 197 . Tongue — Toast with mushrooms. Dishes. 24. trout. 28. 29. Boiled. 285. 282. Trout — Vegetables — of. 43. Dice. 102. Blankets. 39.INDEX Tomatoes. Roast turkey. service. A la Marengo. 186. 152. Virginia ham. 325. 21-22. 44. Selection Stewed. 68. 354. Washing — — of. 151. 160. Tutti frutti ice-cream. 260. 156. Room for use of. 197. 251. Spanish. Walled chicken. Mashed. Turnip Oatmeal. 223. continued Soup. 368.

403. Selecting. 404. 889. 66. 408. Wedding cake Black cake. Hot Scotch. Bride's cake. 344. Egg. Avined. Wild goose. 122. Wheat flour griddle cakes. 359. Yorkshire pudding. 315. 330. 369. 145. cleaning. 221. see Hot water. Westphalian coffee cake.432 Water. making Wines — opaque. Whips. 122. Innocent. 254. Yellow sauce. 221. making. Yeast. Whey. Whipped lemon jelly. Wintergreen berry jam a Woodcock — Roast. fried. wined. 14. in large establishments. Whey. 64. White-bait. Serving. 63-64. 408. 11. White cabbage salad. JeJly. 362. INDEX — Window glass. Sauce. 205. Peaches. White broth. potato. 407. 396. directions for. 407. Punch. White House canapes. 199. 341. 224. 278-279. 79. White paint. . 401. Welsh rarebit. 341. 61. Sweet potatoes. Woollen goods. 72. 58-60. 70. 133. Butler's duties. 221.] la Polonaise. White cake. White Bordelaise sauce. baked. Weighing. Decanting. Charge of. baked. 203. 40. Cocktail. Whiskey — Mulled. Warming. 42. 400. cleaning fluid for. 58. 315-316. 40. Whitefish. White sauce. [See also names of wines. wine. Weights and measures. 61.

NEW YORK . advantages. with illustrations and statistics drawn from a careful investigaThe book should be carefully tion by the author and from government reports. By MARY E. $1. and KATHARINE ROLSTON FISHER. are taken up in so systematic a manner.00 " This is an admirable analysis of the difficulties. ELLEN H.00. i2mo. Cloth. i2mo. the whole so simply treated and facts carefully explained. i2mo. 8vo. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RICHARDS. I gladly give my hearty indorsement of the work and The various subjects it would be of inestimable value in all school kitchens. Cloth. Worcester. WILLIAMS. with a Preface by MRS. MALLOCK.oo.25 THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 66 FIFTH AVENUE. and that public health and happiness wait for the advancement of the industrial methods. that it might be used by the youngest pupils. $1. for Teachers. Cloth. 60 cents. and with Chapters contributed by other well-known A A Manual Reader. net. of the Philadelphia Normal School. $2. Cloth. M.. specialists. and disadvantages of domestic service. A Younger Son's Cookery Book .ELEMENTS OF THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COOKERY A Text-book on Domestic Science for use in Grammar Schools. think " After a careful review. THE ECONOMICS OF MODERN COOKERY Or. Ph." — Mary Adeline Hackett. HANDBOOK OF DOMESTIC SCIENCE AND HOUSEHOLD ARTS For use in Elementary Schools. net. Alass." — The Dial (Chicago).D. By M. $i. studied by all who believe that the family is the primary agency for social reform and progress. New York Public Schools. net. DOMESTIC SERVICE By LUCY MAYNARD SALMON. Instructor of Cookery in Public Schools. i2mo. Supervisor of Cooking. Cloth. Edited by LUCY LANGDON WILL- IAMS. Illustrated.

A^ .


Copley Square Division of Reference and Research Services The Date Due Card cates the date in the pocket indithis on or before which book should be returned to the Library. Please do not remove cards from this pocket. .BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 9999 05987 731 4 Boston Public Library Central Library.

JUL i^ '^^'^ .

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