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TO: Colonel Bernard R. Lindstrom
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Nashville District
FROM: Kentucky and Tennessee Marina Association
DATE: November 12, 2008
SUBJECT: Concerns of USACE Concessionaires

1) Abatement of Rent on Gasoline Sales or Permanent Reduction to Fixed
1% on gasoline sales.
- KMA/TMA strongly feels that the USACE should fix the rent on
gasoline sales at 1% to avoid the extreme price fluctuations and the
high cost to the public.
- EXAMPLE: When marina fuel was between $4.00 and $5.00 per
gallon, the public was paying $.20 to $.25 per gallon just to cover the
USACE rent.
- Official request letter dated June 5, 2008 addressed to LTC Lindstrom
has not been answered by USACE.
- As a precedent, in 1980, the USACE provided a $.05 per gallon gas
credit against rent payable.

2) Managed Parking
- USACE Concessionaires have been awaiting a policy letter from
USACE on launching and parking use fee structure.
- Specifically, USACE committed to concessionaires to define
“Managed Parking” in a meeting on December 19, 2008.
- Two meetings (4/17/08 and 12/19/08) with USACE District Engineer
have resulted in no formal and consistent policy on parking fees.
- Concessionaires need flexibility in fee structure especially since
USACE as “Landlord” is not fulfilling their responsibility in
maintaining roads, ramps, and parking on federal lands.
- Concessionaires are “Commercial-for profit” operations and when
USACE compares parking and launching fee structures around the
country, “non-profit parks” are used as comparables. This is not a fair
- “Managed Parking” should be defined as: I.) Paved and striped
parking area. II.) Monitored Parking area. III.) Posted rules and fee
3) Communications
- Local level reservoir management office has little decision making
authority-decisions are sent to District Office.
- District office not prompt and efficient with responses to
concessionaires. Poor response time or no response.
- Concessionaires feel as their contribution to the USACE’s recreation
mission is extremely important but grossly underappreciated by

4) Reservoir Reduction Policy
- Concessionaries continue to need consideration and flexibility on the
USACE’s policy on Reservoir Reduction.
- Parking is the number one problem restricting concessionaire’s ability
to grow and meet the public’s demand for recreation.
- Economic impact for the communities surrounding the lakes must be
considered and compared against the small amount of fill needed to
relieve parking constraints.

5) Partnership Defined.
- Since 1999 when the National Recreational Lakes Study was
completed for the U.S. Congress, the USACE Headquarters in
Washington, D.C. and the USACE District office in Nashville, has
been promoting “PARTNERSHIPS” with private enterprise to better
serve the public recreation demand.
- Local reservoir management offices are not open to unique, creative,
and innovative ways to partnership with concessionaires to better
serve the public.
- A clear definition of “Partnerships” is needed to avoid
miscommunications and costly proposals by concessionaires.

Kentucky & Tennessee Marina Association Members appreciate the USACE’s
willingness to move the discussions on these issues forward and bring about
closure on them to the best ability of both parties.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.