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[The Short Story: Excerpt #1]
atlas brown [March 29, 2013]

[Charlie.Browne.2.Butahflies.&.Painky.Lillies. – Is my first short story that I wrote in Dallas, Texas in 2004-2005 and
is close to my heart. The story turned into my Senior Honors Thesis and transitioned into a novella. The full-length version of the short story will debut on June 1, 2013. The novella will debut in 2014. I hope that you enjoy this first excerpt. This has been a work in progress for quite some time. I’m finally ready to release it to the public.]

Lillies by atlas brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. atlas brown 2 | P a g e .Painky.Butahflies.Charlie.2.0 Unported License.&.Browne.

In.the.Charlie.Charlie. Ya’ mamma don’t have nothin like this. open up some mo.round.Browne.up. Forcefully moving the trick up young Charlie’s bruised vagina-flower like tearing in to a birthday present… grinding her until she cries. “Open up some mo’ now Bitch! I said.Browne. “Gurl.down.Charlie.moving.spoon.womb.her.” X says to Charlie.Charlie.mother’s.” X whispers in Charlie’s ear while forcefully fucking the young girl.and. Before climaxing.silver. “Ooh… That feels so good to me gurl.Browne. Ya.Charlie. he would do his trick with the. . slowly opening up her thin ferail legs and vagina-flower to her mother’s boyfriend.Browne.her.spoon.up.mother’s womb. Charlie was ten years old and used to these sexual X-capades— she had received them the past four years and told no one.moving.Charlie.and.round.Charlie.Browne. you sho’ got some good-tight pussy.down.Browne. In.Browne.Browne who is looking up at the white ceiling shriveling--terrified in the dark.Charlie. ma’ma didn’t have this kind when I first met hah” X says to Charlie.Browne.

starts.Every morning at exactly 4:15-aM… X would silently sneak from his and Rose’s bed--creep to the bathroom that they shared. open his left arm. but I need it. He immediately would get the miniature black which he took with Marvin in Fort Worth. look at his veins and say to him-self.spin. I need He was eighteen. thinking he was a king riding down the highways everyday with his boy. Texas.his. His pops called it that when X accidentally walked in on him while using with some junkies when he was alive. “I know this is wrong. walked in. opened the door carefully. and shut it.” Although subconsciously-in. X then takes the needle and slips the magic-potion that is precooked into the syringe… gently he’d poke the needle in to his vein… X’s eyes would roll up and the. X was chasing after the first fix. X never felt that the atlas brown 4 | P a g e .reality… X then would pop his veins with his right forefingers and tie his left arm up with the rubberband man as tight as he could. sit on the toilet-seat.

The magic-potion never failed them.Charlie.Charlie.down. “Hey Flyjock. . “Marvin I don’t feel dat I should uh… try dat.mother’s womb. Come’on try it wit me… jus this one time.her. wan’Na try some?” Marvin asked X while sitting on the couch already stoned off hash.Browne.round.Charlie.up.” Marvin urged! “Aight. Man you sho’is wrong.” From that day on Marvin and X both were hooked on the magic-potion.moving.up. But. Let’s gon’head and do this to hush ya’ nurves.In. I got some potion that Clydedale gave me from round the way.Charlie.moving. In.Browne.” X said to Marvin. on that hot summer afternoon in Village Creek Projects at Marvin’s they had nothing else to do but get into trouble.Charlie.Browne.—magicpotion—trouble.Charlie.down.Browne. magic-potion everyone talked about in his hood would creep up on him… or injected into his left arm.mother’s.and.Browne.womb. U slipping.Charlie.Browne.Charlie. X could forget all his problems and just be in magic-potion—land. “U slipping.Browne.her. Pop’s been on it for a’while and he act real different.and.round.Browne.

though she was woke all the time. atlas brown 6 | P a g e . In his mind he knew she was hiding while looking at her face. Virgin. ~ X started messing with girls when he was twelve: a revolving circle… His Uncle Newberry molested him when he was eight. X then would tiptoe through the hallway and gently open Charlie’s door. X would put his utensils away in the miniature black chest inside the mirror-closet next to the window. Rose knew X was molesting her oldest daughter she just didn’t know how to handle the situation—so she would roll over on her side with her back facing the doorway and act as though she were asleep. He would then quietly walk out the bathroom doing his best still not to wake Rose. she was always lying in her bed with the covers just above her neck. “Virgin som’ real good.” X would say to himself.After the fix settled.

and.Charlie. and Malcolm X anymore or dream about being a famous photographer like his favorite—Gordon Parks.Browne.and. In.Charlie. It was his room… until Uncle Newberry came to live with them. As usual. take off his pants and throw them on the floor by the chest… X then walked back through the hallway wanting to run. X would cry as he walked to the back room of the house he loved so much.Charlie.up.moving.In.down.down. and waited until Uncle Newberry got high and was spaced-out.mother’s womb.moving. Mildred Taylor.Browne.Browne.Browne. He could no longer go in the “room” and read books by Langston Hughes. but he went in to the living room instead.Charlie.Browne.womb. “Boy’e com on in heah.Browne.Charlie.Browne.Charlie.up.Charlie. .mother’s. he would get the fix.Charlie.Browne.her. Ya ma-ma and pap’s is g’on and I want you to get my fix out the bedroom chest in my room and make sure you take ya pants off while you n’ deah.round.her.” Uncle Newberry would holler while sitting in his favorite chair.round. gave the fix to his Uncle Newberry.

” Uncle Newberry would then get on his knees and slide inside of X’s rectum and shout.” X sacredly would reply.X would see his Uncle Newberry move out the chair and scream loudly. “I love you Uncle Newberry. “Yeah! Yeah! Oh! Yeah that’s it… Tell me who you love boy’e… tell me before I take this dick out and slap you in the face with it. “Get on the damn floor and face the TV and open dem legs wide boy’e. “UUUUhhh!” ~ From that day forward X vowed to himself that he would not go back to the “room” he would run. Uncle Newberry lived with X and atlas brown 8 | P a g e .” Then the moment would be up and all of this white stuff came out of Uncle Newberry’s dick as he pulled out of X… and X would nearly vomit at the site while being thrown to the side witnessing Uncle Newberry growl.

Browne.Browne. In.womb.moving.down.. Daddy’s coming… Daddy’s coming…Now lick on it baby.Browne.Browne. The cycle just kept going that was all he knew.mother’s womb. If you tell anybody. Ya’ hear me? I will kill yu and dis entire famley.Charlie.spoon.and.moving.silver.up.round.Charlie. She had taken his crack pipe and thrown it in the Trinity River: The Dallas-Fort Worth connection.In. X never let anyone know that he was being violated and he did not run.Charlie. OOOOOh! It’s coming baby.Browne. He threatened Charlie as he lay on top of her body.Charlie. he continues to dehumanize the young one. Taste what Daddy want to give yu.Browne.the.Browne.and.Charlie.Charlie.down.mother’s. Pounding in the dark after doing the the.spoon— trick.” .round.Browne. and wanting more.Charlie.her. his family for a total of six years… until he was picked up one early Saturday morning by the police on Bishop Street in the Eastwoodhood for killing his girlfriend Wanda Gene. “Gurl open them legs some mo’. It’s coming..her.up. I don’t give a damn about goin to jail.Charlie. I will kill yu.

Get my clothes and breakfast read’ey!” atlas brown 10 | P a g e . went back in to his bedroom.“Why you have to touch me? I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” Charlie says. I gotta get read’ey for work. not looking back at the victimized ten-year old. When I tell you to do something you betta do it a lil’ bit quic-ka… and especially opening dem’ legs. “Rose get yo’ ass up. quickly put his pants and tee shirt on. “Now if you want to be a good gurl you will keep ya mouth shut and quit think’n bout any shifty-bullshit… like running away.” X removed his manhood from her mouth. under her breath while holding the large penis in her mouth. rolled over out of the bed. I don’t need to be late today. turned on the light and yelled loudly. He opened the door. Email: .down.mother’ Follow atlas brown: Website: www.Charlie.moving.her.Browne.Charlie.facebook. Like What You Read? Tell me what you think here: http://tinyurl.Charlie.Charlie.Charlie. In.mother’s Twitter: @ atlas_brown Facebook: www.Browne.and.her.Browne.round.

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