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Films About Painters

1. The Mystery of Picasso - Henri-Georges Clouzot

2. LUST FOR LIFE -Directed by Vincente Minnelli

3. GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING – Film on Vermeer - Directed by Peter Webber

4. Goya en Burdeos - Director: Carlos Saura

5. FRIDA - Directed by Julie Taymor

6. BASQUIAT -Directed by Julian Schnabel

7. GOYA'S GHOST -Directed by Milos Forman

8. Un chien andalou - Luis Buñuel and Dali

9. Destino- animation by dali

10. Vincent: A Film by Paul Cox

11. Chihwaseon -Director: Im Kwon Taek – Korean painter.

12. Camille Claudel - directed by Bruno Nuytten

13. Edourd Manet: Painter of Modern Life.- documentary

14. Modigliani-Director: Mick Davis

15. Vincent and Theo: A Film by Robert Altman (1990)

16. Vincent The Full Story: Documentary by Waldemar Januszczak

17. The Eyes of Van Gogh -directed by Alexander Barnett

18. Caravaggio -Director: Derek Jarman

19. Pollock- Directed by Harry Moses

20. Surviving Picasso-Directed by James Ivory

21. Love is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon

22. The Agony and the Ecstasy -Director: Carol Reed

23. Rang Rasiya. - life of Raja Ravi Varma. Director Ketan Mehta

24. Dreams by Akira Kurosawa - Van Gogh's "Crows"

25. Paul Gauguin - The Savage Dream

26. Paradise Found- Directed by Mario Andreacchio

27. Rembrandt - directed by Alexander Korda
28. Rembrandt- Charles Matton

29. Piet Mondrian- documentary -Artists Of The 20th Century Series

30. Marcel Duchamp- documentary- Artists Of The 20th Century -

31. Impressionists: Renoir- Artists Of The 20th Century Series

32. Cezanne In Provence- Documentary,

33. Andy Warhol - Artists of the 20th Century- Series

34. Pablo Picasso - Artists of the 20th Century - Series

35. Wassily Kandinsky (Artists of the 20th Century) - Series

36. Paul Klee (Artists of the 20th Century)- Series

37. Norman Rockwell - Painting America Director: Elena Mannes

38. Bruegel- BBC - Three Painters, Series

39. Matisse - Three Painters, Series – BBC

40. Goya - Three Painters, Series-– BBC

41. Painter Rabindranath - A Film by Sukanta Roy

42. Title: Portrait of an Artist - Frida Kahlo- By: Sada Thompson

43. The Life and Death of Frida Kahlo (1966) Film Produced By: Karen and David Crommie

44. Dance of Life -Edvard Munch- Director Anja Breien

45. Andrei Rublev -Andrei Tarkovsky

46. Artemisia - Directed by Agnès Merlet

47. Klimt - John Malkovich act as klimt

48. Japser Johns: Take an Object -Museum of Modern Art

49. Our city dreams - women artists who live in New York:

50. Moulin Rouge-1952 - Toulouse-Lautrec,