Dear members of Act Global

Family, dear readers:
The countdown for "Google Project 10 to the 100" has begann,
We have a few days till the announcement
for the 100 finalists...
On 17th of March,
Act Global is one step closer to reach the World and unite
forces to bring a New beginning, New chances, in a World where change is necessary...for the
Environment & Humanity.
To live a Prosperous, Healthy, Loving Existence.
United for a better World;
Your Act Global Team.


is a transparent non-profit social network

collaborating/connecting humanitarian projects, organizations and individuals with each other
globally via internet.
Participants have the chance to take an efficient and effective part of an interdependent
collective development to encourage trust in a global scale through transparency and
interaction as one living organism to bring harmony with the Eco-system.
Supporting several fundamental categories such as Health, Education, Environment,
Community, Foreign Aid, Energy, Sustainable Living and Culture.
Projects and Organizations will present themselves with a list of their financial, material or
service needs through their presentation/link @ ActGlobal and they will be displayed with
their philosophy to meet their requirements. It connects people wishing to contribute skills,
talents or experience as employees and/or volunteers.
ActGlobal enables one to easily choose a location and category; to donate, participate, draw
up a project or use the ActGlobal Forum as an information platform to share ideas,
experiences and feedback.
All donations towards projects are accumulated in the ActGlobal Pool to be directed to its
beneficiaries. It is only created until the required funds are available to complete the Project.
ActGlobal’s vision is to create a bridge that unites existing worldwide organizations to

cooperate with each other, stepping beyond individual social networking to join forces using
their leadership of expertise to expand on a global scale where everyone can make a change.
Meeting an urgent need to efficiently consolidate the many great initiatives worldwide, reduce
duplication and costs, foster creativity, fast-track development of good concepts and working
processes and share evaluations of innovative initiatives.
What problem or issue does our vision addresses?
We live in a troubled world. The overarching shared experience is one of disconnect from
each other, our inner selves and the planet WITH which we live. The fundament upon which
ActGlobal is based is that Earth is abundant with plentiful resources for its inhabitants.
Instead, we struggle living lives of isolation self-interest, confused and separated from one
another and the entire environment.
The real problem today is not really specific issues such as world hunger, economic crises,
global warming etc… but the approach of people to any of these subjects. The solution to
many entrenched issues lies in matching people and resources specifically and facilitating
action with transparency and life-affirming ethics.
Minimizing bureaucracy can also deter vested interest and ensure the resources get to the right
people. Therefore creating a platform to address all those issues, reviving the potential for
living sustainably with a collective awareness.
If our vision were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how?
This project is global in scale. It is highly effective through the collaboration of several
organizations (also existing non-profit organizations), projects and people.
Active participants would contribute in a direct way from the ActGlobal platform and their
actions would benefit the whole world.
For example; a project to protect the bees could cause increasing on the variety of flora
through pollen transfer between flowers.
ActGlobal also offers companies and sponsors the possibility to be part of a well-known
platform where they can take direct initiative on social responsibility.
ActGlobal not only raise funds for projects, but ideas and other necessary support which are
just as crucial as funds for projects to be realized.
Through direct and indirect efforts of participants and all members of ActGlobal community,
the benefit for the world by realizing those projects is astonishing.
It leaves us with the question: Who would actually not benefit from it?
What are the initial steps required to get it off the ground?
Creating the team that works on a detailed conception of the website and technical back-end
based on the system of ActGlobal.
Technological partners will be screened for the creation of the website, which will be online
A.S.A.P in order to communicate to the public.
Even without a completely functioning system, first projects will be screened and evaluated
simultaneously. Evaluation committee of independent, diversified people shall be installed.
Potential cooperation and marketing partners will be contacted; targeted PR-Campaign will be
launched within all communication channels, using as well social media optimization.
Potential donors will be contacted.

The announcement of ActGlobal with the channel of media and the WorldWideWeb through
Project 10 to the 100th would be the most significant step to make this vision reality. It would
awake a massive interest and movement of cooperation and establish the necessary
connections around the world for ActGlobal to launch.
Optimal outcome
ActGlobal will begin as an Internet platform of a global community to initiate the steps of
learning how to act, live and share with the awareness of Interdependency. Through the
service of this global community, projects that have difficulties to get off the ground will have
the chance to come alive. The qualitative ultimate outcome will be ActGlobal as a fundament
of a sustainable world system, increasing level of common awareness to collaborate with
existing world organizations to expand globally, co-creating for the benefit of the world.
The decisive measurement will be the contribution of ideas and services through the
participation of as many people as possible in the ActGlobal community. The amount of
legitimate projects posted and the volume of financial/material donations on the platform will
be the quantitative goals.
Organızations we recommend to execute this Project
ActGlobal would need media partners (for example Google, newspapers, magazines,
television and internet tv channels) and social networks (like Facebook) to grow rapidly.
Existing non-profit organizations (like WWF, Greenpeace or Oxfam) who support the idea
would speed-up the creation of ActGlobal. Ebay “Giving Works” can be used for item
If you had the chance to change the world…would you do it?

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