S I bite: The Vampire Social Club" He'll take your breath away, make your blood boil and blind you with his killer smile and seductive voice but this Dark assailant discovers that he has another purpose to live little does he know that more than two people can play this game of deceit. RnR Prologue. The clock was ticking. Our eyes succumbed to the shade of blood, which could only mean one thing; thirst. Then again, we’ve already had our fair share of ‘food’ for the day. We were quenched, that was for sure. Still, something triggered our yearning for more… something different… A few more ticks and its midnight, I thought. Just a few more minutes and it's show time. I could see the anticipation on Twilight's face as he was warming up for his guitar solo. But hey, who could blame him? It's been what? A year since our debut and yet it's as if we've been performing for a decade? Figures. Or rather, how ironic for the likes of us. But, what does midnight have to do with anything? Nothing?

Or maybe, Everything… The newest member of our coven broke our silence, “Can’t wait to rock the house!” He shouted excitedly, ruffling his butterscotch hair and looking at us with his sparkling soft blue eyes, which made the others less tense. I felt the same knowing that at least some good came from this cursed life; the ability to create music, my music, my life. I just wonder what'll happen once they learn of Spike Ellis' real identity. Who would've thought that under the pale skin and smoky eyes lies… Wait! I shifted my cold gaze from my companions to our visitors. Five unnatural people -composed of two females and 3 males- walked inside the dimly lit backstage studio used for rehearsals. I called them unnatural because of their striking translucent skin that seemed to shine like gold. They looked like Greek gods and goddesses clothed in modern day apparel. They were looking at us warily and yet it was as if they enjoyed our presence. “Why are they here? “ Vergil muttered. I noticed that they all bore hypnotic clear-water eyes to match the glass pendants that hung from their which seemed to be filled up with what I could only a describe as a mixture of

white mists and an ominous maelstrom playing around the vial. It was their very own tool for destruction and each of it contained a different power. Pax drew closer to Vergil and seemed to have read his mind, “No doubt now...” His face etch an expression of seriousness. I believe he knew who they were. Without saying anything back to Pax, Vergil took a few steps towards my direction and turned his back on our guests, "Looks like a battle don't you think?" he let out a fierce grinas he placed his hand on my shoulder. Tapping it once, he released his gripped and headed to the curtain to peek at the crowd. I took one quick glimpse but my mind was elsewhere. My eyes narrowed but it never left the sight of the crowd, Vergil was still at my side. We ignored the loud banging of voices calling for us, "You can feel their presence as well, can't you?" I asked. “They’re the ones you warned us about. They’re the ones you saw in your vision?” He nodded. I heard a slight chuckle from Gloria. “I had a feeling you’d say that. I can feel them too…” Vergil and I looked back and saw that our lone female companion gathered the others for a short meeting. There was a brief moment of contemplation between my coven and I but still, other than the disturbing feeling of our foes there was something inside me that was trying to attract to divert my attention. It was only when I inhaled that I knew what it was.

Yes, thirst… It was all along that. I denied it at first and instead concentrated on keeping my guard in tact. We were a bit outnumbered considering the fact that Vergil is our handicap. He was unlike us; he wouldn’t stand much of a chance. We had to think of something fast if ever they were to strike. Even with our unique abilities, we could never anticipate the out come. Our foes might have something up their sleep. That much, I was sure of. "...Now the moment of truth, the band we've all been waiting for…” The announcer interrupted our contemplation and for one last time before our performance, we darted across the hall to give a look of warning to our competition. And to our demise, we found ourselves looking at enthused creatures waiting for us to make a preemptive attack. I was disgusted. I even witnessed the auburn haired male lick his lips in excitement as we gave our grim looks. But we spoke nothing. It was only the overwhelming roars of the crowd when the announcement was made. I could sense no tension among them, I could only spot excitement in their faces as they screamed out our name. Pax took a step forward, "Pace yourselves men!" Pax warned. Gloria winced, "Hey!" For a moment, we shifted our attention to our performance, alienating the danger set afoot after our show. Pax smirked and paused to edit, "Oh, you too Gloria," He said making Gloria smile.

I thought that maybe concentrating what I would do on stage would lessen my worries. After all, I was pretty sure that we could take them. But I guess I spoke too soon. As soon as my eyes caught sight of a lady in crimson with ravenous hair, creamy complexion, green eyes... That's when I knew that it was things were about to get more complicated for she was not an ordinary girl, human, but not ordinary. I knew her. Not completely but I did. But why did she come when I instructed her not to? Were my words deceitful? She gave them a taunt, a taunt that she shouldn’t have done. What should I do now? If I ask the others for help, then the soul count will depreciate. The soul count, the balance of life and death, the souls that were due… I can’t let the prophecy come to life. This is bad. Then again, why do I have the urge to save her when she means nothing to me? "Let's give it up for...Pandora!" The announcer gave his final remark. It was time. Vergil motioned for us to upstage, "Drain the audience guys! We’ll deal with the ‘others’ later."

Trance raised his brow, "Oh, you know what I mean! Spike, What're you waiting for?" Vergil literally shook me; apparently, I was staring off into space. I was to pre-occupied with worry. I didn’t even have to time to come up with plan. "Uh... Right." I forced my legs to run up the stage but even as I approached nearer, I knew that my mind would wonder off elsewhere. My band mates could sense my anxiety and this was something that we didn’t need now. I had to keep my thoughts straight. But as soon as I step foot on the ‘arena’ I focused on one person. I focused on her… And by doing so, it triggered more than worry in me. I felt adrenaline rushing through my veins, my whole body was heating up and my teeth were chattering at the sight of her bear neck even though she was a hundred feet away from me… I almost couldn’t resist. I felt her heart beat; I could hear it pumping louder and louder as the music played. My teeth were barred, I was making restraint for there were two things taunting me to lose my self and reveal my true form. At our back, they were waiting for us to make a move, they were watching.

I was waiting for my go-signal to sing but then I was caught by the cascading light of the Crescent and ringing of the Clock Tower. Then, I spoke, "It's midnight!"

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