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Don M.

Velasquez February 25, 2009
Animal Ecology: T/4:30-6:30 Dr. Rafael Ramos


Actually, this is the second installment of the project that we will going to do as a group on Animal Ecology.
Each group will be obliged to go to an animal related areas. Wherein our group was destined to go to a
slaughterhouse. Actually, all of us are shocked about our location. Because slaughterhouse as we all know is very
dirty, bloody, and animal cruelty. Because it is an animal welfare project, we are supposed to evaluate the said area
and also the animals that was being slaughtered. For me, this is project is somewhat uncomfortable to me because of
the venue also I feel very eager to do it also because I want to experience the way the butchers are slaughtering the
animal. Also I feel nervous because I thought that it will not approved again because of the last project that we did.
And because of the time constraint that we have, almost 2 weeks only to do this project, we somehow must do it fast.
But over all, after the hardships, we fulfill this project and we have many learnings about it. It was so worthy!

When we first step at APDC (Animal Product Development Center), we first saw this foor bath that we will
be going to setp on before going inside. And also we noticed that the car of Chua was being disinfected because of
the safety and cleanliness of the center itself. Then we were at the Session hall, we wre oriented by Ma’am Lita and
Doc Guno. We were oriented about APDC, what were their missions, activities, developments, organizations and
other stuff related to their center. We were also being oriented by the proper hygiene and the dos and donts of the
said slaughterhouse. In the center, I observed that they were strictly implemented and no one could violate that. After
we are oriented, Doctor Angelo Guno oriented as what would happen on the slaughterhouse and he asked us
questions regarding the letter that we made and the evaluation form that we made. He just clarrifies some things for
us not to have a miscommunication about the said evaluation. After that, we went to the changing room for us to
wear the labgown, boots, hair cap and helmet. This all served as protection and for cleanliness purposes. After that
we were toured on the slaughterhouse and introduced one by one to the bucthers and the students who are taking
their OJT at the slaughterhouse. First we were oriented on how the animals were transported and theire treatment for
this animals before undergoing the slaughtering process. Then the slaughtering process started. First, the cattle was
stunned, then bleeding, cutting of the ehad and feet, flaying, evisceration, splitting, quartering, then they were being
temperatured and branded. The process were followed almost correctly. Then t6here was stations when they did this
process and it was subdivided into two: the clean and the dirty area to avoid confusion. After they were done at one
station, they cleaned the station fast for the next process. Then all of the butchers are doing their own tasks that
really made them organized. The slaughterhouse are kept maintained and clean, they were sufficient handwashing
areas and the personnel are properly equiped and clothed with proper attire. The ventillation is good and the structure
of the slaughterhouse is great. The floor has drainage that flowed through a pit and it was being filtered from other
substances. There is also suffiecient of water. It was really an ideal slaughterhouse to follow. We have a lot of fun
making the evaluation. It really followed the standard of a slaughterhouse and also they promote animal welfare for
that fact.

Actually we do not see any criticim with regards to the venue and the way the slaughterhouse was made. I
only want that we also must saw the pig’s slaughtering process. They just orient us on how to slaughter a cattle. Also
we did not went and saw the meat processing center because it is not already scoped the evaluation. The flow of
processing was strictly followed and the cleanliness and maintainance are well monitored. The personell has the
sufficient learnings on how to slaughter and the slaughterhouse has said to be a double a standard slaughterhouse.
Thus quality control is at best. It was an ideal slaughterhouse and this slaughterhouse must be somehow be followed
by other slaughterhouses.

I just suggest that this project just not focus on one venue. The students must go to several slaughterhouses
so that we could comapare more and really evaluate. Because it is our first slaughterhouse and our first evaluation of
a slaughterhouse, there is somehow biased. Because this is an ideal slaughterhouse, of course, the evaluation would
be good and the suggestion would be somehow pleasing. I suggest that the groups has this rotation of venues so that
all group could experience different location where there is animals. And all in all, sum up all of this and giving
criticism about animal welfare. I also suggest on the slaughterhouse, that they must improved more on the attitude
and mentality of the personnel and also the bosses of the slaughterhouse. Because a good mentality do promote a
good relationship.

I recommend this evaluation to other venues not just dogpound, zoo, slaughterhouse, and other domestic
animal related locations. We must also evaluate the veterinary hospitals, clinics, avian areas, and other unfamiliar
areas. Also, we would like to have a rotation of the venues so that all the goups would experience all the venues.
Also, I recommend to have this project with a longer period of time so that it has enough preparations