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Name of the slaughterhouse:___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
Type of animals that are slaughtered:____________________________________________________________
Name of evaluator:________________________________________ Date of evaluation: __________________

INSTRUCTIONS: using the scale, with 1 meaning poor up to 5 meaning excellent, write the number that
best correspond to your rating for each question

I. Process hygiene
a. Site of buildings for slaughtering and processing
_____ >is the slaughterhouse suited away from the residential area?
_____ >is the access for animals (either by road, rail and/or stock route) assured?
_____ >is there an abundant supply of potable water
_____ >are there adequate facilities for treatment and disposal?
b. Size
_____ >is there a reasonable relationship between the size of the slaughter facilities and the number of animals to be
_____ >is there sufficient space for lairage and tripe and hide treatment
_____ >is there sufficient space to dig pits for condemned animals, compost stacks, lavatories, etc.
_____ >is there sufficient space for disposal of liquid and solid waste
c. buildings/facilities
_____ >is the buildings/facilities constructed that clean and unclean processes and products do not mix
_____ >floor (it must be hard, smooth, and impervious, sloping towards a drain thus cleaning with water)
_____ >walls (smooth and cleaned)
_____ >roof (properly sealed with no holes at it)
II. Equipment
_____ >is the equipment easily to dismantle or remove to facilitate cleaning
_____ >is the equipment made of non-corrosive materials
_____ >are there procedures assuring a periodical or continuous cleaning of hoists
_____ >is the equipments properly washed, cleaned, and stored
III. Personnel
_____ >are they performing all the work needed in a slaughterhouse
_____ >are they equipped with the process of hygiene, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection
_____ >are they responsible for the maintenance of the slaughterhouse
_____ >are they active in cleaning before and after the slaughtering process
IV. Climatic conditions
_____ >is the slaughterhouse start slaughtering during the night hours before sunrise
_____ >is the slaughterhouse distribute the meat for sale in morning hours
_____ >is the facilities weather-dependent (outdoor temperature, rainy/dry periods, water supplies, etc.)
_____ >is the water supplies sufficient enough
V. Sanitary facilities
_____ >are the water points, hoses, sterilizers for hand tools etc. and cleaning equipment provided in sufficient numbers
_____ >are there sufficient number of toilets/latrines and arrangements for hand-washing or even bathing
_____ >are these facilities kept clean and well maintained
_____ >are there areas for resting/eating for the assurance that personnel’s food and the carcass can't be mixed
VI. Water and energy supplies
_____ > is there sufficient water of drinking quality available
_____ >are the facilities has other alternatives sources of energy to conserve energy
VII. Processing
_____ > is the clean and unclean operations are efficiently separated
_____ > is the slaughterhouse are divided into dirty and clean operations
_____ > is the dirty sub-processes followed (lairage- stunning- slaughtering -bleeding- skinning and dehairing)
_____ > is the clean sub-processes followed (evisceration -chilling/hanging-cutting/deboning - freezing/delivering)
_____ > is the regulations concerning feeding and watering of the animals before slaughter considered
_____ > is there a separate lockable room for keeping condemned material until the end of the working day
_____ >is there available deep pit for disposal of condemned material
VIII. Environmental hygiene
_____ > proper fencing of the slaughterhouse (public, dogs, etc.)
_____ >pest controls (pests, rodents, insects, bird)
_____ >liquid and solid waste disposal
IX. Personal hygiene
_____ >hand-washing
_____ >working clothes
_____ >hair covering
_____ >gloves
_____ >health of the workers
X. Animals
_____ >are the animals properly separated with different cages
_____ >are the animals stress-free before slaughtering
_____ >are the animals in good condition and is healthy
_____ >are the animals properly slaughtered without violating any animal rights
_____ >are the animals properly examined before slaughtering
_____ >are the animals are the animals properly handled during the process



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