The Luminaires division undertakes product design and development from conceptual stage to manufacturing of luminiares and it's accessories. It also carries out tools and jigs design for manufacturing of luminaires and accessories. The department is equipped to make the test prototype and production samples as per BIS or international specifications. Our R&D centre is recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India as an approved R&D centre. The development for various type of CFLs and the range of accessories include conventional ballasts / low loss and super low loss ballasts for CFL and fluorescent lamps, new generation lamp holders, starters and connectors, etc. Continuous “Value Engineering” for product upgradation and cost reduction is also part of our routine product development. Our Lighting Design and Marketing Services department offer their design skills and other value added services to all the customers. Why not avail the same?

Equipped with precision digital measuring instruments and specially designed life testing equipment. Following tests are carried out in controlled environment: (a) Electrical parameters of complete luminaires using digital voltmeter, ammeter and wattmeter. (b) Ballast loss using digital wattmeter with resolution of 0.1 to 1.0 watt depending on current. (c) heat run and temperature rise test using digital temperature indicator and digital ohmmeter. (d) Life testing of luminaires and components (e) High Voltage Test. (f) Insulation resistance Test (Dry).

Rain, heat, vibration, dust and dampness are some of the conditions that luminaires and its accessories may be expected to withstand. It is important that laboratory should be able to stimulate such adverse conditions to ensure that existing and new designs perform as intended during service life. Our environmental laboratory is equipped with: (a) Thermal Endurance Test Oven for testing plastic components, gasketing material, cable insulation, capacitors, ignitors and ballasts. (b) Humidity chamber for measurement of insulation resistance in controlled atmosphere. (c) Rainproof, splashproof and jetproof testing equipments and (d) Dustproof chamber.

Luminaires redirect light in the desired direction and intensity of the light is measured with gonio photometer. We have modern photometric laboratory. With the installation of a computerised rotating mirror gonio photometer , it is possible to carry out precise photometric measurements for all types of light sources and luminaires placed in the actual working position. The equipment is helpful not only to photometric test but also in development of efficient designs. Quick and accurate computer printout results available in desired format is quite useful in preparation of optimum illumination design.

LIGHTING DESIGN SERVICE Division has Lighting Design and Marketing Services (LDMS) dept. Qualified and experienced illumination engineers with state-of-the-art 3D computer softwares enable us to provide illumination design for different requirements. Our capabilities of providing illumination design and engineering service backed by computerised system to meet different requirements is well known and is availed by renowned architects and consultants.

We not only offer illumination design service but also regularly conduct lighting seminars on different issues viz. energy conversation, energy audit management, modern trends in lighting etc. Further more we organise lighting workshops at customers premises on their areas of preference. Continuous in house training is imparted to upgrade employee knowledge for the benefit of our valued customers.

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