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Medium, Large

CWA-Series, Medium/Large Chillers
Application: UV printing machine and cooling for ink roller High-cycle machine PU foam machine Injection molding machine Blow molding machine Ultrasonic cleaning equipment All kind of industrial equipment.

Feature: 1. Using the heat exchanger of plate type and shell-andtube evaporator is to increase the heat exchange. 2. Its easy to install and maintain. Water tower is not required. 3. Advanced electrical components, energy saving and increasing deadline. 4. Digital control panel with precision 0.5C~ 1.0C. 5. The temperature range is 15C~30C and can set ar bitrarily. 6. Filling the high-efciency environmental refrigerant is without pollution.
Model Cooling capacity Power source Total overburdening current consumption Water pump horsepower Water pump discharge rate Water tank Lnlet and outlet pipe-diameter CWA Dimen. D W H Refarigerant CWA Weight CWW Weight
BTU/HR KCAL/ HR V A HP I/min liter inch mm gas kg kg 44 44 70 68 90 88 94 91 3.6 1/3 20 7 5.6 1/3 20 10 1/2x1/2 366 444 526.5 366 444 879

CWA-8 Back
8000 2000 12000 3000 24000 6000 36000 9000 60000 15000 90000 22500 120000 30000

CWA-01 CWA-04 CWA-08 CWA-12 CWA-24 CWA-36 CWA-60 CWA-90 CWA-120

1000 250 4000 1000

1 AC220V 50/60Hz or 3 AC220V 50/60Hz 6.8 1/2 30 26 7.2 1/2 30 26 11.7 1 30 45 20 1.7 50 65 1x1 675 545 1265 R134A/R407c 141 145 182 172 310 298 440 410 570 550 926 606 1247 1105 705 1347 27 1.8 60 90 44.5 3 90 100 52 4 120 130

3/4x3/4 518 506 969

1-1/4x1-1/4 956 1306 1892




SCF-Serie, Refrigerated Chillers

Compact size Bench Top Digital setting & readout Designed and constructed for continuous operation Coolow SCFs are closed loop refrigerated recirculator designed to replace tap water in water cooled applications, Ideal for: Lasers, GC/Mss, NMRs, Condensers, Power supply, Ultra-centrifuge, Diffusion pump, SEMs-TEMs.
Model Temp. Working range Stability Setting & readout Cooling capacity at 20 C Watts BTU/hr Kcal/hr


+5 C~35 C


0.1OC Digital 560 1910 482 950 3060 860 5L/min 3kg/cm2 (Optional: 18L/min, 4.8kg/cm2) 10.0xL23cm 1.8L W30xD55xH59cm 110/220V 60/50Hz 4A/2A 110/220V 60/50Hz 4.5A/2.25A 19.5xL35cm 10L W42xD62xH67cm 110/220V 60/50Hz 5A/2.5A 2100 7150 1806

Pump Reservior Capacity Overall


Power source

XB-Series, Ice Machine Flakes
Our XB-series automatic ake lee makers are designed in cubic shape with the curved front panel and curved door (or stainless steel at front panel & at door) for nice appearance. Many advantages of the ice maker are available. such as ice making quickly, great ice making capacity, nice ice shape and ice dropping quickly. Tap water inlet->water incoming-> ice making-> crush ice-> ice dropping-> ice storing. all these processes are automatically controlled for ice making continuously. In case of water shortage or ice full In cabinet, the indicator on the operation board will light on accordingly and the ice maker will stop operation automatically. TIle ice storage cabinet is PU formed, so it is insulated well and it could prevent the ice made from melting. Also, the remaining water after ice made each tune is used recycling, So not only the water is saved, but also the ice making efciency is enhanced and the energy consumption is reduced, & the customer's lee making cost is also reduced much Either puried water or the tap water could be used for ice making.
70kg 25kg 420W 883x611x548 932x690x625 57/62kg

Model MaxProd/24H Bin capacity Rated power Machine size Package size Net/gross weight XB-40
50kg 15kg 280W 722x543x380 770x621x457 40/45kg

85kg 25kg 420W 883x611x548 932x690x625 57/62kg

100kg 25kg 420W 883x611x548 932x690x625 58/64kg

150kg 25kg 960W 883x611x548 932x690x625 62/70kg